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F1 Fanfiction

Episode 1 · 10 months ago

Pilot Episode: Reracing through F1 calendar 2020


In this very first episode, we talk through the constructor's championship table for the F1 calendar year 2020. We talk about our memories, opinions on the unusual year that 2020 was or wasn't.Topics included in this podcast:Hopes from the Year 2020Thoughts when the season wasn’t/was going to happenThe (so called) title fight between Mercedes and Redbull RacingThe surprising Mclaren(T)Racing point aka Pink MercedesRenault’s ComebackTroubles at FerrariAlphaTauri – Peirre Gasly’s redemptionAlfaRomeo’s WoesUnfortunate HaasWilliams bring WilliamsOutro

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