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Fireside Chat w/ Advait Deodhar


Welcome to another addition to our mini-series called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Join us as we welcome the new 3rd host of the show Advait Deodhar who is just coming off a strong season in the 2021 season of EuroNASCAR and finishing 12th with 1 win, 2 Pole Positions, 5 Top-5’s, and 6 Top-10’s! Advait entered the world of motorsports at a much later part of his life as compared to most drivers. However, he soon made a name for himself with 2 strong seasons at EuroNASCAR.

Listen to his journey from Advait himself, as we have some fun along the way.

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It's quite funny. I'd say likefew years ago I was like, Oh, yeah, you drive so much betterbecause you're struggling and you like want to do your best. You haveabsolute maximum out of yourself, so you perform in order to do that.But I called Bullshit on that. Now, I think. Hello, folks,and welcome to f one fan fiction, a show about fun races brought toyou by a fun fans for the fun community. While we are notdoing fun races, we all know, we've started the series called fireside chat, which thank you for all the love and support you've been giving us.This is yet another fireside chat with what actually started as a nice tradition onthe last episode with with a new host, as we not now calling them andno longer guess, because that's that's the beauty, because they also endup bantering with us throughout the episode. So this episode we've got someone who'swho's redefined many odds, who's an inspiration to, you know, many youngstersthinking if they are probably a bit late into the sport or anywhere in theircareer to that matter. Someone who's WHO's an inspiration to, you know,everyone who's trying to go through hard times as well. So let me justhand it off to our third host for the evening. Take it away withour host. Thank you for that. Nice to be my name is otherwhite, the other and yeah, it's great to be on this show.I guess it's that's what we're calling it. And Yeah, and talking more sportand Formula One and some of the racing that I do. I meanI compete in European Nascar. We just finished the season. I just finishedtwo weeks ago. And Yeah, I'm from Mumbai and I'm currently based inLondon. Awesome. Welcome to the show, the way. Thanks for having me. All right, I think this gives us a good segue into thefirst question that you want to ask you about. Is You do NASCAR,since you mentioned I think you are off from a very good season. Youhad a you just participated in the two thousand and twenty one season of theU Nascar and I guess you had one win at Trans Hatch to pose what, five top fives and six top tens. Yeah, I think that. Imean, I wouldn't count it as the best season, because I canI had, of course, much higher expectations and I there was the ideawas to fight for the championship outright, had a had a win and twoPoles at brands hatch and continued on from there on to my probably my favoritecircuit, which is most in the Zech Republic. I finished second over thereand then after that in the second race when I was probably could have wonthat race, but I had an accident and no fold on mine and unfortunately, I thinks things went down because also in my personal life there was atragedy, and that really that was that affected me big time and NA,the results just didn't come after that and as much as this could have beena massive, massive year in terms of winning, probably like actually winning thechampionship, it didn't go to plan. But I guess that's motor racing andthings happen and and in some ways, of course I want to learn alot from this, from this year, but I also want to try andforget about it as soon as I thought the began and yeah, just comeback with this redemption to really do my very best next year. Sorry,do we hear about that personal tragedy? A I'm sure I can nary coop. Thank you, but it's a bit ironic, as in the sad sense. The last race you were last, the second last race you were secondlast. Is there? Is there a theme to you know, if it'sa last race, the positioning that's happening? No, I actually it only gotit only got classified as last because I didn't finish either reasons. Unfortunately, I had mechanical issues. I never finished last. So it was Ifinished in the pit lane watching everybody else finish because, yeah, this thisyear, there was so much bad luck. You to mechanical issues as well.Right, and I had class. I mean we like the final raceweek and I was full prep. I done some extra testing on Thursday,Friday. Things are going well. And in the final practice session there wassome clutch issues. Again, this is not the first weekend where I hadit. And going into qualifying there was just no drive. It just keptthe clutch kept slipping, and so I somehow managed to put in a lappenin his thirteen and I had to retire and bring the car into the pitlane. So I would say was not a proper qualifying and yeah, therewas some problem with the ball bearing inside the clutch and yea, I wasjust a disaster. So I actually didn't finish the I didn't finish the tworaces. So that's why I got cuilassified as last and second last, becauseI was sitting in the pit lane wiping...

...my tears. I know we thoughtthat. We thought that that's just some way of, you know, foryou to just put out a statement. Yeah, my processed level and drivingis unfortunately, that was in the case. That would be in a good storyif it was. But yeah, right, all right. So wewanted to know a little bit more about no calory, saying, you know, how did that happen? And Yeah, like what's your advice about, youknow, other you know people who want to get into the NASCAR ingeneral and like how do you go about even finding a team for yourself?So yeah, so cal raising. I did part of the two thousand andnineteen season with them. I didn't drive last year and I did the entireseason this year. They're an Italian team and multiple champions in the past.They've won the championship thrice or four times, if I'm not mistaken, and Iget along very, very well with the team because when I started intwo thousand and nineteen, I drove for two different teams in the first tworounds. Because I just didn't have the budget. So I was just beingpassed around as to wherever and who would take one little Yal bag of goldand and then I ended up doing getting a very good deal with Carl andthings went well in two thousand and nineteen. So that's why I continued to racewith them and wanted to win the championship this year now, and becauseI study Italian, because I went to university in Italy, so that alsoreally really helps. HMM, makes sense. Makes Sense. You know. Actually, since we're talking about your NASCAR, why don't you tell our listeners alittle bit about your Nascar, because I don't think a lot of peopleactually do that. You know, Europe and NASCAR, they must be comehere. So that's going. Yeah, so it's it's interesting. So,so Europe is a NASCAR as a whole is, of course the American Nascarseries, and this the parent organization. You have various levels of NASCAR,but of course the top series of the Cup series and the expinity championship,and that races in the states on your super speed ways, and in Europeis is is from, is part of the NASCAR community, but it's acompletely separate entity, and so we don't race on novals. The we raceon proper race tracks. So we're like laser, like Hawkenheim's Alder Brands Hatch. We don't really do we raise on circuits, we don't do ovals andthe cars are quite similar to what you have, which they also raised inCanadian Nascar and in Mexican Nascar, which are again separate organizations, and they'repretty awesome to race. There we have five point seven e tow we eatebig block engine. So they sound like a million bucks and I said,I can wear them all day. Yeah, exactly. And it's the it's theLS seven engines. So, for whoever, all the car geeks outthere, the LS seven engines. This five point seven lead a weight isquite a wellknown engine which is used in race cars and in a lot ofrows road cars and without the restrict I think you can get easily get somethinglike seven hundred horse power out of it. But of course, to maintain thelife of the engine we have an air restrictor and I think that's it'sit varies anywhere between four hundred and ten to about four hundred and fifteen horsepower. Is what the what the power is we have no traction control,no ABS, we've got a four speed gearbox, so it's it's as rawas it gets. It's completely down to the driver and of course there's afew things you can change on the setup which makes a massive difference. Butthere are a lot of fun to drive and the racing is extremely, extremelyclose. So I think it's some of the night. It's any kind oftintop racing where it's a very, very close and their big cause we've gotcours of space frame chassis, but above that we've got a fiberglass body kit. So sometimes you do end up without a bumper. Okay, like theysay, robbing is racing, but it would have in limits. But andand also some of the drivers. This such a high level of drivers inthe series. I mean this year. I mean the name a few,even though he's a he's an old guy, but he's still got it. Jacquewill neer Rahs, and he won both the fine Una really he's easingwith you. Yeah, he's in our category, but that's the same championshipand he won both the final races and old man still got it. There'sso many drivers who raced in like indie lights in G two. So intwo thousand and nineteen, the main guy, I mean I was no any othertop two, but third and fourth we weren't. We weren't rich fightingwith each other. And Vitoria Gardy, he's raised in Gptwo, he's raisedin gpthree. He was, I think, an Audi factory driver. Then you'vegot another guy who won the championship. Was French four champion, Danish thundercars champions. So there's some really, really awesome drivers in the championship andwe go to some great tracks as well. So yeah, that's you'rea NASCAR in a Natchal. That's awesome.

You know, when I first heardabout you, I saw that an Indian driver is in NASCAR and Iwas a little confused. We're going to sleep. I didn't. I startedlooking at Ye, how did it happen? So I came to the UK,of course, in two thousand and fifteen, one way ticket chase thedream after racing in India and I always wanted to raise poshes. Like I'mI'm a massive post fan as a manufacturer, but I also love the motor sportsof the Post One makes series, the Carrera Cup and then, yeah, there was to ultimately racing lmp one back then was the plan, butI move up the post ladder, but unfortunately that didn't work out because Ineeded some serious money, which laput of two hundredzero pounds a year. Didn'thappen and it just struggling, struggling, struggling. Started reaching out a differentseries and someone called Lucas Lassare, who was a driver. He got intouch with me. Is Very thankful to him. He said, why don'tyou come and test the car? It's great value for money. The racingis amazing because, to be honest, I didn't know very much about theseries. After thank one of the drivers called Lucas, who actually introduced meto the series and I went and I tested the car with a in Ithink it was two thousand and eighteen, and I was like wow, thisis this is actually pretty cool. That's also so you must be yeah,you must dislike Jeremy Clarkson a bit because he's he's down somewhat fun descending toPorsha, Porsha owners and porch o. That is very true. A hugepost and I love my most clocks in ill looked up to him and it'shappened. Hammond is a big post fan right here. Yeah, isn't acoming up with? Are already has a series about like him starting a garageand like how he's gone to a poshe factory or a posh car sale andgotten customer. I don't remember. I haven't seen that. I think talkedup on my youtube recentesting like interesting. I look into it. Sounds good, sounds yeah, great. So you know. Now let's, you know, change our leans a little. Let's talk a little bit about your earlycareers in general. One thing we wanted to know. When were you bittenby the recent path? When? I guess the day I was born.I don't know, and I still in being. No rumor has it thatyou are the two thousand and seven Alonso versus Hamilton. was was that triggerpoint for you? But but that's that's already out there. What's what?Something that folks don't know, that that you know has gotten other thing,I do, sorry, other, I think. Do again. I knewI was gonna do this and knew I was going to be actually talked aboutthis before. I mind it. Let's say I don't know. I start, but I'm sorry, I do write. What what part do I think,to racing. Besides, honestly, I mean ever since, to behonest, ever since I was a kid, it's always been cause cars, carsand I'm racing. But I never did it. I mean I justor talk and nothing, and it's expensive. And so, I mean I didsomething like fun karting in like the powai is back in Bombay, butlike, I don't know, to be honest, I don't think I wasvery great and uh, and it was just for fun. So I neverreally properly did anything. And then I went to university overseas and I thinkbeing away from home and just being exposed to it, I was like,you know, I grew up as a person and this is what I reallylove. I mean it's this is all I think about all day. AndI said I want to, I'm going to give it a shot. Andso, yeah, so I graduated and I came back to India and Istarted in the formula lgb in two thousand and twelve. So so the bughad been there since I was a child. I we don't know where it camefrom, but it was but it was always there. But it Ionly started it, I guess very, very late. yeahward, was thatmoment with because I couse Hamilton and Alonso remember two thousand and seven as avery different incident. That's that's changed their careers. But like, yeah,what was that one moment in that year that that did it for you,like wow, this is Hamilton. I think like the first race. Ithink just seeing this rookie go down the outside of Alonzo in Albert Park.I think this that cemented it for me. I mean he didn't even have tofinish a laugh and I was like this guy's got balls and he's gotsome very gifted driver and that that really did it right, because you don'tdo that on your first race. Yea so much. Yeah. So onequestion that we had was, you know, why don't you just stop a littlebit about jot early career in general, in the sense that I you mentionedthat, like you get got back from finishing your degree in Italy andthen you participated in formal lgb. You know, from what we understand,you initially were planning to go into formula racing or, as you mentioned earlier, like por ports career, a cup. So what was your early career ininto formula racing and you know how...

...did that suddenly. I mean wekind of know how it got into you don't Askar but yeah, you wantto know. How did it lead up to that? I mean, soI was first of all, I was very, very old when I sathud. I was twenty two. Never driven a road tax or anything inmy life. I didn't have like row tax carting background. I just likelocal carting, which are done for fun, and I wanted to be a formulaone driver and that was the honest goal. I was like, Iwant to be I want to be an a fun driver, fen money,I'll do whatever it is. But the few things that would against me isnumber one. I was twenty two, number two and six four, soI'm very tall. It's not easy being six for and fitting into formula carsand number threes. I don't have ten, fifteen million dollars to spare, whichis what you need realistically to make it all the way. And butas like twenty two year old guy, the dream and went back. Istarted it jacket Formula LGB. I mean I came in without driving, thinkingI'm gonna ky CASS. I think I was like second last or something onthe grid. I know I didn't know what I was doing and flows areall slap in the face. But then, yeah, through the year, Imean was not much progress, and then I just started like really puttingin a lot, all my effort into it. I got a simulated athome. I think that made a big difference for me. And Yeah,then I think the best result I had in the first there was fourth atthe final round, and that was after I got my sim in everything.So I saw massive jump. And then the year after that I really workedhard until today. Still something I'm quite proud of, because I haven't beenable to do it after is I got full sponsorship for two championships in twothousand and thirteen. That's formula lgb and might have sixteen hundred. That's awesome. So I did both of those. I think I too podiums in onesixteen hundred and I think at four podiums in the LGB, and already knowwhere I finished it in fourth. Could have done better, but whatever.It was like my first proper year. So there's a massive that's massive fun. And then two thousand and fourteen, one of my spot. Then Iwas trying, of course, to constant. I mean I was doing nothing that'smy soul. Focus was racing, trying to be the next step funddriver and a yeah, I was seven. That's all I was doing, tryingto race, sponsorship, reach out to people, and I really feellike I gave it everything. I was first run a race in Formula Iknow UK. I think my little hundred and Eightyzero pounds US run a raise. Didn't raise a single penny and I met a lot of people. Didn'traise a single penny. Then I basically I continued with the season in Indiaand then I started to shift focus to China, so the cuz cheap andcloser to home. So Formula Master's China. See these, which was called forme Lapillott up before that. that it trying to raise money for that, which was, I think, hundred and twenty, undred and Thirtyzero eurows, again, a hell of a lot of money. And Yeah, justI gave it. Honestly, I can say I gave it absolutely everything becauseI was doing nothing else. Very Luckily, one of my sponsors was very fondof me. Continued for two thousand and fourteen and even though the budgetdidn't come to go overseas, there was enough to do another season in Mussixteen hundred in India. So I did that. That season went very well. High Game. Second in the championship and was on the podium and everysingle race and pretty much on the front row almost all races. And thatto miss the final because I dinghy. So that was quite a story.Yeah, but I bully myself and though, don't you like, far ahead ofthe rest, and I still managed to get second even though I missedthe final round. Also did a guest race in this to t your SCup, which I won, which was quite cool. I'd never, never, yeah, on my debut with guys, would race that. So that waspretty cool to have won that race. And and so I missed the secondround because that was going to be in deadly, but with the MRFfinal. But I had teeny. So so two thousand fourteen was a prettycool year because because there was a results and there's and I'd really realize,which I think all drivers who are listening to this, is you really needto build a name in the media, no matter what. That is soimportant. You could go at dominate every single race, but if you don'tever single newspaper article, it just does not help. So I had alot of media coverage that year. So I thought, you know, it'sgoing to happen at with the results of with a coverage or what everything,and still didn't. I was trying so much for then the master series intwo thousand and fifteen. That didn't happen and I try to focus on CarreraCup GB as I. Let me shift to this. And Yeah, Imean it was a very difficult period, but yeah, that didn't happen.And then in two thousand and fifteen I was like, I'm not going togive up on this. Nobody over here is leaving me a thing. SoI literally, and this is the truth, I booked a one way ticket tothe United Kingdom in April and said I'll go there and figure it out. There in India knows anything about more supporter wants to sponsor. So letme try something, because I don't want to sit back and and complain.So I think when you're on positions like that, you should try something.Just get out of your comfort zone. And Yeah, I came here withouta send to my name to and raise...

...the money. HMM, you've gotsome balls there. Yeah, man, Oh, all you know, likelike listening to everything you said it. I see a theme here actually,that you in general have struggled for sponsorships in general in your career and obviously, I think pretty much everyone knows this by now, that re saying isa, you know, a rich man sport in the sense that you haveto have good financi still backing in in terms of supporting your career, becauseotherwise, like you can't get anywhere. Just talent can't get you anywhere.So you know, how did you manage all this? I mean, honestlyspeaking, like, first of all, re sing itself requires a lot ofdedication and hard work and on top of that, like kind of becoming yourown manager and finding sponsorships. Yeah, how do you even like balance this? So I have this I always say in motor sport, no money,no honey, literally don't do anything. Yeah, and do anything without it. And and it sounds like crash to say, but that is the isthe harsh and day truth, honest truth, and I can India as where wehave so many talented drivers. You look at the National Championship, Ithink. I mean I raced again some seriously fast guys, but there wasjust none of us had the budget to go, go forward, and Ithink I mean why I I guess I purse persevered and like continued, isbecause I'm the kind of person if I fixate on one thing, I absolutelygive it everything. If I don't like it, I have absolutely no clue. And he asked me to name five football players. I can't even dothat. That's how things I didn't like I am and yeah, it on. It's just like a childhood dream. I've always wanted to drive cars andI just love driving and up racing, and that's so I just said.I'm just going to keep, keep creep going and just not gonna let anythingcome in the way. There's many times you think you want to stop andit's just not possible. But if you want something bad enough, and notjust racing, no matter what it is, just give it everything, because evenif it doesn't work out, you'll get something which is well, muchmore, which should much better than the current position you're in. So justgive it everything. And the world works in mysterious ways. And Yeah,fair advice, if for our for our young listeners here, who probably guessingwhere to reach out to folks, what sorts acted advice they're like. Thisis this is the way to go about. The most important thing is you haveto be absolutely relentless, because you have to. If you send outa thousand emails or a thousand make a thousand phone calls for sponsors or reachout a thousand companies like the own, mistances will be you'll be lucky ifyou get five responses, even if someone, I would rather someone, says noto me, then says nothing. Yeah, and people say that I'vetried so much, and and just the other thing is just just like you'relike a gun to shoot everywhere, but sticks get something, because who usedto say where anything can come from? Because if someone's not interested, maybethey know someone else who's interested. So just spready or not, as farand wide as you possibly can and just don't don't don't get disheartened. Youwill get disheartened if things don't happen. But by the ideas, just don't. Just two as much as you can. That's my my advice. Don't juststick to one sector or just one group of companies. Just absolutely throwit out as much as possible. And it's not easy. It's honestly noteasy, and I'll be very honest. I haven't raised anything since two thousandand fourteen. That's it's so disheartening. And the other drivers with sponsorship anything. What are you doing wrong? I mean, is there something that you'renot doing right? And Anya, so, so, just all the youngsters arethey just just try as much as you can and don't, don't evergive up and be realistic as well, be very, very realistic. Sothere's an interesting theme that we've noticed over the you know, one year stayingthat we've been doing this. JK tires is a common name between quite alot of drivers that if you spoken to, but that name never popped up withwith your stuff that we've read. So so what's the what's the storythere? Because it felt like if it's if it's an Indian driver, Jakit tires, somewhere related to that. Dry. It seems like they're notsharing some love with you. Yeah, not at all, unfortunately enough.I think there's many reasons for that. I believe me, I'm tried.I mean I think it's was of all great what they're doing. They doso much to actually when host the racing in India and they have been allthese years. So I mean hats off to them. Both of the manycapturers were doing it, but I didn't come through the carting ranks, soI didn't do a JKA rotax starting or need to relably a new guy whocame in. And whenever I have spoken...

...to them about sponsorship, I meanthey've said that we don't do anything apart from the Formula One, the FormulaOne route, and the last conversation I had, I think, was twentynineteen, off the back of what I would say is a very, verygood season in two thousand and nineteen, is when I spoke to them.They said that the of their backers, whoever the people who make the decisionsat jk are, is that they want to basically back the next guy whois going the fun route. I don't know if that's some answer that ithas just been given to me to shut up, or if that's all theact is, but but yeah, that's what they said. That which isin the Formula One route and yeah, no interest in this one now,right, it sounds you know, something that's that's been very interesting about youis you've done some real d jobs, like you've done something with the MW. You've done like a lifestyle shoe and lifetise. Yeah, lifestyle was it? was there any chance of any of that becoming something real, or wasit just like sponsorship deal, let's get the money to then go race?I haven't done anything, honestly. Yeah, no, I think I think I'vedone I've honestly done so many random things, like coming here. Butthe BMW job is actually quite cool. So it's like a driving racing instructorBMW instructor. So myself and another driver who Kasia, who's very good friendof mine, we raced together and him and I both went and we gotsit. There was a shootout in India. Whole Bunch of drivers cheme. Wegot selected to go and become instructors. So we went to Germany, didthe training and we were supposed to me instructors in India. So thatwill. That was more on the side, just because it's a really fun thingto do. You're basically teaching people out to drift and to dry emcausi the absolute limit. So that was for fun. It was kind oflike a side job. And all the other things like that, lifestyle partnershipand all was that was just to build the name and hope something came fromthat. Right and was this is important to associate to yourself. No,sorry, good idea. You're finishing. Just important to associate yourself with differentbrands to try to raise you on him and spread spreading awareness about yourself.And then was the stunt the lating thing with Wolkswa again, there was somethinglike Wolkswa again, stunt drivers stuff. That, yeah, right, yeah, that was actually when I just started, I think us two thousand and thirteen, if I'm not mistaken. So I mean it's quite cool. Imean, first of all, folks Awa can do an amazing job in Indiawith all the WHO look up. The went to top the AMMO Cup.So I think they do a great job. And usually on the race weekends theystill have these the VW Polos, like a stunt team driving it,and they'd have it at various other events just to do promo stuff. SoI think it was just a way to like promote drivers and to have ashootout. So that was something fun in two thousand and thirteen. Nice,Nice, yes, I think. Since we have been talking about sponsorships alittle, let's talk a little bit about one of his sponsors. That's TGBspodds. I think you play a little you know deeper role with them andyou are a seals and chartered broker, if I'm not wrong. So youknow, talk us about you know. How did this happen? Like,where did this get from? So actually, tjb is is the company I workwith. A work thereince two thousand and seventeen, a way in theUK. They aren't a sponsor that have a kind of deals. It's allmy earnings that goes into so it's my earnings and of course my company supportsme a lot and and that's why I'm racing because of that. But thatwas also a chance thing and I'm fortunate to be able to work there becauseI was at like a networking event here in the UK. R I findpeople to sponsor me in two thousand and sixteen and I it was at acar, classic car event and I met one of the brokers over there.You're standing next to this for GT for tea, which is fourteen inches high. Nice. We're both of US ship but all talking to feel we couldfit into this car. Yeah, just thinks went from there and I'd honestlyat that point got sick of trying to search sponsorship and every very depressing whennothing is happening and I think it was just all about timing and I said, you know what, because I love boats and I was like, I'mIndian. Why don't we discuss, discuss about me being like an introducer forthe company or something like that, to chase them for two months to tryand get a meeting? And Yeah, things just went from there, tryand I ended up absolutely chasing them and then became a yort broker and that'show I've managed to to raise every since. That's nice. Before before the nextquestion, this said there's some history with you and boats and sailing andstuff as well. So what's up with the what, or what was upwith the Heather of our the sailing club, and what? You actively sailing,because heather, but's almost landlottery.

You have to go somewhere to almostsail, right. Yeah, so I've actually been a sailor since I sevenyears old. So I grew up from Bombay and I grew up right nextto the sailing club in Colaba. So awesome, as much as I lovethat. I've basically sailed since I was seven years old, and so that'smy so Hyderabad is just one of the places sailing go up bomb bache andI all over. And that's just my background. I wish that would havebeen gotten instead, but I thotunately didn't happen. And so, yeah,so that's my background. I've been a sailors deserves seven sweet all right.So I mean in terms of now the sailing thing. What is it exactlythat you do as a sales and a charter broker? Then, so I'ma are so so, so I sell and rent out superhotes and so coursidentalsare in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean in the summer and winter. And ofcourse, selling, it's setting in buying big boots, and so it's ait's a very interesting job and I really really like it and you get todeal with some very interesting people, people who basically run this world large businessesthemselves. So there's a lot to learn as well from the individuals are unfortunateto work with. Right. And Yeah, I've been doing it since two thousandand seventeen now. Now it's the similarity between the yacht world and theracing world money, because the hell of a lot of my guy answer itfor that billionaire club. Basically. Basically, that's right. I mean look atlook at Lan Stroll and Nicholas Latsi MONOCO. They come on Daddy's boatand pound of the DAD's hundred weeter boats and going drive race cars. Iget. I get. So, I mean it's so funny because sometimes,when when the contract renewers are happening, they're also talking about the second seatand maybe an Aston or a Williams, and I'm like, these two arenot going in. Why is there even a discussion about this? Exactly?Honestly, just to give people hope. Yeah, also to keep the,you know, press turning, just so that there's something that the media totalk about. Exactly, all right, other right. So one thing whichI get is like sponsorships in general are difficult to get. You know,it's a big stress, it's a big energy dream, I would say,for any driver. I'm sure that makes things difficult in terms of mental fitnessa bit, I would say, you know. So talk us a littleabout you know, how does the you know, the pressure of having toget sponsorships as well as like juggling your re saying and, you know,managing both of these? How does it affect you mentally? How do youcope with it? And you know, yeah, how do you just dealwith all the stress? It's quite funny. I'd say like few years ago Iwas like, Oh, yeah, you drive so much better because you'restruggling and you like want to do your best. You have absolute maximum outof yourself, so you perform in order to do that. But I calledBullshit on that. Now, I think, and I think it is so difficultto do that because you apply a number one extra pressure on yourself,thinking where if you don't perform, you're not going to get sponsorship, andyou're you're focusing most of the time on what can I do to like dobetter in order to perform in order to get sponsorship, and it's moving backwardsmost of the time. So it is not easy and it's very difficult andit really lets you down when you put in so much effort, you doabsolutely everything, you dedicate your life towards it and you don't manage to getany funding and you see others who are probably a lot slower than you werefully back seasons. So it's very, very difficult to mentally and I II think, again being on both sides, when I have had a full budgetin the past and basically not had budget, since I think you,I think you performed so much better when you have everything confirmed, because thenyou can focus one hundred percent on yourself and on a driving and not haveany distractions and not have any bodies at the back of your head. Thatsafe. I don't absolutely dominate this weekend, I still I'm going to race nextweekend because I have the budget and I'm going to raise after that becauseI got a backer. So it's I definitely think that it is. It'snot easy going race weekend to race. We can knowing if you're going tobe driving, like in two, twenty, nineteen. I mean I it's sometimesit didn't know till the Monday of a race week if I was racingor not, so that was exactremely difficult. Right this this this other thing towrite like, you started at the...

...age of twenty two and as alayman, my thought is that people who start from maybe say their teens,or even like nine or ten or whatever, like seven years old rate. Sinceyou've been sailing your your majority years of physical development is happening as partof the routine of getting into the cockpit and getting used to the car.But you having started at an age where, mostly biologically, your body is notgrowing as much. Now, what has been your physical routine and yourphysical fitness routine, and you know the changes that you've seen between what youhave to keep up with versus some younger drivers who started at a very youngage. That's that's actually a very good, good point you mentioned and people reallydon't think of that but, like you said, your formative years,if you're doing you have a particular routine, your training certain muscles, your bodygets used to it and it just develops in that work, in thatmanner and I think for motor sport so important, your code is extremely important. Of course your neck is important because the way you hold the steering wheel, your hand movements, your upper shoulder, your four are movements, that's allextremely important and I think getting your body to adapt to that it's it'snot impossible, but it's you are on a back step compared to the otherdrivers who've been doing it for a very long time. So you do haveto train that extra bit harder and you have to find ways in which youcan get your body to adapt to being in the car and being under thatphysical load. And I think for me just in my particular cases, I'ma lot taller than ninety nine percent of the other drivers. I'm six grayor so. Keeping my weight down was very, very important because, whetherI like it or not, I come with added weight, and so keepingmy weight downe but still giving my strength up, was was very difficult tojuggle, to juggle the two, and so I think as a driver,I guess coming in late, you have to just work double as hard inorder to get your neck, your core arm, your shoulders, your forearms, to get acquainted with the loads that you'll have in a car, thatthat inside that you gave us the way about about mental and physical fitness.Before transitioning onto the next topic, I mean what's your two sends on bothmental and physical fitness? To any age group, at this age, who'seither actively racing or looking into getting into racing, I think it's it's veryimportant to focus on both of them and put in a lot of effort.Physical fitness. The drivers need to really, really raise their game, because theimportant thing about racing is, no matter what forma it is, youneed to be a hundred percent focused on the driving and whatever physical demands shouldbe automatically handled by your body. So the moment you think I'm a bittired, you're already using even if it's five percent of concentrating. Believe me, that makes it difference. So that's why your body should be such ahigh standard of physical is that it automatically just bears all the physical load.And a good point. And Yeah, because, like I said, theminuty of feeling tired like you've already lost a bit of concentration. Then andmental and that's why mental fitness as well is so important in the sense thatin both on track and off track, in things aren't going your way,you still need to keep on track, you still need to keep your headin the right space to make sure that it's never say never in the sportuntil you crossed the checkered flag. Right off track as well, it's very, very easily to get demoralized when you're trying to raise funding, when you'retrying to perform, and it's a very demanding sport and it's very, veryhard on you and you have to make sure that you don't get demoralized because, to be honest, more often than not you will get demoralized because ofhow difficult it is to get the actual support and backing behind you, butjust think of the fact that when it clicks there's no better feeling. Soit's well working night nice. You know. One one quick thing. You knowwe'd notice this. I think you have a case of, you know, going from being a spectator to into the cockpit as such. I thinkthere is a photo that you had taken off monacco some time back and Ithink that was before your recent days. Yeah, then, and then,I guess you later in your career, you have ended up in a yachtwith done a qvat on a race weekend, you know. So how did thathappen? Again, you gotta just pustle and try to make up.I I did like some volunteer like just to get a try network. Sowhen I was already in the UK, I like reached out of the peopleand belonged which to like a lot of the hospitality and the big fun partiesat the race weekend and I reached out to the person and I was like, you know, I'm trying to make my way and I wanna be thereand come and network. And the person who owns it is the sister ofx stephone driver, Eddie Jordan. So yeah, so she had me.I was there at Abudha be and at...

Monaco and yeah, went to tryand meet people over there to try and get some funding. Unfortunately I cameback with just the picture and no money. I think, not too bad stillof the bracing grades. Yeah, because at first photo was somewhere onlike out of the hill, just seeing probably yea down. Yeah, Iknow. We went as students with like with we drove in the night.We had to sit on the hill and watch the race. I think likeforty Oros would the ticket. We went there at the previous night to goand get a space and I literally sat on a rock and I wanted yeah, it's so beautiful. I was telling starting to and you when you sawthat photo, because it was from there to to almost like the I think, the turn where La Claire Crash this year. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, you've got the yacht and you're on there with react, but but you'vedriven on tracks, as you said, like radar as part of NASCAR.It's not the over, it's the it's their bags and and coming onto somesome bits about like fone and racing and, as such, having driven on SPA. Right. There's there's been this entire new debate and it looks likeit's going to take place next year. We're going up up on or rougeinto rady on. The barrier is going to be changed. Right. So, having driven there now, what's your take on that whole segment going up? So interestingly, I haven't raised around SPA. It's only been in likea in like a passenger car, and this is a whole and this wasprior to racing actually. So I much I want to. I haven't raisedit on SPA. Belgium we raised the disoldier, which is the except onso I saw spine the back by the I know and idea. So whatthey're planning to is, of course, the barrier and a lot of thedrivers are seeing to also make it a gravel trap outside of the racing basicallyoff the circuit pit between carry so much speed through there and then drivers happilycut the corner. Yeah, because it's it's so many cars. It's absolutelyflat out and was very, very dangerous. And Yep, unfortunately the WHO birdcrashes. Well, yeah, I stood at the top of the hill. They've been some horrible crashes I think it was in Jack Eatkin had avery bad crash in what was it? Europe? Some G T in aLamborghini and not to championship because again someone dropped it at the top of thehill. So what they need to do is bring back the gravel trap overthere. So there is there is a risk because even though in right insingle seaters, it's flat out and driver say it's not a corner, butbecause you've got to be brave and and you can have a very, verybad accident right, things go wrong. So that's why the gravel trap totry and kill some speed and which is so they need to do that.But that corner feels like there is that feeling of liftoff when you're almost apadyon and getting onto that main street. Right, he was. Was Yourexperience similar? It's. It's when I went there again, it's before Istarted racing. I just wanted to discoon see it and right hey, itis just unbelieve. I mean when you come out of the hype in yourlooking down little looking down at and you don't realize how much of a declineit is. H and as soon as you hit the bottom and you're goingupwards. You can't see the top and it's it's, it is. Idon't think pictures do even twenty five percent does this to us. So howsteep it actually is going up or rouge, and I can just imagine in arace car what a phenomenal feeling that must be. Yeah, I thinklike this, there should be a petition to get your Nascar on spa thenin this case. Yeah, but I actually think what is better, whatpeople don't realize. I think to horn is now a better corner than thena ruge because O u's in a Formula One cart least is flat. Yeah, but yeah, it's you're going downhill into double left hander and Formula Onecar was they downshifting from on eighth or seven gear down a gear literally turnin and flat at two hundred and ninety two minimum speed, which is asa driver I can't get head around that. So I think that's the more timegonna now. Yeah, no, I totally agree about your point aboutone leg. I'm I'm a very like hobbyist, amateur, you know,Sam drivers. Yeah, but whenever I'm driving on SPA, like the turnI find most difficulty and is always Pohn like. Yeah, I always knowwhat line to take from there. You know, it's just so difficult toyeah, and it's you got to be so braven and fone can imagine you. Ninety three, I think, is minimum speed on them. Yeah,a quick sight segment on the same thing that Sara mentioned. So I knowyou've been a big advocate of Sam racing and probably you got a bit laidinto your career, into some racing. But what if sure, you starteddriving at twenty two, but what if you had a same setup since fifteen? HMM, I I'm the big I...

...think Sam racing is so important forall drivers and where which I want. These young guys come and ask methat I want to start racing and I'm moving, is the first thing Isay is get a simulator, because they although it's not the real thing ityou still get a lot of the feeling. You learn your lines, you learnthrottle control, you can, if some extend, modulate you're breaking,you're steering in ports and just learning the racing line right, and when you'reracing with other drivers, not with AI, your racecraft improves as well. SoI swear by sin racing and that made a big difference to me.It made a massive mannive difference and I push it to everyone and I doa lot. I haven't this year, but I did a lot of sameracing last year as well and I transpend as much time as I can whenI get the opportunity on the same nice. Yeah, makes sense, all right. So getting back to a fun a bit. So, yeah,our previous guest, who was the type tail who was here, he mentionedthat he is not a fan of the Buddh international circuit at all and hedoesn't really like that. But I guess you have a different opinion to him, I guess from what we have heard. So you know what what makes youlike the track and know what about it. What are the features thatyou really like about it? So that few things which I do agree withanthea in the sense that I don't like the fact that it has two longstraights, which is just unnecessary. I mean these straits are back straight andwhat one point two km, something like that. Yeah, it is sostrong and I think it's unnecessary. But once you and then there's another shortstraight after that, but it's just the back section which I think is incredible. Once you're done with the back straight and you go right and you godownhill and that that from that up to the end is amazing. So Isee the second half of the circuit is phenomenal, but I just don't likethe two strays because they're not ans say, and it is. Nah, nowthat you say that, what what are your thoughts on the upcoming JettaCircuit, which almost feels like an oval, which is states. Yeah, itis so straight that that circuits so straight. Okay, sorry, Ididn't want to say this. Everything in Saudi AREBA has to be straight.Yeah, that's true. Let's hope form Itt on things, about some changefor them. But they're not even allowed to wear beyond a certain instead ofclothing, is what they'll yeah, this, so the track. Yeah, talkingeveryone from alone is like me. Raceis one, but anyway, anyways. Yeah, but I'm not I don't know what that's going to be like. It's probably gonna be very Baku style situation, that we could either getlucky and get some incredible races or it's going to be a small spirst.I don't think it's going to be in between. It's going to be eitherout of the extremes, because that's what you usually get with these kind ofcircuits. Enough talking about circles. Catalunia. I think that's one of the driverfavorites. Definitely not the crowd favorite, I would say, especially, Iguess, because of the chicade right before the last cordinet. Yeah,it's about the Chikiller. You have driven on different conflicts which doesn't have thisgame right. So, like, what's your opinion about it? I haven'traised it on Barcelona, but I've done a lot of the same racing aroundit. Okay, man, I really love Barcelona. I can imagine froma driver's point of view, and I know a lot of the driver's exfriends of mine who race there and they say it's just such a fun circuitto drive on. I think the last corner it's they should get into theChicaine, like the old layout between. Carry so much speed getting out ofthat last corner. So it's probably a lot nicer with without the Chicaine,isn't that? Isn't there some some your own Nascar or some euro event whichdoes race on Catalonia with a different configure now, so we race at Valencia. So I recently not that one to mix, which is action. Okay, it is a motor GP circuit and it's there's a lot of touring carraces rain. It's a super nice circuit, especially that first corner, which isa very, very fast lefthander. But yeah, so we race iton there, which also have different configurations, but we need to do Catalonia Fairenough. Yeah, yeah, Ye. And then, speaking of the season, right, I mean we started off just chatting about how today isgoing to be with Hamilton as well. You've always been a Hamilton fan butmore so recently also becoming or growing a fan of Max was tamping. Sothis season, where are the loyalties lying now? So we have in Fan, as you know, since then. But I'm in a very difficult positionbecause I, I mean, I love Max what what? I'm super starthis guys. He is just as bigger Hamilton Pan I am. I mean, I'm I really don't know who I'm...

...supporting this year, because Max isjust he's on a level, I think. Yeah, the minute he walked intoFormula One, everyone seen that. Even I actually watch quite a bitof the formula three season that he did, and back then as well, youknew he was special. But the way he's just everything about him is, I think, people who don't know maximis stop in need to watch Mexicogoing three wide, breaking outbreaking the guys on the inside and just, Ye, getting both of them into the air, just to shows maxwis stopping. AndI think he is the most exciting thing in Formula One that's been therefor a very long time. Definitely coming a very long time. Yeah andno, definitely, and I think after the you know, the dominance thatHamilton and Mercedes have had, I think people deserve it, I would say, in the sense that, yeah, it's fun, it's awesome that wesaw him winning seven will time, seven world series was but at the sametime, from the perspective of the audience at it had become a bit boring, you know. So I think it's great that we have this youngster outthere, you know, who's cually challenging the Vet Tread now. That's that'strue and it's I mean this season is going to go down like twenty yearsfrom now people still talk about happen in shoemaker season, yeah, or SennaYe years later, Sena Cross. This is without a doubt, one ofthe most yeah fighting seasons from eleone has ever seen, where two of thebest of the best, probably among the best in history, are going headto head and just raising their standard. I mean, look at these guysthere, usually ten, fifteen, twenty seconds ahead of you, car themthird place when things are clicking for both of them. Yeah, and tosee them just drive towards on a different level and to drive so aggressively andrace so hard is just we're very fortunate to be able to witness that.Yeah, and it's sorry, and I've spoken about this and our previous episodetwo, but like it's the evolution of Max's mental you know, calms,Yeahs Inc and mature nest. That's that suckled over the years now, rightright from pushing go con to where we are now. You know. So, yeah, yeah, and I think Max, yeah, I like he'sbe's been very hot headed and I think further we go, the stronger hegets. And I think one big turning point, and tell me if youagree, is Turkey last year, where he was, I think he wasbehind pairs and Max yea faster and I was actually watching it with some friendsand I said he's gonna drop it. He's things too close to Pairs,and I called it like three laps prior. But yes, and a lot ofdrivers don't. Max uses. Notice this in the next wet race.Max, even in the wet, uses a lot of the curve and alot of drivers and why do you try to avoid the curve as much asfor? But I don't know what he does. Any uses a lot ofGOBE and I was watching that race and I was like he's gonna drop it. He's too aggressive and going behind pairs around. I think that's almost flatout, flat out in the dry, but in the wet he was tooclose to him and sure enough he run it on his and he didn't needto. He didn't need to try and over take exactly outbreak him. Andif you think of that race and post that, if it's very different.Max, I feel like the really stepped it up in terms of of knowingway to attack that yees. Yes, yeah, I mean even yesterday rightlike he was he was almost gonna get into science and lap one after thistrade, but he knew want to back off and then he was like yeah, I'll go wide exactly. So, so massive pins out of the answerhere. So before you say him as a pin, who are there twodrivers that you think probably shouldn't have been here and someone else, either fromF to at this point or someone who's been replaced, should have been inthis, this year's lineup, I think now, I think Nicholas Latife doesnot deserve to be in Formula One. I mean he's not one anything injenior cities. He's just there because his father's writing a big fat check.Undoubtedly. I mean he has absolutely no right to be in Formala one.There's so many more talented drivers that should be there. He's one. Whoelse would he say? I mean I think bought has overstayed his welcome inMercedes is. Yeah, while I go, but I just I just can't standabout us and his eats the most undeserving seat. But I think,for sure, Lett if he has absolutely no right to be there. Andit's tough to say about the others. I mean like, for example,between Kimmy and you, were NA see Shoul Kim me at gone last year. Is Geo may be doing a good enough job. It will be goodto see you next year. When I was coming in. Yeah, yeah, so that's pretty much it did done deal with one USU. Yeah,I think it's pretty seems paying like twenty five million or something. Yeah,twenty five million or more than that, something like that. Yeah, it'sa massive amount of money with the first time he's driver. I think he'sgot family money as well. But you versus Botta should be interesting. Yeah, that's right, quite interesting. I'm...

...laughing this. Yeah, yeah,I'm not expecting anything from good as it thinks. He's made his engine collection. He's has found his alternate career as a enginestally tiler this year. Honestly, it's really he was undeserving seat of form one. All right, youknow. So, as we, you know, get to the Tel endof the show, one thing you wanted to ask was what's next for athe way, what's next increasing? What's going? What's going on in twothousand and twenty two for you? So I want to I like I said, and this has been a very, very difficultier and things to go welland I I wanted to your to have gone very differently on track. SoI want to do your own ascar again next year and it's that's the plan. Something else comes along, breade, but my full focus is on theyour ow Nascar Championship and I look forward to the season starting in April.In Hawkenheim. Awesome. So yeah, so we've got two nostalgia questions.Okay, ask one, sorring's going to ask one. There is this statementby you that you've always wanted to crash into one of those house parties inShennai. Uneasy our is going way back. That comes from where. This isgoing way back. So has that? Has that happened for you yet?I don't remember saying anything like yeah, actually, I don't remember saying anythinglike that. But we've uppart man, we've done it. I'd like togo do some someone's I'm not one of those beach houses in easy our. Sometime. Somebody who's listening, please make this happen. Yes, sorry'sGod. One you do? Okay, I think. Does this one celebrationthat you used to do with Unis Cool Hill, which is the headstand leggrab? Yeah, where did that come from? I don't know. Idon't know. Like so I need is a friend of mine who also likehe's my spotter and he has it sponsorship and everything, and I don't knowwhere he got it from, to be honest. I think he saw somesome American Nascar race with us. Some did that with the driver and andhe said Yeah, do headstand. I was like, Dude, you don'thave the copower to do it. You like trust do it and did itand I think he was almost falling over and so I to hold his hands, but Kudos to him. Yeah, right, this was this was fun. Folks, thank you for listening to the whole episode. Your parting thoughtsare going to come from our third host, who's gonna take it away, butbut we had a fun fan fiction or signing off. This is thisis a Kash and this is sudden o the way. Take it away,whatever you want to tell to our audience. The floors hears. Yeah, firstly, thanks a lot, caush and starting for having me. I've reallyenjoyed this. I know we've delayed it by a bit, great to beon here. It's been really fun talking you guys and it's great to seewhat y'all are doing. And Yeah, I look forward to keeping in touchand for every on listening. All the drivers out there, just keep going, just never give up, and let's then please provide all the support youcan for my two thousand and twenty two campaign, and we're going to gofor gold and nothing less.

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