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Episode 45 · 4 months ago

Baku GP Paddock Club Experience w/ Viraj Ghelani & Arjun Srivastava


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You might be surprised to see another episode back to back. This episode is a fun and interesting conversation with Viraj Ghelani, who is a content creator and has had the privilege to be invited to the Mercedes Garage, and has experienced Paddock Club. In this episode we discuss parts of the 2022 British GP and Viraj gives us inside scoops from his experience at the Baku GP Paddock. 

Sorry to our fans who do not understand Hindi as this episode is mostly in Hindi and English. We regret that you are being deprived of this awesome episode! However, do not worry we still have our regular race episode that you can tune into and enjoy! Also there is a huge surprise coming up in the next episode that everyone can enjoy.

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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The counting. That the game again. Hello, folks, if you have not read the title for whatever reason, sure you have it. You are at a fun fan fiction. Today's episode is is the best episode that we're gonna record. It's gonna be full of the pre race stories, the last race stories, this races stories, this races reviews and one banger of a banter. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry. And today we have a very special third host after you photos. Take it away, guys. So I am viral. T carga, instagram, to Youtube, pay for a coffee, said like couch, came to look please. But I've been a very new fan of Formula One and these guys were like please out because recently, then I deserve the spot. So I've been very privileged to be called as the host. So let's have fun and I'd also share some stories what I went through and make you guys feel jealous today. You already. I don't worry about that. Thank you for being here. It's IT'S A it's a pleasure as well ours. But let's get into the into the silverstone weekend, man like hometown for mercedies again, for those of you who don't know. Ra is a diehard mercedies head. That's so mercedies hometrack. Coming into the weekend toto said like if I give Lewis even a sub parker, he will win this race. To be honest, it did feel like it was his race to win because Ferrari was watching their strategies. But before we go anywhere, man, let's address the whole scary lap one race. Start Thinking. Yeah, what are your thoughts on that? That race start trash, honestly. So I was out, I was not watching the life match and I was out there a very friend, Hamilton, the lucky's. So he just started watching Formula One. I didn't try to service then. I might be a two year old fan or medium more than that, but he's okay, okay, okay, he's probably what I and it's like carry what Joe Cho instagram a lot of pages. Who am I followed? I was tunned and yeah, yeah, he didn't stop and didn't stop exactly. Hello and all, Fuck but love. Yeah, and he's posting selfies on Instagra. Could exactly, but what a guy. Russell, also, Russell. They didn't care about the you know, went to Ya. What about sportsmanship. But honestly, honestly, as soon as he got out of the car, I thought this is a repeat of where he's going to go and slap this guy said May, but this time he is in the merced right, both as in the but glad, I but I'm so glad he survived. But that touch what I was not sure exactly and and it went like that is so so the way I saw it, right, showing this in a race replay, like when they were in the red flag...

...situation. To the way summary Wise I got it was gay Um, ghastly was squeezed and on his right was Russell, and left was a fair because ghastly touched slightly on the rear left of Russell. Russell bent into show. Immediately behind Jao was, I think Botas, and Botas his front wing ended up being like that launch pad for just then and after that it was like cars momentum just took him away. Yeah, would break or yes, you know the sand and stones that came up the park and then Russell there, as I saw camera or camera focus. Yeah, and the worst part Sky UH F ONE TV. Right, they absolutely did not give any information about what's happening with right up till five minutes before like the race was starting. But I think that's fine. No, no, no, but they didn't even say that he's okay. So yeah, like, so, like during the red flag, like someone said, they wanted to avoid what happened during two thousand eighteen seventeen Anton Hubert scrash, like all the focus went to the car and and at that point it was a death situation, right, and that is very traumatic to some people. And here they didn't know what Jaus condition was like, the way that crash was, they were sort of like fingers crosskey. He's alive. So if, God forbid, he would have died or something serious would have happened, like it would have been very traumatic. Or I think that's why they've changed that policy. Maybe can neighbor thank it, like until we hear everything. But I I completely understand that they don't want to sensortionalize it and, you know, show the crash and show the replace and everything. I am totally in for that completely, but at the same time I also feel that they should at least inform the audience of if he's okay, especially when they knew when he was I don't know, it felt a little lot, especially they left US hanging for like thirty minutes or something. That's true, because panic suggestion than a family. Families have both news in general. So it's better, because I think Michael Schumacher, Oh gave up. Arch rival, like Sena, died right. Sena died during people of Jesus, and I think you know, anything happens in the cricket ground. Also like examples of cricket fan, because there's so much of panic, you know, in that particular room. And also commented, as with Kabambo, because they don't have any confirmation or situation for Cassina UH STU. I think the only the only people they were saying telling was key these. I heard ghastly or someone went to the pitball of Alpha Romeo to ask exactly what happened and they told him and he came back like so because corona was on on the pit lane, like he told during the commentary. Yes, I want to say gastly, but I could be wrong. He cast least being told what's the situation with Jao and he's coming back from the pit wall, but he will have to wait to hear what's happening, like take at least the drivers were, you know, informed, whoever would makes sense, and he was. And I think I saw a post also where there was the sound written. Right, okay, everyone is fine there under medical condition. Say, look our medical observation. Look and put concussion. I think, yeah, pressure, just three years that would have been the case before the introduced, before the hello was introduced, this would have been a fatal crash. Sure, yeah, this is crazy crash. Sure, yeah, for sure, for sure. This this isn't the first crash where like...

...it's an opening lab the roll hood has sort of ripped off, which is like that back filter right behind the hello. It's the same souber slash Alpha Romeo and the driver is okay. But like Pedro Dinis Nurburgring, packs into other, which was similar situations, similar stuff. So I saw mark suit on put an image up today, like I took that photo and I took this photo or like interestingly also, you know, okay, I like, I don't know, but I saw a live crash when I was ten thousand times. The other turned three, F two, right three, or turned, I think, the turn to turn to starting with that. It was two uh, or I was. It was right at the peduct club, you can see the whole thing. To waple or what as a focus people poke cray or. I come from a marketing background. The second. First, second, advertising. You canting red background. But I'll tell you, while watching it on TV or Hot Star, if you're taking a robble random seat because you can't see the car exactly. I can't see the car, but as certainly aren't. Aren't the screens and actual commentary also going on to give you that experience. Public screens, hotel, but very you know, we screen mother to experience the bile. But Funny Legit I saw when this was my first day. So when I'm passing inside, going inside it to the gap, legit, Guardia, like our normal seat. Head to public or who put the crash or to walk subspect? You can't figure out. Then you're spotting the car from a very far and Guardian Restaur laft Park. It's very fast. What's other crazy? But said come back in the up said till the time I was there. Mercedes. That is true. That is so. Basically, they should be calling you more often. What the deal? So this all started with a very random but I'm a fan of MS also, so job semi moments, comment Eliament, lucky champions randomly instead of the public. But it was impossible. Moment, Bro, I'm sending your tickets, please go crazy, and so on the on that like there was this big thing, like Sara, Sarah. I don't know if you follow the comedy scene too, but I didn't. So Manada I was supposed to be like the Guja Titan Mascot and like every man and one every match. Huh? And then there's this instagram peas going on between Viraj and Manon, like who's the or Oh match, hi. Will be last moment, my last moment. The last public started. You know, you said, I have tickets, you go on my ticket. The public crazy, Mercedes style. So I was like it's a say international, or so I spoke...

...that this guy called David who handles all marketing and hospitality around the engine. So a lucky champion for I'll tell you the polar detail about it. What the Brash Chao water meal podium dealer done by suddenly leant third again? The next race, Hamiltons, is the Canada Crazy Broyeah? Yeah, but this race right, like this race. So the way it's going, red bull is gone, re race restart kill. They didn't adhere to the the overtaking that had happened in that first and second corner and they restarted the race with like original setting. They started debating Y and all that. So apparently there are two safety car lines on the track. The second one is right after turn number two, and all cars should have passed that second safety car line before the red flag was announced. But because all cars had not passed, so you know, they were like we'll go with the main setup that was there. But I think that was the right well, I think that was the right because, like it doesn't make sense to use the other order anyways, because there's so much chaos. anyways, that happened. Rase by that point was like Mun by right, like you shouldn't think, or red flag again. So it was that situation and that then race we start was also a very hectic where like the LEA, clerk, Perez and Max were just climbing on top of features. Last Lapere, last some of the Peres or sands, the Hamilton, whose bro Pea saw no but see, that's where I will tell you what happened. was like, I think lap thirties, thirties, children and the race at this point is you look continuously a WS Matris, the current Ferrari, was in the P window of mercedies. So if mercedies would have picked there very strategically, he hamiltons would have wondercut both the Ferraris because they were fighting amongst themselves, and he would come have come in front of the Ferraris and he would have won. Like at that point I messaged a friend of mine saying Mercedes is winning. It's done. Honestly, there was one point where I thought it would happen. was when, and this is very common. I've seen this happen a lot of times. A lot of times. A lot of drivers like try to undercut Hamilton's when he's just behind them and then he takes the position and then just doesn't give it back. Never he just keeps. Some one driving, he doesn't fit. He somehow waits out for a safety card or something, and I really feared that would happen. It could happen. hed fitted and after like two laps after that or three laps after that, the safety car came out. So yes, you couldn't easily wonder is that way? Think? I think he's coming back. Yeah, yeah, I have a good feeling, I think, because I don't know what, apart from car, I don't know what is wrong, but it is so bad, like I can feel, like when we spoke. Also, I can't feel it was gonna. So when he spoke, he didn't talk about race, he didn't talk about car, you know, he just spoke about because it was genuinely very bouncy, like we could like I saw speculations. Also, okay, change thing, but genuinely like apart, like we had a gala dinner. Also, this is far away from the racetrack where he normal clothes and right, baby was pete jump him. It was very close. So I shall stop beat with.

I could feel that, like he's in pain. So, apart from all these things, there's got a pressure here. But the way he spoke, that we handled the crowd. What where we were there? It's deserving. Yeah, Gen y'all, y'all also got to interview him right, like. So, what was was that like? So, so this is the this is the rest day. Okay, because we met Russell, because we were aware that meeting Russell, but then a randomly David, this guy, he calls us come in an hour there's a surprise fight and I'll let him up with a gift of look I have now, I have three, four works. That is cap but I come back, yeah, and these things. So I was very happy that so lucky. You won't believe what is happening in your life. Is Changed side. So a right sugar. So he said we're beating Hamilton's today. We have twenty minutes with him, so you can ask whatever you are you want to ask her on this legit me, the guy from Juhu. Basically I was representing landmark cars of okay, okay, Otto Hangar Ben's India, but compared or cars from Bangalore, the tin looked hi. I'm look ten or Mercedy, Mercedes or Hamilton and inside a like pad club, the traffic, it was insane and we that day. That part he just told Guardian Bounce Bot other. That's it. Interesting, Dude. He's like I support pride, but I hate plastic and we try to avoid as a plastic as we can. Amara Fridge, the clay. He took US around the fridge. Then he said when he goes back to uh you know many parents and family every time. I want to become much more than a driver. I don't want to be just rate driver. I want we so he's planished to become a producer, beco movies, but he spoke to he spoke to uh. WHO's The guy? I forget his name every time. Uh Rich conn Jennifer, husband want it very pick so he said Brett Pitt and I became friends recently. Lucky. I understand case and Mumbai, sick giants, tressing. It's lucky. It's like, Bro I generally want to come to Mumbai, India. A lot of things. Production House have youtube. Our commute it was like I asked who anders your instagram? It's crazy. I love him. Personal the counting. That the game. I saw some butter or you know, you can come to this guy. It's so silent. How are but this is what I'm thinking. I was known and it's like I want to take a picture. Remove the mask. It's fine. I saw. I saw that's movement by carband. Then he left and said wish Miller today. There crazy but signed Loko cap web or Wast Bro. This is interesting right, like we have this episode come out in August with WHO's who's the next motto. Racer returned, entrepreneur...

...and we were talking about a psychology point of view. If you compare Hamilton's versus Max it's like bringing is so different and you can see the raw family guy sometimes that Hamilton's is Max. That's it. That's true, because we at the product club. Also, there was a Mexican in going on, so I was there. or WHO's gonna Concept? He genuinely spoke about race. Who was the number one I had used with all the players. I could have gotten anywhere and got but may west to night. Horror. Okay, see, he's a very good driver, I agree, a brilliant driver. He'll be a super champion, whatever the but and did I could. I could closely talk to Himilton. I know he spoke about fashion also. He likes fashion, but instead zero point one person take a bounce tonight. This is a very good thing. Like vettel is also somewhere, very pro you know environment, and I mean you've set a very good stage right now for culture. Hua right like crash were at one point, and then peach, I think, hanger straight to pay a killer. Protesters were on the track. My first thought this keep thirt T G s. The car has rolled, gone off. The tire barrier and the catch fence has got it, but it was not able to stop seven human beings to jump the fence or look right back. The whole protest, for those of you not followed, is the fact that they were protesting against governmental policies on oil and being more environmental friendly, and then the whole topic of you know, the problem is now um for y'all. Like stories like this that we are just shared right like there are these veteran drivers who actually care about it, like Ethan, the way you probably expect, but it is opening. These people are bringing the change. There is this initiative that F I has of going carbon neutral by twenty and that includes all the transport for the everything, everything, everything and everything end to end, and they're giving periodically updates on like kitna progressive, which is like no one does that. People Forget. Also, we spoke also because I think now he's he lives in Italy. Now Lewis, yeah, he lives in Italy, because I think most of the drivers live, lives, lives in it. Also lives in it. There might be something, because I think it's so. It's it's so. We spoke to the random their favorite guards, normal guardians, he said e Qus because it's environmental friendly, so, to which I thought he but that's that's a fact that they're a favorite. Hello, he's a pet lover, proscope terle to hear like if, if it's if, if the races in Germany or anybody has a house, you will see him on that Electric Quest Pa Hu generally uh, Joe, Joe, looka local mindset and logo drivers away. If you're in a peddalt club, you can do whatever the funk you want to do. If, legit, you find a driver, you can go talk to him, ask about it interesting, take a picture, talk whatever you want to do. So I I metrica the first time. I'm there.

I was a fan of Ricardo. I didn't started researching Ricardo. Ricardo, please say hi to media. Hello, hi, or a fun page bath, maybe in the via pedal club or public Interna. But it's got another so Mustia republic to show you. We were like legends, another game, just a random individual. Okay, looks so baxter seriously came parents a seriously bolcage like life, like he's the luck. LEGIT, Legid Max. Does somebody joining? Hi, I saw yeah, do you introduce yourself margin. I am as a friend. We worked together, so you don't mean that. If one, what does, we should do it. And for those who are on audio only, you can't see. ARGUIN is full blown red bull merchandise. How do you know? I'm assuming he's a press fan. Uh Uh, yeah, I'll tell you what. I'll tell you. So Friday go son Hamilton, a second with the Botas first with and I didn't seek west of ten. The math, childer. Yeah, yeah, alright, you're qualifying by so I'm look, that was but qualifying was very special. The rain was up pocketed, so some drivers benefited a lot from coming when there was less rain and they did a very good time. You were driving three. Oh my God, I think the first time he used three and then he crashed right after. Obviously a career who. So what? What were we saying before this? I think we were talking about question Ricardo. We were we were talking about drivers and their environmental consciousness and I think all that stuff. But these guys are not stars. Yeah, these guys are not stars, just not even Ricardo. No, Bro, but long attitude, because you attitude love interesting, like legid horror, horror, but the people can see this person eating food, Cook Coach for Haska. principle. Regular. I love you and I are watching the race online live. Do you see as Pura glair SPENC drive to survive from mansion, the Che Best Such we love the first of all, he owns half the paddock. Exactly presents for runs. I don't have that. Different grade, Aston Martin. Also, he has take right, Williams, he has paid so much, has pig yep, bro is just a public legend. You can...

...feel a public Shan toget, you can be harder roades. Milt by SCATO is a public sir. Can I take a picture with you? Of course. Or Smile, Kios, a heart smile, Ko best time. Maybe they're cowing. Never like I'm so school. I'm so glad we was headful. He has nice, Nice, the famous smashing. Yes, yes, so has funny bro Look, yeah, I so. I might go for the Singapore robbery also, that's say. You give now when I said check MAINSTA. I want the proud about them. Enough for about you guys. So I want to promote the sport to the Indians and to look under cab so what legit her GROPP so, the last messing up but I want kid to promote. It's on me to Chios, the number colker keep kind of invitations. MHM, sure, I wanted to ask. Right, what was your first race like? When did you start? Start? Let me see, I think older. It's old. It's some old Monachoris, I remember. And Uh, and back then I wasn't like following a fund but like I saw, I was changing channels. I came on to espn and I saw that there's some reason going on. I like, okay, this track looks pretty cool and I but then after that race I started kind of following it, like trying to find out. But of course at that time it wasn't that popular and the timings are always very hard to watch the racess. But yeah, for me, I don't remember first race gather, but I remember like Mike raising his brother Ralph, and I'm like, Oh, shotmaker, maker, I wonder if you don't know buy it, and then make and Ralph actually hype and they're like fighting and then there's bits and piecesrection not make good, Michael. Sorry, Michael. Yes, and you know, uh, Merana, I think Maratha tried to or to both see whatever. And when I used to at the V A C or Michael Schumaker? What about child? Oh, skap bad. Then we got to know what is inside us. All right, look, American's friend and NAT. She was a crazy fan and we used to be like if we show up with the fun car, and then she told us about to keep West in the Hamilton car children and the way the net fixed, as also have shot. It's very, very totally dramad, very bollywood is. I was the very to be fair, I think he has more knowledge than me in terms of technicality. Also, I'm a fan of a sport more of like disappeared. Now...

...we we've seen the same show. But I think the answer technically what I want. Then I can read between the life. I can understand, which is why I think nice but extra. And I think you enjoy the sport more as well, since it is in general and technical sports, like there's a whole engineering side to the spot which most, most pot don't have. So I think people who are interested in tech in general kind of enjoy the sport even more with that aspect of it. Yeah, yeah, of course. And we we also play pspace, so funky games at all. By then, with effort, when it will be again. Those put down killer. So the entire pressure or never. Speaking of Red Bull Ergin Um yesterday's race, were you more happy, key Perez? Perez, very more happy? Perez was on the podium or he was happy, of course, because I think the red bull team the partial doors've been always so I won't be. For me, the best part is key Perez. Whenever he wins you get to see his dad. It's such a beautiful sight, right, and like that round ball guy, he's just very happy, jumping everywhere. There is this awesome pick of like him hugging Lewis's father and kisses exactly the Tom Cruise. Yes, two proud fathers. And then right after that there was another moment where vetel was basically having a proud dead moment with because of course, like he has kind of taken him under the wing to like with mixed scoring his first points. Uh. So, apparently vetel was right behind them, both Max and Maney live in his car. He was watching them battle it out and interview takey. I was totally rooting for make I'm shouting in the car that mcgo will take him and things like that. It was pretty wholesome to look at that. Ah, but Perez had a good comeback here, like I think he his his thing is I don't want to win. I will fall to the loud place and then because at one point I feel he would have gotten t one, like science was a big too ahead. He would have gotten that same. She's last first, yeah, fight Paris. I was very I was I was like very normally, but he said Qu nineteen, eighteen nine the way I have last year. That last last year we were raised the last gabs on the players which coming after. But interesting that right like after that safety car, it was like these three were battling both Ferraris and Hamilton's, and at least I was focusing on these three, foxe. Hamilton. Where did he complete? For some reason, I don't know why, I had this feeling like maybe not. I didn't think. I thought he would be somewhere like fourth or fifth. At least it felt to me like he was, because all throughout the race, if you had noticed, if you just like regularly checked, the leader, world was named every ten minutes, bottomosition and one thing which I noticed which really helped him was the Alonso train. So basically Alonso had created a train behind him, as usual, and like all these guys were struck behind him, so I think they were getting frustrated to woo look one by one to try and you know, try some different strategy and get ahead of him. And since people were pitting, he didn't even have to overtake people on the track. Uh he had fresh and tires. He was just getting free positions and he kept driving his consistent drive and then he reached where he is at. Me Two, which is I enjoyed the battle for two, both crazy. Yes,...

Charles, that is a very interesting right, because so both for ours are fighting and UH LA clerk right front, Rinka yinderheads was clipped off after that lap to race restart with battle with Perez and Max and he's still fast and they're still fighting for like team orders, they doo and Lee, and I'm like why, at the end of the day, he has lost his advantage and science is going to have so, you know, there is this debate, there is this whole debate of science calling the shots. In Monaco he did that and then everyone was very angry with science. Keep by. Why is for our re letting science take all the call, but I feel science has realized if it doesn't do that, his race will be fucked. Yesterday, yesterday, lucky like leave ten car length gas. That was just ridiculous. What the funk were the thinking? I don't know what. So after like when that safety car was out because of parking Um and the race was going to restart Um, the Le Clerk was leading the race, science or second and the Hamilton's was third, and the race engineer tells Science Kyuh, you know, back the back up, so that Le Claire has a ten car length lead in front of you. So then he gets signed and then science is like essentially long story, Short chances saying fuck off joke, and that made sense. Like obviously, who does this? First of all, you funked up your strategy. Now you're telling you driver who is on a good strategy to funk up his own race so that basically they'll lose both the positions. It's the first guardy, and now they're just trying to cook like legit Guardi first, exactly. Okay, it's like they don't want to win because they don't know what they'll do after winning. So I always want to be in the pursuit of hill take. Hey, do you want to drink? Yes, only for yes exactly how the rejection class right, but did you? Did you get a chance to speak with anyone from Farare at? I spoke to science, but very briefly. All the best for races, say thank you. We part. Well, it was a pastor of science for the best. Thanks, Dude. Nice. But I spoke to ghastly. I am personally a fan of ghastly. I want to know a little more. Bro I am also a fan, and I think this happened when he got sucked from Red Bull. I was like grow, Star controls exactly day. So after I think a two months of three, he replied on Instagram and I was like grow, like I'gint following a sports of the recently. That you were talking to one of the racers and driver and water. That's like you. And then I said, yes, we are all huge fan of yours, and go kill it and show them, like yeah, yeah, that's the plan. So I told him when I was coming, also going alto there. I told him, came, man, I'm coming towards the race and okay, please come see me. Then I met him personally. He told me made it. I was at the me so he said. Then I went there and what a very children, very, very children, go u we look, look, legit, cand of made the game, the Metal Guy, a childer, must suppose, Alonso in...

...a public chillary. Also, I like Hamilton Cooper looking rooms, the engineers taking or Hamilton the bag types. So I asked the special to David, also the to this guy who's upset. What following or he said it is because world particular country is not only a driver, driver, the world wide say so that makes sense also, I mean, of course, also being the only person of color on the track is something as well, but body. So we spoke to angel, also Physio, but the Amilton. When we went inside this the garage, my God, what they give you? Headphones because you can't talk like you can't listen. Look audio system, children under all and look, looka like you and feel inside every employee of and red. I'll tell you to be very honest, I'm a fan of cities, but I love Uh red. Wolgn Birch say that's so bat at the spirit, but I can we go inside about what ever say in front of all the vampires. That's the bull. But the hot legit, I've got a horror stand Liliam to lookalike. Then we went inside. The first thing you see is oil visc machineare phones and everything is not allowed. So whatever. And whenever you see the garage it's always from the outside. You can't see the inside of the garage. It's always Hamilton Nickel rat UH. You can't see the backside of the car. Always you will never see better because it's it's very much confidential and you're not allowed with your phones or whatever. The Fun you can't take inside. So now you go. There's a viscosity machine wrapping the check the oil. CATA problems. So Oil Checker, constructors check m fair left side, headphones. A veterans can come frame take a left Guardian. We haven't take a guardia for scrap a problem. But if we can't change much because it's a rule against the rule. The check. So though, but he's very worstity. But right, right, right, right. Then the right side. So so David will take him. Are you something? There's a guy way. Then we go right. This is...

...where Hamilton's goes at the last is the last stop for Hamilton. was kind of strategically super helmet he uh Yarbird Akifkar. The will be headphones, juice last stop. Then it goes way, Checkerta and Fox off, uh concert computer total, but the concert howlong. See Nab normal hot star, pure normal racist radio mane inside the look. We decided to attack. Obviously I could learn totally what I was talking to. UH, continuously, continuous, continuous, continuous, crash LS, exact proper consuction with them. And so I'm here. Okay, you have weight checkered Garco last time, if you notice, or office and images, saying, like other children there but sub and Pura, garage, sift actions, m coach sat photo. But they say, they say, it's a term for them. So they now they'll make up McDonald's of the tires. That's what they say. So it's a m okay. They'll make up McDonald's of the TI and they say now, uh, racing, you top place in generous couple. Then now we'll make an orchestra, orchestra, orchestra, or Pedrick love. It did say it's enough, fun, enough. And then but brewed water, water. Then it took us to the race. Tractor. What you done to you? What Yapa is always full of fun and surprise. Gar Me, dude, what I when I was there to be fifty and I don't know if this is a fact or everyone knows about it, but guard so did. Luckily, killer problem. I know they had given makeup warning also starting, but the other like season. So he had received a warning by if you crash one more time then yeah, and and Chitra. There's a lot of dehydration. So percent addition of the every time your brain loses ten of your function. Interesting. Will look at last tradition, at the speed of three hundred or two fifty, three and red. It is commendable. But the driver of custod example, the crash, because it's a brain function, a particular there are functioning or tech. They lose two to three kilos proper of water rate. Yeah, or the pressure as a week Barkana by premium, but...

...love massive Kya like for the three of us right. It is like a hot star player, a Fun Sky Sports Edge will be there. It's like such a pressure situation. There is on. This thing is on. We Are Indian wedding, a trade game. So keep perception, because my both personally look right. Take them shanty at where Joe Bolet Benga or Freaky D linement. They completely again. Yeah, basically the club and also interesting. I don't know if I wasn't aware. I don't know if f fun is almost similar to a horse placing. Mm Hmm, horse of that. That's a guardian. It's a paddock, Joanna, horse cutter, Guardian Paddocks, horse padogs. So it's a horse. So similar. The PEDUC Pedu Club, a mercedies red pools of Docs, exact Mercedes. Would you know if you want to be also no, I so an interesting fact. MARTAD UH men's washroom loves. They can. It's a novelty for yeah, Hamilton, public life commentary would be like develop metad commentary, Anad, a normal commentary. The translate that lablet our commentary, because you can't hear ship of whatter Hamilton stable, he's racing. Only Ballo can understand. Or for this ship you can't hold, but this guy also can understand, so he converts all these things to you. He's stabator. Sorry, Russell or Hamilton, and Russell Hamilton and do Hamilton, who shows up path? You are a mercedies fan. You can't be like a Hamilton's Fan, but love to remember you are a Mercedes Fan. Okay, but you are inside a Mercedes are like you there. Question up and look up personal look even us. So much matter. Last Day I was actually starting with I'll tell you about if I can, if you have time. Bro Baku, the city, Bro Club Mico. It's a leg. You can feel the field, but safe formula.

One public would I don't do what is there so ill. So prostitution is legal there. Okay, Tokay, and before going to work or any city where I go, I make sure I've watched a Vlog city where they like public or experience, can in all these things. So Megan in to drinking, lout, to cross the one Monday, which is currency of Baku, is fortified, the end of peace, drinking locals. You can't also RATCO and system. I wasn't hired systems. I said they don't say room service, they just barge. They say room service and come inside system each other. So it's like rooms. There is they're inside. So you can see it. Rao started, key in a room, Bell, math or many, neither Membo, room man. Please go. Man. Well, there, let me come in, honey, let me come in, honey. started. It is higher agency. It's a five star. I was like, I hold the cup of I can't her face and I can just listen to this girl saying hey, honey, opened the door. Honey, man go, ma'am, man, please go. Ma'm and this is after I'm meeting Hamilton's many ways they have not experience. I called him the reception. She just wants to come in. You. Chill, H A, chill with what the should go away after. That's why Nicola flight. Okay, that was our sale of security. Yeah, interesting stories there. I think audience that would be happy to hear about all these stories, I guess. Yeah, I'm glad you shared so much of your experience with everyone. This has been a nice episode one. Yeah, and if Vegetarians, then if you want to go for the if you're Veginard, your life is fucked. And the product the peduct club very cosive, be aubergine. How to Sal but interesting, I asked. Also Hamilton. He's a Vegan. Exactly. Yeah, Phil So, salary? No, but yeah, this is my story. Um, folks, I mean I hope Y'all had super fun, like, I don't know, sign insights, so you never get to listen. So I hope this is this is one of the unique episodes here. Are doing very I hope you all had fun on the show. Like yeah, marrying these stories. Um, for sure. This has been like one one good relationship formed with a fun fan fiction, and we hope to do this again with more stories coming in with your more trips until the next race. These are your hosts signing off. Goodebye.

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