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Episode 54 · 1 month ago

2022 Singapore GP


The Singpore GP was the perfect culmunation of drama, emotions, heartbreaks, and triumph. We return to marina bay after a 2 year gap and boy did it deliver with not only an amazing race but a nailbiting qualification session as well. 

Perez came out on the top in the intense battle for the lead with Charles hunting him down for a good chunk of the race. While max was stuck at the back of the grid with some mistakes of his own and some of the team.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Perez’s wife in shambles
  2. Max Anger! 😡
  3. Best Quali of the season?
  4. Mick’s super-hot lap 🔥
  5. George Russell: “A competitor is competing in a competition” 😲
  6. VSC/SC Galore!
  7. Hamilton complains about tires 😠
  8. The Singapore GP drinking game 🍸
  9. Goatifi strikes again! 🐐
  10. All abord the WDC Train – VET HAM VER 

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Best part I I loved about like this crash latifs crashes that he's gotta five seconds five plays great penalty. But my question is he is basically going to qualify p twenty, So where is it going to start from F two? Like one's going to happen exactly, Man, I don't get it. Fourteen people finished the single for Grand Prix yesterday. Why well. With humidity, slow speed corners and tactical overtaking points, Singapore Grand Prix is the most physically and mentally demanding track on the calendar. Rain also seemed to have wrapped up the weekend with making tire decisions super crucial during key moments. While some drivers decided to show their love for the singer out Korean walls, some decided to show the same with their competitor cars. Ferrari, for once, did behave well but well pres to like a lion and strategy and Hills were on point for her. Phasing out Daniel Ricardo to grab left in positions during the race ended up making Singapore Gran Prix a super wholesome weekend with crashes, mistakes, heartbreaks and obviously amazing drama. We are a fun fan fiction A show about race weekend reviews and racing community interviews. We are your hosts. I am a cash and I'm sorry, and let's get into it. Well, rightly deserved as a driver of the day from every one of us. I guess Perez gets hard on every time there's a sweet truck sort of situation, and he drove like one yesterday. So with a great results. Man your thoughts on, Yeah, for a change, it was Paris's dominance, like he led every lap of the race. He took the lead and the very first itself, I mean before the very first on itself, and he tos his wace pretty much after that and none. I'm impressed. It's it's very weird though, Like RBR, it seems like for a chase, it seemed like the luck start changed in the camps suddenly, like they were wearing each other cheese or something. I don't know. I for one thing, it was probably also done on purpose, not that I'm saying it was done. It could happen. And I say this. I say this only because, like before the weekend started, Helmett Marco and like a few other folks were saying, you know, it's even said it that it's not fun winning a championship warely on before the season gets over, Marco was saying that hopefully Max doesn't win it this this race itself, So I don't know if they sort of like did it on purpose to sabotage Max's race and be like, you know what, We're going to take this championship even further ahead into the game. Yeah, I mean, anyways, he's a hundred points ahead of Luck, look right, so like not like he's going to catch up, by the way, because you say that, did you see this sort of like a ninety burn burn situation of championship fight at the end of like qualifying where they...

...short, where they short Max being hundred points ahead and then Perez le clerk and not in that order, but being like exact point, I'm like, why did you put anyways? Anyways, well it is it is Perez's day, so you know, let's let's talk about him a bit, because I think it was a brilliant effort. One like I think let clerk like right on his ass towards the end, and not just that he was the One thing I love about his drive yesterday was that the amount of safety cars and safetycause came out he was Basically his progress was getting reset every single time because of that. Every single time he tried to create a gap and then that was lost, and then that just kept repeating. And still, you know, even after all that happened, he still maintained his lead and it's amazing. UM super impressed by him. Fair enough, fair enough. And then once he was told that he might have a breach of safety card procedure, UM asked to build that gap of five seconds over the car behind him Leclair. He sort of capitalized at one point where leclets worved a bit and then sort of had to fall back. He built that delta of like second seconds. Brilliant. But to give some context to folks, Saren, do you want to explain to our audience here, what was that safety card breach issue? Oh? Yeah, sure, yeah. Even I was a bit confused while watching the race because it was not very clear. I think even the commentaries were a bit confused. But I think later on it got cleared up after like they at least the what do you say the violations such, So basically he there's a safety card procedure rule where they need to keep or rather they need to be within ten car lengths from the safety card and that is basically so that you can't create an artificial gap and you know, hold up the pack behind because the purpose of the safety card is not you know, entertainment or something. It's mainly for the safety. So you know, those rules have to be followed, and not just that they didn't him like his engineers, and the engineers did tell him as well. So and he did that twice because like for both the safety cards. So that's what it was all about. And his defense was basically that since like the track was pretty greasy at some places, you know, the water and you know, mixing with the tarmac as well a bit, uh that was making it difficult to maintain the pace and as well as his stars were getting cold. So but yeah, I mean, I don't know. I think it makes sense that they gave him a penalty of five second penalty. Some people are not satisfied by that. I do understand their perspective as well, that if there were multiple occasions where he like violated those, maybe more penalty. But I think, yeah, I don't know, I'm ambiberent about it wouldn't been terrible if he would have lost his win. After all, they a bad way to lose one. But finally maybe Ferrari did get there in starting from polls.

Yeah, I'm with you, I'm with you. I'm ambivolent as well. Like sure, five seconds, ten seconds a penalty was deserved, so something something was given. But I think the bigger controversy here and a lot of people are talking about is what was if I doing Why did it take three hours to this decisions after the race, which is quite mind boggling. I think it's okay, right because they probably have to go find some chicks, make a bowl with some jets in there, and then find a person who picks up a chick five seconds. Alright, God knows, man, God knows what you're doing in that camp. You hird me in the first half. But if I this, uh, this whole season, I feel like somewhere they've sort of been very consistent with air penalty situation because they did give le Clerc that penalty for being one kmph above speed limit this weekend six or something, yeah, crazy this weekend. So it's fine, but yeah, we want results. An audience, we're gonna crim cry and it's always a party pooper when like you go up on the podium celebrate your win, and afterwards you were basically giving away the win as well. If if that would happened. It didn't, but still it could have happened. It would have been really weird to celebrate everything and then give away the world to somebody else. But yeah, anyways, I think fair judgment. But oh, by the way, we have to talk about this. So do you know about the Monaco controversy? It there's controversy with Bresa. No, I have no clue, what's what's this? Okay, So apparently there were these videos that were leaked in the post post race art after he won the race, and there were these videos of him like dancing very intimately with some random models and this is where you had been the first half and now yeah, yeah, and I remember what you're saying. Yes, yeah, So it instantly reminded me of that, and I was I went back to, you know, thinking what Perez's wife must be thinking as soon as she saw him win today. Yeah, and I remember like him having images of like being super drunk coming off of your room, and then I think, like, if I'm not wrong, Like his wife also deleted his Instagram account, for a few days and stuff. Right, Yeah, so every times when he loses his Instagram account for a few days, Bang, that's what happens. Yeah, it's fun um talking about that other car in the RBR camp. I think...

Max is literally having a bad weekend in the sense, like so starting off with the quality session, right, like he was having a blaster of Q three, although not so much because he wasn't doing too good in his Sector three under the bridge section and you know, trying to get around the slow corner, so he wasn't that good. But he goes out for doing another hot lap and then he's been told like he can't add the finish line because they were they had interfueled him and he got to get super super piste off. So that and then and the awesome radio message that that's that's something we got out of it. So I'm happy. I'm like, dude, calmed down, Sure, the adrenals is high, and Albert would calmed down. And then the whole his his race start being super slow and stuff. And I looked into it, and I think like even the commentators mentioned that he was actually no Christian hornor probably mentioned this saying like he had wrong race starts settings. I have no clue what that means and whose responsibility is to have engine settings gone there? Right? Yeah, I guess some maybe communication gaps, you know, setting the engine modes and stuff, though actually engine modes are not allowed anymore, but I'm pretty sure there will be some other settings that he must have. Yeah, this is something for us to look into. Folks. Uh, stay tuned for an article probably about this if I feel like it on on our newsletter because because this is now hitting on our curiosity point or like what are these engine settings and whose responsibility is it to you know, set these at the race start or whatever. If we find something, we'll we'll put a newsletter on stadium switching on to do something that we usually don't talk about on the podcast because it's actually the race thing. But I I think this is one quality weak we had on Saturday that I'm not going to forget in a long long time, and one one that I don't think comes in contention with any that I can remember in the in the history of what was your thought for the Saturday? Definitely? Like I okay, so puality has always been you know, it's fun. I mean, generally it's always like, you know, there's two horse race where you're kind of, you know, rooting for either Charles or Mac you know, any two people, and uh you're basically guessing who of those two would be. But man, yeah, like the Table four, it was amazing. Man. I loved every moment of it because it was very good. First of all, Max was nowhere at the top, right it was very weird. Every single lap you could see like you know, you know, Alonso coming on top, then right after that, Hamilton coming on top, right after that, you know it looks like coming on top, and it trout is awesome that the track was very dynamic. It was drying up as you know the laps went by, and uh, yeah, it was. It was.

It was really entertaining. I it was almost like watching these very honestly fair enough, man, fair enough. Best part I think was when I saw that albino Alonso hit that whole position and I was like, man, is that Alpine actually going to hold onto that? I was like, Wow, that's awesome. And then obviously Hamilton's did come into the weekend saying that they're going to fight for that position on the top, and boy did he do that. After a long time. That was the That was the Hamilton's that you know has been for the for the seven years he's been winning, And boy was it good to see that overall again like a superb Q three At one point I feel like even you know, the whole held a provisional for a few seconds did right, like so so yeah, all then were like, let's let's go for it, and then all of them were going for it and they went and they had a brilliant Q three. A lot of people got these like momentary amazing results because I think even Mick was at some point like P two or P three when in Q one, I think I've got a special mention for Mike there because Q one he was out there, he was done, he was doing that last lab, yes, and then they bring him out sort of like right before the checkered flag. He he hits the un lap and he guns for it and he himself and too Q two is there like it was a brilliant dry for him. Yeah, and it was awesome. Like I think what had happened was he was literally the last car to cross the finish line, you know, at like just zero seconds left on the cloth, so he got to know, complete his lap and basically got a completely free track. Because of that, there was nobody on the track by then. Everybody was kind of already done with their out lab and you know, everybody all all the other leader boarders like fixed and mixed. Slap is the only lab that they're showing. It was really fun to watch, and it's just like shoot down kind of thing. Yeah, I mean, I mean just a thought. I don't know if it works or not, but I guess like if one could experiment with something like this, I don't know where they do like a shootout kind of the thing sometimes I don't know, fancy but yeah, but on the other third, don't fix what not broken as well? So sure is great? Sure sure sure sure sure. Um. Two things that I definitely want to talk about is one where the team made a mistake and one where the driver sucked up. The first one is a green Ferrari for the weekend. I'm referring to the Ashton Martin's Everyone's driving on the interns when the Aspens sort of decided to go for the red taped tires definitely did not work out for them, at least little for sure, because he was definitely pissed for his last Singapore gropery...

...eliminating him right in qua itself hard luck. The other one. The other one, though, is is that that comes up on my screen in Q three where it shows the top five performing cars are both the RBRS le Clerk and Hamilton's and Russell. At the end of Q three, what we see is Russell sure he needed a new power unit on all whatevelopment, like nowhere even closed towards the top five performing cars. Yeah, man, Russell, I don't know yesterday's race he can kind of you know, he's kind of big a hole for himself there in various different ways, like in terms of performance and also like his mouth, so we can talk about it when we get into the race section. But like for quality, Toto was definitely not happy with with that car's performtions, the driver's performance and that too especially from Mr Consistent so called m M yep yep. But I think overall a good qualification. I think pretty exciting for a change. We soft for a very long time where multiple people were gunning for the pole position and that's how it should be. Very honestly, I wish there was some way of neutralizing that you know, playing field so that more people get the oppositive getting onto the pole position. Uh yeah, still fun. Nonetheless, Russell I think wanted boat As to probably fly Singapore to Japan for the next weekend. I I don't know, I'm trying to make a joke here, but it was definite. My my eyes went wide in that one turn where Botas went straight. But let me explain what happened. What has was on an inside line on the left turner. I don't remember the number on the left turner, and then Russell was out. Boat As was fast enough to sort of like the late breaking issue where he could not break enough, and he sort of went into the run off area where we saw most of the drivers go and spin and come back to the track. And then Russell sort of like used that timely opportunity to you know, go past and into that left and had that been a slight off that the bone that keyboard between boat As and Russell would have sort of seen one of those drivers fly out of their cars. For sure. Fortune that was a bad one, But that's not the only mess of that Russell was doing huh yesterday of course not, of course not. I think he had taken up the mantle to you know, prove the world that you know why why some people hate him kind of. Yeah, honestly, he was being a winey bit yesterday, right, like I mean his comment with Okay, first of all, since you were talking about the almost crash with boats, he of course crashed in to make on a straight that...

...too, by the way, I don't know how this one crashed into another car on the street, but well there there we have it. Uh. And of course the comment that he gave about make that Schumacher is defending like it's it's the race of his life and Crafty, No, not crafty. I think it was Brundle. I think it was Brundela who instantly said, yes, he is his life, Yeah, because he is in a two way battle between like Halkenberg and maybe Gross coming back, but Likes is trying to find all of the natives to make he is fighting for that position. Yeah. Man, it was very condescending thing to say, I feel from Russell. I mean, very honestly. It reminds me of last year where he commented about both as right, like, why was both as numbersities fighting for P nine and the same thing you know applies for him. Why was he fighting for petere a teen in the fourteen cars by the way, Yeah, yeah, exactly right, Like I think, dude, whatever, man, Like, every race for every driver is like the race of their life, and that's how it should be, right Obviously, that's what the competition is about. He was basically complaining that somebody was competing in a competition, now that you put in that exactly. And on top of that, he wasn't moved for bumper cars yesterday. Yeah, yeah, exactly. But on that same note, I think like while f I A was all out for giving out points and everything yesterday, I feel like that was a wrong decision for not handling Russell penalty for bumping in to make for no rhyme or reason. He totally deserves some sort of a penalty for sure, at least, and I'm pretty sure Make driving there when Russell bumped into him was totally blank on like what the fund just happened? And for sure I think that's a that's a mr. I saw this name. I saw this name where, um, I think it's like it's like one of the Simpsons meme where you have a passport in front of you, and then it's Homer Simpson trying to get past security. And then one of the passport is all British flags. Oh no, no that's not that's not Homer. I think that's a family guy, dude. I think it's Oh yeah, you're right. Actually it's the family guy, right, like trying to get past immigration and security like all British, no penalty for you, and like the other nationality gets a penalty, Like what the hell did that's that's that's actually true at least like yesterday's racist kind of. Yeah, most cities again they had like a split car as such, you know, because Hamilton's obviously was having a actually a weird time. Actually he was in the wall, wasn't it. I was so pliced to see him in the wall. And it was a bit funny...

...as well. I don't know why, but it was funny to me. Yeah, the way he crashed. And also the thing is like you never see some of these drivers breaking on pressure, but it feels like Hamilton's caught a weak spot in his drive. You never see legend like him sort of like get into a situation. But yeah, it was a bad, bad except last year. Yeah, let's let's let's bring that Excel sheet out and that. Anyways, I really appreciate Hamilton's drive yesterday morning, like it was pretty pretty stellared. Otherwise, what do you think, No fortunate? It was master class all throughout the weekend um that quality as we spoke off earlier and then the race yesterday too, I think like he was gunning for that whole position because if you see his his initial few laps, he was going long, the strategy was going long. I think slight surendipity on the part where it could have worked out for him was they stopped right before that safety car came out. Had he sort of like driven for one more lap, he would have gotten that exact sweet spot with that safety car. Would have saved a ton of time, and I'm pretty sure the result would have been different. Didn't have tracked under pressure, he wouldn't have gotten into the war, he wouldn't have had to go and change his front wing, be completely different, that's true. But yeah, overall, a good drive from Hamilton's. I had fun rooting for him for a change and more new listeners here again, like I've not been a habit and a long long time, but I was to listen to episodes from last year and come back and then decide for yourself. But I was rooting for him this weekend, and boy, I was funcying over. I think most of these clearly are making a lot of progress. They I think, I think it's pretty clear that whatever h performed, like bad performances that we saw from Hamilton's earlier in the season was basically him experimenting with his car to you know, learn more about it and improve the car. Because it's very clear in the past furious is how much he has grown. And uh yeah, suddenly he is, you know right there. I think last to anyone do it? I feel like exactly and you know what what goes to say that? Like why I interjected, sorry, but like what goes in that as Like as soon as the race started, I think, like lap one or lap two, he came onto the radio and saying like, these are not the right tires, and he called he called everyone like it was it was him basically him against every other person on the grid, right because no one, no one was on those tires. His reason gave what he said was the right situation and not just that.

I don't know if you had noticed this but before they started, um, when like you know, all the cars are on the track, but they are often like still on the jacks, like the tires are not yet fitted. His was the only car that was not fitted any tires until like the very last few moments of the rest. Basically, yeah, and that's basically it seems like they must be like, you know, having an internal discussion about what tires to get onto, and that just goes to show man, that's pretty brilliant. And there's some some speculations there as well, because he didn't exactly say which tire he wanted to go on too, so another speculation was that instead of full wets, he could also be talking about like scrub interns. For people who don't know what scrub means, is basically a lightly used tire, so basically if it has been earlier used in a practice session or qualification or something, but not not so much that it has has lost significant life from its uh from itself. So we don't know whether it was full wets that he was asking for a scrub wenters, but yeah, either ways, do you know what, Yesterday could have been a great day for a drinking game for how many times people ran into barriers or ran into areas to come back, right as well, or safety cars as well. Right, so every time someone runs into that barrier or the runoff area, have a shot because who who many? I let's see how many I can count? Hamilton's So now that Alban Alban, Yes, thank you, I think right, No, he crashed somebody, something happened to him, I mean run off a run off with Oh yeah he had to he did that, spent exactly, also did that? Yes, many many many people bags boat as wet. Yeah, Hamilton's because yes, anyways still counts obviously still so essentially you could have come back yesterday if you went into a drinking dude not just hammered, you would have like alcohol poisoning. Oh man. But but because he said that, because of go t feet there, dude, what is what is happening? I was like, oh my god, I don't know, man, get that guy out of one one. I mean, yeah, I'm glad that his contract is not getting the dude. But he just completely just just crashed in him. Like that's it. Like I have no words because you said that. Because you said that, did you hear her? And I seriously don't know if this was a gag or like he actually said this, but the team principle from Williams during a present of views, asked, you know about some incidents with Williams, and I did...

...you not? Maybe he did say this? He didn't, like, No, that's from old old race. Okay, but you know what, right, like he said he did, some of it were our mistakes, but then some of them LA thief. He's I'm like, I think this was this was this year itself. I think this was before the summer break. Yeah, I think it was. I don't recall with trees, but yeah, basically it was Frederick Quest, who's the team principal for Ralph. But man, he's a pretty funny guy by the way, if you don't like, yeah, he's got a very good sense of human But boy, man, I I am gonna miss latif he's starting next day, who's gonna Who's gonna just show up out of random take himself and and one car from a lucky with him. I think like it's it's a PTSD that the other drivers are going to have every time of Williams passes by, it is that william is going to take me out yeah, don't worry. Williams still has one to open and they're still looking for money, so you know, some some other, some other rich guys can't come along to pay for that seat. The best part I I loved about like this crash Latifi's crashes. He gotta five seconds, five places, great penalty. But my question is he is obviously going to qualify P twenty, so where he's going to start from F two? Like, like, what's going to happen exactly? Man, I don't get it. And that too, he can't be like P one and F two because like he's twenty and start even yeah exactly. Oh god, man, I'm worried about what's going to happen in Suzuka because first of all, it's a technically very difficult tractic CRI one. Okay, he hasn't driven a single race there yet, so I'm very afraid what's going to happen on what gets pulled out of the magic hat at Suzuka? What do you think Folks is going to have a lucky Latifi cry next week? But but speaking of being lucky, right, I think a Max the other lucky person on the grid. He's he's the favorite driver of like all the Stewards because every single time he gets black and orange flag. First of all, black and orange flag I don't recall being used in the past. I don't know, five six years, I don't recall. And suddenly, all of a sudden, this year, all of the black and orange flags have been used on They've been catching dust over the past few sevents. Some new Marcels are like, what is this flag? Oh yeah, you use this flag never. But I gotta give it to even Max because he's been a snitch. He's been like this this he's like the first venture dude. Yeah, or like or like in Indian terms, like this old auntie who likes to snitch on everyone, like you know what these new companies are doing. But yeah,...

...man, every time someone broke their front doing in any sense, he came onto the radio, his front wing is gone, like as if I think he's just a mechanic and he's just you know, trying to figure out what's wrong with that. But Lewis didn't get one. Lewis also ran into an accident with I think Max, and he was he did come into it into the pit lane to change this front because it was heavily damaged. But I don't think. I don't recollect Louis getting he didn't get one the family guy name, dude, like keep that fair enough, fair enough all the Lewis not so much because he was in controversy over the weekend on his nose or things again again but like the funny part, I'll tell you this, like that I saw this name on obviously Formula dank, where the headlines for one of the articles, and I don't know again how true this is, but it said Lewis called to Lewis called by light attendance for his nose piercing, and everyone's like, why is it flight attendance? And the top comment on that article is, well, they do call them stewards, so that's a nice vote. But but the controversy there is you Lewis has been wearing these these piercings and finally someone was sort of snitching again on him and he was called by stewards for those and probably was going to get penalized, but he got a doctor's note saying he can't remove those piercings. Blah blah blah blah blah. Long story shot, they didn't penalize Lewis, but they I think eventually still ended up penalizing euros to mercedies for you know, some wolding around the similar situation. So sure, I mean, I don't know, it's it's very contentional at one point. I mean, I kind of do understand some tools about piercings, which are you know, on your face and thing which might like fly off or something, but that one piercings which are like you know, covered, and especially Lewis with that that one spot where he can't comment if he has one or not exactly, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be. I think I'll probably give that fine if I have that much money, rather than remove and putting every single time at that exactly. I am not getting into that. But speaking of Lewis Man, I for one had a blast yesterday seeing this legends drive around. Sure, sure Alonso retired on his on his amazing race, but boy did he put up a fight with Max Void did was that amazing train too? So fun to watch between Wettel, Hamilton's and w DC train Yeah wow wow, Yeah, that was pretty...

...or some twelve championships among them and that too. They were in the order of their championships as well, so pretty neat coincidence. Alonso was the only person missing there, so yeah, that's he was watching with Marshall somewhere, like he did. He sat with Marshall's at some point, was watching them. Yeah, I think everybody who like hard at the NF was sitting besides the sideline, because it was also like heartbroken on the sidelines, you know, just sitting there and like just broken down. And I don't know, I know whether it was the sweat tears or whatever. Like half the people are melting there. That's what it seemed like. The all the humanity. I think it was like thirty degrees Celsius with like very high humanity. So I can totally understand what must be going on. And I think I think we can't end this topic without a special mention too. The following comment that was made, I don't think it was all luck and I had a brilliant day yesterday, said by Daniel Ricardo boy E win spots yesterday, I think like has eventually lost one. But oh man, it was insane. It was insane, and even the strategy was on point, man, like the pitting to soft at the perfect time. And by the way boat has are also done that but didn't work out for him. But it perfectly worked out for Ricardo. And yeah, he was able to like make up a lot of time against others because I think basically everybody else was on medium's right except for him. So I guess he had a pretty good, nice delta in terms of the lap times and he capitalized on that. I'm happy to see him there. Finally, it's sad that he won't be there next year. He's going to be most like be the reserve driver for Mercedies. But you have to see where is it interesting? That's the current talk. He is probably going to be the third driver at Mercedies, but he would want that to be his second option and first option obviously to find himself a carter drive in We love to see where this poor chap ends up being put on. Earlier that was that was a brilliant highlight for me yesterday seeing Ricardo had that amazing, amazing of a drive. I think it's time for some starts, isn't it. Yeah, let's give him some stats. Alonso the only driver in history to get to a three race mark, and what a way, what a way to finish your fortunate. Really, only someone like him can do that, put up a brilliant fight and then just and he said he's gonna also reach a four hundred marks. So we'll we'll keep our fingers a cross to see where that goes. The only driver, the only driver to have driven all thirteen Singapore Grand Prix ever is Drumroll birth Maylander. The safety...

...cars come out at this Grand Prix every single time we've come to this track, um and Bert has been there to drive that car every single time. So yeah, consistent record from Mr Bird there. Ricardo gaining eleven positions I think like ten, but it could be eleven as well. I'm not sure they're but two digits. Nonetheless, having having the most positions gained in yesterday's race, just a brilliant drive. Red Bulls first to win in Singapore since two thousand and thirteen with Sebastian metal Um and then on Red Bulls. Same note, Perez is the first driver to win street races off Monaco and Singapore in the same year again since Wet two thousand eleven. So is Perez the new s eat car champion. Seems that and a side start for you. Jo loses every time his family comes to see, Yeah, that's he in the first race, Like he almost dies and then is like but if he tries to So you know. On that note, folks, that has been one hell of a weekend. Ray check night race check, street circuits check and entertainment drama artreak. Every time this was this was just this was not a sport. Yesterday, this was what one of the politicians in India said. This was entertainment for those who know. For those who know, yeah, check us out on Substrack newsletters. Sign up for the news letters. Please go rate us on podcast platforms that you listen to us on, share it with your friends, your enemy. The challenge continues from Sorrow and find a random person on the street and make him listen to the episode, continuing spreading the podcast and your love. Two words effon fan fiction, follow us on our socials. I'm begging at this point, so do whatever you need to do until the next Until the next weekend, folks, here's here your host signing off the.

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