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Episode 53 · 2 months ago

2022 Italian GP


Max and Red Bull continue their campaign of domination at Monza, the temple of speed at 2022 Italian GP. No matter what Ferrari did, the hard pill to swallow is that Max was just unstoppable at Monza. 

This race was also the debut of Nyck de Vries who gained half of all the points Williams has earned in a single race and completely humiliating Latifi in the process.

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In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Safety Car wins the Race! 🏁
  2. Should races finish under a safety car?
  3. A new Chad in the house! 💪🏽
  4. Goatifi: 21/20 
  5. Get the fans some cages now 
  6. The Ferrari Way ™️ : "Ruin weekends and Kill Dreams" 💀
  7. The curse of Monza
  8. Gasly tired of seeing Daniel’s rear end 👀
  9. 4d Strategy Chess ♟️
  10. Cheeky KMag 
  11. F1 Fanfictrion: Runs on dopamine and Coffee   ☕ 

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

This is this curse of monster that's been spoken of Leclaire Quin's in he shuts off castle wins in one, he shuts off Ricardo, wins one, two D and nats. So the only lighting for prairie here is they know Max is gonna lose next year and burned Meilander wins the race. Don't, don't confuse your this is a show about F fun. Welcome to a fun fan fiction. We are a show about f fun race weekend reviews and a fun community interviews. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry. And for those who were confused with that first sentence, you heard it right. Actually, burn meylander did win the race yesterday. He is the formula and safety car driver, the only Aston Martin to cross the checkered flag. And Yeah, the race finishes under a safety car. Yesterday it's been a blah, a nice a good view on strategies, tires, engines burning out. Overall it called it a decent race with stupid ending. Start Your thoughts on the race. What's how is? How is the weekend for you? I mean, the weekend was exciting, for sure. I think the qualification was pretty exciting for a change. There was a real fight for the pole position. There was a good previou fight going on, like the lead up to the weekend was great. Even the race itself, I think most of it was decent. It was good in the sense that, as you said, right, there were a lot of things happening, like, even though there was not a lot of action, closed whereasing as such, but there were like a lot of different starteries that play like people whore having issues, and it was all over the place, like people were most people will start starting in the wrong positions, like, as we know, the whole confusion about nobody knew who's starting where. Right the way, I think even Pierre a tweeted like can you don't want to tell me where am I starting on the great tomorrow? Exactly, yeah, man, but yeah, let's see, we'll probably do a shot or something about that. But yeah, overall, I think the race was good. Like, of course, the end, uh, I don't know, finishing behind a safety car. I I don't completely agree to what happened. Like I do agree that. Okay, yeah, I mean to the letter of the law. They did it correctly. It was the correct thing to do, for sure, but at the same time, I think there's like it needs to be reconsidered with it. Is this the right thing to do and, especially considering that there were no safety concerns, was the right choice? What do you think? Yeah, let's let's bring this topic up there when we're talking about this right. I feel what happened yesterday was fine, to be honest. Like there's this whole debate and, as you said, whether it should have either been red flagged or something else. I don't think the variables have been set into motion yet, and that's why you probably didn't see a red flag. In my brain, a red flag is something that's it's it's completely an undrivable condition, or which says, which warrantees, that something has gone so bad that, hey, it's serious, we need to stop. That wasn't the case yesterday. That's one. And then the should be red flag when it's like the penultimate laps, to have fans enjoy the racing and too, sort of in the spirit of the game. Um, add this extract clause that red flag where it's it's not the it's not right to safe situation. Right that yes, but having no regulations along those lines, if you would have seen some...

...play along, you know, less red flag and do this again. It would have been a repeat of twenty twenty. You like. I'm pretty sure half of the fans would have cried if something would have gone out from there again, right. Yeah, so that's that's my thing. Yeah, I know, I I do agree with what you're saying. Like, I I understand that, you know, like Red Flag is generally associated with safety, and that's the thing. Like, I I don't disagree with what they did, because that's what the rules are, but I think there needs to be some conversation about, like, is this the right thing to do, because in one sense, while I do agree that, you know, people say that this is not an entertainment as the sport, but I say, like as a counter argument to that, that if you were finishing the race behind a safety card, even when the track conditions themselves are safe, you are actually kind of removing the actual competition from the competition, right, like you are kind of neutralizing the competition when the when safety is not really concern, and that was not the case yesterday at all. I think there's something, you know, something to be changed here, for sure. Yeah, there's some discussions that do need to go in there. Um, and I feel like there is there is something that also needs to be discussed going into future, like why did it take so much time for a few things to happen? For example, the safety car didn't come out for a couple of laps, which is which is not why could right, but you flagged it as a n s C. where was the safety car? Probably off to lunch or something, I guess. Seemed that and I think and I think that's been happening more often, right, even last time when bots basically parked his car, it took them so long to, you know, decide on the safety card. Yes, Safety Card caven quickly, but still, I think there's something to be improved upon her for sure, like making the calls faster, especially when it's affecting the positions of the race. They should kind of quickly. Yeah, and personally again, I feel like, while we say it's sports and not entertaining, I feel every sport is entertainment as well, exactly. Otherwise we wouldn't have fans seeing the players playing right. So, for the spirit of the sport and like the entertainment that fan comes to come to watch off the sport. There should be rules around situations like spa last year, situations like the end of the race this year at Mans so on. So, folks, tell us, what do you think about should i? Should it have been red flag? What do you think? If if I should look into going into the future, and if you have any creative solutions, you know, just let us. Yeah, yeah, you will be interested in that. We've established someone at F I does listen to us, so you know, you know, your suggestion might be picked, you know, but Saren overall, I think the main highlight on yesterday for everyone as we have a new chat at the house. Oh yes, none other than another Dutch driver, by the way, that's true, another Dutch guy. I think he's sort of like being all over the place during the weekend because, uh, first of all all the news talking about Alban's got appenticitists, and then three other things, I think, like we even tweeted about this on our I g handle. He had quite a lot going on right, so the whole spell started from there. Um, he nick drove for FP one for Aston Martin and then quality for Williams and then beautiful trace that we had where where half the points for Williams as of today, is brought by this one guy who drove fp one for another team and a race for another team. Oh my God, man, Oh my God, the memes,...

...the memes, Oh my God. Oh yes, man, it was awesome, man, like it was, I think, like his lucky day, like what he woke up on the right side from his bed today. He was having a great time. Yesterday he wiped the floor with Latvia in the qualification and today just, you know, humiliated him with two points. And where did Latinki come in? T something and minus discussing, man, impressive, impressive performance, second to last, second to last. Okay, well, deserved driver of the day as well. Predictive. That was awesome, man. And also he also got a right to the stewards as well. Do you know that? I don't know. I think when Ricardo's car was like being picked up by those cranes while it was parked there, he got a bit too close to it and breaked like a radically, and I think he was probably just confused or just not too experienced with the procedures. So, yeah, but that's fine. It was just an appariment to just let him go after that. Okay, that's good to know. Yeah, I don't know. There isn't much information about this out there, but he did say, I think you're right, like it's just him being a new bi on the track in this first step in phrase, because he did say he can't feel his shoulders now after that's that's fair enough, right, like you're driving this length for the first time in a more powerful and basically carrying the team on his own shoulders group. You know, the best part is, so last year Latifi was twenty one. Twenty was, uh, I think great or somebody. It's not. I think yeah, is twenty at last year. This year he's again, and I'm pretty sure let's get Niko Hulkinberg again for a race and push la TV to twenty two. You know what? What? What is happening after the race? I'm pretty sure la he's going back to his room, home, house, whatever, counting the amount of cash he's left in the bank and be like, okay, I think I can still live here with the amount of cash. Man, I'm kind of tired of, you know, making fun of him. Honestly, I don't want to. You know, I'm sure he is a decent person. I don't mean any harm to him, but get him out of there, man, like. It just enaches me that, like, you know, when we have talent like Nick, you know, out there waiting, and clearly it shows that. Albums has also shown that Williams is not the bad market at all. Yeah, they have potential and the team is also losing out. I agree, he's bringing in money, but I think they need to look in until you think is a really worth it, because they're losing out on the price and nears. Well right, because so I don't know. Yeah, and and to your points are like you were saying that before we started recording, that we really need to consider cash is king versus getting such people out from the back. And again, nothing against lucky fee, it's just that there's so much raw talent waiting on the gride right, like I'm pretty sure pst is going to blow up again once once he's there. We've already seen a glimpse of nick the Rish when when he wrote a yeah, I just just give these f two people some opportunity and I'm pretty sure they're gonna I'll do I'll do the counterparts, like, as of yesterday, Alfa Romeo ten and botas is down in thirteen. Yeah, at some...

...wonderful battles too. So, yeah, some of these some of these new folks, are just brilliant. Yeah, man, exactly. That's what like. I think nobody had expected to actually he's pretty much beating Botas at this point, I think. Right exactly. I want to see, like what's what's the because he raised that point. Honestly, like where the driver's standings are? Uh, and I'm looking at the screen right now. Jaw is at six points. Oh No, I take that back. I am so wrong here. I am so wronger. Jaw is at seventeen six points. Both as is ten with forty six points. It couldn't have been okay, yeah, yeah, no, I think. I think what happened with Botas is he did, if I remember correctly. Let's see, let's take a look at his standings. All right, so I can see that started with Barry in nine points. Then he had one good at at twelve point. I think it's after the break. That's basically his luck is going to ship, because I see from Great Britain onwards, all his races have been zero. So it seems like something went wrong with the way to redeem, to redeem our sentences. Shall have been more of a consistent driver than yeah, that seems more I think that's correct and put us in yes, but but speaking of under performances, Battle of Buche bags, what's happening? Yeah, man, I mean I don't know what's going on. I'm sure like this existed and probably this is coming out more or I don't know. It's like the popularity, but suddenly like I'm hearing all these crazy stories from all of these GPS, just to Europeans, but I'm sorry, it's kind of coming out from there. It's pretty weird. I don't know what's going on, because even I heard a lot of charter on twitter about pologanism on tracks, harassment and things like that. People. I think there was there was some fans who were like chanting in in the grandstands that, you know, I don't know. I don't want to give them any supports. I'm not gonna say what they said, but it was pretty bad about maxis moment. You know, that's stupid. I don't understand the booing and everything. I don't get it. It's like, I don't know, man, it's pretty good, I think, for everyone listening to this. WHO's not a WHO's not Indian, and be even if you're Indian and you don't probably follow cricket, go see a match or just a shot of a match on how Indian stadiums are. They have this whole huge barricade and then they have a paid so that, you know, fans can't get onto the under the ground, like a zoo basically. So I'm not trying to infer anything here, so please don't come having my neck here, but maybe Europeans need something along those times. It seems that weren't rate right, because it's getting it's getting crazy. So while, while on a serious subject, you say what the fans have been chanting and doing and all of that, the other part of the Luganism that I've seen Awfu late also is how everyone goes bonkers, runs across the track to grab any piece of serving here or like like sponsor banner or whatever junk, probably like maybe someone's shipped on the track lines where it just in a box as a grab. I don't get it. I get like you have this Super Passion for whatever you want you can grab, and I'll probably even do it when I'm there. Hey, I'm not European. Right, I can but think something needs to be taken care of your red flares. Now, I think each Canta is going to start like play, entering themselves...

...with their colored plays. You don't know, ones in Saudi. You already got orange in Europe, Mexico, grintake, I don't know why. Yeah, use all three colors from the flag. That would be even bet let's let's make it, you know, like Mario Kart, like. You'll have these random smoke screens in between which you can activate to distruct the driver behind and to give some honest fans some genuine credit here. What I did like, though, is this Monza is home to Ferrari, right. And then what I did like is, after the race near the grand stread two of these huge groups which took this giant as flags off the four Um and they were of like, you know, giving it away world. That, to me is true passion. That, to me, is a calm way of showing you are at you are at home of Ferrari, and you know you've got some brilliant fans here. Verses, and it's a course of growing sport. I guess, like you're going to have these new rocks fans who don't have that passion for what. I'm pretty sure maybe they'll again, giving them the benefit of that, probably they will change over time. I don't care to be honest, but it's just sad to see it going southwards and no regulations coming in. It's a tough one. It's a tough one, but something will have to come along to make this better. Yeah, no, I agree. Well, I think, since we are talking about the ferry fans, so let's talk about, you know, the Ferrari way of doing things and again, yes, soon we can kill dreams. It was a bit painful, I'm not gonna lie, see Charles's whole body language after Um. That was so sad. At least the funny part to me was during Max's interview we had this whole shot of Charles chugging his water bottle. So okay, at least some comic timing coming out of there. But liked, his whole body language is super said. Yeah, man, I mean, I don't know, it's very weird. Like the whole team seems pretty weird in the whole radio messages that went by today of you know, these lengthy conversations and discussions and strategizing that they do during the race. Um, it's so weird, dude, like I've never heard G P asking Max as to you know, what do you think should be done? There's generally a very definitive statement and like that's about it. Yeah, yeah, I just just to give some more context there in terms of what I heard. Was So, I think Ted and again, for the entertime I can't differentiate between the two commentators. I'm going to say that Ted came on and said he had a chance to speak with Matteo or the or the weekend and then ask him like why do your engineers ask these questions to the drivers? And it seems like it is a working style environment at Ferrari versus Red Bulls, where Ferrari wants to involve the drivers into the live decision making and he says, and a paraphrase obviously, that the drivers have been brought into these conversations, have been asked h and it's a well known two sided conversation where we want the drivers to know what their options are and because they are on the track, we want them to take the decisions along with us. So from his point of year and his working style, I agree but it's not working. So, as a fan, exactly, that's exactly what I was gonna say.

Is it really? I mean, okay, okay, if if we live in the reality where you know the photo that you posted on instagram about about you know, the championship standing starting at Charles, is definitely working in that case. Otherwise, not really, and I bet you. Let's let's put this out there, folks. It's an open bet. I Bet your ten dollars that press takes Lecleric next places. There's there's nine points. There's a nine point difference between, for P two W DC, between Charles and Perez at this point, and I bet your ten dollars that Peres is Charles next place. That's possible. Yeah, sure, but, yeah, I think Charles might fight back. So, yeah, I'll take on that. I'll give him some benefit of the doubt. Oh, I trust Charles, I don't trust me. Yeah, I meant to say I'll give them the benefit of doubt, but I'm not sure whether I want to give or not. But whatever. Oh Man, yeah, I don't know. As soon as they pitted during the vs C, I at that exact same moment I was I was watching with my friend today and he told him, okay, it's done here, like like Max is winning this after that, because I went on that. Hang on, hang on, I want to take your so I have a different stance there, because what I thought was the VSC happened. Another drivers came in right and you do have an advantage putting under vsc because everyone's trying to make the entire stop is shorter. Charles comes in, he serviced and as soon as he's about to get out, like you know, after the eighty kilometer whatever was for this track mark went green and that go on behind him could come in. That sort of felt like an advantage because he basically got a short pitt stop for three while I agree to that, the issue with that strategy was that it was too soon. It was just eight laps in and that basically and handed Max the advantage of he could always go long because of that, and I feel the fatal flaw with the strategy was I totally agree that it was a pretty lucky call for them. It kind of. In fact, if not for, you know, the track going greeny instantly, he might have come off worse and and I that's the reason why actually, I was pretty sure at that exact moment when they decided to put that, it's done, because it was pretty clear that Max is not going to put after that. He's just going to retain the position. And basically, when he put it, I think he had an advantage of eighteen laps, I think, with his mediums, and from then on it was just a cake walk after that. So, yeah, I felt they try to capitalize on the VSC, but the kind of lost sense of, you know, the long term plan of their strategy. That thought it seemed to be kind of but there are still some serendipity coming his way, at least with exactly like yeah, I would still play out and I was hoping, of course right. And even these radio messages, man, when he has asked him not short Sept Oh, yeah, make that engine right. Oh my God, I mean I'm pretty sure he was saying that, hey, you keep an eye on the engine so that you know not this, but dude, make sure the right yeah, man, I'm I know it's out of context, but it sounds really spicy. I mean that's our...

...job. I'd like to make fun of us. Yeah, but whatever, let's, you know, forget it. Like I think there's no point just dayn and day out. Yeah, I'M gonna use I'm going to use this meme that's obviously become a generic thing now hard to solo. Pale. Max would have won the race irrespective of the things that I agree. Yeah, he was, you averring the whole thing. Man. He went up from he went up to p three by the end of lap one or two. So you know, I put up the story on Nigeria and the gold to see what people think if it's going to be a foc or like someone, I said Max, but I also put a notion of someone might win this race, and I put this like during the formation lab and by lap three I was thinking of already deleting it because Max was up in like p three or people like. Why? Yeah, anyways, Um, speaking of Max climbing positions, let's take a look at some stats. This race, Mons are twenty twenty two was the first time in history, that too, that drivers finished the recent point positions. Obviously Max and Nick Devrice, who raced for the first time, and when half the points for for Williams. All Time, all time, yes, all time points, not yesterday. Um Max's position gained. Carlos Science and Lewis Hamilton's a stupidly awesome fourteen positions. Lewis went all mental, man. I feel like even even Carlos went all mental, but starting p nineteen and ending all the way up p four or wherever he was, p four, p five, whatever. That was just crazy. And he had a damage as well, by the way. Yeah, something flew off right, I think like something flew off, maybe sciences car or someone's car, onto his last but not in the least. Max Positions Lost Latifi with six positions. At least he gets somewhere with stats on there. So that's a way. Well, he got under the start section, so you know, that's another I guess. Yeah, Um, points table get interesting. No, no, fascinating starts here. But, as we've said, nine points separate Charles Collectors Perez. Seven point separate Perez and George Russell. Um, so that P two, p three fight between Charles, Perez and Russell is getting pretty tight here. It's going to be fun seeing where this goes. Something will look out for, as well as a p five fight between Carlos Science and Lewis Hamilton's at one seven versus one actively. So so yeah, Lewis is coming for that P five spot, because Ferrari is not sandbagging, but what sandbagging actually should mean is what they yeah, but I said that someone driving good. This this curse of monster that's being spoken off. It's an interesting one. It's an interesting one. So Leclaire Quinn's in. He shuts off ghastly, wins in one. He shuts off Ricardo Wins Two DNS. So the only lighting for prairie here is they know Max is going to lose next year. The Ferrari master plan. The Ferrari master plan. Oh yeah, that's right. The whole reason I brought this up was to bring Daniel DNFS into life. Yeah, man, that is a heart break, man. He was driving a very good race yesterday, the Daniel train that we saw in fact. Yeah, yeah, ghastly, did you see the interview of Ghastly? After that? He was like, I was so tired of looking at Daniels. I tried everything but that...

I didn't make a single stake, to be honest, like he was before. He was out doing land though, for a long time, Um, and I saw a glimpse of old Daniel. Man. I loved how he was doing for a super long time. You're right, ghastly did come on the radio, as well as a frustrating tone. Daniel's all over the place because he was working a bit, but it was actually, yeah, it wasn't dangerous enough to be called out that badly, so I was fine with it. But I loved I loved those first initial laps and Daniel. Yeah, it was. It was pretty awesome man. Sadly, though, I think he had some oil leak issues right with the engine and because of which is just shut down. Yeah, oily for Daniel with an engine failure. Sad for him well, but I guess anyways, it's his last few weeks and the fun and this was kind of important for him, I would say. She like he needs to kind of to if he wants to take, you know, he wants, if he wants to seat rather next year, but it seems like he's inclining towards taking a break. That's what I've heard, and I think I've also heard about like him having some you know, him missing his home too much. That's what I've heard. Yeah, I'd love to actually see him become this brandom maassator for to be honest, because he's he's into some some nice and the extreme sports too, with like, uh, you know, the mud bike stunts. Think either has fun like the bicycle, I forget what it's called, but having fun with like dirt tracks and you know some of the extreme toys that he likes to play with, the G huns and stuff. So I'd like to see an alternate side of Daniel. He's got that position there. But speaking of his retirement, just to put some light on multiple retirements that we had yesterday, Mons are, to be honest, is a super high speed track and that does end up taking tool on your engine. So people did have to watch out for their engines. Um starting off with like whattals retirement. That was an energy recovery system failure for him, which would either did already cut out and cut out his engine or would have in the to come. What did look like was a brake failure issue or a break on fire or break over heating. On Stroll. Wasn't the case, but it looks like would have been a similar issue what we will faced for stroll as well, leading to his retirement. Paris also had some issues with his brake sit during his like his those literally smoke and fire coming out. I do have a shot of, like a good glimpse of fire coming out of his his fires there. Bricardo, we've said, had an oil leak issue and then a long Zo. What was an interesting issue. He had a drop in water pressure which actually would have led to leak in the radiator, and then an engine failure. So some interesting situations for these engines taking roll on Mecca of high speed. And I think Alonso is also having some issues with the RS as well, because I remember there was this radio where he was basically losing places left and right and he's like talking to his team and they said basically that there's issues with the RS. Went deployment, basically, which is there is. So I guess, Ye, something else was going wrong as well. Um, so, and I think even o'konton finished too good right yesterday. Where did he finish? Finished the eleven, right outside the points. Okay, yeah, but I guess it's still not great because there were a lot of retirements, so he should have probably ended up much higher than that. Well, so it seems like, you know, Alpin just didn't have the right car for Um, I think there was a lot of strategy going on the right like there's so much like chest. Yeah, all the antiqulimax that was happening and...

...started you. You've done some good research into this. But like, for for all the anti climax that was happening yesterday at the end of the race, something super exciting for me was the trier tire strategies and how these teams were looking at it, stopping and changing tires for an undercut, over cut and like who they were going to be in front of and behind Um started to take it over man like. I think there was some something very exciting and brilliant as overall, it seemed like, of course, the winning strategy was, as exemplified by was happening a lot of the drivers, was software and mediums. But but overall I think of course there was a strain form. We had Ricardo, Ricardo Ghastly, there is make, who else? That's IT, right? I hope so. Uh. And basically everybody was trying to undercut work at whatever each other because you know, it was just basically them all within like one second of each other. Right. And Yeah, I think it was like Ricardo was on a strategy of medium and hearts. Ghastly was mimicking him. which was kind of weird to me actually, but I guess, uh, I don't know, maybe they weren't getting. Probably they were getting a lot of degradation of whatever deveres was on, of course, the winning strategy, the soft and mediums, and he drew a brilliant race, of course, and of course, as you can see, like he was also able to maintain the tire grip as well, because, if you really think about it, it's not easy to run the whole race with soft and medium, especially finishing where he finished. Pretty good. Your first place going in for a one stopper with four hearts on their exactly. Yeah, man, totally Jo, I think, went in again with medium herds, Copying Ricardo and ghastly, and Mike went in again in the winning strategy of mediums and soft. But I think, of was it worked kind of for them? Uh, not really, because they didn't get the points, but at least within us, I think he was ahead of Kymat, so I guess that strategy work for them kind of. Yeah, it's interesting, right, because what you what you describe right now is, I mean how how these guys thought of taking up their trying strategies. But like in terms of also how we saw them fight. Uh, we we saw Russell get onto the hearts early on just to probably go longer and get that benefit for position, because others might try to, you know, stop him early for a medium or something. But then he lacked grip, which we saw at least the pace of the car lifted him through the end of the race. We when we talk about Perez, I think we saw him go for hards. So he stopped from hards to go onto mediums and at that point I think I forget who was in front of Front of him, but that guy was on hards and and that strategy was sort of to see if parrest his mediums faster to take who was in front of on hearts. And there was this flavor of going with a software compound Um for the one that is in front of you so that, you know, you sort of take advantage of the grip that Mons provides, m h and then bounce in front of in front of you. Yeah, so over the I think. Yeah, I think like all the strategists are having a field day, basically just trying to output each other. But yeah, that's that's that's the like, you know, fun part of it. As well, you know, just trying to like go through these strategies again and kind of trying to understand the rationality handles. It's fun. Speaking of strategies. Tell me this. I Know K MAC was trying to pull his own strategy to do something, but I don't know why he got a five second stopping. What is happening there? Oh yeah, by the way, what is not a stopping? It was just a five second penalty. So like he just served it during the but anyways, but basically, he in the first lap on turn one, he...

...basically cut the corner ty one and gained positions from seven cars right and yeah, exactly, I just didn't give it back. God, seven. Yep, I don't know how I fissed that. It was this whole gaggle of cars going through turn one and he just decided time just gonna go of my own way. God, I guess it was probably. In fact, I feel he deserved more than that, because it felt a little but shameless, you know, like when he finished last right, otherwise that game of stop it, he's already dead, exactly. Yeah, I don't know what's happened to him. A man like he's just dropped off. Doesn't it seem like that? Like mad you think? I think. I think there's some strategy going on between making Maguary, like they're probably trying to show right here right a position for next year, just till he gets his contract renewed. Yeah, I'm all for starting a new controversy and a new constant. Yeah, I think one more interesting thing yesterday was that red bull was running a high down force wing compared to everybody else. Uh, and that also kind of goes to show that the confidence that they had the power of the car because, of course, like we, like a lot of people, have been talking about that, the straight line speed of red bull is really good now, especially in this part of the season, and they were able to basically gain an advantage in sector too, by having a higher than force their wing. Also, I think basically they were getting a higher the artist advantage as well as compared to others. So that also worked in their favor because they had a larger wing. Yeah, and yesterday, I think, like we've we did see quite a lot of teams try to play with their their rare wings because again, like the demand speed and in good dawnforce, and a couple of them were also trying to play, but obviously rr came on top of it. Overall, I don't have any issues with this race, other than the fact that if I needs to do some of their homework again to see what new regulations they need to bring in to address situations like these. Um. And then, for some of you who might be thinking we said we have guests on the show, well, what can you do if we cancel the last minute? But if you've stuck around with us, as of you love fans, do please rate us on the platform that you're listening to on, or go to a platform where which allows you to rate on and then and do that, as Saran says, find a person on this eat and have themating exactly. So this really helps us go a long way. Is there's this good amount of time, money and energy that goes behind bringing these episodes and keeping you all updated on social media. Beyond our passion, obviously, that that makes us so all the love and support is the great amount of dopamine hit that we get to keep on doing this and continue doing this. So so please continue spreading the love and giving us a fun fan fiction running on dopamine and coffee. Yeah, that is through another t shirt Cote from Great Sara on that bombshell. These are your hosts. Signing off and tail Singapore. GP.

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