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Episode 38 · 7 months ago

2022 Imola GP


We are back with the first sprint race of this season, again at Imola! The 2022 Imola GP was yet another banger and just like last year included several spins and crashes. We witnessed the 2021 WDC lap the 7 time World Chamipion not once but twice! Charles binning it and gifting Lando with a Podium. 

In this episode we discuss:

  1.  A very Drunk Host 🍺
  2. Max Points!!
  3. 🚫No Sprint Races!
  4. Russel ahead of Hamilton? 🤯
  5. Carlos the new Mazespin
  6. Memes Hot fresh memes !
  7. KMag on path of redemption
  8. The Tsu train 🚂
  9. The Red Flag Conspiracy 🚩    

Memes in this episode:

  1. A tradition as old as time
  2. Albon, Gasly and Hamilton in lap 40.
  3. Move it Move it!
  4. Max Laps Ham  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

We sort of starting to lean towards this thought that FIA at this point is bringing a bazooka gun to a dat boat. Challenge Competition. We're trying that. Are trying to do everything, which I'm okay with because as long as the experiment for a few reasons, they figure out what's working, what's not working and then go back and change the thing. Well, hello, hello, before we get into anything, we are your hosts. Let's going to start it a different way today. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and the other host today is a birthday boy. I'm sarring. I think I am Saren. Happy Birthday Sara, who's just returned from I don't know how many pubs, how many drinks and how many beers later on this very special IMMOLA GP recording. It's gonna be a fun one there, that's guaranteed, because I think like if I, if you were to our sorry, how many beers are you down at this point? Let's do you have account? I guess I can just barely counted on my two hands. So yeah, I think let's go the world rout and be like it's end plus one, because you've got one more in your hand right now. I just finished it. Hello, folks, and this is f one fan fiction. We're going to be discussing EMOLA GP today. As as you know, the race weekend was brilliant for some. Maybe it wasn't, because we've seen some contradictoring and mixed emotions on the socials. This time. Let us know. Let's talk about this. Let us know what you thought about the week it was it as exciting for you as it was for us as well, because for me, I had fun. Sure, the last few races to an equality, to the race games completely changed. So their expectations are gone up high. But a sprint race again after a year? Yeah, let's get into it. Let's get into it, man. Let's start with sprint race. What did you think about that race? Start from Charleston's Animola sprint. Okay, before even get into the start of the sprint race, let's talk about the splint rade itself. Okay, first of all, do you think having a sprint race the correct thing when no the cast can follow each other? No, so, I think last year two I was, I think both of us were, of the opinion that sprint races shouldn't be a thing. Sure, it's getting the crowd blah, Blah Blah. But I'm I'm all the more a proponent of the fact that they should just eliminate sprint races. Yeah, right, I think even the commentator's kind of said the same thing, and it makes sense to me. Okay, considering that even without Dr has, cars are able to follow each other, why do you have a sprint race? Yeah, I think the race they has this charm where sure, someone's being able to put themselves in at qualifying which sure, over the span of the race they are going to get to their original car and driving space at a pe ten plus whatever. Right, but that shuffling that happens leads to some time gain and lost for race leaders who are going to lap that person. Yeah, which we lose? We because what ends up happening is we see that for some laps and during the sprint, but by the end of the sprint, or like the last one throut of the sprint, the race spacers are shuffled around well, and then the feature race is just like train of decent pace following each other. Yeah, man, I think it was a good idea back when it wasn't sure that people will be able to follow each other. I think yes, Liberty media did a good experiment. Luckily for them, the new rules are working as intended, so they should just scrap it. But regardless, we are here for him la GP with the sprint race and an actual race, and I think we have...

...a record broken with Max being the first driver, hmm, who got qualification to God sprint, who got the race win and the first lap. So I think we talk about that. Max Gets Max points. Yeah, thats right, Max. Fine, they are brilliant weekend from him over all. Right, like at the start of Amola, I mean Charles had that launch moves are of a start. First of follows a very surprise and start for me and I was like this is a this is a done deal, right, because from the beginning of the season you've seen that for our he's got that. Yeah, he's that. Once they're in the lead, it's like Hamilton in in that seven year. So he's gotten that lead, he's off. It's done. Let's focus on two plus. But it that led the launch booster of a start and then the way it ended where Max was eventually able to get that really and overtake charging on Max more like that Sop thing again. Yeah, yeah, lovely from Max. Yeah, I mean I'm impressed. And you know, our theory goes on that Max as the winds or just parks his card. Yeah, I mean, statistically it's been habited. Yes, allow, so you know we are right. But anyways. But anyways, Max, I think he wore he won the last championship. He is the reeming champion and yes, he did everything right, man this season. I can't fault him with anything. The Sprint was insane, the overtake that he did was really good and yeah, I don't know what to talk about it. I mean honestly, I I have. I've praised him a lot last season. I don't want to continue that the season, I guess, so twentill continue on this. But yeah, awesome clause flaws. I mean he's still trying to be that aggressive driver that he is. He's starting to crib. I wouldn't call it crib, but I think like he's he's starting to go the Hamilton route at times when when things aren't falling right. So there are there are these these annoying flaws that are coming up, but I think, like overall, Max is doing good. What I want to want to come back to is the race start, because what kept happening during the race start is a wonderful following slutch sandwich that ended up happening between Perez, Daniel and and and came came Ig. First of all, this weekend has just been fighting, so we will. Let's dedicate a segment entire Tok I, which callay be towards the first one third end of this episode. But there was a brilliant sandwich there. Daniel just giving passed through came I was able to start in the fourth place. was again brilliant. Just quite a lot of shuffling happening there. Alonso again for the second time, has given us like a beautiful view from his car. So, okay, do you mean the engine that we saw later on the race? Oh, yeah, I talking what things are really at. Yeah, I like he's been delivering view after you are all the fronts at that point. But I want to I don't know what if FIA has this rule of tires, which they've obviously eliminated from like that q to to race, you don't need to get those tires in, but I don't know that if that's carried on in from sprint to race as well during these print weekends. But what I says, what I noticed interesting was that everyone started on softs. Everyone started on soft because, I guess like it does a twenty one lab Rau, so might as well just go all out with the tires. Except Haus, I...

...don't know why. They started on mediums, haws and letty fee. So, except these three, everyone was on softs, which, at to a certain point for me made sense. But then towards the FAG end of the of the sprint race, as like probably has and lucky we have gotten their strategy correct, that they're going to launch because they've got mediums, are going to go to the long race and these guys going to have prior degradations on. Yeah, whatever. Okay, before we talk about that, one thing I needed to point out as that people who aren't really used to the sprint race will be super confused why we are talking about softs when there was rain on the track on the remain race. Right and yes, find again, but you know, this is really confusing, I guess, to a lot of people. But anyways, let's start toward the sprint. I think this is a good portunity for teams to test out what is the right tire for the mean Das and I think, as you said, like Kimac was one of the few people who went on to mediums and they tried. I think they kind of found out and sprint race, I think at this point does the only good advantage of it is that the teams get a data point to decide what the strategies would be for the main race. So I think it was evident that the in a medium that was not great for the short race, but I think a lot of people utilize that regardless in the main days because of the rain. Yeah, but I think sprint should be honestly mood. I mean again, I don't want to get back to that topic, but honestly speaking, it just felt to me like the sprint race was just a preview to the main race for the teams and people just experimented with that. Yeah, right, yeah, fair, yeah, Fox, common man, like, what do you think? is is your opinion on should should this spirit races be eliminated, because this is the fourth race where we had a fun fan fiction? Think it's just it. To be very honest, every sprint race has become very boring through the past two one and a half away. So yeah, let us know what your thoughts are. Any switching gears. You Know How these folks get other people on the radio. Would you ever wonder Christian honors always available for a radio chat with the way? Yeah, man, okay, sometimes I really wonder. Does he really do any work? Right? Just there at the screen very intensely to figure if something exactly that. That's probably the only team drivers, I mean, sorry, team principles, who is always feed doing the race token the radio, because it seems it's very dispropostion. I've never seen toto in the commentary. No one. No one, maybe, I think, like maybe Zach or who's the Aston Martin Guy? Sorry, Alpha Romeo Guy? Right, they sometimes pop up, but Christians always, like every race. He's always there. It's super weird. I think he is basically probably the PR person for the team, the principle defined in a different rature. What else was happening during the sprint? Let's see, let's see. I think we now have seen boat as hundred point two, thousand point two, I don't know whatever that is. I've lost count. Infinity. Yeah, whatever, but man, he's coming alive right, like mark is probably not missing him, though, but whatever. You know. Yeah, there's this. This is a nice video of you know, how he's become famous, of that Heineken and being traditions, right. So it's sort of now moved on to having traditions being celebrated alone in your trailer to now being rever reviewed by by the whole...

...team because you're doing whatever the call from and t fight. And that's true. That's true. Like I feel like he's gotten his more Jo back in this team, because it sounds like he's heard. He's come out and made a statement that he his opinions are mattering more than I don't know is anyways, there's no consoms one from there. But yeah, something brilliant that at least was happening throughout the weekend is there were these these trains, for me, three car trains, which just just the players kept shuffling around, but the three car trains always kept constant. They were always there and the players kept frippling and they were able to follow each other for a long, long time. was able to take the screen shot, which probably you will see now, is is you can see how like there were too many, too many lots just following each other. Yeah, it's just super a train that gets for I think, I think we need to address this. That, in the main lays itself right. There was one thing that people noticed ooky. First of all, of course, the start was wet, so every bit started on intimate dates. But one thing that we notice that even when the track was kind of drying up, the stewards were still not loving the drs right. So it seems like they were kind of experimenting with is is is the artist will weird, you know, because especially with the new new regulations, it seems like following is a lot easier and it doesn't seem like drs as anymore needed, because in barrain right, what we could see is that Max and Charles were kind of playing the games with little drs because they had to break, and you know that that was kind of definitely causing some dangerous situations, because I think about it in the main race, when not just the leaders but when everybody's doing the same thing, you can see some situations where people break too early just to get that drs advantage. And I guess if I is kind of kind of thinking of you know, it's Dr still needed, should we get rid of it? So we could kind of see that that they were not enabling it even after when the track was kind of drying up. So, yeah, I guess that's something. Yeah, they went on to like lap thirty four before they enabled it, because again, it's the same thing, like multiple trains forming at that time. I think at that time lap twenty six was alboon gas leamican train, right around when sort of Max start right to overtake the trio. What, folks, let us know what your thoughts are again, because we sort of starting to lean towards this thought that FIA at this point is bringing a Bazooka Gunto a dat boat. Challenge competition, trying. They are trying to do everything, which I'm okay with because as long as the experiment for a few reasons, they figure out what's working, what's not working and then go back and change the thing. So sure, we think they are as can be removed because the cars are able to follow each other very well. Yeah, let us know what you think. Let us know what you think. But yeah, you might are doing our cash. I think fi is doing the right thing. That, as we ourselves have been doing, that you honestly just, you know, shoot bullets into the dark see what hits and the Bollo man, someone is listening to us from if I they been, if only, if we could copyright something like this. But I mean, I'm happy about it. Yeah, yeah, sure, obviously I why not have someone like someone from a FIA follow us and follow our tactics? Why not? But but let's let's come to the main race at this point, right, and something that if we can bring up some tag data to let's do that later...

...in the episode. But like that race cart from Max versus Charlso, so somewhat of a brilliant ray start in the sense that they had the exact same reaction time, but that zero to two hundred mph speed that they kept showing for for Max was where that advantage lied and he was able to pull away from Charleson and get that great lead at the start itself. Yeah, the START I was actually kind of surprised about because till now, what we have seen, it does seem like the Ferrari car has the advantage with in terms of engine powered as least, but after this race and the sprint as well, I'm not sure about that anymore. Right because it seems like Honda probably has some reliability issues that they need to work about. It does seem like a fast card because, yeah, definitely, like you, he didn't finish two races. I give it that, but both are the ones that he won. It was brilliant because he I don't think he ever had a competition with Charles for both the races that he won and it I'm kind of scared that he can become Hamilton. To point two, I don't know. I'm somewhat concerned about that. First few years of this decade we say metals winning so much that fans are going to be bored. Second half of the decade we say Hamilton's winning so much that we're going to be bored. and Are you saying that the first half of this decade we're going to be like Max is winning so much we're going to be poor? Yeah, it doesn't good. Could be good. Yeah, I know, but there was every much drama happening there. I was somewhere also hoping that he doesn't just know pout again. WHO's the final field laughs of the race. But toucher, nothing happened. It was it was a smooth, clean race for him, but that ray start. We we didn't see a couple of people just launching up ahead, right, like metal and Russell, for example, were up by five positions after that race car. But was just super brilliant. I mean we will sure, but Russell, yeah, I mean what a surprising that he ended up getting five positions there. He just keeps surprising me. I have, I mean, okay, I've kind of been a fan of his the sense that he read linked things in the limbs. But right, I never thought that he would be beating Hamilton fens quare. I know, let's let's bring this conversation in while we're here. Right. So, mercedies, Hamilton and as sell at this point. So I have a theory where I don't think it's at this point about Hamilton versus Russell. I think it's more about more cities hourss the other teams, because the first few races mercedies has realized that they are nowhere in the competition. What do they need to do? Just together, right, and there's two things that put me to this there. One is there was a radio message around lap twenty three. Where were they were where they were telling Hamilton that he's not going to have the flap adjustment to that. Russell Yeah, hang, that's one. And at the end of the race it fell like toto was telling Hamilton that we just gave you an abysmal car, so sorry about that, and then Hamilton being very, you know, non Chalante. Yeah, but still knowing what's happening. No whereries to to right. So that to me tells that they are doing this on purpose, where they are making minor tweaks and adjust to Russell Scar, is definitely a good driver and can push that car to see how much of those pushy adjustments can work, and then at the same time they're making like solid, you know bold adjustments to Hamilton's car and using that, that raw decade of experience from Hamilton on an FN car to see what feedback...

...and we get. So I think like this is just fooling US fans in some way for a major bounce back that mercy dies is going to do. You kind of convince me with that argument because before, I mean honestly before this, I was on an under the impression that Russell is probably somehow fitting the car better than Hamilton. Right, but it seems to me that you're right that mostly is is really like doing a beastline, you know, with Hamilton. It is time to understand the car it self. They are just letting him run the base car itself to kind of understand what the weaknesses are and it makes sense with the most experienced driver on the team to kind of figure that out and, you know, give out the experimental adjustments to the new driver and tried to see what works. Yeah, definitely, I think mercedies will bounce back. Hamilton to will definitely bounce back. I don't think that. Yeah, is it for the championship for the season, but he is gunning for probably like the next few other seasons, though. He's not retiring as much as I would want him to struggle for that Eighth Championship. He is definitely not retiring without the eighth title. Yeah, but talking about strategies and team team dynamics and what might be working and what might be not, there's there's two UNCANNY teams team dynamics. I don't want to talk that. I want to get your open amounts right. So the first one is more the first one is Red Bull, where we've got Max and Carlos, and then the second one is McLaren, where we've got Daniel and line. Wait, you just a maximum Carlos. So I'm a little confused. Sorry, Max and Dude, let's Day the second one. Second, I have drunk some beers, you haven't. Well, we're I can. I'm high on cattle gay. But yeah, so, so we've got we've got Max and Perez and then we've got Lando and Daniel, and what I want to focus on is Perez Daniel. And then let's bring in the third person into dynamics, car losstills of that incident that he had right these three switching teams into the new, new sort of team last year, we are still seeing two people sort of trying to fit in, which is Carlos and Daniels still trying to fit into their teams, whereas, whereas as sort of like shattered that competition. Of It's surprising. Right. Last year I remember talking every single episode that Carlos is fairly meeting Chaltz. What a changed, I mean the car, if anything, has gotten better. I don't understand what's going on. Wait, like it's been to two races since we have been seeing that cart loss has been getting out in like right. Well, laugh, one he's being mass Hispain. What mazis spin was the yeah, I mean, I was trying. He said you was there. It is. He's the new mn you know, like mellow it a bit. You know, I was trying to think of a better term. But yeah, for sure, I agree. Okay, while you are at it. So so let's come. Let's come to that particular instrument during raced right, like Carlos versus Daniel. Now, if you see the camps, Carlos is ahead on that turn, he's going into that left on and is about to take the turn is right and and he has that race line. He is from the inside and then suddenly see a tap from Daniel and both of them just kissing each other in a very romantic way. Right. But if you listen turn Asimr...

...at this point, but if you go back and listen to the post race interviews, right, Carlos is like it was his mistake, also at a very significant level, because he's like I did sort of open up the line to him for him, allowing him to come inside and making it. My mistake was then I tried to close the graph when he was already inside and then, yeah, one thing led to another and we were so yeah, Calas is sort of like what on is more Jo and then Daniel sort of gotten, probably so hungry for a for a proving point to himself that, yeah, I don't know, I don't know what's happening. What are you I think it's incident particular. The incident particular. I think it was a racing incident, as the steward decided, because I don't think either of them was at a fault. Both of them were, you know. I mean it was a wet race, they they didn't have the best conditions and both are trying to do good and it just seemed that they were at the right no, wrong place, at the wrong time and things happened right. They both were kind of at fault, but they both suffered at the same time, one more than the other, of course. Yeah, man, I think car loss should he needs to step up. Charles definitely is able to deal with the car more. He clearly is the number one driver in the team. It felt to me that colors possibly was the weather driver, at least last season, but maybe not. Maybe it was something off a you know, immersies kind of a strategy that for aura was playing last year, as we just discussed, where they were probably giving Carlos the better parts in terms of explanation, and that's why we saw him ahead of Chaltz. But this season it's very clear who the numberment driver is. The mistakes that car lost has done is pretty weird. The last incident that I want to sort of bring up from that race start is I don't know if it was a dominant effect of these two sort of spinning out, but I felt like he has today make show maccerage just wanted to reverse race on the track because he was just spinning out. He did that twice. The first time he did he almost, no, I don't want to call it almost, because he knocked out a Lonzo's side. He knocked out half of his rear end on the right, exposing the guts and the into stands of the car, and then he did it all by himself somewhere middle in the race and he just kept punning to the opposite side. At this point let's change the gears a bit and go towards our meme section. I think like I'm starting to love this section of ours on our show because it's a good segue into the reddit that twitter, the nonsense hold that entertains us to. So let's let's you. Sorry, you want to share your screens? See? Let's let's I think. Let's see what we've got an arcuated list today. I think. I think it's time. Okay, let's let's go meet section, my best Japanese Manga, animated whatever, Orion of let's see. What do I think? I think this she will need to discuss task by Bat. But stopping right, I think. I think those are traditions, for sure. So that last seasons was this season. And okay, but the good part is good part is this time it wasn't his. Last time it was his. Yeah, man, Ouch, this is got. Yeah, regardless of what I've heard, he puts in somehow. It has team always, you know, can disappoints him, but regardless, you got a super result. So,...

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, and especially that fight at the end. Man, I was gunning for it like that, that t for fight that he had with Russell. I was gunning for it. I was probably hoping Proto's going to be on the Radio Russell ty orders at this point, but obviously I would be a joke of it. Yeah, nonetheless, nice me here. I think the next one a pretty well, everybody noticed this is hitting. So that you will have fresh triers, but too fitting to come up, oh, mad britting, to come be hard, Louis, so you can laugh him. Oh this is gonna that's true. That's true, because they he did lap that trio once and then he laughed and as like, Oh you, Louise just went by, as he's gonna have to lap them again house. They are man like. Honestly, just seeing was stopping lapping Hamilton was really surprising. It kind of felt bad to me. I wish, I'man it was not not so far behind, but yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, next one. Listeners, you have to check this out on our socials, because this is none other than our Kash who created this meme. This one, Oh man, there's no music to this one on this recording right now. But but folks go, go to the two, or tick tock if you if you're not an end and you have access to Tick Togo, do our teck tog. I'M gonna probably put this on Youtube as well. It's the car for poising with some rice music in the background, and it was funny because all these cars were just bouncing so much around on the yeah, man, for fasting is a deal. Let's very honest three. Look at that helmet. Look at that. Yeah, driving at five JAS or whatever. I cannot think driving this car with just no jumps up and down contetly, I i. But that's the thing, right. Imagine that so far these drivers only had lateral and longitude and ALGIES. This year they have vertical Geez as well, like one, one, one. So I want to ree the A W statistics on the vertical Geez man that that has to be it, because it's insane, like I saw this even in the last race. How much the pop poise? But, you know, yeah, is yeah. I think the last one that we really need to check is, oh yeah, the top gear trioh. This was so true this year this race. This was so true this race. I think Hamilton, I think, had probably the first experience in his life where he was just following other cars. He was the you know, NPCs, such another nonplayable character in the game for a Cha. Who's WHO's who? So we've got so we've got that try over here, I think, like we've got I don't know who's following who in this in this clip here, but let's just put this into perspective. I think. I think I han't has to be James A man. The expression just fits him for somehow. Yeah, he wants to overtake. He's also floking that indicator light that he would to switch lanes, but he just can't say. You know what. I would say, not alborn, it was Noah, who was Jeremy Clarkson,...

...because he was really needing the train as such. Yeah, with all the cuffing, with all the cussing to yeah, with all the cussing take and then, ghastly, being Richard Hammond. I can kind of think of him as that. This is this is good. On to our main discussions. Back One guy I want to get dedicate a SEC entire segment to at this point is gay back. This is one guy that that we've deliberately not spoken about last season because we just knew want to talk about by the way, also because he was not in the season as well, you know what I mean, like basically whenever he was there with Rosa. But that's a fair point actually. But this season, man, it's especially this weekend, this week, and it felt like he was completely into battles panel after little during sprints, during the feature race. He is constantly fending for himself. Putting his foot down just to stay. I think he's somehow, I stuck gold, because he definitely wants to fight that fight and he has the equipment with him this time. And till now he he did try, but he never had the right tools to do that. But hassaus somehow, by sacrificing the last season, being able to develop a card which can fight the season and he is completely taking advantage of it, doesn't he true? Definitely, because they were. There was like a four laplong battle between Russell and K MAG and it still wasn't over. Then then, right as soon as that ended, he was again in a battle with boat, as I think, like towards later on in the race, Yu k and came got into a fight as well. So and it's not like it's not like the Horse that you've seen where it's a clear cut overtake. It's they're not even in the game. I wouldn't talk about make much at this point because he was trying to reverse face yesterday. But then for kmag he's he's showing that true potential for has that probably gooders wanted to see for gene has at that point, yeah, proving proving his entire role at this point during his entire road. So yeah, I'm super happy with what's happening with Camag in this in this season. But you know what, talking about battles, that's that's not any thinking. Talking about that is there have been some lovely battles. Yesterday we've seen Perez was US Charles, that was the lovely body. Yeah, right, they wanted to overtake each other. That went on for so long. Yeah, man, at one point I really thought that Charles might just, you know, pass by Perez, considering the previous races that we've seen. But Perez at the pace entirely. He was just sort of Max. Other than him, I think he was the first noun the track and the Charles was, you know, we have seen him farming really well, but I think this race wasn't his and Ferrari was blessing just the edge as such in terms of peace, because red bulls were really clearly faster. And let's point this out. The last time that will had won two was when Ricardo was on the team, right, two thousand and sixteen. Yeah, two thousand and sixteen, Ricardo and Max, and here we are with Max being the number one driver this time and I know somebody else being there, so you know, prayers. Brilliant Defense, brilliant driving throughout the race. The undercut working fine too. Like he did come behind, he did come out after Perez, sorry, after Charles on that thing, but obviously he put it earlier where he's got that warmer tires and he was able to take take on...

Charles the other the other battle, which didn't last much long, was was stroll versus Snoda. I so another wasn't in the limelight yesterday, but I feel sooner that had a brilliant race, a share brilliant future race. He was overtaking, he was being bold, he was being confident and I'm starting to think like, with with more focus from this guy, he's a very good fighter. He's a very good contender. I mean we have seen him last season fight Hamilton right and he did pretty good and I think he's carrying that forward into the season as well. We saw that trainforming with pretty with Snoda was leading it for almost the entire race and he's doing really good. I think Alpha tawery have a really good combo with ghastly being the number one driver, though, when you honestly has performs. This race was apart being as last years start. Yeah, I think he's still kind of, you know, understanding the car, probably, and somehow SONODA has lucked out. And you know, we're seeing this duality and I think pretty much every team where one driver is doing really well and the other isn't, and that also shows up in the leader board as well a lot of races. But but I think, yeah, I think this is the first season, so people are still figuring out. Ghastly, I hope friends is Mujo, but Snoda, man, he's been doing really good. Yeah, alborn almost got that P ten yesterday too, because I think like he went from PTT Post Sprint. Did he did? He put this luck the space? Yeah, he had. But but speaking of battles, I mean I don't want to undermine and because we were on Alphat towery castle's wonderful defense on Lewis, not letting Louis Pass, even even even getting into that fighting distance for Louise for a matter right, it was like that. That meme of that wide screen, ghastly, is what is all over. I remember listening to the commentators constantly saying, like, you know, Hamilton is getting that over the ghastly. They're like, you know, I think this lap is where Hamilton gets Gussie and oh no, I don't think this is the laps. And that happened like thirty six times or something like that. I don't know. Yeah, that went on forever. That went on forever. Let's see. One last item that I want to sort of bring up is I noticed OK on had some sort of a time penalty. I no idea why. Why did OOK and have some time penalty yesterday? Yeah, right, I think OK on here time penalty because of the pit top right, because I think there was some impeding that. Basically, I'll pine are released him into the path of Hamilton when Hamilton had already joined the pit lane. And Fair enough, it was a slam dunk penalty, especially with the you know how fi has been dealing with penalties the season. I think I like it that they have been just handing out all these left light whenever you break any ruels, and I agree to it. That's what they should be doing anyways, because and then and then making it racing incidents when it is, because La Ricardo versus Carlos was a racing incident. No one was act yeah, enough lovely and it was a slump done penalty and they did it so happy about it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that Wud stuff. I remember like everyone who came in and then everyone wanted to leave out at the same time. which come which? That's a good point you raised, because that's got any thinking to sciences statement from from the post race interview where he says that folks causing a...

...red flag should be penalized. I for one, personally agree to this. Sarah, what are your thoughts? I think lander would oppose that, and Charles, Charles, yeah, by the way, by the way, he did quote both. Yeah, I think I totally agree, because I think that is a loophole right now, that you know, we saw this in Monaco, which else? But DEMOLA is the same thing, right, Amolo is the same thing with like land of securing exactly a yeah, he crashed, he got the P three. I think that needs to be a penalty for that, because I think at this point by doing this, you can easily secure an easy win. And Yeah, it should be clamed down on with not Repobashi exactly, and I think since we are really trying to make this sports fair by direct really giving penalties to everybody. They should climb down on this. Yeah, Oh, how I was gonna just end the episode. How can we end this episode without mentioning Body Fie? Oh, what's he trying to deploy? Is Add that lap fortify? Something, something came off his car as like. I was like, probably letty fees into that mode where he now decide who gets to win this race. Nod. I realize that that was a cry from Williams for donations, because they clearly stated that our part Pug just flying off from the car. Okay for people, don't do any too williams. Donate to a fun fan fiction. Yes, you can find us. Are Entire need. Yes, please. On that note, we end the episode here. Folks, do let us know. What do you think about this red flag finding incident in comment from science, because I'm pretty sure the Internet is going to be done about this. Yeah, on that note, we will see you next week, hopefully with a special guest. The the circus on the carnival travels to Miami for the first time. It's a silverstone sort of design track, revamped at a different geographical passion. It's going to be fun, it's going to be whatever. We will have more fun. The last thing I want her to comment on this is tell us what you thought about the slurring and the drunks are. If this is something that you want, we normalize this and we have like a every episode, but we also want donations for medical costs. Yeah, my on that note. On that note, be that a host signing off the bike.

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