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Episode 48 · 3 months ago

2022 Hungarian GP w/ Roberto Baldea


The 2022 Hungarian GP was yet again abysmal for Ferrari and Max came out on the top from P10 with a spin as well! The Ferrari camp is just not able to get their act together this season. While Ferrari completely bottled it Mercedes was able to completely capitalize on Ferrari's misfortune and get that double podium! 

This episode is a specail one, we have a 3rd host with us today, Roberto Baldea, who is a F1 content creator. Roberto is a die hard fan of F1, and has attended every Canadian GP! He also clicks some great photographs of races that he attends.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Spin it to win it!
  • Hannah Schmitz FTW! 🏆
  • Chad Red Bull vs Virgin Ferrari
  • Problems at the Prancing Horse Factory 🐎
  • Binotto’s Mic Drop exit 🎤
  • Goodbye Vettel 😭
  • Silly Season Kicks off!
  • MULTI 21!!!
  • Goatifi P1 🐐
  • Mercedes clawing its way back
  • Is Charles Championship material? 🤔

How to lose a race by Mattia Binotto 

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Our Roberto is giving homage to Ferrari. I have my bearing, I have a clown costume. I think it's very clear. It's a simple costume. You know, I even have the binoto glasses. So Hello, folks, and welcome to f one fan fiction, a show about race weekend reviews and F one racing community interviews. This one is the one if you've been following the sport right like this one is the one where Hamilton's started alone on the grid and everyone ditched him to start from the pits last year. This year, this year has been a fun one as well. Before we get into it, you have three hosts today. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry, and my name is the Admin from Pard e racing on instagram. Heyroberta, welcome to Fon fan fiction and thank you for being with us. Thank you for inviting me. I mean, we tried to do this episode for the Canadian Grand Prix. Wasn't meant to be, but now I'm here and I think we're going to have some fun. Yeah, totally. For folks, Um go check out R B E racing on instagram. The unique part is that he goes to every Canadian Grand Prix and then he has these amazing stories and amazing picks coming in from how a raw fan, off f one wants to experience the weekend. So go check out our B racing Um under the Hungarian Grand Prix. Thoughts, raw thoughts. Let's start with you, rob well, raw thoughts. We can talk about the chat the Red Bull and there and there in their race, especially from the part of Mager Staffan, who did amazing peturn and then p one at the end, as we said. Great Strategy from Hannah Smith's Smith. Yes, yeah, because of her, you know, he jumped Hamilton at the first stop. He didn't have to pass him and then they put the mediums at the right time, even if it was a bit early. They did it perfectly and he overtook Charles. He had that little spin, you know, but he came back and yes, spin and win. He spun and he wanted. Oh yeah, I like that. And Yeah, just great. Great trace from Red Bull, great strategy from the strategists, great race from Marx. Just great. There's absolutely nothing that I can think that I can complain about it at all last week's leg, at least from Max's camp. But we forgot. He did have. The spin was because of a clutch issue. So the car had really and even and even during the Saturday during qualified, the reason because he wasn't p ten was because the engine wasn't working. So that's something to look out for Red Bull, because they are, they are running away with the championship, but if the car breaks down in some races, then I think and I think some can can catch up. That's a that's a good point, because Saturday they did have that MG UK issue, Um, which which made them change their power units. And to be honest, that that again brings exactly the question of engine reliabilities. Although the spin, I thought more was just checking if charge is still behind him and, you know, let me just check what's happening with it. Yeah, man, I mean I completely agree to Abert to that. You know, actually, to think of it, red bull is having issues, you know, but it's just that the issues are getting masked by some other teams that I don't want to talk about. So it's it's difficult to you know, people just kind of forget that the read bull are doing because, yeah, because somebody else is doing a lot more so. But Man, yeah, truly had soft to Hannah Smithman. Like I personally didn't know that she was the strates. It was this race that I you know, when kind of Max did a shout out to her as well. It's pretty brilliant that she has been in the team for twelve years. She has worked with almost most of the red bull drivers, like in the history we uh Ricardo Max. It is and like it's very interesting to read about, like how she is a very calm and collected person. I somewhat I read a profile on her, but like she has this technique of, you know, using her palm of her hands as like a communication method, where basically, if her palms are down on the table, it means like this is serious. Guys like you should just don't know that. That's a very interesting thing, interesting and it shows right. Like, I think red bull in general, we could say that their strategy calls generally are on point. I honestly can't remember a race where they lost because of strategy alone, which is quite and...

...quite interesting. Yeah, the last one, I think, if I remember, maybe Spain last year, which wasn't even a funk up. It was just playing amazing game and boxing, boxing halt at the very channel and Karima at the end. So that was that's the only one I can remember, and that too they picked up on and like red bull did what mercies did to him at the French Grand Prix. And Yeah, exactly, exactly. Um, the other thing that was brilliant about the strategy yesterday was they were so quick on changing from that hards to shots and and bringing in Max early in sort of to do that undercut. And I heard the commentators say that. You know, this was sort of like a direct effect of Russell saying that he's struggling with his rears, which the red bull picked up on that. You know, hey, Russell said this, so probably he's going to come into pitts in the next five laps. Let's go ahead with the pits. So I don't know if it's and Russell was leading the space for the first time ever in his life, I mean excluding the Mercedes barrain. That happened, but this one was his show for real. And I don't know if, like that was that or he's just naive, or because, because I'm pretty sure if Hamilton's was doing this, him saying I'm my rears are not feeling right, but have actually meant I'm going to go on for twenty more laps exactly. Yeah, yeah, right, it was kind of go away from him, probably by talking about pitch stops. Right, dreadful has again reached two point one seconds, like just sometime ago. You know, because of the regulation changes and everything, all pit stops game slower, but I think this time they again reached two point one seconds, which is amazing. It's somehow like the strongest point. And Yeah, I'm just keep getting impressed by but it's like, you know, I personally kind of get edited of Christian Har Not a lot of times, like just because how much is stirring he does. But but I have to give it to him that unless you don't have a proper leader of the team, cannot be supersive. So He's definitely working his magic there. Yeah, I agree, and I think I think Ferrari should. In my opinion, I think ferry should do similar to red bull and maybe prioritize Cha Leclaire and the championship, even even some races before, because before Carlos was very much bend. Now he's closed up, but it was very much bend and if they prioritize Charlton, that's a silverstone, he would have honestly won the race and the championship might have been a bit different. Yeah, I think the mentality cat ferry should be a bit questioned. I thought when you started that sentence you were going to say like bring Hannah Schmidt too. Oh as the WHO is it in k? I don't know. WHO's the strategy that worry but I don't know. I feel like that guy has done some some madness over the years. So I think it's you know what I think at this point we are we have, you have pretty much kind of started talking about it, so let's let's get into the topic. Officially, of to the Chart Read Bulls. We have our vision, so let's let's address the elephant in the room. Work First, as you said, there to bring but gend I think it's a great idea or someone who could have a similar mentality as we. I spoke about it, for he has that mentality to put the team first. It's always, has been, always will be. But if you look back at the time with that wasn't the mentality, it was Michael Schumah, and that's it. He's number one. And sorry, Rubens, but you're behind and I think that should be the same. They've stout on so many points this year which shall could have helped them. Yes, yes, it's it's start for Carlos, but he just shouldn't have made those mistakes and that started, you know. Yeah, so I think, I think there's some changes to them. On that too, I feel like either do that or early on in the season. You know, even the Internet was ton on this, that the drivers have been calling their own shots, and we saw science do that in Monaco, which sort of messed up with the whole Ferrari bays and stuff. But looking at how the half year has spanned out, I'm totally pro on drivers calling their own shots now, because they make their Y, they make their own strategy, because I'm like, I'm like, Laclaire's driving okay, and then he sees a Lonzo and no con or, they have the white ring on their tires. That's I'm already lapping them lap thirty. That's what I'm not supposed to put on. And then he hears on the radio we're going to our hearts, shut up, we're never gonna oh. So...

...true, man, and I think you know, this is what I feel is Charles's weakness. I would say that at times he is not assertive enough. He oftentimes blames himself, which sometimes it's good, but up to an extent, I would say. I think he needs to kind of take command of the team. Honestly, like to think of it. If you think, go back to Michael Schumacher, you know, like as we talked about, like he he himself did build a team around him as well. It's not just that Ferrari kind of favored him, it's also that he did get those people's in those places that would favor him over the over his teammate. So I think Charlton's kind of needs to take that lead in the team somewhat. I understand that. But if we if we look like just on the strategy, I've heard peo posting on the Internet that it's maybe a weakness of him of not calling his own shots strategy. But the thing is, I'm sorry, but that's not the driver's job and one has max corrected the strategy. Never you know what's because he can trust them and he knows that the only thing he has to do is drive. And when that worked for him and I think that would work for Charlie's well, if he could trust in the team, but unfortunately at the moment that he cannot. Yeah, there's there's two things here, right, like when we say that they need to step up, it's a direct correlation that the management there is weak. Right, like because the management is weak, like the employees have to step up. That's one. The other then two is if you see that, if you listen to the radio messages, right, like whenever Max is on radio, it's a very definite statement that this is what you're supposed to do, right, but whenever Ferrari, like either of the drivers, they are on radio, we will get back to you. I mean you don't. That's so oh my God, give him some confidence, man, I just got become me. Actually, I'm don't even Oh my God, Oh, yes, it's yeah, man, something needs to happen, something needs to change, like heads need to roll, because things just started working out. They I mean Ferrari, has pretty much wondered the opportunity they could. They should have won this championship, clearly, but things just didn't go according to plan. Oh, by the way, for those who are listening to this on audio, Roberto is giving a Marche to Ferrari. Have by wearing. I have a clown costume. I think it's very clear. You know, I even have the glasses. So what can I say? Yep. Or we could also do it in this way, where we don't shoot on them and do what Jeremy Clarkson was say. I don't know if you saw the street. Yeah, we should now just call them being brilliant. Like let's just start and how to lose a race. You should publish that book, sell it in tandem, like how to build a car, and then, if you're a Ferrari fan, you get this one free. I think that would be so funny. At the end of the year had you and you it just just says it just gives to you know what, take the book. Fine, you know this. This on on, on another note, and we'll come to wettle. But like, I feel like he left Ferrari because maybe he saw this mismanagement, because I forget the name of the guy before. Yes, thank you. I'm sure they start prioritizing Charles, but I I believe maybe this is just the consveracy at this point. Maybe wettel saw into the management and he was like, Nope, I'm out. The thing. The thing, I don't know when you guys started watching. But the thing is that, if you remember back in actually he didn't left leave Fra he got he was kicked out. He was kicked out by I wouldn't remember this. Yeah, actually, because, yeah, the reasons why that they couldn't rely on both drivers or something. I don't know if that was it. I can't remember that. This is yes, yeah, I'm telling you. And Yeah, and then they brought Carlo Sians in and he beat Laclarin the first year. Yeah, I don't know exactly, as I said. So, yes, I said, I think even with the you know, he had that Ferrari dream. He wanted to be like Michael Schumaha. So honestly, I think he would have stayed even till now. He would have stayed even if the strategies was bad, even if the car was bad,...

...he would have, say, because he has the has the passion, if you notice, if he had seen even like the drive to survive scenes and from years, the whole scene at Ferrari was so awkward, like there's a lot of tension which is very palpable. Could see it. It was. Well, he missed kidney, so it's like there are these other names where he's trying to hold kidney's hand like no man. But but yeah, I heard he's been messing up and and it's it's hard to see this happen because, yeah, I think it's safe to say that all of us on this on this episode right now, have been seeing the sport for almost a decade now and we've seen like the true nature of Ferrari and then, you know how how it's sort of gone from there to what it is right now, like this especially, like it was really like it was really angry after the race, you know, like the more I thought about the race, after the race finished, and it was like, you know, we what the funk happened? Why? Why did this happened? Charles hearted in his hands, and then it just went away, like yeah, and it's stupid strategicals. Yeah, and it wasn't like it was like spontaneous. It wasn't like, okay, well, we do this now. You know, they saw that Alpin Alpine had the hard tires. They saw exactly they were very slow on the hard tires. They saw that they had no pace and they said box Charles. You know, that's the best decision. That's perfect for him. Again, I think they should have tested it on Carlos. But once again the mentality of prioritizing Charles and then putting shall on Carlos's strategy so he could be in front because he's starting for the championship. But yeah, weird strategy course. And then they were like how do we message Carlos now? So let's do a backfit stop while we are. I think he had. One of them was four points, seven seconds and the other one was also like some four points. Its terrible all. The other thing I heard, and I for the Nth time, I can never distinguish the voice between Brundle and Tad on the commentary box. But so one of them was saying that before the race started, Ferrari Alad had already said that they're going to start with mediums and then go to mediums, which which immediately said right, you know, because you need to have two different compounds. Like it told the whole pit that they're going to state and we just made everyone else suggest because if they are the front runners, mercy ds and red bull quickly adapted to that. I'm like, first of all, never reveal your shot. Yeah, well, at this point really they should just fire the starter, just and just copy whatever bull does. You know, just mimic them. You will still end up second, no matter. I thought did that. I thought because because, if you, if you see the race again, like five to ten laps before the race finished, he walked off from the pot and went away like what is the Guy Doing? He funked up both drivers. Sorry, that was like a MIC drope. That was like a microbe. My work has done here, I'm off to my summer. Literally, you wouldn't see total wall doing that, you know, never, never, total would bang on the table, but that's it. Yeah, that's a break. A dozen of headphones and stuff he has like lying next to him. Get me the next one. There's intern especially for that. Yeah, man, and even the commentators were so surprised, like where easy going. And then I just see him going into the motor home. He's having his coffee and the commentary is like he's already having his coffee, he's on a summer break. What is he doing? And even okay, I want to the race like there, like we don't want to talk about this ship and talking about total wolf and Mercedes. We can see that they're actually getting closer to Ferrari. Because they've left top so many times. That is closing up so much in the constructors and I feel like it's more of a possibility for Mercedes to catch up Ferrari than Ferrari can catch up bread ball. Yes, yes, on that note there's a great start. But Russell actually overtook science in world driver championship and Russell now sits at science at one fifty six. Really, I didn't notice. I didn't. It's already happen. At the end, finished second in the championship, ahead of prediction. That, you mark my words. Talking again about Mercedes, Russell again did a great job...

...in qualifying to put it on Pole, you know, and out of nowhere, because none of his sectors were performed. It was all green, green, Green Pole positions. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was. It was crazy. I really enjoyed that. And yes, as Lewis had the misfortune to have the D RS broken in quality, because honestly, he could have had a very maybe challenge for the win. In my opinion, that's actually possible, you know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I totally agree. I think kind of Hamilton's drive was overshadowed by Max's win, because Hamilton's did driver like a really good race if you really think about it, because I don't think like p seven in the mercedies was really a great place to start with, and he capitalized on every single aspect that he could. Again, of course, he went long on his tires. So you know, that's kind of specialty at this point. Yeah, and man, I love it, especially the startment, the yeah and even the off topic. But Daniel records overtake on the openings when when both of the openings like back on each other, and then we just swooped around and that was funny. That was funny. Daniel gave me this mixed reactions throughout the race because at the start of the race K MAG was breathing down Daniel's neck and if you remember like it was, it was such a neck and neck that came back almost overtook Daniel and I was like, what is Daniel Doing? It's been one and a half year, like either he's a bad driver or the engineers are not able to make a car, and the engineers, I don't have experience, or both of them are talking in different languages that they are to understand something anyway. But then he goes ahead and does this double overtake on helping and I'm like Daniel is still in there, and then he bumps off stroll and gets a five. Like Dude, one race, you can't. Yeah, but yeah, the double overtake is a glimpse that I saw of the old aniele that we knew off in red will, but pretty much that's the only thing I saw through the days where he kind of shun but otherwise, man, I feel sad for remember. At the same time, it's at this point it's like it's getting irritating that you know there are a lot of other people who are kind of waiting in line. But if we if we move a bit more, if we start with them, with what kicked off the weekend, announcing no first even shocking news said is on social media, the biggest news of this of the week on social media. I had a great time at that point and then after that, for hours later, depression. I saw that. I saw the account popping up. At that point there was just like one thousand follows. So I was like, probably the figuring on, because Sep can joined instagram. That's not possible. I even message doctor. Yeah, I think it's. I don't I don't think it's a realp and then and then, like you, you you re fresh a couple of times and because one million, you know. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, yeah, it was. For me it was a surprise because I thought Sep would would continue with Austin, because I thought even if they had a couple of bad races, I think they I think he's still believed in that project. But but you know, it came to the point where stopped and we had the news drop, news drop today Fernando is joining Austin out of no that I didn't see coming. Yeah, not the loal. Yeah, that was a big surprise. But a couple of people on the Internet did add the two and two together, because I saw. I then saw an old interview where Sev was asked, when will you come to social media, because you are notwhere, and he had said that the day I know when I'm going to retire all the social media and as soon as he did create an account, a few a few pages that I followed on Instagram, but like the retirement isn't coming. But then his bio said there's still a wind left. or I'm like, okay, okay, this is not but yeah, that was a heart break. That was a heart break. If we go now again with a silly season going around for now? No, now is that Austin who gets the Alpin C isn't who? Who are saying Oscar pst might get it right? I feel like Oscar will get it. But if you look at Daniel's point of view, who's not getting well at McLaren like at all, I feel like he would want to come back. But come back? Yeah, but we'll Alpin want him back. I don't know. Okay, at this point this does sound like some drama, like a soap opera or something that we're talking about, I know, but I'm telling Daniel. Daniel is not doing good at McLaren,...

...like we need to stop hiding it. He's doing very bad and he's not. He doesn't like the car. He doesn't. I don't know. If I was them, I would switch, to be honest. For for folks confused on why we're saying come back Alpine like if you're if you're new to this, Alpine was originally renow, where where someone got a tattoo. Because anyways, there's a whole kind of ones there. Go check out Ren and Ilpin. But that you have the context. There's there's a couple of contentions there, right, like there's Oscar ps three for one. I also feel with all the silly season shuffling going on, there is Liam Nussen, sorry, I'm saying that, Lawson, William, William Lawson, who's also I think. I think you got confused. I did. Yes, yes, I did, who's doing wonderful at F F two at this point. So maybe he's all and he's a reserve driver for two three teams at this point too. Right. So like yeah, but he's also got a short yeah, but if you look, Clem Lawson is a red bull academy driver, just he's a Alpin. He's got but did you see this other statement that I I for a very long time I did think mick might get it because give out of the statement that I have been talking with the management. I do have my opinion. I cannot speak very objectively, but I see very highly of Mick and that to me was like he's just hinting that Mick is going to get his seat. But it didn't happen in the end. But yeah, I've also heard rumors about ghastly potentially being in talk, because that would be a Dream Team, right, a French team, French yeah, and clasp is looking to get out of Alpha thory for for a couple of years now because he's never going to win a world championship at Alpha. This could be a very good thing for here. It's a brilliant mid season Russian roulette that they play. Yeah, from okay. So, like kind of getting back to wet that we were talking about. From what I've heard, that two things that kind of happened because of which he kind of decided to retire. One was that Alpine was creating this pressure, Aston Martin was creating this pressure on him that he needs to give an answer for the summer because because they want some time in case he's not willing to continue to kind of try and find a good driver. So that was one thing, and I think another thing overall, from what I mean the video that he posted and also the things that he has been saying overall, is like he kind of has reached a point where he kind of does realize that he holds this position where he can make a big difference in a lot of things and he can at least use his voice in the things he believes in, and I think that's also probably a major driving factor for why he joined Instagram, was to you know, kind of maintain a medium of communication with folks and try to drive his you know, topics of interest to people and the work that he's doing. So I think that's also probably like one of the factors that fleed into his decision walk the walk and not talk the walk. Yeah, I'm gonna ask you this, Robert. A few people know this, but you are a super diehard fan for so what do you have in your collection? And then how did this news? You've you've seen metal in person, so I'm assuming this news hit you more harder than us at least. Yeah. Well, yes, because when I started watching from no one. From that point I knew I was with Seb because he made he made a move. I still remember, if you type on Google, Youtube, whatever, Monza trank leven overtake on on Fernando Alonso. Okay, run the outside of turn one to three of Coura Grande. They're on the grass. He overtook Fernando and from that point, my my dad, you know, massive Frari Fan. He was with Fernando, but me, no, no, no, I was from that move. I was like I'm with seven and I was forever with seven. Yes, yes, I was. I was very sad because, you know, it's your hero and you won't get to see him every weekend on TV and stuff like that. But but yeah, at some point he had to move on. Every every driver, needs to move on. So I respect his decision. Funny you say that because for me, and you mentioned two thousand and eleven, because I think it does. Around the same time I liked seven, but then multi twenty one happened multi and I was like, I hate this guy. I hope I'm going to protect him. Let's talk about that. No, no, no, no, let's talk about that. So I was like it was any anyone who's beating Vettel, support that guy, you know, just just because of that one...

...incident, just because of that, and then he came to Ferrari and then his his career graphed since then, and I was like I was like, okay, maybe there is that just one event and he's learned out of it and he knew he made a mistake. He should not have done that. He even said it in the press, right, like I should not have done that. Like looking back, yeah, step said that. No, no, no, literally, a couple of weeks ago he did the interview with someone, I don't know, I think Youtuber, or maybe not, and he was asked, would you do something any different than he said. No. I think I think you need to give some contexture to our listeners. Okay, yes, yes, I saw before, before Roberto and I get into this, this thing, what we're going to talk about right now. Let me grab some popcorn. What you're what you're getting into is, don't quote me on the ear. Malaysia Grand Prix. I want to say twenty eleven, but don't quote me on the go. Find this out. Mark and it was twenty ear. Thank you. Thank you, mark and wettill. Mark Webber and next Formula One driver with red bull racing was leading the race. Wet was P two. It was almost towards the end of the race. The strategists had called that it should be mark leading and web we will finishing one and two position, but we will had faster pace. And then he decides to overtake mark in a very risky way on turn one and two to take the one position, and they then get into a sort of cold war situation in the cool down room where mark keep saying what will multi twenty one, multi two one. What were you doing? So that's that's the context, and that pissed me off. Um. And then we have Roberto here saying he's going to defend. So punk tunk tongue, let the battle. You will see after my after my defending, you will see that he did nothing. Work. Alright, let's go for that incident. You have to go back to the year before at the final, at the last race, when Said and Fernando I are fighting for the championship. And if you remember, at turn one, or not, not the one, I like, turn three or something, sep gets hit. He's at the back and then he makes his way up, but then he's at the point, who where it said, caught on to many, many people, and he's just behind mark and at that point mark is not letting him trough. He's not, and SEP is fighting for the championship and at that point, if the race finished there alonso would be world champion and mark didn't let him pass and he had to Pask again and again and again, and at the very end he lets the pass and he won. And he didn't win, but he won the championship. Okay, that first you have to say he could have costed the world championship to you know. Now we move on to twenty thirteen, to Malaysia. It's the second race of the season. They both know that they had they have the fastest are and they both know that they can win the championship. Yes, why would one driver settled for a second when he knows he has the best car and he knows that the person ahead could win the championship as well? Because we say that, oh well, ship should have let him win. But it was the second race. He didn't win nine races in a row. It was the second race and at that point both everyone can win the championship. So I don't see why. What step should say behind my my defense there is that it's just the second race. What marketed probably I mean, I never followed mark, so I don't care about him anyways, but what mark did was probably wrong. But again, that was towards the end of the season. Sure maybe it was thinking like I'll never get this opportunity to sort of do an eye for a nice situation here, and so let me just take my big mind orders back then. But it was just the second race. He couldn't. Yeah, but yeah, but at that point it was the start of the championship. Mark could have won the ship. Imagine if mark won the championship by seven points and the victory. That's something I would not for sure. So yeah, any who, we are back. So anyway, it's just it's just the passion that you would exactly back to Hungary even after all of this. Both of us are little fans, so it's just exactly good. What is happening, because we are on vettel. Did he take sort of this fun way of revenge on what is it? Pierre Rokan from from France, who tapped him out and then he tapped someone out this thing. I think Pierre Right. Yeah, I think people talked him out last time. Yeah, I think last time. And No, it wasn't last name. Wasn't it Austria? Or maybe I'm getting it. WAS IT Austria last year? It is, because he's been he's fun out with Kimmy the year before. Yeah, and this sery was Alban alborn Guy. Both don't phrase. It...

...was Alban and the main raise was ghastly, ghostly, and I think he topped Alban that was his fault in Hungary, but that's fine. I thought it was somewhat of a revenge for himself. For the first time. I was gonna as well. I was making notes. I was like, okay, alborn is last and then Latifi will be second last, and I'm like career year, two, year best finished for Latifi, because he finishes not twenty but ninety. Yes, yes, but now he finished. He finished last, I like. But speaking of him, P one, F three, yeah, yes, even surprised, even the first even he was surprised. Even Lat he comes out to the radio and says, is that clapping for me? YEA, yeah, but still I think mettel had a very good race comparatively. Like, uh, he reached the points, one point, but still, guess, considering how the performance has been for Aston Martin, overall, great for him. I'm sorry that he's leaving. I personally started watching like a fun since I think twenty, something like that. I forget. So, like I used to support Ferrari back then when battle was there, but then the way they treated him, I kind of stopped stopped supporting after that. But yeah, it's sad to go. I can't imagine a fun without Brett, at least my time that I have followed a fun battle has always been there. So yeah, let's it's going to be a big change. Same for me, you know, even when when Louis is going to retire and Fernand for a second time, M and, you know, Daniel is going to retire, like the grade is going to be completely different and it's going to be the first time that we're not going to see Lewis Seb and Fernando for like fourteen, twenty years. You know, crazy. Yeah, all my time that I can remember, I remember Alonso on the grid, Kimme on the grades, Two thousand seven, the old guards, Alonso versus Hamilton's, such, such memories, went, such great memories. Speaking of mettle, getting that point yesterday, just a note there. Do you think it was team orders between stroll and mettle, because there was this helicopter cam view that showed what will pass onto peten and it felt like stroll just gave him the place. Was it that? Or actually, I think it was. I think it was definitely team orders. But it was definitely team orders, but had a very good place, more page exactly, arguably, and he started eighteen, you know, and even they double stacked Aston in the pitstop at one point, so it was even must yeah, I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure. And then even after that he made the time back and he got behind lunes. Yeah, and in the end he finished at less than one second from Okny, so he could have gotten him. So it was in orders. But he did have a better case. And it's not like it's not like lance is letting him pass every race. You know, in Canada Ye have let him pass and he was able to take Danielle and and and then last race he was almost going to run into strolls corner. That was crazy. Yeah, that's true. That's true. Coming back to Mercedes, actually there's there's a few things. We diverged. There anything that stands out with mercy reason, that we want not talk about before we move on? I think one thing that we probably have to talk about is, you know, the growth that they have done through this season, like, because at the start of the season it didn't seem like they were anywhere right, like it was they were not even in top ten from me at the time and uh man, they have like really really clawed their way back up. This performance was, of course, like Ferrari messed up. True but still they were still driving a very good race. Russell was, you know, fighting for the positions on pace. It was not just some you know, like crazy red flags or some kind of a situation like that. And Yeah, and and since the start of the season, even if they had a very poor cart, they've always taken advantage of stuff that is happening externally. You know, in a baron in Australia when red pool had the NFS, they were there, they scored matter points. They were there in Canada when Charles had the penalty, and in party Um even...

...today, for he messes up, Mercedes is here. You know, yeah, exactly. They're always there and they're always taking advantage and that's that's great to see them actually be there. I was a bit skeptical at the start of the season because, you know, it's the first time really where they have a fit car since seven years. So I was very curious to see how they were getting to build that team around, build that team up, and they've managed very well and I think they have a very positive second half coming. I want to take their sarcastic here. How much have they and and it's a conspiracy and dramatic tone here for the whole audience listening to this. How much is it a result of better engineering and how much is it a result of total complaining to F I a police games. I mean everything, everything, everything needs, because if they're in a bad position, they're not going to say, you know what, we're going to do double the work. No, no, no, no, they wanted easy everyone. Yeah, I mean that point. If you know, for people on the Internet saying toto has been complaining a lot of mercedies for this matter, and and we talked, we only talk about these top three things, three teams, but there are other teams in the Merseyies camp as well which are doing the same thing. But if the tables were reversed and if Christian owner and his gang was on the side of not having a good car, Christian would have also breathed down figular everyone. It's just a fair game. It's part of the game. I mean it is a part of the game. So yeah, yeah, fairly to them. I think like this was a good race for like getting into the summer break like it. It was exactly exemplified what teams were. You know, if you really think about a red we're doing perfectly fine. You know, most city is improving massively. Ferrauri just exactly. And Uh yeah, I think it's going to be a good summer break for two teams, not for Manari, but they need to, I think, bounce back when they return. I hope so. I hope something changes. Man It's it's hard to see like the championship just going the way actually it's gone at this point because from the starts that I've read, for like all Max has to do is just come second every time, Charles comes first and that's it and he wins the championship. Hey, but we're not. said he's confident that they can win every race from here. So and they've already lost one. They've lost one because they send races, they rais. No, there's none. So in nine races left read. But being so consistent, consists, and I'm sorry, but the championship is gone. They threw it away. It's like they threw it away with said, like Fernando, like Felipe, all of them. Well, this is a discussion that Sara and I were having over the weekend. Roberto, which is we believe that shall still I mean he's he's a great driver. Nothing nothing against him, but like he's still like you still need to have this built up material as a person to be a world driving championship, which Max has, which Lewis obviously has, but shall still doesn't. He still needs a season or two to mature to that level of being a world driving championship from within, because Max is eating him as a person, as a person, not on the track, but as a person. No, I agree, I agree, but I feel like I don't really agree with no, I don't really agree with saying that he's no championship material. It's an opinion, it's a good but, um M M, I need to reflect with Uh. Yeah, because it is true that he did crack under pressure. That's something you know in in France. Uh, it was completely his fault, completely, even in Imola, Imola, when he's from the card to the barrier, completely his fault, you know. But you say that, okay, that's his fault, but he takes he took blame, blame for that, you know, and I feel like every race he matures and, as you said, but you see that even drivers like Lewis, you said, that their championship material, but if we look classer in Him Imola, he put it in the barrier and he is. He's still championship material. One mistake doesn't define your whole season, your whole career. So it is true. It is true that he hasn't been as strong as Maserstappen. That's person true, but I still think that he is championship materials. Who Else, who else on the grade do you think is championship partidion? Honestly? Fernando? Okay, honest, of course, honestly, and at the moment I think...

...that's it. I'm sorry, I can't. No, no, but Ganda, maybe I would say yes, I think so. Yes, but I don't think. I think he could fight for it, but I don't think he would win it if he'd fight for it. This year, Russell hosts. He stayed so consistent with Mercedes through the whole season. True. So, yeah, Russell as well. So yeah, it's it's a hard it's hard to say it because they don't have the same cars as shall maxis. So you can't really judge, in my opinion. But and it's also always a story of could have beens. Right. You can, I mean you can bring up with like a hundred possible like still. So aren't do some race starts and facts here. Aston Martin, head of Race Strategy, Bernie Collins, made her last appearance with the Hungarian copery. She moves out of the pits. Um, and there was a lovely message from Seb for just just some wholesome movement there. MERCEDIES has led more laps at Hungary then their entire calendar combined. So that's an interesting one. Um. WETTAL and ghastly picked up eight places yesterday, which is just super brilliant. Drive Max obviously picking up nine going from Pete and to be one. Um. You've heard this. Russell overtakes science in world driver championship, leading by two points, one six. So mercedies is breathing down for our EAS neck. Um. Two facts about the track itself. Um, Bernie is the man to say Kudos to bring Hungary in six, to take the sport beyond the Iron Curtain. It's it's a huge historical achievement. For folks who do know what the Iron Carton is, please go ahead and and read what it is, because it's an important part of our world history. Just some some brilliant thought behind the legend. Bernie ECCLESTON. Um, the race here was not held in six however. It was held all the way back, even before Ione was a thing, in nineteen thirty nine. Um and MERCEDIES, Alpha, powered Ferrari and then Otto Union took part in that. So there's some good history with this tracking Um and some amazing stats as well. So with that that's the Hungarian robbery for you. What else? Sarah and Roberto talking about historic tracks. You know, they're kind of in danger. You See, this year and next year we had talks about Monaco and SPA leaving the calendar and as someone who as someone who's watched the sport for so many years and I don't want to see them leave. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but definitely not. I'd rather have SPA and Monaco than Miami and Uh and Vegas or something. They're historic tracks. I'm sorry, but you cannot take them away. And even on that a bit off the kids, off topic, but so I think we should just kept the races at Nineteen races because it's getting way too hard on the teams. I'm sorry, they've complained for so many years and once again they're just bringing so many races, h new races from nowhere to street, street tracks in Jedi and I don't know. and honestly, this is just the proof that once again cash is king in from no one. Yes, the only thing they care about, the only thing they care about his money. And even teams are saying that I'm sorry, but I don't want to work in a form anymore because of that, and they're not changing it. I'm I just I don't know. Those three words, my friend, those King Yeah, man, I totally agree. I mean SPA leaving the sport would be a tragedy, like I I personally. That's my favorite track personally and I can't imagine the fun without spa because it's such a glorious track out in the mountains, you know, technically difficult. It's amazing to walk. It's exactly it's like, yeah, you know, Che exactly literally and it's sad that like street circuits, okay, I get it, like some street circuits, so good to have as even as a mix in terms of, you know, different driving styles and everything. So there's some except which is like please, just do that one. It's just outright dangerous. Anyways, I understand like having some street tracks, but that shouldn't become the standard. I would say like you should still have purpose military tracks because they are safer, they make good racing as well. Ah and UH yeah, I like money shouldn't be the driving factor always. At least I...

...agree well with that. Again, thank you, Roberto at the R E racing. This was just a super fun episode. Um, we are your original two hosts, as we like to call it. Signing off, Roberto. Yeah, well, thank thank you guys. Thank you, guys, for inviting me on this podcast. As we said at the start, I mean we've tried to do this for a long time and now we've done it and I think our episode was very funny, very we've touched so many topics and I think I really enjoyed it. So let's try to make some of the future as well. You know, that's about it. So yeah, of course, go check it out, racing, go check him out. Thank you, thank you. Goodbye.

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