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Episode 52 路 2 months ago

2022 Dutch GP


We return to the land of orange army for the 2022 Dutch GP. Yet another win for Max Verstappen, and yet another clown show by the prancing horse. The Mercedes camp is back and giving a tough time to the Red Bulls.

Listen to the full episode for our take on whether Mercedes were the new clowns this race? 馃ぁ

In this episode we discuss:

  1. 2021 Dejavu
  2. Bottas gets his revenge on Mercedes
  3. Mercedes climbing up the ranks 馃獪
  4. The Horse circus continues
  5. Mattia writes for F1 Fanfiction 馃摑
  6. Max Performance
  7. Why did Yuki come in for a 馃悡 inspection?
  8. Strolling into a point 馃毝馃徑
  9. The moving chicanes 馃悿聽聽

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Why did Yuki come in for a cock inspection? I guess. I guess he was on hearts at that point, or was? Hello, folks, welcome back to f one fan fiction, a show about race weekend reviews and racing community interviews. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry. Before we begin, pause this episode. Go rate us. That's that's at least what you can please pause right now. Co Rate Us. Go rate us on the platform that you're listening to. Tell your friends to rate us, tell your relatives, enemies, find a random person on the street and get a rating for us. Go do that. This is ZAN wot. We are back in the orange army crowd, where flayes, who were not allowed, except the one or two that did slip our security, but at the very last of course. Yeah, yeah, then, it was just ever even smart audience. But let's get into it. Let's get into it. It's been an interesting weekend, to say the least. Starting you and I were sort of talking about this before we started recording. It feels like one was back yesterday exactly. I really was having a Daja Week and, like see, there's so many things. Paris was defending Hamilton's right. We were like actively thinking about who's going to win? Is it read bull of mercities? Is it going to be Max or Hamilton's? And Yeah, then that's basically so. Nobody cared about Ferraris. So yeah, of course. Yeah, but it's been interesting. Yesterday Jensen Button was in the commentary box with our usual commentators, and it takes me back to this point where we're jumping up into the race, where we had the safety car, and Russell made a call that he wants to come into the box Um and switch of stires up. At this point Hamilton's leading the race, Russell is p two and Max's p three, and then button sort of jumps in and says, why was Russell allowed to do this? It just put it just puts Max in between Hamilton's and Russell and they should not have done that. Commentary box went all defensive on him, saying, you know, yeah, they could have won the race when Sonoda went out, they could have won their like basically listing ten things out. Cut to Hamilton's comes under the radio and says we should not have done this. In a bit of more asterixs mark there, but you should not have done this and then buttons gloating there. So that brings us to the start of this episode, with a topic that I don't know we've spoken about all through the season, mercedies, mercedies starring. Your thoughts and me easy yesterday, man. I mean we said...

...this a little, I think a couple episodes back as well, and mercies are definitely back now and uh, truly, and I'm quite happy about it, because Ferri has completely dropped the ball. So I'm glad that we are getting some competition against Red Bull and MERCEIES is right there. A lot of people did criticize them for the last but stop, but I'm not again. I kind of disagree with people for that. They did what make sense to not leave track position to me as well. And Yeah, they're truly backman, and it's it's a great effort. I mean they did everything right, like the strategy with starting on mediums was on point. Switching to the hearts at the right time was on point. They would have won the race for sure if not for like the you know, boat as takings, probably just parking his car. True, right, true, right, at which point I I sort of thought his book as a secret agent for mark and then I was like, or is he he might actuality a secret agent to Max bringing out that safety care. No, no, he's just a free agent, you know, just, you know, laying vengeance upon Mercedes. That goes to the highest bidder, for sure. But the question actually, know what? Let's let's jump up the race. I mean all the way to the start. I mean for the first time in two marks are running one too, which is brilliant. Had they one, I remember like the commentators saying like this is the first time works would have been one two at Zand would since the fifties or something like, when Frangio was racing, basically, so that would have been an amazing feed. They had everything going on for themselves. So, yeah, they were back, at least from what toto was saying that you know, they're expecting good pace after the summer break onto one point eight second gap with rbr on to now. Basically, they could have won that race yesterday. Yep, exactly. Man. It's an awesome journey and even, like you know, I love how how well the team is gelled up. Like I had first imagined very honestly that when Russell comes in, that there would be some friction within the team because, you know, he being like the young gun and, you know, trying to kind of become the first driver eventually. Of course it would kind of bring in some tension. But it seems like their rules are very well set within the team. They kind of know what needs to be done and how to get the team, you know, to the place where they want to reach. And That's a Well oiled machine. I mean, what else to say, like most of these, is good. We have seen them dominate the sport for so long. Of course. Ah, and that's why I no just coincidences, of course, that they are a very well oiled team. Um, yeah, at one point, I mean they were like, we're having a bad year, but we'll we'll only have the rest of the year bad...

...as well, but we'll beat rbr at home. So in your face sort of situation. Oh yeah, I didn't consider that. That's right, that's actually yes, in your face, I mean not our we at home, but like Max much, of course. Yeah, Um, got to lap forty nine Hamilton's again. It is like, let's go, guys, he has that brilliant two points something. Let's stop that double stack that they did there. Yes, and then cut to lap sixty three. This was the biggest ever. So I'm like, I like your mind. Yes, that was actually and that was such an irony, like everything was going well and then certainly just went down for them. But it's not bad, very honestly, like they still got two and four, which is not too bad. I mean if, even if they had pitted both of them. Um, I'm not sure, considering Max's pace as well, I'm not sure whether Hamilton, don't, don't try to be this diplomatic. Let's just say the unpopular opinion here. Max would happen. That respect, exactly, that safety car ensured Max was gonna win. So that, let's exactly. Yeah, Yep, Yep, Yep. So, yeah, anybody who's been criticizing most of these, I mean I don't think they did anything wrong. I think that was the right strategy and Uh Yeah, Oh, yes, okay, I have to. I have to mention this. As soon as, like the message came in about lapcas are allowed to overtake that, like suddenly, it reminded me of Hamilton's and him having PTSD. Britty surely flinched there for a second, right. I saw this, I saw this meme where as soon as Max over takes on this trade, total calls up race director saying no, Mikey, no, no, you cannot let this happen, and then Mikey says what happened now and that that that shot is from like him sitting at his home, and then total cuts to toto saying Oh, sorry, force of habit yeah, I guess, like all of them, had some PTSD there. But when I feel like, interestingly, they did allowed Russell too pits might take on. I mean, and the question that that I mentioned before we got under this topic. The question really is, should mark have done what they did? Should they have allowed Russell to call the shot and, you know, come in for the pits and change those tires? Because the other question is, like they could have probably just kept them on the same tires, which they have done that. And then the bigger question there is, was this a race about Hamilton's win or Mercedes win? So, folks, before we share our opinions on this, and I throw it off to Sarah, you know, make sure you send us your opinions about what you think, but off to you. Sum I think like I don't...

...know. It's it's an interesting question because it's like, on one side, I kind of understand their psyche of letting him pit because, you know, by giving orders of, you know, don't come in or whatever, I think it's also kind of, you know, insis the relationship a bit, which they probably want to avoid, especially when they are on their back foot as well and they are really not contending for the championship anyways. So, you know, it's it's not like they they're losing their first position in the championship or something. So at this point I think it was the right call from Mercedes. Do, you know, allow their drivers to experiment, because at the same time it's also like, you know, kind of a chance for Russell to group as well, because having this presence of mind, of deciding to put on your own is something that's important, and, especially if they are grooming him for the driver number one seat, I think that's a good quality to have. So for me makes sense that they allowed him. What do you think? Fair enough, and I think, like for me, the race was about mercedies and not Hamilton's. I mean, yes, we want Hamilton's to win, because it's become Mercedes has become synonymous with Hamilton's, with the past seven years, for sure. Yeah, but I think they're playing a bigger game where it is about mercedies, and I'm fine. I'm fine. In hindsight again, everything looks, you know, very different. I agree with Jensen Button saying like they surely lost position. stepend would have had to fight two mercedies to get to that win. But but I think like it's still okay for them to do that and not create that barrier between the driver and the team so early on. And it's its first year, right halfway through the season. So yeah, I think it's fine. I think it's fine. I think it's fine. Yeah, definitely. Overall, mostly is that pretty well. Unfortunately, they didn't get the win. That's fine, but I think this is just a step in the right direction for them. They have been struggling for a long time at least. You know, this is uh, yeah, it seems like they are able to at least challenge for the win, right, so that's that's great. Yeah, yeah, there's been the set of memes where they're saying a new clown has entered the pit garage and they've sort of put that cloud memes onto Mercedes at this point. And you know, when we talk about clowns. There's only one original clown. No, no other team can take that position, no other team can fill that gap. There's only one clown, there's only one cardinal, there's only one circus on the grade, and I'm not even going to take their name at this point because everybody knows. So, you know, the war was happening there when, like twenty laps into the race and the circus had begun. Oh Man, I don't know. So just last episode we talked about you know, we were praising them like, you know, not not exactly pleasing, but kind of defending the you know,...

...it was the right call that they made. And Uh, this time I'm not going to defend anything, you know, because, dude, like, what the hell were they doing? You know, I was just trying to think of the mistakes that they made yesterday. Let's let's start and thount. Let's try let's try it out. Okay. First we saw them leaving the wheel gun on the track. Second was, you know, not being ready with the tires when signs came in. His pitstop was completely ruined. Then, of course, you know, everybody was just running around as well. It seemed, of course, seemed like a circus, because I think at the point where they didn't actually get his tires out, there's a video on credditure. So where the front sorry, the rare left guy, right, rare left tire guy was on the front side. I don't know why, and he was kind of stuck there because he kind of got surrounded by the other mechanics and he was trying to find a way to get back and that was basically why they weren't ready with this tire. Then the third thing was, you know, they got out the medium tires for Charles when Snoda was having issues, and at that point I think safety card was about to come out, but they ran in because they realized it's mediums and that's not the right tire and they came back with hearts and Charles put it after that. So that was a close call. I would say it probably wasn't a mistake, but I would say it was, you know, potential mistake kind of one. What else that's interesting, right, because that reminds me of the fact that you know how how role playing games have a glitch where the characters stuck somewhere and like it? Basically the physics is encoded incorrectly. The pit crew is behaving that like the real world physics have been defied with, to be honest. But on on, I'm going to try and defend them for once, only once, for their debauchery, which they should have text but just to give some context here to folks on on what the issue is and like what could have happened and whatnot. Um Ted or Martin, where it is? I can't figure out their name. Basically, in the commentary box said that usually what happens is engineers come to know first, or they decide that the driver is going to come in and they tell the mechanics that hey, get the tires ready because the drivers coming in, and then once that happens, that sort of three way tag team works together to make the stop work. In this case, apparently they made a call or they found out, or science made a call or whatever that was. I think like science made that call, but I made a call on the last turn and the mechanics found out when the car was in the lane and everyone was scrambling. At this point the mechanics should have just told the engineers like we aren't ready with their tires. How can you make a call like this. So the...

...engineers in the mechanics really need to have communicated well better here, I mean science. He has been making his own calls. Whatever, I'm over it. I don't want to discuss it. But at least for once, for once my day, I said the pitstop was a mess. So finally he accepted that they made a mistake. That was I think it's a step in the right direction at least, because still now he was like just, you know, not even accepting that there was anything wrong with them, which is just absurd very honestly. Oh, by the way, one more mistake. But Carlos hit this guy right Hamilton's so that was one more. So he did have a damage from that. Yeah, he actually also had a damage from that and I think I he tweeted about it or on and I don't know what, but somewhere he basically said that he was carrying some damage because of that and that's why his performance was bad. I don't know if that's just just the reason that he is giving or not, but but yeah, whatever it's, it's it's just weird when I don't understand. Yesterday it was Ferrari, like I I was really rooting for them I was hoping that they would do something because Lek luck was doing good right until lap I think what, ten, fifteen, something like that. Uh, and Ason, as pit stops started, everything just went downhill after them. But at least the only team that sort of starts off at P one, P two, p three or something like that and then decides we're going to finish P four, p five, p six or something like that. Yes, even that, dude. What the Hell is wrong with Ferrari? Why do they decide in the middle of the race that we cannot win and let's came for P four? Every other team starts off spight or whatever and decides to be like will bep one. These guys are the only ones that want to go behind. But man, to be honest, I love Ferrari. I love Farraricas like that's that's the most creative team ever. Like how do you come up like how how many races are we done? I think like fifteen or sixteen or fourteen races down something that. I think. How do you come up with any creative ways to die? You know, you know, there's this game right like fun ways to die. These guys should be on there like these guys should be on the creative team for that, like, I agree, they should. They should be given a word for that. For sure. They should start writing some fan fiction, I guess. Yeah, yeah, I mean it's clounting around, so why not just join us at this point exactly? But Science was all over the place. When yesterday even with that unsafe release, and then he comes out of the radio and says like Hey, yeah, it wasn't an unsafe releasies time. Oh yeah, right, unsafe release as well. Oh, I forgot about that, of course. Why was he trying to justify that? Like it's not an unsafe like would...

...shut up. He almost killed Alonso's race back there, or I guess it was Alonso. Yeah, someone, yeah, some, some Alpines, I think it was open. Yeah, but then there's a ball move on when when boat has his parked his car at the end of that story. Yeah, it was a nice move, but honestly, I'm not sure. If I don't know, like it probably was a bit unsafe considering that boat, as his car was in the way, and considering that yellow flags were being waved. I'm actually not sure. I I didn't get a chance to go back and exactly look whether the yellow flag was already shown to him when he got onto the state, but at least in the past, from like what we have seen, generally, overtaking and making moves when the yellow flag is out is generally punished, and I was a little unsure as to what's going on. Why was nobody talking about it, like the commentators did talk about it a bit, because a similar thing happened the next lap when o'conn was trying to make a move on Alonso, and I don't know who it was, I think not or somebody, or castle, I think it was, and he basically backed off. He had to like really break hard and lock up to not overtake because he was like so I mean, even if I agree that the move was great, but I'm not sure if it's it was a really safe thing to do, very honestly, yeah, but from his point of view, I guess like the Yellow flags just come in before they all sort of like get into those deltas, might as well like not get stuck behind a slower car and whatnot. Yeah, I'm not reading too much into it. Personally, I think it was just sort of like he probably had already committed to it. I was in that dres before, like the yellows came on and did what he wanted. Science has been doing what he wants to, sort of thing. I think he's anyways. That's true. Yeah, realizing he can't rely on that. He okay, since you're talking about that, I think you know. One small topic I wanted to bring about the same, same thing, was that, I think we also said this earlier, that shalls somewhere lax in that sense where while I, you know, completely early like Roberto, had kind of defended chance saying that, you know that he shouldn't have to. But you know what, what kind of I have to say about that is it's real life, you know, and things don't exactly go as you want towards ideally that they should, and considering that, if you really want to win championship, you have to take matters in your own hand when you're not getting support from where you should to support your statement. There Russell too, because he made the call for himself. Exactly. Yeah, exactly, that's that's exactly true. And I feel like, while I completely agree that Ferrari should take the burden of building our strategies and everything and shall definitely shouldn't have to do it, but if that...

...is the case and he wants to win, he must. That's that's all I can say about it. I mean I'm taking the easier route here, sitting behind a mic and just sort of like as as an after effect, like would have could have showed a sort of situation here. Right. I think for our he needs to sort of reshuffle their strategies and like make things better at their end. But I think like every weekend, without future information at hand, they feel like they're doing the best thing at their disposal. From a viewer's point of view and from like someone sitting behind a mic and just talking, they are clearly not. But Hey, matrio fields they are. So I'm not going to find exactly. Oh man, already, enough of the clown show. Let's talk about some facts and starts. From the weekend here, an interesting thing I learned was, I think, like whenna eventually finally parked his car uh the second time, the governmentators came on and said this track basically has sand as runoff at quite a lot of places, and what that ends up doing is it's difficult for Marshall Steven push the car so Marshall's cannot push the car out and it takes longer than usual to get the car off the track than some of the other tracks, which is an interesting thing to learn, because otherwise probably it's the gravel and you can just roll the car off, sort of thing. Alonso, Alonso has scored a point for ten consecutive race and to be honest, I'm growing a fan of the Alpine. I mean every weekend I get into their trying to look for how the Alpine is gonna Behave and react. Not much from Okon, but like definitely from Alonso. Max has joined the League of thirty race wins. Some brilliant performance from Max there, and the youngest as well, and the youngest as well. That's that's awesome. That's speaking of maximum positions gained. Yesterday, Fernando Alonso tops that with seven positions gained. I'm not going to count your Uke for losing eleven places because he dnf but the next in contention are at minus five, with Mike show maker as a regular racer, and Carlos signs as someone who was hyper early up on cocaine on the race yesterday, just trying to gain places. Red Work makes the fastest pit stop. Two Point Oh nine. That is some just brilliant pit stopping work from their end. Went again. Ye, back there yet again, with all guns within their realm. And so, yeah, some some interesting, fun, fun stuff. You heard one that Fangio was the last time when works were one too at Zander Wood. That could have repeated again, but unfortunately it didn't. So I had some facts and starts for you for this weekend.

Okay, go. I have to ask this question. Why did Yuki come in for a cock inspection? I guess. I guess he was on hearts at that point, or was Oh God, he's become he's that means going to live for a long time. Man. It is plastered everywhere. I just couldn't escape it, so I had to bring up. Obviously, obviously, I don't know what was happening. I felt like he just parked his car, parked his car and complained the tire to clues, everyone scrambled on the Alpha Tour Garat saying what the Hell is happening? They come back saying like, oh no, the tires are fine. So this guys like, okay, let's just slowly roll into the pitch again and then they get all frisky with all his private parts and stuff. Drama, I feel. I feel it was Helbert Marco Calling Yuki on the radio. Yes, you're a part, now we need y yeah, yeah, Hamilton's way far ahead. We need some help. Yeah, you kit now. So he stopped now, rather yeah, stop now. I have never seen something like this, to be honest, like never. Never. Yeah, it was quite odd, honestly, like if stars were loose, I think it would have been a lot more evident. It's weird that he just stopped. I mean kind of good. Probably he thought it was unsafe. Thats why he stopped. Maybe it's also some inexperience as well, showing off here, because you know, he probably doesn't have as much experience with that and that's why he wasn't sure, probably, but either ways, it was are all over the place, man, I don't understand what's going on with that team in general. Like this year they have just the performance has just fallen off. There just nowhere. Very honestly, we can weak out. There's UH, you know, not many points gained. Uh, not much action from them. I think ghastly did decent last days, but other than that I think that's it's been pretty luckluster overall. True. True. Just a note on all the touching that was happening with the there's a speculation, or someone's been saying like probably his seat belt was loosen and he thought he's going to just get off the car, and that's the feeling that he was probably resonating with US terms in terms of the tire being loose. Yeah, I mean Alpha Tower. He is one of those teams that is with Hass in my mind at this point, because they're just sort of racing. K MAG was trying to sort of play his party yesterday, but he was also sort of like all over the place. There was quite a lot of understeer that we saw from him. Run ran into the gravel during race start and then again I think he was battling someone where he didn't have the better out of the two fights, although the fight that I did like to see was Hass versus Aston Martin of make verses. Well, there's this one lap where they went neck to neck...

...down turned ten, eleven, twelve and eventually turned thirteen. Is when Mick finally over tooken. It was super clean racing from both Seb and Mick, and then that was just super lovely to watch. Super Sep was a bit naughty yesterday, right, like he wasn't really. I think he was running. I think, I think Zinder would like people outside probably gave him a few years before he came in. He was he was going. He was like you know, you know you go bowling as a kid and you have those railings and you try to purposely throw on a side so that it bounces off. He was that. Sep. Was that yesterday. Yes, totally, totally. Who Was it? I think it was Charles and Hamilton's right too, fighting when he yeah, when he came in between. Yeah, I don't know. Yesterday wasn't his day and stroll was doing very good. So I don't know what role eventually ended up on the storry, but like on the place where he started. But I agree he was having a brilliant day yesterday. Yeah, and that's you know, I think we haven't talked about stroll a lot this year over all, I think because he was nowhere and out of nowhere. He certainly came into q three. Yeah, and I was so shocked, like what's going on? What suddenly happened with Strou and even in the race it was pretty decent. He came in what, eight, nine something. That it was pretty decent. Or was it then? I think it was one point. Yeah, basically ended where he started, but I'm happy with how it went for him because that was and that he started at petern because he had an issue during qualification and he couldn't participate in q t at all. So we were talking about Alpine a few minutes back and I want to come back to okon for that. I feel it was a disappointing performance from o'kn to be honest. I mean if if we were to see he did end up gaining three positions from where he started, but overall I feel like it was still a disappointing position, disappointing play from him because he was at an advantage of a whole bit stop with the others. Shore there was a VSC and a safety car, so that puts the advantages to move. But at the end I think like he could have still taken advantage of that five second penalty from science and been just one more position up into p eight, with science at nine. Yeah. So I think overall we had a great race, of course, but I think the orange smoke man like it was back kind of that they were able to kind of control during the race, but as soon as Max one that was just all out, you know, orange screen everywhere again. I think this is basically...

...the wooze allow of F one. Right, I think we can claim that for sure. True, that's a nice that's nice for sure, for sure. And the commentators say, I mean, at least I hope I'm right, that they were being sarcastic, but like looks like a couple made through security. It was not a couple, it's not. But well, at least I'm glad that they were. They were able to not in a start those during the race and especially didn't throw anything into the track, unlike quality, which is utterly ridiculous. If you had seen that, they had to pause with such a q two, I think a q one, because two things we have to mention this. One is the smoke granade that they threw in and second was pigeons, some hardcore metal ship pigeons out there in the Netherlands during F did you see F two pigeons like casually crossing to cross? Wait, one, wait, one more, and I feel like what was happening was like he was taking that the pigeon is taking two steps at a time, squeezing the cars more and more into that. Yeah, exactly place, moving chickens. See that you harmit moving. That's I gotta. I gotta write this down. This is yet another t shirt coat from Sarah. Pigeons are moving chickens at Zander Wood. Yes, yeah, Oh, yeah, so, yeah, that was something fun. I think overall, this weekend was pretty fun. Honestly, like the race. I like when in the morning, when I woke up, I said to my friend that, you know, I'm sure the race is going to be very boring today. I don't know why I'm watching this, but then right now I can see that it was a very fun Deacon. I'm glad I saw it. It was it was it was nice. There a lot of things happening. I think. The only thing, I like, to be honest, from the crowd, beyond everything that was orange, was this pot where we had like fans arranged in a way where we could see like the Dutch flag. Um, that was that was a nice way to put put the Dutch patriotism up and honestly, that's how it should be, not this orange smoke ship right like this is what true celebration is about. This is what, you know, fans coming together and doing something awesome is about, not, you know, just polluting the track even more than that's necessary. You know, and you know honestly, if you remember, last year we were praising the GP because they did the whole token system for recycling and everything very well, and they did, you know, all of those aspects. They handled very well, and I really put the organizers like clam down on this a lot more. They should honestly just how and out lifetime bands for people who bring in...

...these smoke screens so that, you know, it really returns them from getting it in. Yeah, but either way, I love the Dutch flag that they put on and uh yeah, that's that's that's how it should be, honestly, fair enough, fair enough. And on that bombshell, this was a I'm gonna I'm gonna take this from Jeremy Clarks and I love how this is y. yeah, so us. No, please, don't, please don't. We had nobody's folks who have stuck around with US till till this last minute. Please do share it with your friends again, rate us on the platform that you're listening this on. Um and share it with their enemies and again, find a random person on the street and go tell him to listen to a fun fiction. On that note, we'll see you next weekend with some guests maybe. Um. These are your was signing off. Bye. Bye.

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