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Episode 43 · 5 months ago

2022 Canadian GP


We return to the Canadian GP after a 2 year gap due to COVID and it did not disappoint us! While it was not the most exciting race at the lead, there was just enough action to keep you hooked. Max walked to his victory and yet again increased his lead in the WCC. Ferrari yet again losing out to RBR, are left scratching their heads.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Goatifi – the true DoTD 🐐
  2. Red Bull’s slam dunk
  3. RBR sabotaging Checo?
  4. Alpine Stateliest to Ferrari: "Hold my beer" 🍺
  5. Everyone forgets how to pit
  6. Is Zhou really a pay driver? 🤑
  7. Stroll the only Canadian on the grid
  8. Daniel GIT GUD! 👍
  9. Aston Martin does Vettel dirty
  10. Mercedes Fails to manipulate FIA
  11. Toxic Twitter Fans 💀
  12. Trains Everywhere! 🚇
  13. We need smaller car for better racing!  

Memes in this Episode:

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

We got a new meme where Ferrari is the one to ruin race strategies. He'll be coming in with hold my beer. Hello and welcome back to F one fan fiction. I show about f one race reviews and Fone community interviews. This is the Canadian crop pery. I think we're having this race after a few years because of the whole covid issues, but boy, Oh boy, glad, glad to be here. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorten, and let's get into it, you know, before before we do anything on not like let's talk about some stats, you know, some stats that we've seen over the over the race weekend. Actually, you know what, even before that, I'm gonna say. I'M gonna say the Internet has not disappointed us, voting Lathifi as a driver of the day. And I say this, and I say this because, like, they never actually showed the driver of the day until after the whole thing was over and rebuild also. So, yeah, by the way, for those who don't know, that has been going, you know, an ongoing conspiracy as such, to you know who LAPPI has the driver of the day, because of course he deserves it right. He's, after all, Mr Consistent right because he has gotten the last POSI SI consistent. Inconsistency to perform is also a form of consistency. Chekey should good for the day, but I if I'm not wrong, I guess probably this was his first home race. HMM, don't probably check that, but I think this was his first home race. And, having said that, like some some interesting stats. Is Friday practice mark like fifteen years to wettles debut. Fifteen years back Hamilton won his first race ever here at Canada and that accident was because there's more Punjab's in Canada then. Then, in case you're wondering any is some interesting commentary stuff that I heard during the last few lapses. We have seen some major upsets and some some last minute, last lap overtakes. A few references to one back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one another one in twenty and twenty should be two thousand and eleven with button. There was one race where Nigel Mansell was waving to the audience and was overtaken on the last straight. And you know when they said that science was chewing down or trying to get on Max and I was wondering maybe you would see something like that. But some Max positions gained, plus fourteen by La Claire, brilliant drive from p nineteen to be five Max positions lost, minus twelve by K MAG what was happening there? Alonso eventually ended up getting his five second penalty for Weaving on this straight, or, dare I say, horizontally poor poisonings. Be Nine, and an interesting one is red will. Racing wins a sixth straight race since two thousand and thirteen. Only second best after whetels nine race streaks. So that's something going on for it. But racing. But Sarah, yeah, on to on to your race. Not I want you to sort of divers into the whole R BR versus Ferrari giant. We can. Well, I think today it was entirely that bills game, I feel like. Honestly, when I started watching there is aren't even before the race, I was quite confident that Max is going to win, because, I mean his main comparitors are not that Perez and let clerk, so there's nobody to stop him.

Science is, of course a good driver. No, no slander against him, but he hasn't performed as well as luck clerk, we can say, at least this season. So he was clearly not a threat. Yeah, I mean we did see some action towards the end, but you know, that's also debatable because you could also see that Max will probably just managing his tires to make sure keeps some life fire towards the end. So, honestly speaking, I think it was pretty much a slam dug by red bull this time and I think they are just killing it this season. It seemed at the very start that, you know, they are probably like too over confident, and they probably were at the start, but they have pretty easily caught up with Ferrari by now. True, we did see Max, I think, dominating free practice one and maybe weird two. I count remember if two results, but we had like Max on the top. Even the commentary is said, with the way for our heas been doing. Who is there right now to sort of stop our we are domination? Maybe a mercedies or sorry, a Hamilton media interview coming statement that so much winning from Max is going to board the audience. That might come up soon, I guess. Yeah, but I don't know why are we are sort of is again like it's just all toss up in the air. But Peres losing his car, potential gearbox issue, which she did sort of confirmed during the post race interview, but I don't haven't checked like the details details of it. I don't know. Is Are we are sort of putting all efforts into Max's car at this point and just on purpose sabotaging caress so there's no driver attention. Yeah, right, I mean, considering Christian Harner, considering Helmet Marko, considering our we are it's you know, this is within the rends of possibilities. Where Isy? Yeah, who knows? Man Like. Okay, so, honestly, let me put it out there. I'm totally team Paris this championship. Let me make it very clear. Yeah, because, yeah, I mean there is is doing great, man. I love seeing him these days at it always still now he seemed like a very boring uncle on the track, but suddenly he's like turning into a chat like it's awesome how his confidence has grown with the car, how comfortable he has gotten. Of course, like today was not a day and yesterday he did mess up in the wets by kind of hitting the walls. But at the same time they also would like splitting the strategeasy yesterday because they put him on into his while Max was still on wets. So you know, who knows? That was also probably something. The fair is going on there right. Yeah, man, sad for Perez. I'm more sad that, like Max is taking it away with the championship. Like the lead has increased even more now and I'm sure since this lead is there between Perez and Max, will see more team orders as the season goes ahead. Yeah, possibly, possibly, and you know, I I think I've said this. I think it was Monaco where it feels like there is definitely an r we are camp forming within the camp, even with the Post celebrations and stuff right, like it's a huddle of Marco, Christian honor Christian owners, wife and pre Max's girlfriend like all sort of like come together and it's like a good, happy family and I'm like, I just don't see anyone from prest camp here, so obviously nothing's going on. It's just a very informally, very formal camp, as were feeling that. I yet they are. Man, yeah, but as I think he's in a good mind space and a good form at this point to bring the fight on the way sort of science was putting that fight on on thanks during those last laps. He had new tires, he had drs every single lap of...

...those last ten laps, but manager utterly useless by the exactly exactly because the the R we are was like faster on those trades and and Kudos to also Max so for sort of like using some brilliant battery management and, you know, fighting through that to just keep science at bay. Yeah, man, I don't know what it's very weird. Like Ferrari didn't seem like they had the engine advantage at all today. Maybe it was the set up, maybe it was possibly they sacrifice some you know, straight line speed in favor of some performance at corners. But clearly signs was not at all even be you know, was use not even troubling Max. Where you want to sleep with his drs? He was quite comfortable. Max was pretty comfortable. It only seemed like he's right there if Max fucked up. But yeah, that clearly didn't happen. Sad Day for science, I mean honestly. Okay, so one of the commentators mentioned this and that's when I realize that science is actually not one a ray still. Now, yeah, he stuck at P two forever. He is. Ye, I think it is. Let's see how many? How many P twos has he gotten? I say that. Yeah, this should be his war or fifth? Yeah, I guess so as well. Yeah, probably fourth. Yeah, man, it's let's see. I mean some day, some day, you might just win it, and even if he wins it, it will definitely be with a penalty or something like that. So like nobody will know that he won the first to it has to come that way. Yeah, fust let look, even with the engine penalty and everything, starting at Pou Nineteen, he did pretty good. Yeah, I guess, like that's the new Ferrari plan. Like, obviously they can't keep the cars working when they are all the way up, so it's like like toss them all the way to the back. They'll power through the field and at least that will make the drivers happy that, you know, at least use the Frari a good way, rather than plaining that we were a diable to keep you one. So at this point I think there's a strategy for me at Ferrari can right. That makes sense. You cannot lose from p one to p four when you never had P one. Right, and this proves your before. See Tears there? Yes, yes, because, like larks be nineteen, there were enough for sea tears to bringing up to right and right, when he reads, right up till Oh con if they ran out of it. So they were having this technic. Yeah, and then he was just stuck back forever. Fair enough and enough. And did. But you gotta give it to to Charles Man, like at this point, I feel like for our he's completely to blame. Otherwise he is he has found his complete Modo. He's extracting everything out of that car, even with like a debauched five point three second bad pit stop. He's sort of like, you know, powering through the field up on two Pfive at this point, which is just a brilliant he did. I mean, I don't know again, like I want to open this up, like I don't know if it's an attribute of the Canadian groper, but like he struggled behind that car of Oh con. He just was a double to overtake him. It was very odd, I don't know, like clearly over takes were happening and Charles was part of it right, like he was like doing any over takes, and I don't know why I think it's mainly the Alpine street line spare a lot of people have been talking about this. The street length speed is really good, and that's why I like Alonso. I mean not this race, but in previous races, like in Monacco, and I think there was another race where he people are stuck behind him, and that's basically...

...mean. That's the mean reason why he is able to keep people behind them, because Alpine has a very good straightline speen and I think that sort and that further examplifies that Ferrari no more is the fast stance and out there on that track, that's what it seems like. Yeah, yeah, and speaking of Alpine, right like the last race to if we, if you would observed, like Alonso was in the coat and quote lime light is there were some sort of expectations coming out of Alonso to either be on the podium at Baku, but obviously the other cars outshun him. So so he wasn't able to. But like at this race, for the driver, showed the true potential of Alpine and we got a new meme where Ferrari is the one to ruin race strategies. I'll be in coming here with hold my beer. Oh Man, yes, okay, let's let's talk about this Alpine. Okay, first of all, Alonso P to in qualification. That was insanely good. I think throughout the weekend, IE fptfy three, they've been pretty fast. It was pretty clear that they might be right up there and at least top five somewhere, and of course he delivered. That be to all his experience, since I don't even remember when he's been driving, but yeah, all the experience that he's gathered. Yeah, I like today I was talking to a friend of mine, like who hasn't watched a fore in a while, and I was telling him that, you know, Alonso is P to any like. Wait, what does he still racing? Asn't. And No, no, I think he's the new kimmy where he retires with Kimmy skids at this point, because the way he's going at like what people like, he's I think I he is the oldest on the track at like then, the oldest person to ever ray sort of thing, the number of years. So and he any delivers APP to so, yeah, yeah, man, brilliant. And even after that, even at the start of the days, he was able to keep his position for it least four laps, I think, right after which signs overtook him. Of course he was not at the right place, so like he was gonna be overtaken by somebody. But still, I think, regardless, he group pretty good race. But but I'Lpin completely let him downe alongso versus Hamilton was happening up all the way on that front and us like wow, this feels like so much more two thousand and seven eight situation, when you know these two are fighting each other and like it's just back of that era. But Strategy Wise, man like we get the Safety Carson other runs into the wall for I don't know if he was on that what's that show where they tell you what to do on the radio and then you have to just do it, even how silly it is right. So I think like it was one of those moments where there were the guys on the radar, just like now floor it, and he did ran into the wall. The anyways, the safety gus out. They waited for like so long to get Alonso in and when they decided to get him in, it was already time for the safety card to go, so they had to stay out. It was just a mess. It was just a mess. No, it was a mess overall. I mean, yes, that safety card definitely was one of them, but there were many opportities, like right, like the first virtual safety card that was passing. That is then there was it was very weird that they were just not pitting him like everybody else is pitting left and right, and I don't know, they probably thought they'll just keep the position. I don't know what was going under the thing. It was Monaco. I mean, I don't understand. Yeah, maybe they have too much faith in him creating a train and not letting anyone go ahead. That's it doesn't matter. Yeah, it made no sense. The strategy was like outright stupid. Man. It's sad to see him like dropped through the ranks. And then, of course he finished piece six, but not...

...really right. I think he got a penalty as well. Yes, five second or that, or is until for poising, but they put it him at lap twenty nine and for a moment where the thought was this is probably going to be a one stopper where they put on hearts and then he goes all the way to the end. Yeah, so just seeing the charts for Alonso, like they literally had the most possible strategy they could decide. So he was on twenty eight laps on mediums. Okay, like what? Anyways, then he was twenty one laps on herds and then twenty one laps on mediums again. So basically they over drove the mediums. They didn't use the hearts enough. I'm there at the last and they got, you know, I probably like just the right amount of a laps on the we stopper with the minimum laps on hearts. That's YEP, exactly. I've never seen a strategy like that. Is Me playing the fun online game the first day of my fire feels good and very weird it. Yeah, it feels like for I basically just passed the mental to ALP in the is like, you know, carry this torch for us. Yeah, and then, and then, at some point Alonso wanted a team orders wasn't given. was asked to like yeah, Righte it out of OK on they wanted to keep Charles behind them. Obviously that didn't work. There's there some some commentary about like, for like a Lonzo probably having an engine issue at that. Yeah, it's like everything happening at one everything at like one moment altogether, like just, yeah, weird strategy and weird calls as well. I. Yeah, anyways, Alpine has always been a mess. It's I think we've talked about this before as well, and you know, it's very weird considering that Alpine is basically run on the amount of money they're put in into the development and everything. I think they spent the other third largest spenders on the grid something Friday and read of food. Sorry, after most of these for our young Red Bull, I think now put some money into their strategist. Yeah, but but OCON had a good weekend. To conn at least was was able to annoy the Claire for a few laps. was there something happening with the Hamilton as well? He tried, I think when Alonso was basically in P two, or rather in Pthree, when signs had already were to grade, he was talking on the radio asking is an engineer where is ook on and he's like an know, right ahead of Hamilton, and he's like so you know what we need to do, alluding to the he's a why, like a lion. So I own the lion was right idly failed. Yeah, totally failed, because Hamilton just went by yeah, I don't think the radio message was delivered to Kon if only on to some serious topic or to some serious Tomaic. Yeah, that's the presentation that you were sure. Yeah, let me bring up my powerpoint presentation. Let about and deepen the door and at this point is serious business. At this point, m shake shit. Let's go to the first one, and it's basically a four paneled one with two and a Half Mon oh. By the way, anybody who's on audio, we have links to these memes in the show notes to check it out there. This is this is one of those, I think like the gasles show cane moment where like they had to pit him at the end. Remember, I forget like what race it was earlier this year. They had to put it because the FI relations that. Yeah, you have to put it. Clearly...

...seemed that way. So like came ags. Okay, so, just so that people know, basically it's pooled pannel image from two and a half men where, you know, Hars is saying, you know, I think I forgot something, and then, as I if you forgot, then it wasn't important, and then harsh is like yeah, you're right, and then it's basically Camag you know, standing in the rereating waiting of fifty lap old heart tires. It was. Yeah, they messed up their restrite has completely. They had such a good result in qualification and just went all downhill from there. anyways, let's go to the next one. It's a gem of almost hitting the Pollard but not really, and the caption signs byting backs. That's exactly how it seemed, like nity loose, never happening thing. Yeah, that's just a very famous end in the disappointed fan meme. Yeah, Hamilton in two thousand and twenty one when he gets pthree with the disappointed me, and then the next one is Hamilton in two thousand and twenty two when he gets a Pthree, and that's basically that mean where that guy goes crazy celebrating and p three. Yeah, it is that. It was even his post race commentary interview sort of thing. Was it was a brilliant weekn and we got pthree. We back on podium, happy to be here. So this is you. What did it feels all right, the last one in SA and order. Trying to know this is not a sorrious lot like thot. Slowly starting the paper and all of the PUSTUPS was so slow and terrible. Like I think McLaren had a terrible pit stop. They were trying to do a double stock and completely failed. Who Wills Alonso had a shorty pit stop. Ricardo, they will so recrdo spit stop, clerk spit stop was watched here and I think there was one move somebody's tired they forgot to bring out. I think was some Hars Hoss Right, I forget who it was. Yeah, it was all well, I don't know why we have been seeing this theme recurring again and again. Oh, by the way, we are at the end of the means you don't have anything elsmore. But but yeah, continuing on to the topic of pitch stops, it's weird this season. I'm seeing overall there are a lot of watch pit stops for a lot of slope it stops. I don't even be called seeing, you know, like a sub two second pit stop. The season at all for gets up to second. I won't even seen like a sub two point five second pitch top and sorted a common anymore. Clearly the tires, the larger tires, are probably playing into it, and also some the regulations that if I had gotten last season. A few recalled to kind of nerve Fred Bulls pit stops, so that, I think, is probably playing into the picture. And Yeah, it's kind of weird that suddenly pitch stops are become like a weakness for most teams now all of a sudden. But I'm fine with it as long as it's a consistency across the board. There I think there was a two point three or a two point eight, something like that yesterday with maybe Mans, but again like it. I think it's sort of it was still a two point eight, but as long as it's across the board. Or what is this game? But it's lower than everything that we've seen before. Yep, we spoke about sort of like the LP in Bull Ferrari, but you know what I mean. Overall, to be honest, it was a dry of a race. It wasn't like it was extraordinary, definitely, yeah, but what there were these movements where, you know, drivers outshun themselves and I was having fun watching some of these drivers, like our utheless I start...

...of the race. So Peres, Oh cone and Russell had a brilliant rad start. I FFI is a sky sports have started showing this this thing where, like at the end of lap four or five, is sort of show maximum positions gained by drivers, like after the first few laps race, they show the first three drive, like the top three drivers, and these three were there right when you saw like plus two, plus two, plus three sort of thing, which is brilliant, and especially like having named like an OK on rare. Sure the cars getting better, but you're not. You're not used to seeing this name there right. So it's a brilliant Shaw Oh man shall for me yesterday was Oh yeah, I'm like frankly become a fan of his, like he's been doing so good, especially in his rookie or he out qualified Bot as second time, I think, right star, as well as last last DAS as well, and of course last few races he's been having terrible luck with like DNFS and engineferiors and all that. But finally, finally he finished the race. You know, as me and fact think even talked about this a bit. I don't remember when, but sometime, even though he is a paid driver, not really, because it's not like his dad is funding his career, you know, like yeah, has big sponsors, sponsors, then you know that's that's the case with a lot other drivers to like, for example, Paris has a very big backing of Carlos Slim who's basically like that riches guy. Anyone done cell is is because of him, I guess. Yeah, exactly. So you know, I wouldn't exactly called jaw was a paid driver, because it's not like he is there only because of his duddies money. Yeah, and yeah, sure, like I had makes sense. If the only country man from your country is reaching that level, you know companies are going to sponsor you, yeah, to try and get you that seat. So I think that's fair and it's not like a try. I don't going the extra mile by saying that if he was to get into Max's R we are or like Hamilton's mercedies from last year, will show like a podium finishing result, because I saw this one overtake that he did on wettill. You know, he was so brilliant to watch because I think, like we're on lap fifty seven ish or whatever, he completely told himself behind it all, launched himself from whittle's drs and then sort of like late break to the way you see Daniel laid break under a career point and then overtaking mettle, and I was like, Dude, this guy is in his room in for taking a four time world champion and it is really watch m yea, though, you know, while while we're, you know, pleasing him so much, there was this one really funny moment during the race on the radio. I think he was a bit frustrated by like the lack of power. Okay, so he he comes under the radio and it sounded a lot like the reason be too hardier. You know, there's no power to over take like it. It's some plaining to his mom, like cadyar something. At least I'm happy that he got his car to the finish line, crossed that and was able to show his talent, because brilliant right from him. The other one that I wanna bring up is roll. He was the Canadian Ministry of Defense yesterday. Your thoughts on stroll? Yesterday he did so good man, I was pleasantly surprised. Like tell now, at least this season. Okay, I mean we have kind of defended stroll a lot in previous seasons, but this season I think he has been pretty shut very honestly, I think today was finally the day where he kind of proved himself about at least he got and probably got more comfortable or car patriotic maybe. Yeah, who knows? He drove a brilliant race man like he...

...was defending so well. There's a train behind him right, like I think it was three cars behind him. Yeah, those strolls Ow Sonada, Ricardo and battled D yeah, it was fun to watch. At least one Canadian proved like made his country proud a bit. Yeah, because the other one knew that the Internet's trying to do that for him. So he didn't have to do everything on track. But, you know what, I want to bring this moment up where ghastly almost sort of runs into stroll. And then this happened, like just before that Pitt entrance straight, Oh yeah, and, Oh yeah, gast Lee entered into the pits. Now at that point that confused me right, like was ghastly always meaning to go into this, into the pits, and a few was why was he fighting stroll or at that was very weird at that point, like was it like, Oh, if so, I'm I couldn't, I'm so late on breaking that I'm already in the pits. Might as well, like, let's just let you know, go into the pits. Are The yeah, it is very weird. First of all, I was super confused. Was So when they showed the plate, it seemed like he was just going to crash into stroll straight up, you know, and then suddenly he just go straight in the pits. So it was so bizarre. It it almost seemed like, you know, in a lot of games, like when you reach a certain cross a certain exact location, the game takes over and you know, yeah, animation start, like the cutscene starts. It's exactly how it looked to me. That is so true. That is so true. Cross that line and then he just had to go through it because the cutscene started, yes, on point then. But the other good thing coming out a stroll was he finished in points p ten sixty four or lap sixty five are overtaking Daniel to launch himself into into that one point position. You could weaken from him. The speaking of Daniel, forgetting whatever's happened so far, I personally feel he had a good weekend. I think Ricardo suddenly it seems like he started to, you know, kind of get comfortable at that car because other bison he was doing good. Same thing we saw today as well. That's great. I mean, I'm happy, honestly, because it like it's almost cringe watching Daniel at this point, like every time I see him like way behind p fifteen pieces, my body goes into like this cringe reaction and is just ignore and I think that he's not there on the track because I can't, I can't see him there. It's so sad to see him that one. But yeah, over all, I think today he had he had a pretty decent race. Of course, like his race messed up at the end, but at least he tried from his side. So yeah, that's I think, like even during a race start he was all the way up to I five or maybe pieces of him. We do oh really? Yeah, so that interesting. He was there, he was there and he was I think yesterday he was completely outshining notice for yeah, totally, of course. I think Norris was way behind. He was I think at one point he was the dead last, or second last, I guess. So not. Did he even get some penalty even after like Oh yeah, he also got a penalty. I think he got five second penalty for speeding in the pit lane. I don't know when. I didn't exactly catch that, but maybe he was missing the party. Okay, the double stacking that they were just relaxing on Daniel spires. But yeah, man, it's great though, like I'm happy for Daniel. I hope he continues this form for the rest of the season and gets better. Get Good Daniel, right with a thick Australian throat. Yeah,...

...while we're talking about drivers that out on themselves, let's also talk about wettle a bit. You're for it. Clearly did it, but but I think there was some blame to be placed on Aston Martin, I guess, this time why? It was very weird. First of all, for the qualification. So apparently, I don't know if you heard the radio, right after q one when they told him that you know, you're out, he was super frustrated, saying that basically, I think they change the tire pressures than what they had said earlier and fpthree, which makes no sense. Why would you do that? Like, why not? And I guess better didn't know, because he was. He was actually confused and he was like asking them that, you know, did he change it and why didn't change it? So first of all, his qualification got messed up and I think even the strategy that he was on was pretty bizarre. He also was like following this very weird strategy similar to this Guy Alonso. Once it take a look where. Yeah, he was also like fifty one laps on that hearts at the end, which makes no sense. Like he was six laps on the medium and then he had super a re putched up, I exact. I don't know exactly why. Then they put him on two hearts where he wasn't again, just fourteen laughs on the hearts and then fifty one laps on hearts again. We're okay. I don't know what the strategy was at all. Sure, I'm not surprised because again, a conspiracy theory coming out here. Papa strolls paid money. Yeah, for Paipriot doesn't do it. That's what was with. Very honestly, with the pieces that he got last race and the kind of overtakes that he did last race. I'm pretty sure that any Canada again being like his is, you know, comfortable. Oh yeah, exactly. Just nerved him. Yeah, I just want to keep creating these conspiracy theories. Why not? Well, I want to see how the news sort of starts bubbling up now with whatever we saw coming after Baku, on mercy's trying to, yeah, change their regulations in their favor. Go back, baby, this race. Yeah, exactly right. You know what, I'm kind of glad that FI bought in that regulation, I mean the new directive for the setting like the maximum pot poise. I don't I don't exactly know what exactly it is, but basically the gist of it is that they are now basically measuring some some metric which measures the horizontal Po poising that these drivers are facing the other vertical. Sorry, see you, dude. You confuse me without yeah, and I think they've basically set a limit on that so that teams have to like sacrifice the performance to reduce for poising, and that's a good thing. Definitely. I'm glad that. If I didn't fall for the MERSUDIESUS tricks to try and N if the other teams and you know whatever. But I think like, yeah, you're right, like where's where's the back page now? Don't stalking about, all of a sudden it's gone. Yeah, Pthree, P Four, yeah, I don't. Again. It goes back to a point. What do we discussed last time, right like I give. I want to give them the benefit of doubt that, yeah, I'm sure they were in pain. It's not all fake. But yeah, there was definitely some some you know, acting going on alreadyast some you...

...know, over exaggeration going on, probably to prove their point, to hammer their point in, to show that you know no further team, so that you know, for the health and safety of a travel blah blah blah, and animators. There's this other mean floating around most Baku where, you know, it's like, oh, we have issue x. Once we resolve that, we're gonna be fighting competition, and it builds up and it builds up and then there is like a Barre and they spoke this. Then Baku they spoke this and it is up. And then Abu Dhabi they say the gravitational forces put on by the Sun and the moon are affecting the car and so and so. Way, once we eliminate the sun and the moon will be fighting for the title well. But anyways, I think they did pretty well today. I think this was the best most of us as a result till day, like in the season. P What does it be? Three, P four? Right, yeah, I'm Wilton back on podium. I think like a second podium for the season. He sounded super happy he was finally addressing the fans. I think like one hundred and eighty three or one hundred and eighty x podium for Hamilton in his career. We've lost count at this point, like exactly, exactly. So brilliant and brilliant. You know what does a wall. So let's put it this way. Let me ask you. What was your mercedies, if not having Mercedes highlight from the race, from the race week. I think for me it has to be the when Max was rejoining right after the pits up. Yes, it's it sudd me. I felt like a ghost transported into last year. Yes, exactly. I was having this ptsd of you know, the patching. I thought was going to be sulvested part two ward and I don't know if Hamilton did it on purpose or not, but like you can see him sort of coming in a bit more on the curb as access coming on. It is fun. But you know what I saw? I saw an image on Dang, I don't know if it's true, word like bank as this one image where post that that that curve strait, that goes into like a chicane and then sort of bounce without back on to an outward see before the u turn there's a Marshall waving blue flags to have Milton. Oh Wow, hurt. I just want to imagine what would happen if they crash today. What would like? I'm pretty sure twitter would just blow up. First of all, you got Chad Ha fan like a time on. You know what, let's point this out, because I think, like, at least for the fun party, are way more active on twitter than I am, and these fans, man, have gone mental to the point. Or some of it is just your toxicity, for sure, man. I mean I've noticed this a lot, that like on twitter, especially Hamilton fans. I mean, I don't know single anybody out, but that's the trend that I've seen in general, and the same pointing at out that it's it's been months since Abuda. We like everybody's you know, pastor Tokay, shut happened. Everybody agrees. Whatever went bad went bad. Like Michael Massi fucked up. Yeah, sure, but it's not exactly what happens. Fault at it, like you didn't tell Massy to do it. You know, people are still noting about it. I don't get it when just move on. It's done. Wells hate the time to get over. Yeah, it's very weird. Like a lot of times, it feels to me that, like a lot of Hamilton supporters are just,...

...you know, there because of the cult of personality and not because of they're actually interested in the sport and it. They just keep drumming their own beat, you know, regardless of what is happening, and it's very odd. I don't know, it's I don't enjoy going on to twitter very honestly for a one because it feels like such a toxic place, like everybody's just, you know, slandering each other, just throwing slinging shit at each other pretty much, and you don't yea of early we're probably going to get into water. Who supports all of that? So yes, first of course. Anyways, man, as much as annoying it was for the past few years for safety car, Hamilton was concerned about his tires and the battle that he might face going into it's the end of the race. It is good to watch. It is nostalgia in some way, but it does yeah, as Rooten for Hamilton yesterday, for for some yeah, it does. It was fun. No, no, it was fun. It was he was driving brilliantly and, you know, one one awesome thing that happened, which I love that happened, is Hamilton is now seven on seventy seven points, and both asses on forty four points. So they had like basically trading their the love for each other continue exactly. Nice. Hood is strong. This is good. This is good. At some point Russell was ahead of Lewis and I probably thought there's going to be team waters coming in, but I think it was just like a bitstop, not done sort of situation. So that never happened. But also to yesterday, man, I don't think he put a foot wrong. Yeah, man, and of course, you know, like he is now named as Mr Consistency because he clearly is being in top five almost every days. I think. I think this is one. Yeah, it. Oh, no, all races. Yeah, exactly. so He's been doing so good. Like, I think he's completely true that he deserves that position. I think most of these, you know, struck gold. Honestly, like a lot of people had questions about why are they letting both has go, like why break a winning formula and everything but sometimes it makes sense, and I think it completely makes sense from most of these point of view. With, you know, Hamilton. Of course he is great, but he is towards the end of his career. So, you know, they need to invest in the new talent like that. They they need to find the new Hamilton per se. Yeah, for their team, and I think they have struck gold with with Russell here. Yeah, with the new regulations. Just one topic that are also on to bring up is like just some amazing trains that are formed. Yesterday, I think the first one was alborn boat as mclaire Norris and stroll album leading the whole pack. The funny part for me was they went into the pits also together, all of them entering the pits together, all of them leaving the pits together, like just like some bunch of like kindergartens, holding hands and, you know, going down the track. Another one that you've already mentioned, we've got like the Defense Ministry of Canada Rolls Now, sister Lak it. Yeah, yeah, starting with a Naston Martin, ending with an Aston Martin, with rain there. The last one that I noticed was and no contrain, oh, convelop vote as Jao train, in the last lap. So we're all those racing all within a second of each other. So like just super close racing, super hardly arrest sessions that all of them got for an overtyportunity. I'm liking the new regulations as much as it's still forming these groups, but I like the way like some pack is right, is able to keep ride close...

...to each other right this one thing that a lot of people have pointed out, and I do agree with that, is that it's great that now cars are teachable to follow each other, but the still one major thing that I funny to fix is the size of the cars. It's like that's one of the big issues right now. So on most tracks, even if cars are able to follow each other like today, you know, it was clear that cars can maintain that, you know, quite within a second distance to the car ahead and comfortably, you know, without damaging at tires, without overeating their car, but still it's still difficult to overtake out a lot of times because the cars is so wide and so long. That still, like wheeled wheel racing is still somewhat difficult at this point, and that's something that needs to change. I mean, I understand that with air dynamics being the main factor these days. They require more surface area. Thus the cars along run wider it. But I know some some idio of improvement there. I hope that, if I like, continueses with their you know, attempt at make increasing better and try to make these cars a little smaller than what they are right now, just so that we see more wheel to be basic, and that's that's a good point, folks. Let us know your thoughts on this parting comment and what should be done with the car. Find US anywhere at the rate. Fun Fan Fiction. DMUS BE INFORMAL, because you've heard the whole episode on how it was. If you if you're if you want to be formal, reach out to us at contact us at the Ray Different Fan fictioncom we're obviously always open to growing the community. So yeah, reach out to us, talk to us, engage with us, do whatever you want to be honest. Share this with your friends, your enemies. We will see you at Silverstone in two weeks with the new work that's found itself. Will see what it does at its home grow pery. Until then, we are your hosts. Signing off, bye bye.

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