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Episode 44 · 4 months ago

2022 British GP


The 2022 British GP seems to have produced the best race of the season so far! This was one of the most exciting races we have had in a while. The close racing, a horrible accident, lots of drama, Ferrari being Ferrari, made this a nail-biting race! Sainz finally reached on the top position of the podium and Perez doing a rerun of Sakhir GP and Hamilton again going Beast mode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • 44 + 11 = 55
  • Alonso 1/4th to the moon 🌕
  • Zhou auditions for Top Gun
  • Internet shouts at F1TV 📣
  • Protesters trying to pancake themselves
  • Ferrari’s requirement doc 📃
  • The 10-car length requirement
  • Current WDC Complaining = Traditions. 🤷🏽
  • Latifi doesn’t know what to do in Q3.
  • Dad’s having a proud day
  • Hamilton’s beast mode activated 🐐
  • Ocon overcomes his PTSD
  • Serendipity for Perez
  • Another day another Alonso train 🚂

Twitter thread by @ScarbsTech about Roll structures that absorbed most of the impact of the crash: Craig Scarborough on Twitter: "The roll structure absorbed the initial impact... " | https://t.co/qB807AP1O9 | Twitter

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

When you're battling with another pokemon and your pokemon can get confused and then it starts scavenging yourself. That's exactly what's happening with Ferrari. Hello, folks, welcome to f one fan fiction. Yesterday's race was brilliant, by the way. Um, you are listening to a fun fan fiction, a podcast about race reviews and race community interviews. You are listening to this on a Tuesday, but we've got a very special episode which was actually supposed to be this main episode, but it's it's turned out to be such a standalone, beautiful peace in itself that it's gonna drop tomorrow as a special paddock club episode with a very special guest, so stay tuned for that. Until then, let's dive into the silverstone. Yes weekend, we are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry. Let's get into it. Oh Gosh, have you noticed this, and I accidentally came across this while I was like looking at the leaderboard, that yesterday's podium basically was eleven plus forty four, because that's what they're driving them. was that like Paris being eleven, Hamilton being four? Signs being fifty five. I think this has happened once before, but this is beautiful, like it leads up to p two and P three leading to P one. Sort of thing exactly. That's a beauty. But like, I think something like this had similarly happened once when it was I think thirty three, twenty. Who Is there any twenty two on the track? Four, and I think it is all right. It was Max Hamilton's and signs back then. anyways. Yeah, interesting, interesting, interesting, but yeah, man, I think what last night, the last race, was the best race ever. Is it does it? I think so, for the season, maybe at least even in the last two seasons. Probably it was insane month. Before we dive into sort of like the meat of it, let's get into our stats section. Um Ferrari one year the first ever race as F one in Wendell turned thirty five. Yesterday Alonso Breaks Kimmey's record of most mileage on track. That is insane. Just to give you some perspective, folks, he's driven now a quarter distance to the moon, the Moon, the freaking moon. Yeah, and it will almost be at the moon. Um, last to win from pole position was back in pastor by pastor Maldonado in two thousand and twelve. And what's it? And you know what's interesting here? What's interesting here is, like I remember, the pastor Maldonado start start coming up earlier this season two. So it's it's interesting how like twenty twelve and pastor Maldonado is hitting the status status real Um Ferrari has now led almost eighty kilometers in f one since the inception of the spot. It's just brilliant. It's just brilliant. So there's some there's some stats for you folks. Do Tell us, actually, how do you like this stats section that we start off for the episode with? We try to bring you some, you know, Trivia and some some stats before we get into the meat of it, the meat of it. Yesterday, Sarah take us into the brutal fingers crossed situation that everyone was sitting with their hands and like praying for miracle. Right. It was crazy, man like. I started...

...watching the race and I saw like something sliding behind and I was very confused and then it suddenly struck me that it's a car that is sliding. At first I thought it's like, you know, something, I don't know, some debris or something that just, you know, flying past in the background where, Oh my God, bought a crash. That was it was carnage, man, completely crazy man like. There Wasna okn Russell, jaw, obviously, and then Albans. It was like a five way crashaw to the intensity of it right, like the first thought is, yeah, you run off, you get into the gravel and you're going to be caught by the gravel and then you will be caught by either the tech fro or the tire barrier. Here the fucking car just flips over the barrier in the squad by the like the catching fence. It's yeah, yeah, that's insane. And also the way the crash happened itself was insane. Like the crash itself didn't look that bad, like the actual crash between George and Joo. You know, like basically what happened was like ghastly got squeezed right and this guy, Russell, was kind of closing the gap, even though he had actually a lot of space on the right. Of course he went as at that point, yeah, just being aggressive. But what turned out is basically ghastly start hitting Russell's rare tire and then he's working into Albon, right, and I think somebody did hit Alban too, I guess from behind, right. Yeah, yeah, so folks started breaking and battle actually wasn't able to, you know, stop by that point and ran into Alban's rear, which which made Alban go into this uncontrollable spiral, hit the wall, came back onto the track and then, I think so know that I hit him once and then someone else hit him too. So he got t bond once and then front or rear ended again. So yeah, dude, he had a bad one too with Oh, by the way, quick, quick correction. I mistaken. He said that Russell hit into albums, but I meant to say into Jao. But yeah, we know that. We know that. We know that, um, but it was crazy man like botas is like the other Alpha was used to launch the first Alpha of Jao, where Jao was probably auditioning for top gun part three, because he maybe saw Tom Cruise in the pits and be like yeah, I can do that inverted five g whatever, Geez, you want me to pull Um. But it was scary. It was scary. I don't know what you feel about so I think it's new with all the accidents that have happened where F I a sort of just blocked all the communications didn't tell us until they knew themselves what was happening with Jao. What's your take there? What's your take there? I mean, I completely kind of understand their perspective of not showing the crash and, you know, not talking about the crash as well as, you know, speculating about how zoo must be without having like actually confirmation. But I've I've heard this from multiple sources and I myself haven't validated it, but I kind of want to figure out. But basically it seems like there was some there was a difference between the coverage, the sky coverage and the FN TV coverage, in the sense that after the crash, while the red flag was pulled in and you know, everybody's was waiting, I think there was how much? I think they waited for around fourteen minutes or something like that. Yeah, something like that, and I think on sky, I'm not sure, and I guess you you see Sky Coverage. So do you know when did they actually come back with saying that jaw is okay? Yeah, something like forty,...

...forty five minutes, because the race restarted an hour after like the red flag. So it was like maybe twenty minutes before the race restarts or ten minutes before they actually announced that it's going to be all fine, because they said, they said the that jaws fine, but maybe could at Max had modestly, could be like half an hour, but not definitely not more than that, because once they started showing and saying that jaws fine, that's when they started showing all the race replays. And then courage chander goes on ground telling you know, what actually happened and like how all the cars sort of played a role. Overall, there's this is this is this thing that happened yesterday, which I feel like everyone towards the mid to the rear end of the pack had a poor race start and that bunched them together, which just led to them trying to defend their positions be aggressive and leading to the the Shenanigan that eventually yeah, yeah, but I think, Um, yeah, so I think that I'm a bit confused then, because I don't know why why the Internet was shouting on at f one TV about not telling whether you know what happened with Jim, because I've started the same thing. Then it kind of makes sense. Yeah, whatever, I think Internet is just waiting to pull the trigger at things, I guess. Yeah, and everyone's gotten just too impatient. But glad to see, thankful to see show back Um scratch free, essentially, Dude. He was walking back in the pits after his medical check out. That's just insane, insane inste anyways, we we we see all of that. And while all of that's going on, there's another thought going on in my head, which is, you know, a catch fence was able to stop a thirty g rolling car that's whurling to it itself, but not able to stop seven humans to cross the fence and go onto the track. There were, there were some protesters on the track right when this accident was happening. That was crazy. It was crazy, man. I mean, I don't understand. Like the whole whole thing was stupid. Like, I mean, I'm all all in for, you know, climate like making changes to, you know, save our planet Earth from complete annihilation, but but at the same time that protest didn't make any sense at all, especially they could have, just couldn't cause a very horrific accident if not for jo crashing and the red flag being called in, because you say that that didn't happen right, cars hurling at three camph towards you, because you say that there's this video of someone taking off, you know, these protesters on the track and you know, you see three protesters sitting on the track. Of Fourth One comes and joints and I'm guessing because it's already red flag. But the cars are still coming. They aren't as that fast as they use to be. But this fourth person gets scared of like there's a car's on the other side, before being pulled away by the marshals. And then you can see, I think, I don't know who scar it is from, that you can see a video, but like you can see ghastly or someone's car like Front Cam showing, you know, these products being dragged away. Crazy stuff, crazy stuff and crazy stuff. I am glad nothing bad happened with them, but I just saying that such things can happen through and for Foxman. These drivers, or at least the veterans, do take you know, these these messages and these things very seriously, which we don't see day to day, and and that's that's a discussion that you will hear from our special guests and tomorrow special product episode where where he does talk about how serious Lewis, as a driver at least, is about such issues. Um, that they are pushing for change. Um, and it will come.

It will come. It takes it takes a sucking whole village to turn things around, so it will come. Um. Yeah, what else, man? What else stood out? There was this interesting one hour. What stood out right? I guess what stood out is Fari fighting Ferrari. Oh God, man, what you what it reminds me of? It reminds me of the Pokemon game, where you know when somebody like one of these, when you're battling with another pokemon and your pokemon can get confused and then it starts stammaging yourself. That's exactly what's happening with fary. Tell a robot or perplexing question to make itself Last Future Rama is what Ferrari is living in. Oh Man, I remember this, this radio message where science was leading. Max was sorry, Leclaire was behind him and then comes out of the radio and says, uh, can I go ahead, or something to that effect. But like, I want to basically go ahead. What's the play here? It's a direct question to which I remember Ferrari replying science. Just, sorry, no, completely different. Max just did A, you know, thirty one X, and I'm like what. Even the commentators or like like they were like this was a very straight forward questions which should have had a straight forward answer, and five minutes later they did come in and say, you know, we're letting science stay in front. If he doesn't do X, Y Z, we'll let you buy and yeah, man, it seemed like very complicated logic, very same as I write at my job, but they were like talk. They were like literally giving out essays like, you know, if he does not overtake x number of laps and it does not meet this target, that's when we allow you to go ahead. Requirement dog was filled out. The functional SPEC needs to be done. God, God, but I think this is what is harming for our man like, and we have talked about this before as well, the indecisiveness is killing them. Like Red Bull never thinks twice. Most of these as well, never thinks twice. Once they have decided something, they just go along with it, and I don't know that this seems very stupid. They're basically gifting the wind to Max and Red Bull at this point. That's that have the faster car but they aren't able to materialize it right like in the Internet stone on this. So I was reading quite a lot of angry comments and in twitters obviously the bitching ground at this point. But like read it to where people are saying why are wise for allowing science to call the shots? And I want to come to your thoughts. But like my thought on that is if science, like sure, science calling the shot arts in Monaco, probably sabotage Le Clerics Reay, I mean not probably did Um and, and there's this whole debate if he shouldn't be allowed. But like if he wouldn't have done what he did yesterday, Hamilton would have been sitting on p one for sure, whereas would have still been p two and maybe our lawns would have been p three. You know, p three. Yeah, ferry would not have been there. That's true. Yeah, I read somewhere and it completely made sense to me that both their situations are very different and it kind of makes sense why science like calls his own shots, because for Charles, he he knows that he is the number one driver, he knows that the team would give him preference. So he kind of realized more on the team that they will kind of, you know, give him the right strategy. And Science knows that he is the second fiddle and if he needs to win, he needs to do it by his own thing, right. He can't exactly rely on the team, and does. He often goes against their will and tries to like...

...forge his own part. That fair, fair, fair. Yeah, that's exactly what's happening. I mean cutting a few laps ahead of us. But what, folks, we are infamously referring to is the second race restart after the safety car, where nonsensically, Ferrari told science to go ahead and help build a ten car length to Le Clerk. Even the commentators were like, what the Fund is happening? Yeah, it was ridiculous, man. First of all, they fucked up the strategy. Okay, of course he's on inferioritized why? WASTED IN? Yeah, no idea. So I read interview with the noto where he said that he basically maintains that for not thing wrong. This is if he would go back, he would do exactly the same thing. Obviously, he says that basically, if if they wanted to keep the track position, because they thought that Hamiltons might not pit because he wasn't the freshest tires among everybody else, which kind of makes sense. But then you should also trust your drivers right that they will be able to overtake him in again, because most of it is is clearly not the fastest car right now. So you know you do have some advantage to overtake and this is not Monaco where track position is King you can still overtaken. Really see that happening. Yeah, first, but that is another thing that confused me. Sorry forgetting, but another thing that really confused me was is that even allowed? Can you just can you just slow down completely during a safety car? I don't think so. I mean some requirement of Delta. You've got to be in that Delta with the car in front and behind you, just the current out of you, I guess. But the message that came out was like way ahead of knowing that there's going to be green flags. So even within the Delta, probably there was this room that they would have calculated, which is what was communicated to science. So that's that's what I'm taking from there. But overall it was bullshit because interestingly, interestingly, yesterday the hard tires were being a bit like. They weren't warming up fast enough to give the advantage that a hard tire usually gives you. Right, and we saw that every driver that came onto herds was struggling. Um, the clerk was on the herds, where the other two were on soft with like ten laps to go. They clearly, I mean textually, they have advantage over luckler itself. Um, so that was just bullshit call. But, like, all in all, it's good science finally gets to win. Um, after twelve years. Is last win at Cil. Western came in twenty ten when he was racing with BMW racing. So that's another start for you folks. Um his first when after one fifty races, which also, I think is a pastor Maldonado fact, but don't quote me there. Um. But yeah, I'm happy he's killing it. Man. Man, we were wrong. He did fairly win with everything working on perfectly right, for we thought that that might not happen. But it was still a dramatic weekend right, like it wasn't the usual race day, race weekend sort of things. So there was still drama there. But but he he wasn't the podium. So but we called it. We called it folks. We go back to Canada's recording and like Saren called it. SAR said, for science to win, they will have to be some drama happening, and there was actually and science, I was on podium. But beyond science, when Perez I think like he's one guy who thinks like he can only do good when he's last. You know what Red Bulls are, just straight not. I mean you should stop...

...going into qualification and time to start. Yeah, last is the new first. Yeah, Oh man, I honestly, at a point I thought that this is going to be like the repeat of Chak grand treat where he goes from last to first. And at one point I think it was possible, if not for the battle that they had with Charles and Hamilton's and Perez probably he wasted a lot of his tires there while fighting them. If not for that, I think that maybe he would have caught up with signs as well if he maintained the pace that he was trying and he probably was the only one up there who didn't have any damage on his cars because, like the first six vers were probably all of them just limping with some of the other damage on their cars. Um, but he's he's having a brilliant of a season, Dude. He's nailing it absolutely fine. Um, he's secure himself for those podium positions. He we get to see the round teddy bear, Carlos senior, a sorry pressed senior, celebrating. So it's all an all, an awesome thing. Um, but what is Max Doing? Man? He was just complaining. That's all. That's all I remember about him in the race that he was complaining, compleating and complaining. Oh my God, it was getting frustrating. At the point I remember him just sort of coming under the radio saying he's gotten he's picked up some carbon from God knows whose car, Um, and he just sort of just went into the pictures, like did they communicate? He's coming like someone's sipping, someone's speaking, someone's doing something, and all of a sudden Max is coming into the garage. They changed his tires, but from there it was just downhill, continuous gribbing. He's losing wings, he's losing under too. To his benefit, he did have quite a lot of damage because, like posts interviews, he did say that when he picked up the carbon, like his underbellies completely ruined. And that that just affected his race. I think he very definished finished p nine, I guess. P Nine, I think, and seven, seven, seven, right, yeah, and that he was fighting like with the nail with yeah, he was fighting Al Mark, dude, but he's very aggressive. Dude. I feel like at some level mick would have just probably gotten shunted away. First of all, the track is anyways a PTSD track for him, for for Max, right. Yeah, yeah, man, it was. Yeah, it was weird at points, but at the same time I saw a lot of criticism for Max, like people were saying that he should have let just let mike go by. anyways. He was like driving up damage car. But a completely disagree with that exactly. I mean, why would you want matters he's fighting exactly, I mean championship here. Every point matters. Do these guys exactly vs spectators, have such a different mindset versus these guys on the racetrack in the cockpit, like every point matters. I'm not just about that. I think it's also an insult to the other driver if you let somebody buy. I mean it's it's Um not the best thing. was like everybody wants their points by you know, earning them, not them being gifted to them. I'm with I think, like a fun fan fiction is like no, there should be a good battle. There should be obviously, don't just shut someone out. It's not but but yeah, battle nonetheless, like don't just give up. But that leads on to a good topic. Man Like points, for make their points for N SC. Finally, five, finally getting what he will deserves doing what that has...

...is seven people had to retire for, by the way. Okay, yeah, while while we're on that, seven people retiring. Okay, let's consider this. Okay, let's take a little tangent here. Go TV. We need to talk about the TV. Sure, first of all, credit to him for reaching q three on pure past like, you know, complete credit to him rain there, but real, let's call it. You know, it's still a scale of knowing for your fastest life and everything. So still credit where credits due. But right after reaching q three, he didn't know what to do after getting there and he just crashed. You know, I think. I think he was playing, playing the senior strategy from Michael and what's track trickled down now, right, because it's like, once you get into q three, you crash so that there's red flags, no more qualifying, and then your positions are locked in. What someone didn't tell him is like, once you're in q three, you can't go back to q two. I think he does it for them anyway. So he crashes. Okay, that's fine. anyways, he starts peeting. Seven people retire and still he ends up outside points. Yeah, but he did. He did stay in the points for like a very long time. He was like nine and ten for a very long time and then post trace restart Um, I think he dropped down. He would have loved to see him up there, man, like finally he would have gotten some points for his Williams. Yeah, I was hoping for that, like at least some points for him, but at last. Yeah, well, at least mick got it. So yeah, at point Magnus and Magnuson what I think pet magnus and Pete and Peter mcpe a good five points for hars there. Good. Did Stein is probably going to be off the moon at this point. Wholesome moment to write like in the padduct. I haven't, but you were telling me a vettle and did an interview together. Yes, it seemed like a lot of DADS are having proud moments, like in in the post race because, like, we of course saw Paris's Dad Kissing Hamilton's dad and then you also saw, of course, make httle is like an uncle or, you know, a mentor to make, so he was kind of filling in for the dad's room and he was. He he was so happy. He was basically saying during the interview that I was watching the race like right behind them, because he was at like p nine. Yeah, right, he right, he finished ring him. So he's like, I was cheering for Mike while they were driving at the end and then he said that I was hoping that I also get into it somehow into that fight. Super wholesome moment there. Super wholesome moment there. Yeah, I hope the street continues, httle, make the family bond grows and make keep skudding points. Who doesn't want to see that? Um, onto some good battle and points. You know, I want to talk about Hamilton's here. Yeah, Um, a pure master class. The car, I don't think it's still there. Um, sure again, like a bunch of factors are to play in for Max to drop, Blah, blah, blah, blah blah, but the juice that Hamilton's extracted from the tires the car yesterday is just pure master class. Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep. Definitely I think he was like again, this was one of his like, you know, beast more performances where he just, you know, becomes one with the car and kind of a man. He was on another level yesterday, like even even as first tt right, like...

I think he was on the longest tent on the mediums uh. He maintained his position very well at pit stuff. Was the only thing that went wrong for him, like not exactly wrong, but that he kind of didn't luck out with it in the sense that the timing was a little bad. If he wouldn't have, if he would have stayed out somehow in his older tires with the safety and he could have just won the race. That set like and I feel like I started telling a friend of mine yesterday that I feel like he would have won because yesterday, with the way ferraristion anigans were going, pereas had already dropped down the whole pack out of the points Um and I saw I saw Ferrari fighting and the needably are showing that Hamison in the pit, you know, undercutting window. I'm like, this guy's gonna pull a miracle. It's not even going to be funnily surprising because he's done that in the past. Like it's it's like it's happened. And I was like this is p one. God knows whatever happens after that. Who Know what? Nobody, nobody cares, if even one. And in my head I'm already imagining someone's going to give him the flag, is going to run in the audiences, the celebration, but nonetheless, nonetheless, post safety car restart, some brilliant battling, some brilliant battling between Perears, Le Clerk and Hamilton's all the more seeing, like Le Clerk runs wide, Perez is on the curbs and Hamilton's taking that perfect opportunity and overtakes both of them, only to be Oh man, that was brilliant. That was my favorite movement of the race. I did not see that coming. I was seeing Perez and Charles Fighting and suddenly I see like, Hamilton comes from exactly right. Nobody had expected that. Even the commentators were like, Oh my God, where did he come from? He's over taking both of them. Later, God, were taken by both of them, but that was in class. That shows you know what, what oppertune, how opportune Hamilton's is, right. Yeah, and and I think overall the racing in this this particular race, was insane. I think this was the closest racing and the longest sustained racing that we have seen in the lap across lab uh and with many people in there, like there were so many battles going on. It's not just these three. Uh. It was awesome. I'm glad that the new regulations of working as expected. I'm glad that we're seeing this close racing and even forget these three guys battling. If you saw, there was Alonso and landon just behind them, who are basically waiting for somebody to sunk up there so that we can pick up the pieces. They knew that they can't like probably go into the battle and, you know, challenge them, but they knew that they can be just behind them. And The Times. Yeah, it was really fun towards true, true to true Um Silverstone's cotton. This now unique place where it's become an entertaining weekend right like it's last year with the whole MAG shunting this year was like the Joo accident and the way these things have turned out. Max Dropping the back right like became such an interesting race for ocon because then my thought process there was OCON's only agenda. Today's outgrows PTSD with Max. He didn't, though, he just had to park a car. No, but only after he overtook it. So for folks in the context, there is two thousand, seventeen or eighteen, I want to say o'con is driving for B wt. Yeah, I think it was a recent tracing point. Brazilian Grand Prix interlagos, down to down after turn. Wanted to...

...turn to contract to unlap himself with Max. Max is about to win the race. This is the final few labs. They crash, Max's race is ruined and they get into a fight. So that's the context there on this race. If you go back and go back and see the highlights again or see the race, he play again right if you can, and what you'll see. Is what you'll see is OCON has these multiple opportunities to overtake Max, but he doesn't. He waits for him being in the deer as either the hangar state or the main straight, and then goes for it and once he's done he's like, okay, I'm done with my life, I'm good, let's just park it. And he doesn't even park it, like at a good place. I sure yellow flags safety car. I don't care, I'm just parking my car. hydrock like issues, to be fair, is what made him park. But God, yeah, man, but I'm glad we got that safety car because we got this awesome podium which we otherwise wouldn't have gotten. True, yeah, it was. The last few laps were just something. Man. I am still buzzing from it, like I every time, like I go to Reddit or like even on twitter, I like that. Those clips pop up in front of me always and I'm like, Oh man, I want to watch this race again. I wish I can watch it again without just wipe my memory off and watch it again. My first thought was, you know, surreendipity for Hamilton's because it's happened like he's he's somewhere nowhere and then something like a red flag or something happens and you're suddenly just bounced back, bounces back. But but what I realized right after a lap or two of the restart, it was actually this is surrendipity for Perez, because he would not have been able to make it all the way up if not the safety car. Totally, totally, totally and I think for in general, yesterday we saw some really good performances by a lot of different people, like Paris, of course, was one of them. Hamilton's was one of them, uh signs as well. And how can we forget Alonso again? He was forming another train right, yeah, five, r MM HMMMM, exactly. And Uh, Alonso has been doing great man this season. Overall, I think he unfortunately didn't, hasn't gotten a lot of good results at the end of the reasons. He has uh, kind of not lucked out with that, but every time he does a great job these days and he's right there. I mean, of course, like we saw him on the front row just last race, which was super surprising. Uh, but let's see what he can do this I gonna give a call out to the account monsieur underscore, of Rudge, because he deemed us saying that there will be another train that gets formed at Silverston and I promised him, like if we do see a train, which we did with a long for a few laps, I will give him a call out. So there you go. Um. Overall. Yeah, man Alonso has been showing that he's now battling for the oldest man racing titles and he still got it. He still got it. He's still got it. Yeah, for sure. I mean there are questions about Jimmy, but I don't think the same questions are also because he's invested. I think like at this point he invested. Um. One thing I want to call out, which I found was my personal favorite moment of the whole race yesterday, was they got a marshal up on the podium to hand out the trophy yesterday, which I feel like was superb. Many times like the work that these marshals do, and especially like with...

...gross fire crash, with jaws crash yesterday and multiple similar incidents. Um, it is. It is at times under appreciated. With a wider audience and then being up there handing out P two trophy to Perez, superb gesture, super brilliant. I hope this continues. The inclusiveness of, you know, these minor people, uh, isn't going going unknown. So just just super bull in there. Yep, I'm glad to see that. I hope that they they should do this actually every race. Very honestly, they should at least get one marshal onto the podium or something like that. I think, yeah, totally, totally, totally, Um, all in all a super brace. We did learn a few things yesterday which we haven't spoken but just for you folks, Ay, if, under a Red Flag your car gets mechanical assistance, Um, you do not get to start the race after the red flag. We saw this with Russell's car. Russell kept complaining that his car is fine, but he stopped and ran and he did tell the marshals that his car is fine, he doesn't need any assistance, but by the time he got back from Chao he said his car was already being trapped on. And once you receive mechanical assistance you can't. The other thing at least I learned yesterday was, Um, there are safety car lines going into the first few turns. There's two on silver stone, at least as of yesterday. Is What I learned. Um, all car need to pass the second safety car line before a red flag is called out. Um, to adhere to the race conditions that have stayed and yesterday, because not all cars had passed the second safety car line before the red flag was called out. The race restart was back to the original qualifying grid. Um, that's good. So there you go. You get some Trevia, you get some facts and you get some banter. You're read a fun fan fiction. Starry. Any parting thoughts before we close this? Oh Man, I don't know. It feels to me like this race has set the expectations so high that we're going to be a little disappointed anything comes yeah, you wouldn't want to be that guy who follows, you know, something epic. True. Yeah, right, exactly, although I hope that that's not the case and we keep getting these, you know, exciting races. Uh, and I hope again that please for that kind of you know, they are able to know, manage their ship and, you know, get back into the game, because it seems like red bull is just running away with it and I hope that doesn't happen. So yeah, that's fair. Fair. Um. All in all, the brilliant weekend, some brilliant safety work that we saw with the cars walking sketch free. funnily enough, ghastly was posting from the hospital, whereas jaw was standing in the pit lane. So that was fascinating. Um Scar, Craig Scarborough has an amazing tutor feed of how these cars are designed to save the cockpit and what actually went down with jaws incident. Will will be sure to sort of tag it on our show notes for you to go and check that feed out on on his twitter. Um. Again, wanna repeat that tomorrow is a brilliant special padduck episode that's dropping with a very special guest. Um. We will be talking about some racing incidents from today, so there might be some repetition there, but overall the meat of the discussion is going to be about like paddock, the nuances that go in on Paddock, Um, and and the behind the scenes that we never get to see from someone who's visited the padduct club as part of Mercedes padduct club experiences until until...

Austria Gro Prix, which is again going to be with a special guest. Folks Uh, if you want to Guess D M S uh for for for a correct guest, we'll hand out in a fun fan fiction t shirt for free to you. So keep writing into us at the rate of fun fan fiction. Find Us, we'll interact, we'll talk to you, we'll give you a call out. So if you do make correct predictions, if you've as you've heard in this episode, until the next race. These are your hosts signing off.

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