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Episode 51 · 2 months ago

2022 Belgian GP w/ Dyanne Haagsman


We return to Spa Francochamps after 2 years for the 2022 Belgium GP, yes we do not count last year as a race. Another race and Charles is still shit out of luck, while max was in complete beast mode and walking to his victory. Absolutely stunning dominance by the Red Bull camp. While the race itself was somewhat boring, we did get some good wheel to wheel action through the race.

Today joining us as the 3rd host is, Dyanne Haagsman, who is a F1 and Bottas superfan and is a F1 content creator. We had a pleasure talking to Dyanne about her experiences of attending Grand Prixs and discuss about the dirty underbelly of the F1 community. 

In this episode we discuss:

1. Piastri probably: "How dare you give me a F1 seat!"

2. Alonso the agent of Chaos 🕵🏽

3. Hamilton walking alone all the way to Zandvoort

4. Max in a F1 car while others in F2 🏎️

5. Perez still in contention for WDC?

7. How do we stop hooliganism on tracks?

8. The disgusting underbelly of F1 🤮

9. Just bad luck for the prancing horse

10. The Bottas hot Goss. 🔥

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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Um, there's there's a parallel split between the red bull and the Ferrari, and the red bull says faster on streets and the Ferrari says faster in the pits. True, that's true. That's hard, but that's true. It's true. Hello. Hello, we are back from the summer break. Um, but well, the episodes kept coming to you. If you haven't checked out the summer break episodes, we've got two special fireside chat episodes with you a racer turned entrepreneur and child prodigy, currently a driver in the w series, the youngest ever on the grid, Ju Ju Norda, and with her translating for her is Hideche Noorda, her father and an xt f one driver. Go check them out if you haven't already. This episode we talk about Spa. Finally, after two years, we race here. Yes, I'M gonna say after two years, because I don't count last year. We are at Belgium. We are your hosts. I am a gosh and I'm sorry, and I am Theoma and I'm one friend and I like to talk about my one experience. There you go for welcome, welcome, welcome to welcome to the show. There you go today, you're gonna have three hosts. Diana's here to tell us some amazing stories. We've been talking with her before we hit the recording button and God, it's it's it's gonna be a it's going to be a banger. Stay to the end of the episode. With that, let's get into the episode. Um, you know what I want. I want to lead in a in a in a very unconventional way, Alpine. I had high hopes from them and void just general thoughts on the weekend and Alpine, Diana, to start off with you. Yeah, well, I wasn't spa and I didn't expect, to be honest, a lost from Alpin, but he or had some real nice over takes. Like it was. I think he had like two times that. You know, he had like two overtakes and ours. That's insane. So good. Nice to see that in real life. It's funny. How do you know, like when Alpine is actually making some progress, everybody's trying to leave the team. Certainly that's true. That's so true. That's so true and I think that's always been the case. I think about right now, right like they were making progress. Uh, this guy, Ricardo left. Now I'll be in there again, making progress, both PSP as well as uh, this Guy Alonso left, yeah, to to what drama with PS tre men. But anyways, that's a that's a topic for a whole different session, I guess. But you're right, Diana, man, I mean like that, that three wide on that main street. Oh, by the way, we got to tell our audiences. I don't know if you missed Diana saying she was at SPA and and kid you not, she has seen the three wide overtake bio con on Bedlan Castley by her own set of eyes and not on the screen like you are me. So, you know, you want to tell us how it was, that three wide overtake. Um, like, yeah, it was. It was insane. It's like we were there and we were like, everyone's like, what is happening? This is insane. It was so cool and Um, you know, I can also talk about the experience that I had in the pit lane because that's such a funny story. Um, you know. Yeah, we were in the pit lane and my friends Ali had a sign which announced me for a straw driver Alpie and Um, you know, it was, you know about ps three and then all being was let and you know, we were like looking around and stuff, and then that same guy, he came to was like you can't post that. That's so bad for the company. You know. They got mad and they were like yeah, sorry, but made that mistake. It was it was on your side, you know not. So then like the guys there, the mechanics were like lefting because they're like young, young guys, and then the boss and it was over. So yeah, it was a funny story, you know. It's it's like such a big mistake and I still didn't know what went wrong, you know, with pr three and with Uh yeah, I will see. I I'm I'm curious when they will announced him somewhere. I mean it is going into that Daniel's seat right. So yeah,...

...yeah, and I've also heard that they're suing him as well, I mean him and McLaren, because of some contract issues and everything. But there's a lot of drama going on, it seems from what I've heard, it seems like PSP had some exit clause in his contract which expired exactly on their day when Alonso announced his exit from Alpine. So it's possible that they probably kind of coordinated that in the sense that he gave him out by announcing that just right. Yeah, let's say, but you talk about a lot. Sorry, sorry, no, no, I never saw something like this before. You know, it was insane, exactly people, people would fight for an EFFLANC. Here's this guy there, you know. Yeah, at first I genuinely thought it was just a troll or I was trying to find these subtexts into it, but no, that was all true. Yeah, but you mentioned Alonso there, and H wow, I I for one love when it when it's Alonso on the radio, and that too, that too alone versus wet like, sorry, Hamilton's like it takes me back to two, thou seven and like all their it's all that starts coming back. Yep, YEP, Yep. No, I think it was. It was like super like he was so mad at Hamilton's, especially. I mean it was Hamilton's fault, I mean I have to say that, because he just closed the door on him from the outside, which just makes no sense. Where it was he supposed to go? Uh, and of course Hamilton's kind of destroyed his own rease in that sense. But that radio message, man, I just like read from it. It's like, yeah, what did closing the door from the outside. I mean we had a mega start, but this guy only knows how to drive and start and first really spicy comment. Yeah, it's a spicy comment, you know, but we all know that's not true because, you know, he started for and the and won the race. But you know Alonso and Hamilton's it's just not a mix. You know, Alonso wants, you know Alon he said that he enjoyed the last five minutes of the race, of the race, because he heard that got the penalty sompionships, like you know, it's just did you also that Um last year that Alonso was like Lewis was coming and then Alonso was like, Mumu smokes super okay. Really? Yeah, I don't know. After a race and Alonso upstanding there, it was actually looking at like this is serious, and then alone it was. Yeah, I see Alonso as a agent of chaos, like that's what he's there for, like he's just the agent of chaos. Yeah, yeah, but I like how Hamilton's sort of played it off. I think like after he saw the footage, he he sort of acknowledged that he was at fall. Yeah, I mean it was very unlikely. I mean that was just a very unusual scenario. You never see Hamilton's make those sort of mistakes, but it's very rare. Yeah, and even like the press was like trying to spice it up a little, of course, like one of the reporters like quoted this would to him and asked Hamilton's like you know, what do you have to say about it? And he just shut him up, saying, like it doesn't matter what he says. I made a mistake and I know it and that's settling. That was the perfect response that you could give. But I think that was this weird image of Hamilton's just walking alone on the track. Did you see that yesterday doing creazy? Yeah, yes, it seems like he's just walking, walking it off to Netherlands directly that people giving him directions. Then the song of I forget, like the band, but like I walk a lonely road. Alright, so I think he had also refused to go to the Medical Center. I don't know why. I think I think it was mad. Maybe he was just walking to the Medical Center by himself. Oh No, yeah, you know, I think he don't deserve um like this car, but how...

...he is handling it. It's so professional. He's all constantly and constantly, like you know, trying to be the best, even he know he can be at at this point now, trying to beat his teammates, but also helping his teammates. I think he's very knowing this. And if I compare that with MOX, because MOX is safe. If I will lose, I just retire. You know, if he has that that much championships, he's just he never get used in life to lose. Never Max out winning, and he also said it by himself in my contracts is if my contract ends, I would think I've just retired because he will be dirty or whatever. So you will just retired, because then he knows he will probably lose, because isn't that good anywhere. And then he left. And if I compared it with Lewis, he stay and be the best for his team. And that's what I can really, really, really really appreciate with Lewis, and big perspect for this. Fair enough, he was the one marshaling his own car yesterday too. He got like that exhaust and he was trying to see that there's no fire. I mean, yeah, he's he's a good guy and and good you bring that up, because that reminds me of two topics. One we talked about like the psyche of a driver with respect to their up bringing, the family and like the whole psychological part of it with on our fireside episode. It's a wonderful conversation. So good check that out. But that's a good segue into red bull and Max and their performance yesterday. I feel like. I think Starton you pointed out before we started recording this, because Max yesterday was was what Hamilton's was Brazil last year. Yeah, for sure, it felt. Yeah, I think it was like a complete domination by Max yesterday. He was untouchable, like he started fifteen thievers, asking people like, you know, it seemed like he was driving one card, others were driving two card or something, because he was just going past everybody. It just looks like he's subtle like the other cars and not like even he got all started fourteen, yeah, fourteen, and he was first and then like twenty seconds ahead of check out another planet, I don't know where. That's insane. You know, I don't know how comple but he has so much confidence and he's not thinking about like he's thinking about winning. But if he's like he's happy with the points, because you know, that's a probably not getting. Not True. That's true. Yeah, so much confidence and he learned that, you know, from his dad and stuff, and that's yeah, it's it's it's insane how he's doing this and I'm, you know, convinced that he will get work, he doesn't get the world championship because he's like ninety eight points ahead of Checko. Yeah, yeah, Checko. Yeah, Checko is such a great drive, but I mean at Checko, you know, it is letting Max Win The championship from now on. Seemed, though, that Paris did try a little, like he tried, but he didn't. He couldn't do anything, but he tried holding Max back a bit, you know, when Max basically reached the second position and Paris was indeed, I think at that point. Oh No, sorry, science wasn't leader and Paris was second at that point, and Paris did try to put up a defense against him, kind of. But yeah, that didn't matter at all. He just went by. But I think, like the thing that is, uh two is I think both Max and Peres have have vocally identified that both of them at this point are in contention for a w DC um because people have asked Max quite a lot of questions on in terms of like supporting Perez or where all of this is going, and he said like how he's still in the fight for a w DC and he's getting a step closer because after yesterday's race um the w DC standings, Leclaire drops a position to p three and Perez is up at P too. Now with one night six Um, and I want to point this out to that one of one of our listeners, Ravisha, Dr Ravisha to four at Instagram, he d unders saying, well, if Charles was going to get a penalty and if he was giving a tour to science, why couldn't Max give a tour during qualifying Perez, which is a very valid point because, like, peress would have easily gotten p one because, a the tour with Ferrari wasn't good and then science messed up to so there's a very valid point that peress could have had, like the pole position. Yeah, yeah, I was also curious about that. You know, of course the people here in my...

...country didn't really clear about that one, but I was really, you know, I didn't really understand why they didn't. You know, they also saying because he could easily get proposition because checkers best. So I didn't understand why. I didn't really and it totally reminded me off. I think it was Algebaijan, two thousand eighteen, I think, if I'm not wrong. where. Yeah, the card of Max. Yeah, before they crashed. Okay, this was during the qualification where I remember that Max was super pissed off and he was saying things like, you know, it's about discipline, it's about consistency. If if I have given him a two, he has to do and that's exactly what it reminded me of yesterday. Competition to dominance, you know, every time again, every time again, just show everyone that he was the best, and that's that's that's what he wants, so you try. It felt like a little bit of hypocrisy in that sense to me. Like it. I think that he should have turned the favor and given like Paris the tour, because, in all honesty, like it didn't matter right, like, would it hard really mattered if Max started at wouldn't know. Given the result that there is, I think Max would has still won the race exactly, but it just shows a good sportsman. At this point, speaking of Red Bull, gastly man. Finally, he had a decent race this this season. Overall it seemed like he was not too comfortable with the car, but I think yesterday he kind of was doing pretty good. Where did he end up? P Nine, I think right. Yeah, he started. He started. Yeah, and that as well. That's so good. You know, if you see how the car is, then I think p nine is, you know, very good for about the same but also, like, I think Pierre is such a talented driver, but he at some point he had so much in mind. Lie, I need to be Pars I need to be pressed, and also the comments he made about Parss, like in an interview. I was watching that interview where he was saying, if you look at Czecho's performance, he's not performing well, and if you look at me and way better. He was constantly it isn't this Um, it was less season like like the season wood or not. Then it was making a constantly in mind. I need to be Betterss, I need to be best, and not getting better in his mind or with himself, and I think that was really wrong from him, because he's such a driver and I he can be world champion. I think if you look at so good. Not Because you said this, I have a question for you. Do you think I been word I gastly for that second sea. Yeah, I think they choose uh here over Daniel, also because with the mindset and the you know, the mental issue things. Um, Daniel also thought about his that he's missing home a lot, that he's really with that in minds. And if you choose, if you like, you need to choose between Pierre or Daniel, then I see more potential in Pierre at the moment. But they also have Mick Schumacher in in their ways, very, very you know, you don't know how it will turn out because, like, he's forming some races, but he's not consistent. You know, you don't know. But Pierre, you know you will perform the best he can. There's another obstacle, though, for Chums, basically the his association with Ferrari driving accade me, because I don't think you will let him just go for sure. I'm sure they would have a contract in place which would like stop him from going to a competitors team. Uh So I think that might be difficult. But P and I think it's a very likely choice and it would become a French Dream Team right, like it would be a French manufacturer with two French drivers, and that's like, I don't think that's ever been in history ever. So that also another point against Ricardo's cash money. He asked for too much money, man, because, yeah, with the Smart Guy, I will do the same. Okay, give me twenty one million. Yeah, that's a good point, because that, at some level, is is bullying of some sort. With that said, Um folks, now is...

...the time when you sort of tune up your volumes because we're going to get into special segment discussions with there. And I hear Um and speaking of bullying, because we are in the European land. You know, you can't miss the fact that there's just too much of enthusiasm and aggression, let's call it in a simpler way, with the Orange Army that's there, the orange smoke that you keep seeing. And what we have here is beautiful, because Dean has been to these races, has been to Austria, she's been to spa. Are you gonna go to Zandwood next weekend? Yeah, I work there, so so go check out her stories, because she's going to be posting from there too. But what we want to go into here is a more serious topic, which is about the harassment, because it's it's escalated off the roof over the past two months. Um, and let me put a disclaimer out there, at least for myself and staring here. I mean we will never understand the mindset of someone who was harassed, because, okay, it's obvious, but like, we'll never understand that mindset. So if we do end up saying something, please bear that in mind and don't cuss us for being ignorant. But you want to hear from Diana Her story on what actually happened at Austrian property. What does this harassment feel like? What was it? And then what do you think should F I a do, Um, and what's being done and, you know, just just walk us through everything. Um. Yeah, well, at first I experienced some harassed in a spa uh this weekend, like a guy was I was just talking with some fens and then like a you know aged guy went to me and he wrapped my neck and kissed me. Um, it's insane. I didn't know that guy and there were some people laughing around it, and then I said, do you really think this is I feel really uncomfortable and then I said, if you do it once again, I will I will kick him because I will not, you know, accept those things. And then he was with I had. I had a biet fence with like holes in it, and he went with his hands in the wall and I, you know, I like, I, I like, I pushed him on the face like no, you know, don't do that, and then, Um, it was getting out of hands. He was showing his thing to the cameras and stuff. It's very weird and I I can't understand why people are doing this. What I think the F I a should do about this is just don't serve all anymore, because if you don't that, people will people will behave, and you see it in Barcelona. Barcelona, they are not allowed to drink or have awful or and it's just normal people, just they you know, they're always people who do those things. Always. But if people are not drunk, then that there boss can say stop with it, don't do those things, because they can think. And you know, I also have a lot of George Rossi's fence and Louis fans and they are, you know, mercedeses fans and they're just scare to come to the letterlands and I feel so, so bad for that because I am Dutch and Um, I you know, I want them to come here where things people will just make cooments with that. And I have had, I experienced this beautiful moment at Spa. Uh. There was with my uh Louis. Louise was and fair friends, and then a few Dutch guys came to her because she had a British flag and then they said like can we please, please, please, take a picture with you, and they then the English flag because, you know, we want to make things good, and then it made a picture and then I was like this is how it should be. One Community just take which is with everyone and Agnole Um. So that's my opinion. Yeah, right, like I think, like Austria was weird, worse oft than this, right, Um, yeah, Austria. I didn't experience things there because I was at mains, main, the Tribune, at the star finish, and there are like they're like fans, oh, fans, Ferrari, merchades of much. Those things don't happen. But if you go to the MOXTU, stop it tribute and they're uh, it's just not good because the people drink,...

...drink, drink. They started the outlook at the game things and they won't stop till late at night. You know, I heard something from my friends that they were like walking around around the stage, you know, like and then touch fans. We're showing things that they're at there at them and saying like they're saying like I will not say it, and it's assuming because it's very you know. Yeah, but it was very sexual and, uh, not not nice at all. and Um, you know, I am a girl who can speak up for myself. You know, if someone tries to do things that, then I will not to accept that. But there are girls who are scared to do that and they will get them because they don't anything back. And that's the dangerous thing of this, because you never know what people who do next, you know. So it needs to yeah, yeah, no, right, and I agree. It also happens that, you know, with these grandstands, like maxim stuff and grandstand and things like that, when people are kind of supporting one single person, it automatically kind of creates this mob mentality where everybody feels that they're invincible because they're part of a larger group, and that kind of gives them this fake confidence as such, you know, which makes them behave even worse than what they would if they were, you know, just alone in smaller groups as well. So I don't know, something to think about that as well. That, you know, it's they shouldn't keep these stands like this, because we're seeing this happening more and more, especially with like the explosion of popularity of f one in recent times. Uh, it's good that we are getting newer fans. I'm really happy about it, but at the same time we're also getting this mentality of, you know, supporting your clear no matter what, kind of a thing, which earlier didn't exist in fun as much, and I mean, of course it always did, but it didn't exist as much. Most Fun fans, at least those that I know, support the sport rather than supporting single single private of course, you know about the cheering when Lewis him wasn't crashed. You know, Um, I want to say something about that because I think that, Um, it's not normal in the sport. But if you look, like with Nicain and Schumacher when they were fighting in the champions go head that trash, you heard the crowd cheering. It's just something. Yes, you know, it's just something. And I think you know if it was a serious crash, the Dutch fans not cheer. But it was not a serious crash and you saw. You saw that he was okay. And I just something about the sport that if you see your revel crushing and you're, you know, your idol is winning or getting pulled, you're just happy for that, happy because he crashed, but your idol is yeah, and that's why I'm hearing and, Um, if you look back what I said with Chuma friend, it was the exact same. And it's just that the Woll have one community is saying, Um, you know those things like burning, loosing of the caps. No, not done. Yeah, UH, in Austrian in Hungary, they were burning Mercedes caps and Mogo. You can't do that. You can do that. It's so I guess that's disgusting. If you do those things. And I set up a page if you support those I said like, if you support those actions, can follow me, because I don't want you page. Don't do that. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, up, insane, but this is this is weird. So okay, anyw anyways, it's a bit dark, but I mean this is the dark underbelly of f fun right like, which we kind of do turn a blind eye towards, kind of because we like the sport. But I think it's also important to bring these topics up so that people know what's actually going on. I want to take it up a notch in the darkness, because what the audience is about to hear is what we heard before we hit the record button. And and this this goes into a similar parallel of women in F one or women in the sport right and and Kudos to Tatiana, who's who's recently, we heard the news a few days back that she's going to be racing at F two, which is which is amazing, but that sort of spurred this entire debate and conversation of how women and F one are treated. This is there's this, folks. This is very...

...interesting thing, sad but interesting, which we got to hear from Diana before he started recording. Um, about someone asking for a seat and F one and some requests. That would mean indica, I guess, but indican. MM HMM. Yeah, what's about? Emma Kimilina, and she uh, someone from indic was asking you you can drive for us, but then you need to post for for magazine Nagods, and yeah, then she got a break racing because you know she's there to raise and not to do those things to raise and I think, you know, I get sick of those things, like I gets. It's disgusting that. Um, you know, some people think it's normal. And I mean who's who's this twisted mind thinking that this is normal in which world? Yeah, I have some people don't think great that those women saying Oh woman, and they don't see a woman as a real powerful person. They just see a woman as someone who can or something like this. So then they think it's not so thank God there are many, many, many people who really appreciate women as they are, but there are still those people think it's normal to get women to post nakeds to go racing in the team. That's yeah, there's there's two things that come to my mind. which is somewhere also listed. Is the first one. I don't have an authentic source, so probably, I mean we don't have it in the show notes, but maybe someone listening can sort of find it and Antag US somewhere. Um, but I've seen this news where last year, after Jamie Chadwick won her championship at w c d. She had enough points collected over the three years batch that they're allowed to sort of accumulate, which were more than the forty super license points which are required for an Um. You need twenty three or twenty five to get into FP one and then progressively you need more, plus forty to get into an F and seat. And she had collected more than that. But there have been some other academy drivers, younger to her, guys obviously, which were given proceededs over her. So there's one and then the other one came closer to home, closer to this weekend Um from our very own uh Dominican Elli Stefano CEO, where he said, and I quote, before the Belgium Grand Prix weekend, that he cannot foresee a female driver getting into f one in the in the next five years without a metaphorical meteorite of a driver coming through the ranks. Um. I mean those are some harsh words when you are a CEO, and and it's it's good to see that likes of Nico Rosberg Sebastian whetle sort of all that out as not good choice of words. Um, not a right attitude and not the right thing to say. Um, and it's good. It's good. I'm so, so, so looking forward to wettle sort of standing up forward's right in the sport and where this is all. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, that's quite shameful, man, like I'm I'm really sad that like even the CEO have fun kind of puts puts out a statement like that. It kind of shows like the bias that they have. Uh, it's leaking. They're not people to even contain it. It's somewhere. Get it that maybe, you know, they don't have enough talent, and I'm trying to play Devil Tiger here, like maybe they don't have enough talent to be an fun driver, but they have enough. Some of them have enough points to at least be in FP One, right, at least give them a chance to do that on a Friday. Yeah, because you know, the thing is, and that's just effects, that women can really less rate two hour race, um, at this speed and g four and stuff. Yeah, they they you know, with the body and stuff. But what I think about the women in racing is that, you know, it's it's not nice if all the race like F two have one Porsche Cu is before you and then you need to raise at ten o'clock when no one is there. Yeah, they need to change that because, you know, they Wu series, because I support Bis Fisher and Makimi Lina, but things need to change. And what what you also say, like FP one would be great.

It would be great to see how the women are doing doing and because Jamie Chadwick, she's telling us like she's dominating everything and she's also British. She is that good in Um. But let's just see how it or maybe testing or something like that, but just something. Women are not just some stress to show away in the most you know, like do more, like maybe between from the two and Formula One, that you have double the series, because they're not racing for anyone, they just race because they need to and no one is watching. Yeah, yeah, I know. We asked Juju Norda, also the same who is Jamie Chidwick's colleague and races with at the W C D S, and she had the same opinion. I mean at this point, maybe somewhere in the future have an f one for women and men separate, but right now I think the sport demands a mixed racing for that sort of competition. There's obviously will have to be changing rules, because she also acknowledges the fact that there are physical and mental repetitions when it comes to men versus women. And it's fine, it's fine, but there are. Yeah, but there are. There are other avenues in which this can be most into and made into a mixed facing. Yeah, and you know, I also have this opinion because I play corball and that it's a mixed port. There four boys and four girls and I see that. You know, sometime I'm better than the boys, you know. So it's compared that in the sports, supportive in this sport because I know that women can beat men. So opinion based on that. For some American folks confused on what is it, it's your baseball, I think, a mix of basketball and netball. It's mixed just so at this point I'm just roasting Americans. Let's for Indian folks listening to this, forget it. Let's let's move on. Star, you're going to say something. Oh No, I was gonna. I was just gonna say that. You know, I think like things are improving a bit. At least people are talking about it. Does the good thing. Earlier people were not even talking about it. So I guess we are like headed in the right direction. At least change will come. It will take time, because all of these solutions, solutions, and let me put it this way, because they're just band AIDS right now. Like talking about, you know, like putting people in FP One and like putting women in f one, and I think that's that will certainly help. But what's really needed is, like it's needed from grassroots level, that we need more women in their younger age to get into carting, exactly, and also that's when possibly the physical limitations are lesser as well to have an export as compared to like lead in the like. Probably you can also a bit more when you start that young Y. Yeah, right, exactly. So I think the change needs to come from there rather than from the top. I mean, of course the top will help, but it comes needs to come from the bottom up rather than from the top to top. Yeah, you know, sometimes women can because they're, you know, so busy with things. Like my Kimilian, is a mom, she has a daughter competing like thing of the w things. So, Um, but what you talking and thank God we have subpost and loose Hamilton really trying to improve in those things and I have so much also respect that because it's so nice. You know, they see the women and they to help them. Yeah, moving on, I saw this meme Um, where you know how you have three lungs. One is a regular, healthy lung, one is a black lung, which is a smoker's lung, and then there is the start amage of a completely orange lung which which says spa visitors lung. Now we have to ask you this. You have to ask how bad is the rarange smoke in reality? You've been to you've been. How bad is the range? Yeah, I was in own progression and obviously that was the worst one and Um, like I was sitting like this, I couldn't breathe as plain. Um. But yeah, you know what I said about the children and babies who also we're sitting there with their it's. You know, they needed to walk away because the children were crying and and screaming because they don't know what's happening and...

...they only feel pain and dust in their eyes and stuff and it's really dangerous for them. Uh. Yeah, I think also with the checks, they say like yeah, but we can still get get those in. But if I look at it when they check the bags, you know, if they check my bag, you're not allowed to take a day all, the wrong day, a wrong you know, the Ray, and I have it in my bag and they say, yeah, you're not allowed and they look at my back and they sleep the day or the round and they say like yeah, it's fine, like you know, not allowed, and bone let them in and you know, check. So good on those things, because it's it's dangerous. It's not good, sir longs and as I said that, and also the main problem. That's I think that's the problem for many people there is that they they do it in theformation lab and then they can see the starts and the first three laps of the race and you're and you can't see the things and then you're just disappointed because the start is the most exciting thing ever and you miss because of some fans. But I think it's nice to do this those things. Yeah, it just just needs to stop with those things, like it's a nice not nice for the People Worstan and we're sitting there. Yeah, no, and even not just for the people attending the G P, but I think it's even kind of dangerous for the drivers as well, and I think it was more evident in the Austrian gp where I remember when the formation lab was going on. I was like looking into I think Charles is on board and at one point where you know, like the track goes around the bull right, like there's a grandstand there, and there was so much snoke on the track like it was not visible as to what's ahead. So even in the terms of safety, I don't think it's a good thing. No, for no one, like the drivers, the people were sitting there. Yeah, yeah, the same thing with maxis onboards, on the songs when he won the race. Think I'm sure it's it's the it's the lovely fans who have already predicted that formation lab that Max is going to win the rights. It's not that good funny to exactly. But speaking of Max and Charles is on board and the safety here, Um, it's it's a whole new debate and the whole new topic. But like Max throwing off his wiser yesterday, that gets stuck into Charles's break doct a air intake break blocks that Charles. Yes, the whole somebody who read it called that and then good, you say that. So the funnier bit is. The funnier bit is like after the race, after the race finished, and all of it, like there's some some present view or something. Uh, shall said that I had my air the break in sort of like blocked in some sense, Um and and that sort of made me do an earlier pit stop and I had to drop to pen and Blah, blah, blah. And then someone told this to Max. I'm pretty sure they knew it was Max's, and then Max says, I hope just it wasn't mine. When Charles but there was another another thing that happened because of the tear of getting stuck in his big duct. Is that the five second penalty that he got? Right, so he, like Charles, claims that basically what happened is because of the terror of getting stuck, one of the sensors was burnt off on his car, which kind of helped him to maintain the speed at the pit limit and that caused him to speed on the plane, which, yeah, one Kovat. Yeah, yeah, he wash one kilometer. But uh, that's interesting. Right. Like, I have this wonderful another mean that I found and it's already so I mean, folks listening, don't be surprised. Um, there's there's a parallel split between the red bull and the Ferrari, and the red bulls as faster on streets and the Ferrari says faster in the pits. True, that's true. That's hard, but that's true. It's true. I like that. Okay, let me take this poll, and I'm going to start off with you, Diana. WHO MESSED UP? The drivers are Ferrari yesterday? WHO MESSED UP? Um, no one. Okay, I'll take that. Yeah, well, well, Charles was still, you know, trying his best, and Carlos on the podium. So I don't know what people saying. Like I was trying to get some gossip out of you, but you smarter out, okay. I mean, you...

...know, I'm a Rabican, I'm not a chose Fan, I'm not a girls fan. I respect for them, but I don't really care where they ends up. But he didn't mess up yesterday, so I see why people are saying, like they messed up with Chelsey's Um pit stops. Like a few races ago, I was like no, this townships, but this is you know, this race was not like a real mistake or something. You know, it's yeah, no, I I tend to agree. I agree that. I wouldn't say it was anybody's fault as such. It was just bad luck and uh yeah, that's that's about it. I guess that's that's true. I mean, what I mean the strategy was because, because I think a lot of people questioned their uh last pitch stop and question with it. That was really necessary and I think we were having a discussion about this and uh, like I was of the opinion earlier that it was probably kind of unnecessary. But at the same time I do kind of agree with the arguments that put up. Go ahead, like let's let our audience know. Yeah, my my take on the fact of the matter was that it isn't about taking the fastest lap point at this point. I mean I think, like Charles knows that even if he wins all the races, Max is not going to finish at Max less than P three. So that's fine, but at this point it's more about taking that one point away from red bull and trying to still fight for a w CC at this point, and every point mattered, right. So, I mean science is doing good, so there is a good battle with science and Charles as a teams, whereas in Max I think like they are now probably gunning for a W C C which is still going to look tough. But for me it was not about a one point against Max, but at one point against Red Bull, which I think was fair, and they had Alonso closed off. M. Yeah, so it's tough, but it's bad, but it is what it is. Yeah, yeah, and he was so prons also, you know, with the crash he had. That was the point where he was like, okay, no, this is not yeah, it was really that he thought. He was like, I lost it, I really lost me. True, and I think one one good thing for Arie did by with the quitch top is that g was some exciting because the reason was getting really bored towards the end. Yeah, Oh God man, you know, any who, any who. I I don't think we can end this without, without a special topic that we did talk about at the beginning, and the story starts off with a usual crash, usual spinoff from our very famous got fee. At that point no one was surprised, no one cared. Oh, Williams is fun off. Is it Alban? No, okay, sure, it happens he takes off. He takes off boat as anyway, any where I want to get with all of this is, Um, dion, I hear and Botas have a very special relationship as a fan and a amazing driver. Um, and I want to kick it off to Diana. You like. So how? First of all, how how do you know bout as? How? Well, yeah, I already know him for like four years and we were in a group chat with a few other both of fans, and we were like, Oh, let's put both in this. You know, maybe you respond like no, people not to know. Um, he was not a thing on Instagram, so it's gonna be happening. And then one time I woke up and I was like is this? Is this true? Do we get a message from both ofs? And then we got to him and it didn't believe that it was really him, you know, maybe a manager or whatever, and then he said like send proof, send a picture, and then he said wait, I have the picture. I need to show it to you guys. Wow, alright, awesome, funny, because he sended the picture where he was in the car. I printed it. Interesting. Yeah, he sended this pure okay, that's him and yeah, it was the same and then we know, knew it was him. So that's that was, I think, into an eighteen. That was a long time. Um, it was. He was such a nice guy. You know. We talked in a group chats and he you know something, he was like, yeah, I'm free, you know, for half an hour, so just ask, you know, whatever you want. And also when there were problems with he wanted to make a page for his dog fanny. Then he...

...had with his wife. Yeah, but there was another page whose name was and and you know, he helped us to, you know, get the name removed so he could use it for his dog. And it was just like a thing. And then at some point when, Um, he wasn't really talking anymore. That was in two thousands nineteen, when he got with his new girlfriends. And then, Um, you know, we started talking in right for just about sport and about, you know, mental things, Um, in the sports and stuff. It was interesting to hear all those things, and also about the boss Total Wolf, because we had a lot of a lot of things about that, you know. And I was watching a race and then you heard like Balt h James and I was like no, no, no, no, no, no. After you know, after qualifying, when he needed to give Hamilton or stuff. Um, you know, I send him a message with like okay, they you know, they they really played you again, and he was like yeah, okay, absolutely. It was like, you know, I also really like not getting mad on him, but just say like, you know, say no. Just say no, because you always say that you want to, Um, win the championship and stuff, but then really trying to win the championship. And how we you know, the things we talked about and you know, you know, when we were at the GP, we tried to meet there and stuff, and then, yeah, what also talked to and in Priv but at the end it wasn't wrong because after Johnford, when we met someone in his closer got mad and uh, not going to say names. So I think, and uh, you know, it's just, you know, I'm just his fans and I really wanted to talk about this because it's something that happens often with that person. We're fans. I'm a fan, I am not trying to do anything wrong or, you know, I'm not trying to steal things. Um, and yeah, you know, that's just how it is. And you know, she also blocked me on instagram and on face and I just really want to say this because it happens often with fans. I got many, many messages from people who met faulty and say, Oh, his girlfriend made you uncomfortable, she got mad, and so, you know, I just wanted to say this in this podcast also that, um, we're fans. I'm a fan and we want to keep it like that. That's just how it was. I'm still supporting him. He's still my number one and us, it's the special bonds for folks who have stayed with us for the special topic. You, you are our true fans. Go Follow Diana on her instagram. Um, that's a D Y A N N E dot F one. Send her a message, you know, and then tell her to tell boat as to come to Fon fan fiction and give us an episode. So, yeah, Iven, you stayed around until this point, in this minute into the episode. You guys. You guys need to do this for us, Um, and even we know how many do stick around to the ends. That's for us, Um. But yeah, yeah, that's a that's a special request from a fun fan fiction community. If Diana can make this happen, then if anyone can make this happen. It's Danna. We want Hashtag. Yeah, we want Hashtag. Vote as on Fon fan fiction. But before you send her that message, go follow her and followed, because Nice guys, nice podcasts. They deserve the followers. They really deserved the followers. With that support everyone who's in the cockpit racing, irrespective of the gender. Stay positive. Um, it's a support. At the end, everyone's doing their bit. You can do yours as a fan. Um, this was there were some revelating stories here. Talk about it so that more people talk about it, the change will come faster, as sen pointed out. So talk about it, share these stories with your friends so that it spreads and you know. We know what's being what's being happening in the sport. Um, we will come next weekend from something which will be a haze of foreign smoke and if we can see the race on the TV through the cameras, Diona is going to be in the grandstand or somewhere in the stand, watching the race herself. Um. Yeah,...

...any partying thoughts before I close this? I'm going to do well. What I want to say is just, you know, for one community, please, just you know you can dislike a driver just fine, but you know, don't ever, ever, ever hate someone else for supporting. Respect everyone. That's what I want to say and on that bombshell, I'm copying this line, but on that bombshell these are your hosts, all three hosts signing.

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