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Episode 37 · 7 months ago

2022 Australian GP


We return to the Australian GP after a long 2 years wait. The 2022 Australian GP was the 3rd race in the season, and it seems to be clear that Charles and Ferrari are in it for the championship. Flawless performance by Charles while Max’s car noped out again. The race down under was exciting with actions all around the field. An awesome performance by Albon who dragged the back marker Williams into their first point of the season.

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Charles's grand slam! 🏆
  2. F1TV forgets Podium celebrations
  3. Is Spainz the successor of S🅱️inalla ?
  4. George asked to let Perez by
  5. Hamilton the underdog? 🤯
  6. Albon probably, “I pit because I have to not because I need to”
  7. Latifi vs Stroll – Battle of the Buffoons
  8. The Stroll train 🚂
  9. Alonso’s debacle
  10. Vettel’s scooter prep 🛵      

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Memes in this episode:

  1. Max breathing down Charles's neck 
  2. That moment when you realize your new position at the team!  
  3. Stroll - 007 
  4. "It's not relevant to our car" 
  5. Vettel's Practice for Aus GP 
  6. Albon the gigachad!  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Talking about Max right like he's P six. First of all, he's still behind Lewis, so I think he's living in two thousand and twenty one, trying to beat Louis at some level. That's what is happening. I think, still stuck in the PTSG the last race. Hello, friends, welcome back to yet another episode at Fone Fan Fiction. We race here this weekend after two years. That news is big. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry. Let's get into it. Surround two years. We've waited to be on this track. Two years and more. For our he's been waiting to get back on to leading with a gap. Yeah, just draw emotions, or do you think about the race? What do you think is man? I mean the race itself, like, at least at for the lead of the race, was pretty boring. I mean we knew pretty much who got, who's going to win. That is. But you know, like returning back to Australia after two years, I think I'd almost forgotten this track and I think with the changes that they have done for the track as well. Yeah, I loved it. Like the cars were a lot faster, like a lot of those corners are a lot smoother now. So you know they can cary Moore speed. So and of course it's somehow. Yeah, Ferrari and Charles, I don't know that combination, I think there will just take it away rate. Seems like it what we doubted, I think, back in two thousand and eighteen, with little there is. Yeah, I think that gamble or that that longsightedness from Ferrari's definitely paying off. But you know your comment on that track. I think. I think FIA got very overly enthusiastic with making some of those corners straighter, with like for drs zones to start the weekend off and realizing I think we've gone a bit over work. Let's cut it down to three. Yeah, because I think that at one point if you have four Dr Zones, you might as well keep Dr us on through the track. Fair game that they realize it. And Yeah, but I think man like, you have to give it up to Charles. Man Like he has to the test of fire as such an art are in the sense that when he joined it didn't seem like, you know, Ferrari just became shit at that point. So, but he stuck around, he fought around and he has shown his brilliance a lot of times, even like in the last year, I think, especially when was that solution right where he was leading the race for a while and then he had some engine issues at the end. Yeah, and yeah, so I think this is going to be the years of Charles. Probably. Yeah, that gaps definitely building. I mean he's dominated the whole weekend apart from like the FP ones and the FP twise it's that. That part's fine, but like, other than that, even through the race right, like there wasn't a moment where he was trying to contest with anyone. He was in his own world, with more on in front of him one behind him. Yeah, just just a flawless victory. I'm wanting that. Fastest Lap after fastest love. What was that? I was just got to talk about that man. What he was just like being a greedy person at that point, because he was already like on his fifth streak of beating his own fastest lap. Yeah, and then he's like, okay, shall we pit for the fastest laugh, and you also got told to stand on really like chill, do chill. He just playing formal, easy words like shut exactly. Yeah,...

I think he's just too over enthusiastic at this point. I don't think he imagined that he would be, you know, probably in for the championship man. Yeah, I mean I can I can understand and his excitement. Or yeah, leading the race. He's once each and every point. But Sill Outru usion is also part of some of his reactions where I think even we've done a good screen grab at the position where he gets off the guardy does the interview and then he's going to the podium where he's got this like very surprised look on his face, like yeah, this happened. Oh, sorry, now since you say that. Okay, I have to really bring out this topic. Fun TV, for some reason have decided that podium is not an important part of the race. Yeah, and we were completely denied the podium. Yeah, I was watching and then they sudden he started showing the you know, the out screen of the standings and then the fun themes on Il quait. Wait, what's going on? The Pot? so that's why, Sarun, the the remedy to that is, and come on, when you've heard this a zild times, now press the Red Button, if you're on Sky Sports, to go back and see the repeat. That's right all along. Yeah, my wide man, my wide line, and need to find that red button right now. Man. But while Charles is having all this fun, what is that other Guy Doing? What is it? He is own great. What is he doing? Yeah, I don't know what was going on. Within this weekend. He was just not there, like throughout practices, even in qually qualified would P P nine something in that Ray. He was gone. There, just a terrible day. Think what lap three? He spun out like wettering, like. I think he's like completely you filling in metal shoes and went to it a later. Yeah, invented by Hey. This is what you do when you start a season like. Oh, you still and I think that reminded metal to spend as well. But yeah, I will get to it later. Really get spines. I don't know if you're going, yeah, I hey, right, is I mean that second for our remains and you as play whatever. Yeah, yeah, that's right, I can see that happening. Yeah, why not? But nonetheless, I mean I feel like he's over exerting himself. There is there is still some mental stability that he I mean last season we saw a splendid drive from him. I think he's just got in frantic this season. Once he settles in, I am surely routing for a Science Bodum, when a science actually, yeah, P one, Yep, Yep. I mean he is third on the driver standings right now. So you know it's Carlos Man. I think he'll I think it was an off day for him. I guess at the office. I think, and we've seen this even last season, that you know, we talked about this a couple of times, that he starts off not as well, but he kind of builds up his season. So I think he'll be there soon and I think, like this car, everyone's figuring out because, like everything's changed after seven years. So everyone still figuring this car out. But let's reveal the secret. WHO's pet? Well, well, well, none other than the Ex Williams driveway, Mr George Russell. Man's awesome. That's all in the driver standing after three races. Not Hard at all, not to in the MERCEDIES, which is not even close to the fastest car on the track. Yeah, I'm like, I'm surprised, very honestly, like I do. I had my doubts about Russell. All Alright, like, yeah, I mean we always...

...saw his brilliant quali performances, getting into q one, a lot of side q three, a lot of time and things like that. But I had my doubts how he'll perform at mercedies, specially against Hamilton. But he's proven everybody wrong, isn't he's been beating Hamilton so far in the season. Yeah, that's got going for him. And we had a fun fan fiction at least, called this his first codeo spart as. Yeah, smart as powers on Rice. But yeah, first podium break like yeah, amazing. P Two, p three, sorry, yeah, not bad at all. PTHREE, part Noum. Sad he could have gotten a p to but that was an interesting tire message up to him being cold, not to hold for as back. But you know, I'm a bit surprised, to be honest. So, so there was a good battle going on between Russell and Perez in those later stages in the race and Russell was defending brilliantly against Perez until a point. I think, like their race, engineers saw that he's probably damaging those tires and was asked to not damage tires as a result of holding peers and let to, which, like Russell, was surprised and I'm thinking, what else was he expecting? I mean it's a situation where he does want that PTO which is in the bag. You got to do what? Yeah, yeah, I know. I think. I think it was the wise decision for most of is, because it's like, you know, while fighting for the P to, you might as well lose the PTHREE. So you know, try and get that pthree instead of with the small chance of getting the P to. So I think fair game. And being the new driver in the team, I'm glad he heard what his team was telling him to do. And like someone in Yep, Yep, Mr London Orris. But yeah, but I think Russell. Yeah, we are just seeing the start of a season, so I'm pretty excited to see what we can do and beating Hamilton fern square. But, by the way, point you expect there's going to be like team orders, because Bethree Po, I for one was expecting t orders. Yeah, yeah, at one point I thought, because like I think there was this point where I think Hamilton and who was it? He was fighting somebody and then he would to come again. Was it a Loneso? Could it be? Could I think it was along so yeah, I think Alonso then pitted or something that and then, yeah, he was able to get close to Russell and at that point I thought that maybe he might really bring a challenge to Russell. But he couldn't write, like he wasn't there, like he I think he reached up to two seconds from him, but then, yeahs just fell behind. Yeah, true, in fact, and this is what you were telling me earlier, right, and now that we were having this conversation, it feels so at that, in fact, we probably might see a reverse Lewis. It's change the season, right, yeah, right, I think I think it might just happen. Finally, Louis James, please, led George vis, that's gonna pay. That's gonna pain. It's going to be a pain for like millions of people. Yeah, yeah, but you know, I love how this season is turning out, where you honestly, because I think Hyanne also said the same thing last episode, where I'm actively finding myself rooting for Hamilton when watching the race, which I don't remember in last you know how much every as I've ever like really rooted for him, right, and it's awesome to see him as an underdog, like a very honestly, I'm kind of in a way happy because, you know, yeah, he has, he has been a seven time world champion, but a lot of times he hasn't had that big...

...of a good fight and I think just seeing him really prove his metal right now it's fun to watch it right right and and race after race there's been like master class from him this race again, like we talked about red will being or Max particularly being like the the start game sort of guy, but a dive into directly pthree on turn one, it's just wonder full of Hamilton. Yeah, he came out of nowhere, like I was watching the start and then suddenly as so like him just putting by and Larry. Yeah, I don't know what was going on all of a side and I think at one point he was as a leading the race. Am I wrong? I thought I saw that. Was it second? Oh, no, he was second. I think luck look pitted and he would had become the leader, but he pitted the same lab yeah, I was. I was a little afraid at that point. I thought that you might just, you know, just see you like okay, I'm going to take this. Thank you and I'm not going to pet and exactly. I would have not been surprised if he goes from here as much as again, like, as not a Hamilton Fan, I would not have liked it, but that would have been a class of driving just yes, out of nowhere, thinking at mercedies into p one. But nonetheless, I mean we saw, we saw a glimpse of ham versus along. So this time around there wasn't much of a fight. Good drs assistance, to Hamilton's credit. Simple over taken. Yeah, now, but I'm really enjoying just watching Hamilton now, you know, somehow, like I'm sad for him that he's not fighting with the winds, but nevertheless he's like really screeping by and, you know, just giving the fight to everybody towards awesome. Yeah, love to see it. Wasn't there a radio message at the end of the race to where? I don't really get what the context was, but I yeah, just in saying you guys put me in a very difficult position. I don't know who and what and why that I was started. Yeah, I'm not sure. You the I guess probably must be related to strategy or something. Maybe he was planning for some other strategy and they kind of overrided him or something that could be. In that context, I was also very confused what what exactly was alluding to, but I don't know. It seemed a little bit like they raised me too hard. Where you're on. Could be could be all right, so then let's just make speculations at this point. So it would have been raised me. They raise me too hard, or I am guessing he's he knows he's gonna Finish Behind Russell, who's in new be Huh, in a third race, getting a first quodium for Mercedes, and he's like this is just do difficult. Yeah, one of the was. Yeah, yeah, man, we wait. Well, is Hamilton, by the way, in the standings? I think fourth, right, fifty still is still above Max, because he got that still out of a race. Oh yeah, yeah, man. Well, we skipped Mr Perels, so I think need to talk about him next. Yeah, talking about podiums, right. I mean be too. That was good, but of love for him to have a fight with La Clare too, but that was way too quick for anyone to catch up. Yeah, yeah, but I think Paris was still in a very good form yesterday, like he started what pthree right, and I think he fell back a little at one point. I think Hamilton over took him, I guess, right for the Pth of the start and then he took it back, I guess. Yeah, but after the pitchtop as well, he really cut through the field. He kind of had a bad put stop in the sense that he was released into traffic, so he had to like make those overtakes...

...again. Yeah, but credit to him still be too. Yeah, it does. It is a fighting there for peas, to be honest. I mean first he had to battle that out with Hamilton. Yeah, then there was a battle with alongso overall he was then again, I mean sure Russell was quite behind him, but there was still a threat coming from behind. Overall it was it was more of a busy day at work, a sort of paying well, while we say that, while we say that, we also had the radio from him. Are you guys still away? Yeah, they just miss them or something right, like he's like where am I? This is broken. It was fun, yeah, but I guess all his action was at the start of the race and then he was just a lonely island where twenty seconds away from Charles and the person behind was also like far away. So yeah, I think significant happened with him. I mean I think he was at one point also concerned about what was happening with red bill because because it's happened with him right like the first pace. Max goes out and he's just chilling there driving and then all of a sudden the car knopes out. So this time it is said to be pre emptive, just asking the garage what was wrong with Max's car, and he gets and he gets shut down for that exactly. And I I even while listening to the radio, like well, watching the race, he I heard his enginel like you know what, it's not relevant to our card. No, I like, wait, how is it not relevant? It isn't it the same car? It's fine. If it catches fire, just just yeah, no, just drive faster so that you know the flames go behind and that's a nice try to maybe Red Bullard APPS that strategy this the season. Oh by the way, since he said fire, did you notice like when we're stopping, jumped out of the car. He was like calling the marshes, like you know, yeah, but like as to which the fire and he's like pointing exactly where the fire is. It was just too funny. To look at that the marshal at that point to look so confused, to be really ones. He did he? He probably I qud you not and I'm like the Marshall's probably thinking were steppends asking him to take a photo or you know, hey, I don't want to. I don't want any cellar movement. Is what the Marshal's thinking. You don't get a bike to drive like wetell whatever he's he's going through all the starts and Max is like, dude, there's a fire. Yeah, man, we're stopping. Man, he's having a bad time. I think he now. I think he's decided there's only two options for him that either he wins the race otherwise he's just packs his car at the track. That's it. Like that would be nice, real like good night, have a great start, take the Leer and then just be like all right, that was fun. I think. I think you'll see this some time where he's probably, you know, at the last lap, like he realizes that he can't do a take Charles Anymore and he's like, okay, just just directly drive into the Pitt instead of going through the finish like but a dread wull power power train performance is genuinely concerning at this point right, like third race in a row. Something's going down at at large. That car seems very concerning, for our is almost got it in the bag. If this is what ends up happening with Red Bulkers, besides them there is no one really to give them the challenge. Yeah, and you know, funnily, if this continues, mercendies might still win the constructors. Where you're on this day, possible tea surender pity at this level is Oh my...

God, that's isn't it? Without any wins, still winning the constructors. Man, that is going to be a hilarious if that happens. Talking about Max Right, like he's P six. First of all, he's still behind Lewis. So I think he's living in two thousand and twenty one trying to beat Louis at some level. That's sort of laughing, I think. Still stuck in the PTSG the last ways. So yeah, I don't know what's gonna Happen. He's going going to the other side, wasn't? Wasn't he being told on race he starts, also yesterday, to not something that is easy. He's becoming infants. Yeah, so I mean this this rule has always been there, like in the book, has it right? Yeah, but it was not really enforced properly, of course, like that's that's the whole thing, right, like for at least the last year, entirety of the last year, like raise directors, but put out certain rules which are which will be enforced most gently as compared to others. And that's how they generally like announced the rules in their trem but a second year, like what is the exact rule? Let's let's get that context as in what you can do and what can you sure? So basically, at the re safety car restart. Right. So the way the safety car restarts workers that in the last lab, the safety card goes into the pits and then the leader of there is becomes the de facto thefety car. Yeah, and so the real rule of the safety card is that you, as a driver, can never get alongside the safety card. Like, of course, in some very weird situations that sort different thing. But generally speaking, and when the first car, in this case Charles, is the safety car at the last lab, we have always seen Max doing that weird thing of, you know, coming bold wos to, you know, just next to his friend doing. Yeah, right, and so of course that creates dangerous situations and they basically put the hammered on that. That absolutely cannot go ahead of the rear wing of the car ahead of you. So, yeah, that's it. That's it for Max. But since, since we are here, I think it would be a good time to go into the meme section, because I have a perfect meme for this right now. Right, all right. You're for folks who are not listening to us on video, this is a good point probably to switch to youtube. Is Yeah, we're doing a screen share and showing the means that we're talking about, but nonetheless we're going to be descriptive. So you'RE gonna you're gonna hear most of these memes have been picked up from our very own formula. Dying read it, because that's the best place to get these, or twitter. Right, all right, so that's the first one right here. Okay, so for folks are listening, so it's basically like two model figures like standing with like Darth vaders figure and superman just beating down his nose behind with the guy like Darth vader been let clerk just trying to do the safety card restart and we're starting breathing down his neck. Is this? This just connected with me so well because, like, this is very apt. Was this is Saudi Arabia GP, this is Australia GDP, and we don't fall. See this again for sure, or do we have negs? Go with the next one, the radio versus that we just when you realize you are and to driver. Now, all right, Hamilton Rady, you guys put me in a exactly when. This is so true.

This is so true, and that's why I wouldn't be surprised if there comes a point where it's like Lewis, it's James. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hope he improves, but let's see. I just want to hear that statement at least once and you know, I would be happy said distically. I'm rooting for it. Yes, all right, this is a lat okay stroll has some amazing statistics. That this mean points out zero points, zero podiums and seven penalty points. Here we have Mr James Burn Zero, zero, seven. They Call Me Poord Stroll Board. Oh, this guy has had such a terrible weekend. I mean, I don't know what's going on with this. See One of those audience members. Who has who has a cutout called cash is king and then they flip it and it's and it's your rolls face on it. I did see that. Yeah, yeah, we will get to school suit. This is the favorite. The monkey looks at you and then he looks away. What is this pres what was the problem with Max car? It is not a learned for our car. Oh Yeah, this monkey. We make so much sense. Yeah, well, like he's like, okay, are you serious? Like, I'm not going to talk about it through the next one. I'll I love this one. This is, this is, this is was the highlight of my weekend. Wat till going down the street on a Scootie was the next best thing of this weekend. According to you, got five, five K for it. I don't think he gives two rats as I like sure, that's my dinner. Yeah, right, I mean, look a look at him and he is driving baby one track giving fight. If you've seen that track at least, is religious about taking the curve right inside out on the race light. They's done that. Well, what does this reat so met will saying. I've done plenty of preparation for there is the preparation? Yes, Oh, yeah, and that's exactly what is. Weekend was pretty much lace. Yes, and the last one, the most important one, for this is a word. Yeah, I mean this is when she asks how long you can last. And then me it shows red bull powertrains and the guy she tells you not to worry about. That's basically Alex well. Burn on his arts. Okay, Albern is always hard, I guess. Okay, on, I think this. This would would be the APP time to talk about albuna. I guess. Sure, go over it, take it away, all right. I think driver of the day was given to Charles Right. For me, very honestly, the drival of the date definitely was Alban I mean should have been for sure. Yeah, man like what he did in the Williams, in the third race of the season, holding on to that pseven, driving fifty seven laps on the same time. It's funny how like, you know, I had actually seen another view. I kind of lost it now, but it was that. Basically, you know, I don't pit because I need to. I paid because I have to. There's this other one to where it's like Russell takes three years to get points, or Williams and Albnas it's third race. Hold my beer, exam and that that guy, I think. I think you were talking about the soccer straight like the pit stop that he did at the last lap, which is pretty interesting.

In the first place, I think at one point even the commentators were not sure what the rules are in the aspect of like, can you finish the race in the pit lane? The fact that, you know, if you see the delta between ghastly and Alban as we were talking about earlier, I think he was Har many, I think just six seconds behind him, with even less, know, even less, four seconds behind Gast Lee at the end of the yeah, exactly, and I mean he could have it possibly beat the number one driver of Alpha Tauri in a Williams. Yeah, yeah, and and what's funny is he would have beaten the guy who he replaced who then, like God, kicked them out of the whole the whole show. Right, that would have been. For people who probably don't have context to this might be missing a lot in the story, because how how ironic it is that alborn in a Williams was about to beat ghastly and Alpha Tauri. Yeah, it is just and by the way, just checked it was only threep in one seconds away from ghastly. So, man, so he could have. He could have. So fifty seven laps on herds and then he pitts for softs. Right. So, if you would have gone maybe four or five laps earlier, I mean sure, with the math on how much pace and Delta they have with gastly, I think there was a possibility, like with those songs in there, he could have taken gastly for a p nine. Yeah, man, at that bad thing would had been just to to entertaining him. That really came, but still, nonetheless, one point. Nonetheless. On the flip side, we could have also heard they race me, so this time from gastly, from gastly, yea, yeah, yeah, that that would had been too much fun, man. But no, regardless, like I think he's putting Latif to shame. And Yeah, and Latif, man, what the fuck is he doing again? Like him and stroll. Okay, let's let's talk about that instident real quick. Sin, since we are kind of talking about Latifi. What are your thoughts about it? The crash at first both the ice bags, first of all, both. All right, so let's let's start there. They are just trying to see whose father can probably spend more money out of there too, and the worst, they can trash. I probably also want to start this conspiracy theory that those two families are taking money from other drivers so that they can crash and drivers can win and the tables can turn. Let's start this cons that's what's I think it's very plausible. It is. It is. Having having said that, yeah, it is. It is a weird situation. Man Like so latife parks his car, sort of thing, because he's asked till let's stroll by. Stroll goes by. All of a sudden stroll decides to also slow down. For a second that I thought he was on a hot lap and Latif was was on a cool down, but both of them were not on a hot lap. Why were they racing it? And then why did lettife decide to what was he doing? It was like, you know, the perfect storm, like battle of the douchebags, as he said. Like man, first of all, stroll. Okay, this is a recurring thing and I think completely deserves blame for this that he just doesn't check his mirrors. I think that's just a thing. He has zero situational awareness. I think I also saw a jeff where he was just about to be run over by a crane and then, like the new the TV reporter like stops him, like I think it crashed out of some race. I don't recall what teries that was, but basically the crane was like picking the car and taking it away and he, of course, with zero situational awareness, was just walking in front of it. And then that reporter like this...

...blocks in and yeah, I mean he didn't check his mirrors again and also letty feel. What the hell was he doing there? Like first only parked his car already, yeah, the side of the track. I don't know what was going on and suddenly started racing him. And Yeah, it was just stupid, like all around stupidity all around. That's a I can say, and it kind of shows, like, you know, I think I was talking about this with a friend of mine, that these paid drivers seem to care lesser about their cars as compared to all the other drivers who are kind of really fighting for the position in the team. I mean it's clear how less Latif he cares, probably about his engineer's very honestly, who have to really slop to rebuild that car. And you just keeps crashing it. You know, it's like, come on, it's respect for your team that you bring the car home. It's, you know, things like these that separate the good drivers from the paid drivers. But although, because you say this rate, I think I for one, am flipping my opinion about shoo as the paid driver because him, while being a paid driver, even though he finished pleven, and I think in a post race interview, is like, given that we know we can be in the points for the first two races, I think my motive going on into the season is going to be fighting for those points. And I have never heard either of these two billionaires series. Yeah, but I think the difference again there is that jaw was a different kind of a paid driver in the sense that it's not his money exactly to he has a big sponsor who is being for a seat. So he still has kind of, you know, his neck is on the line. Fought for it. Yeah, his neck is still on the line. That like Jesus. Last year the Italian jee. Okay, we but but yeah, I mean just poor all around man like. It was embarrassing for the sport where you honestly whatever they didn't on the track. It was just the only good thing that came from stroll was probably the train that he was leading. Right. Yeah, that's so, I guess. Like we're getting the close race that we are being promised. We are seeing that the cars are, you know, overtaking each other way too often. And what was that rain? So we had strolled gastly wot as a Longso make jaw and KMAG that big of a train, a seven car train, was just going through that track. Yeah, when at one point I was very confused as towards going on, and I think even Alonso was, because he said the he said this on the radio. That why doesn't ghastly just overtake him? Well, like they're in the traffic Jabunal, like Alonsos, honking from behind. When while we, while we talk about along, let's let's let's flip to Alonso and then come back to stroll. Battle faster, it's Alonso. I'd say it was a decent week from him, but a poor finish overall. On the weekend he got passed by almost everyone. Yaw, okay bag. I don't know if there is a lack of face or what's happening with that. I'll be in should be too engine back. I just don't know. I just don't know. I don't know, I think. I think it's more of an issue of the reliability. That's that's going to be a trouble for them because qually he did prove that he had peace. When you honestly the lap where his car nooped out of hours, he was actually going for the promasional pool. If you look at his many mini sectors, he was purple almost throughout and he probably could ha gotten the pool position if he was able to complete his lap. But yeah, has engine just noped out...

...and I think in the races well, he did good till say, about seventy five percent of the race, or right up till when he pitted for his mediums. From the hearts, I think everybody this is a good yeah, this is a good point to talk about it, sir, and I think like you've got the most context here. But this tire strategy has has has affected quite a lot of drivers and ingree I think we we have pretty much what it seems like. I'm weird. I don't know how exactly it works. Maybe it's related to the track temperatures, because it seemed like everybody who first was on hearts and then went on to mediums had a terrible end of the race, like Alonso, as well as Skimak, because they both were like way ahead. I think alongs at one point, as we said, like him and Hamilton were battling at out use that like t four or Pfive at one point, and then after that pitch stop it just became nasty because I think he pitted again, because I can see that a Lonso did to pit stops and after his first medium stant even for another medium tire. So clearly he had no grip left, because that seemed like, yeah, move out of desperation at the end. And then on the other side, stroll, I think was was doing something similar. But but I feel like there was a good call on him. So stroll ended with the like three pit stops, which is the highest amongs, like everyone yeah, seeing yesterday, but he still ended up finishing P twelve versus along there's and seventeen, with a seven in the seventh position climb. So I think like he moved from heart to mediums, realize this is not going to work and then move back hards degree. Yep, YEP, Yep. Yeah, I think that's what happened, probably and because actually, that's that's the part that confuses me right, like because if you look at the first ten, first nine, rather, all of them started on mediums and ended on hearts, but they didn't have a hard time. But, yeah, Alonso, for some reason, I don't know what happened. Yeah, maybe going the other way it was probably easier. Yeah, yeah, this is this is interesting because, yeah, going and and I guess like it's a lot of large numbers as well. At that point, like everyone's probably doing the same thing, so you are in that same bucket, whereas if you're trying to do something completely opposite, over everyone's doing starts out. I think even KMAG got affected by the same thing. Make was able to have like smooth overtakes on him, although make almost knocked himself out during that safety, Carlia, that could have resulted in a safety cars very wan. Yeah, that was really scary. Yeah, okay, mack also getting affected by heart to medium shifts. Yeah, a, I mean that was a very interesting thing to look out for. Like I would like to, you know, look into the technical analysis on that, like, but it's quite interesting how he just fell from God because actually, if you look at the last lap lap time of a loans as well, it was it was pretty good. It was one hundred and twenty, so he still had pace. But yeah, Super Weird. Something, something a wrong. Speaking about crashes, I think vettle mentoring has probably some effect on anyone who's either backfield or talking to science. Make Yeah, prepare right. Yeah, and himself obviously, and himself of course. Yeah, first race, like he had to do it like it was, you know, cutting the ribbon, because the season hadn't started for him. He had tried. so He's like yeah, let's officially begin the start of the tray trady two season. He write it rash the gravels. He tried it...

...once. It it did works as. He's like, I got, I probably just got to do it where there is no gravel so I can, yes, do this. Yeah, I mean that meme was so true. Right, like the practice that he did was pretty much see, he didn't get FP One, he didn't get FP two. Did he do ft? I don't think so. Diddy, I don't recall coolly as well. He did like two laps. I think that's it. I got knocked out in que one itself. And then the Scootie ride was the only practice step, but pretty much. Yeah, I guess he's a probably linking he'll get to write the scootie again if he just cries high. Yes, maybe that was a strategy. Yep, Yep, probably he really liked it. You know, that really reminds me of a photo that I had seen of wetel. This is long ago, back when metal wasn't Ferrari. I think this was that the German GP, where his dad was like giving him a lift on his Scootie, like his dad was wearing like a very plain white tshirt and like you know, and him sitting behind him like a school kid with his backpack. It was, man, that was really Orson to look at that. True, he's this guys turned around quite a lot, like I remember him not liking him at one point, same as a Melton, and now he's become this cute little boy who is overgrown, friend, but cute going through that track. There's a there's a there's an interesting stat at this point that the only drivers who haven't scored points in this season so far are either Germans are Canadians. Good Point. Good Point, yeah, but I'm a serious note. Man. I think like he's he's a veteran. Sure this is the first time he's driving this new car. It's it's a car that has changed after seven years and what mark. But I have a I say I have a similar concern, the same way I have her read builder other car issues with Aston Martin at this point that we would probably see into the season. Yeah, I think. I mean, honestly, Aston Martin might be the shittiest car on the track right now other than Williams. But then again Williams Albana is there. You know, Williams is probably not the shittiest car and Aston Martinald sets probably. So who knows? Who knows? I think it's just going to be pain for him. Other let's see. Well, you know, before we close out this one thing I really wanted to call out was McLaren. Man Finally, I think finally, they had a decent race, redemption race at Australia. I was really worried about Ricardo. I was worried that he might be like p twenty and I was still in GP, but thankfully not. He's also one of those like look are Le Claire, who's WHO's had a bad stint at home. We've seen that a couple of times where he's not finished or has had like abismal performance or but yeah, I are right, yesterday was redemption. I would have I would have hoped for him to finish over Norris. But nonetheless a good a good weekend both in other were there any team orders, because it seemed like they were driving like a unit pretty much. I didn't see them separated ever throughout the race. Now, yeah, I don't know about yeah, they were whip, but they wouldn't even like firing distance from each other exactly. Yeah, maybe, or unless there was like a team order pre race. Resided that. You know, we maintain that whoever is ahead just yeah, got it, that's possible. I don't make sense as well from the perspective the team, because right now they are so far behind it doesn't make sense fighting among the drivers at all. Scoring those points is more important, so I guess it makes sense. All in Ali, I think it was a good race. Good race, some some other interesting stats. Maximum positions gained is...

...ghastly. Yeah, now, sorry, Alex Alban my bad. Oh, yeahs think. Oh, by the way, since we were talking about him, one thing we forgot to mention was P ten two, peeple say p twenty two, Pearin, like yes, insane man, exactly. And last from the field to one point, point, not part with a William, with a William, but the Williams here. And then maximum position lost, unfortunately, our Spaniard a long yeah, seven positions last, starting spending seventy. And who are the first most overtakes? I think it was chemag right, I think with seven or eight, something like that. Yeah, it's good, good race. I mean see, the the good thing that I like about how this this season's going, and like the point we've started doing these stats, these memes, is we aren't talking about race leaders or the podium finishers right, like it's all become about this midback f one, point, five, that's that's suddenly gotten all the attention. Yeah, I love I love it about this season. When you want to stay like that's where that you'll fight. is like like everybody's just creeping for that each point in each position a lot more than people ahead. So that's a lot of fun and with while everyone tries to figure out what happens. We will see y'all again two weeks from now at Amola. Until the next race. This is a fun fan fiction signing off, but bye.

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