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Episode 23 · 1 month ago

2021 USA GP Race Discussion


We are back for the USA GP to COTA after a gap last year and what a race did we witness! This is literally history in the making, it’s the Clash of the Titans! With about 400,000 people in attendance during this weekend, Max and Lewis put up a show that is worthy of a tense championship battle that we are currently in. While there was an intense battle for the lead, all the other midfield teams were also battling it out to try and gain some extra points.

In this Episode we discuss:

1. Battle of the Titians 👊

2. Bottas opens an engine parts store

3. Sergio plays the Bottas’s role

4. Naughty Alonso 😈

5. Reds vs Orange

6. TV Directors finally do their job well

7. Alan van der Merwe joins Toto in the Hall of Shame 🤥

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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It fell like a high school radiomessage between go and Alpagata I'll figure. I just like give the positionback and go. He goes, but he pushed me out and ignore discussions give theposition that hello and welcome to the America as weare out to west this time circuit of the Americas. You are listening to ifone fan fiction, a podcast aboard of one brought to you by Fan France forthe fan fans we are our host, I am a cash and I'm suddain and well. I want to dive into the episode,but before that, just a few messages for whoever subscribe to us. Thank youfor whoever isn't check this episode out and pretty sure you on no like it,if you're still not convinced, follow us, at least on our socials, and I'mpretty sure you even I end up subscribing to us for everyone out there. This takes timeefforts and money from our side to bring you these amazing episodes thatwe do. If you like what we are doing head on to our website, if one fandfiction com and on the bottom right you're going to see US CC an option tobuy his coffee, just get us a coffee so head over to a fen fan fiction, alsoalso one of our goals. I don't know if you ever spoken about this, but likeone of our rules with the whole podcast, is to create an effon community so bepart of the community and as part of the community, an important factor isfeedback, so writing to us what you've been liking. So far, what you haven't?What do you want us to do at contact us at the redefine and fiction, and withthat, let's get into the episode, my God yesterday was a Griller up, PorTiller from the first turn to the twentieth turn just a Banger Yeah I mean wow. I took me some time toreally digest the whole race, like I had to sit down after the race toreally understand. What's going on because to think about it right, like we didn't actually see we to wheelbattle bit at and Louis, but none the less. I think we had probably one ofthe best races till now and wow it was. It was a battle of strategies. You knowit was basically it's not just it wasn't. Just Lewis was is Max, it was,you know all the people who have contributed to either of those teamsfighting against each other, because this was like the culmination ofeveryone's efforts, because not just that Max and Lewis drove brilliantlythe strategies were on point. Everything was yeah, just amazing, Iguess yeah, no, absolutely true, and you hit it on the nail there. It wasmore like they were out of the fifty six labs.They were like just a few laughs where both of them were in the frame on thesame screen. Otherwise they were, like you know, quite apart, and yet it feltlike we were going at it gustily seconds away right so and absolutelylike, except both, as I think everyone else was so involved, like the wholemerciless garage the whole. It Bulgar both the drivers on red, Bole andobviously only lois someone side. L JUST IS TO BE YEP. You know what I really think thatin the future will think about these races and think about all those goodold days I mean is Istically stane making? Yes,...

...that you know we have like the world'stwo best drivers in the two best teams and yeah. It's just filled in all aroundand the awesome thing about it is like none of like either of them made nomistakes at all. Like I can't point to a single moment for both of them, where you know theymessed up, it was just head down and yeah it was yeah. I don't know theywould a now a different zone altogether. I guess yeah I, like Louis Lewis,hasn't felt that serious to me for races. Now, not even one scriptabout his tires. In fact, on the Contra we here came on to the radio and saidthe stars be fine. I Second Pitt Stop. They went whatever their original planwas and guessing there was lat, thirty or thirty one, but like plus, sits ontheir original plan. So yeah yesterday was a different Lewis. I on the track,I think, like I have a feeling like he's, seeing his championship slip awayand yeah. I think he's now getting into that zone where the realization has it,and he knows he needs to keep his head down, but, as he may or may not have torely on have but yeah, but, as is busy anyways creating his own garage withengine so yeah, I think I think, in stead of aprophy room he's probably creating an engine room in his house, an alternatorin probably do. In fact you know what I saw a treatthat sorry on an Sagra. I he put a post on Instagram, where he basicallyphotoshopped his face on some guy in a shop and like he's selling engine parts, but we yeah coming coming back to these, I think, are Modibo Battle of titans.Yesterday, right, yeah, yeah man, no mistakes made whatsoever. The beauty ofit was, I feel, like pitch, stops right, likeyeah a holy game right, those those three drivers and I keep saying threedrivers to. I think my Checko was equally involved in that battle betweenMax and Max and Louis there. So all those things into two six pitch stopshave been so accurately done. Obviously, some surrender Peter andthere for maybe Louis, but eventually next getting the better hand out of it. Yeah those pitch stops some commentsthere, a those pitstops yeah I mean both right, like red bill, I mean Mok,has made a lot of mistakes in the past with pitch tops, but I think yesterday they were onpoint deadbolt. Everyone knows that that's pretty much one of these friends,so we kind of expect that from red will by now. I think pretty much these daysif they don't do or two second put stop everyone's like you know what happened,but it did happen yesterday. So I think I forget if it was rundle or crofty atthat point, but Max did a two point. Eight and theHubby were like. Oh that's, a slower, pitched top. Well, if you consider redbull who had like five sub two second pitch stops, then yes, there was aslower one. So, yes, I think brandy was right, like the two point eight feltnow for Regal, but is still insane ty fast ye, and one awesome thing that I liked aboutyesterday's race was that I think both teams were open to trying someradically different things in terms of stategy, because I think at some pointit was kind of an equal match between...

...them in the sense that both had somestrength and some weaknesses, and they were exactly complimenting each otherin that, and so it was I'm pretty sure very difficult to judge what thecorrect strategy is, because redpoll was taking a huge disk there right likeputting that early on, but yeah beautifully pulled off,because I think they realized that he was doing good when the tires were likein the initial stage, and he completely took her advantage of lit like everytime it was so weird like one was petting he was falling back, then youknow catching up a other than the other one yeah yeah. I think a Er yeah, andso it was don throughout the race. There was not a single moment when Ithought that yeah this is the person who's going to win because yeah, younever know, what's going to happen next yeah, I know I think I texted youyesterday that I think I can see who's going to win like I can see one of these driverswinning for themselves and as soon as I exper, I think things in that N is likemy. This is gonna, be like the last a thing, but but let's, let's start fromthe top right like rebel having. That advantage, be one start for Max Louis having theinner line, which is usually actually this is this is this is a track wherepeople like drivers don't go to go for a p one because they get it in Er line.That first left turn is favorable foreigners, and I don't know if Louis was going fora pito but yeah. He was comfortable there, although, although yesterday wasinto one of those stunner race starts from Max Right. That was that was aninteresting one, because what I ended up happening was like now, brundle andcrafty and folks talk to Pigi as well. In and Christian on. Aves was on thecommentary box yesterday and they asked him and he was like a Kudos to Lewisfor a brilliant ry start. We had, on the other hand, an average one, and Ithink that's why I lose led into the race. Okay, not gonna lie for a person whodoesn't want lose to win that I was a bit had broken, but but yeah I could asto Lewis Fun for getting that brain re, tat, Yep, no, definitely, and in factwhen, when he actually took off right after turn, one he did build up somegap with NAT. Yes, that went it felt to me, like maybe you know, he's justgoing to take it away. Yes, but yeah Max, because in terms of stateand speed,most ities had an advantage. I think red bull on this tack was like theThird Third Fastest Card. So you know, obviously they had some deficit in thatterms. But the good thing was that the initial two laps knack somehow was able to just hold onto you know to stay in the Dr Strange and when in Lapre he got the drs he wasable to. You know then the non just like be there constantly yeah, but Ifeel like he was. He was pushing himself to the limit because I rememberhim coming under the radio and saying the cars drifting he's feeling hisrears mobile. So obviously he was in the dirty airsection from Lewis Ahead, in which case we've seen Louis justback off, because he takes a step behind and then tries to pounce back,but it is in this situation. Yeah it felt like Max was pushing hiscar to the limit Yep. So the awesome thing about the wholerace in gentle was like not only was Max driving brilliantly. I think he wasalso calling out some strategy as well. While writing a actually, I don'tremember, was it the yeah. I didn't...

...remember if it was the first pitch stopof the second, but I think right after the Argys, like you know whose, like I use like no, I think we need to usecheck her to cover a Hamilton and instantly right after that they'vepettet's. Let's, let's deviate a bit Er for folks who follow us for our passion, but for some reason, don't haven't seenthe Rason. Don't know the context here, just just filling you in on: what'shappened, Latten Max page and he's going for a classic undercuton Lewis, hoping you is pitch in the next lap ordo so. He has that advantage to then pounce on Lusis tires, but Luis doesn't at that point. I justam so owed by by Max's calmness in this face that he comes on to the radio andcause out a strategy to use check o against Lewis so that they picchiochecker gets new tires. Who will be at that point closer to Lewis and can makeLuis push more in turn wearing lose the spires out so just to brilliant, just twobrilliant from Max at this point? No, that's.That's really spot on right, like it felt like Max, was you know,fighting for his seventh world championship yesterday, because,honestly, like the level of maturity that he heard of calling those strategycalls Yeh is unexpected right for someone who is trying to compete forhis first championship. It really didn't feel that way and like Max is infamous, for you know his heartedness, and you know his jumping to rash conclusions. I would say, butyesterday seemed like he was just calm as a convert right, and I mean like ifsomeone was to compare this Max with the Max from twoyears back, who pushed Ok on off of Interlagos, it's a yeah they're, justtwo different MAC. I mean this entire season. The composure he's shown isjust like a seven time go champion as as you mention yeah yeah and that'sperfect right, and the same goes for Louis as well. I would say like it feltlike he was different yesterday it he was not his own self in the sensethat you know. Usually we have joked about this. A lot on this podcastbefore as well that he always complains about his tires. But to yesterday Ithink, was something different. I didn't hear them even once complainabout anything actually forget his tires and he was just all in. He wascompletely into what he was doing and I think, and that kept him busy prettymuch because at the end of the race after you know when they come out andthey do the wing and everything right there was this one shot where Max waslike. You know, being congratulated by others and Louis was sitting likeinside, and he really seemed exhausted after the race which, which you knowmakes me think that he really really had to fight for it to try and be theredifferent, because we essentially are in, like the home stretch of the season,ride, it's yeah how many five races left. I A sixain exactly, and I think I, like Lewis, realizes that there isn'tgoing to be a lot of opportunity for him now to like recover from this,because if you consider the next two races, which is Mexico and Brazil, bothof which are high altitude rises, and...

...it is known that red will has anadvantage, the so and again, the last races which areremaining. I think Saudi Arabia and Catarre. I Guess Yeah Yeah and eventhose are unknown. So who knows? What's going to happen? Yeah I mean yesterday,I think the only if you want to call it a complaint sort of thing. The onlything I remember Louis saying on the radio as he is quicker than me, andthis is this is when this is when Max was chasing Lewis, so even before thefirst pitch off, but otherwise it was all like a good motivational and sortof like keeping everyone in check communication, but with the garageright like every time they came on emember just time where toto came onhimself and was like blues. You are racing for the will here and at thatpoint he it did feel like he was comfortable lap. I think it was likelap, thirty, three or dry, four, lo still hadn't petted. So where was thisBarcelona Movement robable going to happen where he would have had freshertires and would have a time to chase max down, but at the same time, Christian honor on the commentary sidewas was pretty sure it is going to come down to the last few laps. I think atsome point one of them also said is going to come on to the last two lapswidget, which it eventually did so ing. Everyone was just to every one was justto serious yesterday and it showed on that track is what an entertaining racewith given yeah yeah, I mean yeah, I have no words like yesterdaywas something phenomenal that I saw. I love it that the season has turnedout the way it has. Yes, I love it ti. Luckily, the rules change werepostponed by your years, so our teams haven't actually pested a lot and thisyear's cars as much so that kind of has gotten all the teams closer, and wecould see that throughout the rays like Yeah Max and Louis Yes, but apart fromthem as well like it was just good performances all around pretty much inthe days yeah. So yeah, I'm just happy to be here and you know, watch thecases as the cover through. I feel I feel sad for some of the fans who- andI know some personally to like who stopped watching the sport, because itwas a test dominant error, yeah, and I mean I just like to tell tell them thatin this year, it's being nothing but otherwise, and it's been one phenomenalrace after the other you're, rightly to point out like therewere amazing various matters as well. It did feel like there was some trafficyesterday and last point on before we move to other the battles which is likethis traffic seem to be sort of like an unlucky factor for match yesterday,because he kept yeating stuck in those Lewis had an advantage to sort of. Youknow, shorten his gap with Max in front of the family, and there was thisbrilliant movement where I think Max recovered all his luck of the unluckytraffic towards the end with the with the highest Yep, Oh yeah, that calls right right, ElMarcy to get that house out of my way yeah he was, he was so bang on with hisiomen. Her was an anger. It was just like Adrenalin the rush to wise, but it was. It was a brilliant adrenalin aggression. Get that an hospital my way and justifiably right because, likeyou, never know what they get that has made, because you know what, like, Ithink, a few a few latch back. He he was trying to overtake the hearse of Mikita and the Alpha of Kim right and they justput a leadin pass. Anything like Kimmey...

...got a black and white flag for not you know. Following the blue flag, Imean all sudden and at the end of the day I think, like the gap you knowbetween Max and Lewis, came down from eight seconds to like twenty second orthing so yeah so yeah. He was right E to call that out, but hey hey on the onthe other side, he got the drs and then Lewis, unfortunately yeah so theactual's again very nailed by time, so that works in for US pens, Yep. Definitely as well, I mean I'mjust I'm still. You know I'm still buzzing from the whole action. It'sbeen a day now, but I'm still buzzing from right now and yeah. It's it'sawesome right, because it's not just them at the front battles were going on,as we mentioned earlier throughout the field just to list a few I, like Kim, my visis along. So that was something along. So gentle. What was the loner doing?Yes, I have no idea. I have no idea that guyI mean, generally speaking, he is a very keen racer research right and I'vegenerally not seen him racing dirty, but yesterday it seemed like I don'tknow, elbows out pushing yeah yeah yeah, I elbows out, you know generally elbowsout o something which is still fair racing right, but yesterday it seemedlike He. He was desperate and just you know, being a little too aggressivelike that that overtake not overtake but like thatdefense with Kimyera basically pushed him off the track right yeah they will.I cut it and I think, like Jimmy's rearing flu or some some piece Ye, Idon't know something yeah some piece broke off. I did see that ye P, and ontop of that he's complaining that give me overtook me outside the track. Imean. Where would he go? Not just I not just in. Did you notice that I forgetTalten boss's name but like Alpine was on radio with FIA AN MARTIN? He is itokay to overtake out of outside of the track. It was a beautiful conversationbecause it's because Michael Mass is like no and then this guy goes so, buta kine can do that so ges, no! But it's okay for time to do it's, not okay foranyone to do it so and then he goes up and does the same thing with go exactlyand is in fact. In fact that was very first it was. It was a bit dangerous.You know if you saw the way he overshot that corner right. Yeah I mean,if you look at Jews Dash Camp Right, it's very clear that you had to break alot to be able to not hit alone so because the way he got through thetrack right in front of go that was like it would have been a crash, if notfor Jew, breaking and avoiding it. So the yeah. I don't I don't understandwhat was going on and I think like it did feel like a lone had just forgottento break there and and- and he comes back on to that track and is just sohappy that he was able to overtake, go and we to give that position there. Ithink I think the next move from him on go where he pushed go out and I'msaying this. He pushed him out because if you see the replays and in allhonest people like he pushed him out, I just say you corner and then go had togive it back. It fell like a high school radio message between go andI'll, forget or I'll figure. I just like give the position back and gonegoes, but he pushed me out and ignore discussions give the position that yeah, it totally felt like retaliationfrom go because, like he pushed a Bateren suddenly it was very clear thathe like drove the car and tried to push...

...out a loan so and yeah, but I mean, Ithink it kind of is understandable, act to speeds when some drivers reallydriving aggressively and trying to push out of the track. I think it's naturalfor anyone to you know, get angry and yeah. Finally, yesterday go was inSuper Line, light actually yeah Hesh had this tint with a Lonzo. He had astint with battle to right. I think a couple other places well, Ithink I saw Jug a lot of times yesterday. He did come out so once youdid come out between Max and Louis, oh on a very bite, so he was he wassomewhere in between there and then one of the night over take go so yes, gowas quite a lot in line light. Yesterday, yeah, I think another person who wasgetting a lot of limelight was sooner right again, I think he'ssomewhatbecoming expert at holding back merceries because yeah, i guess theystart them young at t. I o arden, because last rays it was him versuslewis and i think he'll held him up for like file laps and again this time withbotas. They were not not i but twice, but iexactly i yes, i it's not like that. He defends insome dangerous manner it he does it very beautifully as well like he placesa scar such that you just cannot overtake. Then yeah, i'm actually quiteimpressed by his performance in the last two races yeah. I guess likebecause of yesterday's positioning of his car and some some better cars beingbehind him. Its not happened as much as it's happened since the second half ofthe seasons began, and i think that's why we are probably getting to sea, soothers this side of a driver, because before that it was just him racing withalpha and has an maybe someone, who'd been drive and right are the williams.But then it also kind of boils down to the fact that he's able to performbetter and qualification these days, yeah because of which he's he is therein the action now instead of going battling with the back matters, yeah,maybe he's just taking like some some more time than usual to getfamiliar with like a one and- and i have the car here way longer than probably others shouldhave so. But i guess it's eventually giving us fans at least some goodracing from his h. In fact, i saw an interview of him. Ithink, right after yesterday's ways where he basically said that earlier on,he kind of misjudged. If one that's what he said in the sensethat he thought it would be a lot easier than what he experienced andprobably kind of he went in with some amount of over confidence, i would saywhich kind of back fired, and i think another thing that he mentioned, that they have like hired a driving coachfor him now, as you know, probably like helping him to get a tune to the carbetter than what he currently is. So i think that i think is helping him out,which we can clearly see interesting. Okay, and this is this is interesting. I mean idefinitely be up to seeing how his career fans out cause- i mean myopinion about him as change for sure that alfaro is not a bad card, becauseboothers drivers positioned themselves...

...well in the past few races. So it'sbeen, it's been doing good. Let's see how tony twenty two pins out for deseto causas on mardens, not getting anywhere all being yeah they're having fun soi'm rooting holding for red junior team, but coming coming back to race startand the whole the whole start. There was some amazing battle get betweenfour people, a reds and red versus or orange yeah. Well, i think mclaren and ferrari areso perfectly matched in pace currently that the last five races are going to bebrilliant with them forward, because by now all of them have gotten a tune totheir cars now and at the same time, the performance wises well they'repretty compatible, and why does this chaos and lap one with those four atone point? They were like they were driving in a group, literally yeah yeah,those four or right on each other, a thing it was like and- and i could bewrong with the order, but it was like an orange rad or in red, and he was forwere just like in in tandem, overtaking each other falling back going a headfalling back going ahead. Claething the leader wood was just suffling aroundbetween them for yeah yeah. Those were exactly those those for positions weregoing back and for just amongst themselves, yeah it was. It was pretty awesome and stillclean racing like nobody touched each other yeah, i'm considering like ricardo, isa comparatively aggressive driver. As such you know with his late type boxthat it does sometimes yeah but yeah. They didn't touch and we gotto see some amazing action. Well, there was this moment towards theend of the race between a science and recorder right like there was this this place where sciencewas sprang to over take ricardo on the outside. Oh yeah there's a chicky movement, nothing onpurpose, but i think a journal and science was on the radio saying he didthis to me on purpose. Yeah. I think there was is another interesting thingthat happened. I think that was in the first lab battle with them, for i thinksigns, obviously like they were driving so close by so somebody was bound to orcrack you know you can't you kind take the curtness forecast next to eachother. So i think there was this moment where science kind of went outside thetrack and he got her advantage and overtook knowledge, but i think, withthe whole confusion of all the cars over there, he probably didn't exactlyfigure out whom he exactly over to because he conceded his position toricardo instead of notice, and then i think his engineer came on the radioand told him that you know you have to conceive the visitin to no is and he'slike no weight. I just considered it to the carter, so i'm not doing it again. Yeah you got to get to confuseyourselves. If you see too much orange and reds around you, i am to what'shappening some you having smoke also in the air, its yeah. I think i think he was allowed tokeep his position because he did conceded instantly, so i thinkthat they kind of give him the benefit of doubt. For that you know, you knowwhat's interesting is we were able to see all of this andlike discuss it right now, so the like colos to whoever was sitting behindswitching the es cameras and showing us every bit of it yep yep. Definitely ithink the tv direction was top notch. Right, like i was pretty sure like. I was ninety ninepercent, confident that since sister is...

...the us gp, obviously there will be somecelebrities and they will tut. The footage in betwit show some celebritydoing some. You know random random things, but thankfully theydidn't do that. I think there were just two cuts, but i think one was forgeorge lucas and the other one was for who was it? Somebody else benci, ithink yeah, but it was during dull moments of the race and they didn'treally cut out anything. So all right, that's fine! I guess so, and i'm quitehappy that none of that nonsense happened yesterday with the tvdirection yeah a true true well for all that drama. Otherwise that washappening. You know what surprised me the most a long he retired as car. Lookfor all the drama that you've done. Both al peans were out. William o were nowhere on the show.Yesterday i think like they were just on the except lat because he was like.I think he banged into a stroll in that first lap start both in o to thecanadians yeah, both canadians a running into each other, but otherwise it was, it was more ofyou know, quiet race or for those those four or five drivers orall in a good race. Definitely i mean, except all the of the adrenal, in thatwe are finally coming down on for sure. Oh by the way, one thing iwanted to ye. I wanted to go a special shout out to someone, so i think wehave another remember on the paddock who's kind of joining the whole of fameor rather whole of shame along the to do because you know allen were under moverwho's basin. The medical car driver yeah. Apparently it turns out he's aantiacceleration. He he's literally the only person onthe entire paddock who's, not vaccinated, and because of that i thinkhe missed last time ras because of that, of course it's us. So there are norules here, pretty much to dot vaccine. That's i was back, but i think he'sgoing to okay so think about it. Okay, south arabia has stricter rules aboutgod than us just saying, but because he's going to miss the saudi arabia andcatharres, but he was able to attend the us as without a how these saudiswot all one stricter clothing wise as well so to ashes. Casius king is at anew level in soue, so that's any resort of the discussion and with but yeah dude, i'm. I didn't know this, i'mmore curious on. Why does an fia stand behind this and just sack him yeah, imean yeah. I definitely should tending a message right, like you're, allowingsomeone who's an anti actual do from mon yeah, and i'm sure it was like a huge line ofdrivers lining up in front of a fire's office to get that job, because it'sone of the best jobs out there in the pardo ray yeah, especially for somebodywho's, probably like a retired driver or something i mean you are there attype one always you don't have to be like you are not under any pressure,but still you get to enjoy everything so on on, on a sure, be lord. I think i think givneyat the end of everything i think a last few laps was just like done with hisracing. Did you see the drift from gimmy driving off the gravel, a mancoming back on to the track just s'lazy around over there a year creating like a virtual safetycar on a spar for yeahs, a virtual ty? I think it was like for a very shortamount of time, but yeah it was there.

I think time is just done with it nowyeah. I think yeah he's just going to you know countess days and just fuckin finally had a happy momentwhere you on the last lad, cleared science to get to it, o ya in oh yeah,yeah, good clusion for him and the only surprising part after allof this was shaquille coming in what ever that hell of her card was with bighorns. What was that i loved it? I loved it man that wasjust amazing. You know one thing when the podium ceremony was going on andlike the seconee was extending in between max and yuh right. These guysare shorter than him even after starting on the podium steps. As truethat's true, it's true. It's one, this name where they've even sunk, others abit more so at like there is a there, is a giant standing on the podium aisle awkward there's this other name berites likeserena, came to monico to congratulate lewis but max on and then similarly, like, shaquille came toaustin to congratulate eles but max one yeah anyhow. This has been a heck of a raceme five.Five, more races, love it. The championship battle, i think, likeis still on you know, even though it's at twelve point lead or thirteen orsomething like that lean. It is still anybody's game. Oh man,it's still yaro tight every point matters ya'd so excited for it. I wantto. I want to whoever stuck around with us so far into the last few seconds. Onthe episode of. Thank you, you guys, i won't ask you this question, we're thinking of doing a youtube lifefor one of the next races and we'll bring anyone who's willing to join uson the camera. So right to us comment either here or bmi. We look at hd andthat comes our way, ping us anywhere. You can find us for that mattras to eatus individually. If you want but yeah connect. Let us know if you areinterested in something like that. One way or another will probably be live inone of these faces. You know pouring this bank a out as as someone spins ontheir if until then follow us on our socials for constant updates. These areyour hosts signing off the by a.

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