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Episode 22 · 1 year ago

2021 Turkish GP Race Discussion


The Istanbul Park has yet again delivered a rainy 2021 Turkish GP! And what a race we have had, with Bottas’s commanding win and one of the strongest results for Red Bull who were running their special livery to honor their partnership with Honda. With the championship battle flip flopping every race, no one can say who is going to be the champion of 2021.

In this race we discuss:

  1.  Red Bull breaks the curse of Special Liveries.
  2.  The camera man places a bet on Red Bull.
  3.  Bottas 2.0: Judgement Day 🤖
  4.  Hamilton listens to Mercedes, regrets it
  5.  Alonso playing bumper cars 💥
  6.  Vettel running FP4
  7.  Was gasly’s penalty justified?
  8.  Leclerc’s engineer trolls him. 😏  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Right. He did come on the radio and say, like this isn't working. Yeah, no shit, this is a working everyone knew, even people over taking him or probably laughing at him. Yeah, what is it? What did he do? Hello, and welcome back to another episode with fone Fan Fiction. For those who are new here, we are a podcast about f one for a fun fans, brought to you by a fun fans. It's going to be casual here. Don't expect anything serious. It's fun. It's casual as you would talk to your friends, and time and again we bring you interviews with racers as well. Getting into it. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry. Let's start about let's start this race. Turkish Groan Prix, I think like the second of the third time we've come here, but some livery changes. Yesterday red bull those, what is it? Drink like Red Bull, Honda and in Japanese, Arigat, though. I personally liked it. I'm yeah, it was a good, good library. Yeah, I loved it. I mean definitely, it was a you know, red bull does not generally ever change their brand colors. Like I haven't seen red bull runners special liveries, a lot generally speaking, and I think this was a very well executed one. It's sad that, like idly, this was going to be the week of the Japanese GP, which, would you know, they would be running this cevery over there, and that would had been a grand event for sure, but we didn't have that. So at least this, which was a awesome tribute to Honda. I think Honda has been through a lot rate and fh never since they got back and as as ritual, they're leaving as soon as their winning. So man, yeah, but I hope, like they're all their IP stuff, whatever, gets transferred to Red Bull. Yep, it helps them continuing on their winning streak. But they're having I mean, I see the best part was with library changes in everything. Perez was back on fire yesterday. So yeah, that's got to be something. Yep, I was a little worried actually because you know, generally speaking, so if you remember mercedies back in Germany when they were running that special livery for you know that they had some like hundred years, seventy five years something, everything in sender, as if everyone's going to be a bartender at one October fest. Yes, I remember that. Yeah, they're running some that's true. That's right. Yeah, and like it was a disaster rate, like Hamilton was I don't know what he was doing. It crashed into the barriers and stuff. And Yeah, but so I was a little worried that read will might, you know, suffer the same fate, like a lot of teams have gone through this before, but I think they finally broke that curse or special deliveries and, you know, actually got one of the best results for them. I guess. This season pretty greet finished, great points on the table. Yeah, definitely, I mean. And and coming back to Perez right, like I sort of felt like he's lost his Mojo. I was expecting he starting to his sakes, he's not gonna do well. Hamilton's gonna over team. Take him at your point, but man, that battle between him and Hamilton was just so brilliant to watch. It was. It was a lot of fun. I mean it was first of all, like, you know, Hamilton was on a chart, like he was cutting through the field. Sonoda had given him some trouble, I guess, before, but otherwise it was pretty much easy passing for him, for most people. And then Paris was obviously a road block for him as such. And Yeah, Pres did his job very well, like he's good in rain. He's got a time management he is and he defended, you know, Hamilton very well at that whole thing.

If you remember, right when harmed like pushed him, I think he was going to give him a surprise pitch top. Yeah, I mean I thought. I thought like sure, you're fighting out and then all of a sudden you decided he wanted to pay my note. What are you thinking? Yeah, that is really funny. That would actually you know, like it felt a lot like, you know, if you remember what we were talking about a couple episodes, that that it felt like speed racer to me, where I can rather like it being like we will being okay with if you just push it, open it into the pitstop and that being like a fair thing. Yeah, gain an advantage. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean, but overall, I think it was a good weekend for it. But I mean, they've they're only thirty six points behind Mercedes. Now. I think like if for ASS keeps up with this performance, yeah, it should be. It should be a good season for even the Constructor Championship. But let's see. Yeah, but I think, like Paris needs to deliver this throughout the season and not just in select feel lass that sort is happening currently because, as you said right, thirty six points is still white gap, like even after today's race, it's still thirty six points, and then there aren't really a lot of races to go by, you know, in the season, and I mean from the perspective of the team's constructors. Is Everything right, because the prize money less is decorated by this. So I think red bull kind of yeah, I didn't think they would be able to win the championship, but yeah, Max s definitely probably my who knows? Yeah, Oh, I'm totally rooting for it. I mean like your eighth old title. Championships shouldn't come to you easy, as some of the others have come. So yeah, totally. The should be like a fight to the last race, I feel, and I think I think we're going to get that. Like looking at how things are going, right, yeah, last the furtherst race, we had harmeton the head by how many? Three points? One point, something real something. Yeah, and now it's just six months is again not a lot. Like it's still very close to call and they kind yeah, I'm I'm loving it. I'm loving every single race of it and it's nice and I think suddenly it seems like they have gotten cleaner as well, the both of them. Actually, they didn't have to fight each other today. So yeah, yeah, who knows? And I mean don't that. Oh, yeah, that's true too. I mean it's bound to come right, like he if he hadn't taken that engine change or a power you on it a great sort of thing, right, like you do, he would have started P on. This would have been a totally different result, for sure, to day, for sure. Yeah. So, yeah, I think that that that neck and neck fighting is going to continue all the way into the season and and I hope it's going to be like I forget what you're it was, but like you, there was this this two thousand and seven, six, seven eight sort of your where Massa was leading the world championship and Hamilton won the world driver's championship on the last race in Brusseil. So right, yeah, I recall this. Yere is such so massycrosses, was finish line and everyone's sharing, blah, blah blah, and then Hamilton crosses and overtakes right before the last partner. Folks, go check it out. It's I hope. I hope it's some sort of like a thrilling experience. Still our last race. I reallytpe Sir. Yeah, but I feel like Max is again on some next level, right. So, yeah, it's Morn to happen. Yeah, I think this season he has been been very much sure. It's quite interesting to see that. Like he seems almost zen, I would say, like every time. I've never seen him flustered to the race. Even on the radios and everything. He's quite calm most of the Times. He's having a fun time that sort,...

...it seems like. Yeah, always. And Yeah, I mean he he's taking this cheeky radio messages are like post interview messages as well. Really one. Oh, yes, I think today, right when he was asked the question that you you know, what is the most difficult thing today for you, and he basically said staying awake because, yeah, from Christmas. But do I get it? He was pretty much just managing his tires throught the race. Yeah, and he I didn't think he liked fought anybody at all. Yeah, yesterday was him driving around in driving around Turkish gropery attract day, right, just like I then, at the same day, felt like that. Speaking of Red Bull, Lando's ahead of Peres in in standings, so it's got to be something. Yeah, again, that goes to show right where. But is needs to pick up his game because if Lando, in a far inferior car, can beat him, you know, through the season, that's that's something to think about, because Perez is I mean that's the thing, right, like, even after we're stopping performing so well the season, they are still thirty six points behind. And Yeah, for some reason red bull just aren't able to get the second driver that they really need. They don't have a, you know, red bull version of both ask per se yes and yeah, that's that's kind of sad for them. Yeah, although although the fun part moving away from like drivers under it bull is at least some other people on that track are happy seeing red bull win, if not for as, right, I mean, pere as definitely needs to step up his game and I guess like that camera man is going to be super exhilarated if he sees both MACs and Perez killing it on the rack. That was quite funny to see, right, like he was celebrating the quick pit stuff by redwill. It was. It felt like he had like past a bet on in a sub two second or yeah, and thing like that, and I think he he reckoned that. He's probably winning that bet. So, yeah, why not? Yeah, I guess like he's been betting on Perez all this while and he'd not been doing that good and then finally some some money won from Mac stop. So sure, yeah, something something like that. Well, I mean let's hope the the pres worship the boat has version of Red Bull, bounces back. In terms of like boat as himself. I think like as soon as he's learned, he's gonna Replace Finn Kimmy in Alpha. I mean he's he's somehow found is more job. Oh Yeah, yeah, I guess like he's making James and toto and folks like regret not having to continue him and don't know what's happening. Yeah, I think like today's performance of Boutas was amazing. I mean he did nothing wrong, absolutely commanded that he is right from the start. Manages tires like there was no issues. I don't think like he even had, like, you know, a moment in the whole race where he I think just one's, just one moment. I had seen and other than that, he was just flawless and I think like he was small twitch. That's about it, but still like, you know, just otherwise. A lot of times, like if you saw how the race went by, like the conditions were terrible rate, like a lot of people are making mistakes, like Hamilton was working...

...mistakes as well. I think even were stoppened later on, was having some issues with the steering. If you if you'd heard in the radio where I think he was managing an issue where his steering was like moving left. HMM. Yes, he too was having quite a few moments here in there, you know, just going over the curves and things like that. But yeah, potast really just, you know, delivered through and through and yeah, got that P one which he took be deserves, I think. Yeah, yesterday was a day we're having, like everyone was just anxious that mercydies doesn't fuck him up on or his race like again, like that Sunday briefing. How do we? How do we bullieve both as today sort of situation? He's gonna lead. Let's just mess up with his right front higher this time. Yeah, thankfully, nothing of the word that starts happened. He had you know, a calm, proper pit stop as well, like they didn't decide to pull a Monaco on him. Yeah, and then blame him for it does. But ever, like there's something funky going on, at least in Hamilton's there are right, like to be honest. I mean again, we've said this again at least. You know, we don't like Hamilton as much on the racetrack, but I feel like he's just changing our opinion race and race again, like yesterday was yet another brilliant drive from him, showing that experience of these all these years and you know, him knowing his cockpit way more than any else. Right, he could have been on the podium, but I think like that the team decisions got the better of the better of the situation. Yeah, I think this is this exactly exemplifies, you know, what happened last days, in the sense that, if you remember what we were talking about, that lander. Should I listen to his team? Yes, and this is exactly what happened, right, like Hamilton. Actually, most of these was a lot of times they told him to come into the pets. He was like no, I'm not going to do that. He kept doing that and then finally he decided to listen to his team and you know what I'm we know what that got him, be five instead of a pthree that he could I've got, and yeah, I think I mean given Hamilton's truck record, mercedies todard known that if anyone can do it, it's Hamilton. Yes, and they should have distrusted his experience. And I mean he's a seven time world champion. Rates for all, for all the Shenanigans he's pool, he's limped his way across the finish line on fretty tires. Exactly. It definitely if there's anyone who knows his car more than anyone. Yeah, yeah, it's sad time. I'm actually kind of I mean, not too bad. At least you got P five. So I'm glad that it didn't happen that. You know, Max got a huge advantage because, you know, as we just talked about, I want this to be at right till the last lap and I don't want to know before that it's gonna win the championship. Yeah, really, even in the post race interviews Hamilton was still on his State. Yeah, I should have stayed out and yeah, some some good some good points. was probably could have been closer to that driver championship as well. So overall, I think there's slight of the Mark Management on team engineer, race engineer side. Otherwise, I think, like Hamilton was, was definitely up there on the pool. Yeah, Ye, but on the note of like radio messages, it was it was good to see both asses post race winning radio messages. Like I think like everyone jumped on and it was a it was a different sort of yeah,...

...board as it's James, congratulations. I think I was like board does is James, you need to switch position so that after you won the race, just before I finish in a crosses the finished I like in a while, tree at James. You need to conside a position and then they just like in a pull a kill switch and just in a turn of his car. reportely. Oh, don't give them ideas you we know someone listening to us. I think they are a Sunday boat as ragging's gonna add have this on their list now. Yeah, I think it's gonna exclaim very soon. I think it's going to the next level now. Yeah, but yeah, I'm really glad that you know. This being probably I think this might just be Bot as his last victory, because I mean that not a lot of races, meaning and it's not like he's going to be winning races one season. I'll from you. So yeah, it's a matter. The next few races are America's. America's are stronger. Shoot for it bull, that will yep for our reasoned bill. So yeah, so I'm glad that, you know, he grabbed this opportunity and take mercedy. is obviously the night him, Russia I, which I'm still bitter about, honestly, sea case. But yeah, I'm glad bout us for this one, and I think he's from his vantage point. I mean he gets a better lead onto norris for that third position in a private's championship, right. So, yeah, it's some some really good defensing defenses, as I saw today, was the Yuki, if you saw in the start of the race, where he finally yes, hell of Hamilton for so long. Yeah, you know, I was, for a change, impressed by Yuki because, you has been very disappointing for a lot of reasons recently. Yeah, and I had no hopes that he could defend Hamilton at all. But yeah, and even he didn't have any hopes of from himself. Last weekend or two weekends back, he was commenting on the fact like he's surprised why he still continuing next year. So I didn't think anyone's had any hopes. Right, right, yeah, but, yeah, I think he was just trying to impress Dr Marco that, you know, you know, I have the seat for a reason. You know, it's not just the Hornd of money that you're getting. Yeah, yeah, I would have it would have been fun if that that battle would have lost it a bit longer. But yeah, overall it was just to a nice battle. I think, like probably I don't remember earlier seasons, we like this season's. This season's overtakes have been heard a lot from the outside line, like quite I've been from the outside line. Yeah, this this so this particular over tip was just simply beautiful, like Imton. Yeah, wow, around the outside in those conditions, you know, first of all that to keep that in mind. It was awesome. Yeah, whatever. I think like both Yuki and then ghastly gas layers also having somewhat of an OKA day. Yeah, he was having a weird day right. Like first of all, he punted Alonso, you know, in lave one with he got a penalty for it. And, like I had questions about the penalty right after the race. But yes, when I went over the footage, it's quite clear that, you know, if we ask the question that you know whether ghastly could had avoided collision, the answer is yes, definitely yes, and you know why. I was a reason. I mean,...

...what's this recording that you I mean, I haven't seen this. So what? So what's the day? Oh, no, I mean I was just looking at the on boards of, okay, of ghastly. So basically, if you see Perez's, you know, perspective, his is a camera, it's very clear that ghastly had a lot of space on his left where Peres was, but there was a lot of space in between them where, even though castle didn't have to like concede the corner to Alonso, definitely not, but he definitely had to try and avoid the collision, which he failed to do it. So in you know, that perspective, it makes sense that he got that penalty. Yeah, interesting, okay, I guess, like maybe that's what then stewards saw and then that's that's why he got the penalty that he got because, yeah, from from that moment of collision in a few players. Are they played? My thought was saying, like why did he need that penalty or like why was it penality given? But okay, a more analytic view probably says a bigger story than right. And I think right after that Alonso was probably like the stuff and just took the revenge and make yeah, I guess like Alonso was in a bumper car mood yesterday, either getting bombed or like him bomping. Yeah, I think I was super excited after qualification because, you know, Alonso was p five and I was hoping that you would have one of his fantastic starts and like be there at p three or something. But unfortunately, after the incident with ghastly, he was moved through the race pretty much. We saw some battles towards the end with George, but yeah, that's for like, you know, scraps at the end. So does it really matter? Also, you mentioned make me my just two cents. There is I again I missed qualification, but like I saw it after a fact, as an after fact, and I thought something again would have happened which made him go into q two. But then that was again pure pastement. Like yeah, with I was quite surprised. A hoss on your past situation. Brilliant. Yeah, they who would have thunk you too for her house is yeah, I think it will, very honestly, but I'm glad. I'm glad that, you know, he is kind of having these outstanding performances which kind of show that he does have some potential. Given a better right, I think he can prove his birth. Yeah, I don't know if there is some other optics that they aren't showing for Nickia, like he's just probably still any whole, but I feel like there's there's these other media optics that that we get to see, for make, where he goes into the garage and like Frist bombs or high fires, like every single person. And Yeah, I mean it just like for me it shows sportsmanship, spirit and you know how how you as a person are, that he sort of value every persons therefore it and then, you know, make them feel for it as well. So I think like he's a good human too. Yeah, definitely, I think overall, through the part of people, I mean have a connection with him for, you know, multiple years, and I'm sure being the son of Michael Schmaker itself is something you've been attending polity since you were a kid. So yeah, yeah, and I think not just that. I think a lot of people also, you know, had a lot of admiration for Michael, and I think not Isle Cross. Obviously I'm prob what happens is, like it people associate those sentiments, you know, by proxy, and I think definitely because of that,...

...a lot more people have like a soft spot for him, you know, as certain and and I think we definitely do see that. In fact, right after the race, Alonso came by and hugged him and said sorry, you know, about hitting him on, which is quite a nice moment between both of those guys. So yeah, two doos again. So these seniors should never leave. Yeah, I don't know if it's just nostile, Yah, because we've been seeing them since, like since we see the sport. Right, there's this, there's this more, there's this comment for on my longs after like everyone f me to videos, like I'm hoping to still drive a race a car when I'm fifty two. Like okay, I see what that would be, all separate. Oh, talking about veterans, vetal was doing something real experimentation during rains. This no that makes sense. He wasn't free practice for yesterday. So exactly who the hell it was so weird. I even heard the radios, like the the engineer, ask some like you know, we're thinking about softs. What do you think? Is like, no, no, let's do mediums. And you know, like all the other teams, are like idiots, a great out, a mental yeah, yeah, I think he's. He's he's just on track to Philly kimmy shoes and being the Shenanigan pullar on that track. Yeah, I think they were trying to do some you know, they're hoping that the track would dry up or something would happen that, you know, that men gave them an advantage. I think it still doesn't make sense to me. They were at a comfortable P ten. You know, they could have gotten that one point. I don't understand what they were trying because it was not like they were in a position that. It just doesn't make sense to me very honestly, like, yeah, I don't yeah, what was going and I yeah, your on point. It was probably something on their radar monitor where they were expecting that tracks to dry up. Maybe they were just not on the Turkish yeah, they're probably looking at Austin property of the Internet. Who knows? Who knows? Hey, I'm still giving them the benefit of doubt. Right. So what law was on board? They had fun. Yeah, late snakes and ladders on that track. So sure, it's so funny. Couldn't even get to this grass because you know, towards the end when he was getting back into the pits, he was spinning even there. It was. It was so funny, man. Yeah, right. He did come on the radio and say like this isn't working. Yeah, no shit, this is a working everyone knew, even people who were taking him or probably laughing at him. Yeah, what is it? What did he do? And then some people who are even deciding to punt west metal out, like sure you don't. I who Watat Wat hang on their multiple thoughts brewing now. I think wet all was going for the best ever sub in a lie yesterday by getting those tires on, probably probably ready. Let makes sense. Yep, YEP, Yep. I think he was right, the best, best hundred and sixty, because I think there were a couple three six s recently, right, like I think the during qualification, or free practice, if I remember correctly, was stuff and had a really nice hund sixty where he did a perfect u sixty and, you know, went straight ahead after that. I think he probably like thought that it's a challenge that he needs to beat. Yeah, so, anyway, and he probably had a major formo as well, like right, so let's just get the best buyers for the it just killed his rays, right, like the the two fit stuffs,...

...right, obvious that he has plumb. Last, I think nineteen end is when that didn't work. I probably I think, like he probably signaled science on his way while he overre took it, like just just want into way, you know. Hey, yeah, that was a little cheeky by sign that. Yeah, I don't know why he punted him like he could had taken him the next corner where you honestly, yeah, but I feel like, I feel like overall, I mean speaking of science and some thoughts on Ferrari here, I feel like overhaul the Ferrari moral is probably like playing under confident, because even last race science was was probably almost going to win the race and they told him you're aiming for pfive yesterday too. Sure it wasn't that you be off and condition for Furlk, but yeah, they could have gotten. At least I'm on the podium somewhere somehow. I'm guessing, like probably there's some some sort of like an under confident play happening in the garage at fray. Yeah, I think. Yeah, they still aren't there in terms of, you know, performance upgrades and things like that, that they still are not able to, you know, make those crazy plays which will give them those crazy results. I think. Yet they are, I think, still trying to be very conservative in terms of not trying to do some wild moves. But I think in that perspective, but like in that effort, what happens is they probably lose out on some controls of yeah, I don't know, they gredit done better. I do it the exact I don't know what I mean. It's a difficult decision. It's always, you know, it's like yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly, but it's easier for us to say and then you know, but hey, that's our job. We did Tom about this. So, yeah, if we don't bitch about it, who will try? Exactly exactly, but I think, like science on Hamilton will be the only people yesterday playing over takes. Everyone else is just going around those. It felt pretty much it was a dry rast, like I mean, okay, it was a wet race, but it was a dry risk, come on, in the sense that nothing was going on. Like there were some good fights. Yes, at places there was some excitement looming around in the race, but overall it was a boring race, like everybody was some great so, you know, safe, like I think everybody was hoping for a safety car and because of that, obviously they were driving slowly and that wasting him more on it. You're hoping to get a safety Cassi driver where and then the uple of yeah, I think because of that, I think it kind of became a little boring and any hope that Hamilton could had done something was completely eliminated by mercedies. They made sure that he has challenge is like completely thwarted and put him in P Five. This interesting message from for our EGARAG as will right, like to Claire. Oh yeah, he was. Yeah, so for folks right, this is this is interesting message, where Luckilier casks is engineers at his at this pace, what position should be expect? And his engineer goes, yeah, if we keep both US behind P one, no do I. But there was such a snart here fly that poor guy, luck, luck. He's like fighting the rain and those terrible conditions and, you know, asking a genuine question, does engineer and as its rolling it with some bridge and it was.

It was fun the reg I think it made me happy on my Sunday morning. So I'm glad there is that. We had over or I think it was. Yeah, the rain made it. You know, I think Rhine has become like now a signature for Turkey. is in it like last year's days and this year's is again. Yeah, I think I'm conditions or something is. Yep, we had the whole interslick thing rate last year. I think a Hamilton one from piecex or something that last year with the same thing. He drove like some crazy number of laps on his individuates and basically won them down so that they became like slicks and won the race. So I was hoping for that to repeat. But again mercedies. Why? Why? Ha Ha, yeah, but you know what, like the season because of like multiple tracks having such conditions. What's good interesting is we are seeing quite a lot of open strategies with fire management, which earlier probably to like and to like a viewer who warrant that obvious, but now you actually see that, hey, we need to put because we need to change tires, because, you know, the track conditions going this way or that away, which sort of makes it more engaging with races like this or, you know, last race or two. So so it's good to see that these weather conditions are playing for the better for for these for the spectators. At this point. You know what I have? I have a real theory right now, with me here, me us, okay, okay, so I think Bernie Christian has colluded with these oil companies to cause global warning so that recent climate change and with the climate change, we have these exciting races and thus, you know, flour is so I'm I'm pro spreading this as a conspiracy theory. Do it. I feel like this, this is this, this can get some good traction. Cash's being at a hole level. And Yeah, but what I think? Isn't that true, like if, like, not, not, if we know that climate change is happening and for sure we are going to see more and more rein and everything at different locations. When, specially, like when, if you see at the calendar, it's like, you know, they all over the world, obviously, and they're also troubling across continents and during different seasons as well. So you're gonna gonna see even more races which are like affected by rain and like these extreme weather conditions. For sure, I guess. Hey, listeners, if you don't want to hear US talk about global warming, go check why mettal had the helmet that he had. Go that is a good video, you saying to me. Yes, yeah, it's pretty cool trade, I think. And specially, I think again like going onto the theme of him, you know, fighting for the causes that he believes in, is great again to see because again, Turkey, I think there's this whole controversy going on there about I forget what the name of the seas, but I think they're building a pipeline there which is going to cause a lot of environmental damage and I think that that helmet was basically to fight against that. Well, coming back to the races, there's some other weird things that are happening. Oh, con deciding...

...to pull up as I think he was just trying to see how long he can go and then before he realizes the race was over, like Oh oh man, I should have I was. I was thinking that he might just keep doing laughs and not realize that the races over till his like you know, Tis are actually gone and he's like just screeping his rims on the tarmac. DUDEA so worried for a stars. Probably they just burst at some point, but I guess like the rain and wet conditions help to stay them intact. But like he spill. See the photos completely. Yeah, his stars are completely shand papered us just so flat. There's nothing left there. Pretty much. I was like really surprised. How. How were they like, you know, intact at that point? Made no sense to be right, right. And then, on the other hand, like I don't know where some other drivers were, like I do. And regard or dude, make what the hell was McLaren doing giving him those inters so fast into the race? Like I think, yeah, what does it laugh, twenty or something. where? Yeah, where did I? You're the first one to get it. He was the first one to get that. Effectively killed his race after that. Pretty much. I don't know. Yeah, Y, because everyone else is good on their tire management, because everyone's got those licks on and they can go for the long run. Right. And now you've lost position weirdily into the race. It's not going to be that easy for you to keep bouncing back and I don't think like he can pull his signature regardo late breaking more on a track like this right now. Yeah, no way, pretty much spent at that point. Yeah, poor fellow again. I think he's back to his struggles again, I guess, like once he's done with his high. Probably my gladden thought that, like this is too much. I do have some hopes from him, at least for for Mexico, if not, if not Austin. So yeah, let's see. Let's see how the McLaren daunchers back. But but I was saying, like I just didn't notice some of the other drivers yesterday, like Latifi, Geo Russell, probably are because of that one one move there. But yet the other drivers are also sort of missing. Yesterday, Geo, was he racing? I thought that he was not there exactly. I didn't even hear about him. I didn't see him right, like if Alpha wasn't there yesterday, I wouldn't have noticed. Yeah, there are some rumors going on about Alpha, right. I think something about Andre a second sports. Yeah, yeah, I think they're probably going to make an investment into a souber and I think it's going to become mandatory. Sound souber and no moving to the Alphado Mayo from two thousand and twenty two. I guess. I think so, but I think we'll know for sure in Texas. But yeah, let's see. Would be interesting. I think some Mendicare you know, money came fun. Probably like to see that sober name again. So Yep, I do agree, because essentially the team is Sou but it's not really. APHROM Alfaremi is just being the money for another rights for naming the team. That's about it. That's the only involvement that they have in the full program so yeah, and plus, like I feel like this is a better way to invest yourself into the sport and they get probably one of your drivers rather than just being like gand use ours, like yeah, I hear thirty million, get out drivy. I mean complete yourself a bit more right, like either we like Papa Stroll by the team out, you know, get Horneda as a whole engine,...

...something like that, where it's yeah, Oh, you've actually commented enough to be on the spot. Yeah, makes sense, I think. Overall, I think Stan will park was the right mix. I'm really sad that we didn't go to Suzuka, you know. Oh yeah, Suska. Japanese fans are the best fans, very honestly, like the all the kind of costumes and everything that they wear and, you know, the whole environment at Suzuka's will you also, and I think, the whole you know, it being the last race for Honda with red will and especially the result that the God us. You know, I wish it up in next Suska, but if not there I think it's that will part is something that I take Chuff, you know. Second Yeah, yeah, yeah, so, yeah, I know complaints about that. Yeah, and also, like I think, like all drivers, all fans, everyone loves this is a contract to sure, I guess. On that note, probably will wind it up here. This would been a bit more relaxed episode. Quite quite leans, Cina has made me melot today. Yeah, folks, you can catch us on any streaming platform dedicate your podcast from. If you've made it this far, thank you. Thank you for listening to the whole episode and being here with US episode after an episode, if you have already subscribed to us at all our socials. Again, thank you. If you haven't, keep checking us out and if you do like where this is going, yeah, let's let's subscribe until until the next race. Keep checking out our short eas on on our socials and make sure to catch our previous episodes as well. Until the next race. These are your host signing off, but by.

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