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Episode 30 · 10 months ago

2021 Season Review


As the 2021 Season of F1 has ended, we want to officially close out Season 1 of F1 Fanfiction with our Review of 2021 Season of F1. Thank you everyone for your support through our maiden season of F1FanFiction. Your constant love and support and our love of the sport has been a driving factor behind doing this weekend after weekend.

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Our journey of doing the podcast.
  2. Bottas – Mercedes’s #1 driver
  3. Hamilton – Rookie Mistakes/Beast Mode Activate
  4. Perez – He understood the assignment
  5. Max – Cool as a cucumber (mostly)
  6. Sainz – Driver of the Season
  7. Charles – Driver #2 @ Ferrari?
  8. Ricciardo – What was he doing?
  9. Lando – Beat by Sainz
  10. Alonso – Rookie of the Season
  11. Ocon – Defends like a Lion
  12. Pierre – Get this man a good seat!
  13. Tsunoda – Rollercoaster of a Season
  14. Vettel – FIA’s public enemy #1
  15. Stroll – Strolled
  16. Latifi – “Most Overrated driver in F1” – Advait Deodhar
  17. Russel – Mr. Saturday
  18. Gio – Italian Jesus fails to impress
  19. Kimi – Goodbye Ice Man!
  20. Mick – Saved Daddy’s legacy
  21. Mazepin – 21/20
  22. Awards! (Voted by Listeners)    


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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Yeah, what it was some stupid thing like take. Weren't able to extract the fuel because of some regulation, some bullshit. His be too went away. I mean, I understand those are regulations, like they have to follow the word of law, except for the last rays, but nice. It's hello, hello, hello, I know you've missed us. Welcome back to F one fan fiction. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry, and today officially marks the end of season one, as we bring to you a closing episode on our first year and the first time we've done a podcast ourselves, and this season fe twenty, twenty one. What a season it's been, man, first, first of all, first of all, I want to give a shout out to you guys, the fans out there who reached out to us, who constantly listened to us, who supported us and being there in our maiden season. So give yourselves up at on your backs and and thank you for being part of this journey and our overall growth. This could not have been possible without you. Are Fans. Thank you. Yep, certainly by yourself a beer. Yes, Sarah. Moving on to you know, anything we do for this close out episode, but before that. Moving on to your thoughts, Iana, wanna get your view on your experience with with starting with a fun fan fiction to begin with and then how ridiculous to you, on a scale of one to ten, twenty two, anyone has been. Well, I think, like starting this podcast first of all, I think was pretty much just a happy chance, wasn't it? Yeah, like, I think I remember, like we were just chatting and we just decided that, you know, we anyways bitch and Moan about on chat. Why not, you know, just record that Shit and just applaud it, and thus was a fun fan fiction bond. So yeah, I mean it's been an incredible journey, I think, because what started as something just, you know, just two friends talking has turned out into something awesome. The support that we have gotten through the year is awesome and I'm obviously, I'm not going to lie, there were times when we have wondered that why are we doing this, isn't it? Yes, yeah, I'm with you, but yeah, it's it's nice to see people coming back and listening to episodes. Yeah, it's been a great journey and the season has been, I think, ten out of ten in terms of crazy. I can't have anything else. What about you? What are your thoughts about the podcast and the podcast man? Yes, I again completely agree. There have been days when we've contemplated on it, but putting a mic between our shenanigans was the best thing we've done, I feel, into any twentyone. As far the season as well, I'd like to give special shoutouts to our fireside hosts, snay a Sharma, the tapper tail, the way they were there, and any to Bend Ata, who started off the fireside series for us. Thank you to those guys and the season, man, I think like it's nothing short of a Bollywood drama. I'm sure Netflix, Netflix drooling somewhere in their offices right now on the editor stable, where they know the season's going to be a blast off and everyone's going to go crazy with this song. Yeah, the I think that. I'm sure they're going to manage to screw it up because even last time, and they had so much drama there with the Chergy and everything, the completely misstart out and, you know, concentrated on some weird topics, true, but a splendid season nonetheless. Let's get into the team's let's let's go a team, team by team, run through of the season. Why don't you start off us with Murk more we I think we have to talk about both. Ask First, because obviously he is the number one driver is in this. Hamiltons just there, you know, with this to support both ass but man, I think both asses career ended without Amula crash with rust pretty much rude and and the way he's reacted there, and I mean the other point to write, like he throughout the season he just felt like he was there to capture and steal those fastest lap points off of Max. So he's there as a person. It...

...felt like I could have been there, but sure we had. Yeah, I mean all the memes that you know came in. I mean throughout the season, like about him in general. The bowling ball that we had become Hungary totally. Yeah, I think like not a great season for both as at all. I mean start of the season he did good, but I think Manie, that was just because Perez wasn't comfortable yet. Yeah, but I think Paris was kind of beating him later on, so he was. Yeah, I think it was inevitable that Russell is being to come and the musty seat true. And speaking of memes, right like there's there's so many good ones that came about. For Boat As. He's become a collect engine collector. He's starting an alternate career as a parts dealer. Anything that goes wrong in the mercy these garages vote as his fault, with his Monaco Shenanigan of nuts not coming hard and the garage not able to nut themselves. You forgot about so much has happened with him that. Yeah, it's difficult to remember everything now, like it feels like the whole season was shadowed by Max versus Hamilton. But know the highlight has been bought. As for MERCEDIES, because he's given so much free PR and publicity to mercedies. That there I will recould not. Yeah, I agree. The one one thing about Bot asking. I have to give it to him. That man owns up to his shit right, like, because, I mean, yes, like people give him a lot of crap of like being the second fiddle and, you know, not being able to eat hambit, but he owns it. And even on the social media like he's he in fact, he posts his own memes a lot of time, which is is awesome. Right, like, if I mean, it's like if you can't beat them, join them kind of a thing, and I think that's the perfect attitude. I was just gonna like you, you can't fire me if I quit, exactly, and yeah, that's pretty awesome, like that's a great attitude to have, I think, with the social media true mark in general. Man, let's talk about Louis Lewis. I think at the start of the season we saw him track under pressure. He saw what a competition Max could be and we keep talking about him as being like the seven time world championship driver and could have been Nathan Whatnot, but underneath we see we see the same young driver that cracks under pressure. There wrote a few instances right, like what does it am yes, yeah, that was terrible. I mean, honestly, when I was watching the race as well, the way he kind of went into the gravel, him reversing back. It was just his luck that he was able to get back to where he got. But yeah, he has made a couple of mistakes and it's weird. I think. I think what happened. He probably, I don't know, he probably underestimated Max. That's what it seems to me, at least in the start of the season. Yeah, because he didn't seem that focused. He didn't seem the Hamilton we know of, at least in the start of the season. Yeah, and we know what happened in the last four ties, is right. Yeah, for that it was. Yeah, at one point I think it felt as if Max is just going to win at right like, because I think before Max's luck started turning some time at Baku and a few few of those incidents, but before that I think was doing doing pretty well, like. So, yeah, I think not not the best, at least first off of the season in the Hamilton. Speaking of Baku, the magic button, debackill and him locking. Oh yeah, going from one to last right like. That's that's something that mazepin would have done. And that to when your main competitor is out of the race, exact about of the you the next one is, where as you're already in the lead on that. Yeah, you know, lights out situation. So yeah, but I think I I'd summarize Hamilton's season for mercedies as a two sided thing. If he's winning, I saw him as you know what I did. Great, you gave me a great car and the infamous get in their lowse but then if he's losing. Man, that guy can't grip. My tires are shot. This is so unfair with the fuck. The car was stupid. We need new strategy, whatever. Can you know? Yeah, yeah, I know that. I agree. Like it's it's, I think, always the case with him in that...

...sense. Actually, every time he's winning, it's, you know, all well and good, and yeah, soon as things start going by, the blame game starts. I think that in general, seems pretty common at Mercedes. That's what it seems to me and I think, yeah, that probably I don't know whether he got that behavior into mercedies or he learned it from Mercedes, but yeah, whatever. But in terms of two sides of him, right, I think the season, as you said it actually exact Lee, is two sides of him, because first half he was nowhere and then suddenly, like it was beast mode on right. And you know what happened in Brazil. You know, yea, which is just insane, that cary was unstoppable in those tudiuses and and and you. You are right. I mean, I think you said this a couple of times, to where here you started to become an become a Hamilton Fan, and as much as I dislike him. I think like is racing, tries to start converting you until, like he's does any other shinanigains again. But the beast more, the beast mode is like that, that conversion thing for you, like, Oh yeah, this guy's something. Yep, and I think it's just the sheer talent and the sheer raw space that he has right at times which which makes you think, like this is in humane, right like this, it's not possible, like no human get to do this. Very honestly, it seems like he is in some other zooon, and those are the moments like which I really enjoy watching him, and I totally agree. I like hate him for his all of his you know, cribbing and crying and on that Shit. But Yahkudos to him for when he's like right in the zone. Yeah, yeah, and then you have your famous person, favorite person in the garage, right, toto? Yeah, sort of wondering, who are you talking about? Yes, toto, yes, he's, he's he's a fucking ass whole, but it's examplification of how to be a Dick on camera by flaunting rules and whatnot. Yeah, I think like he there's this been less memes of him than that should have been for all the Massno wearing thing that he's done throughout the season. Yeah, and for that, like yeah, mask, definitely that. I have complained about that a lot of times. But you know, ignoring that even other stuff, right, like throwing boat as under the bus for the Monaco tobaccill you know this good. So weird blame game going on in that team and you know, I don't think they treat boat as to well, overall, I don't know. I mean just because you're winning, it's you know, it's it's weird, like it seems like a toxic place to me. I don't know. Yeah, I mean visually it does. I want to see what Netflix got in a scoop out of it, but visually it does feel like there is quite some bias towards Hamilton and throwing, as you said, people under the bus would probably also be because they need to show themselves strong to loise and be like hey, we can get you that eighth world title for you sort of thing. So yeah, however, they still one that WCC, so Kulos to them for that. I mean, yeah, they have dominated the higher da and I think they pretty much have closed off this, you know, right set of regulations with on the top again. So, yeah, who does to them? whateverything here is working. Yeah, winning each year of this hybritor Ba. Yeah, you, yeah, I know you're laughing, cuse we just come came back from a cut scene of me blabbering nonsense. But yeah, I got this. I got it right this time. This is okay, folks. This is the fourth prior just so you know. But Gos is counterpart Press Perez. Let's yeah, let's let's let's move to red bull camp in Pres who do you think about press? Yeah, I mean, I've been a fan of his for a while, but I think the start of the season was not that good, obviously, but man, even when, even during the start of the season, he was still able to meet in the styles like that was still his trength and, like he, I feel he just went with it, like whatever he was given, he just went with it through there there was some complaining coming out of Peres is radios on the lines of more like hey, these guys raised me so hard, but obviously those words because they have a copyright somewhere else. But but yeah, he he's definitely stepped out, I think. I think it's just the factor...

...of getting used to that new car, like they were. There are many shuffles that happened. Didn't any twenty one between teams and drivers. Too many of them trying out their new cars on the comeback. That pres anything. I think he had the he had the best season of his career so far, right. So definitely. Yeah, and I think overall, it's not just that his driving skills, but I think also his technical skills with setting up the car, because from what I have read everywhere is that he really worked with his engineers to set up the car correctly, because it has been famously known that the Red Bulls of favor Max of style of driving, and and that's one of me. That's one of the major reasons that none of these other drivers were ever successful in dead will a, because they weren't experienced enough to set up their car so well, like Pierre and Alborn, who both were pretty much rookies at that time. Right. And Yeah, since betters is a wet and he's been in the sport for a while, he had the knack for it and he got results out of it. So true, Kudos. True, that's A. that's a that's a good observation as well. He did step up. He did step up when the team needed him, especially towards the end of the season, playing that amazing team, team member, second fiddle to Max, because at that point you know you're not fighting Max, you're fighting mergencies. He knew what his assignment was and he didn't go for those wins. Understood as assignment and then he delivered. He definitely delivered. Yeah, I think. I think especially second fiddle. Since you say a second fiddle, I have to give a shout out for Abu Dha we you know, because his you know, the to that he gave to Max in the qualification and the fight with Hamilton. I mean that was phenomenal. I mean he completely proved his worth to the team and I'm sure he's going to stay for it in this team for a while. Yeah, because you're you're not just helping your teammate, but you're also lifting your entire team up. I mean if he, if he would have delivered or being accustomed with the car from like race three or four, that that championship title for Mercedes would have also been sort of in trouble. Yeah, Yep, well, talking with the other driver, someone called Max step in. WHO's that guy? I've heard about. I hear he got some trophy for being on that top or something, but that's what yeah, but that guys, that guy's grown. We're talking about peress is growth at Red Bull Camp on two thousand and twenty one, but I think Max has grown throughout the years that he's being with Red Bull. Yeah, yeah, lady lucks also coming into playing some Charwin, but he's involved. He's involved definitely. Man, I think his previous seasons have kind of led up to this season, because it seems kind of like the culmination of the mistakes that he made earlier and he kind of worked on them. Yeah, he did. Definitely. We still make a lot of mistakes. The season two. I mean yes, we say for a lot of times like he had bad luck and stuff, but you know, many of those times he could had, you know, being cooler and backed off at places and maybe would had won the championship a lot earlier as well, very honestly speaking. But regardless, I think he has grown a lot. Fighting of Hamilton is no joke and yeah, he gave in everything. So, like, I'm just in awe of you know his season. Yeah, free performance and the calmness is shown. I mean sure, there may be fireworks going within, but the season we've seen a different to Max when it comes to press, when it comes to celebrations, when it comes to, you know, getting the job done. Situation there's there's too much composition that's come from him and here write to point out man like it. I think both I said this on one of the other podcast really is like the best part about Hamilton is he never has bad days, except that Ambuda Bi one, but wasn't his fault. But he never has bad days, right, and when you're when you're up against something like that, it's so, so, so difficult to deliver. And boy he delivered. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean, of course, comtrats to him for winning the championship, first of all, because, yeah,...

...breaking Hamilton Streak, I'm sure like he had to give in everything. Yes, I mean, a Buddha be he did get some good luck on his end, but I feel that balances out because he has had a lot, lot of shut luck earlier, you know, like the Baku incident and the Sylveston incident and yeah, whatever. Yeah, man, his and Oh man, his his celebration to yeah, there's there something setting on, shutting on his open and no where did get that promustion to any set off pause. Yeah, yeah, that makes no sense. But yeah, it was funny, againtless. But while we talk about his growth, I think like the camp itself at Red Bulls grown quite a lot, right, because because this Spanish Groanpri let's let's if you go there, like there was a back kill. There was actually a battle of strategies between Red Bull Camp Forceus mercedies camp, and where mercedies came out on the top. But redfool learned a lot from that race, even if they didn't get that p one and we saw rolls reversal on the friendship just a few weeks from there. But if we've seen them sort of understand their mistake, and you know, we've talked about, Oh is this a repeat of Spanish groanpery, but it's never happened after that race, right, right. So they have learned from what they made a mistake and they have grown from there. Yeah, definitely, like another example I can remember Isabda be honesty, because the risks that they took with the strategy. You know, that paid off. If they hadn't, you know, pitted knocks in those two instances, they would. They were had ple know, you know, position to win the face. So, regardless of what Massi did, they still put themselves in that position where they could, you know, take advantage of the situation. Paul, they moves you. Yeah, and Honda, man, like big shout out to them, because what started as GP two engine went to win the world championship. Is something else. Right. Yeah, I can't remember who said this. Yeah, I can't remember this, but someone had said you can ever rookie, some rookie called as a long sir. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know where this is great. You can never win championships with a hard day engine. It was GP two engines and then. Yeah, I wonder what allns just thinking right now, but yeah, none nonetheless, a great season from red bull, seeing them back on top ten years from where battle had gotten them. Kulda scooters to Christian honor Ferrari for Arianna for a. he's been somewhat less spoken off this season, but boy, any any other conversation that has happened about for our ease with respect to science? Yeah, man, he's definitely the driver of the season. I completely agree, and I mean it was his first year in that car and he beat his teammate. He did right, yeah, he did, he did. He yeah, I mean that's I don't think anybody else has been able to do that right, first season, new car, technically second driver. Yeah, yeah, he's and he's like pres to. He's gotten his best season of his career this year. So yeah, yeah, he's delivered. He's delivered. Yeah, man, I'm really looking forward to Ferrari next year because I think I think they're gonna make a dent into not just the third place, but they might engine to the podiums more often, I think. Yeah, what a surprising the overall for me for Ferrari was the wetal departure was primarily showing that for Ari's missed there, you know, Miss Their chances with car development. There's something going wrong in the camp, and we saw that in the preseason testing stuff to ride like forey was nowhere closed and the probably ask the murder. Anyone else could have come on top of Ferrari, but but no. I think overall, as the seasons progressed, they've showed that there, while they were third and a bit far behind, they are in someone to still look down upon. So not everything's lost for IRI? Yeah, no, definitely. And I think on the other handwright, like Charles, has been having a lot of interesting things, like his first of all the Monaco crash and qually. Then they tried to fix it. It didn't work. Good.

In trees he hasn't able to yeah, right, I think he has a start. Right. They were finished his homejeat. Never so, fingers cross. Two Thousand and twenty two. He gets to do at least one lap. That'd be some progress over the last few years. Yeah, one laper than crush. Yeah, I want this. I want to start to go on for a while in its body for some sidistrict pleasure. Right, like ten years shall seleclaire never drove Monaco, but now he completely listens to this. UHH, I think he doesn't to this. He does? Right, yeah, I think he does. He does. Hey, Charles, what's up? Give us a shoutout after this. But now he flipped around his his luck at at British almost, let me add that world, because he was having a shit yeah, he was having a Shitty Day. The Ferrari engine was almost giving up. I could be wrong here, but someone correct us in the in the comment. But I think it was British, not pretty, where his engine was giving up, he couldn't switch gears and his engineers were telling him up shipped off Chipp top ship or something along those lines. And I'm like did this guy's complaining about his engine and you're asking him to change gears. That's not going to happen. But as I remember, him having a shitted Ay and still being the leader of the race before obviously Hamilton overtook and won the race. But yeah, he he extracted every juice sort of that car he could on that. That's true. Yeah, no, man, he definitely has a lot of potential, but I think he's not able to cope with the current performance of the car because it was cleared back in two thousand and nineteen, right before it came to you know, before people found out that the cheating. He was on fire right like I think at that point everybody had thought that, like, you know, Charles might be was stopping, like he might win this season, basically the next season. But but yeah, but I think this guy signs has been more comfortable in the car, at least in the currents. True, you know what? Let's take a moment here for fans that I've reached out to us and our you know, shoutouts for the for the episode. The first one actually goes out to a good old fair friends at coldbrew money. You know what these guys are doing? Something really amazing going in twenty and twenty two. Do check out their youtube channel, cold brew money. Again. They've started investing money on their own portfolio and they play around with it to showcase and demonstrate all the fundamentals that they've been sharing over over their entire episode series of the podcast. They've started doing deep dives into the companies. Also, they're also coming up is they now have tools and resources to analyze public companies and on their website, cold brew dot money, they are going to have upcoming tools for valueing rental properties and retirement planners. So don't miss them out at check out their podcast on your favorite podcast streaming platform and follow them on their socials, Youtube and go check out their website, cold brew dot money. The second shoutout goes to they see Montana. He makes amazing music. Check him out on spotify. He's got an amazing playlist that he's come up with is also our first fireside guests host. Had An amazing time with him. Brilliant Person. Go check him out on spotify. They see Montana. The third one goes out to a blog, stats human. Now this one has had a few F one related blogs that have come out until two thousand and twenty and some in the twenty twenty one time frame. But if you are a fan of cricket, do check out his blogs. He's got the latest season of IPL blogged up completely. There's some nostalgia up there. Give him a shout out, she say, and tag him that you found him through us. That is stats human, Sta Tschuma N. and with that, if you want a shout out, you know all you got to do is just DM US again, no strings attached. We're doing this until the race season starts. So if there's anything you want to share, your...

...brand, your message, just say hi, reach out to us at at the rate F one fan fiction on any of our socials, or just email us at contact us at the rate of fun fan fiction. Thank you. As we go down the list, I think our talking points are going to go shorter and shorter because the highlights of the season keep stay stay more focused on the top people up there, but McLaren next one on the on the grid. Ricardo again, same situation, like science, but he's he's not beyond that race when obviously topping his this is his career. We went out not a great not another quite a great season from him. I remember Lando lapping him a couple of times. To it has been a very weird season for them, I think, and in general for mcclaren. Like they started off so strong with Lando and at that Ricardo was nowhere than Ricardo Somehow started, you know, catching up with Lando, and then the team's performance started going down and then Lando's performance started down, and then the third is performsal started going down and then up again. I don't know what was good, especially like after the one to it was like, okay, we've packed bags, let's Oh, yeah, you guys gonna Race Right? Yeah, sure, do that and I'll see you in tw any twenty two. That's yeah, we really seem that way. I'm just looking at the results right, like there was, I see it, Lee one, then it's for for a card rate one and fourth and thirteen, then five and twelve, then DNF, then twelve and five and twelve I mean, yeah, yeah, I think overall, landers delivered to completely need this season, except, you know where experience comes into play. The the rain that ruined is Oh yeah, what reason was that? He could at won that. I do remember it very well. And then I think his engineers were asking him to pat he didn't listen to them. And Remember, was it Russia? I think it was Russia. Yeah, I think so. But Yeah, man, we could have seen Lando op won his first yeah, people potion first one. Well, I'm sure he learned quite a lot from that day. So it was it was kind of like a hindsight. It seems like he should have put it, but I think he took a call based on his feeling in that cockpit. Ye made a Mista. Yep, YEP, Yep. That's all. They's gold next lane, exactly, exactly. That's yeah, because there's nothing to talk about them. I don't know what they were doing. It's very weird. Going on. Moving on Alpine, I'll mean, they surprise me, man. I didn't have a lot of expectations from them, honestly speaking, but I think Alonso has bought and into his group. True, true, and it felt like Alonso's finally happy, not driving a GP to engine case, he even with those pates and P nines. He was so happy because this post race commentary was, yeah, this engine is fired, so amazing. Yeah, and I think it's primarily because, like, at the end of the day, they are fewst competitors and if I think, in this car he had the chops to, you know, fight people, which he didn't have earlier. So I think. So it was a lot happier because he actually had to fight for those positions in a scrap screeping by like getting those super leads at the starts with Kimmy most of the and then handled open to very too friends, yeah, hopping around in the park, yeah, and wettill joining them sometimes. But yeah, I mean amazing, right, like hungry. Oh, con he wa, wow, Alonso. Wow, that was hungry. Was Alpine's highlight, for for Alpine, obviously, for oak on, obviously for old timers who are both happened and and a Lonso fans that that race was a gem. That fight from Alonso was a gem, that win from OCON. Yeah, yeah, Gary was too good. Yeah, and all thanks to boat as knocking out half the field, and I'm gonna Miss Him. He's gonna be back up. The great deally damage you can then do is when people come and lap him. No, dude, I can totally imagine Monza turn one. He comes in from behind. That's right. Other people in the front are still breaking right here exactly. How can I miss them? Yeah, right, he...

...can still do quite some damage. Okay, yeah, why do I not Miss Grossha anymore? Yeah, right, yeah, but coming back to Alpine, Oh con I think has been doing pretty well. At the start of the season it didn't seem like but through the season I think he he has been consistent. Not many big performances, except for his when of course, but he's been consistent. Of nothing, yeah, except those two three races after he signed his new contract for two years. Yeas like floting. That was just vacation, man. Yeah, couldn't believe him for that. But I'm actually even looking forward to Alpine. Alonso still there. More than anything, what I'm hopeful for is the veteran helping the team grow, and you've seen this in the past. I like show my backer helped Mercedes grow to then being backfilled by Lewis and then they had a splendid run for seven years. I'm fingers crossed on this one for Alpine as well. I'm hoping a Lunzo does the same stuff, for worse, filling his boots after that. Yeah, yeah, the I think there have been coming some weird news from that camp right about I think I don't know the details about everything, but I think basically Alan Prostcott has as kicked from the team. The new team was I forget his name right now, but he's made a lot of changes and I think they have hired this Guy Rate Aston Martin's team, Putsul, so I can never announce his name. It's some snuff, however, or something. Sure that guys and Martin. Yeah, yes, keep it that. There a lot of changes. So I think I am not very sure about their next season because of all the instabilities due to struct the changes. Interesting. Let's hope it's not bad. Interesting. Okay, this thinking about Aston Martin. This is this. There's a similar there's a similar stuff happening in that camp as well with the other veteran, battle and rich kid stroll. Yep, on pay it. It feels like they didn't have a good season, but I think like they did have a good season. Yeah, actually did. Right, it's pretty weird, like the points don't reflect it. I do agree, but a big part is betals terrible luck and the fact bike completely hates him. How can you forget that? That's so true. That's so true. How many times, like I think, like he's good. He's gotten points for avoiding and trying to save his ass. So sure he's gotten points for that. I can't remember, like how many qualifications. He's being sort of cock blocked by other drivers. Yeah, right, yeah, like yellow flags, other drivers. You know, all kinds of shit have happened with him. One of those was the I don't remember which race right now, but there was this blockade that are formed at the last leave. I think was it's pain. I think it was pain. Yeah, the chicken is and, of course, the battle was the only guy who was punched for it. Then the the P too, that he had gotten that. What was that Hungary R who Bako? No, but I think he he held on to that. But the other one, the Hungary at the other one that he lost. Okay, yeah, yeah, what it was some stupid thing, like they weren't able to extract the fuel because of some regulation, some bullshit. His P to went away. I mean yeah, I understand. Those are regulations, like they have to follow the word of law, except for the last race, but like Nice. But, yeah, they had to punish battle, of course. So, you know, to take a few speep to true. Hey, we got the famous getting strolled. Oh, yeah, I was born when I presented. Yes, it's the rick rolled of this generation. Yeah, I think at one point I had like I was having like PTSD from it because I would be so afraid, like, but I guess, like amongst themselves, they were having a good season. Like stroll helped bettle get the maximum over tape thinking, just going back and forth at each other. That's the last piece rate. I totally remember that. Yeah, I guess, like I think they would have done this pre race, like how many do I need? All right, so, stroll, let's do this. We've got ten over...

...te pumping the numbers up, just like the stock market shot, squeezing into the corners. Yeah, but as soon, but I think. I think I'm hearing some shifts around in Aston Martin as well, so that it's going to be hasting seeing their campus. Well, yeah, there were new team principle. Right. I think he is from the I can't forget what team at is right now. Yeah, we can have to. anyways, we are going to. We're going to do an episode of the straight yeah, the preseason episodes coming. Yes, actually, I think I missed one team. I'll fat out. Sorry. Yes, yeah, they've had a strong season. None, it's I mean not exactly. Again, like not on paper. I agree, they could have done a lot more, but considering that they had a rookie and so gasping, some bad luck for gas. But still, all of, all, of all, fat Eury this season. I think was was almost all ghastly to that guy is being a piast this season in Yep, Yep, definitely. Yeah, I think he here deserves a better seat, man. I really hope I don't see where he can end up, but I really hope that he gets a better seat. Honestly. Yeah, you know, you shaid, you shared an image and think you found on Reddit or something about some points thing and how they've made a good show for themselves over the years. Yeah, right, I think this, this post that had seen on Reddit was basically the average points pered lace that Alfred us cold over the past few years. I think it's the charters from two thousand and ten till this year, and it's so awesome to look at the chart how it is, you know, exponentially glue and I mean there was this one bump and then there was this one valley that they have there, but I think that was mainly because the switch to Honda from Naw, I think, in two thousand and eighteen. But then look after that the significant progress that they've made ever since. It's pretty awesome what they've achieved. Another's also starting to sort of get comfortable. Too late in the game, way too late in the game. But yeah, I think like even he, we've said this another episode as well, but like he's even questioned his contractor renewal at times with his cockiness and the ways she's this seasonal started, but I think the last two three races he's outshun himself. Yep, Yep. Yeah, I think I talked about this earlier as well in some episode, but from what what I've heard, it's basically that Alban was coaching him, which like really approved drawn with, which, yeah, Yep, it's pretty awesome. You know, I really love that Guy, Al Burn. I mean a first of all, he seems like a very genuine guy. You know, very much like wet all or of the likes, you know, and I think even though, like the team, has treated him poorly the past, the fans have treated him poorly in the first media as well. But I think that guy still has a lot of fight in him that you know, he stuck around. He made sure to help these guys before leaving and going to Williams, which is really awesome and it shows right like red bill made sure that he got a seat, so that's pretty awesome. Yeah, that's the news, right, like Christian genuinely vouched for the guy and he wanted this guy to get a seat, but he couldn't do it's it's a good it's a good transition on to our next team, Sir Williams. Williams only has one driver, right, think, yes, yeah, he, yea. Now let's the second yeah, the second driver, by the way, folks of you heard the last episode is, according to other way, the most worthless. A nod, not? We not. We just try to stay as genuine and true as we can. So another yeah. But Oh, man, Russell, what was happening with him in that first half of the season? What was that? I again see I'm going out of words. Yeah, man, MR started, he used to just qualify into que to like nothing, like into top ten, like nothing. It was like had become a daily thing. Just you know, I would be surprised on days when I would not see him going into que too. Oh, that reminds me my totally crazy prediction for twenty and twenty one, so very came true right like, which was Williams will score some points. Well, they didn't score some points. They scored way too many points. Yeah, he did engine closer to my prediction starting of the season itself, but I think now, you know, he's comfortably my crazy ass...

...prediction doesn't seem that Fay right now. Yeah, yeah, though, one of the races, I think the points that they got, was basically from Belgium, rede, which was the most non race ever. Yeah, but what say so? But he qualified. So you know, that's that's there. He was faster than a mercdies there. Yeah, that's true. Alpha Romeo from I'm going to misgive me, man, I'm gonna Mischie me so hard. I think all my life, all our life, and I'm going to speak this for you as well, we've not seen a race without kimmy. Yeah, yeah, man. Definitely. Yeah, I mean it's it's sad to see him go. I mean I'm kind of happy, honestly, that he went because it was very clear that he was no longer invested in the sport and I definitely do agree that. You know, there are far younger and better people out there who deserve the seat. So yes, it's good that he left because he made space for, you know, the younger generation. But did he really? Because the person is filling the seat is basically a paid driver. So you said, I was gonna in reject as, like you said, deserve a seat and then by financially more valid. Yeah, yeah, but did I his fiddling? He creates a crash by fiddling, like what is this button? And remember Portugal, right, like he crashed into yeah, yeah, Heoh, by just fiddling. It was very weird. I think it was a restart. racy started something great and or it was beyond. Yeah, crazy things. I think. Even Kemmy had some weird penalties, of course, if I being Fi, gave him a penalty for what he spun right somewhere and something like that. I remember as funny. went onto the gravel and then came back and by the Timika. Oh, yeah, I think like mettle and Kimmy were racing one over to the other. This gave into the gravel and by the time he came out he had a five second penalty or something like. Yeah, Finner, there are many weird things going on with Kimmy this season, and of course he was also one of the no, I think he wasn't. Was He there on the top over takes board? I was the third three, the three veterans fighting for it. Yeah, and I using fast starts. I think there was this one race where I distinctly remember where was stopping. was talking later in the race, like in the media pen that at the start of the race I saw an Alpha right behind and I thought like what, what's going on? Yeah, Kimmy, Kimmy, is him being sprayed by Russell versus boat as the Mollie like on a day? Yeah, this happened like fifteen meters. If I know what Mrs Radio's is press, but I don't much remember about Geo. What is you're doing? The only things I remember like it were his two overtakes, one on metal and one on kidney. That's it. Yeah, man, Italian Jesus. He came to a plunge by you know, dude, that's what they call it. Ye, had it hurt it in so long and then hearing it now, I was like wow, but yeah, that guy. I mean I I am a fan of his because of US character, like he's a he seems like a genuine dude, but he never has had a performance that you know, is really good as such. I mean he was always just passing the bar but not going beyond it, I would say. So, yeah, yeah, the ten team on the grid has massive Spain. Oh Man, I think he was a killing spree this season. Is He the next year? He is, right, dude, I was hoping you can't take paid pay drivers out of this race. In fact, Papamzi Been, masses been got him a new car. Oh, yes, right, he got a new chassis, right, like yeah, last case or something. Yeah, Bedaddy, end of the twenty three, he did. No, you're wrong. Twenty one to be how can I forget that one, that it's a real life word? Right, for a second when you said twenty one, I thought like you're joking, okay, but then I remember, Oh yes, there was to be chuch. He's either easier himself fun on that tracks are like.

He's taken other people out with him. He was almost gonna kill shoemaker and Barku and maybe might guy as well, bettle multiple times. Sure what was happening with him? I don't know. Yeah, man, who cares? But yes, more moreover, I would say that Mike Schumaker, I think it's good that he has gotten opportunity to like be in a shit team right now, honestly, because he can get all his mistakes out, you know, before getting a better team. But at the same time it he also runs the risk off he's if he stuck in the steam for a long time, he might never even get an opportunity to really prove himself. So I for his sake, he should try and get away from it as soon as possible. Yeah, but, yeah, yeah, he's got good mentorship with metal, so we saw some some good moments between them through the season. So I'm hoping something bans out for him. Maybe he fills in metal seat in in two seasons when you were little, retires. But one thing we can't we can't skip this season without mentioning Fia Broadcasting and commentary. Oh man, or a shit show. What a shit show that was. Yeah, man, I mean the commentary. Yeah, there needs to be changed, man, like it. There has to be some newtal commentary. It's a global sport. You cannot have biased commentators. It's no fun. And Yeah, man, keep the bias out. Let's. It doesn't make sense. The only good thing I can remember is them evolving over time and then bringing in multiple other commentators as and not being fixated on the two people that usually keep talking. Rossberg came in a couple of times. They went into the garage and stuff, so that was good. Yeah, but shit shown nonetheless, crafty British bias media. And when Hamilton one in Britain, he said Ham got best out of Max. What a should he sentenced to? Say? Yeah, someone would just ran into a fifty and g crash. Come on, man, though I do hate the bias that they bring in, but they still do put on a very good show, honestly, if I ignore the red button, I mean there are a lot of conditions that have to apply first, but yeah, I apply all these conditions, dude. Yeah, that time you will spend in mentioning those conditions is going to be thrice the amount of time you're going to spend saying, but they should do this. Let's not, please, but I see you're playing devil's advocate there. This season would not have been this entertaining if it wasn't progression and against again. That's true, it's true. Well, I hope they take our last suggestion, and I know if one's listening to this, because we've seen multiple of our suggestions come through. Our last suggestion is, please don't cut your cut to racy place on lap. Do we still want to see those fighting there? Please don't, please, don't you please do it. So then, this brings us, folks, to our last segment. Sarah, take it away. Well, well, well, I think we have a new section for this season and we're calling it awards. Just awards, that's it, because we don't give anything. Yeah, all you get is fun, certainment. Yeah, and no one gets anything. We get nothing, nothing, I'm it is. So, basically, for this category, we were tweeting out, you know, on twitter and asking like cutting out polls on twitter and asking you guys for your opinions about who takes these awards. And we'll just go through each category and tell out what the nominations were and who won. And I think that's how our we'll go about. So let's dive to the first twitter category. So the first question that we tweeted out was which is the best track for overtaking in two thousand and twenty one, and the nominations were Portugal GP, bar in GP, Russian GP and French GP. and well, it was a tie. So it was a time between bar in, Russia and French, but I think we'll break the tie. So our cash. What do you think? Drum role for the whenever? I think by rain, by rain, we in right. Yeah, I think that was the most entertaining among among all these races. So...

...yeah, baring takes it, I think bar in is generally a good race. So especially it's most of the Tipe, the first race anyways. So let's go to the second question. The second question was which was the best defense in the two thousand and twenty one season, and the nominations were Alonsos, is, Hamilton and Hungary, Paris versus Hamilton and Aboudha be. So No, I was is Hamilton in Turkey and terres versus Hamilton in Turkey, and of course the winner is parison and Hamilton and Abu Dhabi, because, yeah, man, unanimous. It was unanimous. I think he it was forty seven percent. So I think people spoke and Soda and Hamilton Got Zero Hoots. That guy gets lesser credit nexte. Yeah, anyways, on to the next one. The next one was, of course, which was the shittiest penalty, or lack thereof, twenty any one season of f one, and the nominations were Abudha be, Saudi Arabia, bar in GP for all the track limit nonsense. I went by and Austrian GP for, you know, just penalties here and there, and, of course, the unanimous winner. I knew was like we knew was gonna win in this one. Honestly speaking, I didn't even know why I tweeted this because I knew what the answer is going to be. SHITTIEST PHRASE ABDA BE. Just in case, if anybody is guessing, so Aboudavi is the man. Why? Why are you guessing? No, yeah, and the last question that we pulled about was which was the worst track in two thousand and twenty one season. And again here I knew what the answer is going to be before I pulled the but still I'll go through it. The dominations are Saudi Arabia, the Spanish GP, Russian GP and Mahnaco GP and, of course, Saudi Arabian GPS, or the loser. What are you UNICU tract is a death track. Yeah, they won the avoid. Well, I think. Let's go to the last category, which I don't know if listeners are even aware about that. No, I don't think they are. But along with these podcasts, we also like publish a page on our website which kind of summarizes the episode, like the show. Oats are there and we also rate each individual driver. So what we did was we basically took an average of all the points that we have awarded through the season two drivers and took an average for my ratings on our cashus ratings, and so we have a winner for the driver's point stable, and it's super surprising. Is Yes, Ray whold. So the winner was none other than Lewis Hamilton in by one point, by one, by one point, yes, and yeah, I mean that guy is also one like no matter what, he fights like hell, allow, I think, at points. So that right, like, even though a lot of times we have criticized him a lot, but the points kind of do show that he does perform at that level. Well, well, it's been a lovely f one twenty twenty one season. More than that, it's been a it's been a fantastic season one for f one fan fiction. Thank you again each and every one of you who's made it this far into the episode. We promised to keep bringing you more exciting and even more thrilling episodes. In Two thousand and twenty two we've got some amazing stuff planned which obviously we can't reveal becus. If it doesn't go through, you're going to shut on us, but we are hopeful. We are hopeful to make this this year our step up game from twenty one. So fingers crossed there. We will see you when we start season two, which is going to be a preseason discussion livery thoughts and our look into two thousand and twenty two. And again we come back with crazy as predictions for two thousand and twenty two. Maybe the hulk returns. Suren's prediction is still on. Maybe the hulk under the next episode. Folks, this is season one fun fan fiction. Signing off by bye.

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