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Episode 27 · 1 month ago

2021 Saudi Arabian GP Race Discussion


The 2021 Saudi Arabian GP was everything that F1 shouldn't be. With several race restarts, Red Flags, Penalties, and manufactured excitement by FIA, it left a bad taste in everyone's mouths. This track was one of the most dangerous tracks we have witnessed. With all the chaos that happened yesterday, we go into the last race with Max and Lewis tied on the championship table.

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In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Ban Jeddah Corniche Circuit! 🚫
  2. Fuck these FIA Clowns 🤡
  3. Tsunoda Yeets Vettel!
  4. Massi negotiates penalties with Red Bull
  5. Max 🆚 Lewis
  6. Manufactured Excitement!
  7. No investigation required for Leclerc
  8. A Stinking Pile of 💩 

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Was it like yesterday? More likea butterfly effect, like, until you get your desert result, keep resettingyour life to an alternate timeline until you get your desire. Press all keepdoing. Hello and welcome back to fone fan fiction. The penultimate race,Saudi Grand Prix. Before we get into the race, stay tuned for midepisode shoutouts, as we've promised. It's the season of giving, thanksgiving,Christmas, Sura is around the corner and, as we promised, we're giving shoutoutsto no matter what it is, and it's not like an install promotionsort of things. So you know, if you want your your brand tobe called out, just you being a fan called out, reach out tous on INSTA, twitter, contact us at the radar fun fan fiction,or just being one of the hosts, like do whatever you want. Imean, we're giving away shoutouts, so stay tuned mid episodes. We've gota few shoutouts from fans who've written into us. And with that said,let's dive into the episode. Oh, by the way, this is goingto be an explicit episode because there's that spent of frustration. That's that's buildup with both me, your host, Akash and silent, and so ifyou're not of appropriate age or if you're listening this in Solacen with with noparents around, you've been warned and caution. This is going to be an explicitepisode. With that said, let's get into the episode. What happenedyesterday? Man Like, what was going on? Was it a race?I don't. Think. First of all, out of the million reasons there are, get the fuck out of Saudi area. Yes, that titually wouldnot exist. I mean geographically for sure, maybe, but even as a racetrack. Please don't. I completely agree. I've been shouting this since, eversince I saw the track, ever since, like photos have come out, I have always been of the opinion that the one should be racing there. The track is too narrow, there are no run offs, there's no, you know, space for it making any mistakes. And that's exactly whathappened yesterday. What we saw like it was a dangerous mess, wasn't it? It is, and I mean it's everything, a fun track should nothave all brought in together. I mean there's elements of it which I'd loveto see in tracks, of for sure, but like all brought in together,no elevation changes. So if there's this, it's basically like driving onflatsand but just concretized high street corners with no run off area. So it'slike blind highest plant A. Yes, so like go tell yourself sort ofthing. But it's fine if you keep this as your last race, becausethen some people die and you felt like new drivers coming in next season.So sure this works out, man. Yes, you know what Snee allmy wife, like you know, put it perfectly yesterday and I love theway she put it. She said that Saudi AREBA loves putting people in barriers, and that's exactly what they did with the track as well. Yeah,because that's exactly what the track was. It's just surrounded by barriers, newspace at all, creating these dangerous situations and then, you know, italmost felt like their idea of a good race is Chios and accidents, andthey got what they wanted. Yeah, man, totally. And I feellike Mick was a bit lucky there because nothing, nothing bad happened with him. I mean what do you just describe? This is exactly what happened with makelike he just ran himself off into...

...there. We've were a luck lookas well, right, yeah, I mean we brought a section coming upwith peress as well later in the episode. Something, something dangerous, happened withhim too. Oh No, I meant about luck, luck going offin fpthree. Oh yeah, the same spot where make went. That toowas was a risky off shoot from the whole whole track area. Luckily it'slucky enough to do not, you know, I've having walk away without any anymore damages to himself. But man, I mean so, so beyond thebeyond everything else. I mean the race result was somewhat expected, Yada, Yada. But the track, as I like to call it, andmaybe maybe some other more Sports Fan and American folks listening to this, we'regoing to relate to this. It's drunken Daytona, basically with some squirdles around. It's drunken Daytona for me. Yeah, man, in fact it's a drunkendangers day to yeah, Daytona still feels a lot safer, right.I mean there are no blind corners at yeah, you're going at full speedalmost throughout the track, but at least you see what's going on ahead ofyou. So still, so you can say it's more dangers than day toenough. Well, well, and then on top of that the whole thewhole starting grid chaos. And I mean at this point it should just belike, you know how the how the lottery ticket has like a random runnumbers. Like me see, yeah, just do that. Why? Iwould actually enjoy that, right, it would be fun, just like eachdriver going at it at the slot machine and seeing who gets the first position, the second and third and so on. Probably the only way any kit Ican also get get on the starting adding grid. Right, I don'tknow. I mean they were, they were news coming out before they're theweekend. Where Papamas? It been like bought him a new chassis or something, not a new power unit or whatever. Right, yeah, we bought thema new car, let's put it, because Ha has wasn't doing much.Well, well, good for him, because he crashed after make so atleast he got to drive it more. But to add to the whole dramaor the weekend, man, and here comes the shit show. Whatthe Fuck was FIA doing? Yeah, it's insane. It felt like somecalled students are running it. It didn't feel like a professional sport, didn'tfeel like it's like a top class organization. At all. It was chaos,like Michael Massey was lost. All the teams were just, I think, being aggressive to him, I guess, because he seemed flustered as well inthose radio calls. It's it's everything is just weird. I don't understandall the penalties that went by, all the negotiations that were going on beforethe second start between Massy and red bull. Like how the fuck is it anegotiation with it, you know? I mean whatever's towards decide is thefinal decision. You are not little, really, randall of nore hey beda kid coming right. Yeah, that whole thing made no sense, especiallyshe have to the secondary start right when that that radio between Red Bull andMichael Massive, where he sees are you okay with P too? I meanwhat are do they have an option of seeing you? I Want P one, and if they say that, are you going to listen? Like,what the fuck was that? And you totally forgot about Hook on. Hecompletely forgot that cook on. Wasn't that in that equation? He's like Hamilton, Poe and Max me to and then the red bull guy is like okay, what about Hook on? Then he's like Oh yeah, sorry, Iforgot about that and let it like seriously, do it. You're the Swiss detected. So so, I'M NOT gonna...

...lie here, but like, Ididn't watch the first thirty six episodes live. I saw that as an after fact. And, having seen as an after fact, you mean thirty sixlaps? Yeah, Wea what did I say? Yeah, thirty six labepisode. I was sorry. Yeah, the first thirty six laps. Isaw it as an after fact, as a whole replay, I like.Having seen it as an after fact, I'm like, why did I evenwaste my time watching you and and the thirteen and and like the fourteen orwhatever laps, and I did see live. Well, like the other the othercars were in the garage and only Max and Louis were were on thetrack. I've got like so much frustration pent up. I mean, youguys are listening to this on audio. You can't see it on video likesor I can see me right now. I'm visibly frustrated at this point.Oh cash, I think you have a hair just fell of Hudn't visitly frustratedthis point. It's like and and freak man, because there were so manygood battles going on and I could. The only place I saw these battleswere like the names shuffling on the latter and I'm like, okay, Ido I don't care. I don't want to see Louis driving alone on thetrack. Like show me these battles, especially the last two lapsaid the awesomebattle between ooker and boot ask. We were just denied of that. Imean, what the fuck, Ma No. Now coming back to FIA clouds.So so the first penalty that goes out was like a five second penaltyfor Max and then another ten second penalty for this one. This one,and I don't want to blame it on Lewis or Max, because if wecould be really honest, like this wasn't like a driver's sport lose. Maxwas told from the garage that, hey, we got to let Louis Pass.Sure Louis wasn't told from the garage that Max is going to let youpass a go. So at the end of the day, this is agarage problem, Yep, and we and in the way problem. Yeah,and we spoken about this in the past too, like why are drivers gettingpenalized for something that is not their fault, like Fia get your shit together,because you need to start thinking of regulations where you start penalizing the thepit crew, the garage and the Constructor Championship at this point, because it'snot a driver's problem, and a fifteen second total penalty. How do youthink quade this, with like a fucking Max, would have been dead atthis point? Fifty G crash receiving a ten second stop and go penalty?Yeah, like my that's that's my benchmark in life at this point. Like, if anything good, Dad, I'm going to equate it to Max,saying a life courtesy of Louis Hamilton, with a fifty g crash and gettinglike a ten second stopping go penalty. The whole thing was very weird.First of all, the let's talk about that weird crash that we saw,like the slowing down everything that was maken. Okay, so the main assues thatFi fucked up. They created the situation because they did not. Imean it's simple, right, like you tell the driver behind first that you'resupposed to a say pintal the driver I head that, give the position thatand they they did the exact opposite. Like what what sense done? Whatsense did it me I don't understand. And okay, that happened. Theycrashed. Fine, then, I think. So we're stopping. Still had theeven position. Then again, I think he was told to give itand then he did the trick off. You know, that was slider sheI mean, I loved the way he did it. So for folk probablynot seeing this, who don't know what we're talking about, this is thiswas at the u turn of the drunken day ONA, at the other end, where Max gave Louis his position back right at a darst at detection point. So yeah, he can use himself...

...like a launch past Lewis and that'swhat he did. So, nonetheless, I was very cheeky from from Maxdo it. So yeah, no, I mean, yeah, that wascheeky and definitely I do agree that it's not exactly legal. So he wasbound to give it back again, but in the meantime he got the fivesecond penality right. So because of that he was he didn't have to giveit back again. So if I created this confusions, they did the wholething of creating the crash and everything. They still penalized wast happen, eventhough he tried to give the position that. I mean he really did. Hedid slow down. I mean, regardless of what like the whole shitstorm is going on twitter about that. I I don't think there was anymalicious attempt at like cashing into Hamilton. Didn't seem like, yeah, hewasn't going to make it easy for him, and that's fair enough, but hedid give him ample opportunity to go. But yeah, because of miscommunication,whatever happened, happened here. But still a fire goes on and giveshim a five second penalty and then again a ten second penalty for a situationthat they themselves created. I mean seriously, like, what the Hell is goingon? I mean it doesn't end there right like it feels like itfeels like toto wolf and the whole mercedies garage is just paying off fi atthis point and like, for whatever, it feels like they're probably sucking Hamilton'scock at like on a Thursday evening or whatever. How like, for thosepeople who didn't heed your warning earlier, this is your last chance. No, Chris, I mean I'm let me put this straight. Let me putthis straight. Who Does so Hamilton for winning the race, because, Imean, whatever is the situation he's cranky, I hate him whatever. Right,like, he won. He's got a better car, he's got betterskills, he's a seven time world champion and sure he's won. Du Creditto him, all right. So so not taking that away. I amfrustrated with all the other things that are going around, because, because let'slet's come back to FIA and look, look what was happening. I thinkit was the first safety ca out of the second safety car, where boathas, who gets pro penalty for slowing the whole like his Delta was wayoff. Yeah, everyone on radio, even even even Brundle, and theBritish media, who's all Louis bias and mercedies biased, is also saying likethis is this should not be allowed. Yet no penalty that. No penalty, like board a says like this. This podium is oh con's, like, why is Bot has there? Yeah, man, definitely both has deserved apenalty for that. I mean, you are slow. I mean,first of all, the safety car is out because of some safety situation andif safety is of utmost importance, this shouldn't be allowed. Simple as that. You can't. I mean it was very clear why he did it.He did it so that Hamilton gets the advantage of yeah, good taking that, but stop and not ending up behind Max, and definitely that shouldn't beallowed at all. He should had been realized for that. And another incidentthat happened, and I think Hamilton has done this before as well, isduring the formation lab procedures. Right, if you have noticed, whenever,especially in the recent few DASS, whenever was stopping as ahead of him orlike Matt, like Lewis, is significantly behind in the grid, he slowsdown. Yeah, so that you know, Max's temperatures of his brinks and tiresand everything drop and he has that disorder disadvantage, and I don't agreethat that's fair and this should be penalized. There should be rules against this,for sure, and it's just ultra frustrating. I feel sorry to interruptyou, but you know, one thing...

...which I get frustrated about is okay, so let me start from here. Before we started this podcast, right, I was never a fan of Hamilton in general, right, and oneof my big reasons was that he would win every yeah, and of course, that he used to complains so much during the course of all the episodesthat we have done I have gained a lot of, you know, respectfor Lewis for his driving and his resilience, and I totally agree that. Youknow, I don't think a lot of drivers come close to that skillof handling both. But but people blame Max for being aggressive. I doagree he is aggressive a lot of times. Some of his, you know,moves are a little a little questionable and also sometimes a little dangerous.I do agree to that as well. But I refuse to agree that Lewisdoesn't do the same. Both parties are guilty of the similar sits, similarthings, just that they do it in different things. What I mean isLewis does it in things like race procedure, like restart procedures, safety cut proceduresand things like that, and nobody points fingers about that, which isvery weird to me. I totally agree that he's a great driver. He, you know, is very resilient and just keeps getting stronger through the season, but at the same time you need to point fingers at the false aswell, like you can't. You can't have somebody who has just positives,and I see that the same thing for Max as well, you know.But yeah, it should be equal to repent on both sides now, Ithink. I think with the whole management change this year and with like Fiajust acting like clowns. And it's not Saud they I mean with Saudi.They've just pushed the whole limit. But like this whole season, it's justbeing random, noise, no consistency between how they yeah, and out points. I. Yeah, I Miss I Miss Bernie. At this point,then your kindness. Yeah, right, I never thought I would say andI would agree to this. Right, the whole management change just gotten toomuch. So I agree with you. Like my another reason to start dislikingLouis was probably just because it was getting too monotonous this season. Finally thingswere getting better until, like the whole FIA should should stomp it. Butyeah, yeah, anyways, let's let's wrap up this FIA topic, becauseI want to move past this. I want to move past these clowns andI don't want to give them one one more thing I wanted to say aboutthat, about consistency. Right, Sonoda, yeah, completely, you did.Yes, I'm gettill out of that track for no reason at all,and he was given just a five second penalty. What are you serious there? Is there is absolutely nothing happening. FIA needs to realize. Or isthe difference between pushing someone off the track causing someone life threatening in crash,and I mean again, it was a racing incidence, of fans who werethen explode saying it wasn't Louis is fold. It was. Sure, yeah,the tires were involvement of the break, were involvement of whatever. The endof the day, pushing someone of the track, cutting the track andgaining advantage, almost killing someone and whatever other five six scenarios are. Theseare different scenarios. Please get your act together to to sort of come downwith a consensus on how penalty should be given when you're playing in any ofthese scenarios. And there should be a...

...whole new bucket for if the pitis screwing things up, which should not be penalized to the drivers because it'snot their fault. Take money away from the constructor title whatever money. Infact, big points about whatever. What if I would say exactly, butyeah, I F I seriously needs to needs to sort of now get theirships shit together, because it's getting beyond now. Yeah, any hopes.It's sad. Will let's let's pause here. Let's calm down, for at leastfor myself. But for myself, that's come down for a book.You know what? I thought that if, since we are according this a dailyI thought that we would have more common minds. That's what I thought, but it's not. When I think about it again, I just getas was agitated I was yesterday with your yeah, yeah, totally. Well, hopefully these mid episode shoutouts are going to comet down. So Hey,folks, let's make a few shoutouts from from a few fans that have reachedout to us, as promised, and just to be cleared, but nottaking money for this. This is the season of giving its Christmas. Thisis our first year doing this podcast as a season one. If you wanta shout out, just reach out to us. Find a way to reachout to us, because we've said this a couple of times. Paying usand will give you a shout out. The first one goes out from aregular fan of ours, Zunera Alum, who send this beautiful image, andI'm just going to read the whole passage that says, who am I atthree am? Where do my thoughts begin? Is Really Life? This disappointing itnever feels like that is day, or it is because we strangled bya schedule. There's a whole big poem. What I'm going to do is it'sgoing to take too much time if I read the whole thing. I'mgoing to repost this thing. I'm going to repose this thing on our instagrampage. Folks go out, listen to this, read this. Thank you, Genera for sending this lovely message. And also, she says, ohby the way, definitely do a live stream on twitch for a Buddha beshe's got her whole gang set up to listen to us, so we willdefinitely try that. SARNS in Seattle, so that's probably going to be likehalf for him. So will try our best. The second message goes outfor for someone WHO's launching a new payment getaway, or opay, that's launchingin India. If you're a business trying to, you know, make paymentgetaways and make payments easier for your business to business or business to customer needs, go check out or opay. That's a you are opay and and shareour love from a Fone, Fan fiction. The third one goes out to let'stalk design with so numb. She's an interior designer and stylist WHO's tryingto make big. If you have any new property that needs interior designing orstyling, go check out our instagram page. That's interior, that's let's talk designwith so numb. So thank you, folks, for reaching out to us, sending in your messages, and for folks who are listening to usat this point. Yeah, because we don't care, will, will giveyou a shout out, will send your message across to whatever it is.With that said, let's get back into the episode. Well, since you'reging shout outs, I have kind of a shout. Oh yeah, somebodywho would reply to one of her videos? Hard talk, I think it's Ithink at drew tick talk. WHO's...

...the follower. I totally agree towhat he or she said. It's basically that you know that, no matterwho was right, that in this race, everything that could happened to make themlook bad happened. And I totally agree to the settlement sentiment. Everysingle team, pretty much every single driver, FIA, Max views, whoever,everybody, yeah, pretty much was on their worst behavior. That's whatit felt like. Everybody was making mistakes, everybody was doing some weird things,like FIA with the whole negotiation thing, Fia with the whole penalties, theMax and Lewis Confusion with the overtake and everything. You know, allof that was very weird. It really felt like amateur are then little garycrazy stuff happening outside continue. Yep, exactly, everything right, like God, I don't know. It was a huge mess, youth, stinking pileof Shit. That's I can see. More stressed after the race than ever. But yeah, I agree is thank you. Thank you, random personon on a talk what do we have next? Max Versus Lowis? Let'slet's dive. Let's dive into into that. I'm glad in a sense that atleast the points are tallied up at this point and it's like I'm feeling. I'm feeling that anxiety of like, you know, school time. You'vegot this last exam. You're just just power through that and see how youhow you come out of it. Yeah, so it's good in that way.Yep, it's good. I mean, I'm I don't know, I'm splitkind of, especially because you know what I would like the ill,I would like to call this race as manufactured excitement because that's what it was. Fi Fia, with their incompetency and their stupidness, have created these weirdsituations where external factors decide the result of the race, which I am nota fan of at all, and it's gotten too dirty. I feel likerivalries have been dirty in the past as well, but most of them havealways been between drivers and it always stays within the track and between drivers.But I think what's happening now is that FIA seems to have taken up,you know, the role of being the mediator here and they're making sure thatthe fight stays dirty. Yeah, just for the sake of ratings, andI don't like that a bit. No, I agree with you, and Imean it's not been clean, at least even from the team principles atthis point. Right, like I think you shared, you shared an imageor a video with me where toto was like, oh, we'll bring everythingon that there is right. I forget, I was terrible. That was terrible. Okay, so he basically compared the whole situation about the rare wingin the last three is, the penalty that they got, the disqualification andeverything right. So what he basically was saying that is that we like mostlythese as the team had to face a similar challenge as Lewis has had toface through his life, like in terms of racism and stuffer. I waslike, dude, what the Fuck Are you comparing? Are you fucking outof your mind? Go Fuck Yourself. He's like so are you? See? He ended up comparing the oppression of being a black person to to beingchallenged and given a penalty for you being...

...sneaky and like doing a rear wingmanipulation. Yeah, I was so part just so bad. I don't know, I don't understand. Like, yeah, I don't know, I've no words. Yeah, see, I mean, and this is this is what adon't like. I mean, ensure you want to win that Eighth Championshipin like whatever, right, but at least it's detterring. I mean we'restill going to watch it, but it's I don't know, how long canI can I keep doing this? Mean at this point it's all the viewersand all the messages that we get, like which makes sort of has thatdope, mean release in my brain, which like okay, I want todo this for these guys, but every time I see toto and like also, on top of that, like him going nuts in the garage with likeno mask on. I'm like if, if I was there a fune thisguy. Any anyways, coming back to Max and Lewis and the and whatyou're saying, yeah, I mean it does feel like if I are sortof like manufacturing this, they probably gotten like a good marketing team at thispoint. Is Who's telling them even negative publicity is good public sort of thing. So it's getting to that level at this point. Credit to Louis,because at least he's using his his position in the sport to voice out hisopinions, and I mean he was. He was pretty vocal about it,saying it was in my decision to be here, which is putting out astatement, which is definitely putting out a statement. So Kudos to him fordoing that. Yeah, definitely. The good thing about the school thing isthat these wets, like Hamilton as well as wettle as well. Right,they both have used their positions so well from all the controversy and everything,and I think I'm happy about that that they are getting a very good platformto like bring up these important messages that, you know, it's and representation mattersright like. Unless the people at the top don't show support and solidaritywith different causes, change is never going to happen. So I'm glad thatHamilton spoke up against the LGBTQ issues in Saudi Arabia. He also came upwith his lgbtq themed helmet as well. Same with WETTERL. I really wantto give a shout out because he, if I don't know if you wereread about this, but he held a karting event for women in Saudi Arabiaand his his basically perspective was that the reason for holding that was not justto promote motor sport, but it was more about interacting with people on theground and actually learning about the realities from them, and this was a verygood opportunity for him to do that and and I'm really happy that he didit. It's great that they're using it correctly, even though fi is justhas become so much, you know, Cassius king kind of an attitude andthey'll do anything for money. That's very evident term and yeah, I thinkanyways, but let's not get that. I think we've circled back to fibecause it's it's just so sweet his life, rustreating the whole frustrations built up withthem. Long Story Short, FIA Sucks. Could through Veterans Lewis forstanding up wet will first standing up a Lonzo Kimmy doesn't give a dam.But sure he's coming back to Max versus Lewis. I think we've got afew thoughts with like Max as well. He has been an elbows out sortof driver. He did cut corners to gain that advantage and I mean,yeah, sure, all of that too.

I agree. He's got a calmcount things a bit down even with that quality. Yeah, he's probablymessed out it. He missed up there, didnte like I feel it was inhis hands and he threw it. Yeah, that's the yeah, happened. That's true. That's true. I like how he's at the age ofI think, like twenty three or twenty twenty four. He's pulling up andbringing the challenge to to Hamilton, but he's still got this this Delta tofigure out to keep it with the tracks, and probably he's doing it consciously.I don't know what's going on in his head, but at least asa viewer, I'm thinking he's sort of going above and beyond. Then thenhe can control things. Yeah, an at the same time. Now,I'm sorry, go ahead. Yeah, no, I agree that. Youknow, I have been a Max Fan in general for a few years now. I mean, I wouldn't say a fan, I ask such. I'ma neutral viewer, but I would say I'm like a favored watered growing appreciationof his driving. Yeah, exactly, exactly. But I do agree thathe sometimes a is a bit too aggressive, I would say, and for hisI mean, in fact, for his own good, he should learnto read in the aggressional little because that's exactly what happened in the qualification.He messed up because of his aggression. Same thing happened during the race aswell, in a sense. Yeah, that cutting that corner. He shouldn'thave done that. He should have known better to not do that, speciallywith the championship on line. With you know how FIA has been so weirdwith pelities and everything. That's what that's what's I mean. That's why Hamiltonwins these championships ready. He can stay calm in those situations and kind ofthink about the bigger picture. And I think Max still has some Adia ofimprovement in that. Yeah, and at the same time, I think Iwant to also mentioned Lewis here, because I think he needs to he needsto slow down with all the cribbing and crying, like it feel like athree year old toddler asking for a toy and totals like that. That thatone parent who's always ready to give their kid, oh, the whole world, even if it kid's gonnaken or whatever. Yeah, that cribbing after the firstred flag. Oh my God, he was literally seeing these words,and I'm not lying on neither. I'm a paraphrasing. The tired barriers lookedfine to me. And what the fuck is wrong with you doing the redflag is for your safety, for everyone's safety. That was stupid. Andwhile we talk about like match being aggressive, Louis also pushed Max out of thattrack. Yeah, Yep, I feel like I feel like Aramco hadpaid too much money at fi toldo had like probably given half his wealth toMassy, whatever it was like. It felt like a one sided affair.And Yeah, keep going back to Fi, like the whole frustration from the weekend. But anyways, that should have also been I think, like thisweekend, there were quite a lot of incidents which should have been investigated whichweren't. Some that were harshly been realized much well, deserve it is butshouldn't given that much. Yeah, yeah, totally agree. Yeah, that incidentbetween Lewis and Maxwell. Louise pushed. He wasn't even investigated, nothing atall. I don't agree to that. It's weird. I do agree thatMax is sometimes aggressive, but so is Lewis. Exactly why? Whathas he said? So you know again, the treatment between both the parties shouldbe equal. Simple as that. Like, none of those are likebetter than the other. Honestly, it's...

...like, you know, it's likethis. If there's a gray area, teams are going to exploit it,simple as that. Don't keep any areas simple as that. Yeah, whatelse? What else was happening between maximum man? So many things happened inyesterday's rays that I can barely remember everything, with all the restarts. Oh,everything is seriously, what's watching like multiple different reason? It felt likeI was actually setching different reasons at this wasn't like yesterday, more like abutterfly effect, like until you get your is that result, keep resetting yourlife to an alternate timeline. So until you get their desires are keep doingand yeah, it's just weird. I think there was. I sorry,go ahead and again now. Nothing. I mean just that. You know, I am very happy that what an awesome season we are having in termsof the championship and everything. I'm happy that. You know, we havelike two top drivers who have a real shot at the championship. But Ithink this left a bitter taste in my mouth overall. I'm honestly speaking.I'm not that excited for the last race as I was earlier, just becauseI feel that this thing is going to repeat there and we are going tohave a championship in a decided by FIA and not on the track. SoI don't Kimmy to just knock both of these guys off for the last years. I think I'd have no hard feelings for Kimmy. I did in factlove him. Actually, you know what, speaking of Kimmy, taking some attentionoff of Max and Hamilton will come back, because I think like thisone. Two thoughts there. But for this, this award for maximum moretakes, it's these three were trans fighting off Leons, odal and Yummy.Yeah, I love that. Love seeing them absolutely it's so awesome to seethat because, I don't know, it's always that these guys are in theseweird situations where they gain like five, six positions at the star just becauseof their experience. And Yeah, they they deserve it. I guess lastthought, at least before moving out of Louis sources. Max, I think, like red bull, maybe luckily or however, got their strategy right.But what was happening with like that tire management stuff? They put mediums duringI can't make sense. I think they thought that they probably are going toget a lot more safety, because which they did and still they started didn'twork. So I don't exactly understand what exactly what they thinking. That isthe whole Reda is going to be behind a safety car and that's why theydid that. Maybe, but I don't know. It made no sense.It was very evident that Max had no peace left and his tires towards theend of the days. Yeah, even if, say, suppose, noneof that bullshit happened, none of that crashing, those penalties or anything,they would have still lost the days just because of their dire chrise. Yeah, yeah, yeah, while we're on Red Bull, the second driver Iwas hoping as hoping to get a bit more from preyer that. First,the original race start. He almost ran Max out of the the Oh,yes, he almost. Yep, but it wasn't press his day. Yesterday. Man, definitely. Now he got horribly squeezed. I think the secondarystyle of third I don't know what way, whichever the start that was Charles,man, Charles is like a mini Max. I was out. Yeah, yeah, he is often found in...

...crashes. Yeah, I think he'sfound out. Yeah, grows. You're not being here. Yeah, right, yeah, if you can, if you can't find him anywhere, justlook around, you know, during the crash of the Lage find yeah,I mean that thing I don't understand. Charles wasn't given a penalty. Yeah, that should have also been a penalty. I don't understand why there was noinvestigation required. According to them, that clearly was. I mean Charlesnested up, he was significantly behind. He should had yielded. There wasno space. Again, comes back to the track being shitty and there wasno space. He completely destroyed persons race and no investigation necessary. Makes nosense to me at all. Yeah, and I mean again we come backto the whole track not being not being well designed to the right. It'sthere's there's multiple things happening here. A that position in which, where ashis car was stalk was, was super risky, because someone would have probablyjust tea board him. Yep, there's no run off area, which makesthe whole thing way more nasty and I feel the whole thing feels like thewhole track was just done in a haste because up until like two weeks back, it literally was. It was, yes, because two weeks back somuch more of it wasn't even done. Yeah. So, yeah, overall, and I think you mentioned this like before he started, according to this, this track does need gravity traps, it does need a few other thingswhich which the other tracks have. But maybe catchus King. So nobody cares. Yeah, you know what, honestly speaking, throughout the race, whiletweeting, while anything that I was doing with regards to Saudi area being GP, I felt somewhat disgusting to support their white like sports washing and to bea part of it just because I enjoy more sports I do. I meanI hate the fact that I am becoming a part of the sports washing alongwith Soud the Arabia, and I hate that this race happened here. Thistruck was bullshit and yeah, FIA, go fuck yourself piece. I hateeverything about yesterday's days. With that, if you want your messages to be, you know, repeated by us, you want to pop out, wantto promote anything right into us, you know where to find us. I'mgoing to be the whole thing, F one, Fan fiction anywhere on theInternet. And Yeah, it's the season of giving. You probably have likeobviously we'll have a Buddha B and we'll probably have like one or two episodescoming out out after that as well. So, yeah, your messages willbe shouted out, promoted, whatever it is, until the decider finale nextweek. These are your hosts signing off. Bye. Bye,.

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