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Episode 21 · 2 months ago

2021 Russian GP Race Discussion


Russian GP held at Sochi Autodrom is usually one of the dullest races, and boy were we surprised! With 3 different people leading the race in different parts of the race, and rain completely putting the grid on its head, it gave us one of the best Russian GPs! With only 2 points separating the championship contenders and only 7 races to go, we are in for a exciting championship battle!

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. 100th vs 1st 🥇
  2. Suprise Max Attack 
  3. Number of fucks that Bottas gave: 0️⃣
  4. Dr. Marko sends his regards to Gasly
  5. Smooth Operator smoothly slides into P3.
  6. Alfa Romeo gets a surprise P8
  7. AstonRarri Bull sandwich
  8. Alonso does a cheeky move
  9. Sarang forgets what he is talking 😵

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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I think in one of the interviews, Simlahimself was surprised at how did he get it for a a yes like an, I tried, really bad tofuck this Otowa getting this it's this easy, oh my God, Hello, folks, welcome back to anotherepisode with us at F on Fan Fiction. We are your host. I am a cash and I'mSorrin and before we get started first of all,thank you for all the love on our previous episode. The fireside chatwith other theaetet. You know what personally, I think it is one of ourboth of ours, favorite episode to both record credit and listen to, and it'sbeen so much joy to have you guys, reach out to US- and you know, sharethis across your friends and everyone. So thank you for all the love wepromise to keep bringing such episodes again on to this week. Oh my God, whata thrilling race towards the end of today a battle of hundred versus firstSara, I'm see again, I'm going out of Eritana it away. Man Yeah! It was crazyright, like it is so funny like hundred the first like it's so insane like onone hand, you have, I mean not a rookie any more but like his third year in onebut still tility a rooky. I am the the other guy, you know who's.Basically, seven time will champion Lose Hamilton. You know so yeah I mean wow Kudos to Lando, but, alas, he was not able to win the race, butstill I feel that whatever he achieved today was something you should be proudabout and he'll soon be there ewins, definitelycoming men and a championship. Vision is also definitely coming. He has whatit takes to win these to, to put that pressure on whever, pailing game or isin front of him. It just wasn't his last four laps, that's that's whereit's a yeah. It was his day. It was his weekend is jerk. It just wasn't hislast four laps ye Ye Yep, I think yeah I had. I was fairly confident that hewould win the res. You know, except for what happened with the ear but yeah the way he had maintained the leadthroughout, not throughout the rays, but like once. He got from CIA afterthat he pretty much was in command of the lead and he was dictating the race.He was dat, dictating the peace of the race as well. I think, just towards theend. We hide that Hamilton had reached him, but that also was because the tackwas getting slicker and Yeah. It was getting wetter, so yeah sat for him, but yeah Kudos to Amilton.For that I must say because capitalizing on the situation, yealexactly and that's exactly what his friends are right, like even on baddays, he has a good day. This is, I think, the perfect example of it rightlike he had a poor start. He yeah was stuck behind a carteret pretty muchthroughout as he was going nowhere and then, even in a bad day, he had a greatBeratin. What exactly right- but I want I want to you- know- takethis moment to sort of use to use the whole conversations that that's beenhappening. So there's the Internet stone and you knowon one side saying that land o should have pented. You can see Hamilton Pat.Why don't you pit so...

...hindsight, hindside hindsightconversations here. Let me let me give you my take on thisand then and then Sarragan to hear what you said. Okay, so my thing on thewhole thing is sure in hindsight. Right now it looks like land or should havepitted. He should have done this and he should have done that. But- and there are multiple to its onthis as well, so what if right, he first of all, you reyou're about to win your first ever ropery behind you. You have a knighted,seven time well, campin trying to gunyas hundred in so he is actuallypumped up upon this, and you know the conditions are suchthat you never know what's happening behind you. So what? If you do pit andthe rain doesn't progress, as as it did and worse case, it stops like the windchanges and your of and now you look like a fool like the whapper, the wholeInternet is gonna go. He should not have fitted. Why did he go against hisengineers like he should have taken the yeah? So it's all hinside hindsight Ijust feel like he took the right decision for himself that he thoughtwas the best. In that scenario it didn't to work out, so man had broken, but yeah. That's that'smy take. What's yours yeah I mean I feel for him. You know I do kind ofagree with you that hindsight is always two thousand and twenty, but but at the same time I feel that thisis what you know: kind of distinguishes Hamilton from land, O Totin Teses, that you know we have seen Hamilton Timonagain, disagree with Bono and straight up in no to any team orders of fittingand things like that, but I think Lewis also nosed when tolisten to his jazz as well, and I think this exactly was the moment where hekind of his experience helped him where he knew that you know when his engineeris like third time on the radio yeah yeah come in, so he definitely is on to somethingyeah. He took advantage of it, and obviouslyI do agree that Hamilton being in the second position always has theadvantage of reacting to what land it does and yeah that's there. I do agreethat Lando. You know he had everything to lose at that point.So pitting was definitely a you know very tough decision, but atthe same time I think that he kind of also was in a similar situation. AsLewis were. You know, his engineer was ther literally the third time yeaTelinga that you know come in for antemes like no shutup, so yeah. Ithink he considering how good mclin have been recently in terms of thestarted and everything and how they competent. You know. Andriolli, I thinklander should have probably listen to his engineer. From that perspective Imean I can understand if it was Betalen frary, you know or time at Barin. I know what to do, but yeah man and I feel like so post post race interviews. They were, they were with the pressnext to each other and then Louis tells land o you didn't want to go in. Didyou and he says no, I did not and and immediately lois goes me too. Even Ididn't want to go in as like he's a right there. I don't want to come in, but I think that's that's theexperience versus you know, first time trying to do this.It's sad, but it's you learn out of it. I'm pretty sure exactly a pretty sureyesterday was a very shitty night for Lando, but the type of a person he ishe's taking so many learnings out of...

...this so yeah. I think I think definitelythis is a like a you know: investment in his carrier in the sense that, likehe lost some today, but I think he gained a valuable lesson which will winhim a lot more races in the future. So I think we he's Goin to be collectinghis compartment as soon I guess I mean it's over. You like, if younotice, like the last two races over the last two weekends as a package havebeen just too good for my clarence. It's been back to back brilliantweekends, both those drivers, even Ricardo, putting that pressure on onHamilton and sure his picture was a bit messed up, but the water brillantweaken for both of them yeah yeah. Definitely Ricardo is, I think, reallygetting comfortable in the car now because yeah earlier on, we saw that howuncomfortably seemed- and I think he also mentioned in this in a couple ofinterviews- that you know after the summer break- he basically got to resetmentally making as well, and I think that really helped him, and it goes toshow that even these athletes are are pretty much the top of their sport. Youknow they had literally the top twenty drivers in the sport. Almost you couldsay with a nice tray, but but yeah like from most of them theyare pretty much the top and even they are valerable to you know mental health issues and yeah. I thinkI think it's great that these days more of these younger drivers had moreopen to talk about the yes, even George Rosel, like seen a lot of times intreating about it, and even I think, Lewis also talks about it a lot thesedays, and I think it's pretty good that people are talking about it more andyeah. I think everybody is kind of followable to, but you agreed that weregard is out of that slump. Now Ye ye, and I mean it's sort of been like abalance of equilibrium in terms of McLaren versus merceries, becausemercies is not having it good. I mean sure they won a race yesterday, but overall it wasn't. It wasn't acomplete good package for them right, like they butchered their own qualifying right, like Lewis, was for yeah right, like you as fourth andBotas, was PA on the gay, a place where they usually want to the other. Cars have gotten faster orthey are not doing well in terms of whatever it is Louis bumping into thepit wall. Why want ter? I was embasie. I think he don't have a good race start,as you mentioned, was stuck behind a Caldo, but at the end are intepeterwhen, although just for Lewis Botas was still, I don't know what Patashappening with him. Oh M were guy, I think McLaren theypretty much so yeah. I mean most of Ye pretty much. You know every meetingthey decide. How are you going to arrive as today and that's what they decided that, let'sgive him a a, I think, Osele man I already have an engine youknow was it the same reason why he, when hewent to the end of the pits last place of last and last Ray Yeah?Yes, exactly! That's exactly why I, the this Poerio. What they claim is that wewant to exchange is to you know finish the last one. Third of the days, yeahprobably am with the aluminate on this one where I feel like he was. He wasprobably put all the way back, just to block Max was staten off and what thatdefending he's done. Willian Yeah Yeah. That was I you know what I saw. I sawfootage of Botas Max and Peris walking by beforethe base and like this I think, toasted...

...on bread. People were talking aboutthat. Yeah, these, these guys, basically polluted and butes, was likeHey, I'm not going to lock you just just go by the like the Fuckin, but that is yeah.I mean even the common traitors were like he could have done a better job,and I'm like stress on the word, could did you want to yeah yeah? That's that's we're gonna cosin.I want to come back to your words to week notice. This is this is exactlywhat we exactly yeah she'll building tiet like it yelike he would be nowhere and then the rain again just plar into his hand, sothin he gained some nine positions from lap was forty eight. Where yeah Istarted Reyah he was. He was out of the point he was. He was way down likewhatever, like thirteen fourteen, something eventually ended up b five, so that's the steller somehow that reminds me. I saw this. I saw thisother mean where it's like. You know that that same old name of a parentholding the kid just saving from drown and someone almost boning and someone'sgone there right. So so it's like holding off land of missing out on hisfirst win, someone almost drowning the topic there is Lewis is hundred twinand then someone who's drowned is like two races back to back. I start fromtwentieth and finish in top five B duty last face finished twenty two third, athis race finished nineteen or eighteenth to fifth. You know what I get it I get it. He hasselected the hardest mood in the difficulty setting he's following the Perez rout of Tantefysician he's like I'm, not winning any racesthis season anyway. So let me try it from the back to Niwa just with it.It's like a east. He I just forget that I obaseeah man, but it was. It was a fun weekend forboth as having merceries had fun ragging himand he had fun counter writing merceries back up, but but that overtake on on Max it justjust makes me think Max had a very weird win. Yesterday, Iput man podium, yeah I mean, is to a yeah close to win, but for forty misterI an what is it Te, nine or something pat, seven or something at Lapote? Hehad given upon himself we had given upon him and I don't know what happenedlike towards the end. Sadly, like I was obviously engrossed in you know, Landowas is yeah. I wasn't paying attention when Max is andthen suddenly after you know, once we saw land wage is completely lost it andwasn't able to drive pretty much at will. He was pretty much swimming atpoint as in all of his, as I see mace number twoin like we what's going on there right right. What was that and not that hewas he was struggling towards the start. At least I mean he had a good start. Hewas, he was trying to plough through the field which he was he overtook Botas Oh, which it reminds me so there's thismoment right like where there was ghastly botas and Max than man overtakes Botas and protext is charging on to like his message to Pierre...

Yeah. Who Was it actually was? WAS ITIS INGER? Was it just the Lord Mar who knows a it could have been? Who knows who knowsman, but that was an interesting message for context. I mean, if you've missedthis, you know. So what happened was someone came. Someone came on togasless radio and just told him encoded, cryptic words that boat, as is catchingup on Max behind you and that's what they left it. That's where they left it. It's up toyou what you do with that information, your future may or may not be at stakeexactly. I think. That's that's pretty muchunderstood by now that you know red bill is a red bill onAltaria one team. You could say because, honestly speaking right, like both the drivers of both the teams,like the second drivers, don't really perform at all. So I mean you have got Paris with withyou know. I don't know what he does. Is there who right yeah exactly I don'teven know what happened to day. Were he be get think in one of theinterviews? Simla himself was surprised at how did he get it for that? Yes,like an have tried, really bad to fuck. This O. Am I getting this it's this easy, Oh, my God, and since then he's been finishing, youpost P, fifteen yep, let this harder, but for a seriously when I feel likehe's just he's just there with tell sell, because red will need some moneyfor engine next year, yeah and then IDA by by once, they've got is exactly likeme. He comes in to work. He punches his Tanai for the Sandy. That's that'spretty much it, and, and one of those weekend little belike bring your kids to work. So he'll just get his son along like playexactly I mean I genuinely had hopes and a veryon a slightly serious note. I mean nothing gets serious air but like on aslightly serious, not I had hopes from him yesterday two reasons because hewas up there. I mean he was prying. He was being caressed by not going intothe pits and leading the race for a few lap. I so he was up there. I thoughthe'll be the votes to Max. By being that to Hamida is like okay, there'd besomething there and secondly, it was a damned wet track, sort of thing andhe's good he's good at such an areas. Definitely sure I'm hoping somethingout of Bates, but I guess yeah he just went o Yeah Yeah went on. I don't know what it is with the secondseat at it's just curse: tithing! That's it like you know. I thinkRicardo did some weird Du to match. Ei Mean I want to want to now see sort oflike two reactions. If we could, one is a longos on those GP to like I want tojust. I want to have the camera on a long those face and then like him,watching his own clip GP to engine this. This is a piece of shit like that thingand to Ricardo, like Cameron, Ricardo and be like what do you think about red bull now,as the second driver there yeah and I wouldn't be surprisedbecause see- I want to n let let's...

...bring this up siren right like we bothagree this to this, that someone at I don like F on Sky Sports or FIA, orsomeone somewhere, they've hired an intern whose job is to listen to fanpodcast, because if we've had multiple coincidences, where we said somethingand that's that's going on to become something yeah, definitely I think justtopple episodes ago. I I not wrong. I think you were talking about that.These guys should kind of have a rotating panel of commentators rightand that's exactly what happened. I did today say it was pretty much that Imean we saw a carven drop by. I think, there's somebody else as well. I do Idon't exactly decuman I mean. Obviously I was really busy watching the daystoday and I didn't have time to listen to the commentators. It see us tolocking what, but, but I definitely saw that, there's this,this rotating panel of competes, which is actually really good, and I'm kindof glad about that. I was bored listening to those two idiots for forthe whole ear. So to that person, who's listening tous on the other end yeah, why don't you get us these shotslike ask a long or what does he think now about McLaren and ask Ricard? Whatdoes he think now about that? Second seat lit a East Fie. I don't know whetherthey're listening to us or not, but I'd better hope that they start listeningto themselves, because another thing I kind of saw which is beard today was ifyou noticed that land oted a very viewed thing on even a dangerous thing.You could see at the pit line where he went out and went back in and he was hewas summoned to the stewards, but not really given a penalty. I don't knowwhat's going on. I cause line. Does Not Max yeah or even Hamiton? Actually,because Hamilton was given the penalty right, I think, last year in Turkey orsomewhere, I don't think I be right, yeah yeah, I mean to be honest. I needto go back and see what lap it was because I forget the lap number, but Iis justification from what least I've heard is track conditions weren't, as as, what's the word that I'm looking fortrack conditions weren't as safe, you know it was like raining or whateverand that caused landover to do whatever he did. So the benefit of doubt was given to lando because of crack conditions and the weather conditions, but yeah yeah yeah. I mean I kind of dounderstand that it also is like you know that to r fellow is on really lostas a elegie. This trace position. Fine, so you are eleven now ye, no, but I think they could it possibly.If not for this ways, they could at least given him like a penalty point inthe sense that the points that they get on the license yeah. I think that wouldhave been fair enough. If not, for you know proper Persian penalty, but Ithink that he, he at least go into some parent Yont. For that but anyways I just saying for a change. It was sonice to not see more accented bills on the TV for the ynes part of we. Ah,that's definitely true. I think after the qualification right like Ferrari, Mc Laden and Williams like aone two three I was like what year is this right like because I think thelast time this happened was sometime in two thousand and four yeah and hasquite UN pure pace. I mean agree that I like there was some changings withHamilton crashing into that right, but...

...you know bated and everything, butstill it was pretty much on pure piece and wow like that's something like allthree of them brilliant drives. Unfortunately, Russell didn't get aresult as good as in mud. Still he did his bell. I guess in the Williams thathe could yeah- and you were telling me this before we started- recording right,like Soche as a track- is more favorable for slip streams for thoserates, because even those those tones are quite slip stream advantages, and Ithink I think Russell lost it a bit there to all of that slip stream disadvantageon his side and advantage to be other. Is that that got on him so yeah I meanit would have been. It would have been a golden weekend of even he would havebeen even you if, even if he would have beenable to convert this. But nonetheless I guess like he tried his best, so nohopes lost there, but yeah totally Wen, seeing seeing Ferrari, McLaren andWilliams battle this out, because I had missed qualificationbecause I was I was not. I was I was doing something else and Iwas unable to see qualifying live and I saw the results before I saw thequalified and I was like. Oh, I need to see what went down for this to had an.I came back and I saw this and I was like wow. This is pure pace. This isbrilliant racing right and Sane da yeah yeah. I think Ferrari are doing so wellthis season. They are finally like making up for all the all the bad performance that the ARDlast year and everything and I think, they're making gains in the enginedepartment as well signs, especially, I think that was I mean I love Vattal. I am a hugeversing. The a bit science is, I guess, to affect person that they need itright. Yes, I, like everybody, calls him and I thinkhe quite smoothly you know, jelled into the team rate and yeah he's pretty muchmatching Charles and also beating him and me to day clearly beat him andwhile what a drive at a point, he was leading the race. He put it early. Healso of Jesea stun behind but took advantage of the rain and cut himselfagain onto the podium, so yeah yeah you're right and it doesn't feel likeit's his first season with frary, because this is the second time whereI've seen him lash out. I mean in the eternal in form, was or not as in ananger mode, but like last shout on his who was on the radio that you know whatwhat the bullshit are. You talking to me sort of thing like I think I don'tremember the race but but one of the races back. They wanted him to come inand he was like no I'm not coming in and he stuck out and that worked outwell for him and then yesterday he was winning. Lando got the better of him,but he was. He was up there. He had a good slip stream. Good start. He wasahead. He pitted early, as you mentioned, and then was stuck up behind.I think he was like the eight or something the seven P A and then hisengineers or someone on the radio tells him we are targeting a top fiveposition and that just this is I went fileing the Ras, just some laps backand you yeah. It's like the drivers have gottenthe area game but for are needs to bring their Frari game to to the yeah yeah. That's you know the trademarkline of next year that I follow he, but I I'm happy with Ferrariweekend, I'm sitting in and in a virtual foraye for this recording, soyeah yeah...

...bure teams got some issues. What do theHela happening with you yesterday? No radio for Jo, I mean who rightlie goand race. We don't care what happens to you. I think, is this: How they fire himlike just cut off his radio and like justleave him out and not even tell him whether his contact is getting it. Youdo not right, it's yeah, I don't know what I mean in Tala. Imean honestly because just a couple years ago I I mean Alpha.It is just by name very honestly, it's basically souber, which is the real teaas and I think, two thousand and eighteen they were, I think best amongall of these last teams right and they just have fallen through the ranks inthe last couple years, no matter what they never have a good day, they neverhave a surprise is, are the best to sell they get is like the aid? I guesswhich came me go today and yeah. I don't know. What's going on Otmar stillstill running the ship right for Alpha, I forgot to, I don't know, I think it'snot out marids, Frederick Wester, I think, was the former team principle of totos at some point I think so, but Icould be locking yeah, but he's a fucker's he's actually a good guy, butI don't know what's wrong like something somewhere is not right andthere you know. I think that second set is also beingcontested. Quite a lot right like this, I mean he is not going to contract it.I'm pretty sure I might be pronouncing this wrong. So sorry, folks to beginwith, but Gran yea from China who's WHO's with every Yu right now he'scontesting for the seat a mean China's probably or to s Muntin dollars yeah, Itwo or twenty or something like it, a I twenty million dollars. I had somethingsomething crazy like that. There's also contest from someone from South Africais what I heard I forget: Who was the driver from Soroa really but yeahthere's some. So, basically, it's a bidding war happening for the secondseed and for go someone's put in a request to the Italian government tohave yeah e. So I feel like it's all that cashes king sort of politics that'shappening for the second seed is for Opoly, putting some pressure on theteam and the driver. Timmy is just there for fun weekends,I'm my theory, I'm sore about it. It is right that he was faking it he didn'thave coin. He was just doing a pre retirement party. I guess because hecame an eighth all of a sudden but he's not from he's not recovering fromanything, that's very clear. He was just fit as a a and the trolls with Kimmey Yep talkingabout stroll Oh yea, a scroll doing with wet yeah. I think that is daddy car see soyeah whatever I want. No, but honestly, I think he's been having a good weekend.I think like this weekend and not just the weekend. I think we've said this inthe previous episode and the previous episode to that to stones. Definitely finding some more your foundis more Joan is pushing the car yesterday was just him being a bit onthe nasty side and a bitchie trying to push wet into that wall. Shouldn't have done that, but yeah strollers being strong yeah. Ithink this. Yes, somehow it seems a little weird to me because every year,scroll like in a does have this one...

...pillin performance at least once in theseason, but as so far he's just failed to impress a thing. VATAL has had thebest of him for most of the season. I guess and yeah. By the way. Again, Idon't know if you noticed or not, but metal is now holding the most number ofovertakes in the season, which is pretty awesome and yeah lands.I don't know he was doing well actually today, the through the days, but Iguess after the crash with metal yeah, I think it didn't go well in Novose.WHITTAL is well turned up wealth, so over all a poor day for Aston Right Right, just not of fun. I'm looking at somestat of stroll versus vital in two thousand and twenty one. We I mean championship wise witals issitting at twelve lances at thirteen and then best race, sweaters, obviouslygotten that podium your Lances at seven both have had equal DFS, but yeah. Imean a the number of overtakes that, as we mentioned wittles sitting on theirtop and two podiums one that was taken away from him: Okay Sula, but the twopodiums that he's had right. So what is showing his retranchee there as wellepres right alone? What was he doing? Folks? Folks? I guarantee you. Theseare not scripted transitions. I don't know how this is happening. Yeah e e everybody saw and the commentatorsaid. This is well that you know he was doing this practice run through theballards rate and turned to escape road and exactly what you did in the lastfirst love. Lady just went for it like I was. I was watching this and I, likeI told to myself, like I'm pretty sure, he's not going to even attempt to turnhe's gonna go and gun for it, and then they show the top helicopter I shot,and you can. You can see he positions his car. So well that no one canquestion him because it might look like he's going to run into someone so like,but she just goes great. I don't think any break until he reached the bag toere. It didn't seem like it like. I think he girted the boundaries you know sobeautifully of you know just the pavior it and gentle. He was right in there. You know just sothat you know he gat. In fact, he gave two places after the nothinge gainedfood and then Kape two places and then right. I think somebody even askedMichael Master voted, but he said that is since he gave ta positions and hedidn't actually gain time as such right. From thatperspective, they didn't banalizing and again lack one turn to, but that is really cheekiness e. He hada good start, so he was everything already up by one or two positions asyou an he does. Yeah I mean he's good at it. It and then post that he getinto more positions. Just by doing this, I was having a last time is like whatis this guy? I love it. I was running brilliantly right like,as we mentioned like Max, was obviously not half not having a good time on asecond student yeah is, I think, soft now mediums and Alane an that wantedover taking him as well rid. So again, I also was diving brilliantly at thatpoint he started six came and six so we codes. I was actually waiting for ateam radio message on pares because Perez was right in front of Max. I waswaiting for a tea moder switch and then they switched the cameras. Theystrolled us on cameras to some fight...

...happening somewhere else, yeah and thenAlonso Swithin, like we. We on o come from what what's happening with a lonetalking about what role grade the action dude was terrible. Today Imean yes, there are so many battles go somany paters Wiedman. The battle was a Charles, like de just seen that battleon the side screen: Oh Yeah maxis. What do you call that the cockpitcamerade we were seeing the patter from this Cainan they're, not showing it onthe man? You know you're, seeing some you know, Hamlen doing laps a do that that, first of all, likevital charging down the field, was just to brilliant to watch. But what was it like over over three orfour corners they going back and forth of each other? What the brilliant battle that was!That was awesome. I think at one point Max was probably looking at that battleand he was obviously pumped rat. He was just cutting through the field and hewas super pumped US lake is waiting to pounce on it and at one point there was,I think, almost like yeast on Ratty Bull Sandwich. You know yeah, yes, yes, yeah I mean he could havetake, it could have been taken out there. I think that is a very risky wayin general. Very honestly, it felt to me like for a change of was stoppingwas in a you know. Less special situation of Er is today, and he wasmore like just having fun and, like you know, I'm just going to go for itbecause, very honestly speaking, he he got the second Poition, but I feel hedidn't actually manage his race very well because to think about it, hestarted on hard straight and he chewed through his fires, because by lap I think twenty six or somethingyes tires were gone. Hemos, isn't and left to us all like visible on thecamera. I ve exactly and in the Dream Time Lande and Hamilton other mediumsand they're comfortably going into like the twenty eighth laborsome. Soobviously he was not not. You know maintaining his tires correctly. He washaving a poor time in his mediums as well and yeah, and then he just but however, Ijust got the second vision anyways. What was it talking again? Betel verses Lakla is where we were,but because Max was in the sandwich that hecould have entered as as it the two of them, as I'm still I'm still buzzingwith the race. I don't know yeah man yesterday was and, to be honest, likethe first twenty lips were dry as like. Okay, this is an okay race for thisepisode I don't have much points to take and then something happened. Okay,we can talk about this and then the last five laps, my brain exploded andas like I have this season. This season, to be honest,is just not disappointed and I had like one or two races here, and there word Ifeel like- and this is what I want to see next season to when these cars gettighter. We see the amount of competition, overtakes, battels rivalries for even like not justchampionship one and two, but you know I if land would have won yesterdaywould have been. He would have gotten so close to both as in terms of pointsand they're wearing good battle for P, three and B four right, so it's yeah the seasons shaping up really well,you know something like of all the races Russia, which has beend during USsuckles. You know for the past a yeah,...

...many seasons and in fact I think nextyear onwards we're not coming to Socho to do any more. I think we're going tothe other one. I I at the act name is but but basically you know, everybody wasrejoicing about that news that we're not get coming back here and thensuddenly we have this new mind blowing reese today, yeah yeah. I think somebody is a thing. I hope it rains whenever if they do itback in so because searchy with our brain is probably not as fun bring outthe sprinklers. Oh Yeah kisten man, they should bring him some sometime back if we can still walk around and be somewhere in no Ereis just have fun with him. anyways anywaysanyways on that, not let's wrap it up here. This was this was a good chat,good good episode, the race yesterday was brilliant. Again I mean if wefumbled our way throughout the episode anywhere, then folks, keep in mind. Weare still out of words for whatever's happened. Yesterday too many things toprocess too many battles missed probably for the guy who's listening tous from F on FIA. Let's get some good camera work. Ten to. We will see you on the next episode.Until then, this is a fun fan fiction signing of baby. I.

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