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2021 Russian GP Race Discussion


Russian GP held at Sochi Autodrom is usually one of the dullest races, and boy were we surprised! With 3 different people leading the race in different parts of the race, and rain completely putting the grid on its head, it gave us one of the best Russian GPs! With only 2 points separating the championship contenders and only 7 races to go, we are in for a exciting championship battle!

In this Episode we discuss:

  1. 100th vs 1st 馃
  2. Suprise Max Attack 
  3. Number of fucks that Bottas gave: 0锔忊儯
  4. Dr. Marko sends his regards to Gasly
  5. Smooth Operator smoothly slides into P3.
  6. Alfa Romeo gets a surprise P8
  7. AstonRarri Bull sandwich
  8. Alonso does a cheeky move
  9. Sarang forgets what he is talking 馃樀

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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I think in one of the interviewsNuda himself was surprised that. How did he get it? Fo Yeah,I'm yes, like Mane, have tried really bad to fuck this up.How am I getting this? It's this easy? Oh my God, Hello, folks, welcome back to another episode with us at F Fun Fan Fiction. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm Sarten. Andbefore we get started, first of all, thank you for all the love onour previous episode, the fireside chat with other theaport tail. You knowwhat, personally, I think it is one of our, both of ours, favorite episode to both record, edit and listen to, and it's beenso much joy to have you guys reach out to us and, you know, share this across your friends and everyone. So thank you for all the love. We promised to keep bringing such episodes again. On to this week. Oh my God, what a thrilling race towards the end of today,a battle of hundred verses. First, Sarah, I'm see again, I'mgoing out of words. Are and take it away, man. Yeah,it's crazy right, like I it is so funny, like hundred the firstlike it's so insane, like in on one hand, you have, Imean not a rookie anymore, but like his third year in F one,but still relatively a rookie. And the other guy, you know, who'sbasically seventh time world champion, Louise Hamilton, you know. Yeah, so,yeah, I mean, wow, Kudos to lando, but last hewas not able to win the race. But still I feel that whatever heachieved today was something you should be proud about and he'll soon be there.Wins definitely coming when and a championship with is also definitely coming. He haswhat it takes to to win these two to put that pressure on. We'resfailing game or is in front of him. It just wasn't his last four laps. That's that's where it's a yeah, it was his day, it washis weekend. Is just it just wasn't his last four laps. Yep, Yep, Yep, I think. Yeah, I had. I wasfairly confident that he would win the race, you know, except for what happenedwith the rain. But yeah, the way he had maintained the leadthroughout, not throughout the race, but like once he got from science,after that he pretty much was in command of the lead and he was debatingthe race. He was Deta dictating the peace of the race as well.I think just towards the end we had that Hamilton had reached him, butthat also was because the track was getting slickered and yeah, it was gettingbetter. So, yeah, start for him. But yeah, Kudos toHamilton for that, I must say, because capitalizing on the situation. Yeah, would like exactly, and that's exactly what his strengths are. Right,like, even on bad days he has a good day. This is,I think, the perfect example of it. Right, like he had a poorstart. He, yeah, was stuck behind Accoud of for pretty muchthroughout the years. He was going nowhere, and then, even in a badday, he had a great day. Right, wins with be what exactlyright. But I want to, you know, take this moment tosort of use, to use the whole conversations that that's been happening. Sothere's the Internet stone and you know, on one side saying that Lando shouldhave feated. You can see Hamilton Pate.

Why don't you pit? So hindsight, hindsight, hindsight, conversations here. Let me, let me give youmy take on this, and then and then sorry, and I wantto hear what you say. Okay, so my thing on the whole thingis sure, in hindsight right now it looks like Lando should have pitted,he should have done this and he should have done that. But, andthere are multiple tweets are on this as well. So what if, righthe first of all your read you're about to win your first ever gropery.Behind you you have a knighted seven time world Champai trying to guns hundredth win. So he's exactually pumped up about this. And you know, the conditions aresuch that you never know what's happening behind you. So what if youdo pit and the rain doesn't progress as as it did and worch case,it stops, like the wind changes and your rops and now you look likea fool, like the WHO? Am Pretty sure the whole Internet is goingto go. He should not have pitted. Why did he go against his engineers? Like he should have taken the yeah, so it's all hindsight.Hindsight, I just feel like he took the right decision for himself that hethought was the best in that scenario. It didn't work out, so manheartbroken. But yeah, that's that's might tay. What's yours? Yeah,I mean I feel for him. You know, I do kind of agreewith you that hindsight is always two thousand and twenty. But but at thesame time I feel that this is what, you know, kind of distinguishes Hamiltonfrom Lando. Total listens that, you know, we have seen Hamiltontime in again, disagree with Bono and straight up saying no to any teamorders of fitting and things like that. But I think Lewis also knows whento listen to his as well, and I think this exactly was the momentwhere he kind of his experience helped him, where he knew that, you know, when his engineer is like third time on the radio, say yeah, yeah, come in. So he definitely is onto something. Yeah,he took advantage of it and obviously I do agree that Hamilton, being inthe second position, always has the advantage of reacting to what Lando does.And Yeah, that's there. I do agree that Lando, you know,he had everything to lose at that point, so petting was definitely a, youknow, very tough decision. But at the same time I think thathe kind of also was in a similar situation as Lewis where, you know, his engineer was there literally the third time. Yeah, telling him that, you know, come in for a widgets and he's like no, shutup. So yeah, I think he considering how good McLaren have been recentlyin terms of their strategy, calls and everything, and how like competent Andreasidel is, I think lander should had probably listen to his engineers. Fromthat perspective. I mean, I can understand if it was better in Ferrari, you know, or Timmy at barrain. Shut up, I know what todo. But yeah, when I feel like so, post post raceinterviews, they were they were with the press, next to each other andthen Louis Tells Lando, you didn't want to go in, did you,and he says no, I did not, and and immediately do is goes metoo, even I didn't want to go in, as like he's rightthere. I don't want to come in right but I think that's that's theexperience versus, you know, first time trying to do this. It's sad, but it's the you learn out of it. I'm pretty sure exactly.Yeah, I'm pretty sure yesterday was a very shitty night for Lando. Butthe type of a person he is he's...

...taking so many learnings out of this. So yeah, I think, I think definitely this is a like ainvestment in his career in the sense that, like, he lost some today,but I think he gained a valuable lesson which will win him a lotmore races in the future. So I think he's gonna be collecting his compoundinterest soon, I guess. I mean it's over you like, if younotice, like the last two races or the last two weekends as a packagehave been just too good for my Clarens. It's been back to back brilliant weekends, both those drivers, even Ricardo putting that pressure on on Hamilton.Sure, his pit stop was a bit messed up, but what a brilliantweekend for both of them. Yeah, definitely. Ricardo is, I think, really getting comfortable in the car now because, yeah, earlier on wesaw that how uncomfortable he seemed, and I think he also mentioned in thisin a couple of interviews that, you know, after the summer break hebasically got a reset mentally speaking as well, and I think that really helped himand it goes to show that even these athletes are who are pretty muchthe top of their sport. You know, they're literally the top twenty drivers inthe sport, almost, you could say with an astrict but but yeah, like for most of them they are pretty much the top. And eventhey are vulnerable to, you know, mental health issues, and I thinkI think it's great that these days more of these younger drivers had more opento talk about those. Yes, even George Russell, I have like seena lot of times in tweeting about it, and even, I think Lewis alsotalks about it a lot these days, and I think it's pretty good thatpeople are talking about it more. And Yeah, I think everybody iskind of alorable to but yeah, great that were regardless out of that slumpnow, yea, yea. And I mean it's sort of been like abalance of equilibrium in terms of McLaren versus mercedies, because mercedies is not havingit good. I mean sure, they want a race yesterday, but overallit wasn't it wasn't a complete good package for them. Right, like theybutchered their own qualifying right, like Lewis was for yeah, right, likehe was four then Bothas was fair on the game, a place where they'reusually one to the other. Cars have gotten faster or they are not doingwell in terms of whatever it is. Lewis bumping into the pit wall whilewater was sometimes, I think, you don't have a good race start.As you mentioned, was struck behind with Cardo, but at the end certaindeputy did Wayne, although just for Lewis. Both as was still I don't knowwhat was happening with it. Oh my word, Guy, I think, McLaren, they pretty much sor yeah, I mean must be pretty much.You know, every meeting they decide how are you going to drag ustoday? And that's what they decided, that let's give him another. Ithink, like, what does is like? Man, I already have engine.You know, wasn't the same reason why he why he went to theend of the pits last rays or last last race? Yea, yeah,exactly. That's exactly why did they charge this power unity. Yeah, sowhat they claim is that we want to extra engines to, you know,finish the last one third of the races. I I probably am with the Illumination this one, where I feel like he was he was probably putall the way back just to block Max was stepping off. And what adefending he's done. Brilliant. Yeah, that was. You know what Isaw? I saw footage of a Bot Ass Max and Peter is walking bybefore the race and like this, I think posted on credit. People weretalking about that. Yeah, these these...

...guys basically colluded and Buddhas was like, Hey, I'm not going to block you, just just go by.You know, they're Tuck. Well, I'll try, Oh man, butthat does yeah, I mean even the commentators were like he could have donea better job, and I'm like, stress on the world. Could didhe want to? Yeah, yeah, that's that's we're gonna come when I'msaying I want to come back to your words too. Week notice, thisis, this is exactly what to we notices exactly, but yeah, stillbrilliant. Drive about aside like it's yeah, like he would be nowhere and thenthe rain again just pleaded into his hands. something. He gained somenine positions from lap. Well, it forty eight where, yeah, started. Yeah, he was. He was out of the point. He washe was way down like whatever, like three, fourteen something. Eventually endedup be five. So that's that's teller. Somehow that reminds me. I sawthis. I saw the othern meme where it's like, you know thatthat same old meme of a parent who building the kid just saving from drowning, someone almost bounding and someone's gone there right. So so it's like holdingoff Lando missing out on his first win, someone almost drowning. The topic thereis Louis is hundred t win and then someone who's drowned. Is liketwo races back to back. I start from twenty and finishing top five bothas toddy. Last race he finished twenty, two three. This racy finished nineteenor eighteen to fifty. You know what I get it? I getit. He has selected the hardest mood in the difficulty setting. He's followingthe press route of the finishing. He's like, I'm not winning any racesthe season anyways, so let me try it from the back. You know, I might just regret exactly. I just forget that. I'm lucky,you know, because it looks like it's a mercedies Oh man, oh man, but it was. It was a fun weekend for boat as having mercedieshad fun dragging him and he had fun counter ragging mercedies back up. Butbut that overtake on on manks just just makes me think Max had a veryweird win yesterday. Could I mean podium? Yeah, I mean it's too yeah, close to a win, but it's weird. Podium missed at himand what does he p nine or something, pate pseven or something. At laphe said he had given up on himself. We had given upon him, and I don't know what I would like. Towards the end, suddenly, like I was obviously engrossed in, you know, orlandos's. Yeah,I wasn't paying attention when maxis and then suddenly after you know, once wesaw land was just completely lost it and wasn't able to drive pretty much atall. He was pretty much swimming at point, I guess. And allof a sudden I see Max at number two. Like me, what,what's going on there? Right, right, what was that? And and notthat he was he was struggling towards the start, at least. Imean he had a good start. He was he was trying to plow throughthe field, which he was. He over took boat as, Oh,which it reminds me. So there's this moment right like where there was ghastlyboat as and Max and Max over takes boat as. Both text is chargingon to bags, this cheeky message to Pierre. Yeah, who was itactually? Was It is injured? Or...

...was it just delicately Dr Marco?You know, who knows that thing. It could have been who knows.Who knows when, but that is an interesting message for context. I mean, if you missed this, you know. So what happened was someone came,someone came on to gastly's radio and just told him in coded cryptic wordsthat boat as is catching up on Max behind you, and that's what theyleft it. That's what they left it. It's up to you what you dowith that information. Your future may or may not be at stake.Exactly. Yeah, I think that's that's pretty much understood by now that youknow red bull is a red bill and Al Faur. You are one team, you could say, because, honestly speaking, great like both the driversof both the teams, like the second drivers, don't really perform at all. So, I mean you have got pairs with which you know. Idon't know what he does, but is there too? Right, yeah,exactly. And so I don't even know where Sudi is. What happened totoday? Where said Max, he beat kiss them as a billow I thinkin one of the interviews Nuda himself was surprised that. How did he getit? Yeah, yes, like man, have tried really bad to fuck thisup. How am I getting this? It's this easy? Oh my God. And since then he's been finishing post P fifteen yeplay read to trythis harder, but for a seriously, when I feel like he's just he'sjust there with tell cell because red will need some money for engine next year. Yeah, and then he'd be a bye bye once they've got he's exactlylike me. He comes into work, it punches his car and waits forthe Sunday. That's that's pretty much it. And and one of those weekend it'llbe like bring your kids to work. So he'll just get his son along, like play exactly. I mean I genuinely had hopes on a very, on a slightly serious note, having nothing get serious here, but likeon a slightly serious note, I had hopes from him yesterday. Two reasons. Because he was up there. I mean he was trying, he wasbeing praised by not going into the pits and leading the race for a fewlaps. Right, so he was up there. I thought he'd be thevote as to Max by being that to hammered. I was like, okay, there'll be something there. And secondly, it was a damned wet track sortof thing and he's good. He's good at such scenarios. Definitely sure. I'm hoping something out of press, but I guess. Yeah, hejust went home. Yeah, okay, yeah, went I don't know whatit is with that second seated. It's just cursed typing. That's it.Like, you know, I think Ricardo did some weird you do match forleaving. You know, I mean I want to want to now see sortof like two reactions, if we could. One is Alonzo's on those gptwo likeI want to just I want to have the camera on Alonzo's face andthen like him watching his own clip gpto engine. This, this is apiece of shit, like that thing, and to Ricardo, like Cameraon Ricardoand be like what do you think about red bull now as the second driverthere? Yeah, and I wouldn't be surprised because, see, I wantto let's bring this up siden right,...

...like we both agree this to thisthat someone at, I don't like a Fun Sky Sports or FIA, orat someone somewhere they've hired an intern whose job is to listen to a funpodcast, because we've had multiple coincidences where we said something and that's that's goneon to become something. Yeah, yeah, definitely. I think just couple episodesago, if I'm not wrong, I think you were talking about thatthese guys should kind of have a rotating panel of commentators, right, andthat's exactly what happened. Right to today's race. Was Pretty much that.I mean we saw calon drop by. I think there's somebody else as well. I do. I don't exactly recoll, but I I mean obviously I wasreally busy watching the race today and I didn't have time to listen tothe commentators. It seem. WHOs walking what right, but I definitely sawthat there's this is rotating panel of communters which is actually really good. I'mkind of glad about that. I was board listening to those two idiots forthe whole years. So to that person who's listening to us on the otherend, yeah, why don't you get us these shots? Like ask Alonzo? What does he think now about McLaren? And Ask recard? What does hethink now about that second seat? Well, at least fie. Idon't know whether they're listening to us or not, but I better hope thatthey start listening to themselves, because another thing I kind of saw, whichis weird today was, if you notice, that Lando did a very weird thingon even a dangerous thing. You could see at the pit lane wherehe went out and went back in, HMM, and he was he wassummoned to the stewards, but it not really given a penalty. I don'tknow what's going on. I because winders, not Max yeah, or even Hamilton. Actually, yeah, Hamilton was given a penalty right, I thinklast year in Turkey or somewhere. I don't recall. But yeah, yeah, I mean to be honest, I need to go back and see whatlap it was because I forget the lap number. But IFI is justification andfrom what at least I've heard, is track conditions weren't as as what's theword that I'm looking for? Track conditions weren't as safe. You know,it was raining or whatever and that caused land or to do whatever he did. So the benefit of doubt was given to Lando because of track conditions andthe weather conditions. But yeah, yeah, I mean I kind of do understandthat. It also is like, you know, that poor fellow isn'treally lost his base seven. Let's AKA give him the three place position penalty. So you are eleventh now. It's now, but I think they couldit possibly, if not for this race, they could at least given him likea penalty point in the sense that the points that they get on thelicense. Yeah, I think that would had been fair enough, if notfor a, you know, proper person penalty, but I think that heat least warranted some penalty points for that. anyways, just saying for a changeit was so nice to not see marks and red bills on their TVfor the youngest part of yeah, that's definitely true. I think after thequalification rate, like Ferrari, McLaren and Williams like on one hundred, twothree, I was like what yours? This right, like last time thishappened was some time in two thousand food. Yeah, yeah, I thought itwas quite on pure peace. I mean agree that. I like therewas some changains with Hamilton crashing into that...

...right. Well, you know,bodier than everything, but still it was pretty much on pure peace and wow, like that's something like all three of them brilliant drives. Unfortunately, Russelldidn't get result as good as it, but still he did his best,I guess the Williams that he could. Yeah, and and you were tellingme this before we started recording, right, like Sachi has a track is morefavorable for slip streams, for those trades, because even those those turnsare quite slip stream advantageous and I think, I think Russell lost it a bitthere to all of that slip stream disadvantage on his side and advantage tothe others, that that got on him. So yeah, I mean it wouldhave been it would have been a golden weekend if even he would havebeen when, if even if he would have been able to convert this.But nonetheless, I guess like he tried his best. So no hopes lawsthere. But yeah, totally. When seeing seeing Ferrari, McLaren and Williamsbattle this out, because I had missed qualification because I was I was notI was doing something else and I wasn't able to see qualifying live and Isaw the results before I saw the qualifying and I was like, Oh,I need to see what went down for this to help. I came backand I saw this and I was like, Whoa, this is pure pace,this is brilliant racing right and saying right. Yeah, yeah, Ithink Ferrari are doing so well this season. They are finally like making up forall the all the bad performance that they had last year and everything,and I think they're making gains in the engine department as well, signs especially. I think that was I mean, I love at all. I ama huge vital sign the braid, but signs is, I guess, perfectperson that they needed. Right, yes, call like everybody calls them, andI think he quite smoothly, you know, gelled into the team rateand yeah, he's pretty much matching Charles and also beating him. I meantoday clearly beat him and wow, what a drive. At a point hewas leading the race. He putted early. He was obviously in a study behind, but took advantage of the rain and got himself again onto the podium. So yeah, yeah, are right. It doesn't feel like it's his firstseason with Ferrari, because this is the second time where I've seen himlash out, I mean in the adrenal in pom a race mode, notas an an anger more, but like lash out on his hors on theradio that, you know what, what the bullshit are you talking to me, sort of thing like, I think I don't remember the race, butbut one of the races back they wanted him to come in and he waslike no, I'm not coming in and he stuck out and that worked outwell for him. And then yesterday he was winning. Landover the better ofhim, but he was he was up there. He had a good slipstream, good start, he was ahead. He pitted early, as you mentioned, and then was stuck up behind I think it was like pate or something, peace, seven, p eight, and then his engineers or someone onthe radio tells him we're targeting a top five position, and that just piece. Is it like with the fucking I was leading the race, just somelaughs back and you. It's like the drivers have gotten their a game,but for our needs to bring there, for our game to do the yeah, yeah, that's, you know, the trademark line of next year thatfast fans follow. Hey, but I'm happy with Ferrari weekend. I'm sittingin and in a virtual Ferrari for for this recording. Sir. Yeah,yeah, yeah, but for Iris be...

...team's got some issues. What dothe hell is happening with Geo? Yesterday, no radio for GEWEL. I mean, wow, right, like go race, we don't care what happensto you. I think. Is this how they fire him? Like justcut off his radio and like just leave him out and not even tell himwhether it's contract. is getting the mud done that rate? It's yeah,I don't know what meaning. With Alpha, I mean honestly, because just coupleyears ago rate I mean Alpha, which is just by name. Veryhonestly, it's basically sober, which the real team is, and I thinktwo thousand and eighteen they were, I think, best among all of theselast teams, right, and they just have fallen through the ranks in thelast couple of years. No matter what. They never have a good day,they never have a surprise result. The best result they get is likethe eight I guess which came we got today. And Yeah, I don'tknow what's going on. Ottmar still still running the ship. Right for Alpha, I forgot to do it. I don't know. I think it's notout Maritz, Frederick West, Youre, I think. Who? Okay,was the former team principle of tons at some point? I think so butI could be okay, yeah, but he's a fun guy, he's he's, you actually a good guy. But I don't know what's wrong, likesomething somewhere is not right in there. You know, I think that SecondD also being contested quite a lot. Right like this meeneer's not going tocontract Ted. I'm pretty sure I might be pronouncing this wrong, so sorry, folks. To begin with, but grand use zoo from China, who'swith ftwo right now, he's contesting for the seat. I mean China's probablyor much in do yeah, two or twenty or something like. It's aneven twenty million dollars. We I had something something crazy like that. There'salso contest from someone from South Africa, is what I heard. I forgetwas the driver from south of really, but yeah, there's some. Basicallyit's a bidding. What happening for the second seat? And for Geo,someone's put in a request to the Italian government to hell. Yeah, Iheard, I see. So I feel like it's all that cashus king sortof politics that's happening for the second sea it is for probably putting some pressureon the team and the driver, Kimmy's just there for fun. Weekends.I'm my theory. I'm sure about it. It is right that he was feakingit. He didn't have cold. He was just doing a preretirement party, I guess, because he gave an eighth all of a sudden. He'snot from he's not recovering from anything. That's really clear. He was justfit as a fiddiliar and strolls with kimmey ye, talking about s true.Oh yeah, it's cruel doing with retill. I think Daddy's Daddy's car seat.So I want no but honestly, I think he's been having a goodweekend. I think like this weekend, and I'm not just the weekend.I think we've said this in the previous episode and the previous episode to thattoo. Strolls definitely finding some more you are found is more jo and he'spushing the car. Yesterday was just him being a bit on the nasty sideand a bit cheeky, trying to push wettle into that wall. Shouldn't havedone that. But yeah, strollers being stroll yeah, I think this yours. Somehow it seems a little weird to me because every year stroll, likeyou know, does have this one brillon...

...performance at least once in the season, but as so far he's just feel to impress. I think metal hashad the best of him for most of the season, I guess. AndYeah, by the way, again, I don't know if you noticed not, but wet will is now holding the most number of overtakes in the season, which is pretty awesome. And Yeah, Lands, I don't know he hewas doing well actually today through the race, but I guess after thecrash with wetill, yeah, I think it didn't go well and obviously whileswell, turned up twelve. So overallok, poor day for using right right.Just st of fun, I'm looking at some stat of stroll versus mettlein two thousand and twenty one. They I mean championship wise, metals sittingat twelve, lances at thirteen, and then best race, whetles, obviouslygotten that, podium Lances at seven. Both have had equal DNFS. Butyeah, I mean a the number of overtakes that, as we mentioned,metals sitting on the top and two podiums. One that was taken away from him. Okay, sure, yeah, but the two podiums that he's hadright, so we'll showing his veteranship YEP, they're there as well. Yep,Ye, wettings, right, alans. What was he doing, folks,folks, I guarantee you, these are not scripted transitions. I don'tknow how this is happening. Yeah, what the hell, like everybody sawand the commentator said, this is well that. You know, he wasdoing this practice run through the bollards, rate and turn to escape rout andthat exerctly what he did in the love, first love already just went for it, like I was. I was watching this and right, like Itold to myself, like I'm pretty sure he's not going to even attempt aturn. He's gonna go and gun for it. And then they show thethe top helicopter shot and you can you can see he positions his cars sowell that no one can in question him, because he it might look like he'sgonna run into someone, so like, but he just goes straight heat.I don't think any break until he reached the the bad yes, toto curve his way didn't seem like a like. I think he just gurtedthe boundaries, you know, so beautifully off. You know, the yeah, just the Bra area right in general, like he was right in there,you know, just so that you know he gave. In fact,he gave two places after nothing. He gained food and then gave two places. And then right. I think somebody even asked Michael Mass about it,but he said that since he gave that positions and he didn't actually gain timeas such. Right from that perspective, they didn't been realizing. And againlap one turned to but that was really cheeky and smart. Once I guesshe he had a good start, so he was everything already up by oneor two positions, as you already doesn't yeah, I mean he's good atit, right. And then post that he gained two more positions just bydoing this. I was having a last and I was like, what isthis guy? I love it. He was running brilliantly right, as wementioned, like Max was obviously know was have not having a good time ona second stant here is I think soft snow mediums and alongs at that pointedover taken him as well. That's so again, like also was driving brilliantlyat that point. He started six, came in six, so we're Kudos. I was actually waiting for a team radio message on Peres, because Perezwas right in front of MAC's. I was waiting for a team orders switchright, and then they switch the camera as they strolled us on cameras tosome fight happening somewhere else. Yeah,...

...and then Alonso, Swiss. I'mlike, wait, where did it Alonso come from? What? What's happeningwith Alonso? Oh, talking about but rolled right. Action, Dude,was terrible today. I mean, yes, there are so many battles gone,so many buttons. was didn't so meanly, httle was the Charles like. We was seeing that battle on the side. Scream of yeah, Max'swhat do you call that? The Cockpit Camera. We was seeing the battlefrom his camera and they're not showing it on the wind and we're seeing someyou know, Hamilton doing laughs. Yeah, I did that that first of all. Like httle charging down the field was just too brilliant to watch.But what was it like? Over over three or four corners, they goingback and forth of each other. What a brilliant battle. That was awesome. I think at one point Max was probably looking at that battle and hewas obviously pumped right. He was just cutting through the field and he wassuper pumped. He's like you just beating to pounds on it. I atone point there was, I think, almost like yeah, Aston Ratti,Bill Sandwich, you know, yeah, yeah, yes, yes, yeah, I he could have take I've been taken out there. I think thatwas a very riskying in general, very honestly, it felt to me like, for a change, was stopping. was in a you know, lesspressure situation of a race today and he was more like just having fun andlike, you know, I'm just going to go for it because, veryhonestly speaking, he he got the second position, but I feel he didn'tactually manage this race very well because, to think about it, he startedon hearts right and he chewed through his tires because why lap? I thinktwenty six or something. Yes, tires were gone. He was, isn't? Grant left us all like visible on the camera. I was exactly.And in the mean time, Lando and Hamilton other mediums and they're comfortably goinginto like the twenty eight lap or something. So obviously he was not not,you know, maintaining his tires correctly. He was having a poor time inhis mediums as well. And Yeah, and then he just but however,just got the second mission. anyways, what was it talking again? Bettlerversus Le Clare is where we were but out because Max was in thesandwich there. It would have ended to the race with the two of them. Three is. I'm still I'm still buzzing with the race. I don'tknow. Yeah, man, yesterday was and, to be honest, likethe first twenty laps were dryers, like, okay, this is an okay racefor this episode. I don't have much points to take. And thensomething happened. Okay, we can talk about this. And then the lastfive laps my brain exploded, man, as like I have this season.This season, to be honest, has just not disappointed like right, likeone or two races here and there. But I feel like, and thisis what I want to see next season two, when these cars get tighter, we see the amount of competition, overtakes, battles, rivalries for evenlike not just championship one and two, but you know, if if landwould have won yesterday would have been he would have gotten so close to voteas in terms of points, and they were in good battle for pthree andPfour, right. So it's yeah, the seasons shaping up really well.You know, something like of all the races Russia which has been touring Ausfuck race, you know, for the...

...past, yeah, many seasons,and in fact I think next year, on words, we're not coming tosuccio to do any more. I think we're going to the other one,ifs, but but basically, you know, everybody was rejoicing about that news thatyou're not getting coming back here, and then suddenly we have this,you mind blowing Greece today. Yeah, yeah, I think somebody's done things, but I hope it rains whenever if they do it, back in socially, because Souchi without rain is probably not as fun. Bring out the sprinklers. Oh yeah, ECCLESTON's is man. They should bring him some sometime backif we can still walk around and be somewhere and no where he is.Just have fun with in anyways. anyways, anyways, on that note, let'swrap it up here. This was this was a good chat, goodepisode. The race yesterday was brilliant again. I mean, if we fumbled ourway throughout the episode anywhere, then folks, keep in mind you're stillout of words for whatever has happened yesterday. Too many things to process, toomany battles missed, probably for the guy who's listening to us from feFIA. Let's get some good camera work done too. We will see youon the next episode. Until then, this is a fun fan fiction signingof a Bye.

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