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Episode 26 · 1 year ago

2021 Qatar GP Race Discussion


Another Hamilton Domination at the Qatar GP! As we enter the last stage of the season, the championship has gotten a lot closer. Hamilton and Mercedes seem to have gotten a renewed enthusiasm to fight back and claw their way into the championship. The 2021 Qatar GP gave us an unexpected podium for 2-time world champion Fernando Alonso! This is the 13th driver to get on the podium in this season alone.

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In this Episode we discuss:

1. Sparky Sparky Boom Circuit ✨

2. Esteban the defensive lion 🦁

3. Alonso on the podium!

4. Gasly out of Gas ⛽

5. Mercedes yet again sacrifice Bottas

6. Perez capitalizes on Bottas’s misfortune

7. FIA brings down the hammer for flag violations 🏴

8. Horner the 💩stirrer

9. End of season predictions

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

What's up with showing multiple replaced right in lap two? Man, calm on, please, it's so stupid. You know it's. I don't get it. Why Lap Two? Like things haven't settled yet exactly. Just wait a little weak lap five at least they'll have this one shot from the front, one shot from their rare the helicopter cameras like them to justify all these budget cause that they keep spending. Hello and welcome back to a fun fan fiction. For anyone new listening to us, we are a podcast about f one brought to you by two have fun fans for the fun community, and today's episode is about last night's Katar property first time racing here. Getting into the episode, let's let's start with thoughts about this, this circuit sorring your thoughts on the circuit here. I think, I think we are gonna have some disagreement today. I if I at least like the track from what I've heard from you so far, I think, and not the five. I am not. I mean, yeah, I kind of do agree that it somewhat is. You know, I kind of shared sentiments with you, but not really like. What I felt, at least, was that, yes, it's a flat track like any other Middle Eastern track in general. Don't but it had a lot of these, you know, medium speed colors and which were flowing into each other, and I think that kind of helped out with the racing that we saw yesterday and I'm just happy to see we could see some clues racing. You know, that's that's my perspective of why I like the start. Well, yeah, that's a fair point, but yeah, you're right. I yeah, I have different opinion here. I sort of just don't seem to like these fast tracts because that at that point, if you end up seeing like brottling versus breaking. There's so much let happening, face key popping, which will also start discussing soon. But it's the same thing, man, it's like it. First of all, it's a weird shape track for me, like mentally registering something which is like a three wrong for sitting on something sort of blind. It looks like, you know, a kid kept his hand exactly and try to draw it exactly exactly. Poor kid, were just three fingers there. But but yeah, well, there at something happy, dude. Yeah, God punished for it. But yeah, I just don't seem to like these these fast tracks and and I kind of now see why Suzuka is a hot favorite amongst like unanimously among the everyone, because it's got those fast straits, cur cours and turns in, U turns and what so. Anyways, but yeah, not a fan of thet they they are saying if they come back here it's going to be like a street country of the track, moing on, no man. Yeah, I mean so you re you raise a good, good question. There is this this is brilliant video of Danny wiping to their national anthem and I love the capture on that one because it says when when you're racing in a country where there's no human rights, but the national anthems a Banger. I think Danny Rick can wipe to any song. That's pretty much. That's he's kind of that guy. Yeah, and yeah, in fact, I think his he's nicknamed as the high budget rate, and I think crofty or somebody was also...

...talking about this, that honey budgers are like native to Thethar. I see and I think in one of the interviews, I think it was the go sports who was asking the card a vote it. You know, are you aware that you know, the Honey Badger is native to here and he's like, you know, one day I definitely want to walk into the paddock with the budge. I'm going to do that before that retire. I'd love to see that. I'd love to see him walking through likeuid. At least maybe. I mean, if it's going to be at least that's going to be even crazier, but maybe at least. Anybody for sure. But, but, but, but, speaking about Catar as a track, and I mean, yeah, I think we've established where we have the right, but like this, we have the country. I want to I want to Upload Lewis Hamilton for his choice of helmet and making a statement. releast. You know, this way, this one never get anywhere and as drivers, probably these guys have less say in how many races to have, let alone where to race. But but with with the amount of power he has that he has in his hand, making a statement with that helmet. Yeah, yeah, definitely, and I was really hoping that, you know, like likes of wetter than Alonso would join him, because they have done this in the past and we have seen that in backing hundred year and I was I was kind of hopeful that these wet things kind of use their clout to push the right causes right now. But anyways, like still, we did have Hamilton representing LGBT cupress community, so that's that's awesome. And Yeah, I hope that these people keep protesting wherever they can in these countries, which are pretty much sports washing, right. I mean that's that's what this is all about for them. They just want to you know, bury all didn't other the news. Obviously, Cutar is also having the fefast and right, I think it's next, next year, on next year at Twenty and twenty two. But yeah, that is an interesting thing. votes. I think there's just too much branding and marketing that's happened with this management change, right. I mean, let's talk about this too, because they did this nbating at Kota in the US and then, Yep, they had the special penalty kick out session here. Oh yeah, so you're in Cataro? I didn't know. Yeah, I think it was. It was. I think maybe like a Thursday or a Friday thing either. They say cutcher. But yeah, I think there's this just too much cross branding and promotions and cashes game stay. YEA's happening here and there. Oh, by the way, coming back to that track, right, Huh. What's up with that killer curve? About the yeah, man, like that one curve, it was like destroying cars right, right, I left, man. I think like most of the tires were like degrading there. Every time anylready went from there. It was just, you know, like pieces of Carbon Frat five were flying away here in the like. Everyone was asked to manage their front left because they think that's the that's the biggest impact thing I ever took that curve coming into that right hand turn. Yeah, I think both William suffered. Boat as went on to collect some gravel and spray on that track. Was Yeah, maybe, maybe more, but I think even Norris was almost gonna drive himself out and stuff. But yeah, yeah, yeah, and one more thing. Did you notice how much each car was parking throughout the track? That's one more reason I love the track and it was looking so freaking awesome rain. Talking without sparking, did you see that footage of I think booth was tapped in as well as Alonso lapping boat ass and this guy is just, you know,...

...spitting fired from her yeah, front away. You know, it was insane. It felt like you, like it's just a shout of fire from his car and especially even bothering, especially right when boat as his tire went off and in Alonso was just going to overtake him ready. It felt like like it was. It was a spark missed, the same as a rain missed. And I'm pretty sure a lot they didn't have anything to see. Yeah, but but I think I almost all low ray cars suffered at this time. Yeah, who much sparks from all of these? Yep, Yep, it's I think it's basically just that that, as you talk, right, it's a fast track, so for majority of the track these cars are like really planted to the track with all the downfairs. So, yeah, that's gone to happen. If you're never lifting a fuck your Throatley, you're going to see some sparks through that, some great battles to some great battles, for sure. I for all you love the Ook on versus pheres, than interesting. Yeah, that was super interesting. Right. I think even Alonso's comment was super interesting. Yes, ask us the band to a defend like a lie. There's a few memes forming there to like, there is a Longso saying ask us, the band, to defend like a lion, and then there is another photo just a lion staring blankly at this side. Yeah, at a point it felt like, you know, like when Peis like overtook him first, but it actually was, I think that as the band kind of gave that position so that he could take a slip steam again. But it really felt like he said this comment and right after that pair is just like fly a few past it for a second and I like, okay, that's a lot of defense. But he did try and battle them and that was really nice to he pretty they got close but still, you know, respected each other and gave some space. So, yeah, good racy. This is an interesting quote and quote battle which will which will come to later in the episode two between Gastlee and Max. But but speaking about this track again, so we keep coming back to the RIBE, keep being abo the track again. I mean the high speeds, hot temperature with CUTA. I think it was bound to happen that were at least going to be in question for sure this week, right, like, yeah, it started off with ghastly bursting it off right before end of qualifying two, three, but deparally was going to be in Loutch this weekend with that conditions. Oh yeah, I mean it was just like tires go boom. That all of a sudden is like just of tires bursting it in there and boot ask, obviously with this amazing luck and Mercedies, you know, giving him a very awesome strategy of going long on those tires and partially said that they were only for thirty laps and I think he was at thirty, fourth lap. and well, it happened and it was limping, you know, throwing sparks, limping into the pit. How taking gravel with him everywhere. Yeah, causing safe because are sorry. Yes, yeah, and of course, since since George, who is replacing both as, I think it decided that you, I should like stand in solidarity. Yes, let me see what I need to do starting next year, Su both, I think. Letty. He's trying to a Phil Russell's shoe at Williams too. Yeah, you see what he needs to do and Srustles gone. Yeah, but but moving on to...

...the main guy, at least for me, is I it took me back to my childhood. Man, it's like she's seeing a Lonzo on the podium was and he's yeah, I mean, yeah, I'm out of words. I can see that. I was leaving. I was sward silence for sure, but day are pulling on that one stop. Yeah, brilliant one severally because, yeah, it's insane and like given that he was in a one top strategy and when we could see like tires popping. And yes, I think it's all his experience driving the GP to engine car and then driving some, you know, the very good cars before that. I think it all paid off because he was able to hold onto that position. I mean he started third and he came in third. So wow, in an alpine that's that's unexpected, asn't it? Yeah, I think Alonzo's Alonso's the guy you call get your team lifted up. That's what yeah, that's what's happening with McLaren. Now I think I'll pay is following there. I'm pretty sure Cyril a bit of ball. It be here. Who was renaults cheaper principle? He isn't any more. He isn't. He isn't like after after not becoming Alpine. He didn't. But like if this was reno and this was like last year, I'm pretty sure syrill would up right, right. Yeah, on on CAMPRA. Yeah, that's true. That's time and I think a lot of people were doubting a lot. So right, like when when it does announce that he's coming back from retirement, people did a lot of people reached questions that, you know, is this the right thing, that you know he's kind of washed up now because, you know, McLaren, his pint at McLaren was not really good and people were like, you know, there are a lot of better, newer, talented, you know, young folks out there who deserve the chance. But I guess nobody else could have done this. I mean, oh, con has been here for a while and I'll be invite. Except for that win that he got, his performance has been kind of lacklustered for the season. But yeah, Alonso is right there. Especially in the second half of the season. I think he's become stronger and I think it's basically just them developing the car, ask for his feedback and stuff. So probably they are like becoming a lot stronger. Now he is the only third driver over forty to be on the board. AM seven years later and ridden five races later, he's up there. It's just an incredible feeling and an achievement. I mean for someone who's been following the sport since, I think, like two thousand and five, two thousand and four. Yeah, it's it's just too brilliant to see a Longso up there and and it's like it's like this this sparking difference between experience sources, these these newer drivers, and I'm not taking credit away from newer drivers, because they will get to this point one day, for sure, like seeing seeing the seven time world champion defenders position went. Will writing and and Alonzo lift their teams up? Experience right there. Definitely. The good part is Alpin's God in good advantage in points over Alpert houty. Now. So, yeah, so they've taken that lead from? Yeah, I think they have. They've taken it away and now I don't think I'll for towery, if at all. In fact, I'm kind of confused because I fot already seemed very strong this weekend write up. Will Qualification Castle and then killing, yeah, especially ghastly exactly, and then three space they were nowhere. Like especially the...

...two stop strategy didn't work. I don't know. The pitted way too early. I think they could have gone a bit longer on the first end, but I think he was on like the soft rates. I think that kind of makes sense. And if they had some pedsd do from that qualifying that so ready to end up, really end up, I think P ten. So he still got one point out of it, but not the best. Is A exestending as a Fredertal Peton. I thought maybe so was it. I could be done, but maybe somewhere there. So maybe Pete Eleven position, somewhere there. Okay, yeah, but so I think Alpine kind of hazard in the back now with the two remaining races, I don't think alphadery can catch up. Yeah, especially like with the Midpack, it's difficult to gain that that big upper point different. So for sure. And and with this renewed hope that that alonzos popped up with, I think I and I could be wrong again here too, but I think I read somewhere that Alpine has been a specifically alonso has been reserving a newer engine for Saudi. So it feels like probably they're going to take like a new engine in Saudi. So they're going to have like a new charge the Alonzo with a new charge the car for the remainder of two races. Probably something interesting coming out of there. Yeah, that's quite interesting. So I've heard that Alonso's instant problem with PSA lated stuff. Yeah, this, this is this is news coming out of the camp that he probably didn't manages a dozen speeds and during during the Vertu safety car, that there was being flashed across the track. So mayday see. The good part is even if this, this goes to FIA for regulations and for deciding, it's not coming back until a LNSER retires it. So yeah, that's true. We will talk a little more about right. Yeah, I fi you know those guys are what's happening there. Let's take a moment here, just for a few messages, folks, and we'll be back. The season of giving is here, thanksgiving, Christmas everywhere. So we are out here to give shoutouts to anyone who wants to be heard. Just reach out to us and we will give you shoutouts. Made episodes to the distribue? Don't know yet, but yeah, reach out to us at add their differant fan fiction on twitter, insta. If you want to be way more anonymous than you can do that too. We'll mentioned in that way. If you like something about is just mentioned that and we'll mention you as anonymous. If you don't want your name said, you can also write us on email at contact us at the radferant fan fiction. Just you know what, if you just go on to one place to do all of these, head over to our website. If one fan fictioncom just head over there. While you are there, do rate us on. How do you like this podcast so far? Share it with your friends. This this is something we're trying to do where we're trying to build an a fun community, banterful people. So so share with your friends. Let's bring everyone into this together. And lastly, while are on the website, bias a coffee. This thing takes time, money and resource from from sorrowing and myself, so buying us a cockey helps us with that. Said, let's get back into the episode. Man, we got check out yesterday. Yeah, I think this is a new meme of the stroll, because what's wrong with these reis directors? Why do they keep showing fans right in between action? I don't understand, like it's just a stupid even the fan felt a very bit awkward.

I guess, like you just on this eme, all of a sudden with a Mexican flag holding, I'm a bit steeter, typical rain, like a Checko overtakes pok on on the brilliant fight and as soon as we cuts to a random fan with a Mexican fly. Yeah, and they showed him I think two or three times in all, which is very weird. I mean it felt like, you know, like the he was literally the only fan. Therefore, check o one rout with hope, with the hopes that, you know, people might think that there's several facts, there could be multiple Brown folks, but but I think like Sky Sports wanted to be your whore broadcasting, wanted to not be racist. So she are. Let's let's just show someone with the Mexican imply. Yeah, but regardless, amazing performance with Pres p eleven p four, yes, amazing recovery drive. Qualification didn't go as well, but I guess he completely, you know, paid for it in the race. So yeah, yeah, I mean for me he would have been the driver of the day. Off Alonzo was not up there on the code, because the next best thing to happen yesterday was was that was that client from the level to PP he's gotten very comfortable with the Carmen I. If he continues this way into into the trailing two races, I see him going a bit long. I mean I think you were saying right, like he could be what boat has was for formosis. Right, yeah, pretty much exactly. I think if he it seems like he's gotten quite comfortable, if he is able to maintain this performance even in the next year's cars and they're on, he definitely will be the boat ask for. It will, because I think like Max and Red Buel are going to go hand in hand for sure, like this season proves it. Like the team is with him and he's definitely with the team. So they needed the second driver who who can, you know, really fight for those he trees and t two's, and I think they have Perez who can deliver that. He's, I mean both has is getting bullied quite a lot this season already. Yeah, man, I mean we joking about this for the past few episodes. There is this Sunday bullie system where their race engineers get together to see how we want to believe as an if they don't succeed, what has does it to himself. But this is I think like the n race now we're luck's not been on his side and Peres has has totally capital capitalized that situation for red bull and bringing red bull yet closer to Mercedes. For the exactly, and it's insane, like zero points and then like how much do you get for P foot? Twelve, eighteen, twelve something that. Yeah, whatever, but still like that has really clawed into their leade. Yeah, I think there only five points ahead and now right, yeah, mercedies and red bull. Yes, five points. I think mercedies has been doing terrible that strategy recently. I really yeah, because just today's decision was stupid to make him go long when they saw, I mean, everybody knew what happened with us these tires, so it was not like people that know that that was a possibility, I think. I think they're overly used in boat as as a shield to Hamilton, and it's not like Hamilton was gonna soffer anyways. I like he's just got a brilliant car, so both as wasn't needed. I mean, if that, I'm assuming that is what they were trying to do to keep check o not really up there. Problem, but not a not...

...a smart move from the astime. Not a smart too early. Yeah, and I think with this they they are causing more harm than what would have happened, even if like check o each yeah, yeah, it's stupid. It doesn't make sense. I think strategy wise, red bull has been doing ps is season, even in today's race. We saw that. Rade. Yeah, with the really forced Hamilton to do those pit stops as well, right, because they were right there, and I think at one point he I think it would it felt like that it could become something like Barcelona, like the opposite of Barcelona, where if Hamilton hadn't pitted when was stopping, pitted. Yes, second time. Yes, he could at laud that for sure. Yes, yes, yes, there was some some sort of doubts coming in from the Red Bull camp beside like a and like a, like most of these camp where Hamilton and boat as were doubting their race strategists. I think, for as was doubting his strategy this time. Yeah, yeah, pars as well. I think there was this one place when I think he also put it the second time. He was a little unhappy and then his engineer was like, you know, we promise that he'll be on the podium and he almost was there. I mean he could have gotten there if not for the virtual SAFETYCA I guess, because he could have had caught up with Alonso and with fresh attires, I think it could have easily take it right. Yeah, and I feel like this's just too much drama everywhere with these with these small, small things, and FIA is is not quite behind into adding more drama and putting them results into the mix tool right, like right, the whole the whole post qually double yellow flags in the yapply situation. Yeah, I think fi is sometimes, at least these days, feels like they drag their feet on purpose just because that creates more drama. And with with you know, when you know that the result is going to come in, you know sometime just before the race. Obviously, that kind of add spice to the whole mixture and you know, it feels like, you know, created drama, I would say very honestly, because it doesn't give the sport a professional look. I think, in a way, because up if yours towards require a whole day to decide whether to punish somebody for violating safety to is just stupid. It doesn't make sense. Like it was a slam tongue. According to me, they should had given it right away. Yeah, and I think now, I think it's the other thought that they're having at this point. I think it's the random working of marketing team with the stewards, where I think the marketing teams probably feeding in data that the delayed results there are, the more that this gets discussed on social media and the more attraction a fun gay. So probably that's what's happening there. But well, I will I think finally, at least there's one thing we definitely, definitely agree on with respect of this track is the penalty is given out to to vote as and Max for for violating the flags. It was it was required to create that that level of consistency, but I think there weren't. There were too many school boys playing mess there, except except Alonzo and metal being like the the good kids. Yeah, it's low down, but there were. There were a couple of humor. I don't know why only...

Max in boot has got realized. Prose. Yeah, I kind of know the reason why and I I do understand that. You know, even I was having the same reaction as you right that when I saw the data, it was clear that only metal and Lon sorts route down and nobody else. Yeah, but what it turns out is basically the way these signaling systems are. You know how the work is that you have several marshall posts across the track and each Marshall is like looking at their own mini sector of the track. If they see any danger in their minisector, they'll be weaving flags, and this is this is going to be like a single yellow light, exactly, single or double, depending on what kind of and it's their discretion to pick qudable exactly. Yep, YEP, Yep. And the thing is that the boards that we see, the digital boards that you see, I don't know exactly how they're controlled, but basically they must be either the marshals themselves must be having some button that they pressed there, or somebody else, like monitors. Those marshals and legs set the system accordingly. Gay But there was a discrepancy between the digital boards and what the marshals on track were showing. But it's known that, like the what are the marshals are showing overrides everything else because they are actually there, right, so they actually see what's happening. So the flags are given the most amount of importance and max fail to slow down after the yellow yes and boat as with the single yellow flags. So that's why he got a three is good penalty and Max got off the pity and everybody else didn't get the flax from them questions and that's why they weren't punished for it. Okay, okay, interesting because, yeah, there was there was news coming out of out of the camp that sciences in the green is he's not going to be penalized for that yellow lag discussion session. But yeah, I didn't know. Okay, that's interesting, but on the on the more dramatized side of things, I think it just proves on what we just made a passing comment last weekend, that Christian owners also not someone who's who's a saying and he's he's in controversy now this week with comment of his that the marshal was a rogue marshal or so and supportsman like conduct. Yeah, that was wrong and I think he's also gotten a summon from the stewarts for that because he's broken some violations of the sporting conduct and I don't really a weally like as a know team principle. It's completely out of scope for you to decide what marshals were doing is correct or not, because that's not in your preview at all. You shouldn't be and it shouldn't be exactly. Shouldn't even be because, like these guys have people responsible for your safety, like you don't want an unlucky grow Jean incident, right. I mean it ended up being a continent situation. Yeah, and and there's this discussion, I actually read on radit about this as well, where somebody said that it's stupid that Horner said this because Marshall's but by default, are looking out for the safety of the drivers and by default they're looking out for Max the safety as well. Yeah, so basically as saying that his safety is not important to you. I mean, what are you talking about? Yeah, I know that does ave yeah, fortunate, but the dicks exactly you've got? You got me on my on this one. Man. There's just this do, this, so much arrogance coming out of that that chair that toto sits on, and I I started despising him so much and and you know, I mean sure I've never been sort of like an Hamilton Fan, Fan Fan, but the way he's been driving recently, in especially Brazil and and today. I want to give him credit. I definitely want to give him...

...credit where it's due, but totos arrogance is just sort of putting me off and giving me this much anger. He made he made a new comment that you've awakened a dragon after the Brazilian granpri attend the lovers, and I'm like, first of all, first of all, if faster tracks is what it takes to get you awakened, then go drive a day or nine novels don't be enough. But anyways, anyways, I know his where is a drill in pomp is coming from? He just needs to tone it down. He just needs to tone it down. Away more at comments coming from him like we're gonna bring in new gears and you take into Saudy, so you have her reawakened, Hamilton, or something like that. Sure, yeah, they too. Yeah, I've stopped listening to what he sees like the same. You know, I think last races where I think you were talking about his comments and I had no idea about it because I've just stopped listening to what he says pretty much these days. I need to do that because I need to get like a total shit field into my ass, Becuz, because I want to move to the positive side of think at the Mercedes garage like which is which is Hamilton, the way have been driving at at Brazil Attar and I'm pretty sure it's going to repeat itself again in Saudi. For Sure gonna be Hamilton, and then whoever's maybe were what if fort it is like it's going to be p one Hamilton, for sure. He's renewed, he's back into that battle and I love it. Yeah, definitely, and I think this has always been the case. Hamilton is the strongest towards the end of the season. He always has been, and he gets stronger as the season ends, like, and that's what we're seeing exactly right it. He had a slump twice in the season, but I think he's completely warden out of it and he's just flying. Honestly speaking, Max never got close to him. Yeah, he was never a danger to Hamilton throughout the rays. He led each lap of the race and yeah, finished, started first, finished first, flawless performance. Yeah, I know we were taken back to whatever two, two thousand and nineteen more pre dominant Hamilton, dominant Sarah and sure, rightfully so, because it's not like other cars are slow. I mean Max has been doing that tough fight through the season. So rightfully, it was a good, good week in from Hamilton and I think Max was so bored that at the point he said or the radio, that you know, anyways, you are not we're going to be second. anyways, s said, let's have some fun, let's try and close that gap, let's try something different, and I think that's what that's why you did, like we put stuffs right. Yeah, yeah, I guess. I guess it's a different Max right. I mean I said it jokingly, but I definitely feels like we had Dennyk we had's heartbreak has renewed Max in a positive way, I think. I think like dealing with girlfriend who has a kid, has changed him, has changed it, for sure, for sure. But you know, this season all in all has just been so good, so good, so woman. Alonso being like roteen different driver to be on the podium just goes to show how dynamic, interesting and, you know, varied in terms of all constructors, this season has been definitely and I think, everything...

...right. There are fights going on throughout the leader world. Obviously you have the amazing battle between Max and Lewis, but, as we are talked about last time as well, I think the battle for P food. That's getting quite interesting as well. Yeah, party for PTREE. I'm not sure if put has continues to have the luck that he has had, then I think Paris can over take him by thirteen points separate, and I feel like, at least for when you're up there, thirteen points is still doable. And two races, so there is a chance of for as overtaking got as into Pthree, I feel yeah, what has needs to find as Mojo backcage for two races. Yeah, and I really hope. You know, I mean I like Perez. He has a lot of future, but I really hope that put US somehow MEDTA. Is that pthree being his last season? That? Yes, it's the I really wanted to yes, yes, yes, for sure exactly. That's why I mean I hope he finds his Morejo back in stays there. I think from last week episode we've established Alban's way out of Alpha towery's troubles for a fighting position. So that's gone. Oh by the way, in the last times episode you said that I've been is fighting with Aston Martin, and I just wanted to correct you, but I did because I thought, like it's going to in my brain, I was setting up a sentence where it really, I was going to say, a long the fights at all, but great, but not a slipping down the ranks, especially with again this this race, him having to pit, not being able to go. I think. I think that was still a smart move rather than just stay, having to retire the car, because he saw that visible degradation on their tires and he saw what happened with the boat as Latif fee and Russell. Good, move on on fitting. But that's brought in and that's broughten, not a stighter and closer to science and the Claire. So that quite is getting stronger, and I know we were speaking about this before the recording started, and I agree with you where science is starting to become a favorite. For sure easy surpassing the cleric and science is definitely getting into that mixing. Is He's proving himself again. Yeah, I think it's weird. Mcclaren just seems to have written of the season. It seems like suddenly rate I have I don't know whether they're not getting upgrades or something like that and the performances just fallen off. It suddenly seems like both Norris and Ricardos will kind of have lost interests as well. I don't know, it seems that way. It doesn't really seem like they're really really fighting for it. Seems like they're taking a step back. But yeah, signs is doing great, like look is doing great for our overall. Yeah, showing a lot of potential for the next season as well. So I think they might just be the third first his team come next year. True, don't switch gears at this point, and I mean we've been giving out suggestions to Sky Sports of FIA and and tow our fortune. Thank you, random personal listens to us at if I thank you for incorporating some of those changes. We've got one more for you. What's up with showing multiple replaced right in lap two? Man, calm on, please, it's so stupid. You know it's I don't get it. Why Lap Two? Like things haven't settled yet exactly. Just wait a little, wait to lap five. At least they'll have this one shot from the front, one shot from their rare the helicopter camics like them with justify all these budget cause that they keep spending. I.

With these multiple angles for very start, and they can at least show the libraries picture, pictures. YESS, while they're showing these play. So I don't really understand. Like it's the picture is pitture in picture is not a new technology. It's like it's literally overly. Maybe if I is getting it out, I think they've spent all their reforts into building the car technology and making a revolutionary there that picture and picture is foreg into them. Nice. Yeah, but here random FIA person listening to US or random sky scope person listening to us. First of all, thank you for listening to give us a shout out at the DRATA ferent time. But please either picture on picture or wait until like lap five, when boat has either crashed out or something settled down, before showing goes multiple replay games. Yeah, I know, I totally agree. But yes, sky, I feel in General Liberty Med I should just end their deals with sky, because there's a lot of and get rid of the less butt into speaking of. And by the way, okay, since they have such a good red button rate which shows plays, don't show us the replace our lap to. Oh yes, yes, that makes so much sense man. Coming back to a final few thoughts, right, let's bring some backmarkers into discussion. Williams and Hass Horse. Sure, I mean not a promising result from Mazepin himself, but I didn't think he was anywhere around in any controversy. Good driving. Sure, he kept his head head down. I think his car wasn't even going to be ready because they had to do like the last minute chassis change, is change on his car. So grateful at at least he was able to come out. But having passed him in conversation, what was Mick doing, at least from the Stamera, and your guys this time, at least from this camera angled, it felt so weird. Yeah, I think he went out into the outside the track. I think it was the same good near the same good which was just taking yeah, well, the cars out and he joined in. So dangerous you, or at least it looked us. Yes, nobody complained, like Alonso didn't say anything. Nobody investigated it, so I was a little confused. Maybe it was just some cameratrigree and that an interesting perspective, right, like mix, mix, a head along those trying to just lap him around. Mix, go on all the way to the right. He's coming into the left so strong because he's got to make a right hand turn. I'm like along those probably going to run into him at this point. But yeah, you're right now and complained about it, so nothing's lost at the end of the day. Yeah, well, I guess. Let's talk about the last guy. Sure, let thee. I think he had some interesting connosition with jail. It was it was I and let's let's let's, let's draw this picture. So I think lap thirty four or thirty five or something around when when both has decided to check out the gravel right. So He's both has his viewing gravel onto that track. Russell is in front of Latifee and surprisingly, luck if he's got slightly better place than Russell. So they are chatting out out on the radio. And for for no? I'm pretty sure they've got some reason. We don't know that reason. For no reason at all. He's been asked to stay silent on the radio. Cut To lucky if. He asking if he can overtake Russell and it just flips the engine. I mean not in an angry way, but more so defensively, like no, no, no, that that's a hard note.

That's that's not happening. No, it was a bit weird and the intensity with which they were saying him to keep the radio clear. Yes, teachelling the telling him to shut up politely. Yes, and felt a little weird. Maybe there was something going on. We knows. Well, yeah, yeah, I mean, I guess. I guess that's probably what you get when you're a paid driver, speaking of which I'm sort of getting annoyed with a multiple day drivers and I hope this doesn't become a trend, otherwise it's just going to be okay drivers who can pay driver on the track. Yeah, congrats to PS tree. While I'm on that thought. Yeah, let's see the reserve driver day up for our pleaser driver. Yeah, but speaking of reserve drivers, I think Astley's there is a driver for the third driver. Yes, any much? I think there was this radio and Max where he said kind of stuck here, and that obviously was like a open message for France starts, if at all anybody, because ghastly suit went wide and didn't easy, and I don't know that one purpose, but win Quin for sure, like you went why? The interesting bit comes after that. On the mains mainstrae ghastly doesn't open up his is drs wings. He does not. Let's let's Max get the DRS surpasser and for whatever, like the one ten of the Dr Straight left, he opens his drs wing. There is a clear I didn't catch that, but that sounds super that that was so that does a clear message to red bull garage that if you ever want to let perest go and thislls not giving you enough money. I'm here. Huh, sucking up to the big buzz. Well, oh well, I think resus to go right and it is so close. Man, I'm and you know I'm. What I love is all the interesting conversations on twitter and read it that I've been reading about all the different possibilities that can happen with what happens if they both crash out? What happens if they were you know, all that's literally I saw one post which literally had a table of all possibilities that can happen and how would it end up with your what's your what's your most obnoxious theory you've read which could end up becoming very reality? I think, okay, this one. I love this one. So Hamilton wins the next race. Sorry, yeah, with Max coming in second. Okay, that ties them up. They that ties them up and they crash on lap one, turn one in burrain. Okay, and then we wait one year to figure out who exactly. Sure, sure, sure, I, I for one, do like this theory where that's what's happened, happening in sometime. And then at Abu Dhabi, Hamilton's gonna be in the lead, he's gonna try and lap mix shure maker, and then MIS gonna come as a radio. No, no, make make shoemaker. I stand to make sure. Sorry, and then it's gonna come on radio and be like this one's for you father, and then he runs it and then he runs into Hamilton. You don't get any Oh, that's what I would re see if that happens. Remember, everybody, you hear. You heard this first. Hear. Yes, on that note. On that note, actually, let's let's do one last prediction before we close the race. Win prediction for a Saudi podium. Two, two, three, okay, one, twenty three.

I think it's going to be Hamburg, but so you think Hamburg world. I think it's going to be Hamburg. Pres I see red will being up there let's see. Let's folks on the episode, show notes and comments. Let us know what you think is going to be the podium for Saudi and let's see which one of US gets it right. Well, you've got a special shout out to whoever ends up being right. So let's let's get your comments in on that note. On that note, two more races to go. We'll see you next after the Saudi race. We're not going to have an episode next week. Let's let's spend the next week collecting whatever has happened throughout the season, and none till then. This is a fun fan friction. Signing off a Bye.

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