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Episode 26 · 1 week ago

2021 Qatar GP Race Discussion


Another Hamilton Domination at the Qatar GP! As we enter the last stage of the season, the championship has gotten a lot closer. Hamilton and Mercedes seem to have gotten a renewed enthusiasm to fight back and claw their way into the championship. The 2021 Qatar GP gave us an unexpected podium for 2-time world champion Fernando Alonso! This is the 13th driver to get on the podium in this season alone.

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In this Episode we discuss:

1. Sparky Sparky Boom Circuit ✨

2. Esteban the defensive lion 🦁

3. Alonso on the podium!

4. Gasly out of Gas ⛽

5. Mercedes yet again sacrifice Bottas

6. Perez capitalizes on Bottas’s misfortune

7. FIA brings down the hammer for flag violations 🏴

8. Horner the 💩stirrer

9. End of season predictions

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Wots of with showing multiple replaceit in lap to man Camo, please it's so stupid, you know it's. I don't get it.Why Lat to like things, haven't settled yead, exactly just wait! A little wait.The last five at least they'll. Have this one shot from the front one shotfrom the rear. The helicopter Canis like they to justify all these budgetcauses that they keep spendin hello and we'll come back to our frontpan fiction, but an even new listening to us. We are a podcast about have onenor to you by two Apantas call the Afon community, and today's episode is aboutlast night's Caparro Corstin racing here getting into the episode. Let's.Let's start it thoughts about this, this circuit Arran your pot on thecircuiter. I think I think we are going to havesome disagreement today. If I at least like the track from whatI heard from you so far, I think you're, not the fire, I'm not I mean yeah. Ikind of do agree that it somewhat is, you know I kind of share sentimentswith you, but not really like what I felt at least was that yes, it's a flatcrack like any other Middle East in tract in gentle of, but it had a lot ofthese. You know medium speed, corners andwhich were flowing into each other, and I think that kind of helped out withthe racing that we saw yesterday and I'm just happy to see, we could seesome clues racing. You know, that's that's my perspective, a t why I liketo strike well yeah, that's a fair point, but yeah you're right yeah. I have different opinion here. I sort of just don't seem to like thesepast prakas at at at that point of view, end up, seeing like cattling versusbreaking there's so much less on happening, pisky copping, which will also startdiscussing soon, but it's the same thing man, it's like it.First of all, it's a weird shape. rackful me like mentally, registeringsomething which is like a three prong for sitting on something sort of Bein.It looks like you know, a kid kept his hands. Akean tried to draw it. Iexactly exactly poor kid. We just three fingers there, but but yeah. I E E something happee yeah. I just don'tseem to like these. These fast racks and- and I kind of now see why Suzukais a hot favorite amongst, like unanimously amongst everyone, becauseit's got this these fast straight curcas and tons and Yuture, and whatnot I so anyways but yeah, not a fan of teter t. They are saying if they comeback here, it's going to be like a street centre, the attack moving on no man yeah, I mean it's. So you read,you is a good good question there there's this. This is brilliant videoof Danny wiping to their national anthem,and I love the capture on that on because it says when, when you'reracing in a country where there's no human rights but the national encens ofhanger, I think Danny Reck can wipe to any song.That's pretty much his kind of that, and Ah, in fact, Ithink his he's, nicknamed as a Hare paterae anything crofter. Somebody was also talkingabout this that honey badgers are like...

...native to Cathar. I see and I think inone of the interviews I think it was Zico who was asking regard of woted.You know. Are you aware that you know the honey Badger is native to hear and he's like you knowone day, I definitely want to walk into the pide with the imaginate I'm goingto do that before the retire. I'd love to see that I'd love to see him walk into like with in leash. Maybe I mean if it's going to be enlish, that's goingto be even crazier, but maybe at least and rebut, but speaking about CatharaAragon, I mean yeah, I think we've established where we have the track,but like Weing of the country I want to, I want to applaud Lewis Hamilton forhis choice of hell, mate and making a statement. At least you know this waythis will never get anywhere and as drivers, probably these guys have lesssay in how many paces to have little on air to race, but but with with the amount of powerhe has that he has in his hand making a statement with that helmet. He Lo yeah definitely, and I was reallyhoping that you know like like some wedding and Alan, so would join himbecause they have done this in the past and we have seen that in back in andering- and I was, I was kind of hopeful that these wepins kind of usetheir cloud to push the right causes right now, but anyways, like still, we did haveHamilton representing LGBT plus community. So that's that's awesome andyeah. I hope that these people keep protesting wherever they can in thesecountries, which are pretty much sports washing right. I mean that's that'swhat this is all about. For them. They just want to. You know, bury allthe other news, obviously Cathars, also having the fee far on right. I thinkit's next next year or next year I rene ran to but yeah. That was aninteresting thing. What's I think, there's just much branding andmarketing. That's happened with this management change right. I mean let'stalk about this too, because they did this in the Ting at Cota in the US andthen Yep. They had the special penalty kickout session here, Oh yeah yeah, sogo you n get out of. I didn't. I think it was it was. The thing may belike a costard thing either this that but yeah, I think, there's there's justtoo much cross branding and promotions and Jesus game steels happening in theOh by the way. Coming back to that track, rawats up with that pillar, curout it yeah man like that one curb it was likedestroying Tasa it. I left man Y, I think, like most of the ties were likedegrading there every time an when he went from there. It was just you know,like pieces of Carbon Strat, five or flying away here in the like. Everyonewas asked to manage their friend left because I think that's that's thebiggest impact thing that I evitate coming into that right hand turn yeah.I think both Williams offered Botas went on to collect some gravel andspray on that track. Ayame, maybe more, but I think even notice was almost whena try himself out and stuff, but yeah yeah. He O and one more thing did younotice how much each card was parking throughout the pack? That's one morereason. I love that Lakoni was looking so freaking awesome rain. Talking with parking. Did you see thatfootage of I think both was stopped in as well as ALONSO LAPPING BOTAS? And this guy is just youknow: Spitting fired from Yeah...

Antoing. You know it was insane it fens like you, he it'sjust a shot of fire from his parentlike, especially not even botheringespecially right when botas tire went off and in a Lonzo was just going toovertake him right. I felt like like it was. It was a spark missed the same asI hemison, I'm pretty sure a loge didn't have anything to see him t yeah,but I, but I think I I almost do all below cars suffered at this riles yeahwho want pie from all of these Ye. It's. I think it's basically just that that, as you talk right, it'sa fast track. So for a majority of the tract tes cars are like you reallytaunted to the track with all the town. First, so yeah that's wont to happen. If you'renever lifting off from you thro, you are going to see some spots throughthat some great battles to some GreatPatterson for sure, and I folow the boke on versus Patasan, interestingyeah. That was super interesting right. I think even Alonso's comment was super.Interesting areas. Ask us to bind to a defend like a liar. There's there's a few names comingthere to like. There is a loans of saying: Ask us the An to defend like alion and then there's another quota, just a lion staring blanky at this game. Yeah at the point it felt, like youknow like when Paris like overtook him first, but it did it actually was. Ithink that as the band kind of gave that position so that he could take aslip dream again, but it really felt like he sent this covenent and rightafter that, Paris just like fly a few passed him yea. A second- and I like.Okay, that's a lot of defense, but he did try an battlemen that was reallynicethe yeah, pretty we got close, but still you know we respected each otherand gave some space so yeah good racing. This is an interesting cot and quotebattle, which will which will come to later in the episode to between Asleand Max a like speaking about this track again,so we keep coming right to the rite he speaking about a trick. Again, I meanthe high speeds, hot temperature with Catha. I think it was found to happenthat we're allys going to be in question for show his week right, likeit started off with ghastly bursting it off right before and of qualifying tothree reteporae was Goin to be announced thisweekend with the a coition, Oh yeah I mean it was just like ties.Go Boom, all of a sudden is likest bursting hereand then and put us. Obviously, with this amazing luck, kind, most cities,you know giving him a very awesome strategy of going long on those tiesand Pere said that they were only for thirty laps and I think he was in histhirty third and thirty fourth lap and well, it happened and was limping. You know throwing sparkslimping into the pit to mow taking gravel with him everywhere andYehoshua, and, of course, since since George, who is replacing Botas, I thinkit decided that if I should like stand and solidarity, let me see what I need to do startingnext year. Yeah about. I think let, if he's tryingto fill Rosson shoe at William, to yeah,to see what he needs to do when ses gone yeah, but but moving on to themain guy. I at least for me it is...

I it took me back to my childhood,manage like just seeing a lone on the podium was and he's yeah I mean yeah,I'm out of words. Do they. I can see that I was Gesinnung all thatone stuff yeah. It is really an an sarely because yeah it's insane andlike, given that he wasn't a one sop strategy and when you could see likeTis popping a a, I think it's all his experience are driving the GP to enginecard and and then driving some. You know verygood cars before that. I think it all paid off because he was able to hold onto that Querto. I mean he started. Third, and he came in third, so wow inan alpine that starts unexpected. Isn't it yeah, I think alonsos along as theguy, you call get your team looked up, that's what has what's happening withMcLaren now I think Alps or an sot there, I'm pretty sure Cyril Abit Oball. I think he is Renoncen Pal. He isn't any more, he is and he isn't likeafter after Reno becoming albin he in but like if this was Reno- and this waslike last year- I'm pretty sure Sir old, a Ri Europe it on one camp, yeah, that's true, that's it and Ithink a lot of people were doubting a lot so right like when, when it doesannounce that he's coming back from retirement people did a lot of peoplereached. Questions that you know is just the right thing that you know he'skind of washed up now, because you know McLaren, his tint at McLaren was notreally good and people were like. You know there are a lot of better. Youwere talented. You Know Young folks out there who deserve the chance, but Iguess nobody else could have done this. I mean oak on has been here for a whileyear. In Alpine, but except for that wind that he got yeah, his performance has been kind oflackluster to a season, but yeah along so is right there, especially in thesecond half of the season. I think he's become stronger and I think it's basically just themdeveloping the car as far as feedback and stuff. So probably they are likebecoming a lot stronger. Now he is the only third driver over forty to be on the Modi. Seven years later, a hundred and fiveraces later is up there. It's just an incredible feeling and an achievement Imean for someone who's been calling the sport, since I think like because infive thou thousand and four a yeah, it's it's just billing to see a long upthere, and it's like it's like this. This parkingdifference between experience sources, these these newer drivers and I'm nottaking credit away from new or drivers because they will get to this boy oneday for sure, like seeing seeing the seven time world champion, definisposition, rectal, Nightin and and the lawns of lift their teams up experience it. The definitely the good card is alpines gotan good advantage in points over Albert outy now so yeah. So he taken that Lefrom yeah. I think they've taken it away in a high. I don't think Alfatareach if at all, in fact, I'm kind of confused because a fit or seemed verystrong. This weekend write up l qualification castle and then felineespecially ghastly exactly and the...

...place pace. They were nowhere likeespecially the two stop strategy didn't work. I don't know the petit way tooearly. I think they could have gone a bit longer on the first time, but Ithink he was on like the soft strates. I think that kind of makes sense. Idon't know if they had some PTSD from that qualifie a softened, I think, P ten. So he stillgot one point out of it, but not the best. So it sting as a rental peas it Icould be done, but I may be somewhere there, so maybe pet eleven positionsomewhere there, okay yeah, but so I think I'll pin kind of has it in theback. Now, with the two remaining races, I don't think Alpha can catch up yeah,especially like with the mid pack, it's difficult to gain that that big of apoint difference of for sure and and with this renewed hope that that a lungwas popped up with. I think- and I could be wrong again here to- but Ithink I read somewhere that alten has been, or specifically a launcher hasbeen reserving a newer engine for sage, so it feels like probably they're goingto take like a new engine in Saudi, so they're going to have like a new charge,the colons over the new jobs to par for the the remainder, a te races, probablysomething interesting in coming out of there yeah that that's ver interestingthough I've heard the allans instant trouble with TSA lated stuff, but yeahthis. This is this. This news coming out of the camp that he probably didn't,manages me thousand speeds and enduring during the Otoit car that that was being flashed across itright. So, but I see the good part is even if this this word to I a forregulation and for deciding it's not coming back until a long are retires. Iso yeah, that's true! We we'll talk alittle more about later, but yeah. I you ow and those guys are, let's take a moment, her just put a fewmessages hoaks and will be back the season of giving is herThanksgiving Christmas everywhere. So we are out here to give shout outs toanyone who wants to be hurt. I just reach out to us and we keep you shoutouts, made episode story this or we don't know yet were yeah reach out tous at add the rate of an pan fiction on truter in star. You can be great moreanonymous than you can do that too. We would be mentioned in that way if helikes something about this just mentioned that, and we mention you asanonymous. If you do want your name said, you can also write us on email likecontact us at the re different fan fiction. Just you know what, if you're,just going to one place to do all of these head over to our website? If onecan fiction or com I just head over there, while you are there do ratus on how do you like this podcast so farshare it with your friends this? This is something we're trying to do when weare trying to build an upon community of Banter, ful people so so share totheir friends. Let's just bring everyone into this together and last LE,while you're on the website price, a coffee. This thing takes time, moneyand resource from Prom starring and myself. So mingay helps us with thatsaid: Let's get back into the episode man we got check or yesterday yeah. Ithink this is a new meme of the stroll, because what's wrong with these wes directors,why do they keep showing fans right in between action? I don't understand. Ilike it's just a stupid and even the...

...fan fell a very blood nor cold. I guess,like you was just on this game, all of a certain with a Mexican lag holding. Ithink it is a bit Stederian Ra like a check, O overtakes oon on the brilliantwiden and as soon as he cuts to a random fan with a Mexican line yeah,and they showed him. I think two or three times in all, which is very weird.I mean it felt like you know, like the he was literally the only fanthe for check one day an I ain with hope, with the hopes that you know.People might think that there's several facts there could be multiple Brown folks,but, but I think, like Sky Sports wanted to be or who are rotating wantedto now to be racist. So she, let's, let's just show someone with a Mexicanlike Yeah White, regardless amazingperformance, the Paris of teenty, amazing recovery, drive qualification,didn't go as well, but I guess he he completely. You know in a pit for it in the days so yeah yeah, I mean for me he would have been.The driver of the day of palons was not up there on the pole, because the nextbest thing who happened yesterday was was that I was the clint from eleven topeople. He's got in very comfortable with the Carman. If he continues thisway into into the trailing two races. I see him going a bit long. I mean Ithink you were saying right like he could be what boat, as was for formost e at yeah, pretty much exactly.I think, if he it seems like he has gotten quite comfortable. If he is ableto maintain this performance even in the next year's cars and thereon, hedefinitely will be the potest, for it will, because I think, like Max and reddoll are going to go hand in hand for short, like this season proves it like.The team is with him and he is definitely with the team, so theyneeded the second driver. Who, who can you know really fight for those P,threes and pitous, and I think they have Paris who can deliver that totallygoal? He's he's I mean both as is gettingbullied quite a lot. The season already yeah man, I mean we've been jokingabout this for the past few episodes that there is this Sunday bully systemwhere and their race engineers get together to see how we want to bias andif they don't succeed, what has does it to himself the? But this is, I think,like the entrace. Now, where luck not being on his side and Perez, has hastotally capital capitalized, that situation or red will a tinging redwill yet closer to merceries or exactly, and it's insane like zero points andthen like how much do you get for Pefo, Tellegen, twelve, something that yeahwhatever, but still like, that, has really clawed into the dead yeah? Ithink they're only five points ahead now, right, yeah, a merciless, I pointyeah, I think most of this has been doing terrible, that stategy decently. I agree yeah because yesterday'sdecision was stupid to make him go long when they saw, I mean everybody knewwhat happened with the s Listie, so it was not like people didn't know, andthat was a possibility. I think I think they are overly using both as as ashield to Oinan, and it's not like Hamilton was going to suffer anywayslike he's just got a brilliant car, so bot as wasn't needed, I mean if that isI'm assuming. That is what they were trying to do to keep check o not readup their problem, but yeah, not a not a...

...smart move from the, not a smart toVetala, and I think, with this, the they are causing more harm than whatwould have happened, even if like check or each yeah yeah yeah, I stupid itdoesn't make sense. I think stategy, why is red vill has been doing tresses even in to day's race. We saw thatright Ye with the really forced Hamilton to do thosepitstops as well right, because they were right there and I think at onepoint he I think it would have it felt like that it could become somethinglike Baslois, no opposite of Baslin, where, if Hamilton hadn't put it havewhen was tapping pity second time, he could at Lord that sure. Yes, yes, yes, there was some some sort of loutscoming in from the red will camp. He said like a like a like motile camp,where Hamilton and both as were louting the way strategist. He think wares wasdoubting. His is tragedy, Ye this a yeah but is as well. I think there wasthis one place when I think he also pitted the second time he was a littleunhappy and then his engineer was like you know. We promised that he'll be onthe podium and he almost was there. I mean he could have gotten there, if notfor the vircinity. I guess because he could have caught up with a lance and with fresh a tires. I thinkit could had easily. We take it right, yeah and I feel like there's just toomuch drama everywhere with these, with these small small things and FIAS isnot quite behind into adding more drama and putting them themselves intothe mix to right like right, the whole the whole post quality, noble, yellowlights in the fly situation. Yeah. I think if I is sometimes at least thesedays feels like they drag their feet on purpose just because that creates moredrama and with with you know, when you know that the result is going to comein, you know some time just before the race. Obviously, that kind of addsspice to the whole mixture, and you know it feels, like you know, pouted drama, I wouldsay very honestly because it doesn't give the sport aprofessional look. I think in a way, because if your stewards require a whole day todecide whether to punish somebody for violating safety does is just stupid,it doesn't make sense like it was a slam tongue. According to me, theyshould have given it right away. Yeah, and I feel now I think it's the otherthought that they are having at this point. I think it's the kindom workingof marketing team with the stewards where in a marketing teams, pollyfeeling in data that he the delayed results, there are the more thedisguest discussed on social media and the more traction Afonso. Probablythat's, what's happening there, Marvell O. Well, I think. Finally, atleast this this one thing we definitely definitely agree on with respect ofthis track. Is the penalty is given out to to vote as in Max or Corioli the flagsit was? It was required to create that that level of consistency, but I think there were there- were toomany school voice playing mess there, except except Alonzo in vental beinglike the good kids, the and it low down, but the erther are a couple of humor. Idon't know why only Max and both has...

...part belied for this yeah, I kind ofknow the reason why- and I do understand that you know even I washaving the same reaction as you write that I, when I saw the data, it wasclear that only wetland long set shot down and nobody else yeah, but what itturns out is basically the way the signaling systems are. You know how thework is that you have several martial posts across the track and each marshalis like looking at their own mini sector of the track. If they see anydanger in their MINIETO, they'll be waving flags, and this is the is goingto be like a single, yellow like exactly single or double, dependingwhat kind of and it's their discretion to be quarter exactly ye ye. And thething is that the boards that you see the digital boats that you see, I don'tknow exactly how they're controlled, but basically they must be. I eitherthe marshals themselves must be having somebutton that repressed there or somebody else like monitors those Martians andlike a set the system accordingly great. But there was a discrepancy between thedigital boards and what the Martians and track were showing. But it's knownthat, like the Hator, the marshals are showing overrides everything else,because they are actually there right, so they actually see what's happening.So the flags are given the most amount of importance and max fail to slow downafter that lyes and Botas with the single deseflag. So that's why he got to Tek is get Penitente, maxes, eeny andeverybody as didn't get the flags from the Martians and that's why theyweren't punished for it. Okay, okay, it's interesting Eh yeah there was.There was news coming out of out of the camp that sciences in the green he'snot going to be penalized for that yellow lag discussion session but yeah.I know okay, that's interesting, but on the on the more dramatized side ofthings, I think it just proves on what we just made a passing comment lastweekend that Christian honor is also not someone who's who's assailed and She's in controversy now this week with comment of his that the marshal was ahome marshal out there, so unsportsmanlike yeah. That was strongand I think he's also got in a summon from the steward for that, because he'sbroken some violations of this sporting conduct and I deadly agree like as ayou know, team principle: it's completely out of scope for you todecide what martials were doing is correct or not, because that's not anNour covie at all, you shouldn't be. Can it shouldn't be exactly youshouldn't even be because, like these guys, have the people responsible forto your safety that you don't want a an unlucky grow on incident, an man? Itended up being a continent situation, yeah and and there's this discussion. Iactually read on readed about this as well, where somebody said that it'sstupid that Horner said this, because a marshals by default are looking of forthe safety of the drivers and by default they are looking out for Maxossafety as well, so, basically a saying that his safety is not important to you.I mean what what are you noting yeah, that is a yeah but Dick exactly you've got you are on my man there's just or do there's so much arrogance comingout of that that chair it Toutoi on, I started despising in so much and- andyou know I mean sure- I've never been sort of like an Amilton Fan, Fan Fan,but the way he's been driving recently and I especially Brazil and- and todayI want to give him credit. I definitely...

...want to give him credit where it's dee,but toto's Urricane is just sort of putting me off and giving me this muchanger. He made he made a new comment that you awakened a dragon after theBrazilian robbery at intellagence. First of all, first of all, if fasterattracts is what it takes to get you awaken when go drive a Dato, nine ovalsdon't be enough, but anyways. I know his were his eternal in pomp is comingfrom. He just needs to turn it down. He just needs to tone it down a way moreat comments coming from him like we're going to bring in new gears and youtack into Soute, so you have a reawakened or something like that sure yeah do to yeah. I've stopped listeningto what he sees like the same. You know I think glass races where I think youwere talking about his comments and I had no idea about it, because I've juststopped listening to what he says pretty much these days. I need to dothat because and it at like a total ship filter into my scars, because I want to moveto the positive side of things at the mercy disparage it link, which is whichis Hamilton. I mean the way he's been driving that at Brazil at her and I'mpretty sure it's going to repeat itself again in some de for sure going to beHamilton and then whoever is maybe or what. If I prodis like it's going to beP and Hamilton or sure he's renewed he's back into that battle,and I love it. Yeah definitely- and I think this has always been the case. Hamilton isthe strongest towards the end of the season he always has been and he getsstronger as the season ends like and that's what we see exactly right it. Hehad a slump twice in the season, but I think he's completely got an out of itand he's just flying honestly. Speaking Max never got close to her yeah. He wasnever a danger to Hamilton. Throughout the days he led each lap of the raceand yeah finished started. First finished: First Flawless Books, yeah,you know we were taken back to whatever thousand and nineteen more Omean, yeaand sure, rightfully so case. It's not like other cards are slow. I mean Maxhas been doing that tough. I throughout the season, so rightfully was a good reinfrid. I thinkMax was so bored that at the point he sent on the radio that you know anyways you are not were going to be. Second any ways in a let time O fun.Let's tie and close that gap lets try something different and I think that'swhat that's why you did like reput stuffs right, yeah yeah. I guess Iguess it s, it's a different MAC right, I mean, I said it jokingly. Bertidefinitely heels like great Dane. We at heartbreak has hasrenewed Max in a positive way. Yeah. I think I think, like dealing with a girlfriend who has a care, has teachedthem as Kinston pursue for sure. But you know this. The season all inall has just been so good. So so we a lons of being like Ting, a differentdriver to be on the podium. Just goes to show how dynamic, interesting andyou know were in terms of all kind structer thisthis season has been ye definitely, and...

I think everything right there are fights going on throughoutthe leader board. Obviously you have the amazing battle between Max andLewis you, but, as we had talked about last time as well, I think the battlefor pe food that is getting quite interesting as well yeah at the four pthree. I M not sure. If buthas continues to have the luck that he ishired, then I think Paris can over take him by thirteen points separate, and Ifeel like at least for when you're up there. Thirteen points is still do aBilein to races. There is a chance of Parasara got, has entotto what doesneed to find a Montovane for two races yeah, and I really hope you know I Imean I like Perez. He has a lot of future, but I really hope that Putas,somehow man is at three being his last season at is the pilly wanting to yeah.Yes, yes, Posa, exactly that's why I mean I hope he finds his module back ina stas that Ye, I think, from last week episode. Weestablished AL teams way out of Alfanos tromes O for a fitin position. Sothat's that's fun, oh by the way. In the last times episode, you said thatAlten is fighting with Aston Martin and I just wanted to correct you, but I didbecause I thought, like it's gonna, I'm in my brain, I was setting up asentence where it probably I was going to say along the fight o etalant aslipping down the ranks, especially with again this this race him having topit not being able to go. I think I think that was still a smart move,rather than just in having to retire the car, because he saw that visibledegradation on their tires and he saw when happened with Morpas. The P and Russell could move on on pitting, butthat's brought in and that's brought Nora niter and closer to science and the player, so that rightis getting stronger, and I know you were speaking about this before therecording started and- and I agree with you, sciences is starting to become afavorite corsars, surpassing look in Merican Sciences. Definitely gettinginto that mix in he's he's proving himself again yeah. I think it's weird mean justseems to have written of this season. It seems like suddenly right. I have, I don't know whether they're notgetting up grades or something it that and the performance s fallen off. Itsuddenly seems like both notice and recorders will kind of have lostinterest as well. I don't know it seems that way. It doesn't really seem likethey're really really fighting for it seems like they're. Taking a step back,but yeah science is doing great, like clip, is doing great for Ali over allyeah showing a lot of potential for the next season as well. So I think theymight just be the third first steam come next year. True, I don't know, switch gears atthis point and I mean we've been giving out suggestions to Sky Sports, a PIAand and to our fortune. Thank you. Random person listens to US CATAIA.Thank you for incorporating some of those changes. We've got one more foryou. What's up with showing multiple, replace right in lap to man, Camo,please it's so stupid. You know it's. I don't get it. Why lack to like thingshaven't settled yet exactly just wait. A little wait to last five at leastthey'll. Have this one shot from the front one shot from the rear. Thehelicopter Camis like that. We justify...

...all these budget causes that they keepspending with these multiple angles for a very style and they can atall showthe libraries Pichal the children while they're showing these plays. So I don'treally understand like it's. A picture is pitcher and pitcher is not the newtechnology it it's like. It's literally overlying abafi tilted out. I thinkthey spent all their efforts into building the car technology and makingit revolutionary there that picture and picture is fought in to them. I whoknow yeah, but here random, I person listening to us a random sky schoolperson listening to us. First of all, thank you for listening to us, give usa shouter at the re appen, but please either picture on pictureand wait until like a five when boat has a ether crashed out somethingsettled down before showing those multiple replay cans, Yeah Yeah? Now I totally agree, but yes guy, I feel in general liberty.Media should just end their des with sky, because there's a lot of and getrid of the right, but into speaking of and by the way. Okay. So since theyhave such a good red button right, which shows, please don't show us thereplacer lap, a Oh yes, yes, that makes so much sense. Coming back to a final few thorts right, let's bring some back markers intodiscussion, villains and horse horse. Sure I mean not a promising a result from Masapohimself, but I didn't think he was anywhere around in any controversy gooddriving, sir. He tip his head head down. I think his car wasn't even going to beready because we had to do at the last minute. chasses changes change on hiscar, so grateful and a Leste was able to come out but having passed him inconversation, what was Mick doing, at least from the Canon guy is meat leastfrom this camera angle. It felt so good the thin he went out into the outside the pack. I think it was thesame cord near the same cord, which was just taking yeah all the cars out andhe joined in so dangerous. You are at least should look to daters. Yes,nobody complained like a lance, didn't say anything, nobody investigated it.So I was a little confused. Maybe it was just sumtime etically, and that isan interesting perspective. I like mix, mix a head along just trying to justlap him around mix on all the way to the ride he's coming into the left sostrong, because he's got to make a right hand turn I'm like a Lunas,probably going a run into him at this point, but yeah you're right, no onecomplained about it, so nothing is lost at the end of the day yeah! Well, I guess. Let's talk about thelast Guy Sit, let the E. I think he had someinteresting conversation with I J it was. It was I and let's, let's, let's,let's draw this picture of Ali, so I think lap, thirty, four or thirty, fiveor something around when when both has decided to check out the gravel, a thatright so he's boat, as is viewing gravel on to that right. Russell is in front of Leth and surprisingly like, if he's gotslightly better pace than Russell, so they are chatting out out on the radioand for no I'm pretty sure, they've got some reason. We don't know that reasonfor no reason at all he's being asked to stay silent on the radio cut to Lokiasking if he can overtake ourself and it just clips the engineer I mean notin an angry way, but more so defensive.

Let No! No! No that that's a hard note.That's that's not! Happily! No! It is a bit weird and the intensity with which they were sayinghim to keep the radio clear as killing them telling him to shut up politely,yes and felt a little weird. Maybe there was something going on who knowswhen Yeah Yeah I mean? I guess I guess that'sprobably what you get when you're a par I were speaking of which I'm sort ofgetting annoyed with multiple pay drivers, and I hope this doesn't becomea trend. Otherwise it's just going to be reloaders. Who can pay that I were on the right, yeah congrats to be as treewhile I'm on that thought, yeah ee va fore yeah, but speaking of reservedrivers, I think ghastly is the reserve driver for the third diveyes pretty much. I thinkthere was this radio a max where he said kind of stuck here and thatobviously was like a open message for France touts. If at all anybody becausegases went to ide din, and I don't know that a on purpose but win win futurelike he went Wi. The interesting bit comes after that, on the main mainstray gastly doesn't open up his drs wings. He does not, and let's, let'sMax, get the DRS Sir Pail and for whatever, like the one tenth of thebare straight left, he opens his dear wing. Her is a clear I didn't catch that, but that soundssecret. That is, it was so that, as a clear message to red vulgar that, if you everwant to let ceres go and Sal's not giving you enough money, I mean as sucking up to the big bus. Well, I think this was moises to goright. I just so close man, I'm I'm! You know I'm what I love is all theinteresting conversations on twitter and dreaded that I've been readingabout all the different possibilities that can happen with what happens ifthey both crash out. What happens if they would. You know all the solitary Isaw one post, which literally had a table of all possibilities that canhappen and how would it end up with you want? So what your? What's your mostobnoxious theory, you've read, which could end up becoming a reality. I think I gat this one. I love this one.So Hamilton wins the next day is so yeah with the MAX coming in secondadvertises them of the that pies them up and they crash on lap. One turn onein Barrin, okay and then we wait one year to figure out who exact a sure sure I for one, do like this theory. Where t tthat's what's happened happening in somen and then a double be Hamilton's gonna, be in the lead, he'sgonna cry and lap Miu matter and then Micks gonna come as the radio, no, nono make make sure Mica. I start I and then I gonna come on Rad and be likethis one's for your father and then he went and then he runs into ham it and youdon't get any. Oh, that's what I want to see. If thathappens, remember everybody you her. You heard this first year on that note. On that note, actually,let's, let's do one last prediction before we close self race winprediction for a Saudi Cordia, Contoy,...

...okay, one twenty three! I think it'sgoing to be humber but for you think Hamwee. I think it's going to be hamber. I see red bill being up there. Let'ssee, let's talk on the episode, Show, notes andcomments. Let us know what you think is going to be the podium who or Saudi andlet's see which one of US gets it right. We give out a special shout out towhoever ends up being right. So let's, let's get your comments in on that note.On that note, two more racist to go, we'll see you next after the sage racewe're not going to have an episode next week. Let's, let's spend the next weekconnecting whatever's happened too the season and none to lend. This is acontentation signing off, but by a.

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