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Episode 24 · 3 weeks ago

2021 Mexican GP Race Discussion


The 2021 Mexican GP delivered us a fiesta with the entirety of Mexico cheering on Perez as he became the first Mexican to get onto the podium at Mexican GP. With Max extending his lead in the driver’s championship and Red Bull catching up with Mercedes, this season keeps getting better.

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In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Perez Day 🎆
  2. Max regains lead
  3. The Lonely Gasly
  4. It wasn’t a racing incident, it was a Bottas incident
  5. Veterans drive together 👴
  6. A dry yet exciting race
  7. Mclaren slipping behind
  8. Sainz the #1 driver now?
  9. Stroll bashing 🤛
  10. Gio gets shafted with team’s strategy  

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An wot as this start turning in and yeaat that point, it was, I think, a teasing incident, nothing either ofthem or no. No, no, it wasn't a racing incident. It was about as sensiat, butas it hello and welcome back to if one fanfiction, I keep saying back because you guys are just amazing. You've been following us. The season isafter race, fireside after fireside. Thank you for your constant support.All of you guys that are new, and this is the first name that you're listeningto this episode. We are Effon Fran fiction, a podcast about F, one racesabout f one drivers, interviews, everything related to F on and ingeneral, just motor sport brought to you by just your every day. If one finds for you be afferent fans,we are your hosts. I am a cash I'm Sorrin and before we get into theepisode just a few messages from our side, thank you for following us was, after,as as I've said, and anyone who's just been following ussince the start, or even if this is the first time you're listening to US dropus a review, go on to the streaming platform that that you're listeningthis on, if you like the show, leave us a fieter. If you didn't like us, leaveus one star be honest, be honest: We want to improve this show for you. Wewant to keep bringing better episodes race after race, for you so be candid,be honest. Tell us what he got head over to a front fan fiction bias,a coffee where these things take time, money and energy from our side andwe're going to keep bringing these splendid episodes race of the race. Foryou, we're going to keep bringing new guests for you, so er to a fren fanfiction, listen to other episodes, bias a coffee there and if you want to keepgetting Rotichon from us, follow us everywhere on our socials. With thatsaid, let's get into the episode. Saran yeah new records being set first time aMexican driver winning at mixup Roy. It was a grand Mexican F star. Wasn't itlike? It was also what it at me saw today. I think, overall, everythinglike the crowd. You know the awesome refute that they had done on the factof the whole atmosphere of Paris, a Mexican driver being on the podium. HisDad having a fire is life. Everything is yes in a picul thing. Ithink I think, as that was probably. This is the second time he's been ashappy as he can. The first day was probably when Perez was born and thenday friend we pass on the PORDEN friend of next Yeah Yeah R right man like thatgraffiti was so right out of like a pixar movie just to colorful. Everything was justtoo wholesome, yeah, just just a splendid Sunday for Mexico as a whole,yeah yeah, and I think this was probably the second highest attendanceas well after US GP, and you know pretty much. The entirety of Mexico iswatching today's and boidiers yeah yeah. It's been it's been so long, led alone,like a Mexican driver driving well like just all circumstantial right, likeMexico, has been launched, long standing, a red bull track. Mexico hasbeen a crowd favorite for some of these drivers and to see Peres having that wonderfulcar his starting to get into his...

...element that s that's also crucialright since the past few races he's being in his element, he's been upthere, so so all in all, there were huge expectations coming in from perersand boy here to the word, Oh yeah, and it's just awesome to seethat we have seen peers being you know a top class driver for a while now onthe track earlier, his tent at four and year, and then it was a racing point. Every time you know he's been one ofthose drivers who, like jump at those opportunities, and these days he gets alot more of those so yeah, it's wonderful to see him performwell, especially in the last Lecithin quoties es that we've been seeing. I think, he's finally like gotten theformula for his car in terms of set up and everything that yeah he's reallygetting comfortable that this. This was a metal information that we weretalking about yesterday Right, Oh so, folks, Y, if you weren't, aware of ifit was a bit of Osmont thing for you all, just a side track here we werestreaming this. This race live yesterday on our twitch channel. Wewanted to do it on Youtube, but technical difficulties. Obviously, withthis was the first time we were live. Thank you for everyone that you ned in.Thank you for all your comments on on to Chen. When whoever tuned in it was. It was a great experience.There was obviously too much low earning, because this was the firsttime we did it. We know what needs to be done now, at least from our and andyeah. We promise to keep bringing this more. We want more of you all to come,come up and join us. It's okay! If you don't want to talk just like, be there,listen to er sort of thing, but yeah yesterday was a splendid experience.Dreaming this life, it was fun. Well, do it more back on to back on to Peres Y A. Iagree what you said right like what we were discussing this pray right in life.I guess that basically, till now, like Max, has had the card for him like inthe sense that the car is pretty much developed for Max and just point in theteam, because you know other times have come and gone, but nobody's been ableto like team the beach diet, ses, yes, and I think Perez has. Finally, youknow he just finally got on the set up that- and you were mentioning this toright, like you were saying something about how even even the red bull garagehas been saying that for all the other drivers that they've got post Ricardo,it's been difficult for them to tune their car or something right, Yep Yep,that's right, I think, even from the engineer's perspectives, I think it'syou know. A lot depends on the drivers as such, because, like Ricardocomparatively is a much more experienced driver as such and I'mpretty sure you must be giving just the right feedback to them. Who probablyyou know, Albano, let's say even ghastly was not able to Porvida because theyjust didn't. Have that much experience as such, but I think Paris here is, youknow a Betan as such on the track, so I guess he he is able to provide theright treat back to them, Ye with which they can to a re yeah that- and I think, he's also getting comfortableadjusting to how to do his fire management, because yesterday was againagain sort of like a next level. Tire management and the means have beenshowing that right, like Ow, you had to change tires because you had to well. Iwas fortunate yeah and the other side where there's aHamilton radio saying these fires are gone and there's a press. Radio sayingmy tires are just starting to get better yeah. Definitely I think I am peas isknown for a tile management. We have talked about this. A lot of times wereas well and just today as well, though one thing I kind of wanted to point outwas obviously he stayed out. I think...

...when Hamilton petted Max respondedafter, I think a couple laps, but Paris stayed out and yeah one another was instart that happened that time was a Mexican eading, a Mexican gp for a fewlaps. But still you know, that's that's something in the ither there stop thecount banish. I wouldn't mind stopping that COD anyways yeah. So what I'm saying was one thing to notice your is that Ithink he stayed out for ten laps. You know after Humin, so his tires wereabout ten laps, fresser yeah, and I think they basically were trying to setthem up so that you know he can have that performance Delta Advanta do atHamilton to at the end, and- and we saw the awesome fight that was going on.You know the the game of cat and mouse pretty much, but that credit to Hamilton, like evenwith the tire deficit he beautifully like you, know, defended his positionthroughout yeah I mean that monitis was obviously a tender part this week end,but it goes to show that, even though probably luck say a better car say orwhatever has made you a seven time champion, but nonetheless, the way he'sbeing able to hold off onto that Te. To goes to show that you know there issomething about you that that's made you that seven time world champion sothat yeah I mean I mean holding off onto an unfortunate situation beingbeing surrounded by Red Bull cars, all along still a splendid drive from from LewisYeahlin. We do ye Ye. Definitely because we've everybody knows this andhas talked about it about this. You reputedly that this is, you know, track.That advantage is red, bull, get the thin air and yeah. We saw what happenedto both as but yeah Hamilton, yeah, there's a reason. He is haven't timewile champion and I think, to day we soriki of, but coming back to red bull. I think Ithink, let's just surf as Max for a while. Here is there's nothing much tosay there. He he drove the best he could he made he the most opportune outof the whole situation. King of re starts and King of Raystarts was war. We saw that you ave landed, you know, be one rason down to the turn.One day it was. It was just brilliant yeah right at the start itself like hewas right up there and you know he was alongside Botas quite before turn, oneI think like about when they were new hundred a d, fifty meter board orsomething like that and both of us. I didn't know what happened to him. Youjust brake like very but whatever I. Let's not get thatright now, yeah, we et Max yeah right from turn one. He took the lead andnever left it. So Yeah Perfec well executed Sunday fromMax, but that race start was was very interesting for a few other folks toright, especially the red girl gas layman. He was up at four yeah. That was surprising. You knowwhen I mean yeah after Buthas fun like every. There was a lot of chaos and that point I was not heling in theleader board and then suddenly. I just like turn my eyes and everything waslike very different. The ghastly food like what's going on here, yeah yeah and he held on to thatposition all the way to the end, so splendid drive from ghastly to which isalso interesting, because at some point, when Hamilton pitted he was behindgastly and and and, as someone pointed out on yesterday's life streams chat tolike. Could this be a repeat of Monaco...

...where gasoline holds of Hamilton, andthat was just biles yeah yeah, I mean ghastly was having abillion race yesterday for sure lonely, though, like yeah, I think hewas. I didn't think he interacted with anybody throughout the Racic of herblue flags and things like that yeah so yeah he was driving his own base heldon to his position and yeah like finished at when hestarted on yeah, although his second partner in crimeand not having a stoore a day, it's unfortunate in the sense because he'sfinally getting comfortable with the car. We talked about this yesterday towhere it's like the first fifteen races areliking at sites, the first x races. He was equally surprised to be therearound in two thousand and twenty to F one. But since the last two or threeraces, we've seen a difference, another are very comfortable with the car. Iwas hoping to see something was hoping to say something yesterdayas well, but they just an unfortunate situation. He knows he was. He was justcollateral damage you thought, or whatever was happening, yeah yeah. I think much to say it's like you knowI could have been. I guess he would at end up ended upsomewhere in Peten like somewhere in the points, but I think that word had definitelyhelped him to. You know increases confidence. I would say especiallygiven that how ghastly was performing so the card didn't have the performancethere. So you know if if he would had so I lap one bb, you know he touat goton a good result out of it. Yeah we've talked about this part where youknow how Mexico is, is red, bull, favorite track, and I mean the Americasusually are ready and favored in general, but Saturday was a verydifferent result to orsus. What Sunday showed us right like merceries werewere up there challenging all Quali yea. Something was just off eithereither Saturday was a misjudge on how redburns would have been or Sundaysomething else went wrong in merceries garage and the car is just won enufthere. It was very weird right like Saturday,though I think it was more like rent bill fucking up on Saturday, because a lay prayering yeah, exactly thejustus put on some duct tape on the rand wing, because it was woken. It isso bizarre, and I think so there is some other chananians going on with. Iheard that they attached maxis, broken rearing to yeah, peases car, and that'swhy I so you know there was a point in fact where I think e, not crafty,Martin Rendal, Matin rendal was talking about this, that they basically like detached the Rarrand took it behind, and he was guessing that. That was because, like peoplelike start taking photographs- and you know like start examining it- andthat's the reason why, but now we know what the Musallis yeah, I think the new is also beingsuppressed. Otherwise Mexican folks would have just charged into the garagerather than charging towards the podium, and it was weird like I don't know, Ithink, even Max kind of messed up. The reason his being was broken because hebroke it right, like he went on to those really harsh you know domtes andso yeah. I think it's not not a great qualification day for them, but yeahlike he redeemed himself, like they redeemed themselves in tilers, yeah,yeah ye, but yeah more just showing like adifferent side of side of their performance betweenSaturday and Sunday, Hamilton was...

...ganged up by just a school of red. Willdrivers all around Max and friend a FE behind him yeah there's there's a mean, that'scoming into my mind, right now, which I don't want to get into, but is each appropriateness, but yeah is aweird situation from Hamilton himself to it felt like a proper shake on itlike it felt like they're like cornering him for his lunch money, yeahyeah totally it's interesting because you know aloan of, I think he said it or e t et it. I can't remember, but he mentionedthat Hamilton is cracking under pressure. That's coming in from Max andRed Burl. Well he's commented that the car is notbeing in the element he ahead. We've seen him crib about cars I attiresyesterday to so you know what I didn't like, though, though his Peter was probably welldeserve the way he drove. What I didn't like was to things like he keptcomplaining about the tires and the fact that he said in his cost race that I did everythingthat I could with the car that I had the caries was in there. I didn't likethat fact, and the second that goes to show how red bull has paced, thatChecho was able to keep up with me could come on here, standing relent ofhis yeah. I miss that. Probably I I mean I saw it on read it or somewhere.So I didn't haply see him so, but someone's posted this that he saidsomething along these lines and I'm like come on. Duty are sent standing infront of his home crowd and saying, like the cars got in him with yeah sure yeah, that's a little. The little LordI mean not not the best thing to say I would say being in Mexico and missing them. ItConti's not probably the best idea. I think I think Louis should check astires they probably are slashed by but yeah. So regardless I guess yeah Imean he prove brilliantly. I don't! I reallydon't think you could have done anything better in the terms of winningderes for sure I don't think that was possible at any point after it waspretty evident because, like Max just went ahead right after likeing afterthe restart right like right after then, he built a good five second cap andafter them, first just yeah, I'm dominating throughout, but even if likeHamilton would have gone ahead. I think, like toto mentioned this, that it wouldn't have mattered much tobecause redbill was in a different element yesterday yeah and they wouldhave just gotten around Hamilton at some point so that I think I think goto a new. What was happening on rat they're justprobably started, raising and fighting for as much high as they can finish heryesterday, yeah. You know what I think I think what's happening now is, but as probably a like most ores andboth as are like having a fight now, because because see what happened is mostcities said that you know you're going to mess up your all your races, give ityou in just very time and botas is like okay, fine I'll qualify first, and thenyou know what I'll, just in at La Betur one and start the rest back again, I yeah. I now only know how to drivepost P fifteen. So that's a LD sea, yeah and right of the bad persides is likeokay. Is that what you're going to do?...

Give him a twelve second fix. Stop, Ohman! What was that again? Like smokes coming out? Therewas a string more like come on you, and this again this would have been onhim saying like he doesn't know where to stop, because we weren't able to getlike the nut out or yeah merceries garage having nothing problems on andon at November, share some things. Yeah, it's a pretty bored what's going on. Ithink I don't know see that this seems something seems wrong for sure like theway everything's going going on the garagelike today, they think about it. Just I think two episodes a go. We weretalking about candid to really catch up with Moires,and here we are right. They caught up there's one point behind now. I liketoday was the day an Putas was supposed to be their head, but definitely there's some discordgoing on. You know among the team and Botas so yeah. He saw what happened. Itwas very weird the way he brings it like so yon. He had the lead like whathappened. I just don't understand. Probably it's just like the moment andlike not being able to handle it sort of thing he probably assumed the tireswere. Warming of the brakes were warm enough and he could and he should havebreaked at the point where you know if this is like lap, ten and you're comingdown that main tait and even return. So that's my breaking point so he'sprobably he probably went into that mindset and then breaked at that point,but obviously your year, atrata lap one. It's that's not the place to break you,probably trink a few F meters ahead into that turn. Yeah Yeah I mean it did create a chaosthat that usually boat, as is known forright like either either he breaks to a agent of chaos. Either he breaks toolate May what I think is spar or somewhere really he be break too lateand then yeah took to Max out with him or for a Er. I don't recall it, but ereye is the non race rates, not spar, but so but yeah. You know what I'm talkingabout right like he took great bull out with him and again so so this time he'sdone something similar where he was taken out. Unfortunately, then, byRicardo cause. That's again! That's the interesting combination, though,because record is known for Lad. Breaking that is erly breaking. You got a very mixed and matchcombination right there yeah exactly and it does weirds. If yousee the footage again right. Ricardo was okay, so it was like Botas rightahead. You know right before Botas started. DRINKING BOTAS was ahead rightbehind him were Max and Lewes on either side of him. Both were almost equallyahead and right behind them was ghastly andbeside gasless Ricardo, so ricard was way behind. Okay and Botas suddenlybreak yeah Max and Lewis. Both go ahead. gasometer just you know, Miss BotasPeris. Also like goes off yea, Mrs Botas, and both as just turns inentirely and regard O poor Ricardo. He is led bringing he's just breaking intothe corner at a woos. This start turning in and yeah.At that point it was, I take a teasing incident, nothing either of them on er.No, no! No! It was n't a racing incident. It was about as sensit boast, but but twas you know that to make manmake anyway he's going to be either P...

...nineteen or it best be eighteen yeah.He had to sit in the garage you got a day off. You hear it not too bad. Ithink I think pot I shouldn't have got in that.FANDOR helmet, although it was just, is splendid, an amazing, just sure, JackieStewart himself resenting the Frangor helmet I mean just to justto no doubt but yeah I mean the guy who got distracted after that. Since the moment he got that helmethe's just been dreaming about it. He was seeing himself, probably driving inone whatever. Whatever is yeah yeah. I think I know what happened. He probablywanted to wear it and then, like Mike Mashy, is like no sorry. I can't allowthat and the news just you know, throwing a time put an from something I'll wipe half the field out. Oh well,just I on no than see now why he spun right like right. A turn. One like youjust wanted to do a bowling boil: Yeah Yeah, I'm doing a strike out sitting in that cloud of smoke so thatno one can see him and people keep running into him and yeah the cars God but Wigton on a strategy, not mercers, pitting him at the at lapsejust to Anach that one point away from mags cheeky but yeah, I mean every pointmatters at yeager like just no over racist to go, and this is going to comedown to the last way so yeah yeah you got to do I mean I think I think fairenough like he was already out of points anyways like what differencedoes it make if he ends up twelve to nineteen, you know so yeah. I guess if it made sense, astealing at one point, as you said et quint matters. This is going to happen.You know this is going to bootle the last, or at least the second last Tisfor sure and yeah. What o? What could have been at twenty point least, ournineteen point lead so yeah. I think Lewis will take take that for sure what s doesn't care but but but talking about points man, the point tables be shuffling quite alot, and it's so beautiful the season to see that Mercedis keeping ahead ofRed Bolt, just by that one point both as verses Paras, bringing bringingthis up a notch to hopefully get red bull that constructor championship thatdriver championship. So it's going to be fun, but beyond all this top table,point shopland whatever an. What do I want to talk to you about sang rightnow is clearing what's happening with McLaren man dey they were up their P.Three Lando was fighting for p three with botas the slipping behind man theyslipping behind. It seems like after Italy, they just decided. Okay, we gota one to. I think. That's that's done. I Yeah I achieved a came for. Let's goback home, it's weird right like because you're right, like start of the season, mclain was doing great, specially Lando.Okay, like honestly, when we say MC Laren was doing great at least for halfof the season. Yeah land was the only person scooting for so lando was doinggreat and then suddenly right up to Silvestin. Something has happened likeagain ignored the itly race that was out lire. But after that I think, he'sbeen pretty behind, like Patten no further behind p, fifteen and stuff something something's going on. They are definitely using ground likeconsidering that even Ricardo is not...

...doing good. Are they still slippingbehind Ferrari and yeah? Something seems awful all not a bad weekend to to land ocoming coming up from Pan to getting that one point in the tabill yeah: It'snot Bein a good second half of the season for McLaren Ferraris up on themby thin honestly, like thirteen points or something so they slipping down thepoint stable as well and in there at t for at this point for a Risu at B,three and constructed so fores having a good season nonetheless, so that the preseason testing has justbeen tossed out of the window. With now for rare at three but yeah yeah, somethings either either they've just moved on to two thousand and twenty two, andnow they don't care because they've Gordin their highlight, as youcorrectly mentioned, be on to yeah but yeah. If Ricardo, let's, let's Fila few man, he had an awesome start to day right. I love it yeah, but yeah.Sadly, I didn't got at a want o anything. He got t he got wet as yeah allthroughout the race as well. There was this good battle going on between thethen between Botas and Ricardo as well borders trying to chase Don Ricardocoming in close at some moments to get that overtake done. Betrade also I ses on driver knowsknows how to keep someone behind him. Although you know what that thatreminds me yesterday was quite a dry of a race to be honest, but yeah the wholeanticipation that something's going to happen someone's going to charge in,and people coming in close to that that fighting fighting, Istante and strangesense that need Veris, interesting, and Ican't remember how a dry race can be this exciting, and I can remember thelast time I've seen a race like this yeah. It was your Nix to think about it.The result was very similar to people's expectation. It was exactly if, if people werebetting, like probably you know, the odds are be very low and you know these these results, but but yeah. Basically,it felt like a dry rice, but still was pretty interesting because, as you saidin it was, it was a story of what could have been kind of. Everybody was rightup close to each other, like there were like these clusters form right where wehad Max was on his own bubble but Hamilton and to desbordes one likeRicardo and Botas. Were there and one for a long while- and I guess even these three ride, all the threeveterans are wet ill Alonso and K were driving together. They were againhaving some jolly good time. They are on a vacation almost into theretirement age. Now, let's, let's stick together and have fun together. You youstay ahead, this race, I will go to the next one. Then we send gimme a headShir. Let's just have son Yeah and same it the frais as well.They were kind of together, so yeah there were moments like but likethere were fights, there were chases, but we never saw a lot of over takes assuch, because guess yeah there was some really good defending going on as yes- and I think the only probably someovertakes that that I can remember a probably like switching orders fromteams with Ferrari and orders and the blue flags yeah yeah well talking about Frari somethingright. I think the the scale of power is kind of switchingright in the team like it seems like...

...signs, is kind of filling in the shoesof the driver number one. These days, isn't it yeah? That's a good point yeah. I could stand behind that. Yes,and I like how he's taking some some calls for himself, not all pro garage commentary and thenmaking those decisions were going against the garage as well, for and andrightfully so, cause he's also standing up for himself, but at the same timeproving his decisions correctly too. So Yeah Yeah Science, I'm pretty sure,Weta sitting there in their tastin and thinking. Oh, that's that's an option.I could have done that yeah yeah, I mean yeah. We have seen thatright, even wet all kind of used to do it. A lot of is, they would just say noas Kaelin. No, I to what but yeah. I think science, though, iskind of taking it a step ahead in the sense that I think he's selling up withthe team very well as where I think there definitely was some frictionbetween wittal and the team, and you could evidently see that. But I guessscience is somehow just jelling up with Charles. They are nothaving any issues as well like to think about it. Sciences, the new guy but still kind of,is humbling. Charles a little, I would say yeah but seems like they there's.No friction there same thing. The team, a also is kind of supportingboth they're, not kind of taking a side at least doesn't seem like at themoment so yeah, I guess Ferrari, are on the path of recoming themselves in twothousand and twenty two one ahead. I Guess True Yeah. Definitely SignsCordin very comfortable with the team looking forward to sort of seeing himprobably drive of the ladder as well so points I to him and Charles areseparated by by sort of like seven point five points with Charles in theneed at six in the driver standing the way things have been going withland o Charles and science that that that five were land o sitting at onehundred and fifty Charles is sitting at a hundred and thirty eight, and thenCarlos is sitting at a hundred a thirty point. Five that the five six seven isgoing to be also like an interesting spot to look out for in the driverstanding yeah and it's going to be fun. It's definitely going to be fun, Eggos,Ga ways talking of points Soren Masipele, is he out of the twentydrivers, twenty one out of twenty en't it, my God, he means just make themselves.You know I mean we don't have to think about it. I and these days well, Robert Kobita is overtaken for races left. I really wonder he isgoing to end up ahead of Romantica sure I think I think he probably thinkstwenty one over twenty is is a better number to have. I just things thatoverflows and goes back to that. If you're, not a Enyusha, that's reallyan interesting state to have right for you, for we bashing people, let's dash through alittle what's going on with the man he's laying low in the covers. At thispoint, I feel like he's not driving. Well he's not driving way too bad. Imean he could have done it her, but I...

...think like that, as ten lashmore to aracing, quits lash, whatever that that that was I the car at this point, is yeah he's in a slump right. I guesslast season he did decent like he had some really good results. He got asecond position as well. I think they ate yeah Monsarrat, I guess yeah. The last reason the car was an exactreplica this year. I think totos not sharing secrets as much as I of yeah it like the highest position. He'shad the season so far, piece, seven, which is not too good, like I don't know what's going on, I guesshe's just probably biting his time. Probably this car is not that goodenough and he he pretty much has the seat for him right like he owns theteam, for God sake. Although Alder Tell me this, we I mean I've said this.You've said this: that the probably the car is not there yet, but thesurprising part is wittles being able to push that car right. Let this theseason itself he's got into P to twice. Yeah it's so what is pushing the carhe's staying in points piece, seven yesterday as well, so yeah something's, definitely goingon with stroll yeah. But so let me look at the driver. Standard at vital is attwelve with twenty two points and were, as were a stroll, his growl down to sbehind him, but half the points that almost have the points that he has so yeah six points. I had of Sonoda Senoras at Ri to overtake control thatyeah that'd be something to look out for as well like that, be thirteendriver championship were table. Six quoins, defunta, ing them of you Ka, decides unfortunate situations if theMason for races hold out, at least for him and his car. I think he's got aninto an element where he can surpass stroll. He just might be thirteen Yahyeterday. Speaking of you know, good good drivingGeo. Finally called our attention right go hard or attention. He was used,triving, something yesterday I think. After three start he was west,something P, six yeating I had just a head of Ricardo, and no so you not eesjust had a veteran. I think he was trying an undercut as well, which,unfortunately back fired terribly, and you just stand behind after that, butbrilliant performance I mean unfortunately didn't end up in points P.Eleven. I want to say you so just after a yeah, so just missed out, but prettygood performance of he does have potential right, but he just he justmisses out. That's what I that's what I think of him. Always he just pusses outit's going to be a very to question ate to see him go because that second hasnot been, you know, disclosed tidn't, who's, taking it andand the the every day that gets a delayed. I get nervous for this guybecause yeah he's been under the cover like stroll has been recently, but he doesn't own the team andobviously he he's got to have financial backing. Hisonori heard that they are asking for the Italian government for yes, OI, soyeah, it's not looking good for go. So it's going to be an unfortunate thingto see him probably go so seems like it. I think I think the teamdoes have somee financial troubles. I...

...think they are going to get go for somepet RII to get some money for development, whichkind of does make sense for the team, but yeah I sat to see him go. I guess all in all. I think it was. It was goodto see what is happening on rike other otherdrivers were under covers Latif. I don't know what he were. He was on thetrack. Russell did pop up here and there, but again he was a and a Sundayby himself Jimmy, I don't know o con was doingeither. I don't know what he was doing. He started off with so sort he was. Itwas the only person who started off on solved and then I think he immediatelywent on to hard so yeah it was. It was an interesting race for a more on P.Thirteen again, I think I think some of these drivers have got an into themindset that, let's, let's start looking into two thousand and twentytwo and be done with this year, just just get lap times in and in Pacti FunSunday, a dry yet exciting. It's somewhat of an OBS moronic statement,but yeah. I don't know how to explain that feeling our first life stream just too much fun, some some bringing challenges that were given up by my fans as fun, OPant of the next one folks. We also make it a point to sort of send outthose links early on in advance, so that you can you canplan out your race timings accordingly and set things up correctly so that itdoesn't stop in between and we have to retard so that people have with easethat again to that too. True that to but yeah everyone's learning here. So,as we said, leave us a review. Leave us one point: Five points: whatever youthink it was. We love I tent with the way, and let us know what do you want to seewhat you want to see on these episodes follow us on our socials until the nextepisode. This is f. One fan fiction signing of the bay a t.

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