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Episode 12 路 5 months ago

2021 French GP Race Discussion


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Who would had thunk that the most nail biting race which had no DNFs or any shenanigans would be French GP?

In this episode we discuss:

  1. French GP Entertaining?!! o.O
  2. The prey have become the hunters!
  3. The McLaren Duo drives together
  4. Max adjusts his mic
  5. Hamilton makes do with the situation he's in
  6. Merc treats Bottas poorly
  7. Formula Toto
  8. Lance Stroll - The comeback king!
  9. Tsunoda wiggles his (car's) rear end
  10. Michael Masi hands out some sass
  11. Some more bitching about Mazepin
  12. Underappreciated Alpha Romeo
  13. Driver of the day
  14. Team of the day

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Someone that is, I don't think, he'sable to tune in his probably to to wolf, and it's not going to come from me,let's, let's starnel in, why he's not ening in yet yeah I mean I need to getthis out of my system. You know, like a toto, will hello and welcome back to yet anotherepisode with F one Fan Fiction. This is a podcast where we take the raceweekend and over in our parts and just have fun about it before we begin, if you've not checkthis out, yet I don't know what you're doing in life so go check us out. We are if one fan fiction.If you're new to the sport we've got an interesting one or one episode for you,where you can learn everything about the sport. There is to dive in to theweekends with us and if you want to go back and visit, the other episodes andthe other weekends in a more fun way than the weekends were already checkout all the other episodes as well and now into French GP. We are your host. Iam a cash and I'm sorrin. I, let's get into it first of all, French GP. Everyone knowsit's the lamest track or actually the lamest weekend, if you will, on thecalendar, no one's expecting any fun. To be honest, I was also going toswitch off my TV, knowing it was French GP, but what aweek, what a week an we've had yeah I mean who would have tuned likeone of the only Jesus in you, the history of a on without any DNS andanything and yet having you know so much entertainment, so much excitement being a friend GP is just unthinkable.I mean Wol what it is a nail biting finisher to right, like I was bored insome segments, and you know you have those aws showing it in sight. Yes, that Hay,it's gonna catch up in this time, and this is what's going to happen and eventhen it showed like it's Goin to the race is probably going to end a fewlaps before the the final few, but he came down to the last bit man as like.Oh what a nail writing finish. Yeah I mean like honestly as soon as the firstmistake that the Max made in the first lap. I wasalmost convinced that this is the final result of the race, and I was about toturn off my TV yeah. So I was like t. There goes Max. You know making amistake kind of very critical moment, and you know now he's going to take itand it seems like Hamilton just flew past, because you know he had a nice afew seconds gap right off the Bat. But you know what like before before we gothere I want to. I want to point out something about French GP, which is, Ithink this is one of the only tracks that I don't like seeing on TV from ahelicopter point of view, because those stripes do they make me feel creepy.I'm glad I haven't smoked anything up before this, this these races, but likethose fights, are tripping yeah. They really hypnotizing right.Like the first time I was seeing friend GP, like I think that was three yearsago. I think when it was introduced- and I was like wait- what the hell isgoing to go on you know like: Are you trying to hypnotize everybody,a yeah? It's pretty it's pretty interesting, actually and like like you know, they are basically thereto improve safety, and yet you know replace gable traps like. I think werecently just posted shore, a video...

...about it or not. Susians on Instagramand tech. Tok, so yeah give us a follow and check it out, but ye are comingback to that. Re Start Right, like that. The restart was quite brilliant. Ithink, like Max, has really gotten a good hang onhis impulse response and then hitting the gas exactly at the right time totake that lead. So I think I'm pretty convinced that diffas on pole he'sdefinite and to that matter even be to a qualm he's gotten that advantage onhimself to push that car to to that lead, but it felt like he was missingthe race line, as he was getting into that left turn because he was right inthe middle of the track rather than being on the CYAH. I think that's wherethe experience shows you know that Hamilton has because basically I thinkwhat happened was- and I think, even in post interviews, maxs set up said this-that the mistake was measurely because of like a gust of wind that came by towards the term one and it's kind ofcommon. For you know the track. Is You know the lay out as such that usuallythere is a tale when there and kind of makes the tal end a little wobbly, butyeah I mean Hamilton had no issues there and yeah still so ye many many. Ithink almost everyone complained about the wind in the in the start of therace, and it was. It was throwing off almost all drivers there, but he the the impact full one was withMax it so yeah. I think it had rained right in the F rays I some hours ago. I it did rain. The track was went, but Ithink it dried up pretty quick. But if you like, sort doing lap one and likethere was some clouds looming around but yeah, it wasn't exactly listingyeah yeah, greening then, but the racket dried up, but there was somepain out here. Okay, that probably explains why that the temperatures werestill like thirty degrees Celsius when it was like overcast and far Horto meinteresting. A it felt like home to me. Yeah satdefinitely had Hastati feel like it was such a such a brilliant weakened for ared bull man like they've paresis finally found hiscalling is his place, a red bull, his easiness, with this car he's just proving again and again like.I can now see why you know we were all being hired on on Red Bull, for you know, dumping thetwo drivers, but I feel like it to was somewhere. Those drivers per polly gotcocky or whatever, but it was the drivers, because we can now see parers,actually yea delivering what the car can deliver. Yeah. Definitely and again,you know, Peters is an experienced driver in the track, and he has this.You know magical ability of you know managing tires and he's just toobrilliant with it. I mean he always goes long and you know still getsomehow. You know still regains all the time, loss and yeah. I really really appreciate Paris for that yeah totally that and Max, and then the all of thatcombined with redbill strategy. I think it was a bang on weekend for them,which which definitely showed like in post, Ray celebrations with, likeeveryone being so cheerful because, like it's like you prepare for an examand then you a it and like everything is going your way. It was just thatweekend. You felt like Mercedis in Barcelona, but I don't want to givecredit to my cries in Barcelona. Is that's a track where you can expect redlikes French GP, not really I mean...

...you've already had red flex andqualifying. You can't expect more yeah, and you know I really want to give ashout out to the new celebration fo to thinking that Max is doing with usingvery musical sex on the aloud. I don't know why I took his looks to me, likehe's so like shutting on like as often a dump on them. Actually yeah T S, that'show it feels like right, hyeah and it pretty matched up with thetrophy as well. I think right, like the good er trophy with their has it looked pretty similar to how Max wassitting on the gay yeah it also yeah. I I just started to slowly become a fanof this guy. We are we seeing less of you know justrandom anger. It's still there, but it's more whenever it is, it is showingup it's more genuine in the sense like as there is an issue and I'm angryabout it, but it's not like the random worst of nonsense, anger that he usedto have like maybe four years back. So I really like him now: Brazil Okon. I probably think like that, as if thatwas to happen, it still be the same. Maybe not push the guy now, but it's ais equally frustrated but yeah, but no, he is really muchhurt right. I mean I say that, like it says, billions red book put him up witha very good strategy, but at the end of the day they were only able to. Youknow claw back the first position later on. It was because of his driving,because I mean he was hunting Hamilton. It's not an easy task. Hamilton is, youknow he doesn't let anyone buy ever like and he doesn't make mistakes likethat's just a fact. They will us seven times, Worl championcorrect isstantly, winning that consistency is shows yeah exactly soyeah. You know Kudos to Max what that brilliant drive the out lab that hemade after the first pitch top. That was brilliant because he gained, Ithink, around four seconds on Hamilton in there and that's just insane andyeah yeah. I think like Max talk about likelearning from your mistakes. I like, as I think this is exactly what they knewcould go down coming out to Barcelona, the racistbacket anything it was. It was brilliant tofigure out what went wrong. There come back in a stronger weekend today oryesterday and use. I think you would have probably used up all of his ers,knowing that hammers in the pit, an you know, probably is race, engineer,saying yeah. If we push now there is that opportunity where we may come thein front of it and the undercut might just work and it did it did I mean it.It was such a brilliant sink tune of the engineer and the driver at thatpoint. Yean. Another thing you know if younoticed like there were these moments where they were having some like veryterrible radio issue when, basically at times it was just masking mumble,mumble Mombelli, like engineer being like no, I don't know what you'retalking about, and he is insane that you know even with all these issuesthat they had, they pulled off this really good strategy, and so that kindof shows us how you know how much of her well oil machine red bull seemslike at the moment which always it seemed like most ofthese. was that way right like just like that the last year, and I think itkind of shows that when you have a fast card, you know any decision that you make kind ofworks in your favorite and then you look like a genius when, under pressure,things start falling off it yeah. That...

...radio message is a funny bit, though Ifeel like compare that with H and I go back to Nikita and Monaco, because when they were speaking in alienlanguage, I think their race engineer was like Oh yeah. I move that ox cableor whatever it was like move out O ox cable around when you had anopportunity and I'm like Dudy's going at two hundred miles in high. This isone of the faster attracts. How do you expect him to wiggle things around inthe coppet at that? At that thing and he's chasing now, N Amilton on the less I this? You were mentioning this there'ssome theory right like why that radio started, and it wasn't just Max. Ithing like you an for more cities that there was something funny happeningyeah. I think it was basically that, like these red and blue stripes havelike tungsten and asphalt, you know mixed in to increase traction and youknow basically improve their breaking part yeah during likewhen they go off in these Oneida. So but since they have you, the tungstenthere, it kind of interferes with the Radio Com and I think, like that's whatpeople were speculating. It's not like clear, exactly why that was butyeah that's what it most possible theory seems like interesting,interesting, Huh yeah that I mean scientifically.That theory sounds right, but who knows a Max is probably able to wigglesomething around that two hundred is Pura e, fixed things I guess, but it does. It is brilliant to see howthat hunt begin down right like with with that second pit stop, it becamepretty evident that he's gonna Chase both of these down fingers were crossed,obviously that he is able to, but yeah it worked out for them. In the end,it's good ye speaking about change, chases those some de Magic happeningyesterday at macarian. It was such a pleasant to watch, seeing both of thosedrivers working in kind of yeah yeah. It is pretty weird like likeearlier, you know: Ricardo was having a blast. He was now taking overtangledand Diet and Land O. I think he overed to clan to his will rite right afterthe start yeah and he was flying and I think his first victim was liking alongso or someone ones he he we, I mane difficulty, but there is this momentwhere, like Ricardo over to alone so- and you know non so s, just behind anhe's like yeah. Thank you, sir. A just move fast, you here, yeah and that went on for every one rightlike it yeah yeah. They were more, he just driving in a pair, and you knowlike just cutting through the field. PrettyFun I mean they had having a very good time. It seems, and but there was alittle fiction. I think there was this one radio message where land was likeyou know: Ricardo is trying to push me off the track. Oh interest yeah, but soI think it will have more and more of this because you know, as teammatesstart to battle out on the field. You know all the the bothery love goes away. Yeah Yeahand I was hoping to see some waving also in terms of flake. Presently lovegoing away between and Carlos because he was. It was a bit comic timing bythe camera folks as well, because as soon as he was, he was overtaking fromthe right they panned into the cockpit camera and as just waiting to see if heactually was because it was a smooth overtake. It wasn't, like a left hand, tear inside overtake butyeah that do us to cocky for line yeah...

...well again, yet again, land do you know,finish: p Five die live yeah. The strategy worked out for him. He didwell on his tires in the first tent and then in the second stand, just flewthrough the field. He had to overtake a lot of people, and I think you wouldhave record sir, but I think that was more of a strater that started you moverather than an noveltie and yeah brilliant, like Maren are right upthere. I think Ferrari and Mala going to battle this out lean for the thirdposition right, yeah, yeah, p. three is definitely going to be between thosetwo for sure yeah, not a good weekend for Ferrari. Lo, but more so a child'sdud I feel like were the end. I think he ended up. Oh Yeah P, sixteen man, ohthat's, going to be gough yeah. I don't know as no points for forrader elevenand then this guy. Sixteen s zero points were Forrad this weekend, yeahnot a good day yeah. I feel like there is a different comraded Romans growingup in red, bull wife, because there was this. This short radio message werePeres, let Max by and just a quick one were as like. Thank you and they huggedit out so well at the end, so I feel like it feels like, but eitherPerez is trying to do a very you know, calm and steady move where he's like.Okay, now, I'm comfortable in the car, let Max take the lead. Once I have anew contract for three more years is when I'm going to start Calancha 'swhat it seems like I mean. Definitely it makes sense right, like you are newto the team. You're just trying to you know, learn the ropes, and it's alwaysit makes sense to you know, do well with your team. Mate do well with theirteam, learn everything and then yeah try to push for true true. I think this is the yearthat he just get puns in so true tuning in something someone that is, Idon't think he's able to tune in his probably to to wolf, not a driver butfolks less in no the world and- and it's not going to come from me- letlet's start on explain why he's not ening in yet yeah I mean I need to get this out ofthe system like Octoo. Will that guy- and I have you seen them how you bearthis is ennae. You no sense that the mass goes over your nose rules for Thee.Not For me, you know it's just a typical electus pull shat yeah. I don'tknow the more. I learn about this guy I've like disliked him even more. Youknow thinking about like how much western interest he has in likeconflicting teams and like the manager of multiple drivers and everything. Itall seems a lot fishy. You know I mean people idolize him way too. Muchis what I feel I mean yeah. He has been on the head since MOK has been winningbut honestly in like recent times. I have realized this that, or at leastthat's my opinion- that the reason who has been winning thesechampionships is slowly because of Hamilton. I mean yes, they built abrilliant card, but in all honesty, most of es did kind of inherit thisgood car from what was the previous team that theyhad a clarioning Soria Gran on Sep, which was essentially the Honda Honda'steam, but I think they had to you know, get out of the projectbecause of the financial crisis and the solder of to bran, and then they soldit off the mark. So you know I mean yea, they built a brilliant card, but most cities has had their share ofmaking mistakes and you know doing...

...wrong strategy and still coming outahead, and if you remember literally last year, we had Hamilton winningareas and three tires. So you know I feel it's Hamilton's brillionscientification. You know and relentlessness that he gets most. It isthere and it's not really most of us who, as a yeah and what what sort of puts me off also fortoto is like you know, this is a sport where you actually learn from yourmistakes and come back, but this is probably like the fourth race, whereyou see in more cities continuously make mistake, and at the end of therace, till Hamilton yeah this one's on us. You know we come back stronger. Idon't see you guys coming back stronger and- and this just shows that when you,when you don't have competition, everything seems good, rightly evenfrom the outside. You are start idealizing people, and you know you feel like. Oh these. This is thebest, but as soon as there's the slightest posh you're seeing all of these cracks allover again you within merceries- and it's so evident since the past fourraces. Yeah, definitely- and I think, even like relationships within the teamare sorring for sure. You can clearly see that botas is not having a goodtime like it. It really feels like a repeater for betteh with Frati lastyear, where you know the team seems to have like pretty much abandoned him,and you know just they don't feel any shame in throwing him under the busside. You know it's just pretty weird like it was pretty clear that theysacrificed BOTAS e res today to try and protect Hamilton's position, because itcompletely made sense that they should hide pitted botas as well to cover forworst happen and cry and give Botas and a personally to get the wind, but theybacked you, know their horse, Tiace Hamilton and were like you know, yeah. You were the second driver, be inyour place. Kind of thing I feel like so it all started off as ameme, where there not not coming out in Monaco, wasblamed on on Botas it's louped, because you wereable to remove three nuts where for wherever I stop, but so it's juststupid. But what it's come down to is it's, sadly, that that name, sort ofcat on in a realistic way and Botas is being blamed from for foreverything like even even yesterday. I think, like the way he wasn't able tofend Max off was just put on him like he didn't hold Max off for Hamilton andI'm like when Max reached Hamilton. He yeah gave away the position the thrandthat's justified, because Hamilton and post interview says a post raceinterview says that yeah there were all ready linings in the tire and at thatpoint, if, if I wouldn't, if I would have blocked off Max on that Strait, hewould have got me on the next trade because of dears. It is just a matterof time and I'm like if we agree to Hamilton, why don't we agree to whatBotas is saying? Why is he being treated as a mame versus in Maham Ham?Is At the Hell Ye? For sure I mean yeah yeah, that's what I feel like you know.My respect for Hamilton has gone up recently and my respect for most cities,as a team has gone down by a lot recently and yeah same good goes withBotas I mean yeah. He is not the best driver. I wouldn't say that, but he'sstill a pretty good driver and I feel like he deserves more respect withinthe team to other than what thinking on. I think probably this is a rareopportunity for folks listening where you know I'm going to defend Hamiltonfor as much as I actually hate him and in for a regular listeners. You knowhow much I bitch about a Milton, but...

...yesterday's race actually showed hishunger, for you know just being competitive, not just that P one potinposition which is being competitive because he really makes do with thesituation that's thrown at him. He knew he was going to run into that thatfight with Max towards the end he knew where his tires were. He knew he was.You know one stop and you could still see him sort of trying to fight as muchas he could sure he let Max by in that overtake which was smooth over take.But given the conditions, it was just a matter of time, but it's the brilliance of Hamilton asan experienced driver that you know still put him in the position that hewas yesterday. Ye as compared to botas the the the amount of Defen that Itried to do for him, he surely shortly from build when Peres tried to votatehim and he was all over the place which is just so evident, Yep, and not justthat. If you noticed like there was this moment of the Fort First, I pitchtop, where like Hamilton was right behind a staten andBotas was also right behind Hamilton and I think, for a little while was happen, kind offlew past outside the range of Datis from Hamilton and but as had the others,but Hamilton did not, and I really felt that this was a moment that put yeahtrying, yeah kind of overtake Hamilton and try and challenge for that lead. Hehad that opportunity. He was not able to cashin on that right, yeah, yeah!That's where you know that's what separates legends from Yeah. You knowlike good drivers. There was actually a radio moment between Derasa and Brandlas well, where they were like. BOTAS has gotten a faster pace on Hamiltonand it'll, be interesting to see how this pans out when he's in firing range,it never happened right it. Never. I agree that everything that's going onin the merceries camp, sort of messes your brain and puts you in a differentmental state, but at the end of the day, the redefinition that we are seeing forBotas and waiting for five years, or I can't even remember if it's a decadenow it's never happening like on thejackets, just not showing yeah. That's the A D. I think, with theamazing performance that George Asel had today, a p twelve. You know andWilliam signing wow. He moth episode, one where we spoke about. What's what'sthe crazy thing that you think will happen right and I said Williams mightget a point. I think I LYTA it, but it might happen itmight happen. I think I think, there's a possibility of you know that optingfor sure and yeah and I'm with all the cracks that we seeing between Botas andmerceries. It feels to me, like you know, George is going to be the personwho probably might be the joining Hamilton in two thousand and twenty one,so thousand y twenty two yeah, but you know it's gotten weird because of theof all the discussions we've had in the past few minutes, I feel like if thereis, if there are going to be like cracks opening up at versities. I wonder if it's going to be like a youknow, gamble on a career for Rosel, because it was what a redbill dominance.There are the number of dominance era. Are we gonna go back and see vital topoint O in Max for the next few days, and then it's just a lost cause forRussell where it now feels like Williams, is starting to have a bettercar with Busan regulations coming next year, it's going to be a more levelplaying field, so I'm in two minds to be honest:...

Yeah I mean. Who knows you know afterall to to is George Justice Manager. I don't think that can happen. I werelisted in this talking about totos investments. Let'stalk about as his other team yeah as it's gonna be an episode of almost totoat seventy five percent of the teams that we end up talking about today, sois in the formula toto. That's going to be another t shirt formilliton. He asked an Martin man that was another team with a pairing,overtaking strategy. I don't think they bring too many tiresto the PADICK. Yes seriously, it seems, like you know, yeah, I don't know what they just neverpaid. That's it like that. That's a strategy never paid its funny got. Itworks out to them. It does because it was funny in the sense that I think itwas a lap. Thirty, five or something Max has already pitted twice, and theseguys are like, I think, t three and P four t four P: Five, both still goingstrong on their first set Yahan. They are consistently pullingoff the strategy you know weekend after weekend, like they did the same inMonaco. They did the same last reason adders and it's just working out forthem and Lance troll. I am becoming a fan of this sky. I mean he's prettymuch. I would call him the comeback King because, like he starts at thevery end of the grand and always somehow just features you know will inpoints sometimes winning the reins or whatever you know he's just too good atmaking these recovery drives. As such yeah he's, I think, about Barcoo. Hewas also like he didn't, have a pit stop shirt but like he was still, hewass still up from nineteen to like six or something when, when he crashed andthat's crazy man like how much overtaking is he doing given, he wouldn't have crashed, maybea pitch top there. You didn't definitely finished in points again,yeah for sure and yeah. I mean wattle to right. Like again, it seems like heis finally dead. He is in his groove now he seems a lot more happy. He willlike visibly. You can see that he's in a good and better state of mind a COMPas compared to last year, because yeah again consistently ending in points getting on the podium last time andyeah a in like both of these drivers are definitely happy in the sense likeevery overtake and every position gained. Is it dope glass to their head and as drivers? That's that's the bestthing you can get right, like you're climbing what was yesterday you'reclimbing at one point I think yeah stroll came back again like thenineteen to p ten, and where did you finish? Oh yeah, he finished peten itsame for vital again, yea into the point. P. Nine! Definitely seeing that Lopeman lass,they are happy. Everything is working out. I want to see how how budget capsnext year again work out for this team is the way they are driving. Yeah yeah,it's going to be a tough fight, Yep Yep yeah, I feel asked. Martin is going tobe a force to reckon with next year with elation changing I have. They seemlike a very tight team. They have always been a tag team. I mean eversince they were for and are like they used to punch way about their weight.They've always done that way. The team is brilliant at you know, spending verylittle money and still extracting the maximum out of what they have and yeahagain. They had a heck up at the start of the season, but I think they'reslowly getting there. Who Do you say who would you say, is Aston Martin'sbiggest competitor on that track? At this point,...

I think at least looking at the leaderboard, its Alfatar and the funny thing is you know what what what you wouldnotice is like generally in Alpha Tai. They have only one driver who performsvery well and in and in National Martin. They have two drivers who perform likedecently, like at least in terms of the leader and yeah. It's really funny inhow those two teams are completing yeah. I think sooner that needs to findUS modulant. I think he crashed into the barriers onqualifying it's quite a funny day with all those Google wiggle beans for hisararuna lot of. Have you seen one of those famous ones where it's like shack, I think or yeah? I think it'sshakoes like a head, a escale as a head shake. We will be good and then theyshow it's another. The rare end of the car on a wet or I U K- needs to bring hisaggression on to that right and just not the radio yeah and you know, has his teammatesdoing brilliantly ghastly as like on fire. Pretty much, I'm pretty sure he's gonna. You knowend up somewhere, like p five peak, something like that he's doingbrilliantly yeah, because right now, it's like obviously the first two areSolita is going to be Max. Be Three Pres took the lead, but then there'sparers and land of battling that out, but as his way down, I think like piecesix or something that Fifth Sport is is a pretty sport, because whoever it ends up being that P tepfour between Perez and land of PTRE still sorted out. There Leclerc isstill trying to find his MORTUI. It Ferrari seems quite inconsistent andthen Pierre, giving given his battis places himself right there at five ofthe driver's Constructor Drivers Championship. Yep Yep, I mean there's aa pill battle for him. That are a lot of people a have I heard of him rightnow, but it's a long season. You non it's just the start of the season andgenerally, like you know, most drivers are kind of I mean, even though theyare used to driving these cars. They are significantly different becausethere are a lot of er improvements and things like that. So the you know, eachdriver is kind of still learning the card and I think by now, like mostdrivers have becon comfortable with years and yeah are showing their twopace totally and Pierre is sort of core since race, one has also beenincreasing like we saw and we forgot like first few races, he was probablystill getting cocky from all the Attentioni from a, but since then andthe podium last weekend, yeah since then, he's shown that now yeah he candrive that car yeh make sure makers B. Fourteen to or last second so yeah lastis always naked for Sony. We lucky red flag again with all thememes that yeah the it's like. I mix learning exactly the ropes or fillinginto Ferrari and those names fitted well, like you just get a Red LakeRasor car get a better position into coli yeah right I mean that that that's whatit felt like. I heard that Michael Massey was kind of proposing.This idea that we should probably you know, cancel the lap of the person whocrashes in Cali and like guns of the Red Flag, because, like it, there is this. Thereis a possibility of people exploiting...

...this loophole. Where you know you justcrash a car and that's it right and stay. You know stop others from putting in agood lap, but I mean that was just like informal chat with journalists but yeah.I wouldn't be too surprised if that's like FDL implement this room. No, it's I I didn't know about this,but it feels right to be honest because it can fall under the law. The clause of running crack limitsand you get a like. It's not like race, where you get warnings before you hadfive second penalty, if you cross Prakla your sesia like your lapinsdeleted. This is exactly that, like whatever reason you slipped whateveryou still a cross, Brat limits unfortunately crashed, but if you wouldhave recovered the car, you would have come back and your races and your timewould have been deleted. Yeah. This is a very interesting point. I like it YepYep yeah. I mean yeah and you're. Talking about Michael Massy. Do you recall all the radio chatterthat went around during qualification between Mersit and dreadful and MichaelMarsya? No, I don't know about this Othenin. Basically, that was thisKirton turn to which was which was always there. Actually, it's not a newcub. It's just that the characteristics of the car as such this time that they carry more speed in turn to, as ishis a quick left to the right. An turn to. I can't remember yeah, yes,the Yean generally cars go a little wide there. So, basically, I think, oh,I think it was a free tractors, not during qualification, my life, thatmost of these came on the radio and was like you know. These curbs are nonsense.This is going to cost us like thousands of dollars, and you know this is justproportionate and you know a small mistake shouldn't you know, cost you thousands of dollarsin damages and Michael Massy was basically like. You know, then don't gothere. I think he's a way from the COD. Why is he a there in the first place? I like it. I mean not in these words, but you knowthat's what that was. We a and the same thing happened with RedVille as well. I think in FTHR, when Max also kind of knocked off his frontwing at the same curt and they started complaining as well in yeah, they kindof said he kind of said a similar thing to them as well. So yeah, I Guess Fair Point: It's not alwaysright to submit to the whining child yeah. So far point I mean I completelyagree to that. Like think about monocrat, like are you going to say thesame thing when you're in the world right, like you can't you can't treatta limit as optionally are not they are dead, for it is in don't go this tenleven building is going to take us down with millions of dollars. Let's takethe building down exactly so yeah, I I don't have any sympathyfor both teams, like it's just pickering through that we're coming back to house. I don't like talking about Nikita, butthen what is he doing there? And I feel, like he's, he's that Crottin apple inin the in a bag of good apples and no one likes him he's they just start toput up with him, because in the he's on the paddock, this weekend was also no different thanthe other ones. Again. Yeah I mean yeah. I hate to see him onthe screen. I really feel like more deserving driver should have itsomebody who's, not a complete brick,...

...and I really hope one day I see himfailing to meet the ones. I go. Seven percent requirement to qualification ofgetting disqualified from the race. I would love to see that an if I really saw an angry make sure micaI mean yea still not angry, but you can. You can sense the tone where think whatin early part of the race where he tried to, he was actually pushed off byNikita and is like. Why is this guy like this? And people have complainedso much about him in free practices and qualifying as well? I don't know whatgoes on in Nikita's head either either one of two things: either he thinks heowns everything and he's just going to drive as he wants a IA or two he thinkshe's being competitive, whereas he's just yeah. I no work yeah anyways, let's move on. I don't knowhim a lot of line. Like a n talk about Gogana, I mean it's interesting that wenever speak about him and I sort of see why we never spoke about him, becausethere was so much more happening and he was just that other driver at Halfa,but jus having a good weekend yesterday, over taking ufern yeah lovely weakenedfrom him yeah and also, I think he ended up pretty well in qualificationas well rat. He started, I guess somewhere around. What was that, I think thirteen pthirteen and yeah pretty awesome like for Alfa it's actually a Alpha is underappreciated a lot. They were pretty much at the bottom of the table lostlast year and they have made a very good comeback. It's unfortunate thatthere are a lot more teams who were become a lot competitive as well andwhich is why they are not able to gain as many points. So the point sabledoesn't really. You know, give a true indicator of where Alpha ar in terms ofperformance, but they just missed the bar. Somehow s well, wrapping this up, who was who wasyour driver of the daste driver of the day? I think he has to goto Max Max. Just the fact that you know hunting down Hamilton is notan easy to ask. I my respect for him as really gone up, because it was not notjust a comfortable reason was I mean at will was not the clear, faster car it.That was not the case. I feel most of the eason deadbolt were pretty muchwere at par and yeah. He made mistakes, but he made upfor those mistakes as well later on in the race and Yeah Brilliant Ray. For me, this might be a shocker, but Ithink I'm gonna go with Hamilton is, I know I know this might like a cold in the way. I think the way I tried to fend them offwith the with the one stop taking it all the way to the end. In a similarsetting in Barcelona, we saw all bet: Peras was in there to to slow Hamiltondown for maybe two laps Sish, but even given those two laps ish he took or ofMax very comfortably, never says this was all the way to the end and, to behonest at one point, I thought that Hamilton just might have had his way, just just purely on those reasons. Iwant to say him for once I did hear him. I mean he didwine about the tires, but at some mind he was doing, but at some point he did say on theradio that he feels comfortable with with the he feels comfortable withtheir dithering. That's poly, that's probably when his ties are actually bad. Probably Probably Yeah Corlyon ask youthis to like in terms of strategy. I...

...think we saw Red Bull, having a brilliant strategy,mcclaren having a brilliant strategy, all pen having a billin strategy andAston Martin, and I were brilling strategy. Hoshi's, your favorite therefrom yesterday's strategy games difficult to see, I would say either itwould be either between Aston, Martin or Ateca, because both of them werejust prilliant, because I think they're, the only team who gotbrilliant preser from both the drivers at the same time, using the same kindof a similar strategy, yeah and yeah pretty awesome over me. I do have to beredbill because I think primarily because you know learning from mistakesis implemented in a brilliant way, and then you can see that that coming back- and do youremember like earlier in that episode- We had said this that you know led billwas lacking, andthese, small, tiny moments with the single and that'swhere they have close to cal. Yes, there's some very good post raceanalysis and then you know alert things coming out of those well. On that note, I think it's been alovely episode. You know for for a GP that was expectedto be too dry. We've got a lovely triple header comingthis week with with the challenge of a head annow oh yeah one, but it's an action pack to weekend,nonetheless, up until summer break in August, so there's just back to backraces and it's going to be a thillot of a season. While we see where Max andHamilton lined up with those amazing battles at P, three P, forty five aswell, so until until the next episode. These are your hosts signing off by by a.

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