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Episode 12 · 1 year ago

2021 French GP Race Discussion


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Who would had thunk that the most nail biting race which had no DNFs or any shenanigans would be French GP?

In this episode we discuss:

  1. French GP Entertaining?!! o.O
  2. The prey have become the hunters!
  3. The McLaren Duo drives together
  4. Max adjusts his mic
  5. Hamilton makes do with the situation he's in
  6. Merc treats Bottas poorly
  7. Formula Toto
  8. Lance Stroll - The comeback king!
  9. Tsunoda wiggles his (car's) rear end
  10. Michael Masi hands out some sass
  11. Some more bitching about Mazepin
  12. Underappreciated Alpha Romeo
  13. Driver of the day
  14. Team of the day

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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Someone that is don't think he's able to tune in. Is probably too too wolf, and it's not going to come from me. Let's let's start on explain why he's not tuning in yet. Yeah, I mean, I need to get this out of my system. You're like fuck to two will. Hello and welcome back to yet another episode with fone Fan Fiction. This is a podcast where we take there is weekend and over in our thoughts and just have fun about it before we begin. If you've not checked us out yet, I don't know what you're doing in life, so go check us out. We are F one fan fiction. If you're new to the sport, we've got an interesting F one hundred one episode for you where you can learn everything about the sport there is to dive into the weekends with us and if you want to go back and visit the other episodes and the other weekends in a more fun way than the weekends were already check out all the other episodes as well. And now into French GP. We are your host. I am a Kash and I'm sorry I let's get into it. First of all, French GP. Everyone knows it's the lamest track, or actually the lamest weekend, if you will, on the calendar. No one's expecting any fun. To be honest, I was also going to switch off my TV, knowing it was French GP. But what a week, what a week, and we've had. Yeah, I mean, who would have thunk? Right, like one of the only races in, you know, the history of fone without any DNS and anything, and yet having, you know, so much entertainment, so much excitement. Being a friend GP is just unthinkable. I mean, wow, what is a nail biting finisher to write? Like? I was bored in some segments and you know, you have those aws showing sights inside yes, that hey, it's gonna catch up in this time and this is what's going to happen. And even then it showed like it's gonna the race is probably going to end a few laps before the final few when he came down to the last bit, manners like, Oh, what a nail biting finish. Yeah, I mean, like, honestly, as soon as the first mistake that Max made in the first lap, I was almost convinced that this is the final result of the race and I was about to turn off my TV. Yeah, so I was like there goes Max, you know, making a mistake out of very critical moment and I know he's gonna take it away. And it seemed like Hamilton just few past, because you know he had a nice yeah, two seconds gap right of the Bat. But you know what, like before before we go there, I want to want to point out something about French GP, which is I think this is one of the only tracks that I don't like seeing on TV from a helicopter point of you, because those stripes do they make me feel trippy. I I'm glad I haven't smoked anything up before this this these races, but like those stripes are trippy. Yeah, they're really hypnotizes in right like the first time I was seeing French GP, like I think that was three years ago, I think, when it was introduced, and I was like wait, what the Hell is going on, you know, like are you trying to hypnotize everybody? Yeah, it's Pretty Creo it's pretty interesting actually, and like, like, you know, they are basically there to improve safety and yet, you know, replaced gravel traps, like I think we recently...

...just posted short video about it. Or not. socials on Instagram and tech talk so yeah, give us a follow and check it out. But yeah, coming back to that race start, right like that, that race start was quite brilliant. I think like Max has really gotten a good hang on his impulse response and then hitting the gas exactly at the right time to take that lead. So I think I'm pretty convinced that defeas on pole. He's definite and, to that matter, even P tow at qualifying, he's gotten that advantage on himself to push that car to that lead. But it felt like he was missing the race line as as he was getting into that left turn because he was right in the middle of that track rather than being on the curl. Yeah, I think that's where the experience shows, you know, that Hamilton has because basically I think what happened was, and I think even in post interviews Max set up said this, that the mistake was measuredly because of like a gust of wind that came by towards the turn one, and it's kind of common for you know, the track is, you know, the layout is such that usually there is a tail win there and kind of makes the tail end a little wobbly. But yeah, I mean Hamilton had no issues. Are and yeah, stayed so many many I think almost everyone complained about the wind in the in the start of the race and it was. It was throwing off almost all drivers there. But yeah, the the impactful one was with Max sides. Yeah, I think it had rained right in the F two rays. I some hours ago it did rained. The track was wet, but I think it dried up pretty quick. But, if you like, Sawt doing lap one and like there was some clouds looming around. But yeah, it wasn't exactly listing. Yeah, greening then, but the track a dried up, but there was some rain earlier. Okay, that probably explains why that the temperatures were still like the t degree Celsius, when it was like overcast and felt more to me interesting. Yeah, it felt like home to me. Yeah, Seattle's definitely had has that with a year round. What I feel like it was such a such a brilliant weakened for Red Bull Man, like they've Peres has finally found his calling, is his place at Red Bull, his easiness with this car. He's just brewing again and like I can now see why, you know, we were all being hard on on red bull for, you know, dumping the two drivers but I feel like it was somewhere those drivers. We are probably got cocky or whatever, but it was that drivers, because we can now see Perez actually, yeah, delivering what the car can deliver. Yeah, definitely. And again, you know, pets is an experienced driver on the track and he he has this you know, magical ability of, you know, managing tires and he's just too brilliant with that. I mean he always goes long and, you know, still get somehow, you know, still regains all the time lost. And Yeah, I'd really really appreciate Paris for that. Yeah, totally, that and Max and then the all of that combined with Red Bull Strategy. I think it was a bang on weekend for them, which which definitely showed like in post race celebrations, with like everyone being so cheerful, because, like it's like you prepare for an exam and then you ace it and like everything's going your way. It was just that weekend. I felt like Mercedes in Barcelona, but I don't want to give credit to Mercedes in Barcelona, cus that's a track where you can expect red flags. French GP, not really. I mean you've already had red flegs...

...in qualifying. You can't expect more. Yeah, and and you know, I really want to give a shout out to the new celebration photo. Think you that Max is doing, which was a very easy sets on the halo. I don't know why it took. His looks to me like he's like shitting on like as open at dump on them. Actually, yeah, that's that's how it feels, like great, Hey. Yeah, and it pretty matched up with the troofy as well, I think, right like the the good a trophy with their hands, it looked pretty similar to how Max is sitting on the car. Yeah, it also, yeah, just started to slowly become a fan of this guy. We're seeing less of, you know, just random and anger. It's still there, but it's more whenever it is it is showing up, it's more genuine in the sense like as there is an issue and I'm angry about it, but it's not like the random bursts of nonsense anger that he used to have like maybe four years back. So I really like him now. Brazil, oh, go on, remember. Yeah, I probably think like it that does. If that was to happen, he'd still be the same. Maybe not push the guy now, but it's at least equally frustrated. But yeah, but no, he is really mutured, right. I mean I say that like it says brilliant. Red Bull put him up to the very good strategy, but at the end of the day they were only able to, you know, claw back the first position lead at on. was because of his driving, because, I mean he was hunting Hamilton. It's not an easy task. Hamilton is, you know, he doesn't let anyone by ever, like and he doesn't make mistakes like that's just a fact. Seven Times world champion, consistantly winning. That consistency is shows. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, you know, Kudos to Max for that brilliant drive, the outlab that he made after the first pitch top. That was brilliant because he gained I think, around four seconds on Hamilton in there and that's just insane. And Yeah, yeah, I think, like Max talked about, like learning from your mistakes, right, like, because I think this is exactly what they knew could go down coming out of Barcelona three races back ish, and I think it was. It was brilliant to figure out what went wrong there come back. I'm a stronger weekend today or yesterday, and use. I think you would have probably used up all of his RS, knowing that hammer was in the pit and you know, probably is race engineer saying, yeah, if we push now, there is that opportunity where we may come in front of it and the undercut might just work. And it did. It did. I mean it's it was such a brilliant sinc tune off the engineer and the driver at that point. Yep. And another thing, you know, if you notice, like there were these moments where they were having some like very terrible radio issues were basically at times it was just maximum mumble mumble bumble and like the engineer being like no, I don't know what they're talking about. And then it's insane that, you know, even with all these issues that they had, they pulled off this really good strategy. And so that kind of shows that how you know how much of a Well oiled machine red bull seems like at the moment, which always, it seemed like most of these, was that we write, like just write up the last year, and I think it kind of shows that when you have a fast car, you know of any decision that you make kind of works in your favor and then you look like a genius. When under pressure things start falling off. ragure. Yep,...

...that radio message is a funny bit, though. I feel like compare that with the and I go back to Nikita and Monaco, because when they were speaking in alien language, I think they are race. Engineer was like, Oh yeah, move that ox cable or whatever. It was like, move that ox cable around when you had an opportunity. And I'm like, dude, he's going at two hundred miles an hour, this is one of the faster attracts. How do you expect him to wiggle things around in the corport at that? That thing and he's chasing on Hamilton. Nonetheless, incredible this. You were mentioning this. There's some theory right, like why that radio started, and it wasn't just Max. I think, like even for Mercities, that there was something funny happening. Yeah, I think it was basically that like these redden view stripes have like tongusten and asphalt, you know, mixed into increase traction and you know, basically improve they're breaking part yeah, during like when they go off in these on a ADEA. So, but since they have new this tungsten there, it kind of interferes with the RADIOCOM and I think like that's what people was speculating. It's not like clear exactly why that was, but yeah, that's what most possible theory seems like interesting, interesting, Huh. Yeah, that I mean scientifically that theory sounds right, but who knows? Max was probably able to wiggle something around at two hundred miles, but our there fixed things, I guess, but day it does. It was brilliant to see how that hunt begin down right like with with that second pit stop. It became pretty evident that he's gonna Chase both of these down. Fingers were crossed, obviously, that he is able to. But yeah, it worked out for them in the end, so that's good. Yep, speaking about changes chases, there's some Du magic happening yesterday at McLaren Managor such a pleasant to watch, seeing both of those drivers working at time. Yeah, it's pretty weird, like like earlier. You know, Ricardo is having a blast. He was taking overtaking left and right, and Lando, I think he overre Tooklan to as will rate, right after the start. Yeah, and he was flying and I think his first victim was, I think Alonso or someone corner. See, he over took many people. It's just difficult to remember. Yeah, but there was a moment where like Ricardo over took Alonso and, you know, not also is just behind and he's like yeah, thank you, sir, I'll just move past you. He is. Yeah, yeah, that went on for everyone right like it. Yeah, they're more there is driving in a pair and you know, like just cutting through the field. Pretty Fun. I mean they had having a very good time, it seems, and though there was a little friction. I think there was this one radio message where lander was like, you know, the Cardo is trying to push me off the track. Oh, interesting. Yeah, but so I think it will have more and more of this because, you know, as teammates start to battle out on the field, you know, all the brotherly love goes away. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I was hoping to see some waving also in terms of like the brother Lee love going away between Ndo and Carlos, because he was it was a bit comic timing by the camera folks as well, because as soon as he was he was overtaking from the right, they panned into the cockpit camera and as just waiting to see if we actually waves because it was a smooth over take it. It wasn't like a left hand turner or inside over take. But yeah, that doesn't mean to cocky for line today. Yeah, but again, yet again, Lando, you know,...

...finished p five bill live. Yeah, the strategy worked out for him. He did well on his tires in the first stint and then in the second stint just flew through the field. He had to over take a lot of people and I think you would have records. But I think that was more of a strategy. I started to move rather than on over take and yeah, brilliant, like mccarden right up there. I think Ferrari and McLaren are going to battle this out till the end for the third position, right. Yeah, Pthree is definitely going to be between those two, for sure. Yeah, not a good weekend for Ferrari, though, but more so for charge. Did, I feel like ready, and I think he ended up. Oh Yeah, P sixteen. Man, oh, that's going to be tough. Yeah, I don't know. See No points for Ferrari like Carlos is leven and then this guy's sixteen. Zero points for Ferady this weekend. Yeah, not a good day. Yeah, I feel like there's a different commradery and romance growing up in red bull do if, because there was this this short radio message where Perez let Max buy and just a quick one where mils like yeah, and they hugged it out so well at the end. So I feel like it feels like but either Perez is trying to do a very, you know, calm and steady move where he's like, okay, now I'm comfortable in the car. Let Max take the lead. Once I have a new contract for three more riors is when I'M gonna start challenging it's yeah, that's it seems like. I mean, definitely, I didn't makes sense right, like you were new to the team. You're just trying to, you know, learn the ropes, and it's always it makes sense to do, you know, do well with your teammate, do well with your team alone, everything and then, yeah, try to push for push for it. So true. True, I think this is the year where you just get tuns in. So true. The owning in something someone that is don't think he's able to tune in is probably to to wolf, not a driver. But folks, listen, know the wolf and and it's not going to come from a let let's start. I explain why he's not tuning in yet. Yeah, I mean, I need to get this out of my system. Like, Fuck Toto Wilf, that guy, like, have you seen him? How he wears this most like I've an idiot. It's been and you're now. Have you no sense that the mask goes over your nose? Rules for the not for me. You know, it's just a typical letters bullshit. Yeah, I don't. I The more I learn about this guy, I've like disliked him even more, you know, thinking about like how much western interest he has in like conflicting teams and like the manager of multiple drivers and everything at all seems a lot fishy, you know, I mean people idolize him way too much, is what I feel. I mean, yeah, he has been at the hell since MOK has been winning. But honestly, in like recent times, I have realized this, that, or at least that's my opinion, that the reason work has been winning these championships is solely because of Hamilton. I mean just they built a brilliant car, but in all honesty, mosties did kind of inherit this good car from what was the previous team that they had clearron is not Brown Seria, Brown Brown cheep, which was essentially the Honda, Honda's team, but I think they had to, you know, get out of the project because of the financial crisis and the soldier of the brawl, and then they sold it up to monk. So, you know, I mean, yeah, they built a brilliant card, but mercedies has had their share of making mistakes and, you know, doing wrong strategy and still coming out ahead. And have you...

...of you remember literally last year we had Hamilton winning a race on three tires. So, you know, I feel it's Hamilton's brilliant and dedication, you know, and relentlessness that gets mercedies there, and it's not really mersdies who does it. Yeah, and what what should of puts me off also for a toto is like, you know, this is a sport where you actually learn from your mistakes and come back, but this is really like the fourth race, where you see mercedies continuously make mistake and at the end of the race tell Hamilton, yeah, this one's on us. You know, we'll come back stronger. I I don't see you guys coming back stronger and and this just shows that when you when you one have competition. Everything seems good, Riley, even from the outside you are start idealizing people and you know, you feel like Oh, these this is the best, but as soon as there's the slightest push, you're seeing all of these cracks all over again. Yeah, within mercities, and it's so evident since the past four races. Yeah, definitely, and I think even like relationships within the team are starring. For sure. You can clearly see that botas is not having a good time. Like it really feels like a repeat of what battle had with Ferrari last year, where, you know, the team seems to have like pretty much abandoned him and you know just they don't feel any shame in throwing him under the bus, and you know, it's just pretty weird. Like it was pretty clear that they sacrifice both us a series today to try and protect Hamilton's position, because it completely made sense that they should had pitted botas as well to cover for what happen and try and give boat as that apportunity to get the win. But they backed, you know, their horse, which as Hamilton, and we're like, you know, yeah, you're the second driver, be in your place, kind of thing. I feel like so it all started off as a meme where the not to not coming out in Monacco was blamed on on boat as. It's stupid because you were able to remove three nuts were for wherever he stopped. But so it's just stupid. But what it's come down to is it's sadly that that meme sort of caught on in in a realistic way and both as is being blamed from for for everything, like even even yesterday. I think, like the way he wasn't able to fend Max off was just put on him, like he didn't hold Max off for Hamilton, and I'm like, when Max reached Hamilton, he just, yeah, gave away the position the thrend. That's justified because Hamilton in post interviews, as post race interview, says that, yeah, there were already linings in in the tire and at that point, if, if I wouldn't if I would have blocked off Max on that straight, he would have gotten me on the next rate because of drs. it was just a matter of time. And I'm like, if we agree to Hamilton, why don't we agree to what boat as is saying? Why is he being treated as a meme versus that same. My Ham is at the help. Yep, for sure. I mean, yeah, I, yeah, that's what I feel like. You know, my respect for Hamilton has gone up recently and my respect for most reasons a team has gone down by a lot recently. And Yeah, same, good, goose it. But as I think, yeah, he is not the best driver, I would say that, but he's still a pretty good driver and I feel that he deserves more respect within the team, true, other than what they given. I think probably this is a rare opportunity for folks listening where you know I'm gonna Defend Hamilton for as much as I actually hate him, and in for a regular...

...listeners, you know how much I bitch about Hamilton. But yesterday is race actually showed his hunger for, you know, just being competitive, not just that p one codium position, but just being competitive, because he really makes do with the situation that's thrown at him. He knew he was gonna run into that, that fight with Max towards the end. He knew where his tires were, he knew he was, you know, one stop and you could still see him sort of trying to fight as much as he could. Sure he let Max buy in that overtake, which was smooth overtake, but given the conditions, it was just a matter of time. But it's the brilliance of Hamilton as an experienced driver that, you know, still put him in the position that he was yesterday. Yep, as compared to boat as the the the amount of defend that I try to do for him. He surely, surely fumbled when prest try to overtake him and he was all over the place, which is just so evident. Yep, and not just that. If you noticed, like there was this moment of the four first pitch top where like Hamilton was right behind, was stopping and Botas is also right behind Hamilton and I think for a little while was stopping, kind of flew past outside the range of the others from Hamilton and both has had the others, but Hamilton did not, and I really felt that you this was a moment that puts yeah, trying, yeah, kind of overtake Hamilton and try and challenge for that lead. He had that opportunity. He he was not able to cash in on that rate. Yeah, yeah, that's where, you know, that's what separates legends from yeah, you know, like good drivers. There was actually a radio moment between the RASTA and Brundle as well, where they were like butt has has gotten a faster pace on Hamilton and it'll be interesting to see how this bans out when he's in firing range. It never happened, right, never. I agree that everything that's going on in the Mercedes camp sort of messes your brain and puts you in a different mental state. But the end of the day, the redefinition that we are seeing for boat as and waiting for five years or I can't even remember if it's a decade now, that's that's never happen anything on that track. It's just not showing. Yeah, that's it. And I think with the amazing performance at George Russell had today at Pete Twelve, you know, in a Williams, I mean wow, yeah, I feel like for that episode one where we spoke about what's what's a crazy thing that you think will happen, right, and I said Williams might get a point. I think that too early to call it, but it might happen. It might happen, I think. I think there's a possibility of, you know, that happening for sure. And Yeah, and I'm with all the cracks that we're seeing between boot as and mercedies. It feels to me like, you know, George is going to be the person who probably might be the joining Hamilton in two thousand and twenty one, say two thousand and twenty two. Yeah, but you know, it's gotten a weird because of the of all the discussions we've had in the past few minutes. I feel like if there is, if there are going to be like tracks opening up at Mercedies, I wonder if it's going to be like a, you know, a gamble on a career for Russell, because it was what a red bull dominance Erah, then a more dominant are a. are we gonna go back and see a fatal two in Max for the next few years and then it's just a lost cause for Russell, where it now feels like Williams is starting to have a better car. With budget regulations coming next year, it's going to be a more level playing field. So I mean two minds to be honest. Yeah, I...

...mean, who knows? You know, after all, a toto is George justic's manager. I don't think that can happen. Ever, listed in talking about toto's investments. Let's talk about as his other team. Yeah, asked. Sure, it's gonna be an episode of almost total at seventy five percent of the teams that we end up talking about today. Soon it has to Uni Formula Toto. That's going to be another t shirt formula toto. But Yeah, Aston Martin Man, that was another team with a pairing overtaking strategy. I don't think they bring too many tires to the paddock. Yeah, seriously, it seems like you know, yeah, I don't know what. He just never paid. That's it, like, that's that's the strategy. Never paid. It was funny. Good it works out for them. It does, because it was funny in the sense that I think it was lap thirty five or something. Max has already pitted twice and these guys are like think Bethree and Pfour or before and be five, both still going strong on their first set. Yeah, and the consistently pulling off the strategy, you know, weekend after weekend, like they did the same in Monaco. They did the same last three snag Bizan. It's just working out for them. And Lawn Stroll, I am becoming a fan of the guy. I mean he's pretty much. I would call him the comeback King because, like, he starts at the very end of the grid and always somehow just teaches, you know, within points, sometimes winning the race or whatever. You know, he's just too good at making these recovery drives as such. Yeah, he's. I think about Bako. Oh, he was also like he didn't have a pit stop short, but like he was still he was still up from nineteen to like sixth or something when he crashed, and that's crazy, man, like, how much overtaking is he doing, given he wouldn't have crashed? Maybe a pitch stop there, you'd have definitely finished in points again, Yep, for sure. And Yeah, I mean wettell to right, like again, it seems like he's finally that he is in his groove now. He seems a lot more happier, hei like visibly, you can see that he's in a good and better state of mind compass compared to last year, because, yeah, again consistently ending in points, getting on the podium last time. And Yeah, the thing, like, both of these drivers are definitely happy in the sense like every overtake and every position gained is a dope mean blast to their head and, as drivers. That's that's the best thing you can get right. Like you're climbing. What was yesterday? You're climbing at one point, I think. Yeah, stroll came back again, like P nineteen to P ten. And where did you finish? Oh, yeah, you finished Peten. It is same for wetall again. Yeah, into the points, P nine. Definitely seeing that. Who Mean Last? They are happy. Everything's working out. I'd want to see how how budget caps next year again work out for this team, because the way they are driving. Yeah, yeah, it's going to be a tough fight. Yep, Yep. Yeah, I feel Aston Martin is going to be a force to reckon with next year, with regulations changing. And I've they seemed like a very tight team. They've always been a tight team. I mean ever since they were for center, like they used to punch way about their weight. They're always in that way. The team is brilliant at, you know, spending very little money and still extracting the maximum out of what they have. And Yeah, again they had a hiccup at the start of the season, but I think they're slowly getting there. Who Do you say? Who would you say is Aston Martin's biggest competitor on that track at this point,...

I think, at least looking at the leaderboard, it's Alpha try and the funny thing is, you know what, what what you would notice is, like generally in Alpha Tai they have only one driver who performs really well, and in and in aastin Martin, they have two drivers who perform like decently, like at least in terms of the leader world. And Yeah, it's really funny how those two teams are competing. Yeah, I think so. Know that needs to find as more jo man. I think he crashed into the barriers on qualifying. It is quite a funny day with all the is wiggle wiggle means for his area. I saw a lot of these. Have you seen one of those famous ones where it's like Shak I think, or yeah, I think it's Shaq who does like a head shake and then there is a cat who does a head shake. Wi will be and then they show it's you know, that's rare end of the cards. But had like the UK, needs to bring his aggression onto that track and just not the radio. Yeah, and you know, his his teammates to it brilliantly, ghastly as like on fire, pretty much I'm pretty sure he's gonna, you know, and up somewhere like p five, pieces something that he's doing brilliantly. Yeah, because right now it's like, obviously the first two are sorted it's going to be Maxim habited B three. Press took the lead, but then that's prayers and Lando battling that out. Boat has his way down, I think like p six or something. That fifth spot is is a tricky sport because whoever it ends up being, that pthree, p four between Perez and Lando, pthreep four, still sorted out there. La Clerk is still trying to find his Mojo, but at for our he seems quite inconsistent. And then Pierre, giving given his bat is, places himself right there at P five of the driver's Constructor Drivers Championship. Yep, Yep, I mean there's a uphill battle for him. There are a lot of people out of a head of him right now, but it's a long season, you know, and it's just the start of the season and generally, like you know, most drivers are kind of I mean, even though they are used to driving these cars, they are significantly different because there are a lot of error improvements and things like that. So they you know, each driver is kind of still learning the car and I think by now, like most drivers, have become comfortable with yeahs and yeah are showing their two pace totally, and Pierre's sort of core of since race one, has also been increasingly we saw and we spoke about really first few races he was probably still getting cocky from all the attention up from last. But since then and the podium last weekend, yeah, since then he's shown that now, yeah, he can drive that car. Yep, make shore makers P fourteen to world last second. So, yeah, last is always naked nessary. But that lucky red flag again with all the means that. Yeah, I think it's like in mix, learning exactly their ropes are filling into Ferrari and those names fitted well, like you just get a Red Flag, crash your car and get a better position into Alli. Yeah, right, I mean that that. That sort of felt like I'd heard that Michael Massey was kind of proposing this idea that we should probably, you know, cancel the lap of the person who crashes in Quali and like things out of red flag because like it, there is this there is a possibility of people exploiting this loophole where you know, you...

...just crash a car and that's it, right, and stop where you know, stop others from putting in a good lap. But I mean, that was just like informal chart with journalists. But yeah, I wouldn't be too surprised if that's like, if they really implement this room. No, it's I didn't know about this, but it feels right, to be honest, because it can fall under the law, the clause of running track limits and you get, like it's not like race where you get warnings before you get five second penalty. If you cross track limits, your session, like your lap times, deleted. This is exactly that. Like, whatever reason, you slipped, whatever, you still, yeah, cross track limits. Unfortunately you crashed, but if you would have recovered the card, you would have come back and your rights at a time would have been deleted. Yeah, this is a very interesting point. I like it. Yep, Yep, yeah, I mean. Yeah, and talking about Michael Massey, do you recall all the radio chatter that went around during qualification between mercedies and red bill and Michael Masse where I know about this one that's happening. Basically, there was this curd one turned to which was which was always there. Actually, it's not a new curve. It's just that the character stucks of the car are such this time that they carry more speed in turn too. And is this the quick left to the right turn turned to? I can't remember. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, and generally cars go a little white there. So basically, I think, or I think it was a free practice, not during qualification. I like that. MERCEDIES, we came on the radio and was like, you know, these curves are nonsense, this is going to cost us like thousands of dollars and you know, this is just proportionate. And you know, a small mistake shouldn't you know, cost you thousands of dollars in damages. and Michael Massey was basically like, you know, then, don't go there. That's the thing does away from the curd. Why is the car there in the first place? I like it. Are you not in these words? But you know that would. That was what he's and the same thing happened with red will as where I think inn fpthree were Max also kind of knocked off his front wing at the same curve and they started complaining as well. And Yeah, they kind of said. He kind of said a similar thing to them as well. So, yeah, I guess fair point. It's not always right to submit to the whining child. Yeah, fair point. I mean, I completely agree to that. Like, think about MANACCO, right, like, are you going to say the same thing when you're in the wall? Right, like you can't. You can't REATAC limits as optional. They are not. They are there for a reason to go this turn eleven building is gonna take his down with millions of dollars. Let's take the building down exactly. So, yeah, and I don't have any sympathy for both teams. Like it's just pickering through that. We're coming back to Haus. I don't like talking about Nikesa, but then what is he doing there? Man, I feel like he's he's that rotten apple and in the inner bag of good apples and no one likes him. He's just had to put up with him because in the East on the paddock, this weekend was also no different than the other ones. Again, yeah, I mean, yeah, I hate to see him on the screen. I really feel like more deserving driver should have it, somebody who's not a complete trick and I really hope one day I see him failing to...

...meet the one zero seven percent requirement and qualification and getting disqualified from the race. I would love to see that happen. If I really saw an angry make sure Mac. I mean, yeah, still not angry, but you can. You can sense the tone where, I think what in early part of the race where he tried to he was actually pushed off by Nikita and is like why is this guy like this? And people have complained so much about him in free practices and qualifying as well. I don't know what goes on in Niketas head either. Either one of two things. Either he thinks he owns everything and he's just gonna Drive as he owns a FIA, or too he thinks he's being competitive, whereas he's just yeah, I know words. anyways, let's move on. I don't know what to take him. A lot of limelight. Oh, I talk about Geo g arena. See. I mean it's interesting that we never speak about him and I sort of see why we never spoke about him, because there was so much more happening and he was just that other driver at Alfa. But he was having a good weekend yesterday over taking the Ferrari, Charles and yeah, lovely weekend from him. Yeah, and also I think he ended up pretty well in qualification as well. That he started, I guess, somewhere around what was that? I think thirty in p thirteen and yeah, pretty awesome. Like for Alpha, it's I feel Alpha is under appreciated a lot. They were pretty much at the bottom of the table last last year and they have made a very good comeback. It's unfortunate that there are a lot more teams who were become a lot competitive as well, and which is why they're not able to gain as many points. So the point stable doesn't really, you know, give over true indicator of where Alpha are in terms of performance, but they just missed the bar somehow. Well, wrapping this up, who was who was your driver of the days? Driver of the day, I think, has to go to Max Max just the fact that, you know, hunting down Hamilton is not an easy task. I might respect for him has really gone up because it was not not just a comfortable race. It was I mean that will was not the clear faster car at that was not the case. I feel most of the ease and red bull were pretty much were at par and he made mistakes, but he made up for those mistakes as well later on in the race. And Yeah, Brill and dry. For me, this might be a shocker, but I think I'm gonna go with Hamilton is. I know, I know, this might be like Ackerbou if any thinks the way, I think the way, you try to fend him off with with a one stop taking it all the way to the end. In a similar setting in Barcelona we saw, I'll be where as wasn't there too, to slow Hamilton down for maybe two lapsish. But even given those two lapsish, he took you out of Max very comfortably versus. This was all the way to the end and, to be honest, at one point I thought that Hamilton just might have had his way. Just just purely on those reasons, I want to say him for once. I did hear him. I mean he did wine about the tires, but at some point he made doing but at some point he did say on the Adia that he feels comfortable with with the he feels comfortable with the tire wearing. That's relee. That's probably when his tires are actually bad. Probably, probably, yeah, probably, ask you this to like in terms of strategy. I think we saw...

...red bull having a brilliant strategy, McLaren having a brilliant strategy, I'll peen having a brilliant strategy and Aston Martin, I have a brilliant strategy. Who's your favorite there from yesterday's Strategy Games? Difficulty See. I would say either it would be either between Aston Martin or Red Bull. To the agree, both of them were just brilliant, because I think they're the only team who got brilliant results from both the drivers at the same time using the same kind of a similar strategy. Yeah, and yeah, pretty awesome ever made it have to be red bull because I think primarily Cuz, you know, learning from mistakes is implemented in a brilliant way and then you can see that coming back. And do you remember, like earlier than the episode, we had said this that you know, let bull was lacking at these small, tiny moments with dressing, and that's where they have closed this cap. Yes, there's some very good post race analysis and then, you know, learnings coming out of it's well, on that note, I think it's been a lovely episode. You know, for for a GP that was expected to be too dry. We've got a lovely triple header coming this week with with the challenge of ahead and now. Oh yeah, one was down once, two more ago, but it's an action packed weekend nonetheless, up until summer break in August. So there's just backtoback races and it's going to be a thriller of a season while we see where Max and Hamilton lined up with those amazing battles at Pthree, p forty five as well. So until until the next episode, these are your host signing off, but by.

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