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Episode 14 · 1 year ago

2021 British GP Race Discussion


The 2021 British GP gave us a lot to discuss about! Max had a horrible 51G crash! Hamilton who caused the crash went ahead to win the race even with a 10 Second time penalty! If the Championship battle was heating up earlier, we think it just went Nuclear after this weekend. The Gloves are off between Max and Lewis.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Sprint Qualifying
  2. The elephant in the room
  3. Is that the smell of desperation at the Merc garage?
  4. 51G!
  5. Over celebration much?
  6. Leclerc gets no love!
  7. B.B.C. - Big black C, err I mean, British Bias Crofty
  8. Sbinalla Returns!
  9. FIA needs to change the Red Flag Procedures!!
  10. Need to rethink time penalties?

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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It's been one of those means where you have someone holding a kid who's just trying to stay afload. That's happened in then you have someone who's almost drowning. That's that's poor Max and then you have someone at the bottom who's completely gone. That's poor Luclaire. Hello and welcome back to yet another episode with fone Fan Fiction. We are your hosts. I am a Kash and I'm sorry, and you know, this week's going to be a hot debated topic on the sver Stone Gro Pri Fair warning, there's definitely going to be explicit, you know, words being spoken, some hateful comments maybe here and there. To promise not to be racist, because we, if one fan fiction, definitely condemned that. We do not stand with racism, while we may hate what happened on that track, there's there's no room for racism. So definitely do not support any racism, but no promises on being not being hateful, because there's plenty of that. With that said, let's get into it. Well, this time I think if I was trying something new, right, with different races. So yeah, I don't know what. What's your feeling about it? You know what I like Saturday once it was over. We I was I was in that mindset where, if someone convinced me enough, I would have changed sides. But being being a long standing fan of and a viewer of this sport, yeah, it seems very ecky to me to have this change. But Saturday I like. But I feel like, you know, and we were talking about this before we started recording this, like it probably ruined the whole Sunday experience and made this this Sunday race, the most boring race of the weekend. Yeah, definitely, I think like sprint race on paper feels like a good thing, at least to somebody who is a casual, you know what, sure of the sport. Yeah, because, yeah, definitely it's fun. I'm the race was fun. The seventeen lap race was a lot of fun. I loved it. But, as we said, you know, it was something like a trailer. You know, the first thing that comes to my mind is like, you know these days how these trailers are for most of the movies, you pretty much get the entire story of the movie in the trailer itself, and that's exactly what the sprint race was. So I feel it took away a lot from the race and what what essentially happened is, like earlier on, like with the standard format, you have some Portunity that the grid gets mixed up because something that happened in qualification and you know some driver who pulls off a really good lap in a worst card and that we did do get some advantage. You know, specifically speaking Mr Saturday, you know George Russell, who who is kind of known to do that. But because of the race, it's so happened that the grid was basically sorted by race pace and then you knew what's going to happen because everybody, everybody had enough data about the other team, as well as their ruin cars, that they knew where they would proximately end up. Yeah, they agree, although Mr Saturday was Mr Friday this weekend. What a stunning qualifying. I think like what p seven or p six or something like is way up there and just splendid to see him there. But I think Alonso called it, I think like q four was it alongso someone, someone called it q for and and now I sort of agree with it because it was in a fashion that the trailer usually these days are the best part of the movie and the whole two hours is usually not good, even in this too much content driven world, which is essentially what ended up happening for me. Yeah, it was one of the most boring races for the season for me, for sure, except the main events, which will come to but otherwise it was boring. Yeah, right right after after Saturday, was quite excited, like the race was like spintries, was awesome, and yeah, it was awesome. But then soon when the res I like, apart from the first lap, the entire race was really, really pooring. And you know, there was nothing happening, not even in the midfield because all the cards resorted. Yeah, yeah, there's no chance for anything going. I think the only big come fights are competitions that were going on probably throughout the race. Were the leaders trying to over lap with the back markers and so called. That's the only contentions I can think of. That's true, but I guess. Yeah, no good. I'm glad that. You know, fi is not like solving this down a throots directly.

This is just kind of a trial and I living at the moves that liberty media has been doing recently. I have some faith in them that they are actually looking out for this good of the sport. So yeah, I don't think they'll rush into it and, you know, take a last decision about it. I think it's good to try out new things and yeah, if it works, keep it, otherwise, crap it. So yeah, agree, ready and probably as so. This is just the first one. There's two more to go. Maybe that experience on the Sunday is going to be a bit different. Someone else gets pointed out. So let's say, all right, did I think we need to address, you know, the elephant in the room now? Yeah, yeah, but before before getting there, right, like let's let's take it the way it happened, right before pouring our thoughts in light out. There's a good start that Max gets as usual. I mean he's definitely the king of starts now, and I've said this before, but he's totally the king of starts. Hamilton's obviously had good pace on this track throughout the years and so does he on this on this Sunday as well. They also had that major upgrade for their air wing. So so that's giving him that advantage. Is a good contention going into that first turn. Both are aggressive. I wouldn't call anyone aggressive at this point. Both are aggressive, trying to get that first position right from the start. Four turns in their battling. Are Battling it out right and left and it was proper spicy battles right, you know, amazingly excluse amazing racing. While watching that, I was like, you know, this is this is it, this is the best thing. Yeah, you know, ever in this world. I want to watch this out the day. I'm both being very cautious, very smart. Experience pouring in, amazing battle going on until that right and when you see the incident, Max has thrown off or Max's I still want to I'd still don't want to say what happened, but in the sense like Max is onto the gravels at one hundred and eighty miles per hour into the wall with fe Gee's force and we're just fingers crossed hoping he jumps out. So that's that's what happened. And a little context to your listeners who probably, I'm pretty sure most of everyone has, like, looked at the incident a hundred times by now, but for those who haven't, let me just give you a short over way of what happened. Basically, like they were going as as you said, you know, at almost one and eighteen miles, but are into turn nine. That's corps and that's a, you know, a proper fast corner. It's like a medium fast corner and I think probably it's I could probably say it's the fastest corner in the calendar. Yeah, and yeah, that is one of the you know, more difficult places to take, you know, compute and over to it just because the speeds that you're going into. And it's a unique corner in the sense that you have two lines in there, with one of the inside line, which Hamilton was taking, where you have to hit the apex of the corner too able to maximize your speed through it, and the outer line, which Max was taken, where you know you first like stick to the outside and then bring your card inside to just hit the late apex of the corner so that you know, you carry more speed after that. Considering the upgrades that Hamilton had gotten, for the low down force upgrades, at most it is bought in this time, he definitely had an advantage of it maximum, you know, in in the Straits. So right after like on the Hangar Street, they, like Hamilton, got a really good swift stream he came inside, Max tried to push him a little in to the wall. Yeah, that was, you know, a fair defense, because you're allowed to do that when you're ahead. Hamilton decided not to back off. He stupid. He tried to carry a lot of speed and if you look at the footage, it is very clear that he was understeering, like his his steering wheel was at complete maximum lock, that he couldn't, you know, you couldn't turn the wheel anymore than that way he was at. So it was very clear that he was carrying a lot more speed than his car was able to carry into the corner. And Yeah, and that's where he may contact right right from our viewing point of view, you know, it feels like somewhat of a t bone in the sense that Max's car was was following the race line going onto the outer curves after the turn, whereas Hamilton was more straighter than he should have been. Well, taking their turn, and it seems like he's just trying to run into Max. But you're right, like,...

...technically he was just under steering that he probably wasn't able to control that. And Yeah, he was just too much fast into that turn. Now the place where all the anger comes in. is first his his first statement was, at least for me, was I was ahead, right, that's that's where a doll started off. I was ahead and he didn't give me any room in even in a fiction, marvel DC whatever universe, Spongebob Universe you want to call it, if you are ahead, how does your front left hit someone's rear right? Okay, all right, so that's that's one to it. Then got, you know, lower down to their side by side and you are supposed to leave room when you're side by side. Okay, you're supposed to leave room when you're side by side. Then why did Norris and Perez get the penalties in the last race when they were on the inside line right? Why were they at fault? So in my books this is this is text book Hamilton Fault. But I still want to call it somewhat of racing incident because it's subjective and for all the listeners you know, both are and and I have a big opinion on how penalty should be given, on the subjectiveness which which will come towards the the later part of the episode. But this was a very subjective facing incident with Louis at the maximum fault, and I'm glad we weren't recording live or doing anything life because at that point, oh my God, the anger that was fuming inside us, like I don't think the world was ready for that yet. Yeah, yeah, I I was fuming. Like you know, it was just to a dating like he actually well, watching the race when the incident happened right after that. It did feel to me like a racing incident and I was quite I was not really mad at yeah, mine but like, as as we said, is a race was quite boring. So I didn't really have anything else to do in the race. I was just, you know, looking at the replay again again, and the more I looked at it, it became clear to me that, like, yeah, it was Hamilton Squid. Yeah, he you know, it's just like it's a simple fact that while racing, whenever you are behind and you are invading into your opponent space and you're taking the inside line, it is your responsibility to be able to control your yeah, you know, you cannot say that my car understurred. I mean the car understood because you were carrying most we needed to corner. So, yeah, it is your fault, and so it was clear that Hamilton kind of knew after the sprint race that if he does not attack Max in the first lap, if he cannot gain the P one position, he won't be able to gain it in the rest of the race, or at least it would be very difficult to do it. So from their perspective, I think Hamilton had gone into the race thinking that, you know, that's it. This is kind of a do or die for me because last four races I've been losing out and, yeah, I need to gain momentum of here and this is my home race. You know, that factor of this plays into the picture a it is like, yeah, I think he was so determined that, no matter what, you know, I am going to win this race. I had felt like even after the reason is poost recent aviews as well. Like it felt a lot to me that, you know, he was super desperate, determined, whatever you want to call it, but he he had gone in thinking that. You know, this is the word, I know, but you're right, man. I think like both mercedies and Hamilton are heaking of desperation at this point. You know, like that that post win radio message from Hamilton. I'm glad we didn't give up and then total jumping the gun. Be Like, you know, Hamilton, we never give up, or you know, Louis, we never give up and we will never give up. I feel like all of this is just part of a constitiracy at this point, because four day is back, toto was on media saying Max is just one crash away from us being back into competition. So, yeah, yeah, I'm just raising the questions at this point, but there's definitely desperation building up. Toto trying to please Hamilton, Hamilton try trying to please his narcissistic self. But poor, poor Max in all of this, even if it wasn't for Max, like anyone shouldn't go through fifty one gie's of a crash. I'm glad I had that. You know, the past incidents, however sad they have been, some of them resulting to...

...death, have led us to this point where the safety standards are taken so critically. BE IT grows over jumping out of the car. Last season we it Max, you know, just having maybe a concussion for some time. That's that's the beauty that the sport has grown too, and I hope it doesn't get, you know, being taken lightly because of these incidents and drivers walking out and you know, the safety still gets you know some, some do due diligence, but yea, all in all, yeah, definitely mark and work and Hamilton reeking or desperation. I wouldn't be surprised if things get more dirty it did. It does seem so. Max has tweet was was right on that. Yes, the fights on. Yeah, this that tweet was, you know, that was very clear that Max was simper infuriated and properly so, you know, like his thea's got destroyed. So yeah, and yeah, it's going to be, you know, all out war now on. That's what I feel like. Think. I think these both are going to make contact a lot mored as the season goes ahead, because Hamilton made it very clear that he's not going to back down no matter what. And I think, by the way, is that is that like a challenge, like do whatever you want? I have like fie. It's like a it's like a small nation saying do whatever you want to have, you know, a big country backing me sort of deal. Right, yeah, I've used with me. Yeah, yeah, exactly, like you know, it's I think we're going to see the old Max back again, you know, one who would just just as he was crowned, as crashed up in right like came, and that's what that's what people would call him. And Yeah, I think that's what we're going to see now. And though, like, yeah, I feel bad. The crash was horrible. Like you know, I was like while watching the race itself, I was just, you know, shocked to see the crash because, my God, like the rate at which he stopped at the barrier, like, you know, from one hundred and eighty two zero in like less than a second. It's just a DU and he is, Yep, fifty and Jeez, can't even think about what it might feel like. You know, he was clearly shaken up when he got out of the car. It was quite clear he was won't even walk by himself as well. So, yeah, even that radio message was oil. Oh my God, that was scary, man. Wow. and Oh so, if you have seen the whole radio message, most of the places which showed it actually have kind of cut some silence in there, but there was a good five to six second gap between where his engineer asked him whether he's fine and he you know, we play. Yeah, well, that. It was quite scary too. Yeah, listen to that going on, like yeah, well, glad he's okay, man, I think and you know, actually, yeah, he's okay. We move past that. The frustration started building up when Lewis was just like there's probably just one statement right after the crash, and I mean that's obvious because you've crashed into a church. It's just your emotions running and you're like house Max, Sure Right. Post that, up until like, I think yesterday evening when he tweeted about the incident, there has been no statement at all from him, even either asking, checking or like even mentioning Max was stepping. Yeah, right, you okay. Let's not say you almost killed him, but like that incident almost killed a person, like yeah, it's a miracle he's walking. It almost killed a person. At least have some decency to make a statement about it. And that's where, like my hate for Hamilton, that was sort of subduing in the past two races, has just reinvigate. I'm like, I just hate this as yeah, definitely, definitely, I would say honestly, going into this weekend I was rooting for Hamilton. I was rooting for Hamilton even in lap one of the lays, just because I could see that he's really giving, you know, all in and he is enjoying this competition and I was enjoying them both racing it out, you know, like really aggressively. Yeah, but after this incident, I have lost a lot of respect for him, not because of the incident itself. I mean, I understand, you know, like I don't. I'm not saying that he is a terrible person or a terrible driver because he hit Maxi know that can happen, like anybody who is just sitting at the home and saying that, you know, he's stupid, he contriving, because it crashed as an idiot, because these cars are incredibly difficult to handle and the speeds at which they are driving, shit happens. You know, that's fine, that's perfectly fine,...

...but how you deal with it exactly you're out of the cockpit, is what makes you. Yeah, roubled me a lot. Yeah, exactly. Like it felt very weird, and not just Hamilton, the entire most of the steam. It felt like, you know, they did not care because, like, okay, I understand. I also understand that, you know, his engineer did not give him any details during the race definitely makes sense. You don't want to disturb your driver. Total is yeah, they are in their zone. Yeah, but after the race where you congratulating him, they could had give just slipped in a single sentence that you know, we had to take him the hospital because of the fifty one g crash for checks. But there was absolutely no information past to him. So that's I don't understand that. I feel it's a very big, very big L on Bono for that, because he should had informed Hamilton about what the situation is and, if not him, like, I guess like Hamilton should have sort of like out of respect, made or, you know, just are so you know what happened with Max. But his narcissistic side just took over him so much like he celebrated, as if he's broken all records and like he's he's like the king of the world and like he's done everything that no human can ever do. There was this there was this one to eat at to one of our teats, somebody had replied was that it felt as a hamiting was celebrating World War Two, like he won World War Two or something. From yeah, it was a feeling like that. I mean what was this? But yeah, that's actually that's where it flipped me off completely, like okay, sure, during you're right, like during the race and you know, getting the incidental church, it's all fine, but post race is where it flipped me off completely, that that celebration was definitely an over celebration. Probably somewhat some of it was okay in the sense, lad, you're winning end time in front of your home crowd, so you have that written a lint built up, but overdoing it is where it flips me off. You know, taking the flag out, like there's this one moment where he took the flag out and you know he was sure ring everything in, blah, blah, blah, and he drove with the flag completely throughout the lab which shows respect for his country and all of that. But when he's coming back into the page, he threw the flag off and do that to that extent, like when he okay, my I was still giving him the benefit of doubt, like okay, he needs to jump the pit wall, so he needs to do that. He's gonna come back and pick it up. But no, he just went straight to the cameras, pointed to whatever he was doing and just moved on. I'm like, this is the biggest mark of disrespect after everything you stand and stood for. Yeah, that is the whole celebration part was where I lost it. I was pretty much okay with even him winning the race right up to the end, but the celebration just put me off a lot like it. It was very weird, like while your rival is in the hospital, you are celebrating like you won the championship. I mean, come on, Dude, you lost four races. This is one race that you won after a long time. That's fine, I get it. You're you know, you're in your home crowd, you are, you know, winning after a long time. You're one like seven times. How many times should even here? I forget, since to those in fourteen or something. Yeah, exactly, and all that is cool, like yeah, I appreciate that, but it just felt like an utter lack of care for your peers because at the end of the day, you know all of them are the king your lives and are competing at the highest level. I feel that if you do respect your rivals, you should have that much concern to ensure that, you know, a fine it felt a little lot to me. The whole thing and at the end of the day the whole thing was about me, me, me, I this, I that, and every time he's messed up it's like the car did this, the team did this. We need to look into this. Such a narcissistic attitude, such an artistic attitude. On the other side, I mean I'd say some of Daniel's career was probably ruined since Max got on to Red Bull, since a few years back, but at least there was this side of him where during the post race interviews, he interrupted the reporter and, you know, checked in on Max. That that shows how good of a human you are, no matter how many you know organizations you start for equality and you know all the other things. I still like what Mac what lose is trying to do with equality and, you know, racism and end all of that, which is...

...a good part. But then do you show this other side of yourself as somewhat on the on the humanitarian grounds, and I'm you know, you're driven as much as your leader is, but if the leaders trying to send mixed signals, as a follower, what am I doing? Yeah, yeah, I mean that's the thing. You know, it's very difficult for me to actually form a proper opinion about Hamilton. Like, you know, I've seen him being a straight up asshole at times. At the same time, I've seen him being like the kindest, sweetest person out there on the field, you know, at the sect when and and you know, let me interrupt you there, but like there is a big correlation between when he's losing and when he's winning, exactly on what you say. When he's winning, like it the world's an oyster and everything's good, but when he's losing he's the other side and asshole. Sorry continue. Yeah, yeah, it's so. Yeah, that's the thing. Like it's very difficult for me to form an opinion. You know, I can't understand who's the Real Hamilton good, you know, like is it is? I don't know, like that's very weird. This behavior has occurred even in the past, not not just now. It just that, you know, in the past few years they have had such a good advantage that nobody really challenged him. And Yeah, those situations where this actually happened. And so definitely, for the past few years he never had to, you know, sweat it. But yeah, now when it's really getting hot and heavy, you know, yeah, it feels like his true self is coming up or whatever. I know. I mean. Still, I completely still respect him for the race that he drove because, yeah, let's get into it a little, but he got an he got a couple advantages in terms of red flags and everything. That's also something to talk about. So once, once you were through this, I want to bring it. Yeah, sure. So, like I think no other driver would had been able to win that race, to be honest, like covering that thirteen second capital l a club and overtaking him because, look, look, also doesn't let anybody but he's a very tough reason. And so, yeah, complete hearts off to him for that, and even for me, honestly, like by the end of the race I was like, okay, well deserved, because you actually drove a good race, but after the celebration and everything, I just keptssed me off the yeah, I think, I think what would probably we're getting at to is like sure, respect for him as a somewhere, as a driver, but complete dislike for him him as a person. Yeah, yeah, I'm back to myself two weeks back, where it's all the hate train for him again. So fucking. But you know, it's been one of those means where you have someone holding a kid who's just trying to stay afload. That's happened in then you have someone who's almost drowning. That's that's poor Max, and then you have someone at the bottom who's completely gone. That's where Laclaire man. What drive? What a drive? Yep, Yep, yeah, I wow. I mean he won. You were like, I had my doubts about let Clare, but yesterday's drive was something else. Like he had no business being at t one with that Ferrari. I don't know where that performance came from, like it made no sense, like he was managing a bloody engine failure, because his engine was just turning off, you know, randomly and sporadically, and his engineer is like, you know, hey, don't up shift when the engine cuts and you know, like, while driving the car at that speed, you staring into not shift now, predict when it's going to cut off. You know, it's crazy, and you have Hamilton behind you, like you depending Hamilton, you're driving a fucking card and your engine is you don't upshift. Yeah, right, like, just predict whenever it's not the engine's gonna cut off. And by the way engine cuts off, so you lose time. So yeah, just have fun exactly. But I with all of that, like what a brilliant it again hurts seeing him being overtaken almost again being killed on that same turn, on that same turn, but on the penultimate lap man. I would I just love to see him on t one. A comment there too. Hamilton after the race was like, you know, luckily at fights well and he understood how difficult that turn is. Any back off. I'm like, Dude, if you wouldn't have backed out, he would have ended on the same spot and the car would have been in the same situation with fifty one Geez, and you know, to to carting buddies hifying...

...each other on the same bed in the hospital. So that shut up and keep driving. Yeah, and that's the point. You actually even in that over take, if you saw Hamilton took that turn correctly in that overtake, because that, I can't, proves my point that by that time his tires were hot enough and they were at the right temperature. So he was able to manage his car a lot better than lap one, because he did hit the apex correctly over there at corps while overtaking the cloth and yeah, look, look, ran a little white still, like you know, I don't like looking at the footage. It doesn't feel like they would have made contact even if he hadn't run by. Long Story Short, there was, there was super dominance of narcissism from Hamilton yesterday. Yeah, but you know, I would also want to talk about the fact that it just wasn't mercedies and Hamilton being completely self absorbed, but the whole thing was also very much fueled by British media and the commentators yesterday, Yep, which was just beingful to watch. Dude, fuck crafty, he's a fucking asshole. He's in fucking in visible, that fucking idiot dude. He half of the Times doesn't know what driver is, whom he oftentimes just mislabels people. He fucking can't recognize that there are two cars there. One car has a, you know, green color tea cam and he's the second driver caught. You understand that? Yeah, you know, everybody knows that if I perform the way he performs at my job, I would be fired for sure, like that idiot, even during this race. He says at the end of the day is that Hamilton got the best of Max and you know he got the better out of it. I'm like, what the hell would he little punted his drival off the track and you're praising him that he got the best out of Max. Like, come on, you did not beat him on track. Yeah, it's it's so clear the your the British bias in these commentators by Offia is just very evident. It's a lot irritating. Yeah, it's definitely annoying and it and it shows out in, you know, the the enthusiasm that comes up after the race as well, where it's like, you know, winning in front of home crowd and it's just wheeling, you know, the the self absorbition more if if these guys can even listen to him. But it was it was definitely a put off from just the whole experience. Becomes a mood kill, you know. At this point, just to set some record out there, I don't know if I've said this before or I am neither a Max supporter and I'm definitely not a louse supporter. I'm more for good racing than a driver particularly and I think as if one fan fiction, I can, I can watch that for Saren as well. So Sarah, correct me if I'm wrong, but that at this point, like we want. We're stating this because, you know, we shouldn't be perceived as Max supporters trying to put hate out on Hamilton. No, this was, this is, this is purely the experience that got ruined because of these biases and the post race celebrations and the whole event that ended up being because of whatever happened during the race and some some events that didn't get its due diligence, like look like, for example. Yeah, definitely, I don't think the commentators gave Le Clerk enough credit, that they read given exactly, you know, because, yeah, he drove race of his life. Will you? Honestly, I think this would be one of the races that he would remember by that, you know, wow, that was something which I achieved there, because, yeah, Ferrari is nowhere. News first discarnion, exactly. It's still dominating for fifty laps, exactly. I think liberty media, if if they want to, you know, take the sport in the red direction, need to get their own set of commentators, and I think they are doing that. I think that's their plan, because if you notice that the pit lane channel, that they have. They have their own commentators that. So I guess that there is some some plans in the pipeline that they want to break off from sky right. Because, yeah, I think this British price is getting too much these days. I agree. And even if you see it like most of the like media personnel that foem hires are from UK. So yeah, it's clear they are targeting there. I don't want to make this statement but a passing comment. If, if you want to realize how much of bias there is, go watch one of the FIA is video about Lawrence Bretto and David Croft analyzing it. Will Buxton, I th sorry, will, yes, thank you, analyzing the incident as non racers the like...

...to dislike ratio on that video should give you ant what it's going to happen. I'll just leave it there. Onto lighter. No, sorry, I want to bring this up. You know, some of the other minor things that were happening, some good nostralgia for me. Sebinella was back. Oh yes, I initially thought there was some brushing that led him to Spain, but now this was yours been just fuck it, you and I want this spin. I haven't spun in a long time. I've been seeing this other new kids feeling so much of the field. I going to. I don't get to spin as much. Yeah, for more from masses Spain. That's fine. Just a few minutes back. That is pure comedy. Gol Dude. I when I saw that, I knew I had predicted like the memes that are going to come off from this. But I think every everything got shadowed over just because of the main incident that was out there. You know, in recent time someone are install commented. You know, these New People on the block just sill want a leap off of Sebinella, whoever that person is. Well, your boy was back yesterday. Poor Lando, though. It his pitstop sort of killed killed him. I think you could have gotten pthree there. Maybe mercedies team orders would have told boat has not to raise Lando and let Lando pass as well, and he would have done that order. Like he comes off as this aggressive guy who's not gonna bow down to anyone and just let's Louis Pass. I think this time it was very clear. It probably like there is still a chance for him to get a seat for next year. So he's just like, you know, being a good boy and like, you know, trying to get favor from from work. But yeah, I mean, yeah, he was no where. So yeah, at this point with with boat, as with Hamilton, with Bono, Whit, toto, Mercedes is just a team of double standards. That's that's what it is. That's what it is. But on the other side, recorder seems to be finding his was Jo is well fought, well whold, good hold on his position five. Want to say. I don't go back in check, but I think so. Pfi. Yeah, finally, is it Hamilton? Second was lettlerk. Third WAS BOT as. Oh, yeah, and but both models. Yeah, so then both mclarens a p five. So first time into you know, top five with McLaren. That was a well well hold spot for Yep. So, Yep, Yep, I think McLaren is the clear rest of the best, sorry, the best of the rest. Yeah. So, yeah, I think they are going to take it away with the pthree in constructors. So that's pretty clear that. Yeah, I at some point that I still thought there's going to be some fight between Ferrari and McLaren. I still hope there will be for pthree. Yeah, well, if luck look wins at racing that that might happen through. But lastly, like one of the one of the highlights before we move on, was r could yep, AH, yes, I don't know what he's doing now. I think this might this might just be the last year that you see like men on track. That's what it's fiel stick, yeah, he's he's somewhat having it enough. But that radio. If you folks, if you haven't heard, we're not going to say it here, go check it out. Classic Kimmy Radio Message. So it's fun. Yeah, one thing I really wanted to bring up today was a confusion or, you know, this weird aspect of the sport that probably not everybody knows about. I think there was a lot of anger created among people due to this mean incident and Hamilton winning the race. You know, even after getting a ten second penalty, winning the race is something and you know, very weird to hear for anybody and it is a lot confusing to a lot of people, and that, I feel, is what angered people the most, because there are so many oddities here. So let's, you know, just break it down a little and analyze it. So I think. So what happened is that with the crash. Obviously Hamilton also received sometimes to his card. His Rim was cracked and I think he had damage on his front wing as well and definitely his tires were a little damage as well. Yeah, so, like what essentially happened is by punting was happen of the field, He created the red flag situation, he incurred damage, he got AP Portunity to prepare his card. Fun and I have, but yeah, definitely, yeah,...

...completely unintentionally, but still he was the reason of the crash and he benefited the most traumatous. Yeah, so that's that's a very big audity here. Another thing is that time penalties need some restructuring here. The reason I see this is when, even after giving a ten second penalty to a driver, he, you know, just breezes past this finish line, there definitely is an issue with the penalty. If the penalty does not have consequence, the penalty holds new meaning at all. That's what day this this subjectivity there really I think, first of all, FIA needs to get some guidelines in place, get themselves aligned, because Austria, to like the Austrain, other stee steer and one Austria, was a day with left and right. You know, rainfall of penalties, whereas yesterday was I think we are. We weren't watching Formula One, we were watching Formula Lewis. At that point it's like you need to get your guidelines in place. There's too much subjectivity, I understand, but the same thing, a similar thing. When something happens where Russell and science were part of the incident, Russell gets a three place great penalty, whereas almost a killing incident gets a ten second SNOPP and Goer as ten second penalty. Right. So, so, in my head, pushing someone off that track is way more penalizing than someone almost getting killed. It's either sending a bad message and, at least to me, it's telling you don't realize what penalty should be given when. So get your get your standards in place. And one thing I want to point out here at is that you know, a lot of people has have said this, that penalties, whenever penalties are given out, the you know what happened after the crash is not considered. But I feel this is a wrong approach. Of I agree. First is because you cannot, you cannot just isolate a action and not think about what you know affect it. Caused. That's not how even real life works. Like if you just shoot a gun in the air and if you just think about that, you know that's fine, but did you consider that there was somebody above you and who died? Like, obviously you are going to have to see the consequence of reaction. You can just look at the accident penalize people for that. That have to be I mean, the consequence has to be considered while penalizing the action. It just doesn't make sense to me when people make this argument at all. Yeah, I know, and you're absolutely right and I want to let folks know of a discussion you know, Sarah and I were having before we started recording, which is Hamilton had this, you know axcel crack or whatever damage had to his front left the red flag is what makes Hamilton on podium today and you know, him being that narcissistic asshole that he was able to be. But consequential off the incident that was caused, he would have retired and this never came up during the race. This was an after race comments. I don't know how many people even listen to this or even know about this. So, yeah, as a consequence of the racing incident, Max's on the hospital. You, Lewis, would have had to retire from the race, and that is absolutely fair. Why does a Red Flag, you know, make him advantage? Is To for people to fix his car and do whatever he wants? Yep, one thing I don't get is you know, if you crash a car in qualifying or even damage your car in qualifying, you are in the pot for me, and if you repair your car significantly that you do get some time to repair it. But it's very less. If you do make any major repairs, you are thrown to the back of the grid or you get a Petley. Totally, totally, and this is this is exactly. You know, what comes to my mind right now. The gearbox changes and the engine changes right, like what if? What if it was a red flag and I switched my gear box? Like, I'm not going to wake the between the weekends to change my gear box, I'll change it during a red flight. Yeah, no, it's weird. There needs to be some consequence or repairing your card, airing at flag. I think it's very easy. They don't even have to overthink it. Just put people at the back of the good. That's like. That's what you do it to restart, just use the same thing for a red flag because you are doing a standing start. So why not just follow the same rules that are done the moments start? I didn't get it. With the amount of increase in red flags in this season and the Times people have taken an advantage of this, it definitely...

...needs some looking into its. FIA, if anyone is remotely listening to this, you TAF fatly look into this, because luck clerk got a got a better out of it. You know, Karma took better off him and probably he wasn't able to drive whatever, but he would have started from pole. It would have been a different Sunday for him. Make shure maker was into Q two. Sure, we don't look into it much because Hass and make and Blah Blah Blah. But again, everyone would have started complaining if this was a different person, different driver, a different position, and even in Bakou, even in Baku, Lewis had better out of it, out of the whole red flag. So the whole subjectivity needs to be looked into this. This definitely definitely needs this more more attention from IIA. The other part. I know, Sarah, you know we were bringing this up is how this ends up being a black and white situation all the time, but it's not. Come on, if we are discussing this so much that both drivers are at fault. Toto says it takes two to tango, why not both drivers get some form of penalty based on who was at fault. More make it fair. Yep, Yep, I completely agree. Like I feel right now, it's two black and white. There's no harm in splitting penalties as well, like if if Max wrett survived the crash. I don't think it's wrong. I mean not in this particular incident, but yeah, in other situations as well. I think they can split penalties. That would help thing. One more small thing which I wanted to bring up is penalties itself needs some structuring. I don't know what the answer is, but ten seconds penalty given to Amercedies was as ten seconds penalty give into a horse or not. EU Walant, how Muchever, you say F one is not. You know, all the teams are not at the same level. There not in the same class, and that's the situation. You have to you know, Wagh, the penalty is such that they affect people equally because that's what you know. There's this difference between equality and equally kind of a thing, right. Yeah, yes, I understand. Ten seconds is the standard that's given to everybody, but that's not how it should be, because it affects teams differently and it there are, there are some ideas that were floated around which I like. One of them was, you know, giving like penalties of championship points. That's a very good prodect. You can, yeah, exactly accorded thing, or otherwise, you know, give the time penalties according to the performance or according to the standings of the constructor, you know, change give a harsh falities to the top teams and give a, you know, lighter penalties to the bottom ones or whatever. You know, I think that needs some restructuring here. I really enjoyed this race. I really, or rather I really enjoyed the first level of the last and I was I was really hoping that this is what the entire race is going to be. I was so delighted, but alas. Yeah, yeah, this needs to change from Formula Lewis to Formula One. Yes, if I if I need to be more unbiased when being the bias that they are right now, yeah, nonetheless, I think next race is going to be a blast for sure. I know, I know for a fact that Max is going to be all out, you know, elbows out, with his maximum aggression and everything. And Yeah, I'm just looking forward to it. I'm just buzzing for it because I know that this, this championship competition, is going to go till the end and he's going to, you know, just keep on fighting it out. But Yeah, for the Larry Folks, you know what, it's been very subjective. We've tried to be as neutral, but we hate Lewis. So there you have it in the comments. And this comes, and I think this comes from the passion for this. Yeah, I mean I don't personally hate Lewis as such. I mean it's more about, you know, I hate the fact that I did not get to watch the reason that I was hoping towards, and it's like it's yeah, I don't know. No, you're right here that what you're saying is if it was someone else instead of Lewis who would have behaved in the same way, who would have had the same bias backing and would have been through the same thing, we would have, you know, hated that person at that point. Yep, so it's the event that's causing this hatred. But, folks, you know what, hop onto twitter, hop onto install be we've had some, you know, very interesting conversation with our fans on this. We've got some tweets out there which which are being heated discussions of propulier, you know, having us so horborn right to us. Tell us. What's your opinion on this whole...

...thing? If you want to take it light, sure, let's talk about Kimmy and his radio message as well, or the back back to the future for version of Sabinella. But it's been a very subjective race. I hope something good comes out of it. Unbiased comes out of it. Narcissism reduces in the in the mercedies garage and both as finds as balls. On that note, this is this is f one fan fiction signing of until the hungry race. By Way.

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