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Episode 25 · 2 months ago

2021 Brazilian GP Race Discussion


The 2021 Brazilian GP gave us one of Hamilton's most dominant performances. While having to overtake the entire field twice due to DSQ in Qualification due to his DRS opening just 0.2mm wider than the regulation and 5 place grid penalty received due to using extra ICU components. Max had tried his best to hold back the beast but Hamilton just breezed by him on to take the victory and thus reviving the championship battle.

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In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Hamilton Strikes Back!🥊
  2. Bottas rolls on command
  3. "Fuck them all!" - Toto
  4. The Mercedes Rocketship! 🚀
  5. Max being Naughty
  6. Ferrari triumphs against McLaren
  7. RBR - Red Button Rant 🔴
  8. Mazepin in some good light for a change
  9. Battle for P5  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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Read, but let's address the redbutton first. You know, crafty, we get it. There's a redbutton on the sky, remoid A. Shut the fuck up, please,genuinely and generally. If, if you'd have said that Red Button think onemore time, I would have personally flown to wherever you sitting and slapped himacross his face, like shut the fuck please. Hello and welcome to thelast race in the Americas, the Brazilian Gran Prix, or what now isthe South Polo Grab Prix. You are listening to f one fan fiction,a show about fun races, brought to you by to fun fans, forthe fun community. We are your host. I am a Kash and I'm Sarnand let's get into it. What a race weekend, at least forMercedies, going up and down like the sign you certtle wave. Yeah,a brilliant week they had, I think, like pretty much a bollywood blockbuster.That's true, that it is. I don't know what was going onwith them. Some rule breakings going on, some teple? Finally, we sawsaw return of hamber bought, yes, let's right, finally setting. Yeah, I thought, yeah, right, like it took a while. Ithink Hamilton on the podium itself. I think it's been a violet.Feels like it's been a while, and it was just dominant. I meanI thought we I we were like transported back to last year. That's that'swhat it was like. Yeah, right, this weekend was like that. You'reright. You're right. It was the return of two thousand and TwentyHamilton. Rates are complete, complete Amilton, but work driving yesterday, I feellike super driving. Whatever was given to them as penalties will come tothem later in the episode. It was all because of the air doing itwas not so yeah, people did walked over them or something like that.But respective of all of that, getting a pole, yeah, dropping downto to be twenty, getting to be five, dropping out to be ten, and from their winning each it goes to show that you are seven time. Oh yeah, and for some exactly. But yeah, really, and masterclass from Hamilton exactly. I mean, wow, he was just flying,like it was weird, like ever since after, like in qualifying,right, like first of all, in the the real qualifying for the sprintrace. It's so confusing anyways. For qualifying itself, he was super fast. The sprint race, as we saw. He just like your cut through thefield, and there was a point where he was overtaking one person perlap and at the exact same yeah, point, which was the start,finished like it was. It is weird. It felt like, you know,people are just like editing the video and just switching my drivers there.It was insane. His speed was insane. He was not making any mistakes.He was like some super focus mode. Yeah, he, I think,is clawing back. It felt like the championship was like, you know, going away from his hands, but it's kind of now that you knowhe's like Hey, I'm back. You know, I'm not gonna let youwin so easily. But I think the interesting part about Interlagos is you havestraight, two straights back to back. So you get a Dar, yes, and as soon as you finish your dars on the main street, youare in the drs detection point, which you more or less end up getgetting because you're using the stript stream and the one the main street. Soyou got ideas on the back street again. Yeah, I think. I thinkthat's the beauty of this track and you do end up seeing you quitea lot of overtakes and some interesting race.

Yeah, we're all say. Yeah, just just brilliant track and amazing fighting overall as well. But still, credit to Max Right, like, I mean he was in a farworse card, like genuinely mercenies was on some other level at like they wereleagues apart, honestly, both the cars on the track. But Max dida brilliant job with, you know, defending with whatever he could, likethe only place where he had a little edge was insector to because the twistybit we're red bull was a little faster than the mosties, but he usedthat to his advantage. Was possitioning his car so well to defend. Imean at points, yeah, he did do a couple dirty moves, likeI mean I wouldn't say exactly dirty, but you know, that's that's thelimit at which well, they are right now. But yeah, one ofthem was definitely dirty, which was the weaving on the street plant was,yeah, not in the best really, to be honest. I think heknew that was happening as soon as his engineers told him about the black andblack and reply he was he was like Oh, perfect, say hi.Exactly. Every kind of knew about it just in a went for it.Yeah, I think he so. I think at some point he definitely knewlike, whatever he does, Hamilton is gonna fly past. It was likeobviously a little bit of desperation as well from his end, but yeah,at the end I think he just didn't have any choice. I mean,you know, this is saying that you can't defend top speed right like youjust can't. Speaking about Mercedes vote as being asked to Shi it rolls stayhandshake perfectly, Ryne. Yesterday, I for one thought he was probably justgonna retire his car at that point, the way he's learned on his car. To let Hamilton Pass with this shoe would it? First of all,you know, I remember like when you were watching, like yeah, hewas cutting through the field, obviously, but then he like overtook signs andthe clerk and I thought, yeah, it might take him at least like, you know, sometime to hold a botas like maybe a lapper too.But then suddenly like they showed in the camera that Hamilton is head like wait, what, when did that happen? And then like suddenly off camera,like again there they show them switching positions and toot as pretty much basically justbreaks entirely till Hamilton over takes them. That is a bit yeah, butI think overall he did drive well. I think Mercedes is any way strongat interloggers in general. If you think about it, like every year they'vecome here at least Hamilton has had a brilliant not luck, but like arace. Here we had from two thousand and eight with block or just snatchingthat championship from Massa, to to yesterday where, overall he just dominated therace and both has nominate following suit with him and we team orders are whatnot. It was just just brilliant singersies, though I am not sure put uswould had ended a pthree if it was not for some luck on his andas well for change. Basically, if you remember when he went to pit, that's exactly I mean. He got a virtual safety car to pit rightand as soon as he was getting out, the vicessifty card like ended and hecould, you know, get on a racing speed instantly. So ifnot for that, I guess Perez would at least maybe there for the contentionof pthree. He maybe at the end. He might not be able to defendthat position, but I guess Perez would be up there, but Buddhas. Yeah, otherwise you did drive well. But but I think that that wasa little unlucky on parisis and that...

...would has got that advantage. Imean yesterday it happened a couple of times where it did work in favor ofMercedes to with quite a bit with the virtual shifty car the safety card itselfcoming out. So so you know, that gap that there's end up buildingwith forty percent or whatnot. The Delta Reduction does end up happening and givesbenefit to the driver. So there was some sorten deputy at the end withmercedies and good ask for sure. I for sure. Yeah, though,I think it was pretty much mercendiess weekend in terms of performance. I meanthey also had some other weirdness going around with them, like specially to too. I don't know what. So that guy, he's just a man.I I'm gonna know myself. I'M gonna be myself while saying these things,but I but I hate that people come on. You know what this is. This is this is where I flipped. This is this where my emotions flipped. You know, I was if we were doing this live. Youknow, the audience would listening to US would've been like he's so happy forMercedes for a change, although he despises Hamilton and whatnot. But now thatI'm recording this and having seen how they've celebrated, they've celebrate as if thewhole world spotted against them and they want to take anything away from their heartand switches, and I don't understand why they behave this way. Like toremoving his mask and the mean that's become of him, with the pointing fingeraggressiveness. Sure Adrenalin Bird. Sorry, so you what? One quick thingto to wasn't wearing a mask at all yesterday. So, no, no, so did to point that hobout. It true, true, but hedid wear it for one second just to remove in front of the camera whileHamilton was getting on the pool and sent to it. And that just passesme off, man. That just pisses me off. Man. How manyrules do you need to law? And Yeah, that's one. That's one. Hamilton himself like. There's a reason why I started despising this guy.is how he celebrates. I mean, sure, you have the right tocelebrate, but him correcting his engineers on the radio saying not twenty position,gree penalty, but like twenty five. Yeah, even if it was thirty, all of it was your doing. You messing up with your way.Will you taking the engine change is not something that was forced up on youwere because someone hit you. It was something that you did was warranted agreat place penalty. So, rather than being talking and condescending about it,come on. Sure. That's where I flip. That's where I flipped.All My love for was gonna come back for Hamilton and mercenies this weekend.And Yeah, and the respect that was gonna come because of the twenty fiveplace fight. It's just gonna it's just gone away. We I do kindof agree, you know, the whole celebration, the whole the whole messagefrom two to about you know, yesterday especially, I think, in thesprint race. You know, fuck them all. Yeah, I mean,dude, like you guys broke some rules, like and think about Austin, Martin, right wet till second position. God, you know, you gotdisqualified from it for not having point three leaders of fuel at the end andthat was kind of proven that there was some damage on the card which hadcaused it. And the same thing happened with these guys as well at likeyeah, agreed, like you had some damage, but use are dudes,like you broke some technical regulation, so you are going to get those penalties, like people are not know, it's weird. They were posing as if, you know, like like other teams did them dirty or, you know, there was some dirty tricks going around something. You know what? I'msorry, but do you know what this reminds me of? There's this nameof three image thing where the first ones...

...are guy riding a bicycle, secondone he's he poking a stake into his friend week and then he falls.This is exactly that scenario. That second image is them messing with their carto pay rods and stuff, and then the third one is them complaining.They're giving as penalty. So like, Dude, you're doing this to yourself. Come on, you know what. Do you know what? I'm gladthey did that, because otherwise we would have a very shitty birding raace thatit would basically be just Hamilton doing laps around. Yeah, I think atthat point he would have still fought. What's happened, but just yeah,yeah, that's why I agree. They did have a better account this weekend. So but the interesting part is both Christian owner and Max and I'm prettysure more folks in the garage to sort of anticipated this, this type ofMercedes dominance. And it's interesting because there are these news articles, I think. I think there's a brilliant one by US Gott Motor supportcom where they arethey are showing how read bull is going to protest the Flexi wing that thatwork has. So it's going to be something coming up on there. Idon't know too many details. I think will only have to wait and seewhat it would end up doing. But another interesting thing that's that's popped upon the Internet is return of the as the driver or sister system that wasband last year, because there's there is a there is this footage of Hamiltongrowing up the main Strad after the last corner. Yes, tag bit pullinghis steering wheel something similar to that. So my question at this point is, is Morcii's trying to do everything in their power to, you know,law and break whatever you want to call it, just just be as muchas out there that they can get that even position? Yeah, yeah,it's weird like that. I didn't see that video it's it does look likeDa's. I don't know. I mean, I guess they must not be doingthat, because if I would definitely find it out. But yeah,it did feel like it. I don't know, maybe will will have tolook a little bit more. Yeah, there's exactly there's there's not much authenticatedproof there. It's just someone's video. So, yeah, there will haveto be much more investigation than there. And Yeah, but something fish isgoing around, you know, with the flexiving as well. What Red Bullis kind of planning to protest, but at this point they have also beenseeing that, you know, it's so late into the season that even ifthey protest right now, it''s highly unlikely that, you know, any resultwould come out before the end of the season. So, like it won'treally help anybody. So they're kind of unsure about whether they should protest ornot. But yeah, let's see how it was. But if this iswhat the performance Delta is going to be, you know, on and Saudi Arabia, dude, just a fucking straight that's all. Yeah, it's dateon a drunk track. Yep, I say Candi in evil at that one. I think Hamilton will be just like a you know, like a bluraround the track. I can totally. I I'm totally getting the road andthen by Lee coote wives. But it was it wasn't. It wasn't abad weekend from red will themselves either. I think, like I would haveI would have love to see Perez like...

...extract more from the car. Buteven beyond that, I think like he did the best heapled. I lovedhim snatching that extra point and not yet, not for awesome. Yeah, isreally awesome. We had to wait. We had to wait almost like halfa race after race length, so you're not a Racion, and thehalf a Lapelin to see Peres cross that finish line to see if he snatchedthe poor Wi will. Yeah, flag wide. I liked it, notfor the points taken away from Hamilton towards my ex but I like the pointgoing to red will because they are also inching close towards that constructor championship right. So yeah, for me it was more of that than you know.Yeah, yeah, definitely, I think. And I think for them it waslike a you know, two birds one stone kind of a thing.So worked out perfectly. Perfect decision. I mean he had pitched top worthof gap behind. So and again I mean that there was the class apartright like most of these and dread bull were in their own class. Nobodyelse was even close by. So, yeah, I think definitely not abad Wi cut, but at will. Overall, I think. I alsoliked the calmness and professionalism that Max showed in his celebrations. For sure.I mean, he's not one, so he's he's not gonna be over thetop as well. Even beyond that, I mean acknowledging both him and horrorto like acknowledging how well Hamilton has driven around that track yesterday and all throughthe weekend. Just show some some good professionals and versus not being able tocontrol your trenal in them are. But overall, yeah, red bullstit will, does. I mean I don't particularly like Hornor as well, because easy, yeah, self see he's a Shitster, exactly, but then he takes upthese fights with the FI bring some more entertainment and then ends up alsobe somewhat of professional around the pit garage, some like shell even as yeah,no, yeah, it was Max, definitely. You know, I everyrace I watch him, I become, you know, I like him morefor the very fact that how calm he is. It's weird, right, it doesn't feel like he's another championship at all. Like the very honestly, Hamilton does look like he is in a championship. He is dressed,he is you know, he's fierce, he's angry. Like it. It'svery evident that he is there better on the other end. This guy,it seems like an he's just like coming for a race, like just loggingin from his home for a se race or something that. Yeah, probablyprobably totos better his house against Hamilton. Like if I don't give you therace, championship title, my house is sort of thing. You own mylife or something like that. Just makes them so pumped up every time.Think closed the championship, right. Yeah, well, not the championship title,but I think there's a title that two other teams of fighting for.That's the position three. Yeah, that really that. But is very interestingat this point, man. It's being under valued. Word McLaren and Ferrariare going at it and actually, yeah, that's that's something that should get moremedia attraction and rest action as well. There's something brilliant happening at egree.Yeah, and suddenly it seems like it's just slipping away from M Clarentight, like there's so far behind,...

...like it's weird. Like Ricardo.I. Why did he retire? By the so there was some missed out, know, so there was some some issue with the power unit. Ithink they have this McLaren, the Mercedes engine its point and there was someproblem with the power unit that they had to retire the car. But nothingotherwise okay either. Is like not a great weekend. Land of finishing tenis, you know, landon is just gone off the rails. It seemslike even at the start it was an unnecessary risk that he took, likeonce you go out on the green area, you know, the other time.Was Not obliged to give space. That's what I felt. No,true, true, true, he's not obliged to, but I felt likescience did try to squeeze him on their right. Sure it was still themracing. So I don't I don't really have an opinion one way or another. But verall, it was fun to see you see them. Yeah,who? I did love to not see a puncture at that point, butstill, yeah, yeah, now, so I feel like it was unnecessaryrisk. I like Lando should had been more mature about and in the sensethat I agree that he is not had a good result in the while andhe probably wanted to get that opportunistic overtaken the lap one. Yeah, butyeah, that's where, you know, kind of his rookiness problem still kindof shows. Yeah, I think you're right. I think he could havegotten that slip stream on the back straight and then probably turn on the turnthe Left, another the U Turn Right. He could have taken science out ifhe had that base, which it seemed like he had at least onthe EASTART. We're to. Well, not a bad drive from him tolike coming poten from B twenty after like a very big delta. So schosome cool goes there. I think what's what's interesting for us at this podcastis McLaren versus Ferrari has become a repeating segment for us on this show.And it goes to show too, because like for IRI, has extended theirleaf from McLaren by just thirty one point five points, which could have beenless if Ricardo still there. So it's still anybody's game, I feel ifRicardo can pull this along with the Lando up there, this is going toget very tight for you. I'm excited. Yeah, yeah, definitely, I'mreally hooping that, McLaren Lake. You know, just get this shittogether. Honestly speaking, like it seems like they're just gone he wired.The formula that was just working so well has just, you know, fallenapart, is what feels like. It's very weird. Something definitely is goingwrong. They need to figure it out and, you know, just getit head into the game. I guess. Let's take a moment here for somemid episode comments. Folks, for those of you, we in listeningto US episode after episode. Thank you so much. If you are alreadysubscribed, thank you again so much. If you are not, no worries, I mean listen to us, follow for us for a few have moreepisodes, see if you like us, I'm sure you will, and thensubscribe whenever you want to share this with your friends, because this is againlike a completely unplugged, your brained up of thoughts that we have on theweekend. Follow us on our socials. You can find us anywhere at atthe rate fe fan fiction. The same handle works on any platform. Yeah, right, to us what you are liking, what you are not.Contact us at the rate F one fan fiction as a email. You knowus. I am a Kash the other...

...voices Sarah, and so yeah,right to us. What do you like? What do you don't? Starting nextseason we may introduce a new segment where we read fan mails and fanposts and comments. So if you want to be featured, if you wantto get a shout out, drop in those messages to us. By theway, for some of those folks who were waiting for a life session onthis on this property as well, there is something special coming out, becausewe did have a third host yesterday before the race. So stay tuned forsomething coming out and someone else's interview also coming in. Yeah, let's let'sget it back onto the to the episode. So Sarah Thoughts on British commentary fromyesterday. Oh, okay, red, but let's address the red button first. You know, crafty, we get it. There's a red buttonon the sky. Avoid a said the fuck up, please genuinely mention really, if, if you'd have said that red button, think one more time, I would have personally flown to wherever he sitting and slapped him across hisface, like shut the fuck please. Yeah, man, I mean,yeah, I get it. You're tipping out, you know sky, butyou know, just chill a little please. It's getting a bit annoying race afterthese. I to day it was just weird, like it was.I really want to go back and count the number of times he said that. I think it was be yeah, in the tens of twenty, thirty, S I don't know, I've lost count. The maximum amount of timehe said it in a particular race, for sure, to a point whereit got annoying. Also, I I sort of get his enthusiasm for beinga Brit supporting a bread sure, by all means right, but somewhere downthe line, I mean you got a draw a line realizing you're a commentaratorfor the sport and not for Hamilton only. Yeah, because there was a visiblechange in shift in energy in the commentary before and after Hamilton led therees, unlike. Come on, that's somewhat not done. Yeah, Ihonestly I completely miss this and I'm happy about it because I after listening tohis red button bullshit but so long I just switched to the pet lane channelso that I didn't have to listen to him. An, you were lucky, you man. I don't have a fun TV here, so I stillgot to listen to his voice, yeah, when I'm pretty sure I did likecat some parts of it. I mean I was switching between them.But yeah, I totally agree that. You know, it was weird hewas so fixated on the WHO will the you know, pushing out on thetrack out of the round. I mean, yes, I do agree. Itwas a little naughty from Max, I will say. I mean,but it was, you know, it's real to real battle. They aregoing at it that, you know, just at the limit of their cars. Fia Pretty Much said that there's no investigation necessary because they do have accessto a lot of data that we, or even the commentators, don't havethe right which is basically the steering and put in everything right. And Yeah, if they determined that there was no investigation necessary, I mean it's prettyevident that. I don't know what the big deal was with crafty constantly bringingthat up, I mean just because he didn't get to see if if Maxdid right hand on his steering wheel. He was just so adamant that heshould get up and he should get up any man. Yeah, I meanit was it was quite unwarranted for even...

Horner, and I forget who wasfrom the mercedies garage speaking with Massy at that point. Oh, first ofall, I don't. I don't understand why people speak with Massy. Hehas no safe in making a decision. He's exactly why is massy being broughtinto this variation? Knows sense at all. He's just the race director. He'sactually steward. Don't get rid. They just ring massy up for noreason and all the time, as if he's the one making these decisions upthe finality in dude. I think. I think it's just, you know, like they just want to space for nding out their frustration, so theyjust call him up and prob these are, you know, just a good listener. So yeah, I listen like that. You know that the cornersand his voice is so sweeting I'm like yeah, sure, I'll believe whatyou say, massie. That voice totally feels like, you know, thevoice of a kindergarten teacher, because that's exactly what he's doing, you know, handling a bunch of kids there, because everybody just complaining. You knowthat it's like he took my pencil. You know, it's pretty much prettymuch just bad level of complaining that they're doing. Yep, but yeah,and I think they think there should be some who's coming into a commentary boxtoo, and just your King Massie was now. So grafty and Brundle werea big annoying yesterday. Any who still bend without out to them being great. They want to support a driver. Sure, what else was happening yesterday? They were. We spent quite a lot of minutes on this episode talkingabout these, these four teams, but it was this quite a lot happeningthe trailing end and with all the other teams in. Yeah, yeah,I think another team that's like gotten a decent result today is Alpine, whichwas kind of uninspected, honestly. Yeah, like in qualifications prints they didn't seemlike they had a lot of pace. But eighth and nine, wow,not a bad day at turn. Yeah, Oh, con and andAlonzo both lifting their teams of many more so alongs. It felt like itwas it. It did feel like Brazil and Okando go hand in hand.He was gonna have this the same spot where which caused Max to push.She's gonna Knock on ghastly at the great yeah, he does that same corner, that same time he was going to have. That really felt like ithis life flashed in front of because the way he suddenly like turned is thistearing to the right. I think he exactly like in a pause which secondhe remembered Max pushing him. And Yeah, I just Ra sed up. Actuallyexactly. But yeah, I mean both both Alonzo and brilliant, yeah, lifting their team up. It's interesting to see it to write. Like, if you take a look at the Constructor Championship, both Albine and AstonMartin are tied at under and twelve points at this this moment. So there'sthere's a good battle happening for that position down there as well. So it'sgoing to be interesting who leaves more. Stroll was not having a good dayand I don't have much hope so from MS usually. But but yeah,the veterans trying to fight for their instructor, whtel versus a Loonzo. It's goingto be fun. Yeah, wetill especially. I mean it seems likehe has a renewed energy suddenly right like, especially in the second half of theseason. Mainly I think, like, obviously I think you could to Ptoo's the season wow, he's been...

...having a great season. Only speaking. Yeah, yeah, one of us, one of it, was taken awaybecause of this qualification. But honestly speaking, it was his win,I mean his second position. Still, I would say, yeah, hedoesn't get the point for it. Fair enough, but yeah, P tois P to. But yeah, my point being that wettal is just doinggreat and land says we had just talked last time as well. I don'tknow what's going on today. was just bad luck, I guess. Butyeah, still, it didn't seem like he was on a lot of pacethat. Yeah, it just felt like he was there somewhere. But thatover take off by wetill and Alonso over UKI. But was so much funwaters, water and pulling a rookie way. Yeah, you keeping UK. Ithink he's his brain would have versed in abused quite a lot. Oneworth over to, okay, but it was fun to see both of theseguys up on UK. Yeah, Luke was having a very weird day.I mean he he first of all got that penalty. I mean, whatwas his mistake? You? I don't Know Im why did he dive wormthere? But did he lock up or did he lock up? I don'tknow if it was it was just a mistake, mistake, or was itlike a driving thing that he just couldn't control? I don't know what happenedwith the yeah, I mean either I haven't liked taken a look properly lateron, but either ways, like you know, ten second penalty itself likeput him at her in a large disadvantage. Is fronting was damaged as well.And Yeah, and then he was just like, you know what,taken by a Longso and better in one short not that make it reading.YEA LAP getting over it, but it's interesting. Okay, now I'm finallystarting to get fund race FIA, race control, because bringing out a safetycar is is and damaging your front doing is equally pittenalized as causing a redflag and a fifty one g crash. Now I get it. Now that'sit's even more dude. This was ten second penalty. He had got inthe five second penalty. Oh is it? Oh, okay, all right,so this is way worse. This could kill somewhat. Sure. Yeah, ten second penalty, I felt was too harsh, like even if Idon't know, like, yeah, he he shouldn't have done that, butten seconds is a bit too harsh. I don't know, like, yeah, it doesn't make sense either ways. It's quite weird, I guess,now that I think about it. Honestly, right at that point I thought that, you know, it's fine, like it was a mistake. Butyeah, probably five seconds would have been much fairer penalty. I guess allof all of this is, you know, all of these discussions are coming upevery every time, had coming up whenever, this being this, thisthis sprint race. I for one honestly don't like sprint races because it justyeah, there is one, but I don't know what what I really alsothat's yeah, no, I mean it's not. It's not helping the waythat you know, all aberty media things it would help. They were expectingmuch crazier races because of the short format, but that's not true. People arebeing more careful in these races and most drivers haveset is that they drivemore carefully in these races because they this race doesn't turn any points, likejust three to one points is nothing, and that was just for the topthree. So you know, there isn't just enough incentive for these drivers torisk things right. So, yeah, the sprint format, at least inthe way that we have it right now, doesn't make any sense. Yeah,maybe, or do you think?...

What are your thoughts? Or ashaving this conversation with a friend of mine, but what are your thoughts on thefastest lap point? I mean it was something at least for me inthe first of the season. But what are your thoughts on it? Ido definitely like it. Twenty one points. That twenty one or so ras is. It's twenty one points to be earned through the season. Is isdefinitely a big factor in term the strategy and we see that every race.Like you know, teams going for that fastest lab it's just another point ofyou know, strategy, I would say, which is which just makes the wholething more exciting, right, like having this another mechanism for the teamsto earn points as such, because this is, after all, a teamsport, right, and like things like sacrificing a bit for your teammate isa part of it, and that's what like happened for Perez. I meanneedn't lucky use a position, but yeah, they probably might. Had still madehim do it, even if it probably costed a position. But Iguess that's an awesome way of, you know, keeping things interesting and Ithink it's working definitely right. Right. I had some level do think thatit's being miss and not misuse, not the right word, but it's sortof becoming an overused kind of yeah, yeah, because it's like your drivernumber two is us to so early sacrifice. Exactly right. So I think I'mproblem, at least for me. The thought was this, this isgoing to be an incentive for the race leader. But now, as you'repointing it out, which is which is what's happening, it's becoming a strategypoint and somewhere, rightfully so. Right like at this point where the championshipsgot in this close, every point matters for both driver championship and construct achampionship. So sure it's being used in the right way and maybe this iswhat it was intended for. So I'm the order one out in this wholesituation, but in my head as like this was more for an incentive tothe the rating driver, which which is somewhere. Is What's not happen.You know, I think this is the perfect example of probably expectation. Thisis reality in the sense that I'm pretty sure the expectation off a five wasthat it would, you know, and advantage the for our front, youknow, the leaders of the races, basically to go for the vasters lap. But yeah, it's a fun this is what always happens. They findloopholes, they, if you find those small, tiny gaps in those lawsto you know, just scarred by and that's what every team does, prettymuch like you know, Ferrari has done a read blissin an mesities are channel. Everybody doesn't. It's part of the game. So you know. Yeah, well, yeah, what about you introduce they are going to find someweird deason. So switching gear is when this episode. Let's let's talk abit about house as well. Yeah, I want to start off with make. Were pre race. There's this interesting banter between making kimmy where Nick Mick, sorry, Nick, was asked how does he feel fighting against Kimmy?Was a silence and then he says, well, I don't get much chanceto race against Jimmy, which give me as like I get slow down foryou and then and then you can raise me to the race where they theyalmost touch each other. Exactly. Yeah, it was so weird. That commentwas first of all, the whole whole interview was really awesome. Youknow, if you want to go back and listen, if you guys haven'tYousue, please go check it out. But anyways, I do agree thatit was just, yeah, so good in that sense that they didn't actuallytouch they did actually have toy base.

But I think overall, Hass Man, I feel for them and I feel for the team, the entire team. Honestly speaking, they have been through a lot of shit in the sensethat last year with the whole rich energy to back, and I mean thinkabout all the all the people who put in hours of their life. Youknow, for them the sport is their passion. They are, you know, each team member, each engineer, you know, each driver, definitelyis putting in a lot of hard work. It's not for the lack of hardwork, hard work, that they are not performing well. It's it'sjust that they're not, you know, have that package that's competitive. Andobviously funding has been a problem for them for a long time. I think, in fact, I guess Massibon has mentioned this, that he doesn't haveaccess to a proper Sim because arts doesn't have one, but mick does becausehe is a Ferrari driver, so he does get access to the Ferrari semwhich is, like, you know, top of the line. So it'squite unfortunate that hars is in a position where, you know, there's prettymuch no hope, I would say, kind of for the team that nofuture prospects to the team. It must be very difficult to go into workfor I think each team membered in there. I guess I feel more so forthe big garage members. It's like they're there. They're putting almost asmuch hard work as as someone at mercy theess and just see that even ifthey get a pe teen, I think they're going to be over the moon. It's it sounds like they're going to be over the moon, but it'snot a good feeling to live by. And your point on Massipin, Imean we've given our our fair deal of Shit to magic pin for entertainment purposes. Yeah, that guess been taking quite a brandon. It's kind of yeah, yeah, it does seem kind of evident at least. Like you knowwhat, I don't know if you like if everyone saw the interview after thequalification, before this print, where Mazibin was very close to to us.I mean, I know, is it? Yeah, I felt like a verydifferent side of him that I've not seen before and you know, Idefinitely feel that. Yes, he has had his share of shitty things,no doubt about it, right, but at the same time, I guessI feel that the amount of bias that we form about a person because ofcertain incidents kind of does blind you a bit and in that sense we forgetthat that person is also a person and, you know, things like these doaffect them. I'm pretty sure he gets bullied a lot on the Internetand yeah, this is a whole thing about him kicked out of the Mexicannightclub. To right, but I think he wasn't. Just some he wantsstop that happened at the club. But hell, yeah, I know heactually didn't get kicked out. It was just that his friends were waiting outsideand he was just explaining to the body guards that they are his friends and, like, you know, they are and up on the list. Yeah, exactly. And obviously Internet wants to sensors nize everything and you know,they kind of people started posting that he got kicked out and things like that. Yeah, yeah, Hey, you were mentioning he's also done some good, right, like let's have some positive gods. This way he's here.He helped raise some funds or something greater. Yep, I'm sure. I thinkhe was running a fundraiser where he basically for cerebral privlcy, basically raisingmoney for, I think, research for...

...that. And basically the deal wasthat fans would do need to the fund and he would. He initially saidthat he would match it, but little on, in fact he doubled it. So, you know, good on him, no matter what. Likepeople do say that. You know, this is just whitewashing this. Younot trying to, you know, put himself in the good light and everything. But you know, while why? Exactly? If you're doing good whiledoing that, I'm okay with that. Exactly when, if it's for PRpurposes, you exactly helping someone. So yeah, word for Ye, exactly. So Kudos to him. I guess let's not today. We promise willnot make fun of you as a pen two word. Will be another day, though. Yeah, will be back to our original selves to word.So yeah, no promises on but yeah, Kudos for him to yesterday finally finishingseventeen in front of his teammate makes so there's something good coming out forhis race to Yep, there's this an interesting drivers championship fight forming four pfive, Lando sitting at one hundred and fifty, one, Le Clairic atone forty eight, and then science at wound thirty nine, point and five. Three more races to go and the way landos dropping, science picking upthis. There's going to be this interesting fight for e five. Yeah,that's that's super interesting. I didn't notice this, like you right, likeLando didn't score much points recently. So one hund and forty, one hundredand thirty nine, month five signs. Yeah, that's yeah, he's closedas well, man, like. Yes, anybody's game. Yeah, honestly,Faddy are seemed faster than McLaren, at least, so I guess advantagesigns and Lettler for you know, going ahead of Lando, but let's see. Might as well, you know. Yeah, let's see what happens.I didn't think we can make any guesses at this point. Yeah, yeah, it's anybody's game. It's what's sure. Is like at least one two,three four. Both the mark and yeah, rented drivers are sitting comfortableat one two. Be for the one and two is going to be tillthe end, but force bally locked up, so it's going to be an interestingmetal to see what's happening at eone and then the P five fight.Yeah, yeah, Yep, amazing race, though. You know I love Brazil. Brazil has delivered a good race every time. Yes, yes,and the truck is awesome. You know, the crowd is awesome. Again,I think all the races in the Americas are awesome, I would say. Yeah. So, yeah, yeah, pretty pretty. Back to the lastperiod in Gulf countries. Yeah, should be fun. Last three racesto go in this championship. For folks who have stayed all the way tothe end of the episode, we love you. Thank you for your constantsupport. This this takes time, energy and money to go to bring youlovely episodes, race after race, interviews driver, with the drivers and what'sto come, race after race. So if you like what we're doing andwant to support us, hop on to our website. Fun Fan fictioncom Byasa coffee there. What a right corner is work where you're going to seeit any if you just want to send some love to us, bring uson. Our socials at the rate of from time fiction until the next episode. These are your host signing a bye.

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