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Episode 25 · 2 weeks ago

2021 Brazilian GP Race Discussion


The 2021 Brazilian GP gave us one of Hamilton's most dominant performances. While having to overtake the entire field twice due to DSQ in Qualification due to his DRS opening just 0.2mm wider than the regulation and 5 place grid penalty received due to using extra ICU components. Max had tried his best to hold back the beast but Hamilton just breezed by him on to take the victory and thus reviving the championship battle.

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In this Episode we discuss:

  1. Hamilton Strikes Back!🥊
  2. Bottas rolls on command
  3. "Fuck them all!" - Toto
  4. The Mercedes Rocketship! 🚀
  5. Max being Naughty
  6. Ferrari triumphs against McLaren
  7. RBR - Red Button Rant 🔴
  8. Mazepin in some good light for a change
  9. Battle for P5  

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

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Red But let's address the Red Button:First, you know crafty, we get it, there's a red button on the sky, remotea at the fuck of these changing elly. If, if you would havesaid that right, but I think one more time had a personal loan to whereverhe's sitting and slapped him across the face lecture the Futheh and welcome tothe last race in the Americas, the Brazilian grope or what now is theSouth Call of rubbery? You are listening to if one fan fiction, a showabout ECON races brought to you by two efenings for the Effen community. Weare your host. I am a cash and I'm suren and let's get into it what a racewe end at least for mercy, ties growing up and down like the signe sort of waveyeah a brilliant weekend. They had, I think, like pretty much a BollywoodBlock beston that I don't know what was going onwith them, some rule breaking going on some people.Finally, we saw on so return of Hamer Bo. Yes, that's right find a sting yeahyeah, I thought yeah right like it took a while. I think Hamilton on the podiumitself. I think it's been a violet feels like it's been a while and nitsjust dominate. I mean I thought we were like transported back to last year. That's that's what it was like yeah, ahey! This weekend was like that you're right, yer right it was the return often and twenty Hamilton that a complete complete table come driving yesterday, I feel likesuper driving whatever was given to them as penalties we come tothat later in the episode it was all because of they are doing it was not soyeah people did walk over them or something like that, but the respectiveof all of that getting a hole, Yeh dropping down to Tobey, getting to befive dropping out to ten and from there winning each. It goes to show that youare a seven time Waban for some, exactly very a brilliant master. Lastfrom Hanegan exactly I mean, while he was just flying like it was weird likeever since, after like in qualifying right like first of all in the the real qualifying for the sprintplace, it's so confusing anyways for qualifying itself. He was super fast,the spintries, as we saw he just like you cut through the field, and therewas a point where he was just overtaking one person to her lap and atthe exact same yeah for ye was a stat finished like it was. It is weird itfelt like you know. People are just like editing the video and justswitching the trim was there. It is insane. Speed was insane. He wasnot making any mistakes. He was on. Like some super focus, Mord yeah, he Ithink, is clawing back it felt like the championship was, like you know, goingaway from his hands, but it's kind of now that you know he's like hey. I'mback, you know, I'm not gonna, let you win so easily, but I think the interesting part aboutInter Lagos is you have strayed two straights back to back so generis andas soon as you finish, your dear, is on the main strait. You are in the drsdetection coin, which you more or less end up, get get in cars, you're usingthe Strip frame and he on the main strait. So you got a dear s on the backstreat again yeah. I think I think that's the beauty of this strike andyou do end up seeing you put a lot of...

Horta and some interesting gay, Yeah Er,all so yeah, I just just brilliant rack and amazing fighting over all as well,but still credit to Max Right. Like I mean he was in a far worse. Car likegenuinely most of these was on some other level at like they were leagues.Apart honestly got the cars on the track, but Max to a brilliant job withyou know, defending with whatever he could like. The only place where he had alittle edge was in sector to because the twisty bit where red bill was a little faster thanthe most cities, but he used that to his advantage. He was Possesson as carso well to defend. I mean at points yeah. He did do a couple dirty moveslike I mean I wouldn't say exactly dirty,but you know that's that's the limited which well they are right now, but yeahone of them was definitely dirty, which was the weaving on the street. That wasyeah. I not in that there. To be honest, I think he knew that was happening assoon as his engineers told him about the black and black and red ly. He was,he was, like, oh perfect, say, hi, exactly kind of new gotson event for ityeah. I think he so I think at some point he definitely knew like whateverhe does. Hampton is going to fly past. It was I like of obviously a little bitof desperation as well from his end, but yeah at ND. I think he just didn'thave any choice. I mean you, you know, there's a saying that you can't defendtop speed right, like you just kind speaking about Mercedis pot as being asked or sit rolls day andshade. I got perfectly fine yesterday I for one thought he was probably justgonna Retire, a star at that point. The way he's yen on a star to at Hamertonpass when they showed it. First of all, youknow I remember like when you were watching like yeah. He was cutting,though the field, obviously, but then he like overtook signs and Lalock, andI thought Yeah Kate might take him at least, like you know, sometimes toovertake Botas, like maybe a lap or two but then suddenly, like they showed inthe camera. That Hamilton is ahead like wait. What when did that happen and then, like suddenly off camera likeagain, they show them. You know switching positions and do it as prettymuch. Basically, just breaks entirely tell happen to know what takes them. That is a bit yeah, but I think over all he did drive. Well,I think mercies is any way strong at into lovers. In generally, you thinkabout it like every year they've come here at least Hamelton has had abrilliant, not luck, but like a race here be fromtwo thousand and eight with Clark or just snatching that championship forMassa to two yesterday, where overall, he just dominated the race and both hasnominated the following suit with him, and we tea moders are what not. It wasjust just brilliant to see. MERCIES, though I am not sure, but, as wouldhide, enter a p three if it was not for some luck on ness and as well forchange. Basically, if you remember when he went to pit that's exactly, I meanhe got a virtual safety card to pet right and as soon as he was getting outto worcester like ended, and he could you not get on to racing speedinstantly. So, if not for that, I guess Paris would at least may bethere for the contention of p three he may be at the end. He might not be ableto defend that position, but I guess Paris would be up there, but putas yeah.Otherwise you did drive well, but but I think that that was a little unlucky onParisse that who has got that advantage.

I mean yesterday it happened a coupleof times where it did work in favor of Marciti through with quite a bit with the virtue shiftycar, the safety car itself coming out. So so you know that gap that there's end up building with fortypercent or what not the dent reduction, does end up happening and gives benefitto the driver. So there was some certainty at the end,with merceries and both as for shot for yeah, though I think it was pretty muchmost of these. We Ken em of performance, I mean they also had some otherweirdness going around with them like, especially to to. I don't know,what's row that guy he's just so mad and reet. Now I said I'm going to bemyself for saying these things, but I ever I hear that come on. You know what this is. This isthis, where I flipped this is this is where my emotions lip. You know I wasif we were doing this live. You know the audience who would listening to uswould have been like he's so happy former cities for a change, although hedespice Hamilton, and what not word now that I'm recording this and having seenhow they've celebrated we celebrate as if the whole world squattered againstthem, and they want to take anything away from their heart as riches, and Idon't understand why they behave this way like to removing his mask and themean that's become of him with the pointing finger aggressiveness. Sure aden Alenan say on one quick thing: Tuto wasn't wearing a mask at all yesterday,so no, no so did to point that out it true through, but he did wear it forone second, just to while hamiltonwas getting on the P andsent to it, and they just pisses me off man that just pisses me off man. Howmany rules do you need to Lard Yeah? That's one! That's on Hamilton himself,like there's a reason why I start despising. This guy is how hecelebrates. I mean sure you have the right to celebrate, but him correctinghis engineers on the radio saying not to anty position re penalty, but liketwenty five yeah, even if it was thirty. All of it was your doing you messing upwith your mayor. Will you taking the injuring change? Is Not something thatwas forsed upon you way because someone hit you, it was something that you didwas warranted a great place Barety, so, rather than being cocking andcondescending about it, come on sure, that's what I flit that'swhat I've had all my love for was going to come back for Hamilton and Mercatithis weekend and yeah and the respect that was going tocome because of the twenty five place. Five, it's just gonna, it's just goneaway, be I do kind of agree in the whole celebration, the whole the wholemessage from toto about you know. Yesterday, especially I think in thesprint race. You know fuck them on yeah I mean Dude, like you, guys broke somerules like and think about Aston Martin Right, Watel. Second position, God, youknow he got disqualified from it. Not having point three liters of fuelat the end and that to was kind of proven that there was some damage onthe card which had caused it, and the same thing happened with these guys. Isit like yeah agreed, like you had some times, but user dudes like you brokesome technical evelation, so you are going to you know, get those penaltieslike people are not now it's weird they were posing, as if you know like, like other teams, did them dirty or youknow there was some dirty tricks going around. So you know what I'm sorry, butyou know what this reminds me of...

...there's this name of three image thingwhere the first ones a guy riding a bicycle, the second one e's he poking astake into his friend me and then he falls is exactly that scenario. Thatsecond image is then messing with the R car to s and stuff, and then the thirdone is then complaining, they're giving US penalty so, like dude you're doingthis to yourself come on, you know what do you know what I'm gladthey did that, because otherwise we would have a very shitty burning these,lest it would basically be just amedei lapsaround yeah. I E that point. He would have still for what happened, but just yeah, that's I I they did have a bettercar this weekend, so but the interesting bard is worthChristian, honor and Max, and I'm pretty sure more folks in the garage tosort of anticipated this this type of Marcites dominants and it's interesting because there arethese news articles. I think I think, there's a realien one, why the US gotmore esport O on where they are there, showing how it will is going to protestthe Flexi ing that that Mora. So it's going to be something coming up onthere. I don't know to many details. I think we only have to wait and see whatit would I end up doing, but another interesting thing that that popped upon the Internet is a term of as the driver assister sister,that was a band last year, because there's there's athere's: a footage of Hamilton going up the main trade afterthe last Warner, Sher spad, with pulling his staring wheel. Some thingsimilar to that so and my question at this point is: is morcles trying to doeverything in their power to you know flaunt break whatever you want to callit just just be as much as out there that we can to get that even position. Yeah Yeah! It's weird like that. Ididn't see that video it's it does look like Tha's. I don't know I mean I guessthey must not be doing that, because if I would definitely find it out but yeahI did feel like it. I don't know. Maybe we'll have to look a little bit moreyeah, there's exactly. There's, there's not much authenticated proof where it'sjust someone's video, so yeah there will have to be much more investigationthan there. Yeah but something fish is going on. You know with the flexing aswell what redpoll is kind of planning to protest, but at this point they have also been seeing that youknow it's so late into the season that, even if they protest right now, it'sihighly unlikely that you know any result would come out before the end ofthe season so like it wouldn't really help anybody so they're kind of unsure about whetherthey should protest or not, but yeah. Let's see how it was, but if this iswhat the performance delta is going to be, you know and saudi arabia, dude isjust a fucking strait. That's a yeah! It's dat on a drunk right yeah. I can't even imagine that, on i thinkhamilton will be just like a you know like a blur around the track. I can totally i am totally getting theroad and then vile kiotes, but it was it. Wasn't it wasn't a badweekend from red will themselves either. I think like i would have. I would have love to sipers. I like extract morefrom the car, but even beyond that, i...

...think like he did the best. He would. Iloved him snatching that extra point and not ye not for so yeah yeah. It isreally awesome yeah and we had to wait. We are to wait almost like half a raceafter race length, certain, not a race in the half. A labeling receiver iscross that finished line to see if he snatched the the purple yahli. I likedit not for the points taken away from hamilton towards my ex, but i like thepoint going to red will because they are also inching gose towards thatconstructor championship right. So me was more of that than you know. Yeah yeah. Definitely i think, and i thinkfor them. It was like a in out two birds, one stone kind of athing so worked out perfectly perfect decision. I mean he had pitched up worth of gap behind so andagain you know that there was the class apart right like most cities and breadwill were in their own class. Nobody else was even close by so yeah.I think. Definitely not a bad becar, but it was, or i think i also liked the calmnessand professionalism that maks shore in his celebrations. For sure i meanhe's, not the one so he's not gonna be over the top as well, but even beyondthat, i mean acknowledging both him and honor to like acknowledging how wellhamilton has ten around it like yesterday and all through the weekendto shows some sort, o professionalism where, as are being able to control ouradrenalin, but over all yeah red it does. I mean idon't particularly like horner as well, because he's yeah he's a site exactly, but then he takes up these fights with.If i bring some more enter in vent and the ends are also be somewhat ofprofessional around the got any h e yeah, no yeah, it was max. Definitely you know i every reasoni watch my become. You know i like him more for the very fact that how calm he is it's weird right and itdoesn't feel like he's. A a lampions at all, like very honest, like hamiton,does look like he is in a championship. He is dressed, he is, you know hisfears he's angry like it. It's very evident that he's evited on the otherand this guy, it seems like you he's just like coming for a res like justlogging in from his home for the sembra, or something like that. Yeah probably probably photos bettisous against hambleton, like if i don't give you the rest championship. I e myhouse is a sort of thing you on my life or something like that that just makesthem so humped up every time. The thing close is the genser not thechampionship title, but i think there's a title that two other teams arefighting for. That's the position, three yeah that filly. That part isvery interesting at this point. Man, it's being undervalued, word to mclarenand ferrari, are going at it and actually yeah. That's that's something thatshould get more media attraction and resrection as well. There's somethingbrilliant happening at betra, yeah and suddenly it seems like it justslipping away from a clan, an tightly...

...they're. So far behind, like it's weird,like ricardo, why did he retire by the eoman? So there was some some issuewith the with the poverty unit. I think they have this mclaren the most citiesin generous i- and there was some problem with the power unit that theyhad to retire a car, but nothing otherwise. Okay, either is like not agreat weekend line to finishing tenth is you know, landais just gone off therails, it seems like even at the start it was an unnecessary risk that he tooklike once you go out on the green area. You know the other way was not obliged to givespace. That's what i felt not to true true he's not obliged to, but i feltlike science did try to squeeze him on the right sure it was still temacin. So i don't.I don't really have an opinion one way or another, but moralites fun to see see then yeah.We, i did love to not see a pointer at that point, but still yeah yeah. No, so i feel like it was anunnecessary risk. I, like landor, should have been more mature about tim,in the sense that i agree that he has not had a good resultin a while, and he probably wanted to get that posnet overtake in the lap oneyeah, but yeah that that's where you know kind of his rockiness protest,still kind of shows yeah. I think you're right. I think hecould have gotten that sil stream on the back strata mentally turn. On theturn, the left, an other, the outen rite, could have taken signs out if hehad that pace which it seemed like. He had at least from the re heart that well not a bad drive from him tolike coming talten from twenty. After, like a very big data, so still somecogers there. I think what is interesting for us at this podcast ismclaren versus parari has become a eating segment for us on this show and-and it goes to show to because, like harari, has extended their leave frommclaren by just thirty one point. Five points which could have been less ofricardo was still there, so it's still anybody's gife. If ricardo can pullthis along with the land of up there, this is going to get very high per, andi excited o yeah yeah. Definitely i'm really hopingthat mclean, like you know, just get their shit together. Honestlyspeaking like it seems, like they've just gone, he wire yeah, the formula that was just working sowell has just you know, fallen apart as whatfeels like it's very weird. Something definitely is going wrong.They need to figure it our tin and i just get their head into the game. Yes, let's take a moment here for some wit episode comments. Folks, for those are few been listeningto us episode after episode. Thank you so much if you are already subscribed.Thank you again. So much if you are not no worries, i mean listen to us, followfor us for a you. Have more episodes see if you like us, i'm sure you willand then subscribe whenever you want to share this with your friends, becausethis is again like a tent, completely unplugged. Your brand up of thoughts that we haveon the weekend follow us on our socials. You can find us anywhere at at the rage,have gone, find fiction. The same handle works on any platform, yeah right to us what you are liking,what you are not contact us at the rate of one and fiction: hisar email.

You know, as i am a cash, the othervoconian, so yeah right to us. What do you like what you doin starting next season? We may introducea new segment where we read fan males in friend, post and comment. So if you want to be featured, if you wantto get a shout out drop in those messages to us by the way for some of those cooks whowere waiting for a life session on this on this proply as well, there issomething special coming out, because we did have a third host yesterdaybefore the race or statum for something coming out, and someone else isinterview als or coming in yeah. Let's, let's get it back on tothe utter the episode, so saran ahah the thoughts on britishcommentary from yesterday. Oh an okay red, but let's address the red button.First, you know crofty, we get it. There's a red button on the sky remotei at the fuck up these change him and generally, if you wouldhave said that red better think, one more time i had a personal loan towherever he sitting and slapped him across the face. Laetare, the other yeah man i mean yeah, i get it you'repipping out, you know sky, but you know just till a little, please it's gettinga bit annoying race after these, and today it was just bered like it was. Ireally want to go back and count the number of times. He said that i thinkit must be yeah in the tenth ten s i don't know have lost out the maxim ofno moto panis said it in a particular race or shirl to a point where it gotannoying. Also, i sort of get his enthusiasm for being abread supporting a great sure by all means right, but somewhere down theline, i mean you got to draw a line: realizing you're, a common traitor forthe sport and not for hamden only yeah, because there was a visible change andshift in energy in the commentary before and after hamilton, lears comeon, that's somewhat not done yeah. I honestly, i completely missed this and i'm happyabout it because i, after listening to his red button bullshit for so long, ijust switched to the petlin channel so that i didn't have to listen to anymore lucky man. I don't have a font here. So is we got a listen to hisvoice yeah? When i'm pretty sure i did likecats some parts of it i mean i was titching between them, but yeah. Itotally agree that you know it was weird he was so fixated on the who will the you know pushing out oenteon thetrack out of the one i mean yes, i do agree. It was a late naughty from max.I m say i mean, but it was you know it's well to bel battle. They are goingat it at you know, just at the limit of their cars fia. Pretty much said that there's noinvestigation necessary because they do have access to a lot of data that we oreven the comment it does don't have right, which is basically the steeringinput and everything right and yeah. If they did o mind that there was noinvestigation necessary, i mean it's pretty evident that i don't know whatthe big deal was with crafty, constant ypi. That up i mean just because hedidn't get to see if max read right hand on his daring lead. He was just soadamant that he should get up in and he should get up and man yeah i mean it was. It was quiteunwarranted for even onera i forget who...

...was from the verses garage speakingwith massy at that conto. First of all, i don't. I don't understand why peoplespeak with massy. He has no save in making a decision he's exactly why hismassy being brought into this cousin no sense at all. He's just the leastrectus is to don't get. Do we just bring masie for no reasonall the time as if he's the one making these decisions of anadi dude? I thinki think it's just you know like this is manna space for wenting outtheir frustration, so this just call him up nubes a you know, just a goodlistener, so yeah, i listen e, like that. You know that the conasonhis voice is so sing. I sure i'll believe what do you say asthat voice totally feels like you know, for the voice of a kindergarten teacher,because that's exactly what he is doing, you know handling a bunch of kids there,because everybody's just complaining, you know that is like he took my pencil.You know it's pretty much pretty much, just bad level of complaining thatthey're doing ye but am- and i think i think thereshould be some who's coming into commentary box to and just joking withmassy was it now so crofty and brand were a bit annoying years today, anyhowstill benefit out to them being great. They want to support a bidriver share. What else was happening yesterday? Theywere. We spent quite a lot of minutes on this episode. Talking about he'she's four teens, but as there's quite a lot happening, the trailing end with all the othertimes and sat yeah. I think another team, that's likegotten a decent result today, as alpine, which is kind of uninspected, honestlyyeah and like in qualification, sprint race.They didn't seem like they had a lot of pace, but eighth, ninth, while not abad day at ten yeah, o conan and one worth lifting the teams are men more soallons. It felt like it was it. It did feel like brazil and okon, don'tgo hand in hand. He was going to have was the same sport,a yeah which caused max to wish she's gonna knock on gastine. He was thatsame corner that same time he was going to have. It really felt, like you knowhis life flashed in front of, because the way he suddenly like turned his eringo the right. I think he ely likein a past big. Second, he remembered back pushing in and everything yeah ibe so exactly yeah. I mean both both on and ronainreally yeah lifting their team up. It's interesting to see it to right, like ifyou take a look at the constructor championship, both halpin and aston,martin or tide at under and twelve points at this. This moment, so isthere's a good battle happening for that position around there as well. Soit's going to be interesting, who leads more stroll was not having a good day,and i don't have much hope for ms, but but yeah the veterans trying to fightfor the as doctor betel vises a bond o, it's going to be fun, yeah weto,especially i mean it seems like he has a renewed energy surme right likeespecially in the second half of the season, mainly, i think, like.

Obviously i think you got two p twosthe season, while he's been having a great season honestly speaking, yeahyeah one of his one of it, was taken away because of this qualification, but,honestly speaking, it was his win. I mean his second position. Still, iwould say yeah he doesn't get the points for it fair enough, but yeah pto s p to but yeah, my point being that wattle isjust doing great and land as we had just talked last time as well. I don'tknow what's going on today was just bad lot. I guess, but yeah still, it didn'tseem like he was on a lot of pace that yeah it just felt like he was theresomewhere, but that old, take of by weta andalonso over duty, but so much fun. Watrins bully you keeping! U k. I think his brainwould have a person abused quite a lot when we over to him, but it was fun tosee both of these guys. A yeah yuki was having a very weird day.I mean he. He first of all got that penalty. Imean it was his mistaking. I don't know i i ready dive bomb there, but did helock up the did lock up? I don't know if it was. It was just a mistakemistake, or was it like a diving thing that he just couldn't control? I don'tknow what happened with him. Yeah me. Neither i haven't like takin a lookproperly later on, but either way is like you know. Ten second penaltyitself like put in matter in the large disadvantage his front wing was damagedas well and yeah, and then he was just like you know, were taken by alonso andwetoing. One show not a oitti, interesting. Okay, now now,i'm finally starting to get one race, fiars control is bringing out a safety.Car is, is an and damaging her front. Doing is equally pitale as causing ared flag and a fifty on g crash. I now now i get it now, not it's even moredude. This was ten second pelty. He had got in a five second palely! Oh, is itoh? Okay, all right, so this is me worst custis could kill ye. Ten second pality i felt was tooharsh like even if i don't know like yeah he he shouldn't have done that.But ten seconds is a bit too harsh. I don't know like yeah. It doesn't make sense either. Is it's quite weird? I guess now that i think about it honestly. Atthat point i thought that you know it's fine like it was his mistake, but yeah,probably five seconds would have been a much fairer vanity. I guess all of all of this isyou know. All of these ddiscussions are coming up every every time i had coming up.Whenever there's been this, this this sprint race, i for one honestly, don'tlike spring races, because it just as the is fun, but i don't know what a that yeah. No i mean it's, not it's nothelping the way that you know all berteri things that would help. They were expecting much crazier racesbecause of the short format, but that's not true. People are being more carefulin these races, and most drivers have said this- that they drive morecarefully in these races, because the this race doesn't turn any points likejust three to one points is nothing, and that was just for the top three, soyou know there isn't just enough incentive for these drivers to riskthings re so ye as the splint form arales, in theway that we have it right now doesn't make any sense yeah a what do you think? What are yourthoughts on as i was having this...

...conversation with a friend of mine? But what are your thoughts on thefastest lap point? I mean it was something at least for me in the firstof the season, but no are outos on it now. I do definitely like it. Twenty onepoints that twenty one e or so eases it. Twenty one points to be earned throughthe season is, is definitely a big factor interval strategy and we seethat every race, like you, know, teams going for that fastest lab. It's justanother point of you know strategy i would say, which is which just makesthe whole thing more exciting right like having this another mechanism for theteams to earn points as such, because this is, after all, a team sport rightand like things like sacrificing a bit for your team mate is a part of a rand.That's what like happened for teras, i mean you d lucky use a position, but yeah they probably might had still madehim do it, even if it probably posted a position, but i guess it's an awesomeway of you know keeping things interesting and i think it's smoking.Definitely right right. I at some level do think that it's being this, not missus, not the right word, but it's sort of becoming a o used kind of. Ah,because it's like your driver number two is- is hard to all sacrifie exactlyright, i think im prob, at least for me. Thethought was this: this is going to be an incentive for the race leader likenow as you're, pointing at our whiches, which is what's happening. It'sbecoming a strategy point and somewhere rightfully so right like at this pointwhere the championships got in this close every point: matters were bothdriver championship and conscerted championship, so sure it's been used inthe right way, and maybe this is what it was intended for. So i am the orderout in this whole situation, but in my head is like this was more for anincentive to the the nadin driver which which is somewhere i orotho know. Ithink this is the perfect example of probably expectations is reality in thesense that i'm pretty sure the expectation of a i was that edward. Youknow an advantage, the fower friend in other leaders of the race- yes,basically to go for the fastest lap, but yeah it's a fun. This is whatalways happens. A fine lo pose. Then you know find those small, tiny gaps inthose laws to you now just cured by and that's what every team does pretty muchthat you know ferrari has done a treadless, a tunnel, everybody does itit's part of the game, so you know yeah well, yeah what aver you introduced. They aregoing to find some weird ties and of switching gars man. This episode, let's,let's talk a bit about house as well yeah. I want to start off with makewhere pre race there's this interesting pine between making kine were m, makesorry mick was asked. How does he feel fighting against gimmeas a silence and then he says? Well, i don't get much chance to race againstkimmey, to which kens like i can slow down for you then, and then you canraise me yea to the race al. They almost toucheach other, exactly yeah. It was so weird thatcomment was first of all the whole whole interview was really awesome. Youknow if you go and go back and listen, if you guys haven't you should pleasewe check it out, but anyways. I do agree that it was just yeah so good inthat sense that didn't actually touch they didn'tactually have to base,...

...but i think overall has man, i feel for them and i feel for the team, the entire team.Honestly speaking, they have been through a lot of shit in the sense thatlast year, with a whole, rich energy tobacco, i mean think about all the all the people who put in hours oftheir life. You know for them the port is their passion. They are, you knoweach p, member each engineer you know each driver definitely is putting in alot of hard work. It's not for the lack of hard, hard work that they are notperforming. Well, it's it's just that they are not. Youknow have that tactic, that's competitiveand obviously funding has been a problem for them for a long time. Ithink, in fact i guess masapo has mentioned this- that he doesn't have access to a propersym because hars doesn't have one, but mickdoes because he is a frady driver, so he does get access to the ferrarese,which is like you o top of the line. So it's quite unfortunate that house is ina position where you know, there's pretty much, no hope i would say kindof for the team there, no future prospects to the team. It must be verydifficult to go in to work, for, i think, hd membered in there. I guess i feel more so forthe pick garage members, it's like there, there they're putting almost asmuch hard work as as someone lakme's and just to see that, even if the tegotup the ud and i think they're going to be worth it more, it's it sounds like they're going to beover the moon, but it's not a good feeling to live rig and your point on massiban i mean we've,given our our fair deal of ship to has been for entertainment purposes, yeah that guy's been taking quite up,brandon yeah yeah it. It does seem kind of evident,at least like you know what i don't know if you like,if everyone saw the interview after the qualification before this print, wheremasapo was very close to to yours i mean i, is it yeah? I felt like a very different side of himthat i'm jesen the food and you know i definitely feel that guess he has hiredhis share of shitty things, no doubt about it right, but at the same time iguess i feel that the amount of bias that we form about a personbecause of certain incidents kind of does blind you a bit and in that sensewe forget that that person is also a person, and you know things like thesedo affect them. I'm pretty sure he gets bullied a loton the nen and yeah. This the same thing about him,i out of the mexican night club to right, but it he wasn't just an. He wasstop that happened at the club, but he i yeah and now he actually didn't getkicked, or it was just that his friends were waiting outside and he was justexplaining to the bodyguards that they are his friends and, like you know,they are kind upon the list. Yeah exactly and obviously internet wants tosenses. Everything- and you know the kind of people started posting thathe got kicked out and things like that yeah yeah, you were mentioning he's, alsodone some good right like let's have some positive cards this way he's hehell, raise some funds or something right yep. You sure i think he wasrunning a fund raiser, where he...

...basically for cerebel palsy orbasically raising money, for i think he search for that and basically the deal was that fanswould donate to the fun and he would he initially said that he would match it,but later on. In fact he doubled it. So you know good on him, no matter what like people do say thatyou know this is just white washing this. Your not trying to you know put himself in the good light andeverything, but you know while why exactly if you're doing good,while doing that, i'm okay with that exactly even if it's for pr purposesyou a helping someone so yeah, we fuye exactly so kudos to him. I guess, let'snot today. We promise we'll not make fun of you as a pen to morrow will beanother day the yeah. We will be back to our original selves to mor so yeah,no promises arebut, yeah kudos for him to yesterday.Finally finishing he, seventeen in front of his team matemake so so there's something good coming out for this e school yep. There's this an interesting driver'schampionship quite forming for five land was sitting at a hundred and fiftyone letler at one, a forty eight and then science at won thirty nine unread,five, with three more races to go and the way landers drop paying. Sincepicking up there's going to be this interesting,five, thirty, five yeah! That's that's superintend! Ididn't notice this like you're right, lit land or didn't scoremuch points recently, so one forty hundred and thirty nine nfive signs, yeah, that's yeah us close as well. Man like yes, anybody's game, yeah honestly, for alia, seem fasterthan mclaren at le. So i guess advantage signs and lele, for you knowgoing ahead of lando, but let's see might as well. You know yeah, let's seewhat happens. I don't think we can make any guesses at this point. Yeah it'sanybody's game, it's what's sure is like at least one to three four. Bothamerican yeah rate drivers are sittingcomfortable at one three. Four, the one and to is is going to be till the endof werterbee locked up. So it's going to be an interesting bat to see what'shappening at one and then the pi fight yeah yeah, yep. Amazingly as though you know, i lovebrazil. Brazil has delivered a good race every time. Yeah and the track isawesome. You know the crowd is awesome again. I think all the races in theamericans are awesome. I would say yeah so yeah yeah, pretty pretty back to the lastarea in those countries. Yeah should be fun last three races to go itthis championship, perhops, who have stayed all the way tothe end of the episode. We love you tink you for your cotonsupport this. This takes time, energy and moneyto bring you lovely episodes race after race interviews, drive with the driversand, what's to come, a race of the race. So if you like what we are doing andwant to support us help on to our website, afin franfiction com by is a coffee there. What am right corner is were where you'regoing to see it any. If you just want to send some love to us thing us on oursocials at the re different hand, fiction until the next episode, thesearea hose signing a bye, a.

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