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Episode 13 · 4 months ago

2021 Austrian GP Race Discussion


Austria has brought out total annihilation by Redbull showing that there is probably an incoming Redbull domination era? Well, only time will tell. Meanwhile, in this episode, we talk about some controversies raising subjectiveness on those issues and how amazing some other incidents have been.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. FIA plays Oprah Winfrey
  2. Qualifying penalty debacle at turn 9 and turn 10
  3. Huge penalties to everyone but Max and Gio gets the fastest lap?
  4. Perez being the penalty man with Land and Charles
  5. What’s happening with Hamilton? Has he given up?
  6. A new formula to get the driver of the day.
  7. Kimi Raikkonen
  8. Gasly and Aston Martin and Ocon
  9. Rockstar Russell
  10. Bottas still feels a good fit for Merc driver 2
  11. Honda dominance in F1 for a decade
  12. Outro + midpack comments.

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Yeah, I is going to be more as tricksand Oeyen B B. Thank you, hello, and welcome backto another episode with F one Fan Fiction. We are your host. I am a crushand I'm sorden. If you haven't check this out, what we do go, follow us on our InstarTik Tok, here tube, whatever social there are, these days, you can find usat F one Fan Fiction Com. This week we talk about both the Austrian grandpries into combining to one episode. We have had episodes or videos actually on the first race.If you haven't checked them out, go check us out on Youtube. This week wespeak about the second race and put in our thoughts some of our thoughts onthe first race as well. Having said that, let's get into it, so I thinkMichael Massy basically had a very busy yesterday right, yeah right, I think, like he had whattoo many things in his hand point up just throwing them off the balcony yeah it is it was. It felt like one ofthe opera in fusors when he's like you know you get a penalty, you get apenalty, you get a vanity, everybody gets a fanity yeah yeah. I mean what eleven twelve orlike just crazy number of. I can't count on both my hands of any fanatiswere given out. Let's put it that way, I lost track a completely lose back. Itwas quite difficult to you know, so you had to do these mental calculationswhile watching the is because you're to add, like five seconds to this guy testten seconds to the other guy and try to make sense of how the you know, but theresult is going to look like it was quite unsafe. I think the only personwho knew whose position was secured as probably Max and then everyone elsebehind him needed some sort of math to be done to their position. Yeah Yeah. That's that's quite quite funny.I mean it's great, though, like the fact that we got to see these manypenalties were because people were able to follow each other that well and werewere able to make those moves. Also, in a way, I'm quite happy that we did seesome really good racing throughout the race and the penalty is did, thankfully, the penalties did not. Youknow who in anybody's race- or you know, change the outcome of the dayssignificantly as such so yeah. That significantly is probably important, asI'm pretty sure Lando is gonna, not agree with you, poor guy, but yeah. What was going on.I think who started off the penalty train as wemind. La La thing has to be lander, yeah yeah I mean if, if we go a daybehind anything, we tills engineer it the whole the whole train but yeah, Ithink land O in Cortes may be pushing off or whatever yeah, though for Wettin.I want to bring this topic up a little, I'm not entirely convinced that thepenalty was fair. I mean I understand if the penalty was given to all thedrivers, but singling out we till in that situation was quite unfair,because so we have this video explaining this on or TectonInstagram, so go checked out. But basically, what happened was that Ithink science was the first person who slowed down and there were a lot ofdrivers behind him, and so I think Michael Massey had given out adirective before the Ras before qualifications that you're not allowedto sew down significantly at turn, nines and tens, because that createsthis traffic jam at turn. Nine, and then that impedes other cries andthat's exactly what happened like...

...people started slowing down and becauseof that people who are behind them were caught. You know at that situation andthere's nothing they could do. I mean it's sort of like what you could havejust overtaken those guys that not all that a also going to be unsafe. So Idon't see what different metal could do in that situation, even that a lancewas coming at coming in in a hot lab but yeah. I think he was a curate insaying, post, race or post quality that if he gets the points he all driversshould get points. But I feel like this probably warrantees for a different structure of penalties,because I don't see this as a driver penalty which both a loans or in ventalagree to is. This is radio engineers mistake or someone in the in the garageI stake, and this probably what it is like a team penalty, maybe in monetaryor some other wise, like take the constructor points of, of course.However, this can be talked aboutt in evaded, but it's brutal to have adriver, like probably what I would have finished a position or two above if youwould have started earlier right, so I don't think that would it matter thenwas that is at the L, clubs or a idea, but yeah coming back to penalties. Whatwas what was Sinot doing there like it felt like a copy pace replay whateveryou want to call it breaking the line at the same spot again, I I was so confused yesterday, Iremember like I was watching it in the morning and I saw a Sonoda getting thatfirst penalty during his first pitch top for crossing the pit lane whiteline, and I didn see like you know he gets a penalty and then, after sometime again I see the same graphic and I'm like wait. What's going on, I meanyou seen a DJ. You know I was super confused. Are they likeshowing a replay, or you know it's just to something somebody messed up thegraphics or something? What's going? Someone in the someone in the garageasked him what what went wrong over it. Let me show you what I did twenty lips back, and this is how I did it yeah. Heprobably is going like worth one penalty point on my license. A thing yeah, it's quite weird likeyesterday, was just like it seemed like. There was an open challenge going onwhere we can incur the most. You know, number of penalties and everybody wastrying their best and I think Kammy came out now. I think Malsen won thatbecause he got a thirty second penalty as a Ben, always a winner, please notas Ipin always a winner number one in everything. I think no. What Masapo was going foris a repeat of his historian Granpere, because in the previous weekend he waslapped three times like he's got a plus three. Last weekend like yesterday, hewas plus two and I ges like he was just aiming for. Let's, let's maintain some,you know discipline in my Resentin Y, yes, yeahand yeah, and basically I think he encored three panete points as well onhis license. So that's nice yeah that that's kind of as long as he knows theyare not the brownie points. So No, I think I think he thinks that those arethe constructor point he's probably leaving the constructiveword that we so, but I think same to be fair lucky. Hedid the same thing as well like he, too, incurred a thirty second, twenty andthree red n eighty points for the same reason not showing down enough duringthe yellow double yellow flag, which was caused by a chime but but on aserious, not there. I mean I have a question, so I didn't catch it quitequite well I mean it was all they were...

...all showing the orange colors and youknow the winds and everything so it was, it was easily missed, but how far werethey behind that? They probably failed to slow thatquickly and incur the penalty? Was it like just too close or it is? It is afair penalty. I think, in any case, whenever there are double yellow, FlansFeu, it's the driver's responsibility to slow down significantly, because thesituations where we have Tobelo are when there is a card in a verydangerous situation in the clack and, being you know, being safety, sincesafety is the most important thing you know, I think it's fair, regardless ofyou know whether they got time to re act on not because if, if they don't dothat, what will happen is that teams will start taking advantage of the yeah,and you know try to skirt through saying that you know I couldn't see theflag or whatever so yeah. I think it's fair enough right to go from plus to toplus one maybe yeah exactly so yeah there. It is because I think a lot ofpeople have been victims of these yellow flags, even odies. If youremember a couple races ago, it was witin and general who also like faced asimilar thing during coil to slow down yeah yeah other person setting some recordyesterday was go, go had a fastest lap for a change, and I couldn't believe myeyes. I mean yesterday was was a day of choke with replace you know that wasdoing and Geo having a fastest lap is like how is this possible but sure he'strying to do something only for me to later realize he overtook en a few carsbefore the safety car went in gotten an advantage on his pace. That's why yougot it yeah. It was quite surprising to seethat I was like wet what happened to the Alpathet, like you know, turn onthe booster, something a what else penalties can we remember it? Oh YeahTrollwoman, on speeding in the pit. Let he all by the way. I think one thing wegot to mention here is so. First of all, all these parings have a button calledthe pit button on them, which I, which regulates their speed caps, it all sothe revs built up, but this peri gets maintained. How is it now possible tostill you know, exceed in the Petlin once you've pressed that button? It isbecause so I think the way it works is that, even even if you have the Petlin, whatthe Petiete does it it only like caps, the rives, it does not actually breakfor you. So even if you have the Petiete on, you are still responsibleto get the speed below whatever the pit speed, limites, Pettin speed limit isand once we're under the limit, and even if you're, if you have pressed thepecliar button, even if you're like you, know pushing the throttle to the limit,it will still not exceed that, but if you're already higher than the petlimit speed, it's not going to help you break so yeah interesting, so that kindof you know sets apart really good drivers from others, because there is a few tenth of seconds to gainat the lion. vertit starts yes, correct, yeah,because if you, if you are able to maintain a high speed till the very endand break to the right speed- and you know Contin from there, you can get abetter soo interesting well. All of this isobviously a build up to the biggest point debate. That's been going on sinceyesterday with the press at the center...

...of all EI, which started off with likeland and Perez, and then Yeah Peres chose to do it again, with with Leclercfive five seconds for land for in coats, pushing another driver off the track,and then Peres chusing to do it for two times. So that's ten seconds for him, but I think I think the whole. Thewhole question here is: was that penalty justified and whatrole is FIA playing and how strict it is, or should we just go? JeremyLartian if I should just go home and retire they're, just ruining the sport Terje clason is a old fine. I mean Ienjoy in shows, but I really don't pay attention to his opinions about thatone really. He he says Landois a mega star. Howdare you yeah, though I feel if I did a pretty good job yesterday?That's that's what I feel mainly because, let's you know just examine all theserepenties a little. You know just let's go through them, so for the first one.Basically, I feel that definitely was justified because, in my opinion, if,if the other driver is alongside, while you are taking the turn, while you areentering the ton in the famous words from a long, so you always have toleave the space you know, and you cannot just push somebody out ofthe track just to defend your position. I mean I totally understand if you arethe person who enters the corner first, at that point, you completely own thecorner and you can do whatever you want with it, but if somebody's alongsideyou have to give them space enough that they can at least make the corner. Soin that context, I feel that the first penalty was justified. That was givento Lando the second one, by between Paris and Charles that I'm I mean yeahin terms of consistency. It makes sense to give that a penalty as well. This isthe first first five seconds for press. You aretalking about it. That was, I think, I basically where Charles were same samesport exactly Yep Charles, was also posted on to the gravel. But at thatpoint, if you take a look at the footage again while day were breakinginto the turn Charles was significantly behind padders and as they entered thetone, he basically, you know did lad breaking and that's why he kind of wasable to get besides Paris and then at that point from a driver's perspective.They don't really see anything. Those mirrors are pretty useless you unlessand until you actually know that a car is beside you. You know you will know that the card ispeside you, because if somebody just dive worms and late breaks and comesbeside you, there is a good chance that you might not see them but yeah interms of consistency, it makes sense that they gave him a penalty for thattoo, and the third one was definitely justified, at least from my perspective,because they were alongside and yeah. You can just put somebody off what a go.I think I think I think there's definitely some subjectivity there,because so so you said agree, disagree, agreeright, okay, so for me for me, and I'm going with agree, agreeand disagree. The sense that yes, the first one, is right on thefence, but I like your argument on the sense that ifyou enter the turn together, then yes along's right. You always leave room...

...which, which I just re, saw the thehighlight footage and yes they they entered the turn together. Sure Land Ohad that slight edge advantage. But if you, if you rewind back like for thepast three tons, they have been neck and neck, so so yeah you have to leaveroom and it sort of felt like yes, Lando was staying too strict on therace line which eventually pushed pares off. So it's still a very gray area,but you know there's been some good debateson it. Both sides a raising very valid points, but at this point having reseenthe footage with Alonso's argument, I think I agree with with the penalty atthis point. The second one yeah. I think he just repeated what happened tohim. It is just to anger. I was just to engines, it's just sad that it was inLando next to him, and poor shall had to bear the pint of it. But the thirdone I disagree only for the reason that if you see it again sure the scenariowas similar, but what ended up happening was Perez was so fast intothat turn that he actually felt hard to keep a balance of ice carand based just on that milly. Second of clip or a second of that clip. It feelslike a he could have understated to. You know not in Cotes Push Leclerc,which he would have definitely spun, and the other thing is, if you wouldhave, you know, tried to actually push. He would have just crashed into Luceraboth of them. I would have ended up how kine and were to ended up. So that's myopinion and I feel like yeah, Lando and prayers getting five fiveeach is fine, but that second, five on Perez Yeah, probably not yeah, thoughI'm still glad that they did consistently give ut penalties, and butit's it's weird. You know because, if you revine back to last year on thesame track when we hired macworld and the art most pretty much a similarsituation, the only difference was that Charles was pushed on to tarmac, andhere these guys were like pushed on to gravel yeah and is gravel is definitelya lot more punishing kin but yeah. It was a similar situation. So there areconcerns that people reas, that you know if you did not punish Max lastyear for this. Why are you punishing these guys, the yard so either youfollow it through and through or you don't. So you know there's someconsistency within the as but there's a lot of inconsistency. You know acrossraces, so it's a lot amusing. I was so I'm so on the fence at this point, evenfor the first one. Really. To be honest, I feel like that shouldn't be point, but you know what I want to. I M wantto take a moment here and appeal this to to all the listeners at this point come to eat us at at the rate on finefiction and tell us what you think. Your opinion is because this is this isgenuinely a gray area. We again, we agree, disagree agree andfor me it's agree, agree disagree, so yeah poor, poor in your tweets and tellus what you think, but coming back to the conversation, I think I think thisrace is another question which, with Sartin you and I were discussing, howshould FIA in general react to certain situations like this and thesubjectivity increases again when it's gravel versus starmen, like the thesynthetic other time. My thing right and I think he raised a very validpoint, because if you are not given e...

...these penalties and for that matter,even the plus thirty seconds or any other ones right, it's sort ofencourages you to keep finding these loopholes, because if historicallyeffon teams have been very notorious in finding these smallloopholes to gain that slight distant wet, always living in the grey areas,Rahel right so yeah. I feel I feel it's very muchsubjective at this point. Eleven penalties too many. I think I, let's cap it, it should be countable onboth of your hands yeah. I mean I'm kind of glad that Imean I kind of do agree with the vanities a little and disagree as well.It is very subject to, as you said, on one of the points with support. Thepenalties is that if we don't punish people from like defending theirposition that pushing our people of the track, what will happen is basicallythat will be the norm and people will just you know, push people off thetrack to defend their positions and that is going to discourage people frommaking those moves, because if, if while making a movie or as gits ruinedyou might as well, not do it and we've seen this. Your is a very valid pointhere, because we've seen this change come in Hamilton recently, right likehe was exactly in that case p yesterday, when Lando and Paris were battling itout, and you could see, he probably just let go of the tottle a bit and hewas like. I don't want to get into this mess because I might just end up losingall my point. E have this point, but so we've seen this come up with a few drivers. I meanwe'll talk about this in the in a few minutes as well, but a loans andRussell were in the same situation and they were backing off one another justto avoid that crash, but but coming back to Hamilton right.So what was he doing? Yesterday yeah? I have no idea what was going onwith him. I think he did pick up some damage while going on to the cubs, and I think that was the man he incurred.He did not pick it up. So I've seen a few teats and a fewposts about this. I know I know you and I are on the same team here, but let mejust make this clear for the audience it was his doing, which led him towherever he was Yep. Yep Yep. I completely agree with that. Yeah people I mean, I did see a lot ofpeople defend him, saying that he had damage to his vice, but that was hisown doing. Right, like you, didn't, have to go on the curbs it's not like.He was mandated to go on the CO exactly and yeah, so he had damage and then hehad to face the consequences. So I mean that's life so, but I think like before he got thatdamage. There was some good battling out happening between him and Land O. I liked how he was appreciative of howgood a driver land O is. There was there was some encouraging radiomessage or or just trying to mask behind his slow pace? I don't know itlike some. You know bind part like new bes, like you know, like yeah. Thisslide is good. You know. I never thought that he would do that. Great Bee was able to keep Hamilton behindfor a very long time. It was amazing job by Lando. I feel this race. He got the right machinerybecause last year I think they could have some issues because Ricardo hiedsome engine problems and because of that they had to turn down landersengine as well and a and if you remember where he ended up lost trace,it was like, I think, forty seconds behind Readville. So there was a clear pace,difference between these two races for MC Laden and that also showed in therace as we could see. To be honest, I feel like if landor wanted, to keepfighting Hamilton he proteroe could...

...have, because if I remember right likehe came on to radio saying it's difficult keeping up with him, what do we want to do? Okay, it's like!Do! We want to go back to our old strategy and be like let let merciesand red will fight this out. We take it one step behind, but it is good to see it was it's sadthat the whole penalty play out sort of cost him one position and botas sort ofovertook him in the pit. With that five second stop and go that he servedotherwise, I'm pretty sure Lando would have been Pato with potest P, threeYeah Yep for sure I think. If for not the penalty, he could have definitelyHart in the P to. I think that that would have been the case. I think nonetheless he wouldhave still back driver of the day for sure Drivin of that, I think the new way ofwinning gravel of the day is just ruining somebody else's Ras. That'sthat's! What I've learned from the last Tories wait is that what Jimmy did whenhe learned he is at driver of the day at the end of the race. I think so. How bad can I go now? Let's see, can Istill get a yeah that that was ridiculos? Well, Idon't know what he was doing. He was probably sleeping in his car becauseWettin was beside him and he just like turned into him for some weird reasonand just knocked him off come on and he's forty or and you got to take thoseafternoon naps it as the race was over for Max. He is probably driving and s of yeah, it was terrible. I mean he, Ithink Charles, like knocked off his being inthe last place, and I think that probably angered him and he was likeyou know, I'm just going to destroy everybody else's car this time and he Ithink he touched this game o yeah George Rasonin, this de Yeah. I thinkwhat happened: was he clipped off the wing a little on Georges's car andright after that? He went and you know went into waitin and yeah. That was ourand I think before that he had also got a black and white flag as well, andthere was this radio visage with an we're goin to take a second year tolove this off, but that is that is a hilarious. I think they just told himafter his full penalty, like fateful warnings were done, that if you do itone more time you're going to get up ilt and that obviously flipped him orlike, why are you waiting so fun long to just give me this or dog, is wrong with you, a terrible nameof a Kimi. I think he too did pretty bad, though the icing on the cake wasthis, that he started the Rasp Sixteen and he got at twenty. Second penaltywas now he and Wentie crashed they. You know he had to kind of recover or herto drive on to the grass for a little way to get on the road. So obviouslyyou wasted a lot of time and all that and still he ended up P fifteen. Thatis one position above where he started only only he can do that an it was what second, in driver of theday right. I think he was a good river yeah. I think that was this thing goingon at our formula, Dank where they were trying to make him the driver of theday to is realized time. There is this radio conversation these days rightlike right after the yeah, where the talk to the driver of the day,and basically these people wanted to get a reaction from Kimi. When thatradio mesis comes, we and that's what he was a lone to o man, then I want to see him in. Iwonder what he's gonna say that he's gonna go like yeah. I will see all he's,gonna say how, then do you call me right, I thiolate and completely censored,...

...or he be no response at all debbe.Thank you, but coming back to the driving of thetea, which was Lando, I mean brilliant drive by him. I think he is reallygrowing up to become the leader in McLaren. I hadthought that when the card joins, he might you know embarrass Lando, butit's exactly the opposite. Ah Lando has you know he's it's not just that he hasbecome a very good driver. I think he has grown that team along with him as welllike it seems like he is the perfect driver for the team right nowconsidering how McLaren have kind of post there. You know that persona as a team ofbeing a young, you know enthusiastic and you know kind of a young team and Lando kind of fits thebill perfectly for them and he's got this very interesting. What do you say like take a theater mask sort of thing, rail I, as my Lyfeside, face sort of thing, but like a serious super, intense racing, moreland, O and then as soon as the races on the hill meters off is just in tothat fun. Twenty year old kid more plind or Yep, Yep Yep, that's true yeah. I think he has. Hecan't switch all in off pretty easily e into those modes and that's prettybrilliant at times. I don't like him much like, especially in his you know,twitted and stuff. I think I mean yeah. He is, he seems a lot like you know, one ofthose screamers on to it. Who are you know just very annoying at times butyeah when he is in serious mood, you know y yeah. He really gets the jobdone. Speaking of annoying people, I want totake this moment to say Charles Leclair can is me now yeah the other driver of the day fromthe other, as who basically followed the same month off en in somebodyelse's race to get it up yeah. At least this one didn't take. Half the gradewith him Yep exactly Ye Charles, I mean what to say about him right, like Ithink we had discussed this a little in one of her short club yeah, but Charlesis, he seems like he is too aggressive at times and a lotof times. It feels like he transfers the responsibility on to the otherdriver that you know I am going to take this turn. It's up to you whether youwant to avoid a cash or not. I don't care, and that feels like too much ofan aggressive stance to take at times, and we have seen that a lot of timeseven last year, like he crashed into his own team mate. So many times likecast times into vital and a lot of times like even this year, like theMonaco crash and then a glass trace with ghastly, and then Ithink you also crashed into Kimmirut. Almost poff is pure him or somethingYeah Yep Yep he's been having a lot of incidents lately a thin even with theone with pare somewhere. It was like him just trying to be him, but I don't like, though, is like againit comes back to. I think what we discussed, probably in one of our firstfew episodes is he is. He is self, critical and self aware, but annoyingly,so that at at some level it's like yeah come on at least be appreciative of youknow, whatever is happening with you, rather than always being so criticaland annoying yeah yeah enough about him. I guess,...

...but I want to want to take a momenthere for ghastly for a second, because where did he endup with? He ended up P, nine or something the pine, but while he didn't have a good result,final result like with Pani, but it felt like he was in that far modeyesterday. Trying to you know, push up the numbers and fight to those battles,because I think he had a brilliant one with Ricardo at one point where theywere trying to just fight off each other, eventually regard or getting thebetter of it. But I think ghastly is definitely findfinding his module every race from what the season beginning was just himtaking it for Yeah Yeah Yeah Ghasy has been improving a lot throughout theseason and he is gaining his momentum, but though I think that unfortunately,it's weird thou right, like Alfatar, has the same engine as red boil andit's clear that the haunter engine is really powerful and somehow Alfatar isnot able to extract the most out of it. It probably you know the first,obviously at the first in terms of Arrow and that's where the differenceis Beceri these cars, but if you consider where he ended upin quality and where he ended up in the race, I think they're not able to keepthe same piece in the race as well yeah and they are falling back during theRas yea passing conversation before we get on to another big topic on. I wontask You this: What are your thoughts on Aston Martin from both the races,because I think, like some qualification deserts, we've seenwittle all the way up s P for our strolls also been doing brilliant. Imean vinal results are part, but just on the track performance has beenprivend by Aston Martin Yep y Astor Martin as well. You know they startedwith a very died start us self, because I think the floor change affected theirhidache design a lot, but I think they have buttons and Development Parts toyou know fix those issues, but it's very unpredictable for the astarte.I often times am a lot confused because yeah, as you said like sometimes theyhave these brilliant res. Are they had this podium as well? Yeah Mental, butthis time around it seemed like they had a lot of pace, but as thequalification went by and as the race went by the just kept droppingthroughout yeah yeah, I am it's very difficult to get a gauge on them as,what's going on exactly with them. Yeah someone else who probably want toforget the weekend is also as to Burnok on both both the weekers just so workfor him. Man, I think, like it's been the occurs of signing a new contractsort of deal with him. I because, as soon as he's done, that is, I justdon't see him finishing the ice and if he does not up there, it seems it seems as if one he got likea government job, an you like. Okay, I got the job now, I'mdone, I can just sit and relax. There's no need to do anything. I can pick upmy game again in three years, a on the other side Alon just trying toget every point that he can so that his contract gets renewed yea that he thought of for Russell. Forthat one point I mean obviously everyone's going to fight for everypoint they get, but that a fight was a brilliant fight.Nonetheless, right like hard was out, manhood goes out for US ye ye yea. Ireally believed yesterday that your...

...prediction would come to, which is Williams, getting a point, andit really did seem that way like right till the end of the day side. I thinkthere was how many I think there was like six seven laps remaining and theseguys were buckling it out at that point yeah, and I thought that there was somehope that there's possibility that Russell might hold on to it by theAllens about it, also like in the sixty eight of the sixty ninth Leers, like aman, yea hold it off or to more laps yeah, but I think he russel likeextracted everything that he could from that car. That's the absolute maximum that theycould do. I think that was this week that I had seen by Williams. I think itwas something like Alfaro had treated, something like you know. We have madesome good. You know improvements in the engine andeverything they have gained for foes, and then Williams are place by sayingthat we have got jogesh. I think I think both the team principle isimmeritis and Williams are going to have some chat. That Williams onlywants to sign him again and then merceries is thinking. We need to sendbotas off so, but but that again right, yesterday'sreace kind of again plove by but asses in that position. Yes, yes, he was ableto gain. He was able to keep that second position and that's exactly whyhe said like on the off case. Where Hamilton does not perform, he still isable to gain. You know the points that Moseti's needs, because not a lot otherteams have that much of a reliable second driver who can cover up for thefast driver pretty much through the senses. Gently Yeah I mean Perez- is ofJo still finding his modo somewhere. I mean he's, he's, definitely improvedfrom the first four paces and he's up there in the top fives now, but hestill, he still got some more way to go. But yesterday was music to my ears, manWilter, it's James! U, K, you're free you're, free to race, Louis, Oh, my God!I I it's as those words are as rare as hey world. This is God: We've soldworld hunger or something like that. Yeah Yeah, I was pretty surprised I wasI was. I was really no watching very closely to see whether they actuallyquality models over her, because I mean the way they have treated Bota stillnow it really felt to me like they might just see that you know come in tothe pits we're going to change the car with Louis in a sit in your car and dry. That would have been less rising thanwhat I heard yesterday a cause cause before that there was aradio message to boat as telling you are not you're not going to race. Louisthere was that message, and I remember thinking to myself like sure thatmissus is our, but is he going to listen to it right and then like? Ithink they probably also knew okay, it's it's not going anywhere, so theyjust gave him the free ropes but Tis good to see he at least securedthat Tito yeah and I think, for it is mental health. I'm glad he got that hegot the flagging rights of overtaking Hamilton. So I think that might get himthrough the season. Probably, but that's interesting right likesLewis now has a two year: extended contract, so he's there until twentythree. That, second, is that second sin. This is my theory that proves my theorythat, as soon as you find your Contrat, that's it your cur of signing a new contract is because we got the news this weekendright before this weekend. That Hamilton was signed for the two yearsen. In that case, I hope Max doesn't...

...sign it until the I really hope like like like he couldhave his count. Christian would have given him his contracting she's, notgoing to sign it like I'm, going to wait until I either I'm securely offand winning Arniston this of makes sense, but but securing thatposition for wilty was was smooth and his overtake was also clean, which issomething that you know if you notice started happening with Ferrari teamorders as well. Science was given the free ropes onlilar. He was he was. He was kind enough to say thank you on it and hedid get the job done. What does this? I think the seven O clap of the seventyfirst lab went when he wore to Ricardo but yeah. I guess overall, this wasthis was a brilliant race. I'm happy for Red Bull, particularly in the waythey've also handled both the victories. I think first first race, they took therace engineer, podium. They took helmet up there, who's their senior technicaladvisor or just the big daddy out there. Yes for them, and, interestingly enough,it was his debt on that same track. Fifty years back, so it is just aspecial, very special moment for him for the team for the fans and justeveryone- and I think, like yesterday, they took Hondas race engineer up there.Yes to Morrow, make it more special yeah. I mean Honda, I'm pretty sure athey're having a blast right now because they have you know they have beenDevlin thisen for a while now and it's very odd right with ondaicent me, theyhave the winning design they just quit. It just makes no sense. They did thesame thing with back in the day when, like red, think ediscuss this yeah. So a quare like the most is caris nothing but the Hondera a they sold off their design to to what is that I keep forgetting theteam's name: Aron Drown, Tom Rising is Tong, they sold it off to Grong, andthat was essentially the Honda car and the same thing over here like they havenow built the most powerful engine on the track and they're selling off alldebet red bill, which yeah, which makes me think that this is just going toturn out into a red ball domination, so in in in reality it's basically hunterdomination. That's always been the group that it's a very factual statement, hiddenmy bigger names exactly but now Dan, you say this is going to be like a redbull dominance is Max wet to point. To maybe could be I mean Max. I've becomea fan of his indecent times when he started at one. I was not that much ofone of him because he was wan to aggressive an you know. He Fed it. Heseemed a lot rude as well, but I think over the time he has mellowed a little.He has kind of controlled his aggression and he has now the abilityto channel the aggression in the right to be and keep calm through the days,because yesterday's race was a master class, let from him it was his firsttranslating and that's basically like getting pol position getting fasterslap as well as evining the ice, and I think he hear a to stopper yes and hehad a two superat exactly and that's the kind of confidence that you havewhen you build a gap of twenty seven seconds and you straight up go and takea pit stop to do a fastest lap. While you have the race you Ted, I mean youhave everything to lose at that point yeah. Why would you do that and still-and you know, still finishing Chris fifteen seconds ahead of Botas- that'sinsane if he hadn't taken the pistol,...

...you probably would have ended aroundforty seconds or something which is insane butting overall, the whole the wholeracing situations getting very tight besides, besides make sure Mecca, Ni,nic, natife and Masai those three having their own f one to ornament. Inthe last three positions, it's gotten very tight. I love how mid bags gottenso tight that both the races we had sort of train forming with Alonzo asthe engine leader out there. But overall it's just been too tight andyou used to see these tightness until, like the first ten laps, maybe but evenlike in the thirtieth and fortieth and fifty at lives will see. You know themid, take together, Yep Yep. I think that what we have hid last year, aswell as this year or these double headers, on the same track, which have you know really. I feel theyare playing a very good role over all because earlier I thought that havingtwo races on the same track would you know, create really boring races, butinstead, what we're seeing is that in the first race teams, basically areusing the first piers to collect some good data on the track and using thatto you know, dictate their strategies for the secondwas because if you saw the first as who, as relatively boring in the sense thatthere were not many overtakes and everything, but the second race waslike insane like people did learn a lot about the track. Yeah from the case,ented apply that into the second one yeah. Overall. I think this was thiswas a good weekend as flat and as boring the Austrian traces, it's quitefast enough and surprisingly, shouldn't have had Endecott, but we saw under cut.We saw amazing overtakes and I'm really interesting to him and I'm reallyinterested to see where this whole conversation about points goes, and Iwant to I want to. I want to have our listeners and thefans of the sport come in and pour their opinions on tite or any othersocial media where all of these time penalties have been going. What should,if I do according to them, because it's not black and white at this point it isvery subjective. It is tracked to track basis, and you know seeing maybe threethree corners back, because because Lando and Peres were battling out forthree corners, it wasn't that Lando was certainly surprised way. Oh spellersnext to me now so there's there's too much objectivity in world we've. Givenour opinions, the race, we enjoyed it as much as we thought that it was goingto be boring, you're, hoping to see home race for more cities next next,one to see where that goes, because it's going to be a super, exciting race,Kis Hamilton's always won there in a matter of saying, and I would want himto win there again, a Quantitas from us so because I want to see the battle for adriver on like the driver championship go exactly ye Ye ye and not just that.I think another amazing thing that we have to look forward for the next race.It is the splint qualifying. Oh yeah is going to be introduced for the firsttime and I think with you a full stadium that they have atcease. For now they have the permission to have the race with the full stadium,but with the sprint qualifying, that's really going to change things a lot and,let's see what happens, would be really exciting to see right in that case state one for thenext episode, which is going to be at last again. These are your hostssigning off the by...

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