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Episode 13 · 1 year ago

2021 Austrian GP Race Discussion


Austria has brought out total annihilation by Redbull showing that there is probably an incoming Redbull domination era? Well, only time will tell. Meanwhile, in this episode, we talk about some controversies raising subjectiveness on those issues and how amazing some other incidents have been.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. FIA plays Oprah Winfrey
  2. Qualifying penalty debacle at turn 9 and turn 10
  3. Huge penalties to everyone but Max and Gio gets the fastest lap?
  4. Perez being the penalty man with Land and Charles
  5. What’s happening with Hamilton? Has he given up?
  6. A new formula to get the driver of the day.
  7. Kimi Raikkonen
  8. Gasly and Aston Martin and Ocon
  9. Rockstar Russell
  10. Bottas still feels a good fit for Merc driver 2
  11. Honda dominance in F1 for a decade
  12. Outro + midpack comments.

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Yeah, I didn't think me all asterisks and completely sensor. No response at all. B B B. Thank you. Hello and welcome back to another episode with fone Fan Fiction. We are your host. I am a gosh and I'm sorry if you haven't checked us out what we do. Go follow us on our instat Tick Tock, Youtube, whatever social there are these days. You can find us at Fone Fan fictioncom. This week we talked about both the Austrian Grand Prix into combined into one episode. We have had episodes or videos actually on the first race. If you haven't checked them out, go check us out on Youtube. This week we speak about the second race and poor in our thoughts, some of our thoughts on the first race as well. Having said that, let's get into it. So I think Michael Massi basically had a very busy yesterday. Rate. Yeah, right, I think like he had what too many things in his hand points just throwing them off the balcony. Yeah, it is. It was. It felt like one of the opera in fee shows when he's like, you know, you get a penalty, you get a penalty, you get a guenalty, everybody gets a penalty. Yeah, yeah, I mean what hundred twelve or like just crazy number of I I can't count on both my hands how many penalties were given out. Let's put it that away. Yeah, and I lost track, completely lost track. It was quite difficult to, you know, so yet to do these mental calculations while watching the race, because you're too add like five seconds to this guy tes ten seconds to the other guy and try to make sense of how the you know, the result is going to look like. It was quite insane. I think the only person who knew whose position was secured was probably Max, and then everyone else behind him needed some sort of math to be done to their position. Yeah, yeah, that's that's quite quite funny. I mean it's great, though, like the fact that we got to see these many penalties were because people were able to follow each other that well and worry, we're able to make this moves. So in a way I'm quite happy that we did see some really good racing throughout the race and the penalties did thankfully, the penalties did not, you know, ruin anybody's race or, you know, change the outcome of the race significantly as such. So, yeah, that significantly is probably important. Is I'm pretty sure Lando is gonna not agree with you, poor guy. But yeah, what was going on? I think who started off the penalty train, as we might lander land. They has to be lander. Yeah, I mean if we go a day behind, having htils engineers led the whole the whole train. But yeah, I think Lando in courts maybe pushing off or whatever. Yeah, though, for wet will, I want to bring this topic up a little. I'm not entirely convinced that the penalty was fair. I mean I understand if the penalty was given to all the drivers, but singling out wet till in that situation was quite unfair. Because so we have this video explaining this on our tech Tock and Instagram, so go checked out. But basically what happened was that I think signs was the first person who slowed down and there were a lot of drivers behind him, and so I think Michael Massey had given out a directive before the day is, before qualifications, that you're not allowed to slow down significantly at turn nine in tense because that creates this traffic jam at turn nine and then that impeds other drivers. And that's exactly what happened. Like people started slowing down and because...

...of that people who are behind them were caught, you know, at at that situation and there's nothing they could do. I mean it's not like what you could have just overtaken those guys. That that all. That also going to be unsafe. So I don't see what different metal could do in that situation, given that a lots was coming at coming again in the hot lap. But yeah, I think he was accurate in saying post race or post qually that if he gets the points, he all drivers should get points. But I feel like this probably warranties for a different structure of penalties because I don't see this as a driver penalty, which both Alonzo and went will agree to, because this is a radio engineer's mistake or someone in the in the garage is mistake, and this probably wrant is like a team penalty, maybe in monetary or some otherwise I take the constructor points, of course, whatever right. This can be talked about and debated, but it's brutal to have a driver like probably what it would have finished a position or two above if you would have started earlier. Right. So I didn't think that would have mattered to was that ruin its race at d last labs or the idea. But yeah, coming back to penalties. What would what was another doing there? Like it felt like a copy paste, to replay, whatever you want to call it, breaking the line at the same spot again. I was so confused yesterday. I remember, like I was watching it in the morning and I saw Snoda getting that first penalty during his first put stop for crossing the pit Lane Whiteline, and I can, I think, see like, you know, he gets a penalty and then after some time again I see the same graphic and I like, wait, what's going on? Away you seeing a DJ we are, you know, and I was super confused. Are they like showing a replay or, you know, it's just that something, somebody messed up the graphics or something. What's going on? Someone in the someone in the garage, asked him what what went wrong? Over it. Let me show you what I did twenty laps back. Yeah, this is how I did it. Yeah, he probably is going like worth one penalty point on my license. Yeah, I think. Yeah, it's quite weird. Like yesterday was just like it seemed like there was an open challenge going on where you can incur the most, you know, number of penalties and everybody was trying their best, and I think Kimmy came out no, I think massapin won that because he got a thirty second penalty. Masupends always a winner. Please note Wut. Masupends always a winner, number one in everything. I think not. What Magopin was going for is a repeat of his historian Groan Pri because in the previous weekend he was lapped three times, like he's got a plus three. Last weekend or like yesterday he was plus two, and I guess like he was just aiming for let's let's maintain some, you know, discipline in my responsistency. Yes, yeah, and I basically I think he incurred three penalty points as well on his license. That's nice. Yeah, that's that's kind of as long as he he knows they are not the brownie points. So now I think, I think he thinks that those are the constructor point. He's probably leaving the constructive world that to him. So, but but I think same. To be fair, lucky fee did the same thing as well. Like he too incurred a thirty second penalty and three penalty points for the same reason, not slowing down enough during the yellow, double yellow flag, which was caused by Kimmy. But on a serious not there. I mean I have a question. So I didn't catch it quite quite well. I mean it was all they were all showing...

...the orange colors and, you know, the winds and everything. So it was it was easily missed. But how far were they behind that? They probably failed to slow that quickly and incurred the penalty. Was it like just two close or it is? It is a fair penalty, I think. In any case, whenever there are double yellow flags weaved, it's the driver's responsibility to slow down significantly, because the situations where we have double yellows are when there is a car in a very dangerous situation in the track and being you know, being safety, since safety is the most important thing. You know. I think it's fair regardless of, you know, whether they got time to react or not, because if, if they don't do that, what will happen is that teams will start taking advantage of this. Yeah, and, you know, try to score rules saying that, you know, I couldn't see the flag or whatever. So, yeah, I think it's fair enough. Try to go from plus two to plus one. Maybe. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, that it is. I think a lot of people have been victims of these yellow flags even earlier. So, if you remember, a couple reasons ago, it was Betti and sill, who also, like, faced a similar thing during coal to slow down. Yeah, yeah, another person setting some record yesterday was Geo. Geo had a fastest lap for for a change, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean yesterday was was a day of shocker with replace, you know that was doing in Geo having a fastest lap. It's like, how is this possible? But sure he's trying to do something, only for me to later realize he heat overtook in a few cars before the safety car went in, golden and advantage on his pace. That's why you got it. Yeah, they's quite surprising to see that. I was like, wait, what happened to the Alpha? Did they like, you know, turn on their booster something? Setting is what else penalties? Can we remember it? Oh Yeah, Stroll Ward, one stroll had one speeding in the pit lane. Hey all, by the way, I think one thing we got to mention here is so, first of all, all these steerings have a button called the pig button on them, which I which regulates their speed caps it off. So the revers builder, but this period gets maintained. How is it now possible to still, you know, exceed in the pit lane once you've press that button? It is, because so I think the way it works is that even even if you have the pet limitter, what the part limitter does? It it only like caps the revs. It does not actually break for you. So even if you have the pet limit on, you are still responsible to get the speed below whatever the pit speed limit is, buttle and speed limit is. And once are under the limit, and even if you're if you have pressed the pet limit button, even if you're like you're pushing the throttle to the limit, it will still not exceed that. But if you're already higher than the pet limit speed, it's not going to help you break. So Yeah, interesting. That kind of you know, sets apart really good drivers from others, because there is a few ten of seconds to gain at the line where the right starts. Yes, exactly. Yeah, because if you if you're able to maintain high speed till the very end and break to the right speed and you know, continue from there, you can get a better but so, over all, right, interesting. Well, all of these is obviously a build up to the biggest point, debate that's been going on since yesterday, with the Perez at the center of all of...

...it, which started off with like Lando and Perez, and then, yeah, press chose to do it again with with La Clerk five, five seconds for Lando for in courts pushing another driver of the track, and then press choosing to do it for two times. So that's ten seconds for him. But I think, I think the whole the whole question here is, was that penalty justified and what role is FIA playing and how strict it is? Or should we just go Jeremy Clarkson by saying if I should just go home and retire, they're just ruining the sport? Jerry, Jeremy Clarkson is just old fart now. I mean, I'll enjoy in shows, but I really don't pay attention to his opinions about F one. Really, Hey, he says Lando is a mega star. How dare you? Yeah, though, I feel if I did a pretty good job yesterday. That's that's what I feel, mainly because let's, you know, just examine all these three penalties. Are Little, you know, just let's go through them. So for the first one. Basically, I feel that definitely was justified because, in my opinion, if if the other driver is alongside while you are taking the turn, while you are entering the turn, in the famous words from Alonso, you always have to leave the space, you know, and you cannot just push somebody out of the track just to defend your position. I mean, I totally understand if you were the person who enters the corner first. At that point you completely own the corner and you can do whatever you want with it, but if somebody's alongside, you have to give them space enough that they can at least make the corner. So, in that context, I feel that the first penalty was justified. That was given to Lando. The second one by between Paris and Charles. That I'm I mean, yeah, in terms of consistency, it makes sense to give that a penalty as well. This is the first, first five seconds for Pres you're talking about right. That was, I think, at basically where Charles was the same sport exactly. Yep, Charles was also pushed onto the gravel, but at that point, if you take a look at the footage again, while they were breaking into the turn, Charles was significantly behind there is and as they entered the turn, he basically, you know, did laid breaking and that's why he kind of was able to get besides Perez. And then at that point, from a driver's perspective, they don't really see anything that those mirrors are pretty useless you unless and until you actually know that a car is beside you. You know, you will know that the car is beside you, because if somebody just dive wormbs and laid breaks and comes beside you, there's is a good chance that you might not see them. But yeah, in terms of consistency, it makes sense that they gave him a penalty for that too. And the third one was definitely justified, at least from my perspective, because they were alongside and yeah, you can just put somebody off. What do you think? I think I think there's definitely some subjectivity there, because so you said, agree, disagree, agree, right again. So for me, for me I'm going with agree, agree and disagree the sense that, yes, the first one is right on the fence. But I like your argument on the sense that if you enter the turn together, then yes, Alonzo's right, you always leave room, which which I just resaw...

...the the highlight footage and yes, they they entered the turn together. Sure, Lando had that slight edge advantage, but if you if you rewind back, like for the past three turns they have been neck and neck. So so yeah, you have to leave room and it's sort of felt like, yes, Lando was staying too strict on the race line, which eventually pushed press off. So it's still a very gray Ya. But you know, there's been some good debates on it, both sides raising very valid points. But at this point, having reseen the footage with Alonso's argument, I think I agree with with the penalty at this point. The second one, yeah, I think he just repeated what happened to him. It is just two engines. It's two engines. It's just sad that it was in Lando next to him and poor chall said to bear the point of it. But the third one I disagree only for the reason that if you see it again, sure the scenario was similar, but what ended up happening was Perez was so fast into that turn that he actually felt hard to keep a balance off his car and base just on that millisecond of clip or a second of that clip. It feels like a he could have understeered to, you know, not in coach, push lucklair cough, which he would have definitely spun. And the other thing is if you would have, you know, try to actually push, he would have just crashed into Lu cler can. Both of them would have ended up. How kimmy and we'll ended up. So that's my opinion and I feel like, yeah, Lando and prayers getting five, five each, is fine, but that second five on Perez, yeah, probably not. Yeah, though I'm still glad that they did consistently give up penalties. And but it's it's weird, you know, because if you rewind back to last year on the same track, when we had Max Versa Charles, and that was pretty more a similar situation. The only difference was that Charles was pushed onto tarmac and here these guys were like pushed on to gravel. Yeah, and es gravel is definitely a lot more punishing kills you. But yeah, it was a similar situation. So there are concerns that people raised that, you know, if you did not punish Max last year for this, why are you punishing these guys this year? So either you follow it through and through or you don't. So you know there's some consistency within the race, but there's a lot of inconsistency, you know, across races. So it's a lot confusing. I was so, I'm so on the fence at this point, even for the first one. Really, to be honest, I feel like that shouldn't be points. But you know what I want to I want to take a moment here and appeal this too to all the listeners at this point. Come to eat us at at the rate a fun fan fiction, and tell us what you think your opinion is, because this is this is genuinely a gray area. We again, we agree, disagree, agree, and for me it's agree, agree, disagree. So yeah, poor, poor, in your tweets and tell us what you think. But coming back to the conversation, I think, I think this race is another question which starring you and I were discussing. How should FIA in general react to certain situations like this, and the subjectivity increases again when it's gravel versus sturm and like the the synthetic other time. I think right, and I think he raised a very valid point, because if you are not given these penalties, and for that matter, even the thirty seconds or any other...

...ones right. It's sort of encourages you to keep finding these loopholes because historically f one teams have been very notorious in finding these small loopholes to gain that slightest ad one always living in the gray areas. Rate exactly right. So you, I feel. I feel that it's very much subjective at this point. Eleven penalties too many, I think. I let's cap it at should be countable on both of your hands. Yeah, I'm kind of glad that. I mean, I kind of do agree with the penalties a little and disagree as well. It's very subjective. As you said. One of the points with support the penalties is that if we don't punish people from like defending their position by pushing out people of the track, what will happen is basically that will be the norm and people will just, you know, push people of the track to defend the positions, and that is going to discourage people from making those moves because if, if while making a move, your race gets ruined, you might as will not do it, and we've seen this. Your is a very valid point here, because we've seen this change come in Hamilton recently. Right like he was exactly in that cuspysterday when Lando and Perez we're battling it out and you could see he probably just let go of the throttle up bit and he's like, I don't want to get into this mess because I might just end up losing all my points of this point. That's so. We've seen this come up with a few drivers. I mean, we'll talk about this in the in a few minutes as well, but Alonso and Russell were in the same situation and they were backing off one another just to avoid that crash arm. But but coming back to Hamilton, right. So what was he doing yesterday? Yeah, I have no idea what was going on with him. I think he did pick up some damage while going onto the curbs and I think that was the mean he incurred. He did not pick it up. So I've seen a few tweets and a few posts about this. I know, I know you and I are on the same team here, but let me just make this clear for the audience. It was his doing which led him to wherever he was. Yep, Yep, Ye, I completely agree with that. Yeah, people, I mean I did see a lot of people defend him, saying that he had damage to his vehicle, but that was his own doing, right, like you didn't have to go in the curbs. It's not like he was mandated to go in the curl exactly. And Yeah, so he had damage and then he had to face the consequences. So, I mean that's life. So but I think like before he got that damage there was some good battling out happening between him and Lando. I liked how he was appreciative of how good a driver Lando is. That was there are some encouraging radio message or or just trying to mask behind his slow pace. I don't know. It felt like some you know, GRANDPA, like new bees, like you know, like yeah, that this lad is good. Dan, I never thought that he would be that great. He was able to keep Hamilton behind for a very long time. Imaze. It was amazing job by Lando. I feel this race he got the right machinery because last year I think they ended have some issues because Ricardo had some engine problems on because of that they had to turn down Lando's engine as well. And Yeah, and if you remember where he ended up last race, it was like, I think, forty seconds behind red bill and mercedies. So there was a clear page difference between these two races for McLaren, and that also showed it in the race, as you could see. To be honest, I feel like if Lando wanted to keep fighting Hamilton, he probably could have because, if I remember right,...

...like he came on to radio saying it's difficult keeping up with him. What do we want to do? Because, yeah, it's like do we want to go back to our old strategy and be like, let let my mercedies and red bull fight this out? Will take it one step behind, but it is good to see it was. It's sad that the whole penalty play out sort of cost him one position and boat as sort of overtook him in the pates with that five seconds stop and go that he served. Otherwise I'm pretty sure land would have been P too with pots p three. Yeah, Yep, for sure. I think if for not the penalty, he could have definitely gotten the P to. I think that that would add be the case. I think nonetheless, he would have still back driver of the day for sure. Driving of that, I think the new way of winning driver of the day is just ruining somebody else's rains. That's that's what I've learned from the last two yearses. Wait, is that what Jimmy did when he learned he isn't driver of the day at the end of the race? Yeah, I think so. How bad can I go now? Let's see, can I still get yeah, that is that is ridiculous. When I don't know what he was doing. He was probably sleeping in his car because Wetton was beside him and he just like turned into him for some weird reason and just knocked him off. Come on, and he's forty over and you gotta take those afternoon naps. It is the race was over for mags is probably is driving dozed off. Yeah, it was terrible. I mean he, I think Charles like knocked off his being in the last phrase and I think that probably angered him and he was like, you know, I'm just gonna destroy everybody else's car this time. And he I think he touched this guy him job. Yeah, Jorge Ruston as I think this day. Yeah, I think what happened was he clipped off the wing a little on George soon's car and right after that he went and you know, went into wattle and yeah, that was we and I think before that he had also got a black and white flag as well, and there was this radium message with race. We got to take a second here to love this off, but that does that as a hilarious I think they just told him, after his full penalty, like face full warnings were done, that if you do it one more time, you're going to get up penalty, and that obviously flipped him or like why are you waiting so long to just give me this warning? Is Wrong with you, the terrible dame of a Kimmy? I think he too did pretty bad, though. The icing on the cake was this that he started the race p sixteen and he got a twenty second penalty. He was now he and battle at crash the you know, he had to kind of recover here to drive onto the grass for a little why to get on the road. So obviously wasted a lot of time in all that and still he ended up P fifteen. That is one position about where he started. Only he can do that. It was what second in driver of the day, right? I think he was a good driver. Yeah, I think there was this thing going on at our Formula Dank where they were trying to make him the driver of the day. Is If you realize that there has this radio conversation these days, right like right after the real yeah, where they talk to the driver of the day and basically these people wanted to get a reaction from Kimmy when that radio vissage comes. Well, and that's how he was a lumber team. Oh Man, then I want to see him in. I wonder what he's gonna say there. Is gonna go like Oh, yeah, I will see, or he's gonna say how the Hell do you call me? Right, I didn't going to be all asterisks and completely censored, or there will be no response and at all. B B.

Thank you. Yeah, but coming back to the driver of the day, which is lander, I mean brilliant drive by him. I think he is really growing up to, you know, become the leader in McLaren. I had thought that when the Cardo joins he might, you know, embarrass Lando, but it's exactly the opposite. Orlando has, you know, he's it's not just that he has become a very good driver, I think he has grown the team along with him as well. Like it seems like he is the perfect driver for the team right now, considering how McLaren half kind of post there. You know that persona as a team of being a young, you know, enthusiastic and, you know, kind of a young team, and Lando kind of fits the bill perfectly for them. And he's got this very interesting what do you say, like take a theater mask sort of thing, really like a smiley face, sad face sort of thing, but like a serious, super intense racing more Lando. And then as soon as the races and the helmet is off, he's just into that fun twenty year old kid more. Yep, land, Oh, Yep, Yep, Yep, that's true. Yeah, I think he has. He can switch on and off pretty easily into those moods and that's pretty brilliant. At times, I don't like him much, like especially in his you know, twitch streams and stuff, I think. I mean, yeah, he is. He seems a lot like, you know, one of those streamers on twits who are, you know, just very annoying at times. But yeah, when he is in serious mode, you know, yeah, he really gets the job done. HMM, speaking of annoying people, I want to take this moment to say Charles Lecleric, noise me now. Yeah, the other driver of the day from the other race who basically followed the same month off, even in somebody else's race, to get up. Yeah, at least this one didn't take half the grade with him. Yep, exactly. Yeah, Charles, I mean what to say about him right, like I think we had discussed this a little in one of her short clips. Yeah, but Charles is if he seems like he is too aggressive at times, and a lot of times it feels like he transfers the responsibility on to the other driver that you know I am going to take this turn. It's up to you whether you want to avoid a crash or not. I don't care. And that feels like too much of an aggressive stance to take at times. And we have seen that a lot of times, even last year, like he crashed into his own teammates so many times, like cast, times into wettill, and a lot of times, I even this year, like the Monaco crash, and then last years with ghastly, and then I think you also crashed into Kimmy last race and wells, I forget almost. But if off is punchered him or something. Yeah, Yep, Yep, he's been having a lot of incidents lately, even with the one with Peres somewhere. It was like him, just trying to be him, but I don't like those like. Again, it comes back to, I think what we discuss probably in one of our first few episodes, is he is he is self critical and self aware, but annoyingly so that at at some level it's like yeah, come on, at least be appreciative of, you know, whatever is happening with you, rather than always being self critical and annoying. Yeah, yeah, enough about him, I guess. But but I want to take a...

...moment here for ghastly for a second, because where did he end up at? He ended up P nine or something. Yep, P night, but while he didn't have a good result, final result like it would be nine, but it felt like he was in that fierce mood yesterday trying to, you know, push up the numbers and fight those battles, because I think he had a brilliant one with Ricardo at one point where they were trying to just fight off each other. Eventually, regard o getting the better of it. But I think ghastly's definitely find finding his Mojo. Every race from what the season beginning was just him taking it fore. Yeah, yeah, ghastly has been improving a lot throughout the season and he is gaining his momentum. But though, I think that, unfortunately it's weird. The right like Alpha Tory, has the same engine as red bull and it's clear that the Honda engine is really powerful and somehow Alpha tour is not able to extract the most out of it. It probably you know the first obviously it differs in terms of Arrow and that's where the difference is between with these cars. But if you consider where he ended up in quality and where he ended up in the race, I think they're not able to keep the same pace in the race as well. Yeah, and they're falling back during the race. As a passing conversation before we get onto another big topic, oh no, no, ask you this. What are your thoughts on Aston Martin from both the races, because I think like some qualification results, we've seen wettle all the way up. Has befo strolls also be doing brilliant? I mean final results apart, but just on the track performance has been brilliant by Aston Martin. Yep, Yep, Aston Martin as well. You know, they started with a very bad start as such because they I think the floor change affected their high Rache design a lot, but I think they have buttons, some development parts to you know, fix those issues. But it's very unpredictable. For Aston Martin, I oftentimes I'm a lot confused because, as you said, like sometimes they have these brilliant results. They had this podium as well. Yeah, will, but this time around it seemed like they had a lot of pace, but as the qualification went by and as the race went by, the just kept dropping throughout. Yeah, and yeah, I I'm it's very difficult to get a gage on them as what's going on exactly with them. Yeah, someone else who probably want to forget the weekend is also estabuno cone. Both both the weekends just so poor for him. Man, I think like it's been the curse of signing a new contract. Sort of deal with him, I because as soon as he's done that is I just don't seem finishing the race, and if he does, he is not up there, it seems. It seems as a plainer, he got like a government job and you know, okay, I got the job. Now I'm done. I can just sit and relax. This new need to do anything. I can pick up my game again in three years and on the other side alone, just trying to get every point that he can so that his contract gets renewed. Yep, that he fought a poor Russell for that one point. I mean, obviously everyone's going to fight for every point they get, but that fight was brilliant fight nonetheless. Right. Like hard goes out, man, heart goes out for us all. Yeah, I really believed yesterday that your protection would come true, which is Williams getting a point, and it...

...really did seem that really right in the end of the day. Said, I think there was how many? I think there was like six, seven laps remaining and these guys were battling it out at that point. Yeah, and I thought that there was some hope that there's possibility that Russell might hold onto it. But yeah, alone about it. Also, like in the sixty eight of the sixty nine, eleven as like a man hold it offered to more labs. Yeah, but I think he rustled, like extracted everything that he could from that car. That's the absolute maximum that they could do. I think there was this tweet that I had seen by Williams. I think it was something like Alfa Romeo had tweeted something like. You know, we have made some good, you know, improvements in the engine and everything. We've gained performance. And then Williams replies I saying that we have got judged as yeah, I think. I think both their team principles, Mercedes and Williams, are going to have some chat that. Williams Rowley wants to sign him again and then Mercedes is thinking we need to send both as off. So, but but that again, right. Yesterday is race kind of again proved why both asses in that position. Yes, yes, he was able to gain, he was able to keep that second position and that's exactly why he's there. Like on the off case where Hamilton does not perform, he still is able to gain, you know, the points that mercedies needs, because not a lot other teams have that much of a reliable second driver who can cover up for the first driver pretty much through the sense distantly. Yeah, I mean Perez is also still finding his mojo somewhere. I mean he's he's definitely improved from the first four places and he's up there in the top fives now, but he's still he still got some more way to go. But yesterday was music to my ears. Man Whiltree, it's James UK. You're free, you're free to raise Lewis. Oh my God, I it's it's as those words are as rare as hey, world, this is God. We've sold world hunger or something like that. Hey, Yep, Ye, I was pretty surprised. I was. I was. I was really, you know, watching very closely to see whether they actually called team orders of we here, because I mean the way they have treated both are still now. It really felt to me like they might just say that you're coming to the pits, we're going to change the car with Louis said at Louise it in your car and drive. That would have been less surprising than what I heard yesterday, to be really honest, because because before that there was a radio message to boat as telling you're not sup, you're not going to raise Lewis. There was that message and I remember thinking to myself, like sure, that message is out, but is he going to listen to it right? And then like I think they probably also new, ok, it's not it's not going me where. So we just gave him the free ropes. But it's good to see he at least secured that be too. Yeah, and I think for his mental health, I'm glad he got that. He got the dragging rights of overtaking Hamilton, so I think that might get him through the season, probably. But that's interesting right like, because Lewis now has a two year extended contract, so he's there until twenty three. That second seat, that second stanst is my theory. That proves my theory that as soon as you sign your contract, that's it. You're done. The curse of signing a new contract. Yes, because we got the news this weekend, tried before this weekend, that Hamilton was signed for the two years. Even in that case, I hope Max doesn't sign it until...

...the last I really hope like, like, like, he could have his kind Christian would have given him his contracting. Is just not going to sign it, like I'm going to wait until either I'm securely off and winning or its told in this off makes sense. But but securing that position for royalty was was smooth and is overtake was also clean, which is something that you know, if you notice, started happening with Ferrari team orders as well. Science was given the free ropes on the cleric. He was he was. He was kind enough to say thank you on it and he did get the job done. What is the seventy of the lap or the seventy one lap? Right when he wore took Aricardo but day, I guess overall this was this was a brilliant race. I'm happy for Red Bull, particularly in the way they've also handled both the victories. I think first, first race, they took the race engineer podum. They took helmet up there, who's their senior technical adviser or just the big daddy out there. Yes for them, and interestingly enough, it was his debut on that same track fifty years back. So it is just a special, very special movement for him, for their team, for the fans and just everyone. And I think like yesterday they took Honda's race engineer up there just to marry make it more special. Yeah, I mean Honda, I'm pretty sure they're having a blast right now because they have, you know, they have been developing this engine for a while now, and it's very odd right with Honda, like every time they have the winning design, they just quit. It just makes no sense. They did the same thing with back in the day when like wading. Yeah, discuss this couple. Yeah, so back we're like the mercenaries cars, nothing but the Honda car. Like they sold off their design to to what is that? I keep forgetting the team's name. A Ron Ron Drown, using his brawn GP. They sold it up to brawn GP, and that was essentially the Honda car. And the same thing over here, like they have now built the most powerful engine on the track and they're selling of all the Ip to Red Bull, which is yeah, which makes me think that this is just going to turn out into a red bull domination. So in in in reality, it's basically honta domination. That's always been there truth. That's true. It's a very factual statement, hidden by bigger names exactly. But now that you say this is gonna be like a red bull dominance, is Max wettel two point two? Maybe could be. I mean Max, I've become a fan of his in recent times. When he started, if one, I was not that much of one of him because he was way too aggressive, you know, he fair it. He seemed a lot rude as well, but I think over the time he has mellowed a little. He has kind of control disaggression and he has now the ability to challenge the aggression in the right way. And keep calm throughout the race, because yesterday's race was a master class like from him. It was his first Grand Slam, I think, and that's basically like getting pole position, getting fastest lap as well as winning the race. And I think he had a too stopper, yes, and he had a two super rate exactly, and that's the kind of con FIDM that you have where you build a gap of twenty seven seconds and you straight up go and take a bit stop to do a fastest lap while you are the race leader. I mean you have everything to lose at that point. Yeah, why would you do that? And still and you still finishing. There is fifteen seconds ahead of both as. That's insane. If he hadn't taken the pistoup, he probably would have ended around forty...

...seconds or something, which is insane. But I think overall the whole the whole racing situations getting very tight. Besides, besides, make sure, macer Nick, Nick, Latti fee and MAZOP in, those three having their own f one tournament in the last three positions. It's gotten very tight. I love how mid backs cotton so tight that both the races we had sort of train forming with Alonso as the engine leader out there, but overall it's just been too tight, and you used to see these tightness until like the first ten laps maybe, but even like in the thirteen and forty and fiftieth lap, you still see, you know, the MIDPAG together. Yep, Yep. I think that what we have had last year as well as this year, words these double headers on the same track, which have, you know, really I feel they are playing a very good role over all, because earlier I thought that having two races on the same track would, you know, create really boring races, but instead what we're seeing is that in the first race, team's basically are using the first race to collect some good data on the track and using that to, you know, dictate their strategies for the second is because, if you saw, the first hase was relatively boring in the sense that there were not many overtakes and everything, but the second race was like insane, like people did learn a lot about the track, yeah, from the case and did apply that into the second one. Yeah, overall, I think this was this was a good weekend. As flat and as boring the Austrian track is, it's quite fast enough and surprisingly shouldn't have had undercuts, but we saw undercuts. We saw amazing overtakes and I'm really interesting to I mean I'm really interested to see where this whole conversation about points goes and I want to I want to I want to have our listeners and the fans of the sport come in and pour their opinions on twitter or any other social media where all of these time penalties have been going. What should FIA do according to them, because it's not black and white at this point. It is very subjective. It is track to track basis and you know, seeing maybe three, three corners back, because because Lando and Perez were battling out for three Gardners, it wasn't that Lando was suddenly surprised. Oh, preass next to me now. So there's there's too much subjectivity involved. We've given our opinions the race. We enjoyed it as much as we thought that it was going to be boring. You're hoping to see home race for Mercedes next next one, to see where that goes, because it's going to be a super exciting race. Is Hamilton's always won there, in a matter of saying, and I would want him to win there again, a controversial states from us. So because I want to see the battle for for driver concern like the driver championship, go exactly Ye, and not just that. I think another amazing thing that we have to look forward for the next race is the sprint qualifying. Oh yeah, is going to be introduced for the first time and I think with you a full stadium that they have, at least for now, they have the permission to have the race with the full stadium, but with the sprint qualifying, that's really going to change things a lot and let's see what happens. would be really exciting to see. Right. In that case, stay tuned for the next episode, which is going to be a blast again. These are your hosts signing off. Bye Bye.

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