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Episode 28 · 1 month ago

2021 Abu Dhabi GP Race Discussion


The 2021 Abu Dhabi GP seemed like a very anticlimactic finale to an epic season, turned out to be the most controversy filled race in the season! FIA took matters in their own hands to make up rules on the spot and pissed of many F1 fans. Though Hamilton completely dominated the race, his luck wasn’t with him, and Max won the 2021 World Drivers Championship!

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In this Episode we discuss:

1. Honda’s Mic Drop Exit

2. Everyone forgets about Sainz 🌶️

3. Lando shit out of luck

4. Charles has flashbacks of Austria 2020 😲

5. Everyone stays the fuck away from Max and Lewis

6. Kimi we love you! ❤️

7. Vettel gets chafed during Quali.

8. Max vs Lewis - Real Life or Fiction?

9. Horner performs a sacrificial ritual to impress lady luck

10. Mercedes dropped the ball with strategy

11. Sassy Massi please fuck off. 🖕

12. Conversations with dads

13. Mick saves dad’s record

14. FIA’s Massi(ve) Kerfuffle 

Wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We will see you again in 2022 with a special Fireside Chat Episode. 

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Intro: Howling (Sting) - Gunnar Olsen

Outro: Your Intro by Audionautix

Yeah, man, I think honorlike performed some you know, do you heard something? Some rich will probablysacrificed a good or something true, went back whis came back, walk fivetimes, reverse or something. Whatever it is, hello and welcome back toa fun fan fiction. Now, if you're wondering why this tone is verymellow, that is because they're going to be full pumped up energy coming yourway. Man, what a weekend this was. We are your first.I am a gosh and I'm sorry, and let's get that's for a second. I was like, I have you not, you know, woken upsomething, no matter what it is. Started all off with some some Asmrs of some some Asim are sort of voice, because this episode is definitelygoing to be but the weekend was now, but like before reading into the bigticket items, because, I mean, everyone's talking about it. So manypeople have missed the highlight yesterday of what has happened otherwise on the trackbeyond just Max I, FIA Perez and Hamilton. So let's let's get intoit with some some some, Mr Name some missed performances, and I wantto start with right next to the podium, like Pfour and P Five, Idon't know many people know this, but Pfour and p five went toYukis to know that and P are ghastly what. How did they end upbeing there? It was, you know, I I think I'd pincked you this. It was completely a mic drop by Honda just before leaving a funyou know, three cars and top five is just amusing racy, right.I mean sure, Gaty has had some splendid performances over the year. He'shad a splendid season. He's surprised with some brilliant performances over takes defenses andwhatnot. But Yu Ki, I mean he started off with someone who washimself surprised why he got his contract when you and then exact last few races. I don't know what's got into him before. Man, what what washe on yesterday? I want to have what he had yesterday. Yeah,right, I think I think it was Honda had like injected all of theirdrivers with some special juice yesterday because everybody was on the top game. Yeah. So, yeah, all four cars doing just super brilliant yesterday. Youknow what? I wanted to point out something, by the way. Whenwe started talking about this, we started with p four and, as usual, everybody forgot science, because I think nobody's talking about the pthree that Carlwas going. That's his fad man every time he does that. I guessno one cares about it now. But, like, I think, you know, special props to him, like just like everybody else, I tonever used to like pay attention to him earlier on, but I think throughthis season I've become a you know, I'm becoming a fan. Someone reachedout to us, Tulky in reached out to us saying for him for asorry, science is the driver of the season, and I agree to himbecause it's I mean he's shown who consistency throughout the season. He shown asure commitment and you know the way he's adapted to this new car. He'sgot easy. I think, like he's the fastest person to be comfortable ina new car and a new team, in a new environment, outperforming hisown teammate who's until like what latter I out of it, just so thatjust of the politics or order US happening there. It's a yeah, Iit's awesome. Read lucklerk. Like, as always, I think pretty mucheverybody has attributed that luck. Look is the next best thing and Carlos fairlybeat him. So, you know, conclude what you want to from it. Yeah, I mean I have my questions about I mean I again,yes, I agree with you. I totally love. I totally love LaClerk at, especially like with the two thousand and Nineteen and two thousand andtwenty season he's had. I have my questions because, I mean Norris himselfElf has been performing super brilliantly. Something's got an into him. Some thingswent bad. Yeah, his systems malfunctioning internally or order or his just hisluck's run out. And Yeah, I think not just for him, Ithink mcclaren in general. Yeah, it we have talked about this a coupleof times. Like it seems like they're just fallen off like from a highpoint and they just not recovering. Maybe they have like given up on theseason, I guess. But yeah, either ways, I think McLaren,both of them performed so well right up...

...to lately and then, yeah,there's something we had happened. Yeah, I mean this shears shown what wasuntil last season was lookle at being that promising. This year has shown thatthere are many more promising drivers in the picture in the pipeline. Ghastly amI'm placing my bets again on Gast Lee, with a better refute car some oftheir TV's. He's definitely good. Word it takes to to be there. Nor as as we said Russell to. I mean this year he shown andbringing that Williams up all the way. So, yeah, I mean speakingof our Norris and Le Claire. I don't want to come back tothat. IC was pthree rate when, when, I think, on thegrid, he started pthree. Yes, yeah, he started p three.Yeah, man, I think his lucks genuinely run out. Yesterday, Ithink an issue after an issue. I think there was a radio message whichsaid he's having gearing issues. He might drop the bag. Yeah, anda curb problem until as well. Yeah, slow slope puncher or whatever, forcinghim to quit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think we are notmuch lust. Not His day in general. Even at the start helost some positions because you kind of had to go out of the track rejoin. So yeah, not, not great overall. I mean he has qualification. Was Awesome, but again I think they probably didn't have the raspace andI think in general his luck just run out. Moreover, and event forCarlos, who's been driving better than his own teammate. Look cleric. Idon't know what La Claire was into. It felt like he lost focus whenMax was coming out of those pitch or really actually have a problem, likewhat happened there. Yeah, it felt like PTSD. I think he justremembered Austria two thousand and twenty me just he saw a flash of like Maxand he's leg Oh my God, and just prodict and went of the truck. It was quite weird. D Yesterday, I don't know, it felt likeall other drivers were treating Hamilton and Max as if they were explosive,because they were staying the fuck away from them. I think signs of theonly one to battle Max for that breeze went to where actually behind him afterthe pre but otherwise, yeah, yesterday, I shouldn't have been a funny yesterdaywas Max, sources, Hamilton water. Yeah, but to finally, yeah, it's see again. We were trying not to talk about it.We still talk about it. This this this section belongs to Carlos. Iwanna I want to come to your point, Saren, which is every time hegets up there on the podium, he goes and no tastes totally totallyI think today, even though, like I saw, I saw the factthat he's pthree. It was just on my mind, but somehow during thepodium celebrations and everything, I completely forgot about it. I forgot that thereis a pthree there at all. I think mostly everybody did as well.It was it was a bit funny on the podium as well because I meanobviously Max and and Christian went up there yesterday, right. So, yeah, so they both are celebrating like crazy, they're both ranged in champagne and they'renot turning back to either of these folks, and Hamilton's trying to justpray some champagne somewhere because he needs to stay there, up there in order, and Carlos is like what am I supposed to do at this point?Yeah, and I think this was probably the first time when he was actuallycelebrating his podium. Otherwise it's just so yeah to him in the background.Otherwise he just gets it like Oh, you penalty or whatever, you're uphere. What you saying? Like you saw it somewhere that even if hewins a driver's championship, people are just going to remember the race that youwon it in and like not him as a diversion. Exactly. Yeah,definitely hit it. I mean I saw this reddit comment where like people werejust shut posting about you know that everybody forgets a man, even if hewins the championship, like they might interview somebody else, maybe the second,second person, instead of him. But but yeah, I know, Ithink I have like a huge hopes from him. We're all yeah, forthe next season. Yeah, let's see what he does. For sure.For sure he's got uncomfortable in that for a re seat. I think he'sgot one more year before his contract expires, twenty and twenty two, and Ithink like Le Clerk is up until twenty twenty three. So, yeah, it's going to be an interesting fight in that in that ferrariy going downthe list of topics that we have to cover before we get to the bigone. Kimmy, Kimmy Man, we love you, I guess. Iguess it's interestingly weird, and even I think Brundle or someone on the commentarybox mentioned, is that it's it's usual...

...to have someone on their last racehave some sort of a fuck up that, you know, they end up notfinishing their race, and it was. It was a classic situation. Yep, to me. Yeah, definitely. I think this was the best wayfor him because, first of all, he became the drivate of that is. So you know Internet like Oh, yeah, he did doing it prettymuch everywhere. I was seeing this that people planning toward him regardless ofwhat happens in the days and that do buy a margin. Really like that. Exactly right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and and the best thingis that the interview thing that they have started these days at right up therace. I'm pretty sure he did want to do that. They probably justretired to scut I don't even know if he stayed back in the paddock tolike the fur the race to finish, because he's like, okay, I'mgonna have my backs back to see you in Finland. His one leg wasalready there back home. I'm gonna Miss Because, to anyone yours in thesport, yeah, all my conscious memory has always seen him on that track. Two Thousand and six right. I guess I started somewhere around two thousandand sixty seven. He's always been there. It's gonna be we're not seeing himon that track next year, missing those interviews, those one liners,one words or whatever. He's famous. But right. So I hope hecomes back as a race engineer or race adviser, yeah, or whatever,rather than just place. And I would love seeing him as a team principal. Oh, yeah, right, yeah, take one team boss. I Ithink he's probably just gonna go ice fishing and stay on that ice ford over. Yeah, no, but yeah, like you know, eversince, I mean even before I started following a fun, I've always heardabout only two names related to a fun. That was shuemaker and Kimmy. AndYeah, I think Kemmy was one of the big reasons why I startedwatching a fun in the first place. And Yeah, I always have associatedhim with a fun and I fun with him and I think it will bepretty weird not see him. Yeah, yeah, there's a good send ofby Alpha Romeo as well. Message called back to the two thousand, twothousand and twelve classic, yeah, I mean radio days. Now you'll beleft alone. I hope you know what to do. Speaking of a wettrench man, wet will finally winning some championship after two those in Oh,yes, Oh yes, Oh yes, oh, yeah, I wanted togive out a shout out to wettl okay, because do you see what happened tohim during qualification? That poor fellow could not man laugh at all.Yeah, yeah, I know. Let's take two minutes here about it.I think he had three, three good runs that are ruined. YEA,yea, to buy, to buy traffic, and then one by a yellow flag. Yep, that poor fellow, and he just has some terrible luckwith them these days. Somehow or the other it always ends up that hesomehow gets punished for some reason on the other. But regardless, the mainpoint being here is that he got one of the awesome awards that all theseveterans were fighting per all three of them. Yes, yea, and I thinkit's pretty close, as will write in the most overtakes the table thatdare I think it's just one or two points separating them. Yeah, yeah, they were. They were trailing and going back and forth between each otherby one or two overtakes throughout the past three four races. We will finallyclenching onto it. I think Alonso didn't get much opportunity yesterday to overtake UhHuh. I think bulk of whetals overtake yesterday were also with stroll, becausestroll and whettle were battling it out. Why? Quite a bit yesterday.Stroll overd having little it will taking it back. So little more like Iguess. I guess probably Aston Martin was like what'll needs for extra our take? So stroll you and we will need to go back and forth. Keepcrazy whettles number. Oh yeah, I did see that right. First ofall, okay, I didn't see much of the race except for Max andLewis. Pretty much no one did. The camera other one did exactly.So I remember like some flashes and some scenes from my memories. But oneof them I do remember that they, you both, were just, youknow, flipping their positions and it was quite weird to see. I wasvery confused. What's going on between them exactly. So, yeah, butKudos to all three of them. kind of shoes that, even if they'rein the trailing end of their careers,...

...they still have it. And Yeah, and for the fact I mean like as soon as he parked his carright like, I don't think he cared who'd won. The Championship. Boardhad happened in front of him. Did we get the overtake championship? Iswhat he asked the first thing. Yeah, I think he wanted some Jelly Bean, million of those for some reason. Yeah, that was an interesting joke. What's the prize money for this? And I had million JELLYBEANS. Ithink is he's someone who's gotten comfortable not just with the car but likewith the garage, because, I mean it's been multiple. See similar messagesthat we've heard over over the season. Yeah, man, little's a gem, little jam, I hope. I have a feeling he's definitely going toretire after next year. and Oh man, I mean Alonzo's forty two as well. So yeah, I mean he's going to go as well. It'sgoing to be right, it's going to be multiple empty seats. Right,I'll be in, I mean Alonso, with Alpine, sure it's going tobe an empty seat next year, but PAS tree comes in. Just ajust a brief comment there as well. With pstree, he's driven brilliantly inthis FTO season. He's got in. Yeah, he's won by like ahuge margin as well. So, Yep, the sad part is, after havinglike an outstanding performance, in F to. That ft is not seenin the past few years. He still doesn't get like a cockpit seat andcash is king wins over wind talent. So yeah, PA drivers everywhere,isn't it these days? But yeah, I mean, as we speak aboutAlonzo and probably retiring next year, I think pst is being built up forthat seats and I'm hoping pstree from F to gets that Alonso seat going in, going in next year. Yeah, well, let's pause here for somesome messages, and then once we are back, folks, it's going tobe the big ticket byem red bull versus Mercedes Max Versus Hamilton, Perez,Bote as FIA, and we close out. So give us, give US thirtyseconds, here us out and we'll be back. Folks. Thank youfor listening to us throughout the season. Two Thousand and twenty one F onecomes to an end, but we had fun. Fan Fiction do not cometo an and we keep bringing new episodes. We will bring new episodes until willuntil race starts back in March. Stay with us, stick around withus, as you have throughout this season, throughout this year. You know whereto find us. At the rate of one fan fiction on any platformand you will reach your hosts, our Caushi and Sara. Leave us anymessages. Thank you for the engagement that you've done over the year and theincreased support that has happened in the last few races. A few shoutouts thatwe did give our lot last episode will continue into the next year before theseason starts again in March as well. Fill in your thoughts, as welove sharing them, as you've heard us throughout the episode as well. Andif you were ever confused, like we take money for these promotions, wedo not. We will call out when, when the opportunity comes, but ifyou do feel sharing something, head onto a fun Fan fictioncom bias acoffee there if you love what we do. This takes time, money, energy, resources from our and to keep bringing you excellent episodes race after race. So thank you once again for this brilliant season and let's get back intothe episode. For the big ticket. I can here battle of the titansright like, yeah, I have set this before as well, but yeah, I completely has been throughout the season. It's been insane. I love thegraphics that have fun. You know has done. I don't know ifyou've seen it where they shoe like the points, a comparison between them throughouteach race. It's so awesome to watch. It was been so neck to neck. I think this has been a season where you know you're going tokeep talking about this for a while. I don't think it has ever beenthis close. If netflix were to make a movie about this, and ifyou know, if this was the story they came up at, people wouldjust shit on them. Yeah, that this is impossible. Yeah, buthere we are talking about it through true, true yeah, and I think likeit's definitely I mean, who knows, Netflix would have just paid all thatmoney to a fight, a to make a splendid season for themselves.So, Hey, I'm keeping all my options open at this point. Butnow the graphics have improved over the season. UH, Huh, at us.You know, viewers engaged throughout the...

...season with, you know, thosethose metrics and everything that they keep showing, and even with like those a wss, Amazon, a WS, you know, addictions and stuff.So most of them have been accurate, but but you know, like,I'm gonna let's come, let's come to the drivers, and I want toI want to bow down to Hamilton at this point. Yep, for folkslistening US throughout the season know that I am not a big Hamilton fan justbecause of Fishnanigin's post race and off their track, sorry, on that track. I am a fan of what he's doing with his position and his nameoff the track. But having said all of that and having had my stands, I want about down to him. Yesterday he deserved the win. Forsure will come back to the championship, but yesterday deserved the win. Thatpace was scary. Yeah, yeah, that dry. What was the natural? Man? That drive was ridiculous. This just goes to show that youare a seventime world champion. Yeah, I think for that eighth and youknow, no one else stands a chance. I mean she's sure dominant. Yeah, sure, dominant. Span I was. I was. I wasso deflated at the start of the race because he just took off, youknow, just took off and fucked off from there, and he's like,you know, not now, I'm going to see you directly at the finishedlucky. That's what it went like. And he was gaining that building thatgap or lap overlap, lap over lap, having worse tires than was stopping.was starting clearly had the pace qualifications proved that? Yeah, probably,race pace, probably not that much, but yeah, man, I'm speechless. Like what happened yesterday was something all inspiring, I guess. True.True. So ray start, he as you said, he works off that. There was a brilliant twenty five millisecond reaction time versus thirty five millisecond MaxReaction Time. So again there goes to show that you've driven more races thanyou know. Yeah, exactly how I went to react. It turns SakesMax, tries to plunge in. Sure, that's a bit of a controversial point, where Hamilton did take a wider exit and cut the corner. Iagree with our everyone at that point, I like, except the race directorsand and the race to words. Everyone knew that was wrong, even Britishbiased media at that point. Yeah, like, Hey, Hamilton needs togive this back or at least close in the gap or over. HMM.I sort of was angry, pissed again, obviously not at Hamilton, because ifhe, if they would have told him to give it back, hewould have, because, yes, that another exactly. Yeah, some morepissed ID FI and will come to this topic as well, but we're comingback to the cheer dominance. Even if the position was switched, he wouldhave overtook in him maybe three years now. It wrind and mattered, man,it did. Nothing. Mattered yesterday like everything, like red will threweverything that they had at him and yeah, still he was just something else.I mean it took not just overall team effort from that bill but alsoHamilton having a Shit Day in terms of luck for, you know, forthem to be Tim and again, I'd like to Code One of our listenersand viewers, Long Time Talkin', who's mentioned that. He and I agreeto him. It's like Lewis has had luck over luck over so many yearsthat it's fine that he had a shitty day yesterday and luck wasn't on hisside yesterday, which I agree. It's fine. He will do no,I totally agree, you know. I mean I was talking about this withanother friend of mine, that it's very rare that like Hamilton runs out ofluck. Most of the Times. What happens is if he, if everhe does not out of luck, he is also messed up at the sametime. Yeah, and but I don't think I remember a time when helike gave his best and his luck wasn't with him, but I guess thiswas like one of those rare yeah, d times when that happened. Yeah, I mean yesterday was was. I mean everyone had given up after apoint and like even honor who's continuously on radio with the commentators for us,was like hey, we need some racing gods to shine on us, andeven Max felt like he's he knew what I was going to happen. Sothere's nothing short of a miracle and Paullywood drama movie, whatever you want tocall it. Yeah, man, I think hornor like performed some you know, do you wear something, some ritual, probably sacrificed to good as upthing,true, went back. It's came...

...back, walk five times reverse orsomething, whatever it is. Yeah, he listed and it came through somehow. But Hey, I think, I think what you said yesterday deserves tobe on a tshirt. Hamilton definitely deserved the wind for the race, butMax deserve the championship. Both of them have driven like, Oh my God, we've not seen such a racing since since, I want to say,like twenty two thousand and eight maybe, when Hamilton won by one point.So so it going to the wire. Hasn't happened since then, at leastfor me. Two Thousand and twelve. Sure, when we're two, one, two, but both of them have driven top of their game throughout theseason. Yeah, definitely. I am completely of the opinion that Max definitelydeserve this championship because he has driven brilliantly throughout the season. Luck hasn't hadbeen on his side, at least for the like, you know, firsthalf of the season, I guess. Yeah, in which a lot oftimes, like Bakoo, if you can say like, he just I meanhe that that was his race to lose. And Yeah, these just ran outof luck. there. Similarly goes, I think, for a Sylveston aswell. Yeah, but I think overall he has, you know,been very dominant in a lot of races. He has given everything in at times. He yes, I do agree. He did drive a little dirty attimes as well. Definitely, this is his first championship. I'm surehe's going to mature as he keeps, you know, winning and keeps competingwith other top drivers. Yeah, and Yah, Kudos to him. Ithink it would be deserved it. Yeah, lady, luck from my strictly atcoming into Max this year. Fai feels, feels like something's working outgood for Max, which day for Great. So yeah, quite quite a quitea good race from an overall season, I think. I think again,it's all could have. Would issue a thing, but I think morelost the race for Hamilton by not pitting out of the two opportunities that theydid have to do that. Yeah, I definitely did drop the ball thatbecause, I mean, they should had expected this because, I mean,there were signs of things going wrong because, first of all, like Norris gota puncture and they knew it was because of the cubs and like peoplewere having tire issues. Even from the perspective of Fire Life Off Hamilton's car, they should have pitted him just for safety in case, you know,something feels or something right. So I think they left that opportunity of windowbeen right where if things went wrong you would lose it, and that's exactlywhat happened. They should had covered. They had the peace advantage advantage andit wouldn't matter right, like using the track position, because it was clearthat over taking was possible yesterday on the track and they had a very clearpeace advantage. So I don't know what came through them and they didn't fithim. And I thing like, even if they would have pitted, Ayewould have just still come back after these, the three or four car traffic thatwas going on forever, and that to that too. I mean that'sthat's been close racing throughout the whole race. So that's some brilliant racing. That'salso gone unnoticed, because those four cars clar enough. Ferrari, yeah, there the Alpha, towery, and I forget to the fourth one was. Yeah, they've been neck and neck, all four of them, throughout thewhole race. But yeah, I mean I think you, Uh Huh, I think this guy not crafty. The Bundle, your bundle, Ithink, was calling it battle royal at that was perfectly it was. Itwas like that. It was like and yeah, I mean if Hamilton wouldhave betted, he would have just come after that back and, as yousaid, right, I totally agree, like with that pace, with thatdrive that he had yesterday, and we were taking opportunities. He would havetaken trolley like three laps or four laps to to get past them, andit wasn't like Max had super place as well. So yeah, there wouldhave been a gap built up. It sure, and I think the mainapportunity was BC. I can I can still kind of understand why they didnot fit during the safety card itself, but we are see. Definitely theyshould have done that. Just think about it, like his tires will beso much fresher. I'm pretty sure he probably might have a lot bigger chanceat defending this position on that point. Yeah, yeah, and on theother end, I think it was a perfect play by B Red Bull,because they had nothing to be as at...

...that point. I mean, onceyou've given up everything, it feels like it doesn't matter whatever we do atthis point. Let's just gamble everything in. It's an Aledge sort of situation,and it played off for them. So, yeah, that's true.The other beautiful thing, right, the other beautiful thing was they played aperfect team in yest oh yeah, it was so awesome to see one throughqualification and as well in the race check, who played the perfect rule. Ican they should give him a very big bonus for this, probably becauselike the way he executed these moves perfectly, the qualification of the too that wesaw. Right. Yeah, that was brilliant man, what a strategy. I loved it, every bit of it, you know, giving himtotal sector to the street where it turns, and then, you know, sohe can just go into the sector three in clean, airy and brilliant, like. Wow, I was so impressed by that strategy and didn't didthe same thing again by basically using Petz as a roadblock for Hamilton at wow, what a fight that was. That was like some of the best actionI've seen the season. Yeah, those two laps to be to be veryhonest. I mean we've seen drama across the whole reason, across the seasonand over the years, but like good battle fighting like the one we sawwith a Lonzo versus Hamilton. I think this this goes up there. Yeah, where as versus Hamilton really two laps, man, one of my favorite fuellaps from the race. And and Max was perfect. To call outhim as a legend because he helped Max drop that eight second deficit to onepoint something second. Yeah, Yep, Yep, definitely fair play to him, like and both of them. It was so clean racing. Rightly,yes, they were so so much at the edge, so close. Again, said Hamilton, say some danger is driving. You know, that's that'sHamilton. As we know him. You know it's called me and, yeah, exactly. I think this is part and parcel of his you know,persona part of this game. And personally, I guess I would say because Ithink it's more about playing the mind games, playing, you know,covering his own as, just for the stewards and things like that. We'veseen this him. We've seen him doing this a lot of times. Ithink even the same thing happened with even with him and keep the right forFBE. I think this was also on controversy in general, where I thinkthis same thing happened in Saudi Arabia twice. Yeah, with Hamilton and Nikita.Yeah, and it happened twice this time. Yeah, yeah, Isee. This is this is where my emotions start changing, because at onelevel I'm like, Dude, you deserve to win, heart goes out toyou. And then, yeah, you make a comment like this and I'mlike fuck you, come on any I mean Jeremy Clarkson, who for folkswho are who are longtime fan of the grand or or the top gear glary, Jeremy Clarkson was right to point out dangers driving my ass. All Fairand I agree to him. I mean it was, yeah, a bitof hard racing. Yeah, I and and as Massy also might we areinto motor sport rakes. It is called waterly sing. What what was hedoing? What? What was that? He as a Sassy mouth man.Will come back to the FIA topic. But but I see Massy, Sassy, messy. Let's that. Let's put that on a t shirt, right. Hey, folks, by the way, just a just a slight detour here, we're thinking of launching merch with all these squirky quotes that Sarah comesup with and put them on a t shirt. So if you are interested, let's let's, let's see some of those comments and emails to us.Set at the rate different fan fiction or contact us at the very different fanfiction and will bring in some worlds starting next season. But yeah, but, yeah, danger is driving my ass, can't. Yeah, that's absolutely right. It was just heart bit of racing. Press defending like a lionor Kon needs to move aside, right, just really yesterday. Yeah, Ithink Checko, I mean Max, definitely Oweco Bureau too, because hepretty much singlehandedly like increased Max's chances at during the race, and it completelyplayed the second fiddle played the team game, did everything in his power pretty muchto help Max overall. And Yeah, I'm pretty sure Red Bull have founda gym in Checo Dally. He's stupid to leave him totally, totallyand, as we've seen over the past few races as well, he's gottenso much more comfortable into that car. If you would have been this comfortablewith the car starting on from the season, definitely this constructor championship points would havealso gone to rid will, I...

...have no doubts it. But sureyou are coming in new to a new team, to a new car,to a new everything, so it takes time, yeah, build your stuffup. But yeah, Kudos to Red Bull and Helmet Marco for finding andnot letting Perez retire last year, because he was almost on until, ittells he'll probably gave a bunch of yeah, it is really weird. As will, I remember at the end of two thousand and twenty check couldn't havea seat like I think it was somewhere sometime in like the midbreak. Yeah, when the news broke that he's getting the second ad will seat. Soyeah, he had like exited a fun thinking that he might not get anything. But yeah, I think he is be food. Yeah, he is. He is. What does say spy? He takes people. Awesome, John, Yep, speaking of Max Versus Hamilton. Sure there's this bunch ofcontroversy to also talk about. Will come to that with the FIA topic.But post race, post race visuals, were was just two brilliant and ona call out, like conversations with Dads, at least for me. Yes,yeah, right, like Papa was stepping it. You also stepping again, Papa Hamilton coming in. Yeah, such classic acts of respect, man, now, I love it, but like it's so what I love aboutthis is that at the end of the day, even these fun drivers arehumans, and that reminds you of that. Like they want their respective families tobe there at these important events, and both of the dads were kindof there to celebrate and, you know, console their respective sons, and itwas touching. Overall, Hamilton, I really appreciate what a class acthe has been after this race because, yeah, to be honest, hewas robbed of the victory. Like that's that's true, and the maturity showsright, like he took his time, he didn't get out of the carat that point. I thought that you know something controversial might happen after this. But though like it was weird, he snapped out of it. Hecongratulated Max and Yeah, Class Act overall. I mean he didn't bring his carto the garage. I don't know why he did. I'm leaning sorry. was there something? No, no, no, I thought like maybe heis just too shy of the camera. That's gonna I was gonna say.I was gonna give him the benefit of doubt, saying probably his carhad some issues or whatever it like. So you didn't come, but Ican understand why he didn't bring he was. He was sitting in there for quitesome time, but I think like that came to him consoled him.There's a beautiful just be from wettle as well. Yeah, Mick, whowent up there, who's probably part of our controversy at this point. Hey, my my prediction almost came through. So people who were who are newto this episode and haven't heard the previous episode, one of my predictions wasif I'm Milton was going to win, make my just run into Hamilton andbe like this one goes for you. That would have been too blatant.So this one's actually smart. Yep, they're right, create an incidence sothat a safety car is called. I think that's really you're out of theblue and and you don't and you don't even touch too much to the othercar, so that you are you're raising questions and it's all on he lativcrash. No one's even thinking about make making a yeah, yeah, withbrilliant and brilliant, yeah, I don't want to say a loser, butlike in court, loser because he didn't win. Attitude and in respect forthe game, a well documented post race commentary and everything just just re intromlYep, Yep, Yep. And you know, one more thing I kindof wanted to point out that kind of shows the difference between boot drivers.And this is probably my opinion and I'm probably wrong, but I think thatif, if the situation was exactly the verst okay everything that happened, ifwe reverse that, that Max being in Hamilton's place and Humilton being in Max'splace, I believe that two things would be different. A let's also appreciatethat maxis celebration after winning the championship was very well contained. I really appreciatehim for that because I think at some point he definitely he knew that,at least for today's race, Hamilton definitely deserved that when yeah, and Ilike the fact that it has celebration was, you know, measured and not inthe face, as compared to what...

...we saw something similar what Hamilton didand Sylveston. And I'm pretty sure if Hamilton would had won in a similarmanner that Max one has, celebration would be aboutious and at the same time, Max wouldn't be a class act during oh no, I would. Ithink. I think there would have been a repeat of Mac versus hook onein the bed guy that he just pushes off. Hamilton be like what theHell, man? So, yeah, yeah, I know II somewhere agreethat rolled reverse would have been different. Celebrations would have been crazy, overthe top, I think, like Hamilton would have just run across the labfive kilometers that day. Is Yeah, yeah, though, you know,regardless what the result was, I'm just an awe of the season that wehave hired right like I'm lucky that we got to experience this season and watchthese two super math leats, you know, just battle it out, love itall the way. And yesterday's race, who was voters wait, was hethere? And I think he's already eating. Yeah, I think he'salready becoming a Williams driver. All right, sorry, Alpha Romeo driver, Alfe, for the coming Kimmy. Man, he's becoming Kimmy for the camera.Man, this gonna be somewhere back of the pack, because I needto learn how to drive with an Alphai here between. Oh, that's whathe was doing, was simulating Alpha's race pies. Oh, now I getit that that makes sense. Man. He's just been lucky that, whereas didn't get into this beast more early on, and he gets to siton Pthree in the driver's championship. Otherwise. Yeah, he make Perez would haveever taken him like a long time ago. Yeah, you know,while we are dissing him, I do also want to give him a praise, and this is superb statistic that I heard, that boat ass has finishedin top ten for every single qualification that he has participated in with mercedies.I think that's a brilliant with mercedy. So not this with mercy, withmercedies now, yeah, with mercedies throughout his car. That's actually it's eitherbeing that he has not participated or like has been at DNF, but ifhe has completed the qualification, he has been on top ten. That isthat's superb. Yeah, that shows like he's consistent man like no matter what, like people does him. He played the perfect role, agree, andI mean sure he might have overstayed his welcome, but nonetheless, mean he'sgiven stuff to show for. Well, yeah, yeah, Yep, andlike I'm like to be honest, most of these couldn't had one these manyworld championships without pot as any other driver wouldn't be as complacent and, asyou know, agreeable to the terms that they were, you know, imposingon him. Yeah, I means we saw that cross book. Doesn't sixteenexactly that you put on? I mean, Andy, obviously, were every driversthere to win their own championships of form. Sure. But yeah,I see what you're saying is you're on to another mind numbing topic. IfI need to assign men, if I if I just needs to like puttheir papers down, not come back next day are and just just stay there. You know what I think is required as the need to be overhaul ofa lot of rules. I think the nery clearly need to sit down withteams, with drivers really think we think the approach off starting rethink the approachof the rules that they have. I think that needs to be a lotmore consistency and we have O Yay. The thing that, if I hasbeen consistent about is being inconsistent. That's yes, as you know well,said another t shirt court folks from our Surgen, another t shir course.Go ahead, yeah, I know, so that's what like I mean.I think there needs to be an overhaul year. Oh, it doesn't makesense. The whole controversy with safety car, you know, and letting the lapcars and lap and I think it's weird. I understand that they wereunder pressure, that they didn't want to finish the race under safety car.I kind of do understand that, but at the same time, if thatwas really their objective, I read this online as well. A couple peoplewere talking about this, and I think I to kind of agree with it, is that they probably should have done a red flag and, in justunderstanding, start either red flag or like stay true to their decision, becauseit creates confusion. It necessaries rate digis...

...because for the first let's I thinkit was four or six laps. I can remember like let's say there wasfive laps. Would like for the first two or three laps lap cars weren'tallowed to unlap themselves, and therefore the next two laps, when they knewthey want to do whatever they want to do, they were allowed to land lab themselves. and that creates the confusion. And it's all on FIA, for whatever it is. Because Max had nothing to lose, so theytook the plant. Yeah, with that Pitsnow Hamilton had everything to lose,so they decided to stay out because they were exactly hoping that the decision oflap cars not lapping on themselves will stay right. Yeah, it's all.It's all a cop off will BYFIA, paid by maybe Netflix or or anyone. SACER probably came down but two hours and gave them. Yeah, Idon't know. This is got a very big batch of Red Bulls at theirside. I don't know why they changed or what happened. They change theirdecision midway, which and and and see this anger. I mean, foranyone who's listened to souther Arabian GP, it's been double explicit episode because ofthe anger and frustration that we've shown in that one, because of these inconsistenciesby and it started throughout the year, man, it started throughout the yearwith like corner cutting being inconsistent, corners not being monitored and trackle yeah,it's it's one weird Ye. It's very weird that they have like subjective cornerswhere some corners you can go out of, some corners you have you cannot.It doesn't make sense. Like you know, have some consistency and whiteline. Either have the white line as the bounds or don't have anything asbound and let's just people do some off ruiting. So it doesn't make sense. We you know what, let's take let's take a FI as a completeentire topic in the postseason discussion we're going to have. But like for yesterday, this whole mess, who was definitely FIA, as it has been overthe years. They need an overhaul, I completely agree with you. Andto to add to all of it, they need to bring inconsistencies, man, like there is so much inconsistencies between races, between driversion and what not. But as of yesterday, what was happening between Massy and like these thesered bull garage in the the MERCEDIES, dimagin yeah, I am, I'mreally wondering if this is what they talk when they know everybody's listening to Ireally wonder what happens when nobody's listening. The amount of times that they complainto Massy. It's just weird, man. Oh My God, tot I lovethat comment of to like no, Masie, no. It's literally likesomeone taking a toy away from a kid and the toy shouting no, giveit to me back, please. No, no, you need to go tosleep, it's sleep time. I really wonder what happened to to tostable after that. So, as much as I was I was sort offrustrated Hamilton not getting this win that he totally deserved by by all of thesefuck ups, I was so happy to see toto being frustrated with no JAPon his face and that anger as as that gave me so district joy,for sure. Who Want to call its a distance? Being me being savedis but yeah, I was happy. Yeah, I know, I dolike, I love it whenever to to is unhappy. That was really aprazing, but so, yeah, I mean regardless of what happened, I think. Yeah, anyways, I think there's nothing that they can do about it. Anyways, now they ted protesting, but I think that God are atrecords. Will Right. Yeah, and then, to your point, Sassy, massy comes back with toto. We are into moto racing. We areinto racing. Yeah, that was I think does the thing right. LikeI think they entered him to the point where it just starts dissing them andand that comment, soothing voice seems so full of sarcasm, Sassenas. Yeah, it's I love I see, man, I'm good. I'm becoming a fanof Massy more than anyone else at this point. Yeah, they shouldmake him a commentator. I guess that would be really fuck through. Anotherfan writes into US saying. Something else that we should discuss is should FIAhave rules around how important to particular races, because yesterday they did bring in oneextra rule where they said if Max or Hamilton, either of them,tried to take each other out the crashing in, then there will be consequences. So I think it's worth bringing this...

...topic up also when we when wedo talk about it, should F I also consider subjectiveness based on how importantthat particular race is as well. But yeah, day it was. Itwas a good point. Yeah, no, good point. I agree. AndYeah, I mean that all brings in the subjectiveness that we've talked aboutmany times, right, like at where do we draw this boundary of whatraces how important and what is not? And Yeah, it's it's a difficultdecision. I do understand. Like you know, writing these rules are noteasy. Laws in general. Writing laws itself is very difficult. You it'show much, ever intricted the law that you write, there are going tobe situations will fall in these at cases which are not powered. Yeah,and it's always difficult to, you know, perform these tie breaks as such.And Yeah, I think. But either ways, I think, yeah, there needs a lot of change stewarding the way we have. It doesn'twork right now. It creates confusion a lot of I mean I personally knowa lot of people were watching their first off a race, this one,and they were thoroughly confused about a lot of things that we're going. Hesays how it is and I completely sympathize with them because at one point they'resaying that, you know, I don't unlap, and they're like yeah,I'm laugh now and laugh now, and then they're leg in the safety card, get out, get the allot. On that note, folks, thankyou once again. For any one who subscribe to us, following US everywhere, doing anything to stay in touch with their fun fan fiction. For anyoneWHO's not officially subscribe, new here, go back to the season, listento our episodes. I'm sure you'll fall in love with us and follow atyour leisure. There are going to be more episodes obviously, coming through betweenthe next season starting as well. This season has been lovely. Thank youeach and every one of you who's been with us throughout this maiden season.For us it's been a sure pleasure bringing episode after an episode for you.Next episode is going to be in the first week of January. A FunFan fiction takes the next two weeks off for Christmas. We wish every oneof you a happy new year, Merry Christmas. Stay safe with with covidguidelines and and covid still out there, so don't be a total. Idon't be a total. Oh my God, yes, again, another tshirt codeman. See You keep wedding. You've are already got in for heshit puts in this episode from from Sara. Don't be a toto this Christmas andwe bring you a special fireside chat as the first episode of twenty twentytwo. Until learn, stay safe. If from us, I give fromus. Yes, stay safe. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. From a fun fan fiction, this is US signing off a bite.

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